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Consider this:

what if, the harolds of Khorne who lured the world eaters and subsequent others to serve the blood god took certain 'liberties', or, mor likely, failed to correct a misnomer.

namely the part about Khorne being a goddess, not a god.

-and that the actual reason she hates sorcerors and Tzeentch in particular is that the lord of change is her ex husband.

just a thought...

my head is in a weird place this night.

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Every month, she floods her realm with blood?

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Actually explains a lot

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>namely the part about Khorne being a goddess, not a god.
Oh fuck you, you tried this exact same shit under a name a few days ago.

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Eh. The chaos gods are really genderless. Its mortals who assign them a gender.

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Unless it is specifically specified, gods are entities, and have no specific gender as they are eternal beings and have no need to reproduce.

"papa nurge" is a fatherly term, but it has a lot more to do with his disposition towards his "children"

It is listed repeatedly that slaanesh is a hermaphrodite, and has both sets of genitals, though it is not clarified if slaanesh can actually bear children.

Khorne has no details, and thus is genderless

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>Implying Slaanesh is not all genders at once, and can't get pregnant

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Which means if a significant number of people worship Khorne's feminine aspect, khorne's daemons MAY manifest with feminine forms.
>Not playing a Tzeentchian apostate who wants to change the image of the Chaos Gods through their followers.

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