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>Custodes looking like obese ogres

I swear Neil Roberts' art is getting worse, Custodes are supposed to have a more lithe design, not these abominations,,,,,

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For reference

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And whats wrong with ogres OP?

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I dont get why this is the art they choose to go with. It not only is unable to convey atmosphere even with all that gloom, it also has NO character at all.

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tyranids already are Ogres

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>not wanting WS5 BS5 S6 T5 I6 W2 LD10 S+2/++4 hyper intelligent Ogres

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Yeah also he makes gold acid yellow like it's actually tin colored with these

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it does look pretty grandiose, but the bad CGI look it has (I don't even know how much is painted and how much is 3D) cheapens it down something fierce and makes it look stiff and cold.

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You know, regal ogres that form civilized empires and wear full plate would be pretty cool.

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The word "ogre" has been said like 5 times, and not one person has mentioned Shrek.

Am I still on 4chan?

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The bolter lances look fucking retarded. At least Grey Knights dont stick their firearms on the very end of a long fucking pole and make them useless in close quarters combat. True Grit.

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How dare you hate machine halberds.

Go shrek yourself.

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Ogres ARE civilized. They have MANY LAYERS!

Do i have to grind your bones?

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And because his face was asking for a caption.

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neil roberts art is either a hit or miss

no consistency

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We were waiting for you to mention it first.

It worked.

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They just need to hire whoever drew this for Relic

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why do I get the feeling that he's showing the other custodian all the fucks he gives

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They are Heavy Bolters I think. They point them down like Phalanx's and shoot, before using them like Halberds.

Could they be "modern" Custodes? All other pictures are from Golden Crusade. We'll see when they arrive in the Horus Heresy 30k rulebooks and get models.

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>please do not post this online


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>Blood Angels.jpg

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>Blood Angels

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>After 10k years, the custodes have gained some weight from their inactivity

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Look at all the roman architecture, definetly not 40k, plus modern custodes wear black cloths not red.

Besides, that image is way too bright and prosperous to be in 40k.

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nobody did since it's NOT A DRAWING
also I'm pretty sure it's basically a re-hashing of that Iron Warriors pic.

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>Iron Warriors


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I love spotting when they reuse the Eisenhorn pose

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These look really dumb though, i prefer the new style.

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The filename was a gift.

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It looks like even Blood Raven artwork is gifted

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>Custodes are supposed to have a more lithe design

That's a stupid design for a glorified meat-shield.

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Holy Shit

A place in 40k that actually looks like it would be nice to live in?!?!

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Well, good thing the custodes aren't supposed to be meatshields, they're supposed to be super-mobile and versatile soldiers trained to operate in a palace that spans a whole continent with huge rooms and very intricate architecture.

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Gotta laugh in order to cry. Can't let people be jaded to the pain.

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>made speciffically to be bodyguards
>Not meat-shields

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Is that the Pantheon I see shoehorned into the background?

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Since it's Custodes. I'm pretty sure thats Terra.
Any better believe the nobles are gonna make Terra look nice.

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Indeed, they aren't, since they're not supposed to stand in front of the emperor and take shots for him, they're supposed to go out and kill the guys that are currently located in the room ten hundred kilometers away from his.

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The best way to protect something is cover it with guns and sharp objects.

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They don't talk about the nice stuff because nobody goes into 40k to find nice, they want grim.

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>since they're not supposed to stand in front of the emperor and take shots for him

But they are, that's really all they're good for, or not seeing how the Emperor turned out.

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>Implying Neil Robert's art was ever good

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He turned out like this because they weren't trying to do that, because they weren't supposed to.

They're only meatshields insofar as a soldier fighting abroad is his country's meatshield.

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You dumbass its the Horus Heresy. EVERYTHING was more Roman and bright and propserous. And besides that, you honestly believe that in a galaxy of 1 million human worlds, not ONE would be nice to live on? Even though some are outright said to be so prosperous that slaaneshi cults form on them just because the people have lives so good?

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, where is happy people sitting on their porches drinking tea and watching the sun set.

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Did you have to mention obese? Isn't that just unsaid when it comes to ogres?

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Ogres? Man, I got an Ogre-slaying kni-


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Its actually the Imperial Palace under construction, in what was once the Himalayas.
In another few thousand years, when it is covered in yards of soot and neither the sky nor earth is visible, it will look appropriately grimdark

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And then you realize that just a mile lower is millions of writhing hive scum toiling to give them that halfway decent city.

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Is that the Cobra Hover-Base from the G.I. Joe cartoon?

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It doesn't look like a nice place at all, it looks cold as fuck. I'd rather be underground in the warmth of the bolter ammo forge.

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Well, think of it this way-
if any enemies make it into the throne room, the custodes have fucked up.

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Space Ogres can take the cold

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They have layers.

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I like the pretty colours
its a nice change from the boring normal black of 40k
I really like how cool the castle looks.
The big guys armour is so pretty i wish i had some like that.
haha that old guy is dropping his papers lol what a n00b

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If that's the Imperial palace what the flying city?

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Defence system.

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