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Genghiz Khan and the Mongols proved to history that at one point, a group of warrior people will, one day, decide to fuck whatever it was they are doing and try to take over the whole damn world and nearly succeed in doing it.

This also means that somewhere out there in the infinite black of space, there is probably a group of space nomads with the same idea in mind, conquering whole planetary civilizations and crushing them underneath their....primary limb/organ/means of movement & transportation

For all we care, they could be on their way here

And that scares me.

Anyway, can we have a spaceship threads? Preferably pictures of fleets, vast fleets.

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>And that scares me.

If they act like mongols, then Im pumped up actually. This planet will most likely surrender after a display of their might, after which they would submit.

And if they be empire builders, they'll dump us with their tech, with their knowhow, they'll take us into the stars, and we'll be part of a grand new adventure, with some of us fighting on their behalf as auxiliaries or something.

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What if it turns out we're the space equivalent of the Teutons, and the Mongols will break against us like waves upon a rock?

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Why would an alien mind think in the same patterns as us? Why would they need to posses the same tock of emotion and instincts? Mankind doesn't want aliens, they want mirrors.

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Hardly. We can't get off this planet and they've been crushing hundreds.

At best we would be space vietnam.

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The Mongol Empire wasn't bad. They offered a chance to surrender and join them before attacking them, and most of the time they would just circle non-surrendering towns until they ran out of supplies or surrendered. They allowed freedom of religion and weren't tyrants. l2history

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This. They have technology that allows for space travel, space warfare and advanced weaponry. What do we have? Nukes, projectile-based weaponry, and rockets that can travel to the moon. We have no chance if they decide to use orbital bombardment.

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Von Neumann Berserkers probes. THE HORROR, THE HORROR.

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They raped, pillaged, and burned. Everyone who did not join them were systematically slaughtered. They ruled China with an iron fist. You l2history.

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Just like the Romans, Alexander the Great or any succesful Empire in history. Great empires are not maintained by timidity.

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i'm not sure if i want to be conquered by anyone, regardless of whether they are tyrants or not

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Better to be conquered and live in middle tiranny and maybe grow afterwards than just have the planet explode

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How would a nomadic culture develop the technology necessary to travel the stars?

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Yeah except now imagine Mongols that have explored the entire world, don't die, don't want, play WoW all the time are phenomenally wealthy but also would require bankrupting their little Empire by trying to invade another solar system.

Do you still think they'd invade us?

They'd all tell Space Genghis to plug back into the Matrix and do some more science instead of fantasising about killing apes.

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By running away from a Grey Goo.

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>pictures of fleets, vast fleets.
fleets you say?

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Jesus fuck, if English isn't your first language just use babelfish or something.

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And those space nomads might as well be us.

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I used "space nomads" loosely.

Referring to "extremely expansionist warlike alien beings."

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I look above the stars are bright

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Perhaps they developed the technology first, or have simply inherited the technology from another race. They could have the mentality of pre-space nomads because that is exactly what they were before they were captured by alien slavers.

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all I got and that bothers me

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So here's a question.
Say tomorrow we spot a couple of ships in solar orbit. They've come from a civilization a couple of stars over, who have just begun reaching out to systems beyond their own.
They're here to wreck our shit and take over our sweet, sweet habitable biosphere.

What defenses COULD we muster, if not immediately, then within a couple of months using current technology?

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Hell no. If it was us, once our colonies developed into full fledged non-earth human civilizations. one day the Planet of X will declare taxation from earth unlawful, declare independence, and commence revolution.

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Provided they don't have shields and super armor, just nuke them.

Problem solved.

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We could start putting nuclear warheads on rockets actually capable of reaching escape velocity. Beyond that, I don't think there's much we could do to threaten real starships.

An important question is what the characteristics of the ships are, especially what they are armed with.

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Nothing, because a smart alien will colonize the solar system first leaving us with NOTHING.

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mongols were barbarians who luckily happened upon foreigners when they were weak and only retarded humanity's advancement.

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Enjoy asteroid bombardment.

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...Guys, no

No, guys

Guys the Comet Empire is THE OTHER WAY

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What if it's their warlike religion and our self destructive ways would trigger a "THEY SHOW NO FEAR, 10/10 WORTHY OPPONENT. OPEN FIRE" reaction.

And we disappointed them?

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Mercy kill

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To: Human organization known as NASA

You have thirty (30) Earth days from receipt of this message to remove the following offending items from the Official Controlled Territory termed "Mars."

Offending items:

Five (5) drone mechanisms capable of ground movement.

Two (2) drone mechanisms capable of air movement.

One (1) flag.

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Well, back in the '70s or '80s, some scientists figured out how to build a giant "FUCK YOU ORBITAL OBJECT" gun. I can't remember the exact method, but basically, you
Dig a fuckoff big cylindrical hole and line the sides with concrete.
Put the biggest fucking nuke you have at the bottom.
Fill the hole with a carefully measured amount of water.
Cap the whole fucker with a solid copper plate.
Detonate that fucker.
When the nuke goes off the rapid expansion propels the copper cap, but that's not all. The intense heat instantly vaporizes the water, which ALSO expands, and propels the cap even faster.
The cap goes flying straight out obscenely fucking fast.
Anything it hits, is FUCKED.
And once it breaks Earth's gravity, well, Sir Isaac Newton IS the deadliest sonuvabitch in space.

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I'm pretty sure we don't have a flag on Mars.
Unless that's the xenos equipment you're talking about it.

That'd be pretty interesting, actually.
>Oh, you wanted to retain your species' rights to this planet? You'll have to come over and refute our claim IN PERSON, pinkskin.

And then NASA wakes up to find its rovers sitting on blocks with their rims missing.

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>And then NASA wakes up to find its rovers sitting on blocks with their rims missing.
I thought they were Space MONGOLS not Space Mexicans.

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Mongolia is Russian Mexico No. 2

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It was more of a "fuck you, whadd'ya gonna do about it" gesture than anything.

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What I don't understand with the OPs scenario is, why is it that we're always the ones getting fucked?

Why can't we be the ones to get FTL travel and go out there to claim planets? What if humans aren't the squishy meat piles that we think we are and we're actually the strongest, hardiest beings in the galaxy


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As far as I know, there are no aircraft on Mars either. This would take place in the future.

It also raises the question of what would happen if there were astronauts on Mars and no one came to pick them up within 30 days.

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Humanity Fuck Yeah ensues.

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Mongolians are the same, except they got their shit together but retained their mexican ways.

hence that empire that quickly collapsed

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We have HFY threads all the time that address this and other similar questions.

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Nukes wont work the same way is space as it requires air for a shockwave and the EMP is easily defended against if they have the technology to travel through space. Our best bet is the steam powered gun that >>24206265

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The problem with HFY is that it always fails to make a compelling story where this just happens to be true. It's always ALL ABOUT HOW WE DA BEST!
For example, what if we're the strongest, the hardiest, but also kinda morons by the galactic standard. Or we go full Krogan and get slapped down, then slowly die out.

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how silly, nothing can travel faster then the speed of light and the galaxy is so huge the probability of something stumbling upon us is extremely small.

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>implying the shit ton of heat generated by a nuclear explosion ( fission or fusion ) wouldn't be enough to fuck shit up

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It's true that nukes will have to get closer to damage targets, but the benefit of using a nuclear-armed rocket is that it can be much more easily aimed and it can maneuver. The nuclear steam cannon requires that the target be present within a very small window at a specific time, because it is built into the Earth.

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I thought about a making setting where humans are one one of the races considered a "martial race". Where we are at best mediocre engineers, diplomats and artists. But we are good soldiers and use our inferior military tech in a practical manner
Example: One race will spend huge amounts of time and resources building elegant, advanced mechs. Humans build a tracked tank for a fraction of the cost and none of the disadvantages of legs.

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>he doesn't know about warp fields

Sure, the object can't travel ftl but the space around it can. NASA is working on it currently.

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in my setting the humans struck it rich via rare minerals that turn out to be abundant in our asteroid belt and bought their way into the galactic economy.

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If they have active defense then a missile makes a far easier target than a solid copper slug, odd are we could never score a direct hit. (We could always get Will smith and Jeff Goldblum to hack their computers with a laptop though)

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Remember that virus face gif that laughed?

That was kinda cool

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You don't get it.

Those hordes upon hordes of brutal savages?

They're still figuring out how to launch themselves into space. Right now they've got no better idea than strapping explosives to tubes and hurling themselves into space.

It's us. We're the space Mongolians

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>iron fist
like ...opening for religious freedom and revising laws?

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Breen plz go

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The Mongols were actually cool guys.

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HOMEWORLD, FUCK YEAR, the only spacefleets I'll ever accept!

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Make them a race of supersoldiers cyborgs who become the dominant class of their previously sedentary and centralized society.

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And the exception to every fucking rule

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Well, let's look at it like this. They have vastly superior technology. We have vastly superior local logistics.

However, the smart thing for them to do would be to strap a couple of interstellar engines on a rocketship or asteroid and shoot it at earth at a significant fraction of the speed of light. An impact strong enough to do major damage to earth and destroy human civilization, but not enough to render earth uninhabitable. Then xenoform the planet by seeding alien life on the ashes, which might potentially outcompete earth based life.

We MIGHT be able to deflect an attack like that with a missile, but we aren't prepared for it. We could potentially throw a lot together in a few months, though. The secret to our success would be sheer numbers - a LOT of missiles fired at the target rather than just one. Even if almost all fail, just one knocking it off course could save us.

Overall they'd have orbital superiority and a war between us would wreck the earth either way. But we can potentially win in the same manner than primitive people have kicked out superior civilizations before. We simply make it too costly for them to stay.

This assumes their understanding of science is similar to ours but just more advanced, and that they simply have a greater logistical base.

Assuming we survived, we'd have a wrecked earth no matter what. And we'd have a deadly fight on our hands when the NEXT fleet came. We'd probably have to defeat them a few times to win. But the positive is that we can probably reverse-engineer their stuff since science isn't magic and we understand basic scientific principles. We'd have to build the tools to build the tools, but if a large enough infrastructure remained, we might be able to survive.

Odds would be against us though. We'd almost certainly be facing computerized drone xenoforming ships, and in a worst case scenario they'd make manufacturing plants on the uninhabited rocky worlds in the solar system. Bad news.

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Better hope you're not caught in the 'display of might' radius.

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oh dog yes

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Does this mean I get a spaceship that me and my redneck family can raid with?

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In reality i think Interstellar war would be way to costly. The only time it would make sense to attack an industrialized society capable of defending itself is if they desperately needed a new planet and ours was the only one. Otherwise they would just pick somewhere without organized resistance.

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1. The aliens are hostile due to religious reason and aim to wipe us or all life on earth for being 'inferior'.

2. The aliens are so advance that they see no reason to interact with primitives.

3. The aliens find cause to interact with us, a parent-child relationship is made. Some humans fight it, some worship them as gods, others see them as equals. The smartest understand neither of those are true.

4. We don't meet but are able to exchange information. After decades of translations it is shown that the message is a means to develop instant communication using quontom entanglement. We become intergalactic pen pals.

5. The aliens did create us and humanity has this awkward moment where all theist religions are wrong. A backlash is had but the aliens understand.
-They can either wipe us out to start anew
-Rebuild us and return next time to start the process all over again
-Elevate our technological and physiological lives, bring a new era

6. They are gods. Lovecraft was right. There is no salvation but ignorance. Beings beyond our range our senses "live" without remorse or care for humanity.

7. They were here and have interacted with Earth governments. They (Earthgov or alien) decided to either wait till humanity is ready (conscientiously) for aliens or a decision was made to never interact.

8. The aliens never come, humanity finds new life but only as fungus or bacterial. The search for intelligent life is our quest.

9. We are alone in this corner of the universe, it's a cruel cosmic joke.

10. We are alone. We create new life and become gods.

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In all reality, this is probably highly unrealistic. New looks at the galaxy around us shows that we aren't as unique as we'd probably like. There seem to be planets around almost every star out there, and most are made of the same stuff ours are. There don't seem to be many planets that could be called "earthlike" and if the chemistry is off on those worlds, life might not emerge. But nothing renders those worlds impossible to terraform.

We can't compare ourselves to aliens, but only to other humans. We have to assume roughly similar biospheres for alien life and similar science.

But we can compare humans to other life on earth. We have intelligence, but by default aliens will too. Our other big advantage is our endurance. We're one of the most versatile and enduring creatures on earth. Aliens will probably also be generalists, but whatever advantages they have, their endurance is likely to be lower.

However we're unlikely to actually face living aliens. Assuming FTL is impossible, then the travel time would be impractical for us meatbags.

The most intelligent approach would be to use a two-tiered system of self replicating robot drones. Send out a wave of scouts, which see if a system is suitable for habitation. Build a communications network - light moves faster than any of the rest of us, after all. Then have the scout drones build drones to start xenoforming the systems. The people come in on ships to fully xenoformed systems.

So we'd probably never actually face the actual aliens, but would instead fight their machines. Their logistical advantage would be practically insurmountable.

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That's just it though. They don't lose anything, really. We'd be facing more of an x-com scenario without the gradual buildup of forces. A drone comes in, builds a factory on mars that builds soldiers, and continuously tries to bomb the earth with high c rockets or rocks.

They don't actually have to FIGHT with us, just defend themselves and throw shit at us until we crumble.

The reason would be resources. People don't ever stop growing or wanting more. When we spread out into the solar system we'll exploit the vast gas reserves of Jupiter, the metals of the moon and the oceans of natural gas on Titan. We'll consume every last bit of it and CONTINUE to expand. We'll turn it into ships, burn it to generate fuel. We'll just keep going and expanding.

And our growth isn't linear, it's exponential. Once we hit the second growth phase (industrialization of space) we'll start to consume our solar system and everything around it.

So it isn't just about claiming resources, it's also about offing a potential competitor.

Not that we're LIKELY to meet. There are a lot of unclaimed solar systems out there, and a LOT of stars. We're probably good for at least a few hundred thousand years or so before we actually even meet someone.

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you defiantly have a point I was mainly using it as a way for terrans to get their foot in the door. The massive influx of wealth allowed them to purchase alien tech and spread throughout the galaxy via wealthy and influential mining and industrial corporations. its still a work in progress

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No way would they bother to fight us over resources. There's way to much out there to expend any effort fighting for it. They only thing we have that they could possibly want is a livable planet.

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>Commander Knark, the reef people of the water planet known as Humanity has been analysed!
>They are veritable savages, throwing metal at each other! Not a single energy weapon in sight!
>Hah! pathetic.
>....wait, no energy weapons? then there is no point having the shields up.
>Not really and...wait, they seem to have launched big hunks of metal our way
>And shields only stop energy weapons anyways...
>I'm starting to wonder if this was a good idea...

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The Mongols after they established there Empire were cool guys, but that's less to do with them being Mongols and more to do with them adopting local customs.

Genghis Khan was a brutal monster who slaughtered and raped his way across the continent. To deny this is ridiculous.

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There's a LOT out there, yes. But a lot for a civilization on our level, for the duration of our short lifetimes. Assume you manage to defeat aging. You don't die of old age, EVER. And children keep being born. You can always take more resources. You're almost post-scarcity, limited only by the resources of your solar system.

A population like that would grow at a frightening pace. In a few thousand years they might consume an entire solar system. And it takes a few thousand years just to move between solar systems.

Stop and consider that. A population like that would be perpetually hungry for resources. Booming whenever they gain more, living hungry for an eon, only to find more and consume it as well.

They would rapidly devour any planets around any star even remotely near them just to sustain themselves and their growth.

And defeating aging isn't as hard as you'd think - we're going to do it eventually. Probably within a century or two. A race of immortals that just kept reproducing would just keep growing and growing until they consumed the galaxy. We might like to think a race would be more wise, but are we? No.

They would live on a scale that puts shame to our wildest sci-fi.

>> No.24207470

Anyone got any good pics that could represent an archaeotech Grand Cruiser from Rogue Trader?

>> No.24207481

The limiting factor would be living space and food production. Likely, only a handful of planets in the entire galaxy would be able to produce food as well as support populations. And you fail to grasp just how big space is. There are more solar systems out there than we can comprehend. And the time it would take to burn through a planets resources, even using hundred of times our capacity would take centuries. They only scarce fuel sources would be fossil fuels.

>> No.24207498

by that point we could probably terraform the shit outta everything

>> No.24207520

On the other hand, child birthing may slow to a stop as society advances and becomes more interested in long term plans, or perhaps becoming immortal makes you barren or the best method is digitizing your brain and sending it out in a machine body to explore the universe while your biobody sits in stasis for eons.

>> No.24207532

Most planets are really beyond hope. Only some, like mars could an effort ever be made.

>> No.24207594

Why do you need planets to produce food or support populations?

>> No.24207651

Because space stations are impracticable for supporting much more than a few thousand. Odds are, once we started to take up to much space on colonies we would stop making so many children rather than spend all the time building space stations.

>> No.24207668

*impractical. Fucking spellcheck.

>> No.24207729


Since no humans have ever been immortal, it's not really possible to tell how people will behave if we defeat death. I agree that we likely will, if we don't destroy ourselves first, but its not necessarily certain that we'll spread across the stars like a horde of locusts.

Particularly given the span of time required to reach new stars, I suspect it is entirely possible that the new immortals might view a new generation as a threatening thing.

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>Right now they've got no better idea than strapping explosives to tubes and hurling themselves into space.
>yfw this runs on the same physics as the EM drive and quantum ramjet
>yfw reactionless engines could well be a real thing

>> No.24207896

Even if we don't, can you guarantee no one else will?

And if someone else will, what option do we have but to do the same to defend ourselves?

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Somehow I don't think we're talking about Mongols anymore.

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What if an alien race come to earth with a fuck huge fleet, starts shit with us somehow, then just ONE ship (another alien) comes and blows that whole fleet to hell and back then just leave without saying anything?

>> No.24208173


You seem to have misunderstood; I am neither arguing for nor against your point. I am merely positing that the outcome you state as if it were inevitable is by no means certain to occur.

As I speculated initially, I doubt there is any real way to tell how people's priorities might change if the future "pans out," so to speak, and as such speculating on what the may or may not do seems futile. And if things don't turn out so well, well, its all academic then isn't it?

>> No.24208176

Side note: I hate the nids precisely because they're so implausible as a species.

>> No.24208187

we know someone's looking out for us.

then we salvage the fuck out of it all

>> No.24208270

You have to assume the worst case scenario and prepare for it. You have to be able to prepare to win the war of logistics and survive if we end up facing something from outside.

Yes, it's pessimistic. Yes, we may not even have a chance. But we DEFINITELY won't have a chance if we don't prepare. And our chance will be lessened if we assume anything other than a worst-case scenario.

>> No.24208322

The entire world collectively shits themselves, argues about whether to try contacting our rescuer because if it isn't a friend and instead just really didn't like the other guys more than us, it would be bad to show up as a blip on the radar. Either way, we try to salvage the wreckage as best we can, causing international strife as some are worried super alien tech would fall to enemies or that they would be betrayed.

We'd probably be fine if it was limited to the western or first world countries, but if a developing country grabs some super science tech stuff everyone's going to freak.

>> No.24208388

most (like Iran, NK or burma) wouldn't know what to do with it. And Russia and China may be rivals of the west, but they aren't insane war mongers.

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Of course China and Russia would probably be fine, but what I mean is that your first examples, Iran, North Korea, and Burma, would have a lot of nations getting worried simply because they have stuff. While you're probably right that they won't be able to do really do anything with the stuff, it's the simple fact that they have stuff that I assume would be cause for a number of countries to try to step in and get the stuff.

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>all I know from physics I learned from star trek and history channel
>not casually researching about space exploration
>not knowing about warp fields

>> No.24214269

What if
what if we put another nuke inside the lead bullet
and then we detonate that once it's in space?
Space bouncing betty? Space shotgun?

>> No.24214413

Mongols knew what they were doing.

We don't

We're "space kids paddling in the shallow part of the pool."

>> No.24214433

That has neither the effectiveness of the slugs nor the accuracy of the nukes.

0/10 would not kill alien scum with.

>> No.24214448

Compared to what other space civilizations?

>> No.24214567

Okay, then what if we make these stuff in arrays? So instead of a sniper shot aimed at them, it's a metal storm?
And obviously we make em all over the globe, and in the ocean if necessary, to get almost max coverage.

>> No.24214628

That was actually already the plan with the slugs in a documentary i watched. It was concluded that despite technological differences our ability to defend ourselves on the ground made it necessary for the aliens to remain in orbit and use biological weapons.

>> No.24215227


Good, I have a giantess fetish

>> No.24216481

>Because space stations are impracticable for supporting much more than a few thousand.

Not really. *Individual* stations with designs like an O'Neill cylinder or Stanford torus can each support a few tens of thousands. We have an asteroid belt that adds up to about an entire planet worth of material, so it's not like we'd run out of material quickly. And the stations don't need to be positioned in the Earth-moon system - clumps of them can orbit each other, and the clump orbits the sun, which means we've got the entire Goldilocks zone to work with.

> Odds are, once we started to take up to much space on colonies we would stop making so many children rather than spend all the time building space stations.

The actual global population trend is that we're going to level off somewhere around 9-11 billion within the next few decades, and then contract sharply in the few after that. Basically, reality drifted pretty far away from older science fiction scenarios. If we do colonies, it'll be because we want to, not because we have an immediate existential need to.

>> No.24216643

What jumps out to me about the space mongol horde is that the logistics don't seem to work out. At all. Even if you assume magic instantaneous jump drives.

If they need to attack Earth for supplies, that means they're out of their own and unable to make their own - but still somehow have whatever they need to make and maintain their huge fleet. The resource-demand argument doesn't seem to hold up on its own.

Now, hordefleets out conquering for glory? *That* works. Then you can't just stall them a little until their logistical issues implode, because they don't actually have the logistical issues. They're demanding stuff from Earth because tribute is part of the whole conquest thing. There are a *bunch* of hordefleets out there competing against each other, across a vast chunk of the galaxy, and they total only a small fraction of the total empire.

A highly mobile spacemongolhorde problem also partly solves the Fermi paradox; the space mongols were first, or first enough to conquer, absorb, or be absorbed by the ones who were first. And from then on, you can't really build your own civilization up, because a hordefleet will show up to smash things and steal stuff.

>> No.24216733

In a roleplaying campaign I was in once that came to involve space opera elements, it was revealed by an alien friend that humans were the only species in the galaxy to be crazy enough and have access to the proper chemicals to produce slug thrower weapons

>> No.24216740
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I'd figure there may be intelligent races who never feel the need to expand from their own home planets. Even the threat of asteroid collisions can be negated with a solid defense force, and perhaps not all beings have a romantic desire for the sort of expansionism men have.

Not to mention high-gravity worlds that can barely be escaped from, how many races will never escape their atmosphere with any measure of convenience? Or the innumerable planets which simply may have the resources.

I think humankind is on a very fortuitous rock indeed. And a very fortuitous impulse for expansion.

>> No.24216760
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I love it. Thank you dearly for the laugh.

>> No.24216774


*Or the innumerable planets which simply do NOT have the resources, my bad.

>> No.24216783

>"Hello earthling! We have come to take over this planet because ours will be decimated by stray asteroids in ten thousand years! Behold out impressive technology!"
"Can't you just, like, use that technology to protect your planet from destruction?"
>"...We've never thought of that, actually."

Humanity's Common Sense Fuck Yeah!

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