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So Some one just had a thread about teh viability of Dark Reapers and ran off and deleted his thread after only one response in 10 minutes.

So fuck it.

I am starting a themed list thread.

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Starting with Dark Reapers/Fall of Altansar
Vypers should be converted from Venoms with Dark Reapers riding in back. Pathfinders can either be Death Jesters, or pathfinders as both fit pretty well.

Farseer - 100pts
>Warding, Fortune

Maugan Ra - 195pts

Harliquin troupe - 146
>3 harliquins w/ Kiss
>Shadow seer
>Death Jester

Pathfinders - 120pts
>5 pathfinders

Pathfinders - 120pts
>5 pathfinders

Pathfinders - 120pts
>5 pathfinders

>Fast Attack
Vyper squadron - 130 pts
>2 Vypers
>EML x2

Vyper squadron - 130 pts
>2 Vypers
>EML x2

>Heavy support
Dark Reapers
>2 Dark reapers
>Erach w/ EML, Fast shot

Dark Reapers
>2 Dark reapers
>Erach w/ EML, Fast shot

Dark Reapers
>2 Dark reapers
>Erach w/ EML, Fast shot

>1500 pts of Dark reapers

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That's nice and all, but surely you can fit an Autarch with a Reaper Launcher in there somewhere.

I wish I still played 40k.

Can we put WHFB Themed Lists in here?

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As I attempted to say in that thread, maybe consider including a wraithlord armed with a missile launcher in one of your HS slots, as wraithlords are powered by exarch soulstones, and thus you could have a Dark Reaper Wraithlord.

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Oh, maybe make the Pathfinders represent Mimes, the scouting harlequins, whose masks represented minor daemonic figures like lesser Yngir, and so would be perfect to be dressed like Death's minions.

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Lords: 355 {Drycha}
Heroes: 90 {Branchwraith + Annoyance of Netlings}
Core: 408 {8 Dryads + Branchnymph}, {8 Dryads + Branchnymph}, {8 Dryads}, {8 Dryads},
Special: 452 {3 Treekin +Eldar}, {6 Wild Riders + FC + Razor Standard) = 237
Rare:285 {Treeman}
1590 points.

Wood Elves, Trees. No shooting.

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This OP. Would be cool.

I still want to do a bright lance ranger wraithlord. Just need the money for a new wraithlord.

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I have 6 wraithlords, each converted to represent a specific aspect. Dire avenger has 2 shuriken cannons, banshee has an executioner-type halberd, scorpion has flamers as mandiblasters and dreadlocks as well as 2 swords. Reaper has a tempest launcher-esque weapon, which is two EMLs fused together. Ranger has a brightlance with a sculpted rifle stock.

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Where's the fire dragon?

Or warp spider.

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We need pictures. The Scorp Wraithlord that everyone knows is awesome, the other aspects have huge potential for totally kickass conversions.

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these cool Wraithlords I will post mine but it is not an Aspect Lord.

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