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What do you like best about Rifts?

I love the cyborgs fighting magical monsters part. Having played D&D for years I've always wanted to dismember zombies and dragons using my bare fists as a cyborg commando. Childish dream, yes, but Rifts lets me roleplay it.

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What, no love for the greatest kitchen-sink setting ever?

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Crazies. I love the fact that some people see surgically implanting psycho-active machines into their skulls as the optimal form of surviving a magical apocalypse.

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I like how the classes don't even try to be balanced. It would make no sense if a glitter boy pilot or juicer was on the same power level as a operator or scientist.

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But what if a Scientist climbs inside and pilots a Glitter Boy?


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Not much stopping them, really. Anyone who can take Piloting skills they can learn to operate power armor or giant robots. No big deal. They won't be as skilled with them as a specialist, but they'll be able to move and fire.

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Anybody ever get the chance to PLAY as one of the Splugorth slave-barge drivers, with the tentacles and the amazon slave-girls and whatnot?

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>bare fists

Holy shit, I've heard that bad pun so many times I instinctively thought your grammar was wrong, at first...

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Spending too much time on 4chan, amigo?

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I like the fact that the entirety of the planet Earth (and beyond) is addressed. It's not just 'this area' had an apocalypse, every region of the globe is addressed. Not in as fine detail as it could be, but it's still mentioned. And it's not all the same conditions. China suffered a very different cataclysm than North America did, and Central America is very different from Australia or Russia.

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I like how accurate the cities that were formerly part of Canada are portrayed: Better than their American counterparts by a long shot because when they drew the paths of destruction on the map of North America they realized they left out 2/3 of Canada's population and largest cities and decided "Well, I guess their much better off".

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It's also because Siembieda has a fondness for Canada.

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Hey, I've had an odd urge to play Rifts lately. Any of you know anyone running a game over IRC I can sit in on or something?

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I like how the mega-damage humpings make this game unplayable and broken shit, a game stuck in the 80s with shitty printing and poor layout, and artwork that looks like bad b/w artwork outta the Rogue Trader rulebook.

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Not unplayable at all unless your retarded.

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Rules questions comin' at ya.

What are all the saving throws? There is a list in the ultimate rulebook but the same book lists several other ones scattered through it that are not on the list. Like Save vs Possesion.

Also If my Psi-Stalker saves vs Psionics on a 6+ and he has +8 to saves vs Psionics does that mean he auto-passes the saves?

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There are over 35 different saving throws scattered across the different books. Your Psi-stalker only fails on a natural 1.

But that's not what this thread is about.

I love the weird and wacky places transplanted to Earth, like Atlantis and Dinosaur Swamp and the capital of the Federation of Magic, forgot the name. It's wild seeing demons in New York and flying power armor in St Louis.

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I love the Palladium rules. They're perfect.

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Kevin Siembeda is a joke.

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Tanks for the reply, yeah I know its not a Rifts General, but the community for Rifts is small and slow so Ill take help when and where I can get it.

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Why don't you visit the Forums of the Megaverse then? That place is hopping and you'd get 10 answers to any question in a few minutes.

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Right who wouldn't want to pilot a glitter boy that can level entire city blocks right next a ordinary schmoes as a party

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Which is a stupid assumption. Who would want to play a Glitterboy in a magic-centered game, deep in the wilds of the Magic Zone where Glitterboys can't replenish their ammo and Wizards are at their peak? Who would want to play a Glitterboy in Dinosaur Swamp or in an ocean-going campaign, where the lack of stable terrain to anchor to renders the boomgun unusable? Who would want to play a Glitterboy pilot in a social-focused game inside a civilized city that doesn't let you wear your power armor inside? How do you play a Glitterboy pilot at all in a China or South America or Australia or Russia or Three Galaxies game where there are no glitterboys?

Vroom, we've made you look like a fool in 3 threads now, we've shut down every one of your trolls-disguised-as-complaints. Are you still going to waste your time, or are you actually going to go somewhere else?

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