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Seeing a s how /v/ is all caught up in >we back, I'll have to ask here.

Anyone know of any DC or SS mods that don't screw up the core mechanics of the game and are campaign compatible.

I was playing Titanium wars for SS but since the new updates add so much cringy voiceacting I feel less and less inclined to continue.

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Might I suggest the Ultimate Apocalypse mod? Its basically a mod that tries to reenact the tabletop Apocalypse feeling, it adds a shit ton of units and structures and some new factions
find it here:http://www.moddb.com/mods/ultimate-apocalypse-mod/downloads/ultimate-apocalypse-grand-release-patch-171

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Thanks for the recommendation.

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Also as a side note the creator on the TWM doesn't seem too eager to answer questions on moddb, so i might as well hijack my own thread and ask incase somebody else plays the mod here;

while playing as any while invading the DE stronghold my saves get corrupted and i get stuck between the menu and a load screen, the only way i've been able to complete the mission is to slug through the mission in 98/Me compat mode which stutters like shit. Has any one else experienced this?

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