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Hey /tg/. Have you ever included all female or all male races? How did that turn out? How did you do it?

I am considering including a race in which the males are extremely rare in an upcoming game, because I've never seen a male gorgon. Not once.

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Dwarves. Duh.

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It can be done, but it comes across as way too fetish-y.

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Male gorgons certainly exist, except they only have one snake. And it's terrible.

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Is there a way to make it not-fetishy? Because similar breeding schemes happen sometimes, in nature.

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Agreed with this, people tend to view all-female or all-male as fetishy, especially when they're a race of incredibly attractive folk who sleep with other races to reproduce (ala Asari).

Anywho, I've done that once before, and it actually worked out decently. So long as you don't put a shitton of focus on how they reproduce, no one will bat an eye at it.

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Had a mostly all-female race, reproduced through parthenogenesis. Their species was originally normal, but a declining male population spurred the evolution into asexual reproduction long ago, and males are an incredibly rare mutation now.

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You could try extreme sexual dimorphism.

Like the males and females look so different that outsiders think they're separate races.

Dwarves and Elves?

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>because I've never seen a male gorgon. Not once.

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What he said:

Don't focus on their reproduction, and don't make them into a race of incredibly attractive people who must sex every other race to keep their race from dying out (i.e. sexy catgirl Mithra).

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that's obviously a mislabelled cowsnake.

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Mithra arent all female, though.

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I thought mithra HAD their own males, they just were kept locked up in fortresses as goddamn evolutionary treasures?

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Ive said as much before. The males hollow out the nursery barrows and the females hunt and secure territory.

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>as goddamn evolutionary treasures
I think its more of there is a male shortage in mithraland, so they dont let em do anything dangerous.

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Goo girls, actually. It turned out well. I had them flavored as the tears of a goddess, with different emotional states being the different job/color of the slime. Red/orange girls were the warriors, formed from her tears of anger and rage, etc.

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Seconded. Play it straight, it's not that hard.

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No, but their focus was a disproportionately large percentage were female, and they regularly shacked up with humes (human) to keep their species from falling apart. Asari from ME were even worse, being effectively a leech upon every other species in the universe, kept alive by whoring themselves out to all the males in the galaxy.

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And nobody in your group thought it was fetishy?

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Is this an acceptable solution:

Nobody outside of the race knows how they reproduce, but occasionally when in mixed company they blushingly produce an egg, declaring one of them "the father"?

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Pretty much gorons.

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That's hilarious.

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They did have males, but they're few and far between, aren't allowed to 'ADVENTURE!', and the race's concept as a whole was basically "sexy catgirl adventurers who are man-starved and want all the human males".

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Dwarven females look like loli elves, actually. That's one of the reasons why elves hate dwarves so much. They keep getting drunk and trying to hook up with the elven children.

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So, good enough to go in a campaign setting then?

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I just pictured a drunk dwarven woman hitting on an elven boy like he was an adult, even though he's only 40.

It was hilarious.

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If that happened to me I would laugh my ass off and play it straight in character, so yes.

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Too bad you got it literally completely backwards.

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Perhaps they did, perhaps they didn't. Everyone had fun. That's what matters.

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I made Magical Girls a race.

They reproduce through yuri and the power of Magic.

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Still funny, though.

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I had an asexual angelic race that all had male personalities in my campaign. The whole idea is that they were ALWAYS ANGRY ALL THE TIME by nature but one of my players pointed out that they were all unlikable jerks, so I toned them down a bit.

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A more lighthearted one, yes. Kinda reminds me of this.

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Then it is decided.

Also, how viable is "But I am a male of my species." for an all-female looking species? You just can't tell.

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>I made Magical Girls a race.
Redline beat you to it.

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they can bang ladies of other species, too

think about that for a second

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That's how magical girls work already, silly.

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That is quite similar to how it would go.

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Lets say you have an all female race of catgirls, just for the sake of argument. One npc should be a huge burly orc wearing obviously fake cat ears, claiming to be a male catgirl.

Everyone should believe him.

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Actually, they were just big ol sluts who were used to going lesbo due to the dick shortage back home. They could only reproduce with male mithra.

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Maybe they don't -have- males. The concept isn't impossible nor is it unheard of. In the case of the species just not being visibly different between males and females? Maybe gender is only important to them when it comes to breeding. Humans can't tell one another's blood types at a glance and only need to know it for the purpose of transfusions and transplants, maybe they treat gender with the same level of importance.

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Yeah, the 'always angry all the time' shtick isn't actually all that interesting of a character concept or personality trait. Having played a lot of orc/half-orc perma-angry characters, I found it best to just RP them as if they were almost always in a foul mood. I called it 'seeing the world through varying degrees of hate'.

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Would love to see some back story as to why the sex ratio was off.
Males killed off at an early age due to breeding (praying mantis?)
Selective abortion (one gender valued more?)
The species changes into a different gender at a certain age? (I think this is the coolest - maybe most of them don't make it to that age, or they hole up somewhere)


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>implying I didn't weave the existence of magical girls and their childbearing methods into the unconscious fabric of the human mind when your ancestors were still fucking chimps in the trees

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I think he was talking about Asari.

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Wonderful. Marvelous. I chortled at the serene beauty.

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Even if they didn't... would the catgirls care? Probably not...

Oh shit Captcha, what are you doing!?
>prove popnwhor

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in Golarion, Harpies must rape humanoid men to reproduce

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Asari aren't actually forced to mate with other species, you know. They've just developed a cultural stigma against it after tens of thousands of years of free exchange with aliens. They're still fully capable of breeding amongst themselves and two out of three of the potential Asari squadmates are actually the result of such relationships (Liara definitely is; Samara is unspecified, but I'm pretty sure that the mate by whom she produced Morinth and her other daughters was also an Asari).

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Oh that's Sally, she's huge and ugly and she wears those because her -real- ears are all torn up from some bar fight.

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Eh, they were still really fetish-y. And obviously put in as "sexy blue alien babes who want to bone every other species".

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Magic, bitch. They are all female because they are the tears of their goddess. That is the extent to which I will have to explain things due to aforementioned magic.

At least until the end of the campaign...

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>I'm pretty sure that the mate by whom she produced Morinth and her other daughters was also an Asari
And you are right by that.
Just to clear out for all of you guys why Asari hardly ever mate with each other anymore, have a tidbit from ME-wiki
The asari Justicar Samara, a pureblood herself, theorizes that the stigma against purebloods originates in the increased likelihood of their own daughters being Ardat-Yakshi; asari born with a rare genetic defect as old as the species that causes them to kill the people they mate with. Samara herself had three daughters; all three Ardat-Yakshi.

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Hmm. I am not to well studied on this topic.

How would, say, desert or jungle living affect this? For snake people? This kind, not darksouls kind. That is the OTHER snake people.

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Sir Orcington?

Unrelated question: how high does your bluff need to be to convince a lesbian NPC that your penis is a vagina?

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>all female or all male races
It usually turns out pretty bad because they either wind up being fetishfuel or get paraded around like goddamn golden geese.

Prime example of the latter right here >>24297356

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It's not a question of how with your bluff is, but of how small your dick is. And whether or not you still have balls

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Depends on whether or not the species knows what dicks are I guess.

You're not getting farther than "It's really screwed up and the result of something gone horribly wrong" though.

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Is the end-of-campaign twist abortions?

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The more effective strategy is to use charisma/Diplomancy to convince them that they actually want the dick after all.

Worked for me IRL. My wife thought she was totally gay until about a week after she met me.

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your wife wants threesomes.

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She still is.

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I don't think you have ever seen any female gorgons either. Or you wouldn't have typed out this post, you'd be a lump of stone somewhere.

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Your hint is appreciated but unnecessary; we're both on-board with gunning for a triad if we ever find a girl we like enough and likes us. Unfortunately neither of us are the particularly socially confident sort that makes this avenue easy to pursue.

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File: 470 KB, 1200x1718, 8619_-_3girls_age_difference_at2._blush_character_name_dress_goo_girl_green_highres_minecraft_monster_girl_multiple_girls_personification_slime__minecraft_title_drop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed it is not. Excellent guess, though.

No, the twist ties into every race, not just the goo girls.

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Hands down the funniest thing I've read all day.

you are credit to thread.

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You mean like elves?

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exactly like elves.

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I like the concept of both extreme sexual dimorphism and no sexual dimorphism.

Or you could take pages from nature's book and have weird things like a sentient slug race that has ritualized battles to determine who gets to be male.

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>Or you could take pages from nature's book and have weird things like a sentient slug race that has ritualized battles to determine who gets to be male.

I would watch this porn. It starts out as a lesbian orgy and then slowing dicks start getting introduce. Not straps-on, actual dicks

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That's a thing?

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Nature is so fascinating.

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Do they need a sentient partner? Could they use a cat? A frog? A goldfish?

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So like those vids where they throw 2 dom girls in a ring and the winner gets to wear the strap-on.

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All Male races seems more of a rarity than All Female races

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No, I mean, they ACTUALLY turn into males. Like, they gain chest hair and deep voices and lose the boobs. Done with trick photography or CG.

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Nature's terrifying, yo.
Be warned though, no amount of "b-but nature" will defend you when you introduce a race where the women are huge, and the men are little dudes that bit onto them and partially dissolve into a mindless pair of gonads pumping semen into them.

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Obviously. Lesbians are more fun to think about.

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Angler fish.

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There are also races where the gender ratio is all sorts of messed up, in such a way that if something happens to upset the balance some of the others in the group will actually change sex to re-establish the natural order.

Clownfish are notorious for this. They all start as males, and in a given group there will be one lead female who is dominant. If anything happens to her, one of the more dominant males steps up and takes her place.

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For dudes... The opposite is true for women, as well. Otherwise there wouldn't be an entire, fucking massive community of women writing stories of their two favorite male canon characters deciding to bang each other.

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Oh hey what's going on in this thread

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>if something happens to upset the balance some of the others in the group will actually change sex to re-establish the natural order.

It suddenly occurs to me why there seems to be so many transexual on this board.
/tg/ wants to be the little girl, to restore the balance.

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Goo girls are sapient protodermis/primordial soup and the progenitor race from which all other races originate.

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It's easier to justify reproduction in an all female race than an all male race.

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No John, you are the lesbians
And then John was scissorings

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His name is clearly Stephen

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This makes me want to GM a campaign as follows: The PCs all start as low-level apprentices of a extremely aged wizard. The wizard is often unavailable, holed up in his study, constantly stressed out, mumbling about the coming apocalypse.

One day, he calls all the apprentices into his study, near death, and tells them that he does not have much strength left. He says he has finally discovered the secret of preventing the apocalypse, saying "You must restore balance." DIES.

Leads to an extremely long campaign full of red herrings. The solution that is slowly hinted and revealed at is to have everyone in the party change genders. I'd have to invite the most homophobic people I know for maximum hilarity

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In short:

When two ladies love each other very much and have a special kiss, a baby happens nine months later.

That is all the explanation you get.

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remember to describe the world as a magical realm

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Because parthenogenesis actually exists.

And because its usually used to justify cheesecake but hey, science.

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Pathfinder has this. It's in the bestiary and everything. They get bonuses to will saves because the vestigal man-lump can try to help her overcome mind-effects.

>> No.24298466

Or make it like the Chao from Sonic Adventure where they do a little dance and then an egg appears out of nowhere.

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bah. A race founded entirely on rape. Rape whatever you like, offspring will come out as one of your race. Bam, justified.
Where's my nobel prize?

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No it's not... The difficulty is about the same. And yes, it's been theorized and written about to great extent. Do yourself a massive favor, and never look up 'Omegaverse' unless you really want to read about dudes having self-lubricating assholes and being capable of getting pregnant.

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This is my favourite thing:


>> No.24298511

>self lubricating assholes

>> No.24298548

Make a new thread asking /tg/ what they think about your Rape Race. See how it goes. Sorry, anon, but there's no nobel prize for rape logistics.

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Why would the party themselves be important in this?

Potentially more hilarious: the party is only part of the problem. The organized system of magic in the setting is predominantly male wizards, which means that most magic in the world is being focused by men. This, as it turns out, is slowly throwing the natural ying/yang of the world out of balance, and you are nearing the tipping point.

In the long run, having equal numbers of male and female spellcasters will be sustainable. But in order to put safe distance in between the world and a massive magical disruption, you need there to be more female spellcasters than male ones for a while.

How will your party accomplish this? Some kind of revolution? Running around murdering male wizards left and right? Magical Realm TG shenanigans?

Up to you.

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Funny thing that you should ask, OP. Snakepeople, which are a theme on a tropical continent in my campaign world, apear female to the human eye and don`t seem to have a second gender. The truth of the matter, which one player character who fancied himself especially adventerous discovered to his horror and everyone elses amusement is that they are in fact hermaphrodites. But that would have never come up if he hadn`t tried to mate with a river naga and suddenly felt something poking his stomach.

Pic only slightly related. Nagas upper bodies are less human looking in my setting.

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>long-reaching campaign which exists soley to set up a cheap joke
>tricking people into ERP for the express purpose of making them uncomfortable
I disagree.

>> No.24298629

>The difficulty is about the same.
see >>24298455
All female races - or at least animals that have the potential to go that way - already exist.

>> No.24298630

Hmm. Well, maybe if the players INSIST on knowing how it's done...

>> No.24298631


As long as it is only about changing gender it is hardly ERP. Seems more like lighthearted comedy to me.

>> No.24298635

And it's actually not 'rape' per se, but inserting a parasite. I like it.

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File: 1.11 MB, 513x900, normal_Slime_girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goodness, no. Much too special snowflake for my tastes.

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That sounds fucking retarded. And not even “fuck you, this isn't my fucking fetish” retarded, but plain ol “well this is fucking retarded” retarded. You do all that shit, and then DM wipes his sweaty brow with his greasy palms and gurgles out “U gotta turn into a gurl lol” between meaty, throaty chortles. Its just fuckin stupid.

>> No.24298697

>Much too special snowflake for my tastes.
And being literal tears of the goddess aren't? Besides, being a caveman doesn't make you a snowflake, especially since it means you are probably mentally underdeveloped.

>> No.24298699


Not just naturally, either.

There is parasite (I think) called Wolbachia that infects a whole bunch of different kinds of insects.
The females are unharmed by it. The infected males turn into fully functional females or die trying.
The infected females, regardless of whether they started that way, now can only reproduce through spontaneous pregnancy: parthenogenesis.

And this is actually a really common thing. Thankfully, it only works on bugs. Humans and other more complex organisms don't have anything to fear from it.

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>genetically engeneer parasite.
>become the little girl.

>> No.24298739

Actually, parthenogenesis occurs in some species of lizard and shark, the only issue is it restricts genetic diversity. Unless you meant the parasite thing.

>> No.24298746


I dunno, >>24298575 seems to give a pretty interesting idea to make it work. Though in that version the party doesn't HAVE to change themselves, they are just contributing to the problem as long as they don't.

Technically, they don't need to include any TG in the game at all. It is the most effective means of achieving their goal, but not the only one.

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Yeah, right? The only thing why my world has hermaphroditic snake girls is because I wanted to keep the aestetic of mythological snakewoman and asked myself how that would make sense biologically. Then one fuckwit makes it his mission to fuck snakegirls, and is suprised that the sexuality of the seemingly all female race works differently.

>> No.24298763


I think he means vulnerability to the parasite. That seems insect specific. Obviously, as already mentioned, fish and stuff can change sex.

>> No.24298778

Theres a difference between genderflipping and parthenogenesis though, but yeah, I figured he meant the parasite.

>> No.24298780

Due to snake charm-like powers, any sexual action taken with a snake woman is remembered as a fade to black.

Nobody knows what really happened.

>> No.24298796

>Actually, parthenogenesis occurs in some species of lizard and shark, the only issue is it restricts genetic diversity. Unless you meant the parasite thing.

Also turkeys can do it, yet have male offspring.

>> No.24298797

> All female race
> comprised of hermaphrodites

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>How would magical snakebitches work biologically
First mistake, especially since some species snakes can literally reproduce with females only, no genderflipping or anything
>Better make em all ladydudes and not actually snakebitches anymore!
Second mistake

And not a huge mistake, but if you're going for biological accuracy, he shoulda felt two hemipenii pokin his belly. Dont halfass your creepy futa snakes.

>> No.24298857


More like "become the baby factory". You would just keep popping out kids, regardless of whether or not you had sex with anyone.

And, as a parasite, you would have created what will be remembered as the worlds most shocking STD.

>> No.24298863

A race that was like the dude from Prototype. It wasn't really like they had genders, but pretty much all of them were female in form just because they could hide easier that way/were more unassuming or less suspicious to people.

>> No.24298877


Low-magic setting. The kind of snakewoman he actually managed to woo is part of a tribal society of hunter-gatherers that dwells in floating stilt-villages in jungle rivers. Also the scene was pretty hilarious and had ingame repercussions, because the PC stirred up shit with the natives by his behaviour. Everyone at the table had a good laugh out of it and the PCs had to invest quite some time to gloss over this entire thing.

>> No.24298943


They are snakewoman. Until someone bothers to check what is inside their genital slit. And thats the point where I don`t have to take any responibility as the GM anymore.

>> No.24298949

Good times, good times. I myself like to use liberal applications of magic to smoooooth out them niggling worldbuilding concerns.

>> No.24298987

>They are snakewoman, except where it actually counts
/lgbt/ pls go. But seriously, there is no excuse for that shit when snakes have scissor babbies IRL. And you didnt even bother to give em a proper snake ponos. F-- worldbuilding see me after class.

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That's the rub, see? They aren't the literal tears of a goddess. The colossi that wander the realm are not actually a punishment from the heavens. The Abyss is not actually the entrance to the Underworld. The gods themselves are not even real.

>> No.24299017

Something fun you can do is have your players come across an area that has very recently been ravished by war, but the populace there barely managed to win. And due to having an only-male military, there's like twenty women for every man. Play this for the political change, instead of having all the women being crazy over getting the D.

Unless this is one of those fetishy games or something.

>> No.24299020

If you suddenly grew a vag would you consider yourself as less a man than before?

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I'm not sure whether I hope none of your players are here, to save the game... or hope that one IS, to ruin it.

Still, I like goo girls. I love me some goo girls.

>> No.24299054

“Suddenly” is a hell of a lot different from “always had one since birth”. And theres the whole issue of the fact that I have a goddamn vagina now. That would be a bit of a fucking ordeal.

>> No.24299120

I figure with close proximity to humanoid settlements and a little cultural exchange the snakes would develop a female identity due to their general female body type.

But its not my game so what ev.

>> No.24299158

Identity is a whole different matter than whats between the legs.

>> No.24299172

So, you're a trap. Sounds good.

>> No.24299247

If I suddenly grew a vag, I think I'd be way too distracted to even bother to consider myself more less of a man than before...

>> No.24299257

If it looks like a woman, and it fucks like a woman, then its a woman.

Excluding trans.

>> No.24299282

The only part of my appearance that could be considered feminine is my hair, which grows free and unfettered by the shackles of modern hairdressing. I have a beard to go with it and I'm a hairy dude generally. Whatever reason my wife likes me, it's not because I look like a woman.

>> No.24299307

>If it looks like a woman, and it fucks like a woman
But having a penis excludes it from both of those. Ladies neither have dicks nor do they fuck with them. It just sounds like that DM was trying to justify either his fetish or a race he made solely to fuck with the guy who went to fuck them.

>> No.24299328


The thread is for all male or all female races

I don't know if hermaphrodites...

>> No.24299337


The River Naga don`t identfy as female because the whole concept of two seperate genders is alien to them. They are pretty isolated and don`t often come in contact with other sentient species such as humans. But this is not about what they identfy as, since they are not a player race, it is about how the players as human explorers would see them. And they would identify them as female.

>> No.24299345

The gorgons weren't a race, they were a family

>> No.24299349

Quiet! We're in /tg/d/ mode!

>> No.24299364

That was precisely what I was saying. That guy failed at everything.

>> No.24299373

thats a worrying prospect, cut a woman up and get several teens, cut them up and get lolis

>> No.24299382

Which is still stupid and uninformed as fuck. Even hermaphroditic species take on different roles in life.

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My group is made entirely of god-fearing, honest-to-goodness role models and pillars of society. There's no way they could be on 4chan.

Either that, or the fact that their misc. internet-capable accessories are piled up on the shelf because of a previous incident involving the popular online game League of Legends and the fact that our games were taking much longer than they needed to, is why I'm sure that they're not here. Really, they're more interested in chips, dip, and neglecting my coasters. Possibly the little d6 one-off I threw together for the afternoon, but you never know.

>> No.24299414

It really doesn't, the penis does not change a general female appearence, especially since it cannot be seen the majority of the time, and given that the snake also has a vagina they are capable of the female sex role.

>> No.24299421


Stupid and uninformed as fuck? It was MY setting last time I checked and my players where enjoying it, so I don`t really see your point.

I never said anything about roles they might take on during their lifes, only that they don`t understand the concept of gender roles since they only have one gender. How does that not make sense to you?

>> No.24299474


I never expected my players to try and fuck one of those, because they where not particulary sexualized or humanized. Even after that I didn`t expect the player to go to the lengths he went to woo one of the snakes. So no, I didn`t create them to fuck with anybody. I never expected the matter to come up ingame.

>> No.24299639

OH the game's on now (or at least a game). Ok, good.

I was just worried that someone's fun would be spoiled. I don't know whose, but... we're gaming to have fun, right?

>> No.24299673
File: 948 KB, 900x1341, 135535592122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They don't look too put off by it, and it seems like a good investment of time and energy to me.

Where's my sword...

>> No.24299818

>It was MY setting last time
And you claimed it was justified by biology and all this nonsense of the monogender masterrace when even hermaphrodites take turns being the bitch or the bastard.

>> No.24300082

The solution is obvious
Fuck all the bitches with your magical seed and murder any of the resulting children that aren't female, Then turn into a female and let everything with a dick bang you and murder any of the resulting children that aren't female

>> No.24300230


I dont think that would have a big enough impact fast enough to matter. If the apocalypse is right around the corner, you probably dont have 18 years to raise and train a bunch of female mages that will only compete with, not replace, the male mage academies already existent.

>> No.24300361

Who cares, You just had sex with many many many females because you have the best reason ever. Do you actually want to save the world? That requires work
Besides, How hard would it be to convince 50% of a bunch of shut in virgin males to change their gender?

>> No.24300487
File: 153 KB, 682x854, 134734293114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But of course, fun is the name of the game.

And even if one of them did see it, they are already starting to suspect that not everything is what it seems. The real mystery is where everything came from, if not the deities that are so revered

>> No.24300503

Gerudo are all female on the player side since Ganondorf is specifically banned from the system

No one's complained so far

>> No.24300513
File: 103 KB, 800x480, 1354771844574.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24300625
File: 149 KB, 730x522, 1357361013768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was toying with this idea for ERP reasons that there is only ever one male Elf in the tribe because he is the alpha male and will kill the other male elves, so instead their hormones switch over and they become essentially female and submissive to the Alpha Male. This brings stability to the tribe, breeding rights to the strongest Male, and when the Alpha Male eventually kicks the bucket, all the males struggle against one another to become the next Alpha Male. Elves live so long that it is reproductively viable to just try to outlast your Alpha and secretly mate with the females.

This leads to several corollaries, single elven males would actually love living with just humans because then they are the Alpha Male by default, until someone shames them into submissiveness then though this is very humiliating and they will often flee instead of face it

The second is that strong matriarchies would then form to keep all the males from becoming Alphas so that there is never the turbulence of one Alpha dieing, thus the Drow culture

Dare you enter this magical realm?

>> No.24300671

6/10 would genocide them all in the name of [human god here].

>> No.24300750

I had a race of reptoids that had extremely low numbers of males hatched.
Males were mostly egg-tenders, artists, poets, that sort of thing. Kept in the homeland and not really allowed to leave.
Women were the warriors and other roles.
Men weren't effeminate, they just didn't have a masculine role

>> No.24300772

>for ERP reasons
Get out.

>> No.24300787

Why? They seem mostly harmless. And after breaking would make great slaves!

>> No.24300807


Your kind are not welcome here.

>> No.24300817

Get out and never return.

>> No.24300827

The door's that way, sicko.

>> No.24300837

ERP is not allowed here.

>> No.24300844

Fairly interesting take on it. I might use that.

>> No.24300845

Fuck you "lel magical realm" assholes, you ruin everything.

>> No.24300848

I like it! I'll enter that magical realm!

>> No.24300853

ERP threads were deleted for a reason.

>> No.24300862

And there goes the thread

>> No.24300867


Not sure if samefag.

>> No.24300870

Now this is suspiciously un-excellent behavior. How did that stick getup your ass, anon?

>> No.24300884

Anon's been cranky lately. Wait until the late night crowd when they have gone to bed.

>> No.24300886


>Several of them in the same minute

>> No.24300887

>implying this makes it any less fetishy.

>> No.24300894

ERP is explicitly not allowed.

>> No.24300916

See? Cranky.

>> No.24300920
File: 51 KB, 399x582, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>being this mad

The fuck, you guys?

>> No.24300921

>Defending rulebreaking

>> No.24300923


Where does it say that?

>> No.24300931

Where is the ERP thread, then?

Deleted by the mods, of course, because ERP isn't allowed.

>> No.24300938

Look, I know you're grumpy, but this is how we do things around here. I'm sure you'll get used to it eventually. Enjoy disrupting what was a decent thread.

>> No.24300945

No, but it's cool if you want to play that without me. I don't ERP, but it sounds pretty interesting as far as blatant fetish races go.

>> No.24300951

so... this is your way of asking for another ERP thread?

>> No.24300952

It was ruined by ERP.

>> No.24300958



The only person I see breaking rules is you, Anon.

>> No.24300967


After weeks of being allowed, I've e-mailed moot asking if this is the final decision or if it's rogue moderation.

>> No.24300980

I can't wait until he makes you eat those words.

>> No.24300983

If you think so, then you can leave it. Otherwise you're disrupting what was a fair thread.

>> No.24301024


No it was ruined by one guy shitstorming.

>> No.24301029

Moot probably doesn't play D&D, and if he did I doub't he does it online with a bunch mouth breathing perverts like you. Good luck dumbass.

>> No.24301066

Oy, stop the metadiscussion, that's explicitly against the rules.

>> No.24301085

How so? Literally there was one multithread long continuous discussion of ERP that has lasted since motherfucking JANUARY. And then now of all time it stops being cool.
All we ask for is consistency in moderation.

mooters has said he's played Warhammer Quest as a kid and loves the D&D PC games like Baldur's Gate and PS:T.

>> No.24301107

Right, but I doubt he's going to cater an exception to the rules for a bunch of mouth breathers like you.

>> No.24301121

Since it's not an exception we don't have to wrry then!

>> No.24301144

>ERP threads: create a bit of discussion, keep the fetish weirdos out of other threads a little, annoy a few stupid people who cannot into toggle thread

>people bitching about ERP threads: automatically bring any thread down in flames the instant someone even alludes to the existence of ERP because they can't hold all this mad

Guys, I never thought I'd say this, but I really have to side with the ERPfags on this one. This is getting kind of sad.

>> No.24301149

>for ERP reasons
Fuck off already

>> No.24301172


As an ERPfag it's VERY sad, but autists gonna autist.

>> No.24301175

Just wait for the underage ones to go to sleep, re-make the thread. It's all there is for it.

>> No.24301201

I actually did something similar once, but significantly less fetishy and sociologically retarded.

>> No.24301210

Its summer, they stay up all night because they don't have jobs.

>> No.24301221

Oh yeah, it's summer. I forgot they always come out in the summer.

>> No.24301232

Shoving your fetishes into every single thread ever is not very excellent.

>> No.24301258

>Shoving your fetishes into every single thread ever
You mean like 40k?

>> No.24301309

>If I pretend to not be an ERPfag, maybe nobody will notice

>> No.24301319

What's more disruptive? This one post.

That was on topic and contributing to the discussion, or

this shit that is neither?

>> No.24301362

Both groups were at fault.

>> No.24301386

It matters because you ERP faggots ruined a sexy thread by turning it into a fetish shit storm since you're too autistic to know the difference between cheesecake and down right porn.

>> No.24301415

No they weren't, We just don't make them 24/7
They don't get deleted.

>> No.24301429

Says the guy cursing every three words and flinging as much vitriol as possible.

Good show of social clemency.

>> No.24301444

>ERP thread eventually autosages

>> No.24301469
File: 47 KB, 400x385, 1288135395298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The people that spam threads like that with sage are worse than hitler, All it does is bump the thread more when people reply to them. Why cant people hide it and move on, or Report it if they think its actually against the rules (Its not) and then hide it

>> No.24301474

I think not, anon. This is not a proper reacton to the mere utterance of three letters. The samefag is at fault here, I'd say.

>> No.24301476

> April
> Summer

absolutely NOTHING pornographic has been posted.

>> No.24301517


Actually we were making them 24/7 and the last one, while not deleted, went into autosage well before the bump limit was reached.

>> No.24301571


I think the mysterious egg generation is my favorite thus far. It's humorous. Also might be a sign of parthenogenesis. Possibly using magic or kroot tech to acquire genes to make it stable.

>> No.24301597

No, the last three have been deleted or autosaged by mods. And apparently you ARE upset about it, because you refuse to leave other threads alone.

>> No.24301621

The slime girl quest threads have more porn than the ERP threads do.

>> No.24301634

>Possibly using magic or kroot tech to acquire genes to make it stable.
Clearly it runs entirely on the power of love and 80s music.

>> No.24301641

>[citation needed]

>> No.24301649
File: 57 KB, 240x360, preed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>image is of someone suckling gently upon an ear that COULD, if you were either blind or looking for a reason, to be seen as the girl sucking a dick.
>otherwise, cheesecake -- and not pornographic

>ERPfaggots ruined it

On any other occasion, whereby they WOULD bring their fetishes into it, I would agree with you. I do not, and in fact conclude you're being more than just an insuffrable faggot -- you're being just as bad as the worst ERP faggotry in this thread, of which there is very little, beyond someone asking 'I was toying with this idea, here's an explanation of the idea, and then a lame tacky question at the end.'

You looked for ERPfaggotry, and you got ERPfaggotry, in your eyes, even when it isn't. I visited one of these places once, and left asap, as it was just shit, but you are just as bad as they for seeing what you want to see, rather than seeing what is actually happening.

Though, I fully expect someone will greentext me and call me an ERPfaggot, no matter what I say.

>> No.24301670

Prove your claims

>> No.24301700

I can't say for sure, but I know I witnessed one ERP thread disappearing far earlier than it should have, and another that wasn't even near the bump limit being deleted while an active conversation was going on in it. The latter one happened last night.

>> No.24301716

probably just a new janitor, if anything. They tend to be kicked out if they do shit like this. Email moot about it.

>> No.24301729

Given how commonly fantasy settings seem to make women the big magic users, usually while making men dumb fighters or "well they're not girls so they can't good at magic", it might be good to reverse the idea a bit.

Party is young wizards; of whichever gender, it doesn't matter; they haven't been doing magic long enough for the males to have the whole "can't get a job doing magic" and other bits that leave them behind through lack of resources for research.

Then everyone discovers that too many scantily clad sorceresses IS in fact the problem, at least in a relative/comparative fashion.

It is now the party's duty to try to make its wizards even manlier, lest a lack of archmages prevent balance from having been restored.

>> No.24301843


Turns out the magical reading detecting the unbalance was prank'd by a 3rd year precognition student.

The campaign was unnecessary.

>> No.24301892

Either that's in mythology or that guy watched Elf Bride.

>> No.24301942

in AD&D, Minotaurs must rape human women to reproduce

>> No.24302043
File: 123 KB, 639x609, 1351707869958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread Destruction : Completed

Success Rate : Never Before Accomplished

>> No.24302054

Quiet, it's discussion time.

>> No.24302139

no it was ruined by you flipping your shit

>> No.24302157


I dunno. Most settings have ONE sexy witch mage, and that one party chick who is the healer by default, but those are usually the only women you get. By and large, wizard dudes tend out outnumber their female counterparts by a lot.

It is just that the two female magic users you DO get tend to show up once in every book/game.

>> No.24302163

oh that one was mine, I deleted that one because there were two, as I said I would

>> No.24302187

no. they wernt. it was 100% you

>> No.24302200
File: 85 KB, 501x487, 1363444391328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sure sure, still, brought a tear to my eye to watch my one post so thoroughly hurt so many anuses

>> No.24302255



>> No.24302294

Most settings?
I seem to recall eberron having a lot of females of arcane/divine/psychic might.
Forgotten Realms... well Ed loves his women mages who go around wearing high heels, a cloak, and a smile (tight leather bodice optional).
The list goes on.

Though now that I think about it, I'm actually curious about this.
Of all the settings out there which ones do we see casters as more male dominated and which ones are they more female dominated? Which ones are they equal?
And if they're dominated by one sex is that because the entire setting is dominated by that sex for active roles or just that job?
Fuck we need some experts on different fantasy settings in here.

>> No.24302352
File: 61 KB, 331x319, Reaction 732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24302356 [SPOILER] 
File: 291 KB, 857x1000, 1362013879490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I actually feel people need to know this is what happened the other night, had nothing to do with mods, the thread that started with this pic

>> No.24302504

>but you are just as bad as they for seeing what you want to see, rather than seeing what is actually happening.
>The person explicitly said it was for ERP

>> No.24302539

A King is not a country

A board is not a game

etc. etc.

>> No.24302728


GTFO, Yellowquiet.

>> No.24302800
File: 2.38 MB, 1390x1975, Louis_XIV_of_France.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A King is not a country
You silly peasant!

>> No.24302849

Kind of... a tiny tribe of mushroom people, genderless and reproduce through spores

>> No.24302868

My brain saw that and initially read tiny as describing the mushroom people themselves, not the population of the tribe. The mental image made me d'awwwww.

>> No.24302872
File: 532 KB, 707x1000, 1365312425598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tiny, right

>> No.24303486
File: 155 KB, 1200x1200, 17733226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24304006

I have the most curious boner right now.

>> No.24304089

included all female catgirl race ones.

they were hunted by the local Spanish inquisition expys as succubi out to steal human seed and life force. Got a couple interesting storlines out of it.

>> No.24304974

This is what eventually happens if you only ever use your Ditto for breeding...

>> No.24304992
File: 653 KB, 1580x1554, Who.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Success Rate : Never Before Accomplished
Nigga, that aint even a quarter of a Kirkwho. All that faggot did was take a hot button topic and write about it. It would be no different that supporting vidya generals before the Great Migration or saying you like /a/ Harem Quests.

>> No.24305025

Then there was one the next day about Mind Control that got deleted so fast its not even in Foolz.

>> No.24305036
File: 296 KB, 1263x766, Dwarven physiology.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying dwarves are monogendered.

>> No.24305154
File: 1.99 MB, 278x179, Jet Snail.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer hermaphrodites over mono-gendered races.

>> No.24305214

A lot of the time, when the thread is almost 404'd, more than one person will take it into their hands to make a continuation thread. Generally, one of them notices the other, and they delete their own thread.

>> No.24305234

Maenads were originally all female adherents to the cult of Dionysus, so it can make sense.

>> No.24305634

Same. Boy, was it embarassing for the group manwhore when he got all excited over finding a city populated by what they thought were a female-only race only to end up getting plowed by a bunch of herms all night...
Guess they should've read the short list of notes I'd prepared about the setting instead of rushing head-first into the game.

>> No.24305762

get out

>> No.24305863
File: 8 KB, 184x184, Battle snail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think both are kinda stupid, but while all-female races have potential for comedy like >>24297549 or >>24297657, I have never seen hermaphrodites used for anything but full on That Guy. Like >>24305634, for example.

>> No.24305867

do you want someone to spell out hermaphrodite every time?

Do you get pissed off when someone mentions the UN?

>> No.24306084
File: 14 KB, 328x203, 1364599166221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your post is shown in that pic

>> No.24310374 [DELETED] 

Except while he said the concept was for ERP, he did not present it here for the purpose of ERP.

There's a maaaaassive difference between inspired-by-ERP and actually-ERP.
The fag that actually shitstormed missed the fact that nothing ERP-related was actually in the post.

Seriously, if the guy hadn't said it was originally thought up for ERP, would you seriously have known that it was for ERP in a thread about genderlocked races?

Pretty much *anything* related to genderlocked races is going to be ERP to *someone*, and the OP wanted some examples of what others have done to handle it. While the Elves post wasn't about strictly genderlocked, it's still related.
ANYWAYS, it's only fetishy if you make it such. Imply stuff but never be explicit? It's only what the players think it is. If your goo-girls never get it on with a member of the party, why exactly would they answer questions about their reproductive habits?

They'd have no reason in-character to know this.

Considering they're theorized to be tears from the goddess, a knowledge check would say they reproduce by getting the goddess to cry more.

>> No.24310409

Except while he said the concept was for ERP, he did not present it here for the purpose of ERP.

There's a maaaaassive difference between inspired-by-ERP and actually-ERP.
The fag that actually shitstormed missed the fact that nothing ERP-related was actually in the post.

Seriously, if the guy hadn't said it was originally thought up for ERP, would you seriously have known that it was for ERP in a thread about genderlocked races?

Pretty much *anything* related to genderlocked races is going to be ERP to *someone*, and the OP wanted some examples of what others have done to handle it. While the Elves post wasn't about strictly genderlocked, it's still related.

ANYWAYS, it's only fetishy if you make it such. Imply stuff but never be explicit? It's only what the players think it is. If your goo-girls never get it on with a member of the party, why exactly would they answer questions about their reproductive habits?

They'd have no reason in-character to know this.

Considering they're theorized to be tears from the goddess, a knowledge check would say they reproduce by getting the goddess to cry more.

As for how they'd actually do it... they're goo girls. Like, how does a Ditto whore itself to any pokemon you put in the daycare? Like, really, either they just adjust their boddies to have the parts they need.
Or, more likely, they just merge with one another for like and hour, eventually reforming into two distinct beings snuggled together happily. Unless your *players* are actually goo-girls irl, they wouldn't understand what's going on anyways.

Teh Secks doesn't always have to be something that'd make sense to humans.

>> No.24310444

"and then the UN, UN-nazied the world" -Idiocracy

>> No.24310456

>the fact that nothing ERP-related was actually in the post.
Turning elves into a race of sub/dom faggots with a femdom counterculture and defining them entirely by what they fuck is pretty fucking ERP-related and even if its not it makes for shitty worldbuilding.

>> No.24311055
File: 390 KB, 1200x1200, 1357111455114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Procreation is actually a big to-do for the goo girls. Public ceremony, takes place in their temples. Two blushing brides climb up the statue of their goddess, take up opposite positions on her head, hold each other close, shove one of their arms through her ears, think exceptionally squishy, lovey-dovey thoughts, and BAM. Puddle of joy flows out through the eyes. Then there's a small celebration.

I call 'em fist-bump babies.

>> No.24311180
File: 383 KB, 1200x1200, 1349729547278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24311211

I dunno, i thought Elves as Lions was pretty snazzy actually

>> No.24311321
File: 43 KB, 750x600, SanityCheck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ERP Related? Yes.
On Topic? Yes.
How someone handled a similar situation? Yes.

Actual ERP? No.

Ya'll are prudes, I swear.

>pic related
Alrighty then.

Like I said. Humans don't need to understand exactly what the hell is going on XD

>> No.24311349

Elves as Lions is, but the way he executed them was terrible.

>> No.24311380

>This boards nothing but prudes and normalfags!

>> No.24311395


I liked it, too. I might use it for something. The concept of a single elf king surrounded by sexless follower-drones is pretty cool.

>> No.24311411

>I insist on shitting absolutely every fucking thing I do up with my shitty fetishes and if you don't want me to keep shoving them in your face every single motherfucking time I post then you are a prude, you're a child and you simply cannot handle how unique and individually important what I like to masturbate to is

Can someone fucking ban this cretin?

>> No.24311414

Your post was okay, but you had to use a damn emoticon. Please commit sudoku at your earliest convenience.

>> No.24311440

>On Topic? Yes.
Actually, it wasn't, seeing as the topic was all female or all male races, not your shitty ERP fantasies.

>> No.24311441

Sure is becoming that way.

>> No.24311455

What's the difference? Oh wait.

>> No.24311470

God damn it, this is way past your bedtime. Go to sleep or you're grounded.

>> No.24311502

Sudoku is a helluva game

And I'm definitely hoping this was intentional. I now imagine someone withering away, intensely occupied with a game of numbers.

>> No.24311510

>everyone who doesn't like hearing about what I like to masturbate to is the same person who is following me into every thread I insist on bringing up my sexual deviancy in! It's can't possibly be that I keep bringing up what I like to masturbate to every single fucking time I post and it's starting to piss people off, because I'm a unique and important individual who is aroused by other people being forced to hear about my sexual fantasies without their consent!

>> No.24311575

Way I see it, the ERP generals should stick around, but not for the reasons you think.

See, you guys are like Homestuck.

Or rather /co/s HSG, a near nonstop (literal) circle jerking thread that exists despite most people here not caring for you because you have nowhere else to go.

At least your threads are mostly text based.

>> No.24311598

>Ya'll are prudes, I swear.

Sometimes people get tired of discussing rawboned bloodburning sex and want to deal with something that isn't the seething white epicenter of a hormonal dickgasm, which to you is apparently the very centerpiece of Victorian-School Puritanism.

Christ, fuck off with catcalls of Puritan and Evangelical. Not everyone has their flag at permanent full staff you undersexed dork.

>> No.24311616

Why does there have to be such a massive line drawn between "games that contain concepts of sexuality" and "games that don't"? We're talking world building and genders. A guy posted his race concept where there is functionally only one male at a time.

Just because he made it for a game featuring sex doesn't mean it isn't worldbuilding.

I don't even get where all this butt-frustration is coming from. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Either there can be dedicated threads regarding sexuality and reproduction in games, or those things are going to be spontaneously discussed elsewhere.

>> No.24311633
File: 2.64 MB, 320x240, 1364091975994.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't Japan just stick to ruining its own mythology? Why they gotta ruin Western mythology too?

>> No.24311650

I've been looking all over for that gif!

>> No.24311652

Way I see it, the quest threads should stick around, but not for the reasons you think.
See, you guys are like Homestuck.
Or rather /co/s HSG, a near nonstop (literal) circle jerking thread that exists despite most people here not caring for you because you have nowhere else to go.
At least your threads are mostly shitposting.

>> No.24311658


>I don't even get where all this butt-frustration is coming from

Autism, "My /tg/" syndrome and general shitbaggery.

>> No.24311671


>> No.24311679

You... may be using that word incorrectly in this context.

>> No.24311683

But... no one said anything like that. It was just one guy's concept for a race.

>> No.24311697

The op did ask how to do it without going all magical realm on his players.

>> No.24311707

Dwarves are Germanic mythology. They're mythological creatures.

>> No.24311719


You don't understand the mind of the autist, all that matters is that it was mentioned, that's enough. If they hadn't said it was for an ERP game then this thread would still be on track, just posting those three letters is enough top provoke an infinite amount of 'tard rage.

>> No.24311727

Its funny how most erpfags think comparing themselves to quests will lessen peoples hatred of them instead of deepen it.

>> No.24311730

Then he may as well have not asked at all.

Something is always going to be seen as "magical realmy" bullshit in someone's eyes.

>> No.24311736
File: 18 KB, 212x254, Dare you enter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just like disagreeing with those three letters has provoked you and your ilk

>> No.24311738

But not in the sense that we see them. Dwarves in mythology are distinct from the dwarves we think of in fantasy, which is what is being "ruined" here.

Hence why I said it was incorrect in this context.

>> No.24311741
File: 218 KB, 785x884, 1357112422530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nearly all of my posts have contained images of fetihy, sexualized slime. I just effectively described lesbian goo girl sex with a dash of exhibitionism for flavor.

And yet you froth at the mouth over three letters. I just don't understand.

>> No.24311744

Which is a valid statement, but that doesn't make >>24300625 any more on topic.

>> No.24311763

Aren't fantasy dwarves underground craftsmen and miners in mythology as well as fantasy?

I see your point regardless because while I think loli-dwarves are shite, I will admit a lot of other popular types of dwarves aren't exactly in line with the mythology and I have no problem with them.

>> No.24311767
File: 137 KB, 550x413, Fuck you and all you stand for.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And yet you froth at the mouth over three letters.
>>24311440 here and fuck your face. I never once lashed out at the submissive shota elf guy, I was just pointing out how he was offtopic when someone claimed he wasn't.
And your slime race sounds snowflake as fuck

>> No.24311791

And it's funny how most questfags believe their endless waifuquests and leldorfquests are any more acceptable.

For fuck's sake, there's a thread up at this very moment about making a religion in a fantasy game centered on Lil B. How the fuck is that thread at all /tg/ related? There's no discussion and it sure as hell isn't on-topic.

>> No.24311795

>Why does there have to be such a massive line drawn between "games that contain concepts of sexuality" and "games that don't"?
Personally a lot of the guys at the very start went "As long as you just play it straight it's fair game." But it still is generally a bad idea without reading your players. Why?

Because both sides get off to it.

I'm serious. You've either have the sex starved crawl all the fuck over these creations while thinking they're totally cool and tasteful of everyone else, or you get indignant people who cry foul of everyone who even graces the topic of being one. God help you if both show up to wreck every session where this topic shows up, let alone the one where you're backed into a corner and Mr. Sextime wants no-fade-nookie. You've no freaking clue what's going to happen, even if you think you've got reading players down perfectly.

>> No.24311835

It's more Tolkien that defined it off original traits. But as I recall, at one point elf and duergar (I think was the original term) were nigh interchangeable.

He certainly based some aspects of his dwarves off the original myths, but he also invented a lot on his own.

>> No.24311840

Seriously, why is this shit allowed to continue?

>You can't stop me, I'm tricking you all by constantly posting pederast bullshit

Are you fucking kidding? This is what /tg/ has become?

>> No.24311854


>> No.24311896

Well, I apologize for mistaking the intent of your post.

In what ways, specifically?

>> No.24311897

Take it back to /q/ instead of shitting up other threads, erpfag.

>> No.24311899
File: 39 KB, 300x300, 1341162811490.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24311971
File: 6 KB, 246x205, 1341002153898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to actually talk openly about it.
And I'm not even throwing *my* fetishes in your face. I'm pointing out that your flipping the frickity frick out over discussion of something entirely because it was originally used in an ERP is very prudish.


Except the topic very swiftly broadened off of pure genderlock and into out-of-whack gender ratios. Or was I the only one of you recently-posting anons that actually read the entire thread through?

It is intentional lol

Except it wasn't brought up to arouse, but to spark discussion. It was a worldbuilding concept. Context is everything, and in this context, it wasn't a masturbatory thing. The only reason you *know* it was fap material is because you were told. Who Seriously Cares.

>> No.24311989

I'm gonna need some clarification on that post. Really. I just fail to see how it makes sense at all.

>> No.24312017

>Except it wasn't brought up to arouse, but to spark discussion. It was a worldbuilding concept.
You were still posting off topic. You shoulda made your own thread.

>> No.24312060

What the fuck are you even whining about?

Sexualized characters?
If so, then misters Frank Frazetta and Larry Elmore would like to have a word with you. They're waiting out back with a pair of tire axles.

>> No.24312085

I was? Up until this last post and this post, I've had something related to the OP's (I assume) Goo-Girls in each of my posts.

Unlike your sorry ass who goes off topic to whine about people being off-topic.

>> No.24312095

>Hey /tg/. Have you ever included all female or all male races? How did that turn out? How did you do it?

Not on-topic?

Yeah, shut the fuck up and go back to browsing the catalog.

>> No.24312112

Well, that makes sense. There are groups where it can work, though.

My regular group are people with whom I've been friends with for a long time, and I know their maturity level. We're able to have PC/NPC relationships and brainstorm interesting reproductive traditions of abhuman races without going full retard.

A few of them and I like to occasionally do a little ERP on the side. Not in a creeper-orgy way, but because fantasy settings have pretty much unlimited potential for bizarre and delightful romance.

Concepts cross over, but we're able to keep things reasonable. It's entirely dependent on the personalities and comfort levels involved

>> No.24312138

Tell, which part of Elves-as-Lions-except-grossly-simplified-for-muh-fetish is All Female or All Male? In fact the whole concept requires male and female elves to work.

>> No.24312171

>>But... no one said anything like that.

>get called a prude

>dislike being called a prude because I really couldn't give a fuck about sex unless somebody starts spamming eroticism like they think they're hot dick when they're usually unconfident, sex starved college students.

>Nearly all of my posts have contained images of fetihy, sexualized slime. I just effectively described lesbian goo girl sex with a dash of exhibitionism for flavor.
I don't even read or look at any of this.

>And yet you froth at the mouth over three letters. I just don't understand.
Don't ascribe me as always hating on ERP. When I do, it's because most fucking times /tg/ and eroticism come into verbal contact in public, bad shit goes down. Helpful Comrade bad. 50 Shades of Grey bad. The fetus spoke out of the rippling anus bad.

>> No.24312179

Splitting hairs is a very autistic thing to do.

So threads are no longer allowed to be varied in content? Everyone must directly respond to the OP and never derail?

Yes, mein fuhrer. I suppose this conversation should end now as well, since we have derailed the thread from it's true purpose. To circlejerk about monogendered species. Yes, mein fuhrer.

>> No.24312271

Labeling everything as autistic is a very autistic thing to do.

>> No.24312303

Only if you're autistic and feel the need for everything to conform to your stupid little fictional disease.

>> No.24312333

Which says volumes about >>24312179

>> No.24312351

>There are groups where it can work, though.
Sure. However, these are rare as hens teeth, and more likely than not it's just more worthwhile to have a solo session in private than get 4 people comfortable enough to discuss the dick. It's even less likely that anything of public value gets made.

>> No.24312389


The word autist has no meaning anymore in this conversation.

>> No.24312418

Thats very autismal of you to say.

>> No.24312425

You're a tremendous faggot, and I sincerely hope you find out you have herpes tomorrow.

>> No.24312429
File: 21 KB, 174x234, 1348902630121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw no one complained about erp threads when they were here
>mfw everyone complains now that they're gone

>> No.24312446

>says the confirmed autist

>> No.24312458

True. I just feel like even stuff being made for a solo session is viable to discuss on /tg/. Especially if multiple people are interested, which has been the case so far.

>> No.24312511

I was actually joking and going along with your statement and not trying to troll or anything, but okay.

>> No.24312525

>says the confirmed autist

>> No.24312546

I think Skaven style is better than Kzin style if you want to avoid that guys.

While one guy might be a /d/eviant, nobody will think you're being fetishy for having huge brood-mothers or tiny drones (for an all-female race) going around. But if you have a bunch of catgirls with intellectual disabilities who are used purely for breeding, that's a bit weird.

>> No.24312559

Boy, Im gonna autism your autism so hard is asspergers.

>> No.24312564
File: 45 KB, 600x420, 1189578212783.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

burn this fucking garbage to the goddamned ground

ban everyone in the thread, starting with me.



>> No.24312572

He's not me. But he is autismal.

>> No.24312575

HONK <{:0P

>> No.24312576
File: 124 KB, 850x638, sample-0c3e95ebe4e3d6d880f4cf0db9f61138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not OP, actually. Just random anon.

Perhaps not everyone thinks it is that bad. This thread seems to be rife with overreaction, as I see it. One simple, spoilered phrase and everything just imploded a little. That isn't right.

>> No.24312578

People complained before, if you check out the thread on /q/ it started around the time where the ERP generals came up.
That was also when the spam in those threads was at its worst, both by those in support of ERP and those against it.

>> No.24312582

BRING IT. I'm gonna aspberger you so hard your mom's gonna feel it!

>> No.24312611

No, everyone I talk about /tg/ with pretty much has been going "Yeah we're flagging them as hard as we can since they first showed up."

Most of us just scroll through the posts, giggle over the exquisitely bad ones, quietly minimize and state that it's really a bad idea to each other. Then we talk about other things like normal people.

>> No.24312620
File: 125 KB, 1196x277, rules.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People seem to keep forgetting the golden rule of /tg/.

>> No.24312636

Yeah, if you use spoilers people can't jack it to thumbnails.

>> No.24312648

This. You just gotta put the porn and NSFW shit up without the spoiler tags.

>> No.24312667

Well then, you are exceptionally silly. I approve.

>> No.24312695

erp has been a touchy issue ever since those generals showed up/got shut down by mods. That anon knew perfectly well what he was doing to the thread.

>> No.24312704
File: 27 KB, 212x251, 1330636805957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>everyone I talk about /tg/ with

You... You don't talk about 4chan off the internet, right? Nobody does that, right?

>> No.24312724

Maybe he meant skype and such with folks he met in gamefinder threads. You know, those things erp threads pretended to be.

>> No.24312770
File: 292 KB, 378x500, M2qnk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Replace "ERP" with "yiff" and the defense of the "ERP" threads and posters is fucking identical to the typical fursecution rant.

>"Yiff is /tg/ related because we're using a traditional game system to do it"

>"We aren't Yiffing, we're just discussing Yiff. Are discussions no longer allowed on /tg/ about /tg/ subjects?"

>"You are such prudes! One mention of Yiff and you all start having a panic attack! I can't believe this board is so Prudish!"

>"I can't believe you people who are being so awful to us just because we like to talk about Yiff! We have a right to engage in whatever activities we like and if you don't like it, just hide the Yiff General Thread like an adult!"

Fuck this fucking bullshit.

>> No.24312771

Christ, I hate that cancerous mess of a program.

oh and
>gamefinder threads
Why do we even have those on /tg/ shouldn't they be more /soc/ material unless it comes up in direct relation to another thread discussing that game type?
I swear seeing the same jackoffs who can't get a group together complaining about it consistently was just as bad as seeing the people begging for groups in the ERP threads.

>> No.24312821


How did you get from the reasonable "let's not have ERP threads on a worksafe board" to the pants-on-head "let's not have /tg/ things on /tg/?"

>> No.24312830

Replace "cheesecake" with "yiff"
Replace "quests" with "yiff"
Replace "D&D edition X vs Y" with "yiff"
Replace "40k" with "yiff"

The whining is ridiculous, but your analogy is the exact same shit people say whenever anyone wants something banned from /tg/

>> No.24312850

But people talk about beast races all the time. That pretty much already happens, and people can manage to contain their rage.

>> No.24312869

You dont see 40K or cheesecake fursecution, though.

>> No.24312875

I would agree with you if I was making a sweeping comparison to some random activity that I don't approve of to furries for a reaction, but ERP is cybersex. Yiff is cybersex. Saying that you must be able to have cybersex in public or you are being treated badly is the fucking identical thread that connects this ERP dogshit to that dogfucking dogshit.

They are identical, the only thing different about the two is the fetishes involved and I don't even think that line is actually a firm division, there is probably plenty of yiffing going on in "ERP".

>> No.24312883

How did you get to erotic writings or discussions being any less worksafe than any other kind of discussion on this board?

>> No.24312888

Not really. Some furfags have the occasional under-the-radar furry threads that they claim are beastman threads, depriving me of any actual beastfolk conversation.

>> No.24312902

Surely you remember when /tg/ finally got moderators and the board went to hell with all the whining about how "They're taking away my cheese, I can't even post nipples now! It should be okay because it's from old fantasy related artwork!" etc.

>> No.24312915

I'm not talking about furries, I'm talking about furry ERP, which they call "yiff", which is exactly the fucking same as what was going on here on /tg/ only instead of furry-themed cybersex it was underage transexual elf themed cybersex.

Same activity. Same cancerous fucking community. Same rant when they get banned for shoving their bullshit into everyone's face all day every day.

>> No.24312969

So you're just a bitter furry?

>> No.24312975

I've never seen anyone actually ERP in an ERP thread. No one actually ERPed in this thread. It's just discussions about worldbuilding, scenarios, and how to make things work mechanically.

>>what is hide thread?

Seriously, I don't particularly like most warhammer or quest threads... so I just don't read them.

>> No.24313003

No, I'm a bitter fan of traditional games.

>> No.24313026

I've never seen anyone actually Yiff in a Yiff thread. No one actually Yiffeded in this thread. It's just discussions about worldbuilding, scenarios, and how to make things work mechanically.

>>what is hide thread?

Seriously, I don't particularly like most warhammer or quest threads... so I just don't read them.

See? Do you all see how this loser has illustrated exactly what the fuck I mean?

>> No.24313038

I just see someone really desperate to gather attention to his view point. And it's not the person you're replying to.

>> No.24313049

The only thing I'm getting is that you believe if you replace things you don't like with the word "yiff", it'll magically get people to agree with you and not think of you as a drooling retard.

>> No.24313060

So... if there is no "yiffing" in a "yiff" thread... what is it? A beast folk thread? Ergo not a problem?

>> No.24313082

Oh, okay. You're right, I guess we just just all be adults and respect anyone's right to constantly post about what currently gives them a perv boner all day every day on a worksafe board. There is clearly no correlation between one group of perverts and their obsessions and the next and anyone who would draw that comparison is just desperate for attention.

I am defeated, this place fucking sucks.

>> No.24313088


The point of a work safe board is to not have over-the-shoulder-viewable porn everywhere. Talking about sexuality is not NWS.

>> No.24313104

I think it's swell you're voluntarily making /tg/ a better place by leaving it so we have one less whiny bitch.

>> No.24313514

Eh, Bogleech did it already.

>> No.24314083

Also: Angels.

They're, mostly, depicted as winged aryan super race with possible Greek/medieval style armour. If you read the actual descriptions of angels in the Bible, apart from when they appear as ordinary humans, they mostly sound like something out of Cthulhu mythos.

Yet nobody's crying about that. But make non-bearded dwarfs that aren't into axes, mining and ale, and suddenly it's "raaape!" all over the place.

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