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you know the drill

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A man cracking open a kinder surprised egg, causing sociopathic catgirls to pop out of it.

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A plant humanoid wielding a staff and actual robes, not skimpy caster bikinis.

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A bipedal, but not anthropomorphic, fox wearing a cape and hauling a sack of gems at least twice its size past sleeping guards.

The fox seems pretty smug.

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Spiky haired young man wearing a breastplate and hefting a heavy crossbow in his hands. Wearing a monocle.

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A huge four-tailed wolf. It is metallic, themed with circuitry "tron-lines" going along its body. Four eyes, each on the sides of its head. Big metallic teeth. Exaggerated ears are long and pinned back against its head, looking more like horns. The tails are very long, at least as long as the rest of the body and are bundles of cables/wires.

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An erinyes and a succubus in a catfight.

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This dude getting turned into stone by a beholder.

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A priest of Wee Jas with his right hand touching a dead body, the right hand is wearing a beautiful gauntlet emblazoned with a skull (Wee Jas' holy symbol). The priest is a 6'6 tall young man who is so thin that he is practically a skeleton. The priest has dark circles surrounding his eyes. This is my necromancer cleric who only raises corpses that are willing to be raised.

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Lamia cleric of the sun

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Xeno being tickled by her new scale-cape made out of scarabs.

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Hey. Would you please draw a cartoon rabbit in a fishbowl helmet spacesuit with a big bottle of pills in one hand and a nuclear-powered revolver in the other?

Maybe he's cautiously peering around a corner, or glancing over his shoulder.

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A powerful sorcerer who wields a greatsword, a young 20 something noble wearing a (red) silk outfit. His right arm has been cut off and replaced with the arm of a demon.

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Warforged Butler!

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Small male gnome with spiky pink hair. Looking with complete shock at a portal he just accidentally conjured. (Wild magic can be alot of fun, especially when you start ascending to godhood because of it.)

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I'd like to request a seventeen year-old Asian Empress wizard.

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The OP image dragon. Sitting at a table and having a fancy tea party with a party of dead adventurers in his hoard.

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Draw a Grey Knight Kirby, please.

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A blonde haired, dark eyed half-elf ranger with a bit of stubble. He wears leather armor and a green elvish style cloak, armed with a fancy basket hilt rapier. He has a backpack full of books and scrolls he collects and sells on his travels. He also has a seemingly out of place tablet pc.

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I would like to request my most recent character a military intelligence officer in a smart uniform with a face like Stephen Fry.

If you can imagine an interrogation that goes like an episode of QI, then you're in the right place mentally. God help you when the General Ignorance round happens.

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here goes

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hhaha goddamn it I misread your post and did pretty much the exact oppositie of what you wanted


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a 30y old woman with mirror-like skin and 3 pairs of black unblinking spider eyes (2nd pair is on the forehead, quite small, 3rd pair is on her cheeks close to the ears). Long white hair, does not smile, nose and lips are barely there

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This goblin rogue.

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Can I get a sketch of King Pellenore?

A knight in kingly armor, with a white beard and specticals. He looks a bit lost and confused on his horse, lance in hand

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Requesting a PC. Nicko, member of the Asian-Latino Heights Coalition to slaughter Werewolves. He's male a bit shorter then average, hairs black and sticks up beaker style. His mouth and nose are covered by a gang style bandanna painted dark grey and he's never seen without a pair of red tinted combat goggles. Gear is very redneck resistance like consisting of a patchwork armored vest over a black tanktop and baggy cargo pants. The only thing that really screams military about him is his rifle an AK model modified with a under barrel grenade launcher, his magazine vest and a cowboy hip rig for his sidearm. Also he has this odd metallic collar wrapped around his neck. It's basically a more durable version of a voice box.

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Can I get a doodle of a creature like this holding a musket?

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Can I get this dryad, headless and everything, looking confused as a portal opens in her neck.

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> the Asian-Latino Heights Coalition to slaughter Werewolves

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Could I request this guy Primarch'd up with a slightly psychotic smile?

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I asked this before in other thread, but:

Moderfucking Sabin-esque beggar monk.

He has two dots in his forehead (monk tradition) and goes barefoot.

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I would very much appreciate a logo/title page/something for the pdf of a game I'm making called Space Princess Battle, about space princess entourage skirmishes in cheap 70s scifi style.

Pic related. Link also related if you want more pictures.

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We don't do subtle. We do killy killy killy.

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Might I make a request for a King's Musketeer, complete with Rapier in-hand and Flintlock Pistol on his belt, wearing a Tricorn on his head, on a horse?

Optional: With lightning in his free hand. I know that may be hard as shit to draw though.

Thank you, in advance.

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I love your style, man.

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Not his, thats Weremole art. Have some other stuff he has done.

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why did you assume he did these pics despite the deviantart filename and the request attached to them, and the absence of answer to a request?

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Yeah I definitely take 0 credit for that picture. The pic is related in that it is a genre appropriate reference.

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> Welcome to the 80s
That should be
> Welcome to the 2050s
because it's obviously Shadowrun (80s fashion, cyberdeck, cyberware, other tech, and weapons).

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>it's obviously Shadowrun
I dont know how to feel over the fact that some people seem to think Shadowrun invented Cyberpunk...

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It's just supposed to be 80s cyberpunk, not a specific universe.

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>That was actually a fashion style once upon a time in Cyber-punk
You'd think with the sheer insanity of the fanbase they'd think of more catagories then pink mohawk and black shades. Like pink sneakers.

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Personally, I have no strong feelings either way.

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>Devours the guests and claims wedding gifts for her hoard.

A dragon wedding involving a silver dragon and a male human bard.

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those already exist and they're not a product of insanity, but of faggotry.

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>Like pink robotic high heels that hide a pneumatic piston in them perfect kicking holes in security guards and doors alike.
FTFY. We need a return-to-roots for the Cyberpunk genre

>> No.24210743

>High Heels
Have some goddamn class. Rocket powered metal tipped sneakers with pop out spikes that expand on impact. And have a ink impression that says bitch.

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Look at the fucking picture, dude.

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A cyberpunk scientist chick who loves bodymods and tattoos. She has goat legs and plenty of piercings.

It's an EP character.

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There was that bit a few months ago about a 90s cyberpunk setting with motorball bimbos in a cold-war political context.

>> No.24210761

We're not talking about the picture? Well i wasn't just insane Cyberpunk gear.

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Sneakers are not 80s or 90s.

>> No.24210774 [DELETED] 

>Return to roots
That...doesn't quite work the way you think it does.

>> No.24210779

What he means is that insane gear can only be properly cyberpunk insofar as it's obviously reminiscent of the 80s/90s.

>> No.24210790

Not quite but very nearly. Plus, how can it be cold war if it isn't a bit 80s?

>> No.24210821

But they are. First wave hip hop and skateboarding.

>> No.24210834

but those are loose and grimy, they can't be turned into bionics or colored pink. Only recent ones from the late 2000s can.

>> No.24210840

No, I know Shadowrun was originally a bundle of plagiarism and didn't invent the genre. However, that keyboard looks like a cyberdeck, and deckers come from Shadowrun.

>> No.24210856

Skateboarding can be turned bionic pretty easily adding the pink is as simple as giving them all a cause. Hip hop with the activism it was about back then is even easier.

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>deckers come from Shadowrun.
I will make sure to tell that to Case and that Ono-Sendai he used.

>> No.24210893 [DELETED] 

>plucky young teenagers using high tech sneakers and skateboards and the power of hip hop to fight the man
That sounds like someone took Cyberpunk and filtered it through a 90s Saturday morning cartoon show.

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A turtle knight as one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

pic related, a turtle knight.

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Good Mollie depicting, just lacking the Panther Moderne camojacket.

>> No.24210934

Yeah Pink Mohawk isn't my thing. I like Black Mohawk better. Concert riots and limo gun fights appeal to me more.

>> No.24210939

A 7'1" Half Orc Monk. He is wearing robes of Pelor that are absolutely drenched in blood. He has no weapons and he looks upset.
Thanks in advance.

>> No.24210947

Not that guy, but this is a lot of fun in a pic.

>> No.24210957

Oops, accidentally deleted the phrase "correct me if I'm wrong."
Looks like I've been corrected. Yeah, looking into it, decks were in Neuromancer.

>> No.24210960


Poochie hacked the Gibson?

I don't know, once you make hi-tech low-lives proactive and into everything being EXTREEM they kind of become terrorists without a cause instead of relatable schmucky mercenaries.

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That isnt even pink mohawk. Its like if you made a show about this chucklefuck right here and a bunch of people dressed just like him. He even has those oh so precious sneakers the other anon wanted.

Anyways, Im done shitting up the drawthread with this offtopic nonsense. Sorry guys.

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Looking for a druid in his early 40's of a vaguely egyptian look, with a puppy sized hyena companions. Anything else is up to whoever is feeling artsy.

Infinitely more adorable than pic related.

>> No.24211129

A werewolf in human form. He has long, unkempt blonde hair, wears a hoodie and camo cargo pants with basic tennis shoes, all look worn and rough. He's fairly scrawny, but still athletic. Bonus points if you make it seem like he's bleeding an aura of shadow.
>pic related, who he reminds me of in the looks department

>> No.24211150

Something from RIFTS.

In terms of comparitive quality that generally* sets the bar quite low for you.

Maybe something like a Dragon Juicer with one of those combat megadamage chainsaws, or something from New West? Which I can best describe by telling you to watch the music video for Knights of Cydonia by Muse. It's a lot like that.

* Oh Perez, why the hell do you stick around that dipwad Siembieda?

>> No.24211198

>Dragon Juicer

I don't want to know.

>> No.24212381

I hope this is close to what you wanted

>> No.24212406 [DELETED] 

Juicers are a guy like Bane (the real one not the shitty new movie one) with all chemical tubes and huge muscles

Dragon Juicers use magically-treated dragon blood instead of chemicals. Upsides: You're better than normal juicers. Downsides: You gotta keep getting more dragon's blood

>> No.24212424 [DELETED] 

That pic's by breaux not perez, here's a perez

>> No.24212516

That's pretty damn awesome. Thanks!

>> No.24212561

Ramon Perez is the best Rifts artist. I love his stuff.

>> No.24213276

is there any draw friends still around?

>> No.24213521 [DELETED] 

Definitely my favorite after Kevin Long, then Wilson, then Breaux

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can some one draw me a tatto design of haku and samuri jack? basically having haku behind jack in the distance with his arms up laughing and samuri jack with a seriously angry face and him raising his sword in the air

>> No.24214877

It's just Aku. No H.

>> No.24214921

cant find a pic like im describing

>> No.24214968

No no. Let the man have his Haku x Jack tattoo.

>> No.24214995

Can I post original art in here

>> No.24215026

thanks bro. samuri jack has been my favorite show since i was a little kid. i fee its about never letting go to whats important and following your destiny

>> No.24215046

Grey Knights fighting heretical constructs of ancient "gods".
Pic related.

>> No.24215089

Someone please draw Aku. Only with tits.

No, not the female form. Normal Aku with tits.

>> No.24215119

A picture of Karima Shapandar doing something awesome.

I don't really care what, there's just not enough art of the Best Sentinel.

>> No.24215145

this isnt a sketchy fetish thread

>> No.24215166

So, essentially in a Gundam campaign a friend running, I have a mobile suit based on a what-if scenario that deals with if the hyggog were a flight based mobile suit rather than an amphibious. It's backstory was that it's meant for infiltration, striking, and terror tactics. My character stole it from a corporation that was designing it because he discovered the plans to gas a space colony with it. It's capable of quite the nasty smoke screen as well.

So based on the picture, I need it to look like it could fly and shift into a plane or mobile armor type mode. It would be cool if the feet became birdlike or dragon like claws. Feel free to change the body proportions a bit, though the arms need to stay long. You could even make the arms looks like they can flatted out into semi-wings that aid direction change but can still swat things, like the robots from Castle in the Sky. It does need to retain the mono-eye and the torso's basic shape. Scary claws, scary claws, scary claws.

Other then that feel free to move stuff around and mix-and match to make it looks somewhat more aerodynamic in that weird Zeon way. Thrusters, doodads, missile packs, etc. Hope this request isn't too nit-picky. Kudos and thanks to anyone who picks this up.

>> No.24215188

and a rear shot. These should definitely be high res enough for any detail questions!

>> No.24215200

While I'm here, could I perhaps get a picture of a human merchant arriving at a town or city, accompanied by his griffin mount/companion who is loaded up with his wares?

>> No.24215216

Yeah and Haku is pretty cool as well.

>> No.24215257 [DELETED] 


>> No.24215271

Here she is all 'botted out.

For context, Prime Sentinels are human sleeper agents implanted with nanomachines that brainwash them into going into "KILL ALL MUTANT" mode when they encounter anyone with mutant DNA in the Marvel universe.

Karima is the best Prime Sentinel, but she's also a hero, because Magneto shorted out her nanomachines and Xavier repaired the damage to her mind.

Unfortunately she got hit by a virus designed to affect all Sentinels, worldwide, and ended up almost killing Magneto, Psylocke, Colossus, and a whole mess of B-listers before Hellion took her out, so now she's in a coma.

>> No.24215284

Can I get a pic of some d+Deep ones, Illithids and other aquatic themed semi-humanoids in ww1 style gear, with retro-futuristic looking guns posing over the corpse of a very large cyborg warrior?

>> No.24215292

Requesting a banner for my house for ASOIAF.

The colours are Green and Gold and the Sigil is a freshwater turtle with it's shell opening to reveal beetle wings underneath.

Kind of like pic related but, again, a fresh water turtle.

>> No.24215350

The Zeon *would* make a LAM with only mech and airmech mode.

>> No.24215355

hes a douche though

>> No.24215438

>that pic

>> No.24215817 [DELETED] 

No offense, but shouldn't you be asking /co/ for this one? I mean, they would actually know the character for starters.

>> No.24215837


I don't think /co/ has any drawthreads up though, and there's some fandom overlap, or else things like MSH and M&M wouldn't exist.

>> No.24216302

May I have Geralt of Rivia seducing two female Dryads at the same time? You know he would (and he did).

Or perhaps, Vernon Roche (pic related) wielding a Steyr AUG while breaching into a room and killing Kaedweni scum?

>> No.24216317

Whoops, forgot image.

>> No.24216330


>> No.24217084 [DELETED] 

/d/ has drawthreads too, you know.

>> No.24217100

I fail to see how my first request would fit, since I'm assuming that's what you mean.

>> No.24218035 [DELETED] 

I was rooting for the Mantis Girl

>> No.24218151

I don't do Sandniggers

>> No.24218175

Explorator's servoskull. Instead of a human skull, it's a small bird.

He calls it his "Reparrot".

>> No.24218221

/pol/ plz go

>> No.24218263


>> No.24218309


I never said it was. It was just the only RIFTS image on my HD.

In anycase, who'se the goddamn hack who did this? Because I swear to god this isn't a power armour it's a mess of blob shapes.

Te sad thing is, statwise this thing is actually pretty cool.

>> No.24218343 [DELETED] 

My bad. I dunno, that guy with the zzz diamond thingy signature has art all over the place in the books. Design-wise it's a fucking nightmare but at least in the statistics it accounts for being stupid and heavy and it can't dodge.

Wonder if it'll get an update in the northern gun books that are getting written now?

>> No.24218565


It's heavy, but it's also packing a mountain of anti-personel weaponry and an independant targeting computer that's got 8 attacks per melee and the capacity to go "fuck you and your automatic dodge".

I think that was good, I haven't really looked at the combat rules for rifts since 1998.

>> No.24218629

my shadowrun team;

Troll maffia thug, spoiled elf brat with a heart of gold, cybernetic mechanic/racer and single father, navajo/wicca hag. Optimal if they are sitting around a table, planning their next hit while drinking tea, cyborgs 7 years old daughter sitting at his lap getting her braids done.

>> No.24219061 [DELETED] 

I got into a game this year man. Seriously.

>> No.24219075

I would like to see a drawing of a DOOMWHEEL

>> No.24220058

A to-scale lineup like on the right, but with a primarch added to the end.

>> No.24220142


>> No.24220154

That's adorable!

I am satisfied, thanks a lot.

>> No.24220361

A girl in her late teens, black hair, winter clothing, kneading dough on a table.
Simple request.

>> No.24220372

Did that mace like.. Suck ALL of the blood out from that Space Marine or something?

>> No.24220407

Well, that IS Lorgar. And in the back, that's Angron. So I'd say, not impossible for that to be some kind of Khornate daemonmace that drinks blood.

>> No.24220426

.. like in a bakery?

>> No.24220427

I'd like to see Steven Colbert as an Andoran Paladin fighting a Thrasfyr (Basically, a giant fire-breathing horned bear from the Pathfinder Bestiary 2), with a greatsword inspired by the real Colbert's gun Sweetness.

Because obviously, the number one threat to Andoran is...

>> No.24220430

The Statue of Liberty crying, cradling Kobe Bryant

>> No.24220471

Well.. No.
They're in the Zone, so there's no bakery.
There are corpses though. And radioactivity.

>> No.24220521

Hey there! Can you try your hand at an elven version of this guy? The player's character is one of these new-glam rocker types.

>> No.24220577

>tfw qtpi stalker is where all that mysterious bread comes from

okay man I'll have a go at yours. It will take a while though, if it's not in this thread, post your request in the subsequent drawthread.

>> No.24220586

what kind of universe? modern or cyberpunk?

>> No.24220614

Two Eldar rangers trying to start a camp-fire with one loudly proclaiming YOU SAID THIS WOULD BE FUN!

>> No.24220667

Modern day would be nice!

>> No.24220802

An angel with dark skin and long curly, black hair. His wings bat-like, suggesting he's a fallen angel(or demon, whichever you prefer to call them). He has a total of six wings, one on each of his ankles, two that wrap around his waist, and the biggest pair rests on his back. His armor has taken up a demonic appearance due to his exile. He wields a greatsword and has a shield with the face of a roaring lion on it.

He also wears pic related on his head, covering his eyes.

edgy as fuck but i don't care ;_;

>> No.24220815


>> No.24220962

So for the free rpg threads we sometimes get on here I made a PDF version of Drowning and Falling, a retro D&D parody which only covers those two concepts and nothing else, but it looks a little bare.
I was wondering if I could get some art of D&D characters drowning and/or falling? Red Box or Advanced D&D styling would be awesome, and since Advanced D&D lacks much detail it might be easier. Cover art which is some variant of the attached picture but with more drowning and falling would be the dream, but it's a bit more detailed and complicated than the little interior art sketches I was looking for.

>> No.24220975

Bumping plox

>> No.24221390

Not the OR but that is cool

>> No.24221404

I tried adding the 2 extra pair of wings but ended up looking like a complete clusterfuck, so sorry if it's not exactly what you wanted.

>> No.24221441


It's no problem, I really like how it turned out!

I also forgot to post the picture of his helmet with the request. Shows how blind I am. It's no big deal though.

>> No.24221442


Human Rogue, lithe, Silvery-gray hair pulled back in a shoulder-length ponytail, clean-shaven and thin face, about 55 years old but pretends to be older. Has a pack filled with your stereotypical low-level adventurer's gear (marbles, a pole, rope, grappling hook, etc.). His belt holds a lot of empty vials and jars, with one containing a small, blue spider. This jar has a cloth lid.

Leather armor, wears a cloak and leans heavily on a quarterstaff to fake advanced age and catch people off-guard. Two daggers at his waist.

Various cuts and nicks from previous adventures, but no major scars.

Please? You would be my favorite person ever.

>> No.24221459 [DELETED] 

Bumping. Also, its should be kinder surprise egg, not kinder surprised egg.

>> No.24221513

Alright, after I'm done with >>24221442

>> No.24221540

You're the best, friend.

>> No.24221543


I'm still hanging around if anyone wants to attempt this. I understand that it wouldn't be the easiest to complete so I would definitely appreciate it.

>> No.24221591

I would like a short, stocky, slightly unattractive guy with a five o'clock shadow, wearing illithid-make armor with pauldrons shaped like brain hemispheres, a helmet like Loki's from the Thor movie, and wielding a brilliant energy bastard sword. IS current BBEG in a campaign I'm running.

>> No.24221612

He means his idea, not the Old Man Rogues.

That's far too silly for my crotchety old man.

>> No.24221630

Oh, and, one or two final little things:

He likes the spider very much, he wants to raise it as a pet and shows it the things he does constantly.

He's also attempting to write a book about his escapades and the things that worked best for him.
>T. Heives' Guide to Traps, Tricks, and Tools of the Trade

>> No.24221642 [DELETED] 

You da best.

>> No.24221694

Do some /tg/ related scenery. I'm tired of character art. Create a scene that has an obvious plot hook that a simple perception or spot check could reveal.
I suggest a dried riverbed in a pine forest. In the middle of the river bed is a small muddy island that has a single tree growing on it. The tree seems to be made of a crystal substance. Its spikey branches reach high into the air and thick roots that twist in geometric angles actually stick out of the base of the island. They are visible because the river is dry.

>> No.24221728

Don't die on me dammit

>> No.24221737

Or a battle field populated only by fallen warriors.
Or something similar to
for the cyberpunk fans.
Or draw the ship(s) your rogue trader commands.
The point is to make the environment or object the focus instead of characters. It's an art challenge.

>> No.24221879


>> No.24222117

I tried to put in as many details as I could but I ran outa space pretty quickly unfortunately.

>> No.24222140

That's... That's awesome, actually. Could have gone for a little bit of a devious smirk, but I also like the "I'm getting too old for this shit" vibe he's throwing off.

Thanks a lot, anon. You're the best.

>> No.24222141

Re-requesting this please? A modern day look would be nice.

>> No.24222317

>''Don't worry ladies.. There's plenty of chin for everyone..''

>> No.24222425


>> No.24222429

A large man wearing a heavy set of armor with a turtle shell-like feature on the back. The man is fairly old looking with an incredibly thick (but well-kept) mustache with straight hair parted at the center, kinda like this.

His weapon is a giant ass hammer.

>> No.24222438


I should also mention he's smug as fuck.

>> No.24222545

Can you try >>24210136
He need not be mounted if you want

>> No.24222649

After dinner.

>> No.24222669 [DELETED] 

Thanks alot man

>> No.24222695

A regal looking catgirl wearing Victorian period clothing, complaining that her corset doesn't fit properly.

>> No.24222698

Sincere thanks

>> No.24222732

Are we allowed to request art of existing characters doing things together, or are these threads OC only?

>> No.24222769

Kay, afte r>>24210136

>> No.24222779


Damn son, thanks. ;_;7

>> No.24222850

I would really like a picture of a blonde, Elfen female, looking older but not too old (like human 30-40 years old).

She is for a setting set in the modern world, except there's Elfs and magic and dwarves and stuff.

I would like for her to be wearing skirt over jeans, and long sleeved dark bluish t-shirt.

Thank you in advance.
I hope my request isn't too challenging.

(I hope I am doing this right)

>> No.24222871

Oh, and she has a sword. I'd like for it to be sheathed. The handle should be decorated, but, I understand if you don't feel like adding all the details.

>> No.24223170

Can i get a picture of a male Drow Artificer with a pair of goggles sitting on his head and fist pumping? On the fist that is doing the pumping it would be cool if it had a metal gauntlet that looks like it would fit a large character. The gauntlet isnt all that necessary but it would be cool if it were included. Or just a drow artificer doing something cool. Im not all that picky. The pic is the only thing i can find and its not exactly what im looking for.

>> No.24223250 [DELETED] 

OR here, many thanks!

>> No.24223380

Eeeeeeeeeeeee! You have just made my week!

>> No.24223405

Is this thread still kicking?
If so, I would like to request a half-farspawn girl. She's dressed in clerical robes, and the twin tentacles on her back, along with the one coming form where a tail would normally be, are holding fliers. She has two pair of eyes, an insect-like carapace, no nose, and a chipper personality as she asks folks around them if they've "Destroyed a part of existence" today.

>> No.24223461

And now to do this one >>24210136.

>> No.24223491


>> No.24223521


Oh gosh this is great. Thanks a million dude!

>> No.24223528

my boners...

>> No.24223550

Those accusing eyes.
>What are you doing to me, you monster?!

>> No.24223570


Bumping for this.

>> No.24223955


>> No.24224047

Can I get a picture of a Xenomorph happily eating an ice cream cone? Just something kinda cute and goofy for a friend.

>> No.24224306

Don't you die on me thread.

>> No.24224522

God I'm horribad at horses....

>> No.24224648


Thank you

>> No.24224872


>> No.24225102


>> No.24225404

Alright I'll try to give it a whirl before I go to bed.

>> No.24226323

Far from my best but hope you like.

>> No.24226686

I should like to request a rabbit with a bazooka resting on its shoulder, wearing a knights helm with the visor up, smoking a cigar.

That which haunts my dreams must have form.


>> No.24226771


>> No.24226820

Can I get an assassin of sorts? Think tall and slim, yet not weak. I use the imagery of an old, worn, hardwood staff. There might be a slight beard, a longer, kind of hooked nose reminiscent of an eagle's beak. His eyes should be covered by the shadow of his hood - well, the head of the dark wolf pelt that he wears, anyway. He uses two long knives in battle as well as a crossbow. How you want to incorporate these drawings is up to you.

The rest of his clothing is either leather armor or mostly leather armor with a chainmail tunic.

Thank you, and no problem if this isn't something you'd like to draw.

>> No.24226963

Girl with a bob cut and an eye patch, missing one leg, sitting in a wheel chair.

She looks angry, and is yelling "Don't MAKE me get out of this chair!" as a warning.

>> No.24226989

Stop making requests I can't possibly refuse!

>> No.24227046

I'd like to request a twenty year-old female human in long, flowing robes, making a fist with magic energy emanating from it, and a long white ponytail. She's actually a dragon, but she likes to go around in human form a lot - I can't think of a way to make it clear in human form what she really is aside from dressing up like a dragon, which is dumb.

>> No.24227082

A human paladin with a bombing poisoning kobold alchemist in a baby carrier

>> No.24227176

Could you draw an kobold druid standing on the back of a tiger? The cuter the better.

>> No.24227210

rebump for this

>> No.24227252

I fucking love so much annon!

>> No.24227656


>> No.24227678

Last bump for this please, a modern look for it would be good.

>> No.24227694

Requesting a big heavily armoured juggernauty knight w/ full helm with a big mantle-like cloak. he wields a large hammer.

>> No.24227850

I thought another drawfag (>>24220586) called dibbs on your request, I don't wanna steal anyone's thunder here.

>> No.24227889



>> No.24227895

Rush Sykes

A Halfling Rogue type. He takes everything to the extreme. His personality is that of Ace Ventura. He’s wacky and goofy, yet he still makes sure to get the job done. He was not always a happy person, he used to be a ruthless Assassin but has since given up that life style in favor of his current more silly one. Now he’s always grinning ear to ear.

He has medium length white hair with various blue and purple streaks throughout. He loosely wears a newsboy cap. He’s got a brown coat that hangs to his shins; under it he wears a Victorian suit and vest combo. He wears pants that are slightly too large, almost like parachute pants, they are a bright red color with black stripes on them vertically. He wears thick brown adventurer boots with a large gold buckle on each. On his back he has a backpack that doubles as a parachute, as he tends to find himself skydiving more than usual; which is why he also wears goggles. Across his chest he wears a bandolier of small pouches. He has fingerless gloves, that have arcane markings on the palms, because they are gloves of storing.

>> No.24227932

I'll like lewdanon to do it, all the other characters have been done by him, so everything looks sorta uniform. If you are Lewdanon, then great! Please look into it if you have time.

>> No.24227959


>> No.24227972

aaaand I'm a retard. Here's the image

>> No.24227988


>> No.24228114

I'd love a picture of an elf chick with scruffy dark hair, wearing plain robes and reading a tome with an intense look on her face.

Thank you in advance!

>> No.24228351


You should give other people a chance though, you can never know on /tg/....

>> No.24228374

big-head disease
you gotta solve that.

>> No.24228386

True that, I'll like you to do the character art though, it fits in with all the others and we all like it. Thanks again thought! Another happy player and another happy ST, all thanks to you!

>> No.24228439

This guy, except he's got a sword, not a mace.

>> No.24228503

Meh... With fast doodles I tend to focus mainly on the faces, hence why I probably exagerate the heads.

I would even go so far as to say that with quick chibi-ish pin-up it's sorta on purpose even.

I'm definitely not un-aware of it but thanks for the heads-up anyhow.

>> No.24228559

Lewdanon, do you have time for one or two more? Once these are done, all my players will have art to their characters and then we can all get back to requesting silly and lewd things. Also, email is up in hope of some sort of correspondence!

>> No.24228747

This woman looking at a young warrior in full plate armor like he said something impossibly stupid enough to give her brain cancer.
A withering, wordless stare of insulted intelligence.
He would look intimidated and insecure, even though he stands far taller.

>> No.24228774

Maybe tomorrow. I'm too tired to conjure up anything decent at this moment anyway.

>> No.24228825

Aha, okay then. Sleep well and thanks again!

>> No.24228903

You are a great drawfriend.
But why are your pictures always that small?

>> No.24229109


>> No.24229150

Most of them are actually more or less on scale, with pencil and paper drawings you can't really upscale anything without making it utter gritty unfortunately.

>> No.24229519


>> No.24229561

Bumping cause the request is still on the table.
If not Grey Knights, perhaps Space Marines (Imperial Fists or Blood Ravens chapters)?

>> No.24230225

Bumping this.

>> No.24230289

Requesting a princess putting cat ears on a small dragon.

The dragon looks happy.

>> No.24230641

Bunping with request.

>> No.24230957

Ooo, this sounds fun. I wish I could draw ;_;

>> No.24232631


>> No.24233942

draw the muthafuckin' Elric of Melniboné

>> No.24234801

Artist still around in this thread?

>> No.24234856

And now, the death of jaws, badly dubbed in hindi for no reason!


>> No.24235111

shamefull self bump

>> No.24235602


>> No.24236664

The heir to a deposed throne in a pseudo-1900s setting, a fifteen year old girl with over-elaborate silver hair and blue eyes.

>> No.24237219

Bumping for this.

>> No.24237394

Here ya go

>> No.24237402

a pair of half orc brothers encased in full plate with wolf hide cloaks, they got full helmets with their horns sweeping backwards, one has a greataxe the other a greatsword

>> No.24237612

you almost always make smiles segmented. It's a valid stylization in some situations, but usually, especially on female or childish characters, it gives off a creepy reptilian vibe. Be careful about that.

>> No.24237636

Still interested in this.

>> No.24237770

So true, I suppose it doesn't bother me as much as it does other people but I do understand why it would look really off in some cases.

What can I say? I'm just too big a fan of Amelius's work.

>> No.24237796

I love creepy and reptilian.

>> No.24237820

Hey Lewd, can you try your hand at a modern day catgirl, dressed rather conservatively? Bonus points if she's hugging a fat and grumpy tabby cat.

>> No.24239332

An axolotl in a wizard robe and hat

>> No.24239959

Someone got this for you if you didnt see it.

>> No.24239988


>> No.24240602

someone kept requesting their adventuring party, but once I posted it for him this came up. Hoping they get it.

>> No.24240620


>> No.24240643

That's an awesome picture. Feel like drawing another adventuring party?

>> No.24240720

not i said the fly.
I'm not a drawfriend, I just aided anon in posting his request in every. single. drawthread. until this was returned.
original related

>> No.24240743

Gotcha. I'll try some other time then.

>> No.24240859

He's Indian. India's mostly forest.

>> No.24242848

Thanks so much!

>> No.24243767

this guy throwing a javelin please. will dump character creations if you do.

>> No.24243912

I'd like to request my Female Oread Monk from the Pathfinder setting. (Oreads are humans with earth elemental ancestry.)

She's a strong, athletic woman with a decent amount of muscle tone on her, a long braid of obsidian black hair running down her back, marble white skin and emerald green eyes.

Her attire is Vudrani (Indian-Indonesian) in design, cut to show off her sculpted arms and abs - her upper arms and abdomen are also embedded with a few crimson fleshgems.

>> No.24245420 [DELETED] 

A 28-year-old man--white, brown-haired, a little scruffy, with eight years of fighting showing on his face--and a younger man--very handsome, Hispanic, clean-shaven, although somewhat rat-like in his features--fist-bump each other in triumph with cans of soda in their hands and grease stains all over their clothes as a tiny motor on a table putters away, amidst wires, nuts and bolts, and bent wrenches.

>> No.24246447

An unkempt, long shaggy haired half-elf in tattered robes doing the 'alas poor Yorrick' with a skull he's dug up.

>> No.24248376 [DELETED] 

Original requester here, fucking awesome job.

Thanks man !

>> No.24248399

Original requester here, fucking awesome job.

Thanks man !

>> No.24249909

Are all the drawfriends asleep now?

>> No.24250818

Bump. Let's revive this thread.

>> No.24250836


>> No.24250863

Last bump.

>> No.24250921

>bumping a thread minutes apart
This isnt /b/, threads last longer than 2 seconds unattended.

>> No.24250954

Draw a silver dragon in a french maid outfit swerving Sunny D to Pelor, the sun god.

>> No.24250971

Can someone draw a dragon holding a dragon dildo with an inquisitive expression?

>> No.24252286

Requesting a hound archon wearing a white coat and sunglasses.

>> No.24253136

One of my players indoctrinated a bunch of goblins into the church of Pelor during this game, and now there is a running joke that several years later a goblin inquisition tries to take over the world.

Any chance I could get a picture I can use for the goblin inquisition of Pelor? Maybe of the merciful paladin that spared their ancestors and showed them the light?

>> No.24254816

I too would like to request this.

>> No.24256099


>> No.24259099


>> No.24259144

Bumping again.

>> No.24259178

Draw thread?

OK. I tried on /b/ for 4 hours.....

Basically, I would like Shadowsun peeking from behind/in/out of a bush at some Imperial Guardsmen. While a Riptide and it's drones try to hide with her. With the IG going "I swear I saw something....."

If you're still there.

>> No.24260565

this guy got turned into a succubus
can someone draw that?

>> No.24260717

I would like a russian medieval soldier wielding a repetition crossbow designer as a AK-47 while shotting kneeling, with a shield on the back and a sword on the belt

>> No.24260729

>Spiky haired young man wearing a breastplate and hefting a heavy crossbow in his hands. Wearing a monocle.
I like simple descriptions. It makes me worry less about being precise. Hope you like it.

>> No.24260782

Can I ask for a big orc farmer pushing a cart full of potatoes or something like that and a little half orc child on top? don't forget the strawhat and an apron witn flovers.

>> No.24260791

flowers I mean

>> No.24260813

How about a small child holding up a group of adventurers with one of the wizards wands?

>> No.24260994


>> No.24261103


>> No.24261277


>> No.24261344


>> No.24261434

>I would like a russian medieval soldier wielding a repetition crossbow designer as a AK-47 while shotting kneeling, with a shield on the back and a sword on the belt
I'm assuming the armor you pictured is Russian medieval armor so I just used that. As for the crossbow, I just used an AK-47 frame, added a magazine that looks like it uses crossbow bolts and a bow with string. But in true Russian style, he's leaning with the weapon Spetsnaz style. Hope you like it.

>> No.24261453


>> No.24261462

I'd like to request a female human necromancer wearing bone armor. She has two zombie minions and a bear skeleton (optional).

>> No.24261464

love it, thanks bro

>> No.24261491


>> No.24261598

Please don't ask why I decided to accept this of all requests....

>> No.24261623

Draw a diapered Macha posing seductively.

>> No.24261647


>> No.24261650


>> No.24261699

If you don't, I will! and I'll post it all over /tg/!

>> No.24261757


>> No.24261762

OK. New request: A band of Orks with a looted gundam

>> No.24261787

what does a bear skeleton even look like?

>> No.24261789

Dis whatcha wanted, baws?

>> No.24261817

I 'ate it wen ya shatter me dreamz....

>> No.24261881


>> No.24261910

that is amusing.

>> No.24261925

She just keeps collecting more minions, and that was one of the things we fought. Thanks for the pic!!

>> No.24262004

shameless self-bump

>> No.24262006


Thank you.

How about Macha posing seductively, without any diapers or obvious fetishes involved?

>> No.24262050

Can we at least have something sliightly exotic, like an 80s aerobics outfit

>> No.24262075

how about wearing a gasmask and a suit of chainmail wielding a two handed purple dildo?

>> No.24262091


How about a Synskin suit? The kind various Temple Assassins wear.

>> No.24262102


I just imagined as a Dark Souls/Saints Row the Third crossover. Oh God what the fuck.

>> No.24262103

No, you might as well draw her naked. It's pretty boring.

>> No.24262154


Personally, I'm okay with that, though it is a worksafe board.

Fine then, you want exotic? Draw Macha looking seductive while dressed like Lady Gaga.

>> No.24262181

but that's a contradiction

>> No.24262193

no you see if it was dark souls she would be wearing onion plate mail and holding a dragons penisbone + 10

>> No.24262267


That's where the "crossover" part comes in. There's a giant purple Dildobat in Saint's Row the Third. It's probably a Lightning Penetrator +5 used with the Mask of the Pimp and Dark Wood Grain Ring.

>> No.24262292

As much as I'd like to, I don't wanna give the diapertrolls another excuse to get a thread downvoted with their silly fetishes.

>> No.24262313


>> No.24262317


True enough. There's other boards to post such things on, but they're, well, not here, so that rather rules them out.

>> No.24262348

Synskin suits are amazing. If you feel like it and have nothing else to draw, please look into it.

>> No.24262375

A male Dragonborn (kinda like the pic) fighter riding a spidergirl sorcerer as a warhorse.

Our D&D group is silly.

>> No.24262416


Is the spidergirl a Widow?

>> No.24262431

An anorexic, ugly, scar-covered young human woman leaning onto a staff to support her own weight, face and hairs half burned away, and two bulky shadows standing tall at her sides, guarding her.

>> No.24262474

A noise space marine with a tentacle near his penis, sitting on a massive chair, reading some book, under a light of a living flesh-like torchier, mounted on his shoulder.

>> No.24262496


This is the pog we used. Describes her well enough. Also, the Dragonborn and the Spiderling are good buddies, the spider is quite young and playful while the dragonborn a bit of a simple-minded idiot.

>> No.24262544

A dhmapir (think castlevania's alucard) barbarian with long dreadlocks tied back, a naturehobo beard and animal hides as armor.
Bonus points if he's wielding a woodcutting axe and has a horse in the background.

>> No.24262647

>I'd like to request a female human necromancer wearing bone armor. She has two zombie minions and a bear skeleton (optional).
My hand got tired after drawing the bear skeleton, so no zombies. I did like designing the bone armor though, and as some already know, I love drawing women in revealing clothing. Enjoy.

>> No.24262865

It would be awesome if someone could draw a Dwarf Barbarian. He was raised by humans, and so he resembles a Human Barbarian in every way except for his build.

He wields a vicious looking greataxe that, whenever he uses it, fills him with an unnatural glee and joy.

It's up to the artist, but any depiction of him about to attack something with an expression of absolute ecstasy would be awesome. Thanks!

>> No.24263506

I know, I just wanted him to hold his sword instead.


>> No.24263527

Wow! Thank you! I did not expect two responses to this.

>> No.24263865

>a 30y old woman with mirror-like skin and 3 pairs of black unblinking spider eyes (2nd pair is on the forehead, quite small, 3rd pair is on her cheeks close to the ears). Long white hair, does not smile, nose and lips are barely there
I felt a portrait would be the best for this type of character. Coming up with an expression and an appropriate post was challenging though. Can't say this is my best work but I hope you like it anyway.

>> No.24264027


>> No.24264075

Nice one! Thanks!

captcha: ngural furrounded
appropriate, given what he's wearing

>> No.24264183

So, tangently related, Dark Souls 2 is having a shield design contest. Is anyone planning on making any entries?

>> No.24265082

wow, this looks awesome, thanks a lot!

>> No.24265447

A pair of Tremere, carrying a ladder over their shoulders, skipping. In a Chibi art style. It's one of "those" games.

>> No.24265547

sorry, forgot to mention, one Tremere is a male, another is female. The male has short brown hair, the female long black hair. The ladder can have a smiley face because my Tremere can talk to it. Thanks in advance!

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