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Hm, I need to practice my SAIwork.

What I do:
>monsters and npcs
>arms and armour design
>maybe some structures?

I try to operate on a first come first serve basis, work in black and white mostly. No annoying twists this time.

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The Chincestuous Blacksmith at work.

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Elvish Hugo Strange

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Just a quick question before I make a request, how detailed of a request are you willing to take on? It'll be a bit a character art, but I have some specific details about how the character is supposed to look.

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A khorne beserker getting bested by a dessicated squid, since it has neither skulls for the skull throne nor blood for the blood god.

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It's easier to work when I got a little to go on.
A few lines of description about how they should look and a little bit about their personality so I don't make your happy hippie hammock-salesman all depressive and sour looking.

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I don't do "just-for-fun" pics. They just don't motivate me much. Sorry.

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No problem.

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Draw Worzel! He's my Warforged.
He's fairly large, having been built as a piece of farm equipment originally. Large upper body.

He has a straw hat and is wearing a kilt. He can be leaning on or merely standing next to his scythe.

Being a fairly Warforged he doesn't have much of a personality, but he should have a fairly 'simple' look on his face. He was not designed for thinking.

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Fairly new Warforged*


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What I'm looking for is a hard working blue collar gal set in a steampunk setting.
Short blonde hair, blue eyes. She'd be dressed in a pair of welding goggles and welder's jacket to match, a red handkerchief tied around her neck and a dirty white tank top. A pair of work pants, like cargo pants, pulled over a pair of black thick-soled work boots. She also packs an over sized sledgehammer. She should have the look of someone who loves what she does and has been doing it for a while. The jacket could be worn or tied around the waist, whichever you think looks better.

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OP, any chance you could have a go at this request?

Futuristic Japanese idol singer. Think Macross character meets Lady Gaga. Flashy costume, lots of geometric jewellery, long hair.

Very flamboyant and sexy.

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Yikes. Well, I'll give it a twirl after the warforged and bluecollar.

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A gypsy noble tiefling. After the rest of his noble house was killed off, he's fallen on hard times. He Carries a necronomicon looking tome and officious looking rod. He always tries to dress in style, even if it looks a little faded. High charisma and hell bent on rebuilding his line by binding fey spirits to his will, and abusing his family's gift of fortune telling.

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A sahuagin on dry land, leaning on a shoddy wooden staff (actually just a big branch).

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Bumpin for quadraquads.

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Holy shit, I didn't even notice them.

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Not the OR, but draw this please.

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I can has Worzel now? I'm about to go to sleep and I don't want to miss out on an awesome bit of drawfagging :(

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added to the list

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Wow, you're actually good. If it strikes your fancy, Im trying to come up with a monster to use in a supernatural rpg; It's basically the grotesqueness and overall shape of a swine but far more agile, with a head obviously made for a carnivore. See pic for how the mouth should look, looking forward.

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Female tiefling in schoolgirl outfit.

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Holy shit this is awesome!

Worzel was the name of the Warforged.

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Can someone explain to me what the hell all those little prong looking things are?

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.....I did not need to know what the inside of a camel's mouth looked like...
I'm gonna need some coffee for this...
I'll add you to the list.
more description?

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Oh, I forgot to mention, if her arms or torso are showing they should be well toned from several years of hard labour.

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Their gums and the insides of their cheeks are
lined with them so they can chew on spiky plants
without injuring themselves. They also absorb
more water because of them.


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I have no idea, but somehow it's NOT the most terrifying thing about camels' mouths. I'll just paste the description:

The photo here does not illustrate the camel's sexual organs but is in fact the lining of the mouth extruded during mating calls – or sometimes to heighten the effect of "spitting".

Fucking camels man

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>what if camels fucked with their faces?

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Camels have motherfucking mouth scrotum?! What in the tap dancing zombie hell, man!

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Hey, could I get >>24287191

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pic related

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Sketchy, better put another pot of coffee on...

.. and maybe add some bourbon.

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We must kill them.

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I had the same reaction first time, thanks for accepting though and JESUS FUCK NO, NO, NO IT'S SO MUCH WORSE IN REALITY,FUCK MY SANITY


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No alcohol. I am a priest.

Hm might be doable

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Uh... Priests can drink.

>> No.24294967


I redirect that thanks to you, talk of coffee always makes me mix people up. I'll be over here crying though. Lovecraft had it wrong, the horrors are in the desert.

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Sssh. It's easier to flash the holy-man card than it is to explain my aversion for alcohol.

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lol you don't need to explain shit.

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They can, but some choose not to. There's a few verses that do talk about the dangers of alcohol. Also there's a one in particular, written by Paul, I believe, that says to stay away from things that might cause your brother to fall.

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There's also Matthew 15:11

>> No.24295065

If you're thinking of playing a priest who lives by Paul's writings...

>> No.24295081

....oh wait. You're a real priest ?

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Negative, I'm a rather firm atheist, but beforehand I was a rather devout Christian. Sat on the board of directors at my church and everything. Studied the Bible at least an hour a day (and actually studied). Even did the whole fasting bit.
Which, quite frankly, makes it hilarious when people try to argue religion with me and they are woefully uninformed.

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Not a christian one, mind you. I follow the teaching of Helmas, god of crossroads.
I can legally marry folks in certain countries/states depending on laws.

Also: damn, ladychins are hard to draw! I think this steampunk lady is gonna be a bit more masculine than you might have wanted.

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I meant Sketchy but thanks for the anecdote.

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Holy fucking shit, a priest of Fharlanghn on /tg/ !

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Oh you were asking him. nevermind then.

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>studying the bible means I know religion

That's like saying reading a car manual means you know how to drive.

Yeah, you know where the cigarette lighter and steering wheel is, but I'm not going to hand over a license just because you which page the climate control is described.

If you're a firm atheist, something obviously went wrong when you tried to switch gears and your whole engine shot out of your hood.

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Pretty much. Helmas wants you to walk your own road and not be led astray by the will of others.

So when I play clerics I like to play very extreme good or evil clerics.
Get a little variation.

>> No.24295220


Well despite you being one with the enemy of tea, I have have to say you just became a little be more awesome in my eyes.

Mind by any chance if I join in your thread for a little something something before I head to campus medical for my leg?
Trying to make pixel art for some of my players and npcs using sai, and I'm about 3, 4 years out of practice.

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>Helmas wants you to walk your own road and not be led astray by the will of others.

So, he supports the Maury show?

I think I'm inherently opposed to your religion.

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That's pretty cool, yo.
tsk. Damn Hextorites.

>> No.24295342


Short hair shoulder length, red head, small horns on the forehead, tail.

Take a reference for school girl outfit.

>> No.24295392

Is this an actual character or just for fapping? Hmmmmmm?

Also: progress report. The steamlady is nearing completion

>> No.24295413

Good to hear. Can't wait to see the finished product.

>> No.24295415

a dragonwrought kobold (a kobold(3 foot) with wings), using a great spear (around 6 foot) as a walking stick, and a wooden buckler on the other arm
wears a dark grey cloak, chain shirt and fabulous green silk trousers, no shoes
an adaption of this pic, except a bigger spear
also, if you are coloring it, he is blue with bronze scales

>> No.24295510

>Is this an actual character or just for fapping? Hmmmmmm?

The two need not be exclusive.

>> No.24295538

Which means yes, its fap fodder.

>> No.24295547

If you have the time, me and a friend of mine have a pair of characters that would be hilarious to have a drawin of:

> Half Orc Cleric of Pharasma (death/rebirth/fate god)
He has high charisma and wisdom. Wields a falchion, and wears breastplate. Doesn't like emos.
> Dwarf Druid
He wears studded leather, and doesn't bath because it's not natural (he has 7 CHA), and smells like it to boot.
He wields a longspear.
His animal companion is a giant St. Bernhard that he calls Husky. (It's statted like a wolf.)

Together they shenanigans.

>> No.24295583

Can we have a simple sketch of Asmodeus staring into a mirror, utterly bewildered?

Preferaably with the text "5E Asmodeus tackles the DC30 challenged of identifying himself..."

>> No.24295597

a dwarf throwing a tooth that severs a goblins head

>> No.24295598

Ok. Next is: Japanese idol singer from the future, oh my...
But first: lunch

>> No.24295778

2 for one? you bet son.
Wish my tablet wasn't out of state right now, but to hell with it, never stopped me before.

So totally took that as a yes.

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hurr so I think I might need another cup of black.

>> No.24295826 [DELETED] 

whats going on in this thread

>> No.24295827

I have returned. Let's see if I can draw this poplady

>> No.24295840

whats goin on in this thread

>> No.24295877

Dubious coffee consumption.
...Also drawing
Grab a cup and join in.

>> No.24296069


I'm drinking tea. Is that sufficient?

>> No.24296125


Not OP, but it was a nice idea. I left my tablet at home, though.

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>> No.24296313

im drinking gratuitous amounts of milk and making cottage pie
cos fuck yeah

>> No.24296326


I made Soup earlier today. It is literally the easiest fucking thing to do and more people should at least learn that much in general.

>> No.24296330

Shepherds pie master race
I don't know the difference

>> No.24296349

WIP of a random inquisitor I'm drawing.

>> No.24296356

shepherds pie is made with lamb mince
cottage is with beef mince

>> No.24296371


So I know how to link to the right people

I swear the black lines means she is wearing a top, and not that I didn't think things through color wise.


It means you're a good person is what it means.

Anyways, a simpler style because, not really much time saved...

Anyway, off to the shouldn't have a M.D. for me.

>> No.24296395

I made sunshine eggs.
It is eggs inside bread, fried in a pan.

>> No.24296408

This was an awesome event in our CoC game and I've been looking for someone to draw it. It's a person head-to-toe in an old-school dive suit riding a bomb through the air. I did it for the pun:divebomb

>> No.24296446

New drawfag here, does OP mind if I take this one? I don't want to steal a request you want to take but this just seems pretty damn cool.

>> No.24296525

Ah, it'd be much appreciated if you could, sorry I didn't reply for hours, I went for a long walk.

>> No.24296540

I do not mind

>> No.24296541

oh, eggs in a nest, they are awesome
add butter when you fry the bread next time
makes it so much better, v made them in v for vendetta

>> No.24296544

Round these parts, drawfags are free to draw what they want. If op wants to draw it too, he can.

Not even the request, by the way.

>> No.24296575

Thanks for drawing this man.

>> No.24296578

I add butter every time.

>> No.24296582

awww yeah

>> No.24296590

cheers mate

I know, I just like being polite.

>> No.24296629


Still tis only polite to ask.


You are the best kind of holy man. Consider this penance for being unable to take the time to break out a beverage and draw with you.

>> No.24296660

You are forgiven, my son/daughter

>> No.24296670

I am looking for a picture of my group's Giant Friendly Crab:

It, essentially, looks like a Parasect (so it has a slightly conical shell, but it's a solid color) that just happens to be five stories tall. There's a doughnut-shaped platform resting midway down the shell (so the top of the shell is poking through the middle, giving the platform stability) on which the party of five is resting (no need giving them any actual detail).

His name is Ted, and my party loves him very much.

>> No.24296700

As a GM i need a boss:

An Ice Witch riding a ice spider while doing something (freezing some heroes). It would be cool if Sasha Gray was used as model for her.

She is called Izalith and protects a bonfire on a tower that if lit up, opens a giant iron door.

>> No.24296825


add ice????

>> No.24296906

redraw this

>> No.24296930


Ice witch riding an Ice spider shooting Ice at people. Gonna be hard to figure out contrast for that one.

Progress report? I'll continue to patiently wait for my pig-thing as long as I need to, but it'd be nice to get a countdown.

>> No.24296951

and add legs!

Now you made me sad.

>> No.24297147

Here you go man

>> No.24297164

Not OR, but I love it. Do go on.

>> No.24297218


I have a hard time believing a simple drawfag can be that good, I'll be eagerly waiting for the next one. Also, if you think you can do it with your style, I'd like to see you do my request: >>24294723

>> No.24297271

Still lurking

>> No.24297280

Pop idol will be done shortly

>> No.24297298

Yay !

>> No.24297306

So I want to join in with the fun and draw some stuff, but this thread is rather cluttered. The hell do I draw?

>> No.24297334

I'll throw mine in for consideration


>> No.24297336

Well, I'm still waiting on:

If you fancy doing that

>> No.24297408

A very angry cave man cleric of the sun god. Well, he was a cave man. He then decided that angry-ing his way through space time was ok, and he ended up with hypertech power armour made based on the technological principles of cave men. So, magic and inscriptions instead of electricity and wiring. He also became an angel, and, when he realised he could fly, he made himself a jetpack out of angry and rocks in order to fly faster.

Source: A GURPS game I ran once. Emphasis on once.

>> No.24297431

I'm not even the guy who requested that and I love it.

Might you have a Deviant Art account we can stalk you with?

>> No.24297445

Woah shit! is that sum real inking I see?
REALLY nice!

>> No.24297456

Yeah, or any other kinda blog?

>> No.24297484

>>24294444 ?

>> No.24297606

Cheers mate
I'll give it a stab later, gots stuff to do first

http://tidrick.deviantart.com/ -I stick my drawthread stuff here but I tend to forget about it, aha.

>> No.24297703

Usually work with ink myself, but I think you outrank me on it.

OK! Poplady is DONE!

>> No.24297748

Next is gypsy tiefling king

>> No.24297757

One awesome face wasn't enough

>> No.24297771

I thought it maybe was a bit too ...well...pink and not enough Gaga, but if you're happy with it then I am happy.

>> No.24297816

The contrast between white skin and bright colors, in addition to the general figure, makes your drawing very amano-like (which is awesome).
Not even the guy who requested it, btw.

>> No.24297854

I know not this Amano, but I will take it as a massive compliment. Huehuehue.

>> No.24297886

Character designer of the Final Fantasy series.

>> No.24297907

Wow. ok.

>> No.24297921

My Shadowrun character is sort of a mash up between Adam Jensen, and Jetstream Sam, with a 'facial base' of pic related.

I would very much like a draw/portrait of him, please, of great and beneficent Sketchy

>> No.24297948


This was so much more difficult than I was expecting. I need to brush up on my digital technique.

I hope this is somewhat what you were after.

>> No.24298017

You had the Tarrasque in mind, didn't you ?

>> No.24298024

I need a depressed-looking man with long, shaggy black hair and an equally unkempt beard in armor like pic related, minus the helmet. No weapons.

>> No.24298037

There's a lot of things ahead in line, but maybe some other drawer here takes you on or frees up my line.

How demonic you want him?
Just horns? forked tail? goat legs?

>> No.24298045


Can't say I did. I had a nightstalker in mind, and a boar...

>> No.24298057

Alrighty! Thanks for the response, regardless!

>> No.24298060

Another fill for ya, mate.

Ha, I wouldn't have thought so. Awfully kind of you to say though.

>> No.24298109

Damn, you took the camel bit literally.
Fucking fearsome.

>> No.24298121

You know, it has a bit of a "Princess Mononoke" feeling. Which rocks.

>> No.24298144

They creeped me out so much they had to be included, ya dig

Oh yeah! Man, I love that film. Evidently it's stuck with me quite a bit.

>> No.24298164

SUCH a good film.
I love having Myazaki films in the background when I draw

>> No.24298204

High five, sir. I think that one's my favourite, although I think Spirited Away is easier to watch repeatedly.

I know what I'm doing this evening, anyway.

>> No.24298259

Fivest of highs. Got Porco rosso going now

>> No.24298278

My personal favorite is My Neighbor Totoro, but all of them are excellent.

>> No.24298307

Not seen it yet.

>> No.24298319

It's adorable.

>> No.24298332

Damn. You know what to do then.
After you draw that sahuagin, of course !

>> No.24298426


I have no fucking clue how tall five stories are.

>> No.24298458

How does it matter if you only draw the beast ?

>> No.24298476

There is a dude leaning on the railing, man.

>> No.24298479


...and the little people on top of its tiny little platform.

They're pretty much stick figures but still.

>> No.24298509

I suggest you draw a building with a pencil, then erase it when you're done.

>> No.24298625

Well, if Tyler the Creator is right, it takes about 8 sets of stairs just to see where your roof is in a 4-story home.

>> No.24298717

Tiefling gypsy king

>> No.24298745

I would like to see this made by other drawers.

A russian medieval soldier shotting kneeling using a Repetition Crossbow designed as a AK-47.

>> No.24298785

>I've seen some shit, man..

>> No.24298842

This is next

>> No.24299442

I am afraid this is going to have to be it for tonight.
The hour is late and all that.

We got some drawings done, that's good. Should have warned ya that I am a slow worker though.
Well, bonne nuit.

>> No.24299483


>> No.24299495

oh drawfags and their filenames. Hehe

>> No.24299619


I am so glad I came back to this thread, those look amazing! I'll be using both of them, first one for another fantasy campaign and second is in my current campaign.

>> No.24299634

Thanks, man! Even gonna keep the filename, it made me spit out my drink I was laughing so hard.

>> No.24299724

I need a FAT orc in modern middle eastern clothing, with some scar tissue present on his face and a strange acidic liquid dripping from his maw.

>> No.24299727

I need our lord Jesus Christ wearing muay thai clothes with a scar on his face.

>> No.24299801

If you don't mind, I'd like for you to draw my Gnoll Druid. He's fairly large, even for a gnoll, wears leather armor and a necklace made out of ribs. Mostly uses a magic staff that grows vines wherever he points with it. Glowing eagle animal companion optional. Thanks in advance!

>> No.24299876

This might be a little out there, but could I get a picture of two RIG suits, like from dead space?

One should look like a cross between Porcelain Legionnaire(an M:tG card) and basic Tau Fire Warrior armor, possibly with a drone armed with tools hovering over one shoulder.

The other should look like a cross between an Eldar Warp Spider(the kind with blade arms coming out of the shoulders) and a GF Trooper(from Metroid).

>> No.24299951


A nat 20 roll of seducing dragon

draw the human bard seducing a dragon

white, early 20s

the dragon is 800 years old and not in human form

it's a she

>> No.24300025

bon nuit to you all.

These are real fuckin' A

Glad you liked it, man

Doing this one quickly, because it made me chuckle

>> No.24300036

it's bonne nuit
female noun, female adjective

>> No.24300062

welp, that's what I get for never paying attention in french classes.

>> No.24300105

Photoshopped like lineart

No Savior for YOU

>> No.24300128

Hey, can I get an image of a gnoll with undead features and wearing some kind of plate armor? For a weapon either sword and board or a large hammer will do.

>> No.24300217

OP has left the building I am afraid

>> No.24300389

Shit. Any other drawfags care to answer my request?

>> No.24300442


>> No.24300514

and the lord saw it was good

>> No.24300522


I really do, it was exactly what I had in mind. You do crazy-eyes really well

>> No.24300614

Sorry, I just came back from school.
Thanks a lot, it's awesome ! It's face is absolutely priceless ! I love you forever !

>> No.24300620

I just have an affinity with the crazy-eyed, I guess

Here we go. Went generic fantasy because I was in a hurry and it seemed funnier that way

>> No.24300627

Also bonne nuit to you (I mean it, I'm French) !

>> No.24300687 [SPOILER] 

(I'm just trying to learn it, really hard to do so alone tho)

>> No.24300689


>> No.24300927

Crab requester here, you nailed it frikkin' PERFECTLY. Words cannot express how happy I am with what you drew. Thank you a thousand times over!

>> No.24301047


>> No.24302660

sauce on this gif?

>> No.24302674


>> No.24303481

Took a shot at coloring this one. It's quicker than what I usually do, but it's getting really late.

>> No.24303859

Would someone be kind enough to draw this fellow? He's an ambitious young wizard eager to find his place in the world.

It'd be very much appreciated.

>> No.24304826

Sorry for late check in, but this is the dankest.

>> No.24305188

I didn't feel like coloring it. Sorry.

>> No.24305748

Neat. Thanks!

>> No.24305957

Still looking for a brave drawfag for this!:


Please respond!

>> No.24306451

Bump. Something like this guy is how fat I want him.

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