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>boot up chapter master
>holly shit havent played in so long, dis gun b gud
>update is out
>hell yeah i want it
>download that fucker
>all them new perks at chapter creation screen, sweet
>make a all scout, all ranged stealth chapter
>fucking IG+ V.2 up in this bitch
>recruit from ig
>ork be on a waagh
>ambush them all over the sector without them realising what happened
>assassinate warboss before he finishes his speech because tactical insertion of infiltrators with snipers
>get less rewards from everyone than i should
>go chaos
>find a deathwatch killteam killing necrons
>acquire their xenotech stuff
>chapter master has a squad of royal guards with power armor,best scouts-assassins get xenotech stuff
>over 9000 scouts
>pic related, how i like my new update
thanks vbcoder

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>all scout chapter
Do you even assault?

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>relies on medieval strategy to win a battle in future

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Are you calling a beautiful organized infantry charge, supported by artillery and gunfire, a medieval tactic?

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>using artillery near your own units
do you also use flamers near generals?

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Do you even into Howizers and Mortars?

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>cant even hit a target
I'll stick to my precision strikes.

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> Ork Speech
> NOT having any inquisitorial inspections
> Setting Chapter_Crumble_Chaos to False
I bet you even play with the difficulty set to Neophyte

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This is how i chapter master diplomacy with inquisitor

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>ork speech
oi yer boyz, usa da chopas nd don leg it
>not having inquisitorial inspections
do i really have to greentext what is obvious?
>messing with RAW files
being a deamon prince is fun

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This is how i political dickering in chapter master.

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How do I even into this? I see /tg/ talk about Chaptermaster all the time, and I really would like to try it out.

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Please don't do this... It's taking all of my willpower not to sperg into orbit.

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>cant damage walls with mortars even if you actually hit them
>cant hit the squads you actually want, yet alone enemy squads at all
>costs the same as normal cannon if not more

what are you? some kind of cannon hipster? use a god damn standart cannon
its a game that currently has only alpha release, i am just here to stir shit up and encourage people to take interest in it

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What comic is this from?
I like that depiction of the Penguin.

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I'm interested, and I've downloaded the current release, but I'm also drunk and can't figure out how to get it running... care to help an inebriated anon?

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Anon, pls ;_;s

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>try to create /tg/ homebrewed chapter blood jaguars
>blood angel successor
>disregard devestators
>semi-khornate rituals
>live in a jungle deathworld
>give aztec/mayan names
>heavy usage of assault marines
>inquisition inspection
>they find out about my ritual
>[diplomacy check] offer to negotiate this peacefully
>appears inquisitor is radical as fuck
>says we will do work he gives us and nobody will find out
>first mission, kill the planetary governor of nearby planet
>thou hast to be shittin me, he is loyal as fuck
>do it faggot
>full chapter planetary invasion
>urban fighting comes in handy with my melee units
>drop pod into the palace, smash stuff
>inquisitor comes and assumes command of the planet, declaares me a traitor
>u wot, mate?
>librarian feels he is possessed by a demon in his deamon blade
>fucking radicals

fucking dick inquisition

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you need a XNA runtime downloaded and installed before launching this game

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this is how i inquisitor visit

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more how i inquisitorial visits

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A little google-fu says it's Jokers Asylum: Penguin.

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Thank you Anon, my Google-Fu is very bad, to say the least.

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>recruit from ig
10 year old guardsmen...LULWUT

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Never heard of child soldiers?

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Whiteshields are not considered true Guardsmen

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Not considered true Guardsmen by who?

By the officer who gets a memo saying "send me 2,000 soldiers" and palms off the worst ones?

Also, not all child IGs are whiteshields. Fuck, whiteshield is a Cadian term, isn't it? There's a lot of variety in the IG, and any statement of "the IG never does [X]" will be wrong, because somewhere there will be a regiment that does [X] with gusto.

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powder monkies!

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/tg/ cannot into fluff

/tg/ cannot into fluff to the point that they forget the most basic principle of warhammer

its a universe where everything is possible because you cant hope to achieve a unified dogma/theme to an entire milky way galaxy

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I'm going to need something with a little less "citation needed".

And my point still stands that the IG is hugely varied. If there is some variant of a person with a gun, there will be a regiment made of that person and that gun.

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>Just as there are a million worlds in the Imperium so too are there a million ways one can become a Guardsman

and true fluff states that the are thousands of billions worlds that are populated by humans
so its more than million ways to recruit people into ig

meaning, even spartan way of ig recruitment is present somewhere

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First implants can can be introduced in recruits up to 14 years of age, 10 years is the minimal age. This and the idea for a Scout only chapter makes it themed around child soldiers/boys with guns/boyscouts [spolier]OP is a pedo[/spoiler]

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Future project: Boyscout marines.

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Complete with those little neckerchiefs, right?

>> No.24258765

Navy hats and those forestkeeper hats!

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>implying, when you turn marine and decide to stay perma-scout you dont age

what part of "chapter made from Cyruses" concept do you not understand?

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You guys are actually pedo for thinking about it.

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I miss the days when Chapter Master threads didn't suck ass.

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There is in fact a world called Remus or something where you have to fight to the death in big gladiator arenas to become Guardsmen.

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i miss old /tg/ too

at least i didnt have to explain to people on daily basis how things work in warhammer

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OP is back...he's mad

>> No.24258821 [SPOILER] 

i kno, al'rite?

>> No.24258837

11/10 yes i mad

on other note, i just stopped /tg/ from homebrewing "Shota Marines" chapter of little boys

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>chapter made from Cyruses
so a chapter of Snufkins?

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>implying you stopped anything

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ba dum TSSS

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>implying, you have guts to continue and balls to make shit done

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