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So, /tg/, who made them and where did they come from?

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Games Workshop, Alien and a textbook on insects.

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From Alien.

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>The Emperor planned to go on the Golden Throne because he realized Magnus wouldn't send powerful enough psychic waves fo his ultimate plan: calling the nearest Tyranids to this galaxy.

>Their victory is inevitable. And once it happens, once they have consumed all life, body and soul, the Warp will be tied to the whole hivemind. And then the Emperor will take control of the whole, becoming an organic god of unimaginable magnitude.

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>Genetically engineered

>Block out the Warp (IE, No Enslaver plague)

>Going to fuck up everyone's shit and wipe the slate clean.

I guess when your homemade Psychic Soldier races don't work out as well as expected, you try something a little left field.

Clearly, made by the Old Ones.

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I've had this theory lately that the Tyranids were awoken by the Eye of terror opening and are attracted to it.
Their zone of silence they create by eating emotional sentient creatures could indicate they are an anti-chaos weapon.
Their purpose is to eat their way across the galaxy to the eye of terror and by that time they have weakened the warp so much the eye will close.
Maybe its away the 40k universe corrects warp intrusion.

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Always thought it was The Outsider (pre-Wardian C'tan), what with the madness/shadow in the warp thing. Do you really think the Old Ones would fuck over the rest of their created races?

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H.R. Giger did the designs on the original Alien. Zerg and Tyranids are inspired by Alien.

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I believe it is stated that they are actually lured by the light of the Astronomican.

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>implying I care who designed the creature irl and not in universe

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Sure, they seem like a bunch of dicks.

Outsider is a possibility, but the C'tan never showed much in the way of Genetic Engineering. To me at least, the shoe fits the Old Ones a little better.

Weather or not whoever made them still has control over them is another matter entirely. Could have gone horribly right, y'know.

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Well you see, when a Norn-Queen loves itself very very much...

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Are they it makes me wonder as they are both in the general same direction and the Astronomican is technically a warp presence right?
No one would know exactly if its the EoT or the Astronomican that is luring them.

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They're the gut flora of your mom's exploded belly.

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Could be it's just the most potent single point. The Eye of terror is kind of spread out. It fluctuates. The Astronomican is a constant pulse, no?

Or maybe it just smells DELICIOUS!

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top lel 10/10 your mom joke trolololol

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Don't know about the Eye - a big warp storm? Not very indicative of life. A big bright beacon humming with the swan songs of a million frying psykers however...

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The Eye isn't a warp storm the Eye is a rift in the galaxy to the immaterium.
Its also very indicative of life the fact there is so much warp activity in the 40k universe is because of all the sentient life.

I'm thinking tyranids were made to realise this.

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It's obvious.

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They's angels.

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I love reading reports of Inquisitors or Tech-Priests going crazy from the stuff they find.

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They're dinosaurs.

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Rippers being the TRUE form of Tyranids is actually backed up in Deathwatch.
It mentions they are believed to be juvenile Tyranids and can in fact develop into any other form of Tyranid organism if left alone.

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They're almost definitely created by the Old Ones.
They easily fit their genetically improved warrior race template, taking essentially the best parts of Orks (extremely difficult to completely exterminate, very adaptive, literally feeds off war, instinctively able to fight), Eldar (powerful Psykers) without the same vulnerability to Daemons that most Psykers have.

That, and there's canon supporting it here and there, though as usual, never explicitly.
Codex Tyranids, page 4 describes them as "The penance of the Elder Gods"

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6 limbs, hive structure and chitin.

They have elements of dinosaurs, but they're more insect.

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They were still based mainly on dinosaurs. They just have an insect aesthetic.

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>elements of dinosaurs

top lel

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>based mainly on dinosaurs

OK, like what? That they're big? That they have teeth? Give me aspects of dinosaurs that outweigh the hive structure.

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You'd think the most inquiring minds of the Imperium would be a touch more mentally-stable.

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They looked more like them originally, but they still resemble dinosaurs.

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>inquiring mind
>most stable

You don't read much Lovecraft, eh?

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...No you wouldn't.

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There was a White Dwarf article several years ago (shortly after the 4th edition Codex was released), that looked over the evolution of the Tyranid models and aesthetic. While they obviously had some arthropod-like traits, they were originally more concieved as Space Dinosaurs. If you look at the very first Tyranid models, you can see they do look pretty reptilian - but the aesthetic has moved on from then, emphasising their arthropod qualities more and more.

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Yes, dinosaurs are known for all having six limbs.

Wait, no, that's insects.

Well, dinosaurs are known for being covered in chitin.

Wait, no, insects.

Well, dinosaurs are known for coming in swarms and hives.

Wait, no, insects again. Sorry.

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Is that a facehugger on its arse?

You'd think they would change the design at least a little.

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Ah, well. Point taken.

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Interesting as that is, it's effectively irrelevant to any discussion of modern Tyranids.

Or any Tyranids at all for the last 15 years.

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Probably an old-school adrenal gland. At least that's the only modern bit I can draw a visual connection to.

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>Codex Tyranids, page 4 describes them as "The penance of the Elder Gods"
[citation needed] on this shit right naow.

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>they were based mainly on dinosaurs
>lol no they weren't
>yes they were
>yeah well that's not relevant anymore

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I'm not sure what it is. It looks a lot like an early version of the current Adrenal Gland upgrade, so presumably it's just some piece of bio-tech. Breathing apperatus or something, perhaps - the RT-era Tyranids had difficulties on terrestial planets, hence why they often used slave-races like Zoats.

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Tyranids are currently based on insects and xenomorphs, therefore those things are the most relevant.

Space Marines used to be based more on special forces than knights. Does that make special forces relevant to a discussion of modern Space Marines?

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It's not in the codex, but I believe that line comes from one of the core rulebooks. 5th or 6th.

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To be fair, some of them are still shaped a little like Dinosaurs with spikes. Nobody is saying they're just that, but they're not ALL INSECT ALL THE TIME.

They always looked like Dinosaurs with Insect stuff added later. Which...Fits the history of the models pretty well, actually.

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Well, it isn't the 5th edition book, because that page 4 is just a full-page Adrian Smith illustration.
Anyone know the artist that did all these kinds of drawings?

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Of course it does. For one, we have the chat about Marines only being useful as pinpoint strike forces as a part of a much larger Guard assault about once a weak. That's pretty special force~y, no?

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mind blown thanks.

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There's a guy in this thread who has literally said "they're based mainly on dinosaurs".

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That's pretty knights among peasants and yeomanry, no?

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Roberto Cirrilio, I think. His concept work for the 4th edition Codex was the only art he did for GW, which is a bit of a shame. He had some really good ideas.

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They are more reptilian than insectoid. A way of thinking of them is they are reptiles with insect traits like six legs and exoskeletons.

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Why that nid looks like a ballerina?

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Which is true.

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Because insects have teeth and fingers and bat-like wings and tails?

They're a mixture.

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I'll be honest, I took my sleeping pills about half way through the thread, so I'm not all there anymore. I'm sure he did. My point is still...Partially valid?

Can we just agree that both played a part, and what Nids look most like nowadays, is Nids.

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That looks cool sort of like a Tyranid vehicle.

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I'm still a little pissed we got the silly little bulldogs for Tyrant Guard, rather than the sculptors going with an evolution of the 3rd edition models.

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Hardly, it's an apocryphal name given to them by an unknown species (Spoiler alert, there are more aliens than the playable ones). Fuck, the Emperor took over everything "by the will of the gods", but no one says that the mankind and the Imperium has been supported by the Ruinous Powers.

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I think this pretty much confirms Tyranids are an anti chaos weapon.

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Just as planned...

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Sure, but Alien races didn't put it in the book. G-Dubs chose to use those words. It could very well be for a damn good reason. Maybe not, of course, but hey, circumstantial evidence is better than nothing.

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They are also not all chitin.

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How is it hardly my mind is blown because i've never heard that name before for them.
Elder Gods is a reference to Old ones. So this implicates them.

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It's a possibility, but for the reasons mentioned here, it's far from confirmed. >>24185261

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Cool, thanks, and he's done some Tau stuff, though that might be free time for him.
It's too bad, his stuff has a real scifi feel to it, which fits a lot better with Nids and Tau, as they are decidedly not space fantasy factions.

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I think it confirms it because it implies they were created by Gods as an act of repentance for a previous act. Since they counter act chaos this would imply the act was the creation of sentient life that generates warp activity to the detriment of the galaxy.

This fits the Old ones exactly.

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>ride the railgun

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When did the Old Ones ever leave the galaxy?

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Bow chika bow wow.

But seriously, does that look a little...Starwars to you? Gross.

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The thing is, you're taking a single, throwaway line and assuming that it must refer to something greater. It's a *possibility*, something that we can speculate about - but saying it confirms anything is a huge leap of logic.

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It could be the nid equivilent of a backpack.

They used to have equipment pouches and stuff like that.

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Descriptions of the Old ones say they can travel instantaneously anywhere. They could easily leave the galaxy go to another one and come back.
They even traveled to the WFB universe.

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A living backpack.

"Dude. You digested my Bio-Frag Grenade"

"M'sorry....I was hungry."

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The line isn't throw away its been put there on purpose by the writers. Its a clear reference to the Old ones and their past deeds. Its not a huge leap at all if you think about it.

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They traveled with the webway, which they created.
Does the webway go anywhere outside the Milky Way?

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It could be a Lovecraft reference.

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They're the Old Ones. It goes where they damn well tell it to go.

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Who knows? Those Eldar bastards refuse to let us have a go.

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Presumably after or during the War in Heaven. There's not a lot of fluff describing their actions in any detail.

Very little in 40k is ever explicit, the whole point is that it's meant to be vague and subjective.
It does however support the argument that they were created (or at least modified) by the Old Ones, as opposed to being some random extragalactic invader.

That was via the Webway, which doesn't really apply to leaving the galaxy.
At the time of writing that fluff, the WHFB world was part of the 40k universe. Sigmar was likely a Primarch. Then it got retconned.

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They traveled through the warp and in their time the warp was less dangerous for them. Thats how they can travel anywhere in any time and dimension.
In 40k Eldar Gods is clearly Old ones.

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>At the time of writing that fluff, the WHFB world was part of the 40k universe. Sigmar was likely a Primarch. Then it got retconned.
I'm talking about recent fluff specifically the WFB recent fluff.
It states that the Old ones had a mastery of the warp, interdimensional and space travel.

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I like to think its just Darwinistic evolution with extra GRIMDARK

I mean come one: surely the best adaptation the hive ships could make would be to develop photosynthesis and just sit around a sun taking in the rays

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>A tyranid organism so big that it eats suns.
>its waiting in intergalactic space.


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Maybe one of them will eat a Craftworld.

>> No.24185418

Because eating other things gives a greater amount of energy in a smaller space. Its why we aren't all plants.

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They don't just want to survive and thrive at everyone else's expense.
The Hive Mind actively hates everyone and wants them all dead.

>> No.24185429

No the Hive mind loves everyone.
We will all be one.

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Killing Craftworlds isn't even impressive anymore. Who hasn't blown at least one up? The Tau?

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Except what I just said is canon.
"We-it hates you-us".

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Elder Gods isn't a reference to anything, apart from Lovecraft. "Eldar" gods, sure, but the former could also be the C'Tan, the powers of Chaos (They've existed "forever"!), or some species' own religion divorced from all of it. It could be so many things that it's an empty statement. That's why it isn't mind-blowing. Not that Tyranids being connected to them isn't a possibility, but their focus on biotech and psychics that are now removed from the Warp is far more convincing that a single nickname from an unknown source.
Hence my use of apocryphal. We don't know who calls them that. It could be one of the races from a previous galaxy. It's too open-ended to add weight to any theory.
Going further, why would the Old Ones be punishing everyone in the Milky Way except for the ageless Necrons that killed them in the first place?

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Thats the tau.
I think you are confusing their super angry faces with hatred. They are in fact just very angry.

>> No.24185444

>The Eldar actively avoid Tau space for fear of being destroyed by them as well

>> No.24185446

Next codex they'll get a Broadside special character credited with personally blowing up Lugganth

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Its not a reference to lovecraft. Its an in universe reference to the Old ones also known as the Elder Gods.

>> No.24185454

not really, even the current nids have a distinctly dinosaur like basic body shape (with an extra pair of limbs stuck on)

>> No.24185456

Lies and slander.

>> No.24185464

Or the C'tan

Incidentally, the Eldar Gods also, in some cases, refer to the Old Ones and/or the C'tan. As well as being their own entity in their own right, sometimes.

>> No.24185468

The names 'Olds ones' and 'Elder gods' are Lovecraft references.

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>> No.24185472

>So, /tg/, who made them and where did they come from?
thats just unknown.
All we know about their life before they came to the 40k galaxy is that they've eaten 12 other galaxies.

>> No.24185473

What are they angry about?
Did the hivemind get bullied in middle school?

>> No.24185474


They could have those in the galaxies they have already eaten. Not much reason to leave those laying around in what is enemy territory.

>> No.24185484

Anger and hatred are not he same thing.

>> No.24185485

I'm quoting an actual story from roughly 2e in which a psyker reads the mind of... I think it was a Fleshborer and ends up contacting the Hive Mind.
Manages to explain that the Hive Mind hates EVERYONE before being taken over.

>> No.24185486

Practically everything in 40k is either a reference to something or borrowed from something else. Practically the entire Imperium is a Dune reference, for example.
Doesn't mean it can't refer to something in-universe at the same time.

>> No.24185491

But they feel hatred.

>> No.24185493

Fuck no shit but not in the context of 40k. Try to understand that it is the name for actual things in 40k.

>> No.24185494

Wasn't it Tigurius? I'm pretty sure he's the only dude bad enough to chat with the Hive Mind.

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If you provide some reference for the Old Ones being called "the Elder Gods", I'll cede that, yes, it is some race in-universe connecting the two.

>> No.24185504

Exactly imperial propaganda against the noble Tyranids.

>> No.24185507

The same reason a tiger is angry when its killing you. Adrenaline and hormones.

>> No.24185512

Cause he is a ultramarineeee

>> No.24185518

>They ate everyone and everything in the galaxy
>When they leave that galaxy it's considered enemy territory

>> No.24185520

Any psyker can do it. Tigurius is just the only one not to go insane from the experience.

>> No.24185525

technically one pretty much already did.

>> No.24185531

TIDF pls go

>> No.24185532

Not the same anon but come off it. The names are basically the same thing.
Old and Elder are interchangeable and the Old ones were gods.

>> No.24185542

The Doom just ate the Infinity Circuit and smashed the rest.

>> No.24185544

Elder Gods as opposed to the Younger Gods, ie. Slaanesh, Khorne, Gork, etc.

The C'tan and the Old Ones were (are) godlike, and existed before the 'current' gods existed in the Warp. Hence, Elder Gods.
The term "Elder God" and "Old One" are never used in the same piece of fluff, but that doesn't mean they're not equivalent.

>> No.24185545

You know, I don't think the orks have ever done it.

>> No.24185554

nor does it mean they are equivalent either.
Its decent option, but by no means the only one.

>> No.24185555

Am I the only one who likes the 'thrope on a half shell there? I dunno it feels like it it would look better than the current model which I sorta hate...

>> No.24185560

Anyone have this? I remember seeing a page of the Hive Mind 'talking'. As in, it was saying it would cause fear and devour everything that isn't them

>> No.24185562

Old Ones made psyker races to fight war in heaven.
Accidentally the Warp. Woops.
Enslavers! Bad times. We have to switch off warp.
Make tyranids, they'll eat all life, therefore no more warp shit.
Tyranids have eaten everything, they starve to death
Old ones can come back outo hiding.

>> No.24185565

Correction: Tigurius is the only one not to go insane and have his mind fried from the experience.

Psykers commonly go insane just from the shadow in the warp. In most scenarios when a psyker actually manages to tap into the hive mind, their brain overloads and they die after a few seconds.

>> No.24185575

Sure, but in the context what else would "Elder Gods" refer to?
"Penance of the Chaos Gods" doesn't make much sense, "Penance of the Old Ones" kinda does.

Like I said earlier, nothing in 40k will ever state things explicitly, but it's a pretty good piece of supporting fluff.

>> No.24185578

Can't reference it but from memory the Old ones have been referred to by other names and Elder Gods sounds like one of those names.

>> No.24185580

This isn't quite true. The psyker reading the mind of the Bio-weapon detects that part of it - presumably one of the distinct organisms that make up the gun - does have a sense of hate.

>"I-it's alive and part of it h-hates. I-it's so fierce. N-no. One of them is so fierce. It lives to bite and claw and spit, it chews up the other part, the little part and makes it into sh-shrapnel. Th-there's three of them. One bites, one guides and o-one-and one dies."

That sense of hatred is picked up by (I presume) a latent Psyker, who manages to bond with and utalise the Fleshborer. I don't see anything in the story that suggests a connection to the greater Hive Mind, just the mind/s of the individual Bioweapon.

Page 162.

>> No.24185600

Magnus is actually the best successor to inherit the Imperium- even after being cast to the warp.

>he very rarely if ever issues any aggressive action against the imperium with the exception of the wolves- which should bring no hatred towards him seeing as they gleefully destroyed his beloved homeworld. He was tricked by the deceiver to even going into the warp after the heresy

>he still harbors no hatred towards his father, he was going to accept his punishment for using his powers to contact him, even though he was doing it to preserve and protect the imperium

>even now, he sits in his tower only wanting to explore further knowledge and understand psycher abilities, only ever leaving to exact vengeance on the wolves

>> No.24185604

If that was true, why would the old ones send thee off too attack a dozen other galaxies before they come back and attack here?

>> No.24185611

I think Tyranid hatred is different to sentient civilised lifes hatred.

Any tyranid hatred would be just tied to their massive amounts of aggression. Like an animal.

>> No.24185617

Test runs?
Gathering more biomass to make sure they're successful?
There are any number of reasons why they might. As an aside, where does it say they've wiped out a dozen galaxies?

>> No.24185618

That would make sense, as the fleshborer is a composite organism and as such would have some rudimentary nervous system and bits that interacted. It sounds like each 'shell' is three units a vessel, a way to kill the vessel and all the nasty little fuckers inside the vessel.

>> No.24185621

accidentally the same problem everywhere. Wasn't there a rumour the great maw is a tyranid weapon in wfb.

>> No.24185634


Build the army, also they take any useful genetic material they find. So they sent them off to go upgrade themselves, build the army, and test their effectiveness.

>> No.24185635

5th ed rulebook. Around page 170 IIRC, in the nid fluff section (obviously)

>> No.24185636

>I-it's alive and we-it hates you-us.
That's the part I remembered.

>> No.24185641

He's a fucking daemon prince.

>> No.24185646

I know they've ate at least one, which as a sci-fi nerd just leaves me clutching my head in anguish over how fucking stupid that sounds. A galaxy is a monstrous amount of matter. Hell one of the outlying clouds as the edge of our galaxy is more than a enough for these fuckers and would reel them back into the setting nicely.

>> No.24185652

sounds kinda like the hate titan weapon machine spirits have for everything.

>> No.24185658


>> No.24185665

True that, though really A titan is a whole level above what amounts to a shotgun. But I see what you mean.

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C'tan, Old ones, Eldar Gods. They're all the same physical world beings. Mark my words.

>> No.24185672

Maybe some one (hint Old ones) were spreading them around.
They are only interested in biological matter anyway not inorganic matter.

>> No.24185673

A million years of exponential growth is a shitload of 'nids. The 'nids that have attacked the galaxy so far are implied to be just the vanguard.
Admittedly that's mostly just grimdark crap, but most of 40k is, so at least it fits.

>> No.24185678

>our galaxy is fairly large
Andromeda disagrees

>> No.24185681

The Milkey Way Galaxy is actually medium sized.

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C'tan, Old ones, Eldar Gods. They're all the same physical plane beings. Mark my words.

>> No.24185686

I thought for a while the C'tan were physical reflections of the chaos gods. Or maybe materium Gods. The real universe equivalent of warp gods.

>> No.24185697

And that's still a massive amount of matter. You do realize most of the galaxies in our cluster are of comparable size to ours. Are you telling me Andromeda is small? That's the nearest fucking galaxy to us. Unless you're talking about the mallgelanic clouds which are like micro-galaxies and don't have near as much matter and don't fall into the same category as a full fledged galaxy. A GALAXY is millions if not billions of stars and all the attendent dust, water and elemental junk that follows with it. You have to understand that's a lot of shit. So much shit in fact that it makes them able to spotted from trillions of trillions of lightyears away.

>> No.24185699

Andromeda can kiss my ass.

>> No.24185700

generally its considered that they didn't literally eat a whole galaxy, but they really consumed every useful resource on every planet in the galaxy. The majority of the galaxies totally mass would still be there (in stars and gas clouds which we have no fluff at all suggesting they eat).
This would mean that given sufficient time life could potentially return to that galaxy (perhaps tyranids actually do farm, but on a stupidly huge scale).

>> No.24185704

Factor in dwarf galaxies and it's large.

>> No.24185714

Why is the genestealer reproduction just a sick fetish fuel? What the hell man?

>> No.24185717

the sources for that are unclear, the codex only says that they consumed a shit ton of other galaxies as a possibility, it also mentioned the possibility that they are running from something but nothing states either way

>> No.24185722

not true, they eat plenty of inorganic matter as well, atmosphere, oceans and so on. When they visit a world they remove planetary mass scale amounts of matter, which they simply couldn't do if they only stuck with the organic.

>> No.24185724

Which is what? You do understand that theoretically anything except for certain high level elements can be incorporated into an organic structure right? Plants frequently use light, rocks and water to synthesize all their tissues and some varieties go even further to incorporate straight up Sillica into their tissues to make them harder. There is no such thing as
'biomass' its merely the process of rendering compounds into useful states.By all accounts 'nids should be fucking sitting around Gas giants slurping the fucking things up for all the water they probably need just to ensure they can produce so many damn gaunts

>> No.24185726

Nope. There's way more C'tan than Chaos Gods.
The Chaos Gods are more likely a coagulation of psychic energy and emotion. Essentially the same as Daemons, just really, really powerful.
Gork and Mork are the same. The Eldar Gods being eaten by Slaanesh partially refers to the Eldar being forced to partially cut themselves off from the Warp, meaning their "Gods" were no longer able to exist.

>> No.24185727

The Milky Way is more massive, though.

>> No.24185728

> The 'nids that have attacked the galaxy so far are implied to be just the vanguard.

Outright stated in the 6th edition rulebook, IIRC.

>> No.24185730


Just because it is someone's fetish does not mean that the person, or group, that created it had the fetish.

>> No.24185731

It is true atmospheres and oceans are important to organic chemistry but its clear in the fluff they avoid lifeless worlds.

>> No.24185735

I'm sorry, I assumed you were talking about actual galaxies, not dwarf galaxies.

Because you know, the article that says the nids ate twelve galaxies refers to them as, well, galaxies. There's no dwarf in there.

>> No.24185736

>Which is what? You do understand that theoretically anything except for certain high level elements can be incorporated into an organic structure right?
Oh please come on don't be so condescending i'm a chemist.
It says in the fluff clearly they avoid lifeless worlds.

>> No.24185741

the 5th ed rulebook pretty explicitly states that they've already eaten 12 galaxies.
"The barren husks of a dozen galaxies lie in their wake." is the exact line.

>> No.24185744

>Nope. There's way more C'tan than Chaos Gods.
Not really there are 4 major chaos gods but there are also many lesser chaos gods. Also Tzeentch is a fractured chaos god. In a similar way to C'tan be fractured.
Not referring to Chaos gods but just C'tan my point was they are analogous to Warp Gods.

>> No.24185745

Dude, Willman 1 counts as a galaxy.
A dwarf galaxy is a galaxy nonetheless.

>> No.24185746

This could mean that they've just absorbed all life though, rather than actually destroyed the galaxy itself.

>> No.24185750

aye, biomass is their main concern. But its hardly all they are interested in thats all.

>> No.24185752

Because, you know, GW knows what a dwarf galaxy is.
You pedantic fuck.

>> No.24185755

It's body horror.
That's not exactly the most common fetish.

>> No.24185758

Its more efficient for them to eat biomass as its already been processed for them. Tyranidisation or whatever the correct spelling strips a planet of all sorts of things but thats just sort of a secondary process after the first which is eating organic life.

>> No.24185759

well yeah, I wasn't saying otherwise.

>> No.24185760

It does sound LIKE a name they COULD be called.

It's not clear cut though.

It could refer to C'Tan or it could refer to the next group of prehistoric godlike beings GW makes up.

Why the fuck do people in this thread think that a vague reference using words deliberately referential to Lovecraft is a rock-solid piece of proof that the Tyranids came from Old Ones? Why the fuck do people in this thread not realise GW throws around deliberately ambiguous hooks all the time?

>> No.24185763

Condescending is my base tone sorry. But yeah, then you understand my gripe with the issue of not just hitting the places where usable elements are abundant and harvesting them for that fact alone. Imagine stumbling upon the nids eating a planet the size of juipter for things such as nitrogen, water and oxygen just to ensure they'll make it to the next planet. With all the moons around it they'd be able to amass a hivefleet in a fairly short time.

>> No.24185770


>> No.24185771

>I can't argue with him.
>I'll insult him and say the person that wrote it only wrote it that way because he's stupid.

Well, as it so happens, if the person that wrote it doesn't know what a dwarf galaxy is, then there's no way he could have meant that when it was written. Thank you for proving my point.

>> No.24185772


I don't understand why that fact induced madness into the techpriest and the inquisitor. I mean, it's pretty much the same thing as the Zerg Larvae, and you don't see Terrans going crazy around

>> No.24185779

In 40k its clear cut. For a 40 mystery that is the clearest line you will get.
Why the fuck do people in this thread think that a vague reference using words deliberately referential to Lovecraft is a rock-solid piece of proof that the Tyranids came from Old Ones?
Because thats not how 40k works, nods to other universes does not mean its not an in-universe reference.
Whats more Elder Gods. Is amazingly generic and cliche.

>> No.24185791

i just looked through the codex and the 6th rule book and its not in there, only that its hinted as one of 3 possibilities, i dont have 5th so i cant check that

>> No.24185793

Yes, because he cannot comprehend the idea of a small galaxy.
Are you really this pedantic?

>> No.24185796

I think its more the fact they'd been sitting around slicing up 'nids for a prolonged period of time.It sounds like there was some shit going down that left them in a state that wasn't that sane. I mean imagine spending months just cutting up an extragalatic alien that makes no fucking sense to anyone.

>> No.24185805

The guy was already mostly crazy.
The metal lives.

>> No.24185812

Genestealers are not not my fetish and I think it's sick and wrong, but somehow it's... boner inducing.

>> No.24185818

You're the one that said they didn't know what a dwarf galaxy was. And by that logic, then there's no way when it was written they could have been referring to dwarf galaxies.

I'm not using my logic here, i'm using yours. If you question GW's competence in terms of that writing, i'll show you how stupid your claim actually is.

>> No.24185834


Because 40k is full of crazy, and in starcraft they don't focus on crazy at all? The worst insanity in starcraft was Raynor thinking he could bring back Sarah, and the not actually that crazy Spectres.

>> No.24185843

Just because the don't know the TERM, doesn't mean they don't know the CONCEPT.
In the same vein that I doubt they know what a ecumenopolis is but Terra is one.
Shut the fuck up.

>> No.24185856

Fuck you are one spergie anon. I'm pretty sure they would know that. You special little snowflake

>> No.24185871

Taking your trip off doesn't make you any less of a pedant.

>> No.24185879

You see, what you fail to realize is that the writers only said 'galaxies' in that article to foreshadow. They're being specifically vague on purpose so they can at a later date actually specify the quantity of the Tyranid forces for plot reasons.

They aren't referring to any galaxy size, they're simply referring to galaxies. That's why it's commonly assumed that the galaxies are medium size by default, which is the Milkey Way's classification.

You're just upset that the tyranids have this many resources at their disposal.

>> No.24185883

I'm a different person you retard.

>> No.24185898

For all we know, they do skim gasses from giant planets. But like others have said, planets that are abundant in life provide the most benefit for the least payoff (unless the Imperium glasses it before you get your meal).

We don't actually know the full logistical train of the Hivefleets either. While there's the big swarm ships that land troops, and use tentacles to fight other starships, there might be others that are designed to do just what you've said.

>> No.24185905

I'm saying that "galaxies" does not imply "galaxies all the size of the most massive galaxy in our Local Cluster, viz., the Milky Way".
A dozen galaxies could be a dozen much smaller galaxies.

>> No.24185910

>somehow boner inducing
>not my fetish

Just accept it dude

>> No.24185919

I think you are overestimating the size of the Milkey Way.

Other galactic clusters shown a much higher size scale.

>> No.24185956

I am not.
The Milky Way isn't the biggest galaxy in our Local Group, but it is the most massive.
Furthermore, if they've eaten galaxies from entirely different clusters than the Local Group, that's retarded because they would have no real reason to travel the unimaginable distances involved just to get to the Milky Way. The Local Group alone is over 54 galaxies. It's far from the biggest cluster. Logically, they're from the same cluster.

>> No.24185958
File: 326 KB, 1944x964, tyranids galaxy count.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do have it so here, its page 167 and has a map of the galaxy with the the paths of the hivefleets as the top half of the page.

>> No.24185963

You think that's weird, they also had bio-power armour.

Rogue Trader tyranids were fun in some ways, as they used biological equivilents of normal gear. So they still had bolters, shuriken catapults, missile launchers and rad counters, they were just organic.

>> No.24185966

So, regarding what someone said about Photosynthesis earlier. While Photosynthesis could sustain the Tyranids (Perhaps they actually use it with bioships to conserve biomass in transit between feeding grounds), and there are Tyranid plants, it doesn't explain the all-consuming hunger.

Perhaps the Tyranids are flawed. Every time they create a creature, the creature knows only hunger. When the creature's body is reabsorbed, the "soul" remains within the Hivemind, ever hungry. This thought explains two things: The "souls" on Tyranid creatures being created in the warp would explain the Shadow in the Warp, as it's causing a great disturbance by churning out so many creatures and the creatures that are already there. The hunger as well, as the ever hungry creatures are returned to the Hivemind, and scream loudly for nourishment.

It might also explain how a Hive Fleet begins. Tyranid creatures are created to feed, and for a time, the hunger is satiated. As the swarm grows, there's less food to go around, and to sate the hungry, they expand, keeping the hungry within the Hivemind while reducing the body to Biomass. For each creature created, the Hivemind grows more hungry, because more and more hungry voices are screaming within to be fed. It gets to the point where there's trillions of carnivorous souls within the warp where the Hivemind is, with more being created by the second.

In a way, the Tyranids are like an empire simply looking to keep its people fed, though it's creating more people faster than it can feed those it has, to the point where no planet has enough biomass to feed them all.

>> No.24185977

> they would have no real reason to travel the unimaginable distances involved just to get to the Milky Way.

>> No.24185987

>something that's impossible to make out from the edges of the galaxy can be seen from a different galactic cluster
Uh huh.

>> No.24185990

That is the 5th ed rulebook.

However it's still canonical because nothing has contradicted or stated otherwise yet.

>> No.24186004

Contradictions do not remove things from canon. Older canon is just as valid as newer.

>> No.24186009

The Hive Mind knows.

>> No.24186017

Well be sure to let the Newcrons know, some people are still pissy about that.

>> No.24186045

I actually like that. They 'nids are basically a collective uploaded Conciousness set to EAT NOMNOMNOM at all times and as a gestalt it moves to satisfy that base instinct and shut the millions of voices in it's nerves up because well it's fucking maddening. Imagine a trillion pre-schoolers at snack time....and you have no snacks.

>> No.24186049


So why did BL label books with old fluff "heretic tomes"?

>> No.24186055

Oldcrons can still fit into canon, though. Complete with the servants of the C'tan thing.

>> No.24186058

In an infinite universe of nearly infinite galaxies, where apparently life can develop almost anywhere and in great numbers, it is possible that the Tyranids really did just evolve naturally.

Or they're a engineered by their own extra-galactic precursors. Or the Outsider is the Hive Mind, which was a fun theory I heard on /tg/ once.

>> No.24186061

Its more likely the eye of terror. It could be perceived from other galaxies.

>> No.24186064

"Heresy" doesn't necessarily mean "wrong".

>> No.24186070

>Furthermore, if they've eaten galaxies from entirely different clusters than the Local Group, that's retarded because they would have no real reason to travel the unimaginable distances involved just to get to the Milky Way

Considering that the Milkyway and Andromeda account for the vast majority of the local groups mass coming here just for them is fairly logical.

A while ago in another nid thread I ended up trying to figure out a possible home for the tyranids and confidently placed it outside the local group. (if anyone cares I can post it again.)

Alsoif they did only come from the local group the Milky Way would certainly be one of the first 3 galaxies targeted rather than the 13th.

>> No.24186089

Given the sheer size between galaxies, they would have started their journey here long before the eye of terror.

Possibly before the war in heaven, even. Who knows. Maybe all of the twelve nearest galaxies were the ones consumed, and the hive mind just realized they missed one, and that's why hive fleets are coming in from several different directions.

>> No.24186094

>the Milky Way would certainly be one of the first 3 galaxies targeted rather than the 13th
Why? Just because it's big doesn't mean it's the most convenient.

>> No.24186103

I am interested in seeing this post, please share it.

>> No.24186185
File: 1.42 MB, 1800x804, Tyranid path 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I did this working with the following assumptions.

Tyranids head straight towards their next target galaxy.

Concerning Dwarf Galaxies vs Large Galaxies, Tyranids only bother with dwarf galaxies that happen to be on the way too the major galaxy that is their main target.

As such the Milky way and Andromeda would be the reason they're here in the local group as between them they contain something like ~85% (best as I can figure) of the stars within the whole cluster.

Starting from the galaxy I tried to figure out from which direction the approached the milky way, based on the assumption that Behemoth (the first major fleet to arrive which kinda just ploughed straight in) came straight at the Milkyway at near enough too parallel with the galactic plane.

>> No.24186187
File: 67 KB, 720x327, Tyranids 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I have a trillion trillion mouths and I must eat

>> No.24186198


>Given the sheer size between galaxies, they would have started their journey here long before the eye of terror.

The Astronomicon is younger than the eye of terror, if you discount the eye of terror for age, you have to discount the Astronomicon. Also Nid ftl is different, and not in the least properly explained, so we don't really know how long the trip would have taken them.

Course we also don't know how long genestealers have been in the milkyway, for all we know they predate the astronomicon and the eye of terror.

>> No.24186211
File: 116 KB, 1031x767, Tyranid path 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The next closest galaxy roughly in that direction is the Tucana Dwarf, a lone dwarf about 3 million light years away at the edge of the local group vaguely in the direction of Behemoths approach. Even then its so far below the plane of the Milkyway so I believe its more likely that the Tyranids bypassed it as well and the Milkyway is the first galaxy in the local group that they've visited (which considering that it accounts for roughly 40% of the whole clusters mass seems to be the only target of real interest from that direction, with Andromeda being the next target).

>> No.24186222

I never mentioned the astronomicon.

>> No.24186239
File: 126 KB, 1031x767, Tyranid path 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beyond that the next closest group in roughly the same direction is the NGC 1023 group. A group that has 6 confirmed members. As well as 3 possible members and 7 possible dwarf members.
The closest member is about 27 million light years from us and the furthest is up too 64 million lightyears away.

I'd confidently say the Tyranid home galaxy is in this group. Though which one I couldn't guess at as I can't find any info on the NGC 1023 groups members positions relative too each other. Only their distance from us.

At a guess I'd estimate that the total distance travelled between galaxies by the Tyranids is in the region of 100 million lightyears. How long that took them and how long it took them to consume each galaxy we just don't have enough information on.

On Nid FTL speed. Hive fleet leviathan navigated about half the diameter of the galaxy skirting its edges before diving up into the galaxy (997 M41). Assuming it was just behind Behemoth when it dived straight into the galaxy in its invasion (745 M41) that means leviathan covered ~50,000 lightyears in ~250 years. Which gives an FTL speed of ~200 times C.

Going with that 100 million lightyears estimate that means nids have probably spent in the region of 500,000 years in transit between galaxies all up.
If they came straight here from the closest member of the NGC 1023 group then that trip took them ~ 135,000 years at that speed.

>> No.24186260


They use gravity wells to get around, perhaps using that to create a low-gravity "bubble" around them that allows them to move as though they had no mass. Sort of like an inertia-less drive.

>> No.24186262

>Also Nid ftl is different, and not in the least properly explained
Indeed.... They used to still use the warp for travel, and were shown (briefly) in Daemonifuge when the Sister main character psychically opens the warp and the 'gread devourer' (a bunch of nid shit) eats the deldar chasing her.

>> No.24186263


You were replying to someone who was saying eye of terror in place of astronomicon.

>> No.24186326

Someone replied to me as if I was using the astronomicon myself. I discount both because It would take longer for the nids to travel to us then the few years/centuries that those have existed.

Thank you very much. Saved for future study and analysis.

>captcha: uringSan studied

>> No.24186361

....so Tyranids are Space monsters from Gunbuster and Diebuster.

That explains a lot.

>> No.24186387

Things like This is Why I come to /tg/

>> No.24186405

The fluff with the narvhal mentions a "compressed-space" corridor made using the target systems gravity.

So it may be more akin the Event Horizons FTL. Though they just shorten the distance between points A and B rather than making them the same (and accidentally falling into hell)

>> No.24186413

The sad thing, is that anon just spent far more time analyzing where the Nids are possibly coming from, then GW ever did. GW just picked a direction and said "lol they came from this way".

>> No.24186425

no events horizon was about when Humanity figured out we needed a gellar field for warp travel

>> No.24186429
File: 29 KB, 492x277, 98486+4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What exactly do Hive Fleets look like? In the maps they always appear as tendrils intruding into a galaxy like a growth. Are they just giant roots spreading across empty space, composed from the biomass they devour? The word fleet is very misleading it lends one to picture ships of some sort but this new vision in my mind can completely change everything. How do you fight ever expanding space bridges? Fuckin' nids.

>> No.24186434

The corridor could be the bubble instead.

I personally see it as them using the corridor like a pressurized tube with them inside, and they are capable of controlling the way the tube moves. This explains why each fleet moves like a tentacle.

>> No.24186435


Yes, but they in universe only say they somehow use the mass of a target planet to get to it. And we have nothing actually stating speed. Like the oldcron's instantly there, or the warp's highly inconsistent speed for people using it, the webway's very quickly from one side of the galaxy to the other but only between set points, or the Tau and their relatively slow but consistent speed of warp skimming.

All we know about the nid ftl is that it takes a target planet, and can't be done when close to other masses like planets, forcing them to drop out of ftl before arriving in a system. It has been implied that nid ftl is faster than regular warp travel averages to be, but nothing actually stats stuff that clearly.

For exact speed
Makes a good start, but we don't know if leviathan was going fast for the nids, or if they even could go fast. As nid travel seems to require a target planet and they have to drop out before they reach it taking some time at regular speed. We don't know that leviathan was constantly going full speed, or if they had to do stop at every planet and get away from the system to go back into ftl. Its unclear if they can go faster in a direct line.

>> No.24186446

GW fluff is always from an unreliable narrator in my head canon. things like the starchild theory and what that anon posted that make sense and have fluff evidence are just as canon to me

>> No.24186447

I once read an excellent and well written fan fic about the origins of the Nids.

The whole Synapse thing was originally mind controlling spores that came from Rippers. As Rippers grew, they became Hormagaunts, then Warriors, and if they survive long enough, Hive Tyrants.

The other species came into being by the Synaptic spores infecting other species bringing the Nid race together as a single force.

Soon they somehow gain bioships, and spread out through their galaxy infecting people with their spores and found the Genestealers and brought them into the fold. Soon the Spores formed the basis of the psychic Hive Mind when the Nids were stretched far from each other.

>> No.24186461

the Hivefleets are much like a traditional fleet. A large formation of many ships moving together.

The "tendrils" on the map are really just charting the path taken by the fleet. The fleet itself would only actually occupy a tiny point at the tip of the "tendril".

Individual Tyranid hiveships are generally of comparable size too imperial vessels.

>> No.24186480

>GW fluff is always from an unreliable narrator in my head canon.
>Intellectual Property Manager says "It's all true, and none of it is."
That's not head-canon bro.

>> No.24186484

Yeah the tendril things on the map are really just for show.

>> No.24186489

I have the spanish version and the line is quite generic, "el castigo de los antiguos dioses", is as ambiguous and generic as it can get.
If you want to make a mountain from a molehill go ahead, but i don't think it means nothing in particular.

>> No.24186639
File: 33 KB, 360x240, nasa-warp-drive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think they make the corridor to prevent obliterating their target and surround themselves in pic related, which is the current theoretical ftl travel via bending space.
Currently, if we were to bend space, quantum-size particles would get caught along the edge of the bubble. the act of stopping would release them and cause massive damage to everything around the ship. So the corridor is used to minimize the damage the particles cause, since they could blow up the planet by mistake otherwise, and that's not a good way to get food.

>> No.24186643

Fukken dumbass...

>> No.24186741

>Shadow in the Warp completely nullifies Warp energy.
>Manifested Daemons need warp energy to sustain their bodies.
>Non-manifested Daemons require emotion to survive.
>Tyranids eat all emotion-inducing lifeforms.

Tyranids are the universes anti-chaos weapon.

>> No.24186865

They don't completely nullify it, there's plenty of daemons fighting tyranids fluff.

Like that one chapter who was told to reclaim a world, and found Lords of Change and Biotitans battling in the streets and hive towers bending at unnatural angles in warp storms and said NOPENOPENOPENOPE EXTERMINATUS.

As I understand it, they flood the local-warp with their nid hivemind chatter.

>> No.24186895

Someone once described the shadow in the warp fairly effectively to me.

They don't block it out or nullify it. Using warp energy is like talking to your friend.

And using warp energy with the shadow in the warp is like talking to your friend next to a screaming jet engine.

>> No.24186996

I require the name of this Chapter, or a link to where I can read more about this tremendous win for the Emperor.

>> No.24187128
File: 149 KB, 500x356, nope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sondheim V, it's in the galaxy map from the 5th edition tyranid codex.

>Leviathan descends upon Sondheim V just as the daemon prince M'kar the Reborn metamorphoses the world into his own private pandemonium. Bloodthirsters and Carnifexes battle throughout the twisted and skull-strewn streets, whilst Lords of Change and Zoanthropes conduct psychic duels amidst the mutated hive cities' screaming spires. The Space Marines of he Sky Sentinels Chapter are sent to reclaim the world, but upon appraisal of the situation planetside, wisely opt for exterminatus instead.

Pic related

>> No.24187172


>> No.24187180


>> No.24187262

>Individual Tyranid hiveships are generally of comparable size too imperial vessels.

Although the hive fleets themselves are much bigger than imperial fleets, most of the time. A nid fleet has to be large enough to strip and carry away the oceans, topsoil and atmosphere of an entire planet, remember.

>> No.24187288

>Sky Sentinels Chapter are sent to reclaim the world, but upon appraisal of the situation planetside, wisely opt for exterminatus instead.
laughing so much

>> No.24187319

>Look down at planet through periscope
>See Tyranids and Warp creatures murdering the shit out of one another, eating one another and probably fucking
>Step away from scope and remain silent for a full ten minutes on the bridge of your battlebarge

Most justified of Exterminatus /tg/?

>> No.24187324

They don't nullify its activity but they in effect calm it with their noise and shadow.
Chaos gods manifest because of particular emotions and thoughts and the Tyranids don't have those required thoughts. So its a big attack on the Chaos gods power.

>> No.24187381


That's metal as fuck, goddamn.

>> No.24187427

none of this shit don't make no sense.

>> No.24187436
File: 14 KB, 251x247, by the emperor how heretical.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24187467

Fuck just think of the regular people on that planet.
>Oh hello Nikal, just on my way to the factorum, praise the Emperor!
>Huh... does the sky look a little... purple to you?
>Oh thank the Emperor, his astartes are here to deliver us from this waking hell!
>Wait why are they flying away?
>What's that beam of lig-

>> No.24187508


So it's basically a Tyranid stem-cell?

>> No.24187531

you are one dumb motherfucker

>> No.24187538


Cool Hydralisk face.

>> No.24187892

No. Because a "Knight" was a landholder that provided a military obligation to the leader who he owed his fief to.

Space Marines are not lords of a fief that conscript their serfs and workers to provide forty days of military obligation a year. They are a special operations capable airborne, air assault, and mechanized infantry force.

>> No.24187965


>> No.24188095

> That artwork I haven't seen since 3rd edition.
Thank you sir, you've hit me right in the nostalgia. Any idea who drew the pictures in that style?

>> No.24188129

>in oldcron fluff only 4 c'tan survived to present day, in newcron there's a whole bunch of them
>oldcron went to slumber to wait for life to return and the enslaver plague to pass, in the new they went into hiding from the eldar
>oldcron started a war because the old ones didn't help them, in the new codex they hated the old ones, but started the war as a mere political ploy to unite the empire
>oldcrons were a shitty little empire, newcrons commanded an empire of millions of worlds across the galaxy
>oldcrons used non-warp FTL, newcrons are dependent of the webway
>oldcrons were betrayed and forced to go through the biotransference process, newcrons did it willingly

>> No.24188218
File: 69 KB, 900x900, Mother of god.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if the Tyranids headed toward the Milky Way in response to the between the Old Ones and the Necrons

>> No.24188240

*to the war between
Throne damned my enthusiastic haste

>> No.24188279

Wayne England

>> No.24188305


That would make far too much sense for 40k, so it can't be that.

>> No.24188309


>> No.24188526
File: 89 KB, 806x433, orbital-fucking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24188795


>> No.24188872

Except when they direct or administrate the planets under their protection, like the Ultramarines or recruiting worlds.

>> No.24189169
File: 5 KB, 183x275, pop_pop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24189317

I've heard this one theory that the Nids are actually just bugs.
the theory is that the entire universe of 40k takes place in a glass bottle in the possesion of a powerfull mage in the WHFB universe. One day his maid/student/child got bored and stuffed some ants in the bottle and, PRESTO! Nids.

>> No.24190379 [DELETED] 

actually there is fluff that says that nids strip a planet so thoroughly that the circumference shrinks by ~3% or so, which is considerably more than just the organics.

i think it was like the top kilometer or two of the crust was taken, along with whatever was on top of that.

>> No.24190410

actually there is fluff that says that nids strip a planet so thoroughly that the circumference shrinks by ~3% or so, which is considerably more than just the organics.

i think it was like the top kilometer or two of the crust was taken, along with whatever was on top of that.

cannot remember exactly which book I read that in though, I think it was in the main Rulebooks fluff section, but may have been in one of the codex.

>> No.24190514

Chaos has destroyed most of the Universe. Khorne himself obliterated entire galaxies with his rage.

Is it possible that the Tyranids are running from Chaos?

>> No.24190565


>Chaos has destroyed most of the Universe. Khorne himself obliterated entire galaxies with his rage.

citation, it is needed.

>> No.24190636

>The other Gods became envious, and joined forces to overthrow Tzeentch, thus beginning a conflict that would leave much of the universe devastated.

-Chaos Dex, Blue Scribes

>The Avatar [of Khorne] feasted on the slaughter it had caused, sensing the oceans of blood yet to be shed through the gateway its sword, bloated with death, had torn in the world. Galaxies of billions upon billions of souls awaited harvest and feeding to the Blood God. There were realms where the time it had wasted here was but the blink of an eye, where there were slaughters that would perhaps one day assuage Khorne's hunger.

>Awful knowledge flooded Uriel as he stared into the portal opened in the fabric of the universe. He saw galaxies of billions upon billions of souls harvested and fed to the Lord of Skulls, the Blood God. 'Emperor's mercy,' wept Uriel as he felt each of these deaths lodge like a splinter in his heart. New life and new purpose had once filled these galaxies, but now all was death, slaughtered to sate the hunger of the Blood God...

The Ultramarine Novel

>> No.24190677

>billions upon billions of souls harvested and fed to the Lord of Skulls
>Implying more then one or two galaxies would be required for that number.

>> No.24190867

That's just Khorne having a small snack and not the total number of Khorne's victims.

As you see in the post above, Chaos has destroyed much of the Universe. This makes the pathetic bugs seem really smalltime with their 12 galaxies

>> No.24191265

Why do the forces of chaos seem so worried that the milkey way will get destroyed, then?

Perhaps they destroyed too much, and now only this galaxy has beings that give them enough emotion to survive.

>> No.24191286

Everyday I come closer to find out who this person is
Who is this? A prometheus person? star trek?
I can't image search right now.

>> No.24191306

Humans and eldar are the most juicy souls and they dont want to lose their most favorite snack to a bunch of bugs.

>> No.24191313

They aren't worried.

The only thing stopping them from consuming this galaxy is the Emperor. Once he fails, they win.

>> No.24191443

If they have other galaxies to flee to they wouldn't quite care as much as they seem to.

Yeah, they kind of are. One small line saying that chaos wins when the emperor dies doesn't mean much, because the nids have a similar line saying, and I quote:

>"And unless all races in this galaxy band together to fight this threat, we are all doomed."

See? We can both throw out 'i win' lines.

>> No.24191560

Small line? LIES!

It's repeated in the rulebooks and and in Chaos Dex. It's part of why they are called the GREATEST THREAT!

>Yeah, they kind of are

Nope. Chaos destroyed countless galaxies from the beginning of the Universe to its end. This is just one of them.

The Tyranids and everything else is just filler for the great struggle between Humanity and Chaos.

>> No.24191597
File: 25 KB, 476x185, Honor the Emperor!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ignorant Xenophiles really rustles my jimmies.

>> No.24191642
File: 88 KB, 476x748, On the Precipice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ignoring important parts of the lore to make their faction seem important. Seriously....

Chaos is this close to consuming all reality and people think the Tyranids noming a few galaxies is noteworthy.

>> No.24191686

I see, you're one of those types.
>stop putting xenos in my humanity vs chaos!

I see no point in trying to argue with one so deluded after one time I tried, the person outright said that nids, orks, eldar, and necrons were ruining his game.

Your 'I win' is irrelevant, nearly every BBEG faction has an 'I win' line in their codex these days. The Tyranid one is that every faction including chaos would need to align themselves together to even stand a chance against them. The Necron one is they can nuke the galaxy at any time they want by detonating all of its stars. The chaos one is that the emperor is the only thing keeping the immaterium in check.

Even the orks have one, saying that if every ork banded together in one gigantic WAAAGH, nothing could stop them.

'I win' lines are nothing more then GW fluffing in a reason that 'This army is really the BBEG' to make people more interested.

>> No.24191780

CHAOS IS THE REAL BBEG. Anyone who doesn't see that is a deluded fool (You).

But you can't cure Xenophiles from their idiocy. Regardless, I will try.

But back to my original point.

Chaos destroyed much of the Universe. Bigtime.

Tyranids just ate 12 galaxies. Smalltime.

>> No.24191815


it's The Emperor. in his Final Form.

>> No.24191828
File: 131 KB, 620x730, Kultur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ignoring important parts of the lore to make their faction seem important.
Its more like each faction lore fluffs up their own faction as being /this close/ to success or being the ones that oh so barely beat back the total apocalypse when really everyone everywhere is just playing the silly buggers with each other.

>> No.24191845

Giving us an example of something they could once do means nothing if they are incapable of doing it again.

Just look at how the Imperium used to be before the Horus Heresy. They would regularly fight Orks the size of Titans and win.

Do you have proof that chaos is still capable of such a feat? If they're that powerful, how come one half-dead psyker that was nearly killed by an everyday Ork Warboss is all that holds them back?

>> No.24191853

Its you
From the future
In the past

>> No.24191940

>expecting consistent GW writing or for the words to even mean what theyre supposed to mean
By universe, they very well have just meant galaxy. Im not going to assume that is the case, but GW did call a hilt a tang in one of their diagrams, so its not like they have the most diligent editors. And then theres that other guy who is either something like 300 years old or 1000 depending on whether or not a certain date was a typo or not. And then theres the fact that the Admech launched a satellite outside of the galaxy a while back and not only is the universe a large perfectly fine, but its full of orks.

All Im saying here is that GW is about as consistent as dysentery. One day Chaos will be the final boss of 40K, the next it will be nids, and then after that it will be orks because Thraka is finally gettin his WAAAGH together, then tau, then SMs, and so on and so on.

>> No.24191975

As an organization. They don't do it on an individual vassal basis.

That's like saying that the US Army are knights because they do their own recruiting and have bases.

>> No.24191977


>> No.24192007

Anyone that claims that any one faction in WH40k is the BBEG is the deluded fool.

>> No.24194453
File: 24 KB, 216x282, bythealmightygorknmork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Holy shit there needs to be more posters like you on /tg/

Thanks for being awesome anon

>> No.24194528
File: 1.19 MB, 1600x788, 1346730351538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I prefer to think of tyranid hiveships being fuckhuge like in this picture

>> No.24194606
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I'm enjoying this thread so am going to dump some tyranid art

>> No.24194608

some probably are.
But most of their ships are escort class in BFG which makes them 1-2km in size.
Though cruiser and battleship class vessels are also in there.

>> No.24194638
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>> No.24194651
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>> No.24194690
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>> No.24194718
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>> No.24194746
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>> No.24194775
File: 1.64 MB, 1220x1680, 1349356493510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24194800
File: 2.65 MB, 1548x2326, 1349356008152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24194819
File: 2.31 MB, 1570x2316, 1349356157730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24194863
File: 306 KB, 1920x1200, 2012-09-10_00007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24194934
File: 1.14 MB, 1920x1080, 1361212045658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This may be the last one thought if i find any more i shall post them. Hope someone liked the pics.

>> No.24194953
File: 705 KB, 705x1024, 1359524588150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Found one more!

>> No.24194974
File: 375 KB, 670x500, 1358723772921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


aaand another

>> No.24194990
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derp and another one

>> No.24195039
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found a couple more actually. posting.

>> No.24195083
File: 105 KB, 539x800, db0a49b323d10a3fc3964d0306aa1e8d_full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24195097
File: 228 KB, 700x730, Genestealers_by_Scebiqu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24195254

>6 limbs, hive structure and chitin.
Cartilage, you don't know how they were organized! and skin can't be fossilized

>> No.24195454
File: 417 KB, 1200x600, Tyranid assault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll get in on this dump too with what few images i have.

>> No.24195474
File: 79 KB, 459x627, tyranid 4th ed cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24195498
File: 98 KB, 437x627, tyranid 5th ed cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24195594
File: 5.60 MB, 4000x2305, Hive fleet attack coloured.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24195693
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and i'm out

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