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Which Imperial Guard Regiment is best?

Is it the 8th Cadian Shock Troops? They pretty much set the standard for Imperial Guard excellence throughout the Imperium.

See full list here:


Also, IG pic dump.

Also, IG general.

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1st Tanith, followed by the Edgy Corps of Krieg.

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Macragge PDF

You know it's true.

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Nah, it's the Cadians, they're the Ultramarines of the Guard.

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Except they're cool. Unlike the Ultras.

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They're not more Ultramarine than the Ultramarines' own pet mortals.

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Necromundan 110th Scout Infantry. AKA "Here's your knife, flak vest, and lasgun, now get the fuck out of here and start killing xenos"

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Their CO is considered the Spiritual Liege of the entire Imperial Guard.

Cadians WISH they were the motherfucking Macragge PDF. They WISH.

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>On the nightmare world of Krieg, the elite Death Korps practice their killing arts against the only enemy they have available: those among the population unsuitable to join the regiments of the Imperial Guard.

Daily reminder.

Your IG aren't as hardcore as my IG.

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You mean the Macragge PDF wishes they were Cadians and hail Creed as their spiritual liege.

I think they're pretty cool. They're not my favorite but I like them.

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Edgy Korps of Krieg you mean

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Jopall Indentured Corps
Armageddon Steel Legion

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Valhallan 597th, hands down.

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Oh right, I forgot they had their kool Mortal Kombat style spelling. Edgy as fuck.

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What do you mean by "best"?

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A Red Army Guards Rifle division basically yes?

In which case fk yer

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>Few other regiments feel entirely comfortable alongside the Krieg, with morale issues often arising as a result. Commissars assigned to Krieg regiments are not required to maintain order and zeal, as is normally the case, but rather, to ease interaction between Krieg and non-Krieg regiments and curb the self-sacrificial tendencies of their charges.

In the Death Korps of Krieg, the guardsmen ensure the faith of the commissariat.

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More like the commissar's job changes to
>Goddamit you guys, you're freaking out the newbies. Can you cut down on the DEATH IS SERVICE, SERVICE IS DEATH stuff at the all-regiment card game next week?
>captcha: lolided next

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No, just German, like the Afrika Korps.
Because Krieg.

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That being said, I am a fan of the Mordian Iron Guard.
>Pic related--Far left

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>Tacticool Cadians
>French looking Mordians

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Perhaps this is the wrong thread, but I'm not sure what to do.

I'd like to take some IG in my CSM army, to give my Iron Warriors artillery. Should I just take Cadians, or would another style of guard go better?

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>Death Korps of Krieg

/r/ the story of a Krieger's perspective in a non-Krieg IG squad

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'Tis a glorious tale

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>I told her the story of Krieg
>She did not ever ask again

Holy shit, the sheer story of Krieg is enough to make the guy a feared member of the squad

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I like them kinda.

In Dawn of War, the whole outlook at the CSM from the guard was akin to

>Oh God, not them....

To the Krieg, they'd be more like:

>Kill them in the name of The Emperor.

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Nigga don't give a fuck, standing relaxed, holding a NOT LASPISTOL and a flak while throwing a "dont give a fuck" look

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Terrax Guard, trained on a Schola Progenium based world that produces Storm Troopers and Commissars and I quote "are truly moulded in its image almost as an entire regiment of Commissars."
Fuck yo edgy Kreig, an entire regiment of fucking Commissars.

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>Entire regiment shoots itself because nobody would charge first

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The problem with Catachans is that their world is more dangerous than their IG duties. Ergo, Catachan IG are the cowards of the Catachan planet (except Marbo for the obvious reasons, and because of that I'm not even sure he's actually Catachan).

Krieg is very cool and grimdark, but because they're so distinctive they can't be the best IG. IG is cool because it's generic. It's a regular guy sitting in a foxhole on a planet he's never seen before, fighting an enemy he can't imagine, in a war he can't understand. He knows he's going to die, just like all the others. He has no genetic engineering, elite training, or incredible technology. He just has his lasgun.

So what does he do? He affixes his bayonet and charges.

This generic, everyman factor is what makes IG cool. Therefore, the best IG regiment is whichever one is the vanilla; the standard (regardless of how effective or ineffective they are).

That, as it turns out, is the Cadians.

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>Edgy Krieg
>Commissar's not being shot by them for being cowards

Enjoy your Regiment of cowards, by Krieg standards

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By that logic every PDF would be the best of them

And on that issue, everything from Maccrage is the best, even their PDF

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Which regiment you masturbate to the most.

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The league of kriegies

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The Imperial Guard isn't "cool" because they're generic canon fodder. They're given respect because they don't have the genetic training wheels that every other faction/race/group is outfitted with upon birth.

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Aww that's ok shnookums
maybe one day you'll have the balls too face down inhuman horrors with nothing but a flashlight and smile about it.

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Hey. so after my first only war campagin in which we were all special snow flakes from random regiments in a task force, my gm has announced that our next will be a mostly RP based slice of trench life campaign fighting against the tau.
He prefers we were all weapons specialists, with the exception of a sergeant, and possibly a low ranking commisar.
Help me build an awesome character /tg/

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/r/ing rambo/marbo movie poster

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can I come begging with hat in hand to ask /tg/ for some mission ideas for only war?

Presently, the regiment has been kidnapped by an inquisitor. Hes taken them to a planet embroiled in a civil war between competing cults of the emperor and has them patrolling a major city there as a neutral peacekeeping force while he tries to negotiate the current ceasefire into a permanent peace so the world can be made ready to defend against the approaching hie fleet.

Kinda want to do some SWAT adventures before either shit hits the fan and they have to pick a side in the war or nameless horrors from beyond the stars arrive. or both.

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Make an operator and try to steal a Riptide.

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>Heavy gunner
>Acquire heavy stubber and bulging biceps
>Acquire Trade (Gambler) and all the academic knowledge you can, damn the cost

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Someone actually did that in the first campaign, was valhallan though. also had jailbait comrade my ratling wanted to fuck

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Tempting. I think it's going to be a planet that both forces don't deem worthy for valuable assests

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So then make an Operator. Steal a fire warrior, and ride it into battle.

Name it Sancho

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I'd rather just play a fire warrior. I play Tau on the table top.
I'm currently thinking that I might make him a soldier from a regiment that surrendered and become guev'esa, somehow his squad or something or whatever got ouy or refused and escaped.

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Armageddon Steel

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Suits have a security system that turns unauthorized users into SOUP!

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>I'm currently thinking that I might make him a soldier from a regiment that surrendered and become guev'esa

Gue'vesa are executed and killed pretty fast. No redeeming a traitor and whatnot.

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That would be a bitch to clean up.

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But...what about Penal Legions?

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Penal Legions are different. Those guys fucked up cleaning their lasgun, and are allowed to redeem themselves in death.

There's no redeeming a traitor, only death.

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Nah. Just get a hose and you're all good. Preferably with one of those high-pressure heads with a trigger. Just another day in the glorious army of t'au.

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You're more likely to have a Xenos join the Penal Legions.
Seriously, Imperials hate Gue'vesa more than they hate the Tau.

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They even hate them more than Chaos Traitors.

How is that possible?

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I mean like, as his regiment was surrendering they refused or was seperated and never became gue'vesa.

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Cain puts it this way,
"The Ambassador has to be a Tau, if we tell the crew that they have to let the Tau live, you'll get nasty looks, you may even get things thrown at you, but armed guards should be enough to keep you save.
But if it's a Gue'vesa, no amount of words or guards are going to stop the crew from turning into a uncontrollable lynchmob"

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because chaos is fucking crazy and scary. only people already a little around the bend or those who get directly yoinked by a god go over.

but the greater good is warm and welcoming. pretty much everyone, even the most loyal guardsman, feels a hint of temptation. The shame of it fuels the hatred foo those that did give in.

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>but the greater good is warm and welcoming

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I like krieg because I have a soft spot for the "emotionless killing machine that knows only war". In D&D I play warforged, jizzed myself reading about the Unsullied in ASoIaF... I love this trope!

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Chaos Traitors can be baited to do stupid shit so they dont mind them as much

>Once a spess mahreen attack force basically keep retreating from a khornate cult that eventually killed itself due to sheer frenzy

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quite possibly. but its debatable even from what we, the all seeing audience, know. A guardsman sure wouldn't be well prepared to sort doublespeak from fact.

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A Guardsman tried it in te second Last Chancers book. It didn't work out very well.

but he came out well done

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Elysian Drop Troops

They're like ODSTs from Halo but manlier

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thank you.

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He did not burn with manly spirit and ability.

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I like Steel Legion, but I always felt the names they carry in the fluff don't do justice to the description of their cultural makeup. They got fancy an proper German names, but the fluff says the Steel Legion is made up of conscripted hive scum and psychotic volunteers.

Anyways, my personal favorite is a tie between Elysians and Catachans. First one because contemporary sci-fi troops. Catachans because Predator and Arnie.

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No reference to best Cadians?

For shame.

These are the mainly motherfuckers from the old cityfight book. Goddamn I loved the look of their gear. Had that whole "generic sci fi soldier" down to a T.

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That writefag deserves an award.
Favorite Guard Unit is probably the Tallarn or the Elysian though. Virus bombed planet and soldiers that scream into battle from the heavens always seemed neat to me.

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The best regiment depends on what you want done.

The best generalist regiment are the Cadians.

The best fast assault regiment (and arguably most elite) are the Elysians, experts in surgical strikes.

The best deathworld regiment are the Catachan.

The best iceworld regiment are the Valhallan.

And so on.

My personal favorites are the Elysians, however. They fight like a modern military and use intelligent tactics and have good equipment. They're flat-out the best army to be a member of, IMO.

Well, not counting the regiments on Terra. But they're really in a different tier than the others, because they get way different equipment.

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>They fight like a modern military and use intelligent tactics and have good equipment

And that's why every deployment so far, they have been utterly annihilated.

>> No.24254556


If I wanted an army of robots I'd just play Necrons. I want my guys to have some character, which is probably why I like Orks so much.

That said, my favorite regiment has always been, and will always be, the Jopall Indentured. Shame how GW has dropped them so hard, like they do with everything awesome.

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To be fair, the only ones we've seen them in. they were either under hideously incompetent commanders or were just there to pull a Dien Phu Bai.

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>They fight like a modern military

I wasn't aware every soldier in the entire world EVER were all paratroopers.

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That's just what the governments want you to think.

Secretly? All paratroopers.

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You don't seem to be very familiar with how the Imperial Guard works.

Saying that is like saying "the Imperial Guard uses lasguns." or "All imperial Guardsmen breathe oxygen.''

>> No.24254668

>"All imperial Guardsmen breathe oxygen.''

Kriegers don't.

>> No.24254695

Kriegers breathe edge.

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it's 505 confirmed kills.

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The best regiment is clearly the 12th Cadian Heavy Tank Regiment. It is a full regiment of Baneblades and Baneblade variants, what more could you want?

>> No.24255711

>implying the guard can hold a candle to the navy

>> No.24255734

The Ghosts.

>> No.24255838

With the rifle. He has another 200 from other guns.

>> No.24256070

Official regiments?

Tanith First and Only of course. Honourable mentions to Eysians.

Unofficial? My PIRATES IN SPACE Deathworld Veterans, of course.

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You could say he got burned out.

>> No.24256516

You might say he was a bit of a shining star in the regiment

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The Praetorians, of course.

The sand of the desert is sodden red, --
Red with the wreck of a square that broke; --
The Stubber's jammed and the Colonel dead,
And the regiment blind with dust and smoke.
The river of death has brimmed his banks,
And Praetoria's far, and Honour a name,
But the voice of a scholaboy rallies the ranks:
'Play up! play up! and play the game!'

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My vote goes for the Harakoni Warhawks.

The idea of a Drop Regiment in Carapace gives me one hell of an erection, and a Ciaphas Cain book briefly mentioned them with a commissar that had a feather in his cap that captivated me for some reason.

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If I got a sudden insatiable craving for cock and decided to start playing 40k then the IG would be my army of choice. Preferably a mixed SoB/IG army if the rules allow it.

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Good taste, but most people haven't even heard of them since the EDT (Elysian Drop Troopers) fill the same niche and as such, they aren't promoted anywhere near as much in the lore.

That said, drop troops with actual staying power in a fight do seem useful.

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To this day I have no idea why Cain always gets drawn with a bolt pistol.

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Propaganda picture.

>> No.24258081


That's the lowest-energy troll I've seen in a really long time. It's so close to -273K I think I got contact frostbite.

0 of 10, see me after class (but the then I sneak out before hand because I'm worried your lack of ambition might be contagious).

>> No.24258212

Yeah but I don't think it'd really take anything away from the picture if he was drawn with his actual laspistol.

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Harakoni Warhawks
Armageddon Steel legion

hmm, next Only War character might be a krieg miedic, I'd love the look in the squads face when they asked to be healed and I go "Medical equipment must be rationed and you're still combat effective"

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>> No.24260858

Our medic gets annoyed when he gets ordered to help torture prisoners for information. I mean really we don't expect any info, its just good practice before executing them.

>> No.24260892

hah, I'm playing a medic too but I'm the opposite

I took Interegation the second session and just got to use it in the second last, I was like "please, can I tortue him, please please please Commisar Harken, I'll do well"

>> No.24261017

I always wondered what a Commissar for a Drop Troop regiment would look like. The usual black trench coat and hat look ridiculously dangerous for a guy who has to jump out of a low-flying aircraft at high speed with nothing but a pseudo-jetpack

>> No.24261080

Actually, their doctrine is more akin to pre ww2 / early ww2 paratrooper doctrine, and produces results similiar to those obtained in reality (bloodbath with an occasional strategic object sucessfully captured/destroyed).

>> No.24261127

>> (bloodbath with an occasional strategic object sucessfully captured/destroyed).

But this is the results of ALL guard regiments. With the except of Jopall units, apparently.

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>> No.24261256

The funny thing is, that the do not exactly fill the same niche. Elysians are not particulary fit to large-scale take-and-hold-at-all-costs operations they are usually used for.

>> No.24261273

Would you really want to be the one that points and laughs?

>> No.24261282

Even more reason to use it.

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