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New thread for discussing erotic roleplaying, in fantasy, sci-fi, etc settings, using rulesets governing gameplay and action resolution, like any other roleplay.

Other topics for discussion include getting into character, developing compelling characters who are fun to play, and so on, in an ERP context.

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Go away.

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>undersexed nerd general
>typefucking general
>make a bad name for all role players general
>have sex with men while pretending to both be women general

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Yeah, we really don't need two of your shitty threads at once, kthx.

Deal with the fact not everyone will like it already and suck up the occasional complaints.

Everyone fucking else does.

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Fuck off to /soc/ or /d/ or some other website entirely

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Already making a new one OP the other one at least has 100 until autosage

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Wow, that was a hostile response, bro. Still, I'd delete this and wait for the existing one to go - there's too much rampant buttrage right now. Don't worry, they'll find the minimize button soon.

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Kill yourselves

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Mah niggas.

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Back to /b/ with you, laddie.

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ERP. Erotic roleplay.

A thread where people talk about what amounts to basically cybering and fetishes, or making advertisements for their F-list accounts and so on.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

>Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!

GAMES. Discussion on games. Roleplaying isn't a traditional game like those. Rping being part of things like D&D is only a side effect, and even then all players aren't Rpers. Your ERP stuff isn't a traditional game, and weakly trying to tie them to D&D or whatever is weak.

This isn't the same as story time threads or whatever. This is just a massive circlejerk.

You ERPs need to just... Go. Go to somewhere else. Go get your own fucking board. Why is that so difficult for you?

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And this is why we needed to nip it at the bud instead of letting the cancer flourish.

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Too bad. We're not going anywhere. Go complain on /q/ if your so analpained.

Although... I'm not sure what good yet ANOTHER thread will do about it/

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It's just two or three posters samefagging and replying to anyone who takes notice of them. Report and wait till the staff remove them, then we can continue talking in either thread.

The other thread was more focused on the rules side of it, plus gamefinding, so there's plenty of room for different discussion here.

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Because there is no other board, yet there's a demand. I think they come here because it's roleplaying, and this is where roleplaying goes. Shit, I'm only in these threads to argue with people, and posts like yours make me want to start more ERP threads.

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>The other thread was more focused on the rules side of it, plus gamefinding, so there's plenty of room for different discussion here.
So now you need more than one thread?

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Remember, report, don't reply. They can't samefag forever unless they goad normal posters.

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OP, you are that guy.

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>Because there is no other board,

There's no board for showing pictures of your junk, and apparently there's a huge demand for that too, but they stay in /b/, instead of trying to pass off their hobby as a traditional game.

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Remember, bump dead thread with no content and garner no support from the rest of the board.

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ITT: Samefag General

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The complaints only give them strength. Asking somebody to stop hurting your feelings on 4chan only inspires them to do it more. You'll learn that in your first week, trust me.

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There isn't that much of a demand if everyone is festering in these kinds of threads instead of, you know, DEMANDING IT.

This isn't just where RPing goes, this is a board for traditional games. ERPing isn't a game and the more we have to deal with these threads the more we have to deal with people like >>24231316 who can only respond to critisism with an "lolumadxD?" and eventually this board isn't going to turn into a festering shithole like /v/

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I'm fairly certain camwhores go to /soc/ these days. And really, try to imagine the likely outcomes of asking /b/ about roleplaying systems. "Roleplaying" is three syllables, they'd never understand.

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>There's no board for showing pictures of your junk
Its called /soc/

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At least if they get shitty enough the mods will be forced to do something no matter what it is
.Motr like General threads create a demand by creating a community around themselves.

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Since there's a dragon thread that's spent the day bordering it; what are people's opinions on dragons in ERP?

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Note the very precise intervals between the post times of the spam: it's almost certainly two people posting as fast as their fingers and 4chan's software let them.

They're trolls; ignore and report, then carry on as normal, no matter how much they try to goad you into replying.

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I would hope they'd obey the rules of the site, which would involve punishing those breaking global rules 3 and 8 - specifically off-topic replies, and complaining about moderation policies. Like your posts, and mine.

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Now that I think about it, /soc/ is also where there's hook up/hang out threads, and that's kind of what we try to do.

It's also for talking about weird fetishes, which is all we do.

We should all move this ERP stuff to /soc/ instead of imposting on the good people of /tg/.

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For fucks sake, thats what Ive been saying all along!

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Don't you have a perfectly healthy thread to post into instead of splintering your arguments over two thread?

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By the same token, we should move the regular game-finder threads there. After all, if we exile people for wanting to roleplay with others, we should also exile the people who want to roleplay with others.

And why not send Tau fans to /m/, and those theme music threads to /mu/, and so on? There's overlap between boards.

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That poster was probably one of the trolls. It's too contrived. It's almost literally Mr Snrub.

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Oh god, will you faggots get off my /tg/

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I figured as much. Do you think my reply was sarcastic enough?

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>my /tg/
It's not your board, faggot.

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I have a dynamic IP, and 50 folders of Guro. Leave now or prepare for hell.

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Because Gamefinder isn't forced discussion, idea garnering and "talk about whatever we can to keep the thread bumped".

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That Guy General

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I think everybody here is trolling. By the timestamps and writing styles, there's at least 4 trolls, not counting myself.

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The degree to which you despise ERP threads and the volume of your whining only makes our penises harder. If you really cared, you'd set up a filter so you don't ever have to see these threads again, and any that slip through you can just hide anyway.

There are threads that I don't approve of being on /tg/ either, but I don't whine and cry about it like a baby.

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I find it interesting that the ERP threads can be some of the most active and filled threads, often going to 500+ posts and running to peaceful auto-sage'd 404 without problems for days on end and then, at least once a week, they crash and burn due to intense faggotry.

Dragons are okay if you're into bestiality, I guess. Unless we're just talking about dragon girls or dragonborn or whatever, in which case it can be kind of neat to wear down a prideful, stubborn dragonborn warrior with romantic dickings.

Otherwise, true dragons.. I guess it's just a sort of incompatible taboo love between a giant lizard and a person, which I think can be pulled off with something that isn't so close to just outright fucking an animal.

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>implying cybering is the same as meeting up for an actual game
Still doesnt explain your need for two threads to discuss how you diddle yourself in front of others.

>> No.24231760

How the hell do the filters work? I've put in words and hit hide, but the threads strangely remain.

>> No.24231764

This thread itself was made by the same guy, this is the shittiest troll thread I've seen

>> No.24231768


Is it 2d, or lame 3d shit?

>> No.24231770

three now

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Go back to /d/ you degenerates.

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No, the difference is that when we are looking for "games", we're not actually looking for "games," we're looking to meet other people and have kinky cybersex with them.

And that's what /soc/ is all about, except it occasionally turns into real sex.

Let's face it. We have a lot more in common with the /soc/ people than we do with the /tg/ people, as much as we might try to pretend otherwise.

Why be ashamed of who we are? Saying we're "bettter" than the /soc/ialites and belong in /tg/ while we share so much in common with them would be basically admitting that the rest of /tg/ is "better" than we are, because we are the scum and chaff of the gaming community that is so akin to /soc/.

We ARE /soc/ialites. And there's nothing wrong with that.

So let's make this the last ERP thread in /tg/, and go off into a new land together, to seek new horizons in /soc/.

I'll tell you all about the time I tongued a wizard with eight testicles over there.

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Is this why people were so mad at the horsefuckers?

>> No.24231804


Aren't dragons sentient? I mean, they could feasibly give consent. And is something that is outside of your own species considered bestiality if you are both sentient?

>> No.24231808

They are generally intelligent, though the shape certainly lends itself to being classified as that.

>> No.24231809

>implying one person's method of having fun is superior to another's
Nobody's getting hurt. No laws are being broken. Nobody's being forced to do anything they don't want to do. Both types of roleplaying are about adopting a fictional persona in order to play a game with others.

Also, the number of threads is directly proportional to the amount of bitching about them.

This is win-win for me.

>> No.24231824

Are we sagebombing ERP threads now? This is a good thing.

Can we do the same to 40kid threads? That shit doesn't belong on this board.

>> No.24231825

...Who made this thread when the other one still have 100+ more posts of life?!

>> No.24231834

Im currently using pathfinder thanks, your argument is an invalid

>> No.24231844

Remember kids, SHR

>> No.24231853

Speak for yourself, I'd love to play a proper, roleplay heavy campaign, sticking neatly to the GURPS ruleset, that happens to include sexual themes and events. You're welcome to fuck off to /soc/, but I think roleplaying belongs in /tg/.

>> No.24231854


> wargames
> not /tg/

pick one

>> No.24231868

He is clearly an erpfag trying to derail the thread by trolling.

>> No.24231872

Report the thread and move on.

>> No.24231877

>I use pathfinder to diddle myself

See, now you're just fucked up.
You're like one of those "Book of Erotic Fantasy" people, ie. the LAMEST PEOPLE TO EVER EXIST.

Why don't you go photoshop your fat selves to look like vampires somewhere else?

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>> No.24231882


So basically having a legitimate complaint means I hate everyone and I'm whining.

That is a bunch of bullshit. I'm not putting up a filter because if the board doesn't keep an eye on overall quality and just filters everything they dislike then things start tanking like /v/ did.

Most everyone here responding to the criticism has just thrown "umads" or brought up hate or people being whiners or samefagging and not actually addressed anything. This just gives me more ground in feeling you people need to be elsewhere.

>> No.24231901


>implying anyone in those threads is discussing the games


/b/ tier faggotry, which is quite frankly understandable considering the origin of this board, but the board has matured past that. There's no place for 40kid faggotry or ERP generals on /tg/. The Custom Card threads are stretching the boundaries too.

>> No.24231922


>START tanking

Someone's new here

>> No.24231930

Including a sexual theme or event? Why not. That's what a lot of people do.




>> No.24231937

Say whatever you will, you just admitted its /tg/ related

>> No.24231940

It's the fact that most dragons are giant quadrupedal beasts, intelligent or otherwise, and their anatomy isn't usually compatible with normal humanoids, without some nasty consequences.

That, and you've got the whole angle of dragons living for centuries and most other species dying before they reach maturity.

>> No.24231943

We haven't matured. Between the 40kids and the whining about ERP, this board isn't too far off one of the worst. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we've got worse - we've always been bad.

>> No.24231948


As much as I hate 40K, I think it does belong on /tg/.

This ERP shit is definitely /d/ material though.

>> No.24232014

sage for ERP

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/d/ pls go

>> No.24232023

You don't have a legitimate argument. Its not a game you say, but it is we say, we play with dice and rulesets and everything. But I don't like it you say. Toobad

>> No.24232025

C'mon guys. We've had a fun run, but I think it's time for us to pack our dildos and whipped cream and go off into /soc/ where we belong.

We're clearly not wanted here, and we can always go to /tg/ to talk about actual games, rather than just how we try to insert our fetishes into games.

>> No.24232045


But elves have the same issue. Aren't they able to live over a century in most material, maybe even two or three? I don't see why the age thing matters.

And in terms of the anatomical issues, not all relationships have to involve penetrative sex. If it did, then there is the prospect of magic spells being used to facilitate "normal" sexual encounters, namely growth spells.

Some ERPs also don't care, and like the idea of being fucked to death by a dragon.

>> No.24232046

/tg/ is a worksafe board. Sex is one thing; but continuous discussion of horsecock sizes does not belong. Take it to /d/.

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>we can always go to /tg/ to talk about actual games

Since when has /tg/ been about playing RPGs? It's entirely dominated by 40kid faggotry.

>> No.24232050

Go back to /soc/ you rusemen

>> No.24232064

/d/ pls leave

>> No.24232074

You're not fooling anyone, you silly ERPer.

>> No.24232081

It hasn't been for a while. It's been for trolling anti-ERP crowds, and reading the Netrunner general. For discussing RPGs, I go on one of various sites that are actually good for it.

>> No.24232087

/d/ isn't a roleplay and storytelling board, though. Unless you want to go and argue that the content guidelines of /d/ need to change, this is really the only place that 4chan users could discuss this sort of topic.

It's not really as out of place as some are pretending. perhaps the issue is that it's sexual and that makes them uncomfortable or makes them think that other things may be happening, but this is pretty typical discussion style of /tg/. Ideas getting kicked around, systems suggested, implementation, finding players, sharing interests, and so on.

>> No.24232094


>implying you're not trying to shift the focus of blame from your shitty thread onto me

Why don't you go diddle a horse or something

>> No.24232110

Mark my words, when janitor applications reopen, only /tg/ shall know peace from this autism.

>> No.24232118

BDSM general #72 disagree with you

>> No.24232121


No. People are just using that as a smokescreen. Most of you are just talking about fetishes, cybering, or are advertising F-list. Stop pretending you're a collection of traditional gamers that just happen to have erotic content in your 'games'

I've read your threads. I know what is in them. What few people that might use some vague game system in their cybering (I've yet to see many) can't justify all this irrelevant talk.

Listen to your friends and either go to /soc/ or make your own board, off 4chan or otherwise.

>> No.24232130


Sup hitlermod

Could you also get rid of the drawthreads when you get the position, they need cleansing

>> No.24232147


Look, the brilliant gameologists boards' is probably a better place to take it

>> No.24232152

BDSM general is not a roleplaying thread. Well, arguably, much of BDSM is a type of roleplay, but that's hardly the point. Mentioning Pathfinder or GURPS in /d/ will just lead to an instruction to come back here.

>> No.24232159

An occasional idea is fine, but you faggots have DEDICATED GENERALS TO YOUR FETISHES.

You don't see what's wrong with that?

Before, there was no problem with the occasional story about something sexual happening in a game, and there's still nothing wrong with that.

But you fuckers are trying to create a constant fixture on /tg/ that is nothing but a circle-jerk of shit that even /b/ would laugh at.

Seriously, you guys need to stop obsessing about sex so much that it takes over your hobbies.

>> No.24232167


This entire board used to be dedicated to fetishes. Up to you whether or not it's improved since then.

>> No.24232169

>developing compelling characters
>Erotic Role-Play

>> No.24232190

>mfw this entire thread is nothing but posts from a butthurt shitposting sagefag

That said these threads belong in >>>/d/

>> No.24232203


Shit bro I don't really pay attention to the ERP general but seriously just learn to hide threads already instead of sperging out.

It's pretty obvious that the mods don't give a shit about the ERP as long as it stays pretty cheesecake and stays contained to a general.

Moot's never going to make a /erp/ board so just let the perverts have thier general

>> No.24232207

A dedicated general to my fetish in particular would be far too tame and boring for 4chan.

It's one thread, or at least, it was until the first got trolled into hell, and the most recent is a poor ruseman's game. Compared to YOU FAGGOTS HAVE DEDICATED THREADS TO YOUR QUESTS, it's not that bad. It's all blue board stuff, that obeys every global and board rule.

>> No.24232211

take it to /soc/ or any of the porn boards. This is supposed to be a worksafe board.

We're not talking about the occasional cheesecake thread, that's different. ERP threads are a constant stream of low-quality crap that fills up space better content deserves.

>> No.24232235
File: 634 KB, 800x1300, 1300148605723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I'm going to post with an image, and use a spoiler and maybe even tag a temporary name and subject onto this post for visibility.

I want to ask the mods and janitors to spare this thread for the time being, because apparently this is so much of a problem to some posters that they have to resort to shitting on /tg/ in order to preserve it.

I want some solid, well thought out arguments. Drop the insults, drop the "UMADBRO?!" and all that sort of shit.

Clearly and articulately explain your argument. Why shouldn't these threads be allowed? Why are they suddenly a problem when they've been running so smoothly without any major issue til now? At what point did they become such a problem that you felt the need to police other posters, which has never worked for anyone, ever.

While it is a general thread, it is one that is largely devoid of tripfag worship and riclejerking. It stays on topic and it discusses things like crafting a narrative for a game and creating adventure hooks and plotseeds. It's pretty much the exact same thing as any other threads where someone toys with an idea, except the scope of the thread includes sex, fetishes, and kinks. Simple as that.

Why is this a problem?

>> No.24232240

The damage is done, the three threads have no discussion anymore and just troll trolling troll

>> No.24232245

sage goes in the email field

>> No.24232252


Honestly I'd rather have ERP stuck in one easy to ignore general than the fuckton of quest threads that are always bumping off actual game system threads.

>> No.24232257

Fantasic argument there.

>if it doesn't belong here, you should ignore it!

How about you just go to /soc/ and chat there? It's not like your ERP threads are not just the same five people describing how much dick they want in their asses, you might as well take it to a place where people will encourage you to take a fifth or a sixth dick in there.

>> No.24232271

Be responsible and find a dragon of a size you can handle. Unless that's your thing.

>> No.24232275

>This is supposed to be a worksafe board. We're not talking about the occasional cheesecake thread, that's different.


Grow up. No porn shit belongs here and you're a faggot for thinking so.

>> No.24232283

No you're using it as a smokescreen. There is just as much tg related content in those threads as any other thread on tg right now. Even the things that come out of the flist have rules to them a lot of the time, and beyond it all its still roleplay. freeform roleplay and setting/character discussion of all other varieties are welcome here and I doubt you've evder raised concern about those. YOU are only complaining because you take exception to the content which is not really a legitimate complaint. So stop whining

>> No.24232287

Quest threads are also a problem, but they're worksafe, board related, and not quite as cancerous.
Regarding ERP, 4chan has dedicated porn boards; people interested in talking about porn should do it there.

>> No.24232291

>There is just as much tg related content in those threads as any other thread on tg right now

So not much then?

>> No.24232297

Blue board you idiots

>> No.24232299

Text is generally treated as worksafe by the mods, which is why /tg/ can talk about rape and tell dirty jokes and go on and on about blood, murder, and gore without anyone getting offended.

As for the overall quality, that's not your judgement to make. The only time people give a fuck about your opinion is when you make a thread that gives them something worth replying to. Insisting that a single thread is somehow harming the potential for better content is a level of abstraction and separation from the overall argument that makes it hard to see any legitimacy to your argument.

These threads are not so common that they interfere with other user's ability to post about their own /tg/related topics.

>> No.24232302

The post you replied to mentions the point. The porn boards know that this is a roleplaying board, among other things. ERP, which stands for Erotic Role Play, is roleplaying. They take the logical stance that a roleplaying thread belongs on the roleplaying board.

Damn right. I hide quest threads and 40kids, so here's remarkably empty for me. Usually hide the ERP as well - not outraged at it, it's just not my cup of tea.

But anon, ERP isn't porn. It's roleplay. You can tell by the way it stands for roleplay.

>> No.24232330

>Text is generally treated as worksafe by the mods

Only because they're too lazy to actually read posts. Try spamming Squad Broken and you won't get banned for the content, you'll get banned for the spamming.

>> No.24232335

>I come to /tg/ to fap!
No wonder you fucking hate it here.

>> No.24232336

sage for ERP

>> No.24232344

We have numerous threads, including one called BLATANT FETISH QUEST which are about sex, rape, monster girls, building harems, and shit that's far more 'cancerous' than a few posters talking about how they'd implement a character development system that changes characters mentally and physically as they level up.

>> No.24232353

It's an unnecessary general. It would be like me making a constant Gluttony General, where all we would discuss is how much we love food in our games until we got kicked out of /tg/ and ended up in /ck/.

ERP generals are also mostly for non-/tg/-related activities and discussions, and are only loosely /tg/ related while being far closer to other boards.

In all seriousness, /lit/ is probably your best place to go, since they talk about erotic writing and also have writing trades that are similar to what you guys want to do.

>> No.24232357


Personally I think the ERP general is kinda sad and silly but I feel that way about people who still get into 40k and Magic so I guess ERP is just another thing I'm just not going to understand like furries and otherkin

>> No.24232360

But anon Porn movies are Movies, they belong in /tv/.
See I can make retarded strawmen too.

>> No.24232367

>are about sex, rape, monster girls, building harems, and shit
Im glad you agree with us that erp threads need to go.

>> No.24232371

Welcome to 4chan. Everything is sad and silly.

>> No.24232377

Non-worksafe threads don't belong on worksafe boards.
Porn doesn't belong on non-porn boards.
Erotic fiction does belong on it's dedicated boards.

>> No.24232381

That shouldn't be here either.

>> No.24232382


I've been politely giving my argument to why they shouldn't in this thread the entire time.

ERP isn't related to /tg/. These threads have nothing to do with traditional gaming and rping isn't excuse, nor is the fact that a few people use game mechanics in some of their erotic roleplaying. This may be a matter of opinion but the general consensus is that 90% of the posters in those threads are just talking about turn ons and looking for cybering partners. I've seen very few that are actually trying to have games.

If you're trying to say that these threads are harmless, I say no. Unrelated is unrelated, and the more unrelated things we let in the worse things are.

Answer me this. Why can't you guys just go somewhere else?

>> No.24232384

I guess if you miss out some of the letters in my post, you can get that sentence. I don't see the joke though.

Same here. They're weird buggers, but they're not hurting anyone really.

>> No.24232388


It's not my thing actually; I'm just presenting a side of an argument for a discussion. Personally, dragons and most other fantastical beasts just aren't things I like.

>> No.24232389

Isn't lit a blue board? That's stupid. If its fine there its fine here

>> No.24232391


hahahah /lit/ being useful for anything.

ERP would do better in /pol/ or /sp/ or /v/ than that

>> No.24232406

10% useful post rate is fuckin' amazing for /tg/, you know that.

>> No.24232421

Mind, these are all quests that have been running with such frequency and for so long, that they have pretty much been completely accepted as /tg/ content.

>> No.24232435


What? No. People just filter quests. It's like how we learned to "accept" MtG threads: just ignore them.

>> No.24232442

So what you're saying is, if the ERP threads stay for long enough, they'll be okay? Does that go for any and all shitposting?

>> No.24232445

/lit/ moves slow enough that they probably wouldn't mind. Their mods might notice, but that's not our problem.

>> No.24232464


Strictly speaking, yes. Look at how strong rollthreads are going on non-/b/ boards.

>> No.24232466

new thread

>> No.24232468


Elf Slave Wat Do?

>> No.24232477

/tg/ isn't a creature that can be spoken for.

You can't speak for it, I can't speak for it, simply because I can't speak for you, and you as sure as hell can't speak for me.

You don't say what is completely accepted, because there is no such thing.

Just because somethings been here for a long time doesn't make it /tg/ content, it just makes it goddamn fucking stubborn.

Flare would be our mascot if people like you had a say in things.

>> No.24232480

So the ERP people should keep making more threads on /tg/, then they'll be accepted?

>> No.24232481


>There is as much tg related content in those threads

All I ever see is F-list ads and fetish talk. All you're doing is shouting how related this is to the board and how much game talk there is where I've seen nothing of the sort. A few game ads aren't going to save you.

Once I saw someone talking about how they fooled around with someone pretending to be Sakura from Fate/stay night and thought for a moment /a/ was going to fester into this too.

At the end of the day if you guys were really this /tg/ related than half the board wouldn't be trying to kill you. I'm overruling everything you said in rejection and I'm brushing you off now.

>> No.24232485


Those exist in a new form.

>> No.24232490

Yes. That's why this should be shut down before it spreads.

>> No.24232499

Well, I happen to agree in general; if it's intelligent, it isn't beast.

>> No.24232501


I guess? I'm not even one of the original sagefags, I'm just here because there's nothing else worth discussing on /tg/ right now

>> No.24232517

>All I ever see is F-list ads and fetish talk. All you're doing is shouting how related this is to the board and how much game talk there is where I've seen nothing of the sort.

This. That's /d/ and /soc/ material.

>> No.24232523

Or they should keep going. After all, the various fetish quest threads are tolerated, so why shouldn't fetish general thread?

Got that right. I joined in because it was that or another game of fucking DotA2 with my steam mates. Bored shitless, and can't sleep.

>> No.24232542

Much of contemporary gaming is just shit roleplay to disguise everybody's fascination with ERP.

/tg/ might be a bad place to look for answers now. The folks hereabouts have been on a resurgent spree of attempting to justify - and subsequently, shoehorn into every situation - ERP by virtue of popularity. A great deal of people are having trouble understanding that it isn't okay to whip your cock out and start pumping at the table, whether physically or in metaphor.

>> No.24232548

After all, the various fetish quest threads are tolerated, so why shouldn't fetish general thread?

The fetish quests were "tolerated," and now there's fetish generals.

>> No.24232565

>Much of contemporary gaming is just shit roleplay to disguise everybody's fascination with ERP.

With is what dERPfags actually believe.

>> No.24232573

>Much of contemporary gaming is just shit roleplay to disguise everybody's fascination with ERP.


dude I think we've gone way too far into your magical realm

>> No.24232580

I don't see a problem then - the general community didn't like fetish stuff, now they sort of accept it. Unless you're foolishly extrapolating from it, thinking that if you allow a single thread to escape your eye, then within days, all of /tg/, nay, the internet, will be nothing but fetish threads.

>> No.24232585

This thread needs some tripfag drama to really improve the atmosphere on /tg/.

Jesus guys like sagebombing is ever going to stop a popular general thread...

>> No.24232599

> nay, the internet
Too late!

>> No.24232602

But if it is not welcome, why press it?

>> No.24232607

My opinion is clearly what all of /tg/ thinks, and I say ERP is meh, don't really care.

Your wish is my command.

>> No.24232620


It doesn't need to be just game ads to be related. Just like the majority of warhammer threads aren't about the game and the majority of mtg threads aren't about the cards. Again your only complaint is regardig content.

>> No.24232632


Could've fooled me. Last I saw the ERP threads were relatively untroubled except for that one 12 year old ranting about "typefucking" but now here's all this sagebomb faggotry.

Which I may have joined in on, but whatever.

>> No.24232656

>After all, the various fetish quest threads are tolerated
They arent tolerated. Theyre trolled worse than this thread is.

>> No.24232664


>sagebombing = trolling

Someone's new

>> No.24232689

>Why can't you guys just go somewhere else?

Because it's more trouble to try and bring these sort of threads to any other board. They'd be breaking more rules and creating more problems for everyone else.

I want you to really consider why these threads took off on /tg/ of all places, and keep in mind that they've been coming and going for about 6 months now.

They didn't show up on any other board because other board communities do not want anything to do with this. /lit/ and /d/ aren't interested in crafting interesting characters and telling engaging stories. They don't want to bash and smash concepts together and see what comes of it.

/tg/ has an atmosphere and a mindset that fosters this sort of shit. It brings together people who want to take this fetishy shit and turn it into a game that they can play. Simple as that.

>> No.24232698

I would say creating three different threads to bitch about erp generals in various manners, including pretending to be an erpfag to make them looks bad constitutes as trolling. Shitty trolling, but trolling nonetheless. Youre right though, no one is actually trolling at the moment.

>> No.24232700


Actually, /co/ is probably more tolerant of this kind of shit

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