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Hey /tg/, there are two common images I want to show a friend, demonstrating a couple of things about 40k - does anyone have the awesome long shot of the rogue trader's silhouettes on the ship, and the one with the grumpy looking guardswoman under a tent attached to a tank?

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Please? Trying to indoctrinate someone into 40k here

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bump for interest

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Queue 40k image dump...

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Not sure if I have them, will dump until found.

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Not 40k, but (personally) an outlook that some imperials would share.

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That's cue.

A queue is a line of people waiting for something.

A cue is the signal for an actor to do or say something.

As an apology for my pedantry, here's a worshipper of Khorne.

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Thank you regardless.
Cue one more picture.

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Hey, it's contra

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>FFG shit
>Demonstrating the essence of 40k

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OP, why don't you just read the snippets of lore and text about the 40k universe? That's as good as intro as any.

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Just seen this thread, enjoy.


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