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So I played a game of 40k last night. Black legion vs Imperial guard.
Just a 500point starter, we haven't really begun playing real battles in 40k yet.

Anyway, I got my ass kicked!
My opponent had taken a imperial gun line, hiding down behind an aegis defense line with droves of veterans (filled to the brim with plasmas), and a demolisher Russ.
Needless to say, my 20 cultist 5 plague marines, lord and a hellbrute got hammered. The meat shield (cultists) lost half their number in T1, ran away from a failed Ld test. The brute got spammed with plasma fire, and with some lucky rolls on his part, he managed to get immobilized and knocking its auto cannon of. Leaving it standing way back on my half of the table.
The demolisher managed to roll 5 "hits" on the scatter, and did maximum amount of damage, every turn it acted, and with a AV of 14 (front) I didn't even scratch it.
When it was my time to shine, a lone (1 wound left) lord was stumbling across the field in to cc range (due to 2 failed charges, 1 at 9" and one at 4".. just laughable). He did manage to "poke" a lone guardsman to death, despite the fact that he missed 4/5 attacks (all beat up I guess), and with a T5, they did nothing back, he won combat and ran them over.

So it ended in 1vp for Black and 4vp IG. I did screw up on my battle tactics, but he rolled like a god (9/10 hits on average with his veteran squads, and no scatter what so ever with his pie plate weapon), and I rolled below average just about every critical roll I needed to make (Ld tests, charge range and so forth).

What would be a good 500p list for chaos, or even bumping it up to 1k if need be. Just so I could get some revenge!

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The emperor protects

But use nurgle stuff and kharne berserkers and you will do fine

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Jesus christ, you're both netlisting assholes aren't you?

You deserve your fate.

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Oh, wait. I misread.

OP, your opponent was an asshole. Find better ones.

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Welcome to low-point 40k, where IG are the supreme ultragods and your only hope to beat them is to pack as much 12" movement crap into your list as possible, and pray you can reach combat before you die. Or play Tau and try to out-shoot them, but thats iffy.

No, just no. Zerks got completely neutered in 6th edition. They lost a base attack, have to deal with random charges, overwatch, and changes to Transport rules, and if you have Plague Marine troops (which you should) that means no Zerker troops unless you run double-lord.

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5-man noicemarines w blastmaster in a rhino (hot hell those s8 no cover blasts hurt)


5 man havoc unit w meltas to outflank with your lord.

sit back with the 48" range blastmaster til your reinforcements pop up, take strategic traits and hope for the nightfight one

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lord with mark & steed of slaanesh ofc..

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40k is balanced for 1500-2k(1999 in 6th) it's very hard for the game to not be completely reliant on the dice in small games.

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Get yourself a maulerfiend to take out the Leman Russes. 125 points for a thing that kills land raiders without a second thought. Get rid of the helbrute. Its an awesome model, but it isnt good at either shooting or melee because of its crazed rule. Considering your opponent likes to use masses of infantry, I suggest getting a heldrake with a baleflamer or maybe a forgefiend loaded out with all of its ectoplasma guns. As for your own infantry, you can never go wrong with more plague marines. Get them a rhino if you can: lasguns cant do shit against rhinos. This is more of a 1k list, and its a bit cheesy, but your friend sounds like a faggot so go for it.

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Your opponent was just jacked. At 500 pts you can actually pull off something nasty. I would drop the Helbrute and take another squad of infantry, or maybe vehicles.

At 1000 pts, go with:

Nurgle lord

cultist squad (20-30)

CSM squad w/ meltas

CSM squad w/ flamers

rhinos with havoc launchers

plague marines

You can run Khorne berserkers if you want but they'll get expensive alongside plague marines.

I swear by heldrakes for fast attack so maybe try one too.

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I disagree completely, and would argue that 40k is best between 1000 and 1500 points. Lots of terrain, which is the biggest thing people always fuck up.

People just like to play bigger games so they can field all their models / as many cool toys as possible, which is understandable, but they game falls apart.

Points HAVE to be a limitation. If you feel you have enough points to work with, it's too many. Otherwise the game falls apart.

Note- Apocalypse is fun solely because the game is a shitty mess, and knows it.

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Problem with that is he can just hug the middle of the field to avoid your outflankers, then drive his Russ (which your Blastmaster can't kill, unless you get INSANELY lucky 3 turns in a row) right up the field to deal with the Noise Marines. Meanwhile, the Vets either cower behind LOS blocking terrain until the Blastmaster is dead, or just start the game in reserve and walk on the field.
I mean... its a BETTER idea than what OP did, but will probably still result in a loss.

Best way I can think of is a Nurgle Bikelord and some Nurgle Spawn, and zoom up on one of his flanks. You'll get a turn 2 charge off most of the time, and once his units start dropping you should snowball him right off the board.

Or just go full FUCK YOU mode and bring a Heldrake to the party, but thats not very nice (although, bringing a Russ and a Defense Line at 500pts isn't either).

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That's a real dick of a way to introduce you to the game, but it does teach you a lesson.

You need to think about roles when building a list. What does this unit do? Does it do it well? Does another unit do it cheaper? Will it live long enough to do it?

Hug terrain for the cover save.
Shoot the choppy stuff.
Chop the shooty stuff.
You have to babysit cultists with high leadership or fearless HQs.

Buy a Heldrake or two.

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Khorne berserkers aren't neutered but you definitely don't want to be caught in successive rounds of combat (because that attack they lost is reflected in Rage, so it's ultimately a wash if you can rape a squad in first-round assault). It would be more fair to say that assault units in general were taken down a notch. Played right with a rhino and dirge caster, you can avoid Overwatch.

But with a Nurgle Lord they're elites instead of troops and you have better options. Plus they play more like a support unit in 6ed.

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Autocannon Havocs are a great, inexpensive heavy support choice for Chaos Marines. You can never go wrong with Obliterators, because they're still very good even with the change to their special rule.

The Heldrake isn't a "never use this" option, but it should be used in larger games where you're not relying on it.

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I meant Helbrute. Always take a Heldrake if you can.

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499 pts

Lord: 65
- mark of nurgle: 15
- power weapon: 15

CSM: 75
- meltagun: 10
- Rhino: 35

CSM: 75
- meltagun: 10
- rhino: 35

Terminators: 95
- mark of nurgle: 18
- 3x combimelta: 15

Spawn: 30
- mark of nurgle: 6

Do not underestimate a t6 3w spawn!
it moves fast, ignores terrain, is a denial unit, sokes up a lot of fire and can hold up a unit of guards in cc.

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Kharn the Betrayer
35 Cultists with the Mark of Khorne
10 Cultists
1 Obliterator
- 500 points exactly

Put Kharn with the blob squad and screen their advance with the smaller squad. Have the Obliterator moving forward and targeting any tanks, prioritizing those that lob templates.

When the Kharn squad finally charges, challenge with the cultist champion, then have Kharn tear through everyone else.

If the smaller squad survives long enough, have them charge first to soak up overwatch, but don't expect them to still be alive. That's only a bonus.

Use cover as much as you can to get the cover saves, because cultists die like dogs to massed fire.

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In our gaming club we kind of have an unspoken rule not to take Aegis or something in low point games.
I played in a club friendly mini-tournament for my first battles, at 650pts with ruls of no defences, 1 elite, 1 HS and 1 FS max, 3 troops and 1HQ max.
I went lolcrazy because I only have the DV chaos set twice atm. So my enemies got 40 cultists, 6 chosen and a lord in their face. Lost all 4 of my matches, but it was hilariously fun (except for that match against the guy with deathwing termies... But then again, he had insane rolls and my rolls sucked. I did a single unsaved wound on him, and my 70+ dice from my khornate cultists charging him got only 4 wounds or so through, which he saved of course.

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actually, on a 500p. game game w/ chaos i'd slap his shit with his own weapons... dont try to storm his lines, thats exactly what he's good at. build your own fireline and rape the shit outta him.
im not used to the new chaos dex, but id say the best vs. demolishers is rather a vehicle-tankhunter (predator) for his ordnance weapon will have more problems hitting him witht he center, or take some havocs and let them chill in cover, 4+ ruins, and fist him. if you want to play melee vs. ig you need rather good shockers or transport. on 500p. you cant afford that so just go with specialized firepower. rape his tanks and then he is done for. for standart go cultists... a demolisher on cultists is like the biggest waste of firepower. dont think he will get his points out of the demolisher

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>The meat shield (cultists) lost half their number in T1, ran away from a failed Ld test
That's why you should put your Lord in cultists

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