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A thread was up on /v/, but died after some dispute.

Lets make the holy trinity of fantasy races - orcs, dwarves, elves - more interesting and original without destroying their original theme.

What was posted:

>orcs were a united people and were going to conquer the world with their warlike religion
>extremly religious and superstitious
>all other races team up and beat them to stop their advance
>orcs decide their god has abandoned them
>their armies disband and their people fall down into tribes
>they roam the land looking for signs of a new god accepting them
Arabic theme, their land being a desert and hard land and the looking for a new god to lead them into the wet lands.

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>dwarves hold most of the worlds gold and precious stones
>their culture says that the more treasure you own, the better your life will be, so they hoard it
>their fortresses are far apart and fresh blood is hard to get into their families
>they have problems reproducing and dwarven women are notoriously infertile
>heads of dwarven houses pay top gold to temples and priests to cure their birth problems
>some even pay money to medical scientists, which are forced to work underground under fear of persecution

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For recreation, orcs make horses fight instead of holding races. Horse fighting was a common form of recreation in medieval Iceland, and good activity to gamble on. Horses fit both the nomadic and Arabic themes, and having them fight fits the orcish schtick of brutality.

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>elves are very, very serious about freedom
>they hate the fact that other races have governments and laws
>their only law is basic morality
>they are very aggressive about their views and will attack nearby settlements to "free" them from their mayor or guards
>when faced against a strong empire some of the elves decide to go priest and spread word of freedom and general propaganda against the rulers

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The typical orc body isnt fit of riding a horse very conveniently, so I dont see them using horses at all.

Although they may have horses pull carts as they walk beside them, or to work the land?
And even then, orcs dont have roads, so carts are silly, and they would live in the desert, so you dont have huge patches of land.

yeah, there is no reason for orcs to do anything with horses in my eyes.

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Elves are fickle and alien creatures like the fae are supposed to be. They steal children and demand offerings from human communities. Elves belong to courts corresponding to the four seasons.

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What is the typical Orcish body? Why do we need to abide by it? I think a long-limbed, rangy figure is more interesting and has more potential than a squat, hunchbacked greenskin.

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>What is the typical Orcish body?

More or less, to todays people, the Warcraft orc.
Or the Warhammer ork, which is the same in terms of body type.

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I like the idea of elves being very in touch with their environment, but unlike the traditional depiction I like it when their environment is more varied than simply 'forest'- For instance, elves living in a desert would be nomadic Medjay-like people that sleep beneath the sands, and mountain-dwelling elves would be extremely adept freeclimbers. Essentially, the elves would be all about adapting to their environment, rather than changing it to suit them, though not necessarily revering it as anything other than a means for survival.

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You can have horses and the described orcs if you go mongol with them.

[x] Gathering in a horde to challenge the world
[x] The world teaming up to stop them
[x] Fall apart into tribes with their God (chief) abandons them (is killed)
[x] Look for a new God (chief) to unite them and lead them towards conquest again

You can have slender, agile orcs.

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Yes please.

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Oh Christ, its this thread again.
Just put em of pigs.

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Orcs raid human settlements because they need human females for reproduction. Orc embryos typically split into multiple twins, which rapidly grow to full size in a month or two and burst out of the host's uterus.

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If you have mountain elves and desert elves and island elves and forest elves and plains elves... etc, you might as well call them dwarves, humans, naga, orcs, etc.
Because all fantasy races are humans + environmental theme.

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I like races that feel strange and alien to normal human sensibility.

Having Orc=Mongol or Elf=Hippy is just boring and stupid.

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Wouldn't Orcs use camels?

I thought they were in deserts.

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So they need war to survive.
And can never be on the defense, because that wont produce female slaves.
They must always be on the attack, and always be conquering new lands.
This would explain why they dont have permanent buildings and the technology/culture that comes from them.


Arabic theme includes horses, anon.
Middle east is where horses were most utilized.

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Orcs are typically seen as mountains of muscle in heavy armor and wielding a huge piece of metal with a long wooden handle.

Mongol orc, or as pictured here a very religious arab orc, is not very normal or typical.

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I believe, despite the filename, you've posted a picture of a hobgoblin, good sir.

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That's pretty retarded. How would they not be extinct?

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Mongol raider orcs is actually very typical and basically WoW orcs.

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>all deserts are the Sahara


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>muh fetish
Thats how.

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You can make some mumbo jumbo about their kind being perfectly sustainable in low numbers, but they cant go into the millions unless they bring extra females.

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Yeah I like that. Rather than hurr durr lol evil the orcs are enemies of mankind because they need to perpetuate their race. It distinguishes them from barbaric human tribes like Mongols.

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Hey man, it was just a suggestion.

And you can't tell me camels aren't fucking cool.

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Orcs share common ancestry with humans which is why they can interbreed with them. They're a race of nomads who cannot into agriculture for cultural and psychological reasons, infected with an everlasting wanderlust and deep-running emotions that give them a reputation for being alternately passionate, savage, bloodthirsty, or soulful. They commonly form raiding parties and the like because it's the only way to live that they have the patience for.

Elves were originally fae spirits who looked upon humans' bodies with envy and only through a cataclysmic event coupled with a widespread and concerted effort of ill were able to manifest in the physical plane with bodies modeled after the objects of their jealousy. Their natural ability to manipulate the energies of the world around them formed the basis for what is now known as magic, and their once-great decadent empire has long since collapsed into dust, leaving behind only scattered enclaves that offer a faded reflection of their former glory. Ever haughty, self-righteous, self-absorbed, and assured of their inherent superiority, they jealously guard and traffick in the secrets of magic and hold a near monopoly on the creation and trade of magic items.

Dwarves are one of the most ancient races in the world, and were the somewhat misguided effort of an ancient race of Lovecraftian creatures to create offspring that would serve as ambassadors and infiltrators of the surface-dwelling races. Unfortunately their proportions were off a bit on the original creations, hence their stunted but stout stature. This origin is kept secret from the other races and even the younger members of their own race, but their perceived duty to uncover, protect, and catalogue the secrets of the long-lost ancient world is culturally indoctrinated into every member of their race. They're a race of archaeologists and historians, renowned for their stonework and metalwork because few other things can last as long as those.

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Camels are cool, just not for war.

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In my setting the "Dwarves" are Neanderthals that weren't bred/wiped out and developed in a usually-frozen mountain range along the Arctic Circle. They're split into several Houses that inhabit different areas - one lives Inca-style on top of mountains terraced for farming, another has dugout cities like the Navajo on the bank of a huge lake, one other lives at the mouth of a heavily wooded river system that opens into a big bay.

"Elves" are an older race of vaguely reptile-like beings that are locked in a centuries-long holy war based off of the worship of the sun versus that of the moon. They're a mix of Mesoamerican peoples and the cultures you'll find in the Congo River Basin.

It's fun.

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>cannot into agriculture for cultural and psychological reason

A farm raped me mum and now whenever I see land being worked I go into a frenzy.

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A race that would never have evolved in the first place. Also instead of culture, which can changed, you've basically created a species of parasitic vermin which people would have even less qualms about exterminating to the last.

Even Ganon in LoZ has less lolevil motivations.

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>not having orcs breed horses like we breed cows

The fuck is wrong with you? Pastoralist Orcs reknowned worldwide for their horse-sausage and fermented horsemilk drinks are fantastic to have, especially if they also have horse fights.

If it's made of meat, Orcs will have something to do with it.

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They were created by some ancient race (or some sorcerer) to be perfect soldiers, growing rapidly to term and stronger than men. They were originally bred by some unknown means, but with their master gone, they now need humans as hosts to continue their species.

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Ultimately all races are inferior to the mighty Black Iron Tarkus, so why bother? Best just to let them all kill each other from the shame.

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Nice idea for a thread and perfect for /tg/, not sure why you asked /v/ first

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THIS THING will not ride a horse.

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>unnatural mage creations

>parasitic creations

Creating guilt-free murder targets for player characters is not originality.

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>Seeing a picture I posted
>with the filename I used
I feel so proud of myself.

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Who said the orcs evolved? Anyway, evil is subjective. To the orcs, using humans as hosts is perfectly moral. It is a necessity to perpetuate their species.

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You have no idea how long I've been waiting to use it.

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the typical orc body is just a human body, except discolored and more muscular, so they are perfect for riding horses, your reasoning is flawed.

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Orcs have very thick skin that only the finest weapons can pierce trough.
They are born with all their skin and look like half empty bags when they are young.
As they grow, they fill up their skin.
The oldest orcs look like their skin is 2 sizes too small for them, having areas around the eyes and mouth where its tearing.
Orcs never stop growing and if you get to that age, you will die from infection because your skin will start to break.
Their skin cant heal and whenever they are wounded they have to patch it up with thread and needle.

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The point of orcs is to have evil minions. This is true to the original theme.

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I sort of like Spelljammer orcs (minus the retarded "scro" name). They were into science and history and had killed all their priests after getting their ass kicked by elven forces one time too many. They "worshipped" their first emperor.

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>yeah, there is no reason for orcs to do anything with horses in my eyes.

Raise them for their meat.

Like the French.

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Well duh, it's the environment that shapes the species, this is true of all animals.

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>implying they wouldn't have become peaceful if it wasn't for social stigma
>implying unnatural mage creations aren't the ultimate tragedy because of the lack of empathy towards them

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What if orcs are just humans that have some disease on them.
It causes their skin to become darker and with a green tone, causes them to be easily enraged and switch moods from sleepy to batshitinsane in seconds.
Also it is transferred sexually.

There, the human slaves thing fixed.

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The point of orcs was that they were an enslaved, corrupted race. Tolkien himself stated that the orcs as pure evil in and of themselves was bullshit.

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This thing is some kind of troll/ogre, note the pointed nose, not an orc.

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This was used in a bestseller fantasy trilogy.

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More like delayed gratification is not really a thing that they can grasp in the long term. Claiming a piece of land and shaping it, plowing it, maintaining it, defending it, irrigating it, etc. all for the promise of some shitty crops at the end of the year is not something that most orcs can do. There's a goddamn deer right over there, let's just kill it. Or better yet, just steal some venison from the Boring Ones. They'll spend all week plotting how to get back at you and by then you'll be at the next town stealing THEIR meat.

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That's an interesting and original idea, though more fiction that biology.
You are retarded.

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In my setting, Orcs, along with Humans and Elves, are one of the many sentient races that escaped from the Labyrinthine prison the gods used to imprison the creatures they believed beyond their complete control. While the Humans sought to repair relations with the gods, and the elves sought to make gods of their own, the Orcs proclaimed the gods to be powerless idols. They wish to exterminate the gods and free the world from the tyranny of the divine.

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This is a funky idea, but it doesnt work with organized warfare.
And if orcs cant do organized warfare, they will never be anything more than bandits terrorising villages.

I did the adrenaline junkie zombies once, they feel the need to hunt, fight, explore and if they dont they fall into a trance and become the stereotypical zombies.

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In my setting, Orcs evolved from Australians and elves were bio-slave experiments that never revolted and only escaped when society collapsed. I don't know what to make of dwarves yet, so far it's just a "nobody knows" cop-out

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Orcs and boars do always go well together.

As far as elves, I really like the idea of having them seem completely alien and unpredictable to humans, acting like fae or something similar. What >>24176076 brought up sounds pretty cool to me.

Each court could have its own theme, the Court of Spring focusing on the elves' penchant for nature, the Court of Summer focusing on their more festive side (possibly even abducting members of other races to join or serve at their parties and such), the Court of Fall (or Autumn, since that sounds nicer) could be a more militaristic group focused on trying to wipe out areas for later elvish expansion, and the Court of Winter could be isolated from other races and concerned more with the elves' xenophobia and pride.

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Orcs believe that you gain the power of whatever foe you defeat.
It is their law that you gain the land and property of whatever foe you kill.

You can play with this in several interesting ways.

In a battle, the human king was killed and now orcs claim they owl all of his land by right.

Or orcs had their most powerful shamans summon their own God into existence and fought him, slaying him to gain his powers.
This left them godless and ruined their empire.
Also made so once every few thousand orcs, one with great magical power is born, from the Gods energy that they inherited.

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Read the Dresden Files.

>> No.24176749

So wait, is it something the Orcs believe or is it true?

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Orcs worshipping their leadership could be cool. Something along the lines of the Roman Imperial Cult but within their Mongolian styled society.

I dig it.

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Killing a God does release a great deal of energy where he is killed, and since there were many orcs there, the energy gave them some power that is unlocked in those who can tap in magic.

It is however you prefer it, I am just throwing ideas.

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Just looked it up.

Looks pretty neat, and now I see where the anon before me got the season-based courts idea.

I still think that it would be a neat way of organizing elves, though.

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Yeah, it's a great idea and one that I'm personally fond of.

Now go read those books. Really. They're great.

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Orcs, simply put, are tough as fuck. Skin tougher than leather and able to traipse about the tundra in nothing more than a banana hammock living on nothing but a single flask of mead of a haunch of meat for a month if they really wanted to.

They're big, nasty, brutal bastards who have been raised to believe that if you aren't willing to fight and die for an ideal, then you do not truly believe in it. Because of this, they have developed a highly aggressive expansionist culture, where war is their way of “debating” other societies, so to speak. This also led to their debate halls being as much blood pits as places of philosophical discourse. They do take on vassals and many of the various orc empires often have mixed race societies, but the armies tend to be entirely orcish because of aforementioned extreme hardiness.

Usually, non-orcs will take on menial labor like farming, textiles, and carpentry, but only an orc or someone with as much respect as an orc is allowed to smith weapons for war or design fortresses, battlements or other important buildings, or brew alcohol. Non-orcs can attain orcish status, usually simply by working damned hard, proving your worth, and being willing to die for your principles.

Amusingly enough, death by these duels is fairly uncommon, since there is usually a healer nearby and to an orc, its more how hard one fights rather than the outcome of the battle.

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A perfect example of this is the duel of Groshk the Grizzled and Hrutakk, wherein Hrutakk, a Bonebreaker in his prime, challenged the old man to a duel over how their army should proceed next after having just captured a vital chokepoint in their mountainous homeland and whether they should expand further or shore up their borders first, expecting him to back down. Not only did Groshk accept, but the fight lasted eight hours and Hrutakk lost his eye and a cracked tusk that would stay with him for the rest of his life. He also became the biggest advocate of the late Groshk’s policies, whom everyone present agreed without a doubt had won the debate, even if he had died.

>> No.24176873

It only doesn't jibe with certain types of organized warfare. Mongol-style horde warfare campaigns could work for them.

And even if they do eschew organized warfare, who says them being just bandits terrorizing villages makes them less orcish? The quintessential RPG orc is low-level adventurer fodder.

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>thread bout dorfs, orks n elfs
>nbody talks bout de dorfs

/tg/, iz u allkay?

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According to an ancient Orcish folk tale, women wear the veil because when they speak without it on, they lose a piece of their spirit.

>> No.24176920


Bull, its because they are orally fixated and without it they eat too much and get fat.

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I like using fantasy boars, because then you get to give them elk antlers for no reason.

I also like giving orcs a close, brotherly bond with their boar. It is branded into the clan as if it is a fellow orc, they feed it haunches of meat straight from the firepit and will even share their tankard with their boar. It is common for an orc to be cremated with his boar.

Consequently, I like roast wild dog to be an orcish favorite.

Not an orc, but have a warboar.

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Only a Dwarvish folk tale would mention that, no matter how true it may be.

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>we do not sow

If you have your society all in on war, all it takes is losing all war to lose everything and disappear as a culture.

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Going off this anon >>24176633

>The Dwarves are older than humans or elves or orcs, older even than the gods. When the gods first came to the world, they enslaved the Dwarves and forced them to construct the Labyrinth that would become their prison. While the Dwarves where digging deep, they discovered the secrets of the Earth, a power which freed them from the control of the gods. They escaped the Labyrinth and isolated themselves, forever seeking to increase their connection to the Earth.

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I talked about all three in my post but people fixated on my orcs.

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>that incredibly obvious sexual dimorphism

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I want my savage warrior race that lives solely for war to not be "hulk men and bimbo women"

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It's almost as if they're from a pre-industrial culture!

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Look at these sexist birds, they are to be exterminated.

>> No.24177049

>savage warrior race that lives solely for war

How boring.

And, that's your idea of a bimbo?

I think you need to quit posting.

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The woman showed less skin than the man. Unless you don't mean 'bimbo' and you wanted to say 'with tits'

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What if dwarves were birthed from the very stone as primitive, misshapen creatures. It is the work of uplifted dwarves to seek out their savage brethren in the dark places of the world and "temper" them into civilized beings.

The longer a dwarf lives before being uplifted, the more degenerated they became. Those that are found too late continue to grow in size and strength until they become monstrous, ogre-like beings that stalk the depths and prey upon their more evolved kin.

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tits are sexist

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>posting prey animals
Here's a little test for you, find the female bonobos!

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How is that female orc in any way a bimbo?

>> No.24177125

She's a woman.

>> No.24177142

I had one idea for orc origins as a bunch of nobler, more civilized but still orc people, but in their pride they made a deal with a dragon who tricked them into binding the souls of their entire race to his will. Over the centuries he molded and mutated them into the perfect war machines for his conquest. They were bloodthirsty, bred fast, and had a practically inborn knowledge of war and the smithing of war supplies. Leave a band of orcs alone in the mountains and they'll have made a fortress and an army within the year.

After roughly one thousand years of this slavery, they managed to break free of their bonds and slay the dragon who had enslaved them. They then went on to slay every last dragon they could find over the next two decades, including destroying an entire nation that had allied itself with some goodly dragons.

Because of orcs, there are now less than two dozen dragons alive worldwide.

However, the curse upon their blood is still there, and orcs feel the compulsion to constantly keep moving and fighting. They also believe that the millennium of neglect to worship has caused all their gods to die save for the god of outcasts, for thats the only one whose name they can remember. Because of this, they wander their former ancestral homeland occasionally fighting their own tribes, painting themselves with emblems whose meaning has long been lost to time and singing half remembered songs, hoping to find some shred of their lost culture.

Each orc is also at risk of slipping back into the Red Dream, where they go feral and become mindless killing machines that instinctively organize themselves into tribes and go to war with anything. Every orc knows their ultimate fate is death by the sword, its just a matter of whether they choose it or the Red Dream does.

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From left to right:

All visibly different.

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This is how I want people to see dwarves.

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Juvenile orcs and retired veterans do that menial labor, too, respectively forced to do it before they are allowed to wield a blade or finding the task relaxing after decades of war. They have been doing this long before they had vassals, its just that non-orcs tend to never gain orc status and be allowed to join the war effort or even the local government because they just cant keep up with the orcish pace of life. Orcs live hard, mang.

>> No.24177214

Fun fact: Bonobos don't have the same sexual norms as humans, and are a female dominated species. Unsurprisingly, the females are very difficult for a non-bonobo to distinguish, as they have a larger amount of testosterone than comparable simian species.

>> No.24177219

The ones humping.

>> No.24177241


Bonobos are not a... let me cite you
>savage warrior race that lives solely for war

>> No.24177252

>implying monkey tribadism isn't the same thing as war

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It should be.

>> No.24177275


Two groups of 4 monkeys yelling at each other and twice per year actually doing a fist fight isnt war.

Monkeys dont kill themselves in organized clashes.

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Okay done.

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I... I think you need to look up the word "tribadism."

>> No.24177327

Chimpanzees engage in war. No, seriously. Jane Goodall documented a case where a chimpanzee troop had some sort of fight and split up, and the larger group led by the original alpha male hunted down and murdered all the members of the breakaway group in an organized, concerted effort.

>> No.24177328


I assumed it has to do with tribes, or organized groups of primates controlling a piece of land and making sure other tribes dont invade.

Or were you referring to the rubbing of genitalia in the scissoring position?

>> No.24177342


Thats not war.
Nor is it the norm.

>> No.24177448


>dwarves are actually human sized, but appear and are said to be smaller because they never stand up straight

makes sense, since they live in tunnels and hardly ever need to be standing

>> No.24177496

Obviously, they're a evolutionary offshoot of protohumans. They evolved along side us to rape. Female orcs are a genetic throwback.

>> No.24177502

All three races are the bye product of a war between the Angel and the Demons to control the middle realm where all the species now reside. Both sides used blood magics to create each race.

The Elves were created by the Angels as a reliable, smart, effective infantry. In order to prevent defects in their creation the elves were given long and efficient gestation periods, preventing any child from being born with mental or physical abnormalities and increased the health of children. Each was given a destiny to make them fine tuned in what they would be used for in battle. The elves would eventually discover their destiny since they would be naturally proficient at it. This gives the elves an air of confidence since they can be so sure of what it is they are meant to be in life. Elves are very proud of this fact and rightly so, but to other races with less of a divine connection it makes them come off as high and mighty and holier then though types. Dark elves or drow were a line of cursed elves who were never able to find their destinies and went into exile, living lives of rebellion to all of their creator's laws

>> No.24177503

Yaaaay! Monotheism!

>> No.24177515

the Demons on the other believed quantity was a quality all it's own. They created the orcs in an attempt to overrun the Angel lines. the orcs were strong but less intelligent even if they could learn to be very cunning with the right upbringing or breeding. The orcs bread like rats and had the peculiar ability to impregnate or be impregnated by damn near anything causing the child to steal a few genes from the non orc parent, causing the appearance to vary wildly, whether that be the gaining of wings, fur, larger fangs, or larger or smaller builds however these mutants were highly prone to less useful birth defects. Since the demons had no care for their slaves orcs eventually became rebellious and with a bit of help from the Angels a particular powerful orc warlord was able to help his tribe remove their oppressors chains. However much to the angel's annoyance in turned out orcs were catalyst for any magic that boosted their abilities and resistant to any magic that would take it away. Using the divine power this Orc leader became more and more powerful eventually reaching a state of an immortal Demi-god, who the orcs still revere to this day as he continues to keep groups of demons in their hellish domain

>> No.24177525


When the war clashed on top of a mytsic mountains and an Angelic commander and a Demonic Warlord who were evenly matched ended up killing each other in a duel on the top of the mountain, their blood intermingled and dripped into the rocks. This strange blood magic somehow accidently gave birth to the first dwarves. the dwarves were something of a hybrid race. They possessed the long lives and gestation period of the elves as well as a love for things refined and beautiful, however once thrown into a fit the Dwarves went into frenzies and became warlike and wouldn't stop until their enemies were dead. This dangerous combination was offset by the fact that new dwarves could not be born, rather when one Dwarf became tired of life or reached an old age the dwarves would perform a ceremony and the blood of the old dwarf would be used to give birth to a new life. However when a dwarf was killed unceremoniously his blood could have possibly been lost forever. Because of this dwarves are very slow to start a fight, however they are quick to retaliate against anyone who might actually manage to kill a dwarf, and are prone to revenge. Since neither the Angels nor the Demons wanted anything to do with the accidental creation, since they reminded each to much of the other do to the mixed blood, the dwarves are largely abandoned by divine and infernal forces and because of this their culture is very much in spite of religion and they tend to be very bitter towards religious types or even those who simply have good luck, something they have never experienced.

>> No.24177569
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Best be trolling nigga

>> No.24177648

If the orcs debate with fighting, if they lose they become really great citizens for a generation or two. It's a sweet deal if you win.

>> No.24177654


Incredibly obvious racism.

>> No.24177827

The things they ride have long since evolved past mere horse-hood

>> No.24177847

>Orcs as STDs

I can see this one going down really well with PCs.

>> No.24177850

this is how i do trolls.

theyre made from the 'earth bones' and basically absorb local magic until they can think...but they might be made underneath a bridge, or in a cellar, or somewhere they're trapped for hundreds of years.

some of them go insane, and as soon as they get out begin to rampage; some of them leave quickly and begin to develop personalities and are pretty cool guys.

and they can create small fetches out of earth matter to seed an area and eventually become trolls

>> No.24177867
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How about we disregard normal fantasy races and make up your own, the more exotic the better.

>> No.24178454


Orcs as an STD has great potential.

>> No.24178459

>this guy's got the right idea

Personally, I use
>Thri-Kreen (replacing dwarves as an "industrial race")
>Kvals (think little blue imps)
>Elves (in place of humans)
>Kenku (because birdmen, fuck yeah)
>Oaklings (basically Ents)

>> No.24178467


>> No.24178636
File: 218 KB, 1174x900, yFcBq5J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it...

Heres my take.

insectoid elementals, industrial race, they could even have machines powered by their on body´s

Long lived elf race, humanoid but extremely
mathematical, organic computers like the mentats in Dune.

Reptilian warlike race, dragons riding dragons to battle. Ancient mesopotamian aspects, maybe even greek. Could have a religious figure like the Buddha but a warlike Buddha.

Bird like race... yeah i like it, maybe mystical, wizard humanoid eagles. Obviously live in secluded towers.

let me think some more...

>> No.24178655

Thing is, they tend to argue a point to death. And its not so much arguing, its more of they are using their neighboring nations as a whetstone to grind their people into a more powerful army and culture. The more varied enemies they fight, the more ideas they take in and either assimilate into their own culture or consciously reject, the stronger they become as a people. Kind of a mix become 40K orks and qunari, now that I look back on it. Ah well, theres no such thing as originality anyways.

>> No.24178682

>replacing X as Y
That is the worst way to create a new race. You are just reskinning the Big 3 in the end.

>> No.24178710
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>> No.24178775


Twilight is a bestseller. Does that mean sparkling vampires are a good idea?

>> No.24178791

I did that once. I ended up with 8 foot tall steel skinned giants that were spawned from the magma blood of titans intermingling with the blood of their eldritch-like nemeses who love nothing more than fighting and think if they spill enough blood the titans will take notice of them and let them fight the heavens with them - a fight that is still ongoing because firestorms still ravage the land, a race of creatures who live on a jungle island that is actually a fallen moon - moons in this setting are/were living beings, by the way - who take joy in living wildly and think murdering weaker creatures to extinction please their island mother. They also become either dryadesque tree person or an intelligent beast when they reach old age, finally free from their tribal responsibilities to be truly wild and free. Oh yeah, and a race of golems mankind accidentally created and have been trying to exterminate since because these golems essentially eat magic and humanity is all about wizardry.

>> No.24178797


If your end goal is money, then yes.

>> No.24178860
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Sound fucking great to be honest.

>> No.24178864

I've actually been making a race to use

Herrrese (aka the silent ones)
>Lives 150 or so years
>Average height around six feet
>Dull grey-tan skin,eyes, and hair
>Entire race is mute
>All Herrese are slightly psionic and use it for basic communication
>Natural Psionic ability of the Herrese allows them to absorb sound
>Powerful Psionic Herrese can channel sound into energy or blasts, even use their power to mimic speech or drain the sound from an area and panic enemies
>Herrese capable of such powers are refereed to as "the spoken" or one of "The one who speaks" and often become shaman
>Generally lives in tribes, very unwelcoming to outsiders
>Tend to form strong bonds with siblings, and most pregnancies result in twins or triplets
>This bond gives bonuses to both herrese (only if the one with the higher Initiative chooses to wait and attack when the one woth the lower int does)
>Natural bonuses to move silently and a bit to hide
>Only a very small percentage of Herrese are capable of learning to harness their psionic power and those that do (and anyone that herrese is bonded to) are given to the tribe's shaman
Just imagine it, your party is venturing through a forest when you suddenly pass your perception roll and realize that you cant hear anything, not your footsteps or even your paladins armor. You become more cautious and notice that the bushes around you are shaking slightly, but there is no wind. You barely recognize the outline of a person against a tree, then you realize that he's not alone.

>> No.24178877

Thanks. I also like to include cephalopods as optional races, particularly in seafaring games.

>Bird like race... yeah i like it, maybe mystical, wizard humanoid eagles. Obviously live in secluded towers.
I tend to have mine either living in mountainous regions or deserts. Their homes need to be perchlike in both appearance and function; why have wings if they don't put them to use?

I only ever replace two races, and you can see that there.
Thri-Kreen are industrious LIKE the dwarves; closely-knit clutches and an inkling of a hivemind between "siblings."

Elves take on a far less alien nature. They aren't immortal, but long-lived, and fairly adaptive to their environs. So yeah, I guess here I'm just reskinning elves into pointy-eared humans...or I'm reskinning humans into spritely, more arcane versions of themselves.

I will, however, note that Orcs are generally difficult to change since they're such a shining example of a species bred to create strife. Sometimes they appear, sometimes they don't. Depends on the group I'm playing with. Like I mentioned above, I include manipulative cephalopods as a thing (think the controlling, eldritch nature of illithids, but set on a slightly more benign level).

>> No.24178906

I dunno, I like the idea of Dragonball Z-ass orcs. You punched him in the nose, and now you're friends.
It's a good way to have a very warlike people who haven't died out after losing one war. It provides incentive to kingdoms to not exterminate them. Some kingdoms might view them like mustangs: useful creatures if you can break them in.

>> No.24178961


Check out the Dark Ages Fae book for World of Darkness. The Fae (Elves, Changelings, Trolls etc) are more true to mythology as unpredictable, fickle, and often malicious creatures. They are divided into four courts (seasons) which have been fighting for dominion of the world (War of Seasons).

>> No.24178968


Harpies who humans regard as angels.

>> No.24178991

I am amazed he held on for so long.

>> No.24179033
File: 70 KB, 433x603, M_Orc_Barbarian_Axe6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well orc is Gaelic for "young pig" so orc + boar is a natural fit.

>> No.24179047

Yeah, I was trying to go all balls to the wall metal as fuck with it. Humans are pretty much a mageocracy where the wizards act exactly how /tg/ likes to play wizard, which leads to shit like a bunch of geomancers going on exodus after being discriminated against for using “reckless magicks” and go on to raise their own peninsula and settle on it, only to show up decades later, their peninsula now an archipelago and the land surrounding it ever-changing and swallowing entire caravans whole as the Geomancers try to make their escape or some guy accidentally making his golems sapient and then said golems feed on his magics and learn how to make more golems and go on to create an entire race.

Basically, I wanted to create a world where names like Borragras the Betrayer, Second Moon of Strife or Togunden the Firstborn or Sersevras the World Ender aren't out of place.

>> No.24179062
File: 92 KB, 260x263, Hawkman Raven.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like hawkmen. These dudes were cool.

>> No.24179078

Well yeah, if you got orcs on your side, you got bros for life. It also fits in with their clan culture constantly assimilating each other and redividing again.

>> No.24179114


Chimpanzees do.

Do you even biology?!?

>> No.24179142

OB64 My nigga.

>> No.24179144

And ants. Ants even take slaves.

>> No.24179171


+1 That guy is just full retard

>> No.24179181


So you're basically just reskinning races?

You're an uncreative retard.

>> No.24179206


Like it as well. I have a sweet spot for weird fantasy. I had the Incal books as a kid so maybe that helped.

>> No.24179218

And what have you done?
mind you, I was giving generalizations. Nice assumptions there, boy

>> No.24179240

If players care to dig deep enough, that could be quite an RP moment.

>> No.24179248


A certain species of ant (forgot the name) has even begun to raise other insects as livestock for consumption.

I for one welcome our ant overlords.

>> No.24179261


Hey don't be butthurt just because you can't into being creative. You could always just work in a box factory.

>> No.24179287

No butthurt here.

Just trying to initiate conversation outside of one-sided trollbait.

>> No.24179356
File: 7 KB, 201x250, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're called "farmer ants", and they farm aphids.

>> No.24179359

Yeah it could. It's the same missed potential with AIs and androids in sci-fi settings.

>> No.24179390
File: 94 KB, 493x642, 1347356455411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I blame a mix of drugs and Morrowind, which is really a drug of its own nature. I actually have good bit sketched out that I will probably do nothing with, like those steel skinned giants actually forge new members of their race in giant sinkholes filled with the blood-magma of their titan forbears. They collect the starsteel that falls from the sky, the corpses of their own fallen, and anything else they think might help and toss it all into the pits and drag out the newforged, who are already fully grown and freaking out, just as the Firstborn were.

I havent revised it or added on new stuff in a while, but I can dump what I have so far if you want.
Not him, but Ive been piecemeal sharing my OC DONUT STEEL fantasy setting here >>24178791 and here >>24179047

>> No.24179402
File: 30 KB, 437x582, Sadimir Poutin'.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*sigh* you're telling me. my players are about as deep as a puddle. they don't even have backstories. just "we got together because we like to hit things"

>> No.24179475

as i read that, yes, dump the fuck out it.

also, wasn't morrowind itself made upon inspiration of an acid trip?

>> No.24179508

I force my players to realize that they're not playing a video game. Not when I'm DMing, even, but more so when I'm playing. Luckily, I have the kind of friends that basically act like /tg/, so I can get away with that.

>> No.24179549

my players come drunk and/or high, and the other is about as creative as wet cardboard. they love to fight and hack 'n slash, but other than cardboard kid, don't give a shit about the smaller details that i try to put in.

>> No.24179562

Shit, I feel ya.

My group wrote out backstories for all our characters... and not one has come up. It's been nothing but murderhobo adventures, and it's a little disheartening. Yeah, the "fuck shit up and get loot" aspect is nice, but I kind of want a little more substance.

>> No.24179573
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Aight, gimme a sec.

>> No.24179615

I have these insane long-spanning arcs planned, with real moral choices and all that happy horseshit. Only problem is I have no idea how to get from A to B, and I have 3/4 players who could care less.

>> No.24179648

I get it, man. It's difficult with fantasy campaigns to begin with, since it's so hard to make a serious, compelling story. Without a group that's looking for one, it's impossible. I kinda like Shadowrun for that. It has just as much opportunity for serious "Black Trenchcoat" campaigns as it does for pure-fun "Pink Mohawk" campaigns. The setting is done well that way, just enough is up to interpretation without scrapping even the slightest amount of detail.

>> No.24179693
File: 699 KB, 900x1273, M_Orc_Shaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Orc females are enormous, morbidly obese creatures the size of ogres, who exist only to reproduce. Like mosquitos, the orc broodmothers require human blood to reproduce. The orcs protect their broodmothers at all cost.

>> No.24179705

It's just, I *have* one, but like you said, if they aren't interested in one, then it'll never happen either. Shame too. I was going to troll them by forcing them to face their real-life outlooks on life.

To ask the question: which is nobler? an unending struggle, or striving for an eventual reachable goal?

>> No.24179740

Some days it feels like the only way to respond to players who can't be arsed to listen to your narration is to do a fucking song-and-dance number on top of your song-and-dance number.

>> No.24179777

I'd suggest you give them moral choices and punish them for getting it wrong, but don't kill them. Start taking their things away and making the combat nearly impossible, then reminding them that the only reason they're in this shitty situation is because they only help themselves. Then start making it more and more serious.

>> No.24179781

I mean, one of them is up for it, but 1/4 can't carry the whole party for 'em.

>> No.24179809

Well, I have stopped coddling them in combat, and they sure took notice of that.

My reach exceeds my grasp though. I know what I want to do, but not how to provide it within the context of 4e DnD rules.

>> No.24179813
File: 177 KB, 1000x527, 1342694772678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ALRIGHT! Here we go! Be warned, most of it was written in a few short feverish sessions that I never went back to really fix up despite mentally adding more on the matter. Its also a hell of a lot.
The Animates are the first and only "artificial race" of the land. Humans used to excel at animation magic, puppeteering rocks, metal, and even cloth via magic. One mage was the best at it, even being able to animate decaying vegetation into what he called "Shambler". For many years this mage traveled across the land showing off his prowess with his personal entourage of animated thralls. However, his aptitude proved to be his downfall, as one day, his prized Shambler did the unthinkable: it acted on its own. Seemingly intelligent, the construct broke free of its master's control and struck him down and then proceeded to "feed" off of his magic, killing the mage in the process. After this, the creature fled with two other constructs in tow: one a grand and powerful thing made of stone and the other a whisplike, almost womanly creature of woven cloth. Together these three formed the Triumvirate, the governing body of what is now the Animate Empire, a powerful nation spanning across the Shattered Peninsula, an archipelago of ruins that they have renewed brilliantly over the past 300 years. Animates come in two varieties: Towering stone "males" and agile cloth "females", made in honor of two of the founding Triumverate. Shambler, on the other hand, decreed his own existence too dreadful to ever punish another with its propagation despite the protests of his followers.

>> No.24179837
File: 501 KB, 1280x800, 1314727524427.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Animates "reproduce" by carving or weaving the necessary materials together and simply animating it. The only hitch in this is that while Animates are adept magic users, they cannot generate any of their own and must "feed" off of sources of magic, be them person or artifact, in order to cast spells, reproduce, or even to simply live. Without regular feedings, they will die; their stones becoming or inert or their cloth falling limply to the ground, losing all shape and figure. They have learned to control these feedings so as not to destroy the artifacts or the people they so desperately rely on. As a culture they are determined to be recognized as a legitimate people rather than as a wizardly accident that needs to be corrected. For this reason they try to actively engage in trade and politics but at the same time are wary of any sort of wizardly congregations since many of such organizations would rather see them gone, as Animates are commonly viewed as a stain upon the name of mages everywhere. However, any mage caught attempting to sabotage this new empire runs the risk of being captured kept as livestock for the rest of their life, being painfully fed upon day after day. They also actively attempt art, shaping new animates in the most ornate carvings and weavings possible, wearing fashionable clothing, and even conducting orchestras via animation magic (think Mickey Mouse if you must). As such, their products and shows have become quite popular amongst nobles and the higher class as an amusing curiosity and for their fashionable exports, yet those who are more politically savvy are wary of their ever growing presence.

>> No.24179888
File: 1.19 MB, 1657x1000, 1346252296447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Morgoden rule (if their presence can be called rule in such an untamed land) the largest region of the Uncivilized South: Terr Morgoda, or in their tongue "The Titans' Battleground". More commonly it is just referred to as the Blasted Lands for its harshness and the scarred and shattered landscape. During the Forming of the Earth, it was here that the Titans, colossal creatures of metal and fire, fought the Old Ones, those that came before whose form and putridness was beyond mortal comprehension. It was on the vast plains off Terr Morgoda that the Titans and the Old Ones waged war and it was here that their blood was shed in equal shares. Eventually the Old Ones were defeated, their souls ripped from their bodies cast into the skies. However, their flesh and blood remained, as did that of the Titans who feel in battle that day. From this writhing flesh rose the many ferocious beasts that roam the blasted lands and where their blood mingled with that of the Titans, the Morgoden were born. They are a strange race of humanoids with skin and bones made of metal. Even the hair of their women is razorwire and often plucked from their heads and used both as a weapon to strangle enemies and as string for their instruments. The males do not seem to grow hair, but instead seem to form odd angular protrusions from their skull in lieu of the stuff.

>> No.24179902



>> No.24179914

1 can't, but 2 might have a shot.

If you get that one player on the same page as you, you've got a shot at reining in the other 3 players through sheer force of character. Have that one guy follow the leads; split the party if necessary, and reward everyone whenever they accomplish a story-related event, but make sure you only award the ones who tried working toward playing along. Throw in roleplaying XP. If you want to get maniacal, impose skill-check penalties for acting "out of character"

Make the story enticing; something those 3 players should want to sink their teeth into. Obviously easier if you know their personal tastes, and that's an advantage you get with consistent groups rather than the ever-shifting online groups

>> No.24179932
File: 1.33 MB, 1920x1080, 1302249463413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Morgoden do not age. They only way for them to die is for them to be actively slain. Due to this and their notoriously hard-to-kill nature, all Morgoden envision a glorious death in the midst of a battle awaiting them. As such, they greatly enjoy battle, with combat being the first thing they teach their newly forged kin and being large in part the reason they willingly stay in the Blasted Lands. When they kill one of their own kin, they harvest their skin, hair, and bones, and melt them down and reforge the corpse into weapons and armor or use it to forge a new Morgoden. Despite this, they are not outwardly aggressive by default, as they are in no rush to seek out their death as they literally have all the time in the world. Their interactions have ranged from violent marauders to eager mercenaries and adventures and even to lackadaisical merchants and artisans. However, their view of fighting is a simple one, and there will be little in the way of mercy should they deign to attack. One of the more frightening things a Morgoden raiding party can do is announce to a town that, several decades from that day, they will return and besiege their target. Their skin alone can easily withstand the blows of lesser weaponry and they possess an unnatural strength due to their metallic skin and bones. However, due to their metal exterior they are more susceptible to certain elements, particularly the cold.
I warned you bro. I warned you about the tldrs.

>> No.24179941
File: 1020 KB, 400x229, dog slap - sick of your shit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Go on, man. This is good shit.

>> No.24179987
File: 437 KB, 1515x1000, 1362453481760.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Human society is dominated by magic. In nearly every variant of human civilization, the mage is either the ruling class or the advisor to the ruling class, be it a king and his wizardly council or a band of naturalists led by a druid. Every human has some form of inherent magical ability, though you’re unlikely to see a farmer ever cast anything greater than a fireball, and even then perhaps only when his life is in danger. As such, wizards are natural and highly respected part of society. Most of the comforts made ready to humanity were only done so with the help of magic, particularly the grand sages of the Citadel Spire.

>> No.24180019
File: 51 KB, 786x442, Broodmother.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Dat sexy broodmother. 10/10 would bang.

>> No.24180056
File: 1.43 MB, 1200x921, 1323476078625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Luadra'a are Celestials, meaning that they once called the stars their home. This means that they were not created by the gods and seem to hold them in contempt for their actions. Their island home of Enshiras was once one of the Moons that held vigil over this sect of the cosmos, but due to their opposition of the gods and the order that they brought with them, the Luadra'a and their moon were cast out of the heavens, their lunar home crashing into the earth. As Celestials, the Luadra consider themselves aspects of the world order, meaning that they are inextricably tied to the earth and its ways. At first glance, one might mistake them for Aspects of Nature, as their jungle homeland and affinity for communing with beasts and trees alike would suggest. However, Enshiras was a moon of change and flux, not strictly of nature.

The Luadra revel in change, be it the change of seasons or the change of beasts and trees into stronger ones. As such, they live by the code of "survival of the fittest" and hold no qualms about wiping out an entire species if they deem it too weak to live. This includes other sapient races. Originally, the Luadra'a were immortal, changing freely between states when they reached a certain age, a process they called "occupying another Spoke of the Wheel", but when the gods brought order to the earth and created the mortal races, the Luadra'a too were changed. Now, instead of being able to freely change between states, they are born as Luadra'a and once they reach a certain age they become either Lua'shyn, a plantlike version of themselves, or Zhodra'a, a great beast that stalks their jungle homes.

>> No.24180090
File: 1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1351483475272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Luadra'a themselves are in state of half-animal half-plant, with two toed clawed feet and hands for climbing their giant tree homes, a tail, sharpened teeth and other bestial traits. However, their blood is green and they must feed off of sunlight or else they go mad and enter a cannibalistic state. They also seem to be able to coerce plants and animals into working for them, though their methods seem to include dominating them through force before the subject in question will obey.

Luadra'a society is split into two main groups: Voices and Hands. Voices, usually the more diminutive males of the species, have an affinity for knowing communing with the elements, knowing when changes in winds, seasons, and even migration habits of wild animals will occur, and thus lead the various Luadra'a tribes. Hands, usually the more athletic and violent females, carry out the requests of the Voices. While they seem to be in servitude to the Voices, they actually consider it a blessing to be allowed to move freely and act without concern, as the notion being forced to stay cooped up all day and listen to subtle shifts in unseen forces in order to determine their tribe's next action is seen as nothing more than a burden.

>> No.24180107

A little bonus info
The land of Enshiras is a strange one filled with a variety of bizarre creatures. Much like the Luadra’a , the other native inhabitants of Enshiras are an outlandish mixture of plant and beast. Two such examples are the treeback, a humpbacked giant with a tree growing from its back known for its appetite for trees and stone, and the mawroot, a carnivorous, ambulatory tree that hunts in packs, or ”groves”. The local vegetation is massive and complex enough to rival human architecture.

>The Shattered Pennisula
Man has always been known for their varied schools of magic, and the varieties of troubles that come with them. Several hundred years ago, one such tribe of man was particularly gifted in molding the earth and shifting very continents to their whims. This made them feared by many and distrusted across the land. Knowing this would only end in bloodshed, the Geomancers left on a great exodus to the western coast. Here they raised mountains from underneath the sea and molded the land into their very own paradise and the world was content to see them secluded and the world fell back into complacence. Due to their isolation, it is not known exactly when it is their Kingdom fell. All that is known is that one day, the Geomancer's penisula home simply...wasn't. The few surviving refugees were tightlipped on the matter and frankly, no one cared to know, as a great deal of superstition had come to surround geomancy practiced on such a large scale as they. Now in the stead of the once utopian kingdom lies the Shattered Peninsula, an archipelago of island ruins and several miles of ever-shifting terrain across the mainland, commonly referred to as The Earthmaw (working titles all around, by the way) where great gorges and sinkholes will open up or close with little provocation.

>> No.24180135
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>Terr Morgoda, the Blasted Lands
Terr Morgoda is a land full of terrifying monsters and violent nature, where not only are lightning storms of great ferocity a regular occurrence, but firestorms raining down across the land are also the norm. Bathed nightly in the blood red light of Borragras the Betrayer, the Second Moon of Strife, Terr Morgoda lives up to its sordid history of bloodshed with poignant reminders of the great battle that took place here, such as great blades stuck in the earth that tower to the heavens and discarded helmets large enough to be converted into a small estate. The creatures of the land betray its eldritch ancestry too, looking more like terrors born from nightmares rather than animals of the earth. Often disgusting in appearance and always dangerous, these otherworldly beasts have been known to simply sprout up from the ground around them.

>> No.24180160
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>Godly Races
Godly races simply refers to races created by the gods. The Luadra’a are fallen Celestials, originating in the stars, the Morgoden are the bastard offspring of the intermingled blood of eldritch horrors and incomprehensible warriors and the Animates were obviously made by humans. The other three races (and maybe more if I can think up some), however, were deliberate creations by the gods. Why this has been done is unknown and often a topic of debate amongst the more philosophical echelons of each race’s respective societies.

And thats it. Tell me what you think.

>> No.24180305
File: 30 KB, 470x350, i_awesome6_U18chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

11/10. Would definitely play.

>> No.24180398


Not bad. I can see where you could improve upon it, but I'm sure you already know where those places are, since you hinted at that in your first post.

Nonetheless, it's wonderfully fleshed-out and I'd definitely play in this or adapt it to my own group's needs.

>> No.24180554

>Like the French, who orcs also raise for their meat.

>> No.24180563
File: 168 KB, 1417x934, 1344664462381.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aw, thanks you guys! And yeah, it does need some hammering out and theres also a bunch of lore I have yet to add in, like how theres a sect of Luadra’a that believe their moon goddess will reawaken if they cover the entire realm in flora and fauna from their Enshiras, more of the Shiralli religion in general, like how Luadra’a believe a part of them must be buried on Enshiras for their soul to return to her, so those leaving on what they believe to be suicide missions will cut off a finger and leave it with their tribe before they go, or that time where the entire Morgoden race went stir crazy and nearly drove humanity extinct and right when they breaking through the Citadel doors to slay all of humanity's leaders, they just...stopped and went home.

But yeah, feel free to co-opt anything you like since I don't think I will get much use out of it.

>> No.24180868

Seems like there is a lot of mystery to sink your teeth into (to borrow another poster's words here). Your description of Terr Morgoda sounds like something that should be on the front of a metal cover.

I know some would say it's a faux pas, but, one thing that really gets me interested is a few context-less name drops. Make a reference to the Battle of Surgosh-Nel. Or the cruel wizard Rutyl Ironstaff, who rules from a fortress of lead in a land across the sea...

Maybe that's just me.

>> No.24180976

That is one of my problems, I just want to explain everything. Not necessarily upfront, but eventually. I cant just leave well enough alone at “This is looking to be the greatest calamity since the Gokurakuchon transpired!”

>> No.24181023

I wasn't saying don't *ever* reveal it. But only having a name to go on can be exciting. How crazy was the "Clone Wars" in Star Wars before they made those other 3 movies? You had no idea what it could have been. So you imagined it in your head. Do you see what I'm getting at hear?

>> No.24181079

No, I understand perfectly. I love the same damn thing, but I find myself expanding on stuff in my head regardless. Its just something I catch myself doing without meaning to.

>> No.24181083

I never understood why Orcs in every setting look alike. Why not have the big-jawed Orks alongside the more humanish Uruk-hai or the pig-nosed Orcs from various works of fiction? Humans come in different shapes and sizes, so why not Orcs?

>> No.24181129
File: 675 KB, 900x1184, 1365545711330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kinda like this?

>> No.24181136

heh, preaching to the choir. my players may not be interested in it, but i too have explanations for *everything*

That's actually a cool idea.

>> No.24181309

All four major races are essentially the ultimate form of convergent evolution with each race having different ancestry but the ability to interbreed because *coughcoughcough*

Humans have the obvious ape ancestry. They are the social animals and have created the largest empires due to how quickly they breed, how eager they are to expand, and so forth.

Dwarves (I'd have another name) come from badgers. They are short, coarse, and have a preference for living underground or close to it.

Elves come from deer/foxes/something that typically makes arboreal forest its home. They're slender, and less aggressive by nature than the others.

Orcs come from boars, and have distinct tusk-like teeth and are somewhere between humans and dwarves physiologically.

Everyone can interbreed and most communities have a mix of races. There's still "ethnically pure" areas and as cultures change in different areas one race becomes more elevated in status than another. There's some other basic physiological differences but really there's no "Orcs are X, Elves are Y" thing by default. It depends on region, culture, and other factors.

>> No.24181434

You got that from that shite mistborn series, they weren't orks tho. Didn't get far enough to find out cos the shitty romance between main character and that faggot king put me off.

>> No.24181456
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> dwarves and badgers
Already been done, mate.

>> No.24181486

fucking saving EVERYTHING in this thread.

>> No.24181532

Mine is far more derivative.

Other than a few distinguishing features (nose, ears, facial structure, the consistency of bodily hair) every race is effectively a different flavor of human.

And I don't need to be 100% OC, I just need an execution and fleshed out concept that people find engaging.

Like I imagine a group of Dwarves. Cheery as fuck, every element of themselves trimmed and groomed to perfection. But they are hard on liquor... and coffee.

Just as an example of the cultural diversity that bounces in my head. The setting at large is something I'm putting together piece by piece and I need to lay down in stone someday. The worst part is the elves... I'm between foxes and deer, but I know deer have social behavior to some extent and foxes I don't think are as inclined. Boars travel in groups and so do humans which is why the orcs and humans would be most widespread and with the largest empires... they band together in big enough groups to form empires from the ground up while the dwarves and elves are less inclined.

Just an idea in the head.

>> No.24181581

I think it's a great idea. Elves as deer sounds rather interesting. Elves with antlers kind of works for me. Makes 'em look proper fey. And the long ears get turned into deer ears, it's not too much of a stretch.

I think M:tG has a few elves that fit that description.

>> No.24181623

The reason I lean away from deer is that they're herbivores and they tend to be less intelligent. Not that there weren't predators in the deer ancestry. And "bull" male elves with prominent horns leading more primitive tribes of elves while sophisticated "city" elves have forsaken their antlers?

I like where this is going.

>> No.24181648

Heh, me too. I just watched a nature documentary earlier tonight.

Has me thinking of antler-ed elves making bugle calls like elk and locking horns and trying to but heads like reindeer.

>> No.24181672


This is good.

>> No.24181694

Locking horns is kinda brutal, and it's a bit of a stretch they'd keep that level of functionality...

But bugle calls is neat. There's no reason the elves couldn't have truly impressive voices. I mean... isn't it sort of a thing that elves are known for singing/beautiful voices? Why not their men be amazing baritones?

Hahah, a mixed race choir.

>> No.24181715

I just thought it was an amusing mental image, if nothing else.

I like where you're going with the bugles though... hadn't considered that angle.

>> No.24181722
File: 585 KB, 750x1022, 1364963900442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Elves with antlers kind of works for me
I got some of those

>> No.24181734

That's the ticket! I have some myself, but I don't organize my picture folders very well, and I can't be arsed to look through my entire library looking for 'em.

>> No.24181815

The setting I'm leaning towards (I've posted it once before) is a combination of ideas I've had for a very long time. The idea is, humans find out that magic is a very real and useful thing, a force in the world not unlike electricity or gravity. They realize that this is because time is not symmetrical like space is (while matter=antimatter, time/=anti-time) and they realize that the universe is trying to assemble itself into something. That something must be, according to the laws of the universe, perfect. The thing is, the force trying to create that universe is anti-time, working in reverse, so whatever perfection is not in the future but in the beginning of the universe, and something has torn it apart. They realize that they can look back to the origin of the universe and see a single perfect existence. God, in other words. So they do it. While the world is expanding and humans are reaching the stars and magic has opened their eyes to unknowable things, they make a telescope that can see back to this perfect existence, and as soon as they look through it, they are driven insane. Somehow (it's psionics), the madness spreads throughout humanity, and the people tear apart their advanced civilization on Earth, and with the immense power of magic and technology, they cut the very Earth to ribbons in the process. But man is a tough species, and some things are not so easy to crumble. While cities sank and fortresses shattered, some people tried to save themselves.

>> No.24181842
File: 86 KB, 640x480, Farhaven_Elf_640[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found one myself.

>> No.24181911
File: 40 KB, 597x552, 31e871cd_Go_On.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> mfw

This was the exact picture I was thinking of too.

>> No.24181950

They created a cure for the madness, a genetic modification that turned the humans into something slightly different, and most importantly, immune to the psionic blight that had taken most of humanity. It would be a long time until they found this out, but they were immune because they were immortal. These people were slender, tall, graceful, and very peaceful, understanding that most of humanity dies for extremely petty things. They came to be known as Elves, although not until hundreds of years after the last bastions of human civilization had collapsed. Two elves exist that remember their origin, and they've never told about it. The Elves were able to keep the world afloat for a limited time, more importantly quarantining the planet from all spacefaring vessels so the insanity could not destroy everything. However, they were not immune to the attacks of those who were afflicted, and most of them fell as well. The first major cities started to fall: Baltimore, Sydney, Bangkok, and London were among the first. Then, slowly, the insane destroyed the supplies for the cities and the rest fell too, until the last few cities stood, supported by makeshift urban farms and a luckily manageable population: Geneva, Moscow, and Denver were the last three. Once those fell, the cities of man were buried by time, replaced by nomadic tribes and stone-age hunter-gatherers. Civilization had fallen completely.

I probably should have typed this beforehand, but fuck it.

>> No.24182062


That's war you lingual ignoramus.
a (1) : a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations (2) : a period of such armed conflict (3) : state of war
b : the art or science of warfare
c (1) obsolete : weapons and equipment for war (2) archaic : soldiers armed and equipped for war
a : a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism
b : a struggle or competition between opposing forces or for a particular end <a class war> <a war against disease>

>> No.24182140

The race that later became the Elves was not the only one to rise from humanity. In Australia, which was declared a wasteland not long after the madness descended, sheer Darwinism created the second: The Orks. Their thick hides and muscular bodies came out of necessity due to the harsh conditions and fatal wildlife, both of which were made worse by the mad shamans who had destroyed Sydney and Melbourne. By the time they had enough of a civilization to become seafaring, they had turned into tough, exacting hunters, a species tailor-built to fight. They became renowned for their martial prowess, and their unique culture spread to [what would now be considered] Siam, India, and Southern Africa. They are often thought of as 'savage' by some of the other races , but in reality they just tend to come off as abrasive because of their warrior culture, and they are no less artistically or technologically inclined than any other race. Their reputation is hard to change, though, as the orks' criminals have also established the largest underground drug network in the world, and the orks of this organization are known for their brutality and lack of a sense of humor. Orks are known to distrust animals, including horses. When told that humans ride horses for the first time, an Orcish leader stated "That's what they tried to do with the Deathcocks, and look how that turned out". It was later determined that "deathcocks" were emus, which orks had hunted to extinction long ago.

>> No.24182282

The other major race to come from the Origin was that of the Dwarves. Originally created accidentally as part of the experiments that made the Elves, the dwarves had stayed isolated from the rest of the world for a very long time, their mountainous nation separated by huge expanses of ocean. Due to the utter lack of plains, the dwarves learned to farm in the worst conditions, carving terraces into stone and planting wheat and potatoes. They quickly began to carve their homes into the mountains, as it was an easy way to keep warm compared to building out in the open, and the places where Dwarves gathered quickly became great halls, majestic beyond anything else in the world. Contrary to the beliefs of many humans and elves, dwarves do not covet gold or jewels, instead preferring good craftsmanship to fancy materials. Dwarves have had a turbulent history, as war used to break out constantly between the dwarves' tribes. For 150 years straight, there was not a time when the dwarves were not infighting. However, the dust has settled and the dwarves are in a surprisingly easy peace with each other, perhaps due to increased pressure from foreigners. Their people are skilled in the art of war, and they are certainly not a weak race, but many dwarves prefer the path of the artisan to that of the warrior, and both are considered equal in dwarven society (although perhaps they are stronger than each other in some areas).

>> No.24182328

The dragons were created before the end of the Origin by desperate humans looking for an ace in the hole. Along with many other mythical beasts, dragons were intended to combat the threats from outside the last cities, and they did that job for many years until they had largely fallen or turned back on their creators. It is rumored that Dragons have gained sapience and are in fact very wise, but no reliable or living sources have suggested that this is true.

>> No.24182348

This all sounds familiar? Some guy whatsisname? Ringo?

Basically all fantasy is just high sci-fi. It even has a post-apoc feel because the nanomachines/computers running the world are yanked offline.

It's not bad, but it's also very "humans created this" and "humans created that" which I feel can tend to take some of the wonder out of settings

>> No.24182370

Well, the kicker is that none of this is actually apparent to the players. It's just dorfs and elfs and orks to them, and even the map will be abstract enough to fool them.

>> No.24182377

I like this thread. Especially because almost every race here is clearly created by either gods or man. Something I can just never buy about most fantasy settings is the idea of multiple intelligent species evolving side by side without wiping each other out. I mean, we had other subspecies of homo sapiens, and look what happened to those poor fuckers.

>> No.24182382

The first thing I posted was a little simpler:
The Original sapient species, these guys basically created everything that we know as the Origin; that is, all the stuff we find when we dig holes in the right places.

When something very big and exciting happened to the humans at the end of the Origin, the dwarves got cut off by the rising of an inland sea. This kept them in the ore-rich mountains and forced their economy to depend on mining. The mutations to their form were either rapid evolution or magic, and there's a lot of controversy as to which one it was.

Originally from a massive island continent far from civilization, these were probably humans that grew larger to combat the harsh wildlife and conditions of their homeland. Mind that there is also the possibility that magic aided this evolution, as with all of the different groups.

According to a few recently-uncovered tomes and documents, this was originally a derogatory term towards all the runty-looking Orcs. Eventually, they banded together in their own little enclaves.

There is enough evidence to say that elves existed before the end of the Origin, meaning that they are likely the end result of non-magical experiments. Their affinity for magic suggests that they may have had something to do with the end itself.

Created a few hundred years ago by a Dwarf whose specialty was golems. The first Troll was a complete accident.

>> No.24182386

Yeah, we fucked them to extinction.

Not a bad way to go, and completely, totally a Homo sapien thing to do.

>> No.24182392

Evidence has also shown that we fucked them to assimilation as well. The one-two fuckpunch, so to speak.

>> No.24182403

Humans. Some real fuckers.

It's why "Humanity, Fuck Yeah!" can also be read as "Humanity Fuck, Yeah!"

>> No.24182450

Now that I think about it, I like blaming the divergence on magic for Dwarves and (partially) orks. It keeps in line with fantasy a bit more, and it's also a little more believable. Putting dwarves' origin on humanity is a bit too much.

>> No.24183524

Dwarves don't mine precious metals. They mine magic. (Ley lines, don'cha know.)

>> No.24184483

I like this. I like this a lot.

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