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Time to play a game, /tg/.

You post a picture from a show, movie, video game, whatever. Then you name one (1) unlikely TTRPG it fits into.

I'll start us off: Rogue Trader.

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We actually hacked Dungeons: The Dragoning to play that, and they're perpetually broke on that show. Good try, though.

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I have put way too much thought into this...

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But only one of those is actually fun to play...

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I've done it a few times with BESM

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oh god, oh god why?

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Look, man. Sometimes, shit happens. And a good long-running gag which started off as an off-handed joke because I was reading Wicked Graceful Masques at the time, well... it elevates things.

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Dark Heresy

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kind of sounds like how my pic related campaign started using RIFTS.

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Dungeons and Dragons.

Oh wait.

...I'm not very good at this game.

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Call of Cthulhu

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B/X D&D, to be exact.

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Mutants and Masterminds

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Works better in BESM, fewer fiddly rules and a skewing of the variable towards the middle of the die rolls allows the awesome of each character to flow free-er

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Who the hell is that douchebro?

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Or, if feeling less obvious, you could probably fake it with FATE.

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>using FATE
>for anything that will focus on combat
nigga just gone full retard

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Not a very unlikely fit at all after you've seen Mystery Inc. Great show.

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I hope someone besides me gets the joke.


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All of /tg/ gets the joke, you cunt.

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Teenagers From Outer Space.

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Is it that the anime inspired by D&D was used as a stand-in for D&D? Because it seems to me that it's that the anime inspired by D&D was used as a stand-in for D&D.

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>Combat focused

The premise, sure, but actual combat was all about LITERAL conceptual entities.

Shit, Griever is literally Strength given form, and the strongest spell in the game is created when the Final Boss uses her mastery of time and space to summon a version of her that ALREADY KNOWS IT, because she made it up.

FF8's explanation for magic is even more fucked than most universes'.

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I STILL have not read this series.

The fabulous vogue-ing happens regularly, right?

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Frequently enough.

It's a fabulous series.

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the corrupt vice detective from LA Noir

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Like all the time. Even in the most inappropriate situations.

>Two men expressing their grief at a companion's death as well as their rage at his murderers via fabulous posing.

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Look just watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zywXd6NYlpQ it is pretty much quintessential JoJo.

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Rogue Trader

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>third from right

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But they're constantly broke and getting fucked over.
Both Firefly and Outlaw Star work better in Traveller.

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You mean from the left. Dat leg lift.

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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

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Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game (the diceless, energy-based one)

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Lodoss Wars and The Slayers were based on B/X D&D

Sword World (Japanese D&D) was based on Lodoss Wars and The Slayers and used Lodoss Wars as its setting.

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Isn't Rune Soldier Louie set within the same world as Lodoss or something?

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Yep. Same world, different continent.

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Bounty Head Bebop

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Firefly has almost nothing in common with Cowboy Bebop.

Too bad it's a meme so will be forever repeated.

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Thats because Rune Soldier was originally a replay printed in Dragon Monthly, just like Lodoss Wars.

Dragon Monthly, being the same publisher who distributed Sword World, used the Rune Soldier replay as a way to flesh out more of the setting. Even though none of the writers, artists or players from Lodoss were involved with Rune Soldier.

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I like you.

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I think there's a Jojo mod for Apocalypse World, actually. I don't have it on hand, but I could pester my DM when he comes online next.

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A friend of mine is writing a JoJo's inspired system with a few ideas from Apocalypse and Dogs in the Vineyard, emphasizing the clever bullshit and tactics most protagonists have to use to overcome otherwise superior foes.

Joseph and Josuke's arcs in particular come to mind.

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I am anticipate.

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Magical Burst

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Feng Shui?

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Or Spycraft.

Which reminds me.


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A bit obvious, but Dungeons: the Dragoning.

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Vampire: The Masquerade. Yes, we've done it.

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Gamma World

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3:16 - Carnage Amongst The Stars

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You can take yer Quads and show them up your ass.

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>not Exalted

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>not Traveller

Tell me your stories Anon.

I am actually going to go back through my copy of D:tD and make a Paragon of B-Ball.

I bet you could do it with Pendragon too. Just mash it up a little bit and don't restrict masculine/feminine skills.

>Mario 3
>3:16 Carnage Amongst The Stars
What the fuck?! How does that even work?

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D&D 1st edition

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You roll to see how many koopas and other mooks you've killed. All power ups replace the weapons. Flashbacks are previous games or debug mode.

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Amazing genious!

Btw, pic=

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Mouse Guard

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>Dark Heresy

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Golden Sky Stories

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>D&D 1st edition

Not a thing,

Holmes D&D
AD&D 1st-ed
AD&D 2nd-ed
D&D 3e
D&D 3.5
D&D 4e
D&D 4eE
D&D 5e

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Phoenix Command.

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>dat history of D&D
I guess it must be oD&D?

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Or AD&D 1st Ed? I was assuming >>24183467 was talking about AD&D 1st Ed.

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GorkaMorka (Necromunda and Mordheim count, so why not this?)

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>D&D 5e
actually they're going to be calling it D&D NEXT.

and 4eE is the same edition. it's just an intro into 4th.

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Or HKAT (first edition, not the shitty, tristat version).

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Maid RPG

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Polymorphous Perversity RPG Adventure

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Mekton?(for combat at least)
I'm not really sure about this one.
Can /tg suggest a system for this one please

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I don't think that Rogue Trader is up for spaceship fisticuffs.

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Don't Rest Your Head.

Discipline:Discipline, Exhaustion:Drive, Madness:Synch.
Instead of an Exhaustion Talent, you have a Drive Talent. Instead of a Madness Talent, you have a Synch Talent, which represents a quirk of your AT Field when piloting an Evangelion. Occasionally, it might have uses outside an Evangelion as well, but they won't be overt (IE if you have, say, Repulsion, which lets you throw things around with your Field, it might manifest as some quirk of your bod language that makes people leave you alone).

You can roll Synch Dice when you aren't in an Eva, just for the chance of additional successes, but of course still risk checking off a Fight or Flight response.

Snapping, I believe, would represent some kind of contamination from the Evangelion Unit, but this hasn't yet come up.

Instead of Crashing when your Exhaustion caps out, you Burn Out. It's less fatal than Crashing in stock DRYH, but still cripples you mechanically for awhile.

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Anima I guess

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What the heck show is that image from and what episode...that's nuts..

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