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Sup /tg/ I'm just getting in to 40k what's the best Chaos Space Marine Chapter? I've been hearing good things about Alpha Legion

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Aneh one?

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err, World Eaters.

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any reason why

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In before Ultramarines

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Kill Maim burn, no complications. You point and they destroy.

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Ultramarines aren't chaos?
doesn't sound as good as Alpha Legion to me

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Iron Warriors
Cool paint scheme
Artillery and tanks for everyone
Iron Within Iron Without!
Strong independent marines who don't need no daemons

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the "best" would be black legion seeing as they are the largest and conquer the most worlds

the most badass is alpha legion

the most powerful marine for marine is word bearers due to their high number of possessed weapons and marines

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Depends, do you party?

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>Do you party?
N-no... I usually just spy on people and try to trick and betray them

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Excessively so?

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Welcome to the Alpha Legion.

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Word Bearers, they get more I FEEL THE WARP OVERTAKING ME per dude than anyone else.

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You mean the Emperor's Children. winkwinknugdenugde

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Wowie, thanks mister!
I don't get it...

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You're not Alpha Legion material, then. Sorry.

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>Does not party

You's a beeyatch

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Why would I want to infiltrate a Chaos Marine chapter?

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The Thousand Sons of Prospero are the best.


Because they didn't betray. They were betrayed.

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The Sons of Malice! You get to fight EVERYONE!

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Chaos Space Marine warbands aren't very friendly towards eachother, believe it or not. The only reason they're not fucking shit up is because they're at war with themselves.

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But the Alpha Legion didn't betray either, they're the saviours of the galaxy.

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To be fair, even you don't need to know why. Only your Primarchs need to know. If they still exist. Which is neither confirmable or deniable. Everyone's Alpharion anyway.

But the Alpha Legion probably have infiltrated every other Legion at least once at some point. It's not like the Chaos Legions are on the best terms with one another.

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Oh... like I said I'm still pretty new to this.

I swear I can be a great Alp- Imperial Fist!

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Iron Warriors.

Paranoid sons of bitches who never fall into the villain trap of 'evil monologue followed by maniacal laugh' because they see that shit as weakness.They got tanks, they got obliterators, they aint got any of those fucking pussy daemons and they're one of the best trolls in the Traitor Legions (The Iron Cage incident)

Look up the daemonculaba for an example of just how fucked up they can be as well.

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No one knows what they are. Do they fight for the corpse emperor? Perhaps. But they can ascend to daemon princes, they can summon daemons (sometimes, they're far away from the eye) they start plenty of cults to the ruinous powers, and clear the way for the other legions in the Eye for a black crusade.

You know who think Alpha Legion are saviors of the galaxy? No one. Even if their little cabal story is true, they failed. It's too late. The corpse Emperor doesn't deserve loyalty.

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What if Abaddon fails so much because of Alpha Legion?

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that's what they want you to think

On a side note, why doesn't Alpha Legion follow Tzeentch?

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They don't live in the warp and they don't like chaotic change, they want controlled environments.

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Cause Tzeentch already has his fucktoy in the form of Magnus and his legion of dustbots

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Toss up between the Iron Warriors and the Night Lords for me. Both have cool schemes and interesting fluff.

>pic related

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Fuck all of this dribble!

Do you want to topple the Corpse Emperor at the forefront of a glorious slaughter? Do you want to maim kill burn, without being mindless? Do you want to be the best of the best? Yes?

Black fucking Legion!
We look the coolest. We are the coolest. We have the track record to back up. Sure, our leader is a load of shit, but we have so many badasses it hurts. Sure, we lost that one big major battle, but whenever we show up, the Imperium shits itself.

Come join the best and the brightest, have WHATEVER you want, and come get shit done! Shit, even Eliphas of the Word Bearers ditched for us! Thats damn cool!

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Very generic, you're the Ultrasmurfs of CSM.

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You guys are like the Ultramarines of chaos

In my humble opinion, the best chaos warbands are Emperor's Children, Red Corsairs and The Fallen

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>black legion
>best of the best

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>tfw Roboute confront Alpharius, Alpharius explained his master plan to infiltrate the Chaos Space Marines destroy them
>Roboute, being an infallible Ultramarine detected that Alpharius was not lying
>So Roboute convinced Alpharius to don on of his chapter's armor sets, meanwhile Roboute slew an imposter who sacrificed himself so the two Primarchs would be able to let Alpharius slip away
>tfw Alpharius returns with the cure to the poison inflicted on Roboute
>tfw 40k will end with Alpharius and the Alpha Legion resurrection the God Emperor

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But it will never end. Ever.

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>Black fucking Legion!
>We look the coolest. We are the coolest. We have the track record to back up. Sure, our leader is a load of shit, but we have so many badasses it hurts. Sure, we lost that one big major battle, but whenever we show up, the Imperium shits itself.
That's too edgy for me, though I do think one of my friends would mind infl-joining your war band.

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How dare you! We are the MAKERS of Heresy! We are the SONS of HORUS!

Don't listen to these nay-sayers.

We kick ass. We take names, and we dish out the pain. Hey, lesser Legions, whats that sound? Oh? Gates of Cadia breaking open as of 999.M41? Oh yeah.


Death to the False Emperor!

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Yeah, nah. Word Bearers are the makers of Heresy.

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Too edgy? Pfft.

Well everyone joins us eventually. I'll see you and your LESSER Warband on OUR next Black Crusade.

Ha Ha Ha!

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Plus didnt you guys forsake Horus in favor of that armless failure?

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Nonsense, I don't know what you're talking about.

Erebus who?
He was just a poser.

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>tfw Alpha Legion fell to chaos during their infiltration
>tfw Alpha Legion resurrect God Emperor, and enslave his power to the Four Chaos Gods

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Yeah, don't forget the TRUE disciples of the Dark Gods

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Hey, is that you Eliphas?
I wanted to ask General Alexander, how does it feel to be a freaking looser.

But then I thought "hey, Eliphas is already here in the warp, and he failed miserably TWICE".

And it's fucking time to decide on one god, you're either with us, or against us.

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While we're on the subject of CSM, is it true the Word Bearers are in the middle of a war with the Tau?

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it's really up to you, but my favorite would be the Iron Warriors

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We did not forsake our father, but frankly at that time we were all tired as fuck after doing most of the Heresy's work. We didn't much care what we were doing and then Abaddon, who was always the second in command pretty much after we maim kill burned Loken and his dribble, told us what to do again.

Hey Alpha Legion, where u at douches? Night Lords, getting tired of being BATshit crazy? Not even gonna bother with those cult bitches.

Iron Warriors and Word Bearers are bro-tier though so. We're chill with them.

Anyways we kick ass. PEACE OUT L0SERS, I'm off to get shit DONE!

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Time to thing those fucking paints bro, I can see the brush strokes on the right shoulder pad.

>> No.24194388

you look like a dork

>> No.24194391

>tfw true sons of the Emperor never fall to chaos
>tfw Alpha Legion pretends to attempt to enslave the God Emperor only to lure the Chaos God's most vulnerable state

>> No.24194401

Shut up Lucius, I can't hear you when your mouth is full of Slaanesh's COCK bro.

I'm off to go fuck some fallen Sororitas, have fun getting anal probed by your Daemonette DIKES!

Ha Ha Ha!

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You so did forsake Horus.

There's a reason you're the BLACK LEGION and not the SONS OF HORUS anymore.

"Horus was a fool." remember that old quote?
You guys disgust me.


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It actually isn't me lol, this guy's costume looked REALLY good, it started melting at that point from what he told me.

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>We're so sneaky, and we're so secretly good, that we will commit genocide and let the other eight legions out of the Eye of Terror any time Abbadon wants
>our whole running feud with the Ultramarines was actually a master ruseman and we are buddies, despite the fact that if Gullimen hadn't been a total dumbshit and followed us across the galaxy the Emperor might be alive today
>Alpha Legionnaires achieve immortality as Daemon Princes ALL FOR THE PLAN GUISE

>> No.24194423

Means to an end, Ultrasmurf.

>> No.24194431

Ah shut up Pert, you guys just sit on Medrengard when we don't get your SORRY asses moving, 'ooh, Great Crusade, ooh, under-utilized stuck in sieges blah blah'. You guys kick ass but FUCK all you ever do is complain and bitch! DAMN!

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This is what people raised as kids to always be the "good guy" actually believe.

>> No.24194456

Kids who always want to be the bad guys end up being mass murders.

Remember Columbine?

>> No.24194459

*sharp intake of breath*

Whoa - edgy

>> No.24194469

>have fun getting anal probed by your Daemonette DIKES!

You say that like its a bad thing.

Anyway, Ciao handsome.

>> No.24194486

>implying any of those are bad things

Stay pleb, No-Fun-Allowed Legion.

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yeah. basically the tau found this planet that had these two groups in a civil war that was tearing the planet apart. the tau come and begin to do their thing, which has mostly all of them join the tau except for some on one side that has a lotta religious dudes.

they continue to rebel against the tau and are losing until the word bearers show up to help cause i guess the religious guys are worshippers of chaos or something. the word bearers invade the planet, which leads the fire caste to show up and defend the planet for them, turning it into a warzone that makes things worse off for the people than it ever was

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Kids who torture animals end up being mass murderers.

>> No.24194505


Bitch when you get our 'sorry asses' moving its usually for some failure of a black crusade.

Plus you're forgetting Honsu, the baddest motherfucker in the warp. Yeah thats right! Abbadon has got nothing compared to him.

>> No.24194516


Anyways, fuck y'all guys, I'm off to go kick some ass, drink some beer, and blow shit UP! YOLO!

>> No.24194527

You said that like 3 times, are you sure you're going out?

>> No.24194529

Read deliverance lost and say that again.

>> No.24194531

I see everyone here bickering and arguing about which legion is best.

Let's back it up with the armies we actually own and play.

Here's my contribution fuckers.

Iron Within, Iron Without.

>> No.24194536

Because Tzeentch likes to fuck up his pawns plans for the lulz, and the Alpha Legion don't like anyone fucking up their schemes except themselves

>> No.24194538


Sad part is I can actually imagine Black Legion as a bunch of yolo spouting dickheads..

"Just got pushed back into the warp by Creed at a terrible loss of lives. YOLO!"

>> No.24194539

>"My name's Abaddon the Planet Killa... has a nice ring to it dontcha think?"

>> No.24194541

No kids who torture animals end up being the rulers of humanity. Ever read Ender's Game?

>> No.24194561

In b4 the Fallen are really the loyalists

>> No.24194564

Emperor's Children get major bragging rights for following based fucking Slaanesh, the God/dess that corrupted Mary Draigo and put an end to his bullshit shenanigans.

>> No.24194568


That is a sexy army..but..

I dont have a chaos army >.> yet. I love reading their fluff and Iron Warriors are just the best but I dont have the money right now.

>> No.24194577

My Iron Warriors

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Mah Nigga.

>> No.24194666

Would that be Honsou the half-breed, Honsou "I was made with Rogal Dorn's geneseed"?

>> No.24194701

through a series of manipulations that certainly had nothing to do with Tzeentch, curiously enough Draigo hasn't hit the pleasure gardens of Slaanesh yet.
like, not once. shit's wierd.

>> No.24194731


No, that would be Honsou, "I have the geneseed of Honorable Sousa, from during the heresy, aka, before chaos started fucking shit up"

Don't believe me? Read the Horus Heresy Iron Warrior book.

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>> No.24194765

What in the Warp are you blithering about, you incorrectly-capitalizing Draigo-Corruption denier?

>> No.24194797

>our leader is a load of shit
>most successful and powerful Chaos Warlord
>succeeded in almost all of his Black Crusades

Nigger, do you even know the setting? I'm for World Eaters, and even I know Abaddon is the best thing Chaos as an organised force has going for it.

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>> No.24194870


Ahahaha, OK. Sure, he achieved his own personal limited objectives (probably set post-facto after he realized he was already getting stuck) but he did very little for the hordes Chaos as a whole beyond wasting their forces as distractions.

Honestly I'm amazed people still sign on with Abaddon's schemes. It must be a last-chance saloon for Chaotic failures, Eliphas being just one example.

>> No.24194890


Fucking retcons..

Your 'Warmaster' is and always will be a fuckup of magnificent scale. I'm waiting for the day Huron takes a little trip to the Warp and smacks some sense into the retard.

Seriously..the Red Corsairs are more of a success than that pathetic little Black Legion.

>> No.24194903

>CSM chapter
>not playing Loyalist renegades

>> No.24194939

>tfw When it was Omegon who did all that and not Alpharius.

>> No.24195009

>tfw Alpharius and Omegon are a single person and we've been played for chumps

>> No.24195013

Personal limited objectives like ensuring the Imperium and Eldar no longer have any of the Blackstone Fortresses with which to oppose Chaos? Organising all the major Black Crusades, which allowed for the destruction of several major sectors, such as the Gothic Sector, and destroyed facilities and soldiers, as well as entire companies/chapters of Space Marines, that would be required for the Imperium to fight him off during the 13th Black Crusade, which, according to the stats from said campaign, Chaos won hands down, resulting in GW needing to retcon it because it would have meant the Imperium ultimately losing to xenos and Chaos?

You, sir, don't know the setting.

>> No.24195017

Vile Heretics!

This thread must be purged.

Death to the enemies of the false emperor!

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>> No.24195029

>tfw When they never existed and the emperor >set it up long ago.

>> No.24195031

>>we maim kill burned Loken and his dribble,

Couldn't even finish THAT job, could you?

>> No.24195061

Enjoy getting the shit beaten out of you by a naked unarmed old man

>> No.24195069

>tfw 40k never existed and it's all the dream of teen-age God Emperor of Mankind while he's in a coma because he got in a car crash because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt

>> No.24195090

>tfw You are the teen.

>> No.24195102


...Oh shit nigga

Fuck the Tommy Westphall Hypothesis
This is the God Emprah Hypothesis..

>> No.24195140 [SPOILER] 

>tfw I am the God Emperor of Mankind?

>> No.24195364 [SPOILER] 

Why didn't you listen father?

>> No.24195461

First of all, because I'm in a coma, you retard.
Second of all, because you don't exist.
And third of all, because you are the worst.

>> No.24195504

Fuck you Magnus you broke the golden toilet .

>> No.24195961

Hijacking OP's thread.
Iron warriors or Death Guard?

>> No.24195995

the death warriors, they construct titans of bloated flesh

>> No.24196407

Alpha Legion is Best Legion

>> No.24196554

>this entire thread

>> No.24196576

enjoy killing thousands of psykers a day to feed the corpse you worship

>> No.24196598


>> No.24196605

Typical Alpha Legion cultist propaganda. The emperor is the only hope for any human.

>> No.24196655

alright, I was actually hoping you'd enjoy it.
I mean, we're not too different.
we kill millions of innocents, you kill millions of psykers, whats the difference?

>> No.24196688

The Emperor is dead.
Psykers are innocent.

>> No.24196714

exactly what I mean

>> No.24196777 [SPOILER] 

Da Boyz is da best leejun, humie

>> No.24196805

Go jerk off to some Gork n' Mork gay porn

>> No.24196920

What do most citizens of the Empire think of the Emperor?
>pic related
This was just one survey of trillions done, where we asked two citizens to discuss the Emperor. Almost 99% of the surveys showed this same result. About half of the people tested didn't even know about the sacrifices to the Emperor and the other half thought it was totally wrong.

What are you gonna do when you have a revolutions because the population disagrees with your policy?

>> No.24197056

I think most of them will dude

>> No.24197107

>nobody has realized yet

>> No.24197152

Oh we did, only, no one cared

>> No.24197209

Fuck off Nurgle

>> No.24197232

Sorry, bro. Not meaning to offend, hey, you wanna come to the kegger on Friday?

>> No.24197299 [SPOILER] 

Yeah...yeah... I'll come and be a friend to you, you can definitely let your guard down around me!

>> No.24197319

Awesome, a bunch of us will be there, see you then!

>> No.24197372 [SPOILER] 

Don't worry, I'll bring a bunch of my friends too!

>> No.24197442

The more the merrier!

>> No.24197473

Thousand Sons, son

Aight check it out you got these guys that are are fearless because they're dust in armor, bodies gone, stone cold killas

And they got wicked sick egyptian headresses like this ya mean, don't even act like that ain't the coolest shit ever, egypt was the shit

Backed up by motherfucking Tzeentch, giving you psykers everywhere, every squad's led by a nigga going ZAP MUTHAFUCKA and you can have Ahriman, psyker mastery 4, shooting off powers left and right, throwing out beams and blasts and all kinds of awesomeness

>> No.24197525

Great, it'll be a fantastic slau- celebration!
That looks stupid.

>> No.24197702

You look stupid.

>> No.24197729

Hey, woah, man, chill. Everyone chill.

>> No.24197746

I'm sorry, that was way out of line.

>> No.24197747

Personally, Iron Warriors, because my copy of Storm of Iron is held together by duct tape and faith in the Iron, due to my constant rereading of it.

My army is not well painted, but I call them the Silver Trolls: Shiny as hell Grey Knight colors, with Space Wolves and Dark Angels in the ranks. And a SM rhino... And Daemon Prince Kratos, and two Lego Land Raiders(I'm broke, whaddaya want from me?).

>> No.24198056

Moar corpses

>> No.24198138


>> No.24198174


>Alpha legion

go thousand suns or go home

what you lack in power you have in looking cool as fuck

>> No.24198213

You think the gits in >>24197473
look cool as fuck? Son are you gifted by Nurgle?

>> No.24198311


Nah but yo momma was

>> No.24198329

>yo momma joke
I'm going to go back to Imperial Guard

>> No.24198440

Realised what?

>> No.24198727

yeah please tell us

>> No.24198744

I assume he means the faces.

>> No.24198821

I think they're supposed to be Alpha Legionnaires dressed as Ultramarines?

>> No.24199915

haw haw haw

>> No.24200371

There are no chaos space marine chapters.

>> No.24201645

I think I'm going to be sick

>> No.24202008

Everyone is Alpha Legion. Noone is Alpha Legion. They don't not cannot existed.

Play what's fun for you.

Hydra Dominatus, brother.

>> No.24202034

Am I really the only one who doesn't care for the Alpha Legion at all?

>> No.24202052


>> No.24202057


No, you dumb fuck. This is the internet. You are never the only one.

>> No.24202062

its called trypophobia

>> No.24202063

nigga calm yo ass

>> No.24202082

Thank you, good sir. You recognise our achievements.

On that note, we have a little project we are working on. One that could revolutionise the way we create Dreadnoughts forever. Are you interested?

>> No.24202250

Fools, all of you! Failing to see that when all your trickery, eldritch sorcery and deceit is spent, you still must fight the battle whenever your enemy sees through your vain folly.

Onwards and at them, Brthers, the Contest awaits. Show these pathetic grovelling mongrels how battle has always, is, and always will truely be fought! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

>> No.24202403

By The Holy Emperor.. It truly is beautiful, brother. Hydra Dominatus!

>> No.24202676

Mortarion is the worst daemon primarch.

>> No.24202841

Reminds me of that doujin.

>> No.24203144

Yeah, whilst Angron is the best. At least he's getting shit done.

>> No.24203154

>we lost that one big major battle
and the 12 before that.....

>> No.24203242

>> No.24203276

Slaanesh- Lust/Impetus/Passion/Raga/Kama
>"Enjoy and indulge in it."
Tzeentch- Paranoia/Anxiety/Fear/Hope
>"Change it in to something better."
Khorne- Anger/Wrath/Indignation
>"Be upset about it."
Nurgle- Apathy/Acedia/Ennui/Acceptance
>"Accept it, no matter how bad it is."
Malal- Hatred/Malice/Abnegation/vibhava-Tanhā
>"Refuse and reject the very idea of its existence."

Which do you choose, /tg/?

>> No.24203584

Lorgar is the worst. He hasn't left his fucking temple in millenia. Total loser from Crusade to m41. Easily worst Primarch, no matter how much ADB talks him up.

>> No.24203961

(pic is of my units)
Not only were we the smartest legion before the "fall" but also consider this. Alpharius is presented with this choice. Kill all mankind and end chaos before it even gets a foothold or doom all life, forever and ever. They chose life, just not human life.

Is there any other chapter with that little hatred for none-human life, or the smarts to know when a war is already lost and its time to save what can be saved? Naaah.

However they did not succed, so maybe they have fallen. Maybe they are still trying. Maybe they just want to live another hour in that shithole of reality. I can feel that.
Say you want to help some shit, that shit gets fucked up. Now the cops n everyone hates you to death forever but your gang of murderers can keep you alive outside the law and morality.

I'd want to keep kickin', even if it is in baby ultramarines faces. My life > Others

>> No.24203963

>Not Khorne

Step up yo game.

>> No.24203996

Uh dude? He's right. Khorne is the blood God, the skull champion atop his skull throne. He doesn't deal with hatred at all.

Malal is canon. Technically you could make up any god of Chaos and have it be canon since there are theoretically infinite gods. The big 4 are exactly that, just the 4 major ones.

>> No.24204006


Honestly? Nowadays, probably Huron and the Red Corsairs.

They went from a oversized chapter to competing with the original Legions in a few centuries while the old Legions spent ten millennia navelgazing and infighting.

>> No.24204012




>> No.24204024

Nurgle loves you

>> No.24204070

Urgh, I love Khorne and all but fuckers like this makes me want to puke. Stop being so atrocious.

>> No.24204077

With two GK players floating around, that can be a tall order. One runs Pantsless and Henchmen, the other field Purispam. The pain is immense.

>> No.24204117


>> No.24204127

I don't know about you, but I miss the days when 40k was all metalheads. It was fun back then.

>> No.24204251

>black legion
>led by abaddon
>in charge of leading black crusades

Can't wait to see how badly failbaddon will fuck up the all-star 13th chaos reunion

>> No.24204286

Don't get me wrong, I like metal, but I like lyrics I can understand.

>> No.24204311

At least the 5th was run by someone competent

>> No.24204343

Is it weird of me to connect "metalheads" with "manchildren" as soon as I hear the term?

>> No.24204445

Kinda, yeah. Although I suppose there probably is a good deal of overlap. Manchildren are always quietraging about something, so the metal gives them a way to externalize it.

>> No.24204577

Eh, I connect /tg/ in general with manchildren so probably not.

>> No.24204624

Horus sucked dick and died for it

>> No.24206643

Not him but yes

>> No.24206807

Yes it has. Dmamn good ending too.

>> No.24206872

Hey guys, how are the black crusades going, huehuehue.

>> No.24206907

Just rolled up a new character, at the end of making said character I ended up with 53 agility, +10 to dodge and stealth. Now I'm afraid of using the character because I think the GM will accuse me of powergaming

>> No.24207272

99% sure you posted in the wrong thread...

>> No.24207359

deathguard, cause theres nothing like rotten spam in a can.

>> No.24207487

Khorne is hatred, please read some fluff. Malal cannot be canon, GW do not own the rights to him.

>> No.24207753



>> No.24208145

Well Malice is, but he was confined to just be Tzeentch in disguise.

>> No.24209349

>implying you can't understand Bolt Thrower
Step up your game, Heretic.

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