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So how do you guys feel about the change in lore tone? The Tau have gone much more towards being a more darker, brainwashy and soviet russia-ish "people disappearing" empire.

I'm kind of alright with it, it makes them feel more appropriate for 40k.

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Tell me more of this Aun'Shi. Haven't read the new codex yet.

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I'm okay with most of whatI've heard so far.

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I like them as naive-but-learning.

Like how capturing the Chaos Stronghold in DoW: Soulstorm have them pull back their forces and bombard the entire place from orbit after they've broken the Chaos defenses, in contrast to the fear and confusion they experienced when taking the Chaos Stronghold in DoW: Dark Crusade.

A little grimdark is fine as long as you don't overdo it.

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They are looking more and more like eldars...

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>soviet russia
>not communist china

China works a lot better, they have re-ed facilties along with all the other things described. Russia just had work camps

Oh, and Aun'va is practically a WH40K Mao Zedong - was just a minor figure a while back and is now the supreme leader who everyone venerates like a god.

I felt Longstrike and Darkstrider needed a bit more a blurb though, especially for new characters

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It's a welcome change, and a natural progression from what GW gave us in the past. I'd have liked more stuff on Farsight, but I'll take what I can get and leave further lore expansion to Black Library.

He's from the original Tau codex. Consider him a more "down to earth" ethereal who isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty and working with the lower castes.

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>Tau is now grimmerdark

I am ok with this. May even pick them up if I find some cheap second hand models. Love their playstyle but they seemed out of place in 40k

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Wouldn't that be the same with Aun'Va.

He leads from the front and mingles with the other castes. He even encourages other Ethereals to do the same.

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They were always Space Chinese with japanese mechs

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Here's the scan for you all

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>down to earth
You're killing me here, anon

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I'm getting a lot of vibes from them as they are now. There's a lot of Maoist China and Japanese economi miracle in there, along with a gfew good helpings of Imperial Japan and mechas.

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Yeah, but he's more about getting his hands dirty. He leads from the front and even his own ethereals tell him to hold back.

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He's Mao Zedong. Half of it is just smiling for the cameras and Propaganda because he's 'SUPREME LEADER'

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He doesn't rule from a far a way castle and has no problem with standing side by side with his fellow Tau on the battlefield. He encourages his fellow Ethereals to dirty their hands with the lower castes.

He's like an older Aun'shi with more responsibilities.

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Still no idea what's up with this guy.

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Always Chaos.

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buy soothing anal cream

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He became a space marine tau!

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And you never will.

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Chaos like >>24113980 said
Either Khorne or Tzeentch

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And then he was never heard from again.

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Is he describing the Eye of Terror?

Dude is Chaos!

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He is nothing more than an empty crisis suit run solely by the spirit of the WAAAGH - I mean the Greater Good.

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I take it he has been statted up now though?

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He figured out how Ethereals live for so long after his were killed, and has links in the main empire who provide him with technology. Dude's planning a glorious revolution.

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There was a theory that his sword is the 100th sword forged by Vaul for Khaine. Someone speculated that he had been associating with Eldar, Dark or Craftworld.

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Compare his sword to the Wailing Doom. It's too short to be a sword of a god.

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The Wailing Doom can take any form the wielder wishes.

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I think it's good.

They are the odd one out in 40k, because they aren't "Grimdark." Making them seem like less of a utopia, through subtlety, is a good thing imo.

They still aren't grimdark, but are more "Grim Bright." They have new, clean technology, are rapidly expanding, and claim to be a perfect society. But it was already implied before that much of their technology was scavenged from various other civilizations, and their rapid growth after the coming of the Ethereals comes from some mysterious outside force.

But now hinting that living under their empire means suffering just as much brutality as in the Imperium, but with more subtlety, conspiracy, and tight control of every individual?

It all makes Tau just as creepy as everyone (besides TIDF) suspected them of being.

To go on further, 40k is built around the idea of utopia being impossible, that was what turned people off to the idea of the Tau in the first place. But this new fluff at least helps to even their backstory out. Their mysterious sudden advancement, despite their centrally planned economy and former infighting, comes from something completely unknown to them, yet they enjoy their technology being more widespread than Imperial citizens do: this is a lure, a promise of utopia. They have both this false promise, akin to Brave New World, mixed with the Stalinist oppressiveness of 1984.

And that is the naivety of their race: their technology and optimism will not save them. They will one day realize their misery: they might collapse soon from attempting complete central control over such a vast empire. They might find a robot revolt on their hands, similar to the one that caused humanity to fall twenty millennia before the current timeline. Or they might be destroyed by Chaos: though they themselves are resistant, their technology, and some the more psychic species that serve them(Nicassar and Gue'Vasa), are not necessarily that way.

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It was mostly because of the fluff stating that Tau are an Eldar creation and the 100th sword being named Dawnlight which bears resemblance to Farsight's Dawnblade. Anyway, some guy just thought that, since Tau were allegedly created by the Eldar, maybe some Dark Eldar wanted to fuck it up by giving Farsight the crash course of galactic history and its current state.

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>There was a theory that his sword is the 100th sword forged by Vaul for Khaine
But Macha used this sword to transform into an energy being and cut through a necron battleship after Gabriel Angelos brought it back from the black library that one of his marines visited.

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I have to admit, the old Tau kind of annoyed me. They were too "perfect" for such a young species. Like, they developed technology so quickly, were the underdogs yet won amazing victories, converted everyone, etc

But like, now they've peeled away the veneer and you can see that their empire really isn't that perfect and it feels a lot more like a "logical" fit for 40k, whatever that means. They have flaws and creepyness now, from indoctrination, manipulation, internal factions (like the Farsight loyalists), people disappearing, Fire Warriors being culled if they don't make the grade etc

It's just a lot more interesting.

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>Grimdark Tau show up
>Noblebright Tau supporter is never heard from again


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I know that a while back, it said that the Emperor secretly wanted to help the still-primitive Tau, to use them as an ally against Chaos. This was just a rumor, and it never actually became canon fluff.

But I hadn't thought of what you just mentioned, what if it is the Ethereals are secretly being helped by Eldar, to create an army that Chaos would have trouble corrupting? It would be very Eldar-ish to do such a thing.

Or it could be the Deceiver at work: isn't that another theory, that the Tau are Necrontyr who weren't transformed into undead robots like the rest?

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>There was a theory that his sword is the 100th sword forged by Vaul for Khaine.
Please let it be the actual 100th sword given to Khaine. The random mortal-tier blade Vaul tossed in when he realized he wasn't going to win the bet.

Cegorach that would make my day.

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I can't tell if this is fanfiction, from the C. S. Goto books, or a parody of either.

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It's from the Dawn of War books written by CS Goto. It's actually canon.

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The Tau are still upstarts with stupid amounts of plot armor who pull amazing victories. While some aspects of their fluff was fixed....some still remain annoying.

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Anyone read the entry about the Damocles crusade? It's hilarious how righteous the Tau sound and how much they put down their massive losses, and say they beat back the Imperium on their own.

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Yeah, but it's been toned down. A lot of the Tau technology is scavenged or appropriated, so they haven't been coming up withe everything by themselves.

Also they've kind of lost the goody-two-shoes sheen, so it's less "heroes fighting against the odds" and more "stubborn, fanatical alien space communists who will do anything for their glorious expansion".

Which feels more right.

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I like them as naive newcomers. It gives the grimdark feeling of this was what humanity once was like, but look at us now

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Thats always what it was.

Although its more like Cuba or Vietnam than the USSR.

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They did.

The Crusade was beginning to withdraw even before new of the Tyranids hit them. In fact, th Tau could have destroyed the crusade because there were reinforcements coming from other septs to help Dal'yth which would have encircled and doomed the crusade.

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>Many references are made to Commander Truestar, the female military leader whose brilliant career was marred by a single tragic error

Is this a reference to something? What was her tragic error?

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IIRC, there's fluff that outright states that the Imperium was winning despkte the heavy resistance, but they chose to call it off when the Nids started becoming a problem.

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>The Crusade was beginning to withdraw even before new of the Tyranids hit them

No the Crusade got locked up in ground fighting and made a massive push into the starport of the city when they were called back.

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No idea. I think its all new fluff like the ritual where Ethereals do something horrible to disobedient Commanders

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> That longstrike pic

ALL OF MY YES why the fuck weren't there pictures of tau in that pose before?

That's like stock pose #5 when it comes to piloting sci-fi shit and the Tau just never did it.

They've made right something that I never knew was wrong.

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Goto and canon should not belong in the same plane of existance, let alone the same page.

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More horrible than never being heard from again? What, do they have to write two-page essays about Charles Dickens only to be told how horrible it is?

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Because they didn't have a picture of the interior of a Tau tank before.

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They wanted the Spaceport to evacuate their forces and leave. News of the Tyranids helped stop any resistance to leaving the fight. The Crusade has negligible chances of victory

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Hey, just because Macha had multilasers doesn't mean it's not canon

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Every codex is propaganda for their own side.

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Sure and all, but they should've. It's such a common pose while being so definitively Tau that I'm amazed that it wasn't there before, is all.

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>eldar making the nec'tyr
>eldar making a race they had war on heaven with

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I know they probably wouldn't be true at the same time. That wasn't what I was implying. I was just brainstorming.

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The Codex says whoever witness the ritual is ''scarred''. It must be something really terrible.

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>Took back more than a dozen worlds with a smaller fleet than that most space marines use for fighting off orkz

What? They slaughtered the Tau in space and on the ground. Tau just had the home field advantage of a prepared defense. Creed would have walked to Tau, and taken a shit in their temples for fun.

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So finally GW did something with that tiny bit of fluff how the Tau experienced a technological boom after they discovered a fossilized AdMech ship buried on their Moon?

I mean, these things became humanoids during a warp storm. Their solar system must have been littered with artifacts, human and Ork.

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Mmm the eldar did win the war on heaven right? It could be plausible, save an entire race with just one strain of DNA and clone them for later because, hey the warp sucks dick! Eldar have been known to do some fucked up things before. I'd like to see more relations of eldar with the tau or something that implies it.

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They took back poorly defended colonies and rebellious Imperial worlds.

When they reached the Sept of Dal'yth they met strong resistance and were halted. They couldn't even take One Sept of the Tau before being exhausted.

The Crusade was too small to actually wipe out the Tau.

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I preferred them as the principled men fighting against odds. It was a nice counterpoint to the exhausting, perpetual shithouse that is the wall-to-wall norm in 40k. Plus they CLEARLY were never going to win so I don't see why people were so pissy about them not being baby-eaters or whatever.

Well, what's done is done. Orks for life. At least those guys got a sense of humor about things.

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Yeah but that wasn't even a full Crusade. That was akin to sending the NY police to fight in Iraq. Against children.

>> No.24114869


The alliance chart implies it. Of course, it also implies that Ultramarines+Tau butt buddies thing.

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Shouldn't Creed legend be a little downplayed since he like.....Lost to Abaddon?

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I haven't read through the whole thing yet, are there any references to the Velk'han Sept that the Deathwatch setting uses?

>Third Sphere Expansion
>both sides claim victory in their own codex
>fanboys use their preferred codex as a source when debating who won

How many editions have this been going on?

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It was stated that had the Imperium just kept going they would have prevailed. It was not alluded to but outright stated.

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As far as all things, tau arent all that terrible. Most of their seemingly evil shit is really just stuff that was in the last codex getting expanded on, like tau making people disappear.

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I feel a bit sorry for Aun'Shi.

Only a couple of weeks before retirement he had to go split an ork warboss in half and be a big damn hero. Now, he is stuck traveling from front to front inspiring the troops.

So long quiet life of contemplation and bitches on Au'taal.

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It was a hastily assembled Crusade to shut the Church up. Anyways, the Codex inflated the Damocles crusade from 4 IG regiments to 11!

Don't remember how many marines were involved gonna fact check it later.

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Dude's long gone. I love the way his spirit still haunts /tg/, though. He trolled it so gently, yet so well.

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The Tau changed?

They always were utilitarian assholes of the insidious kind.

At least the Imperium is honest when they put a bullet in your brain. They simply call you a heretic when you piss them off.

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5 companies. Same as before.

>> No.24114981

We got contradicting sources on our hands then.

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Just because some people are never heard from again doesn't mean that anybody from the authorities is involved. People go missing in the Tau Empire all the time, so there really is nothing out of the ordinary about it.

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>At least the Imperium is honest
>thinking the Imperium doesn't have secret police, people disappearing in the night, etc.
>thinking they don't have their own rhetoric about how everything is done for the good of all mankind
What is this I don't even

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True. I bet they get given sweet jobs with the secret services that they're not allowed to tell their family about.

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Whatever you say, Water Caste

>> No.24115063

Doesn't matter how you twist and turn it, the majority of people the Imperium kills actively know the Imperium wants them dead.

>> No.24115067

Even if he returns how the heck he's gonna mental gymnastic all that delicious grimdark.

>> No.24115078

They have a thing called the Great Lie for fucks sake.

>> No.24115095

And the majority of people know its better to forget about those who disappear than to make any mention of it.

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Tau aren't allowed to have those. Tau marriages are temporary settlements for eugenic procreation. Tau children are raised in communal nurseries, to be properly indoctrinated in their purpose in the Greater Good, to be tested for which function they will hold in the Empire. The only long-term relationships that Tau have are their bonding ceremonies.

>> No.24115107

>It was stated that had the Imperium just kept going they would have prevailed
Source required. New codex says completely different:
>Despite their losses, the Imperial forces continued their advance and many sectors of Dal'yth were destroyed or evacuated in the fierce fighting. But with more Tau reinforcements arriving at the front and the Imperial Fleet's ability to hold orbit becoming tenuous, the Imperium's momentum was spent; they were finally forced to withdraw, leaving much of their equipment behind. It is conceivable that the Tau could have encircled the crusaders, but at the Ethereals' insi tence, the Water caste opened a dialogue and agreed a truce, allowing the invaders an unimpeded retreat.

>> No.24115112

>outflank titans against tau

Sure m8 because were talking fluff here

>> No.24115115

Let me see if I got this straight.

Games Workshop is basically trolling both Tau and Imperium fans by having both sides make in-universe and contradictory claims regarding who won the Crusade to stop the Third Sphere Expansion.

>> No.24115123

> that hint of sarcasm
You gonna get never heard from again if you keep that attitude up. Studies show that there is a clear connection between know-it-alls and inexplicable disappearances.

>> No.24115132

They're shit, just like the Imperium is shit, just like everyone is shit. It's a grimderp fuckin' galaxy when the nicest race is the fucking eldar. I don't see how anyone can get invested in anything but the joke races like Orkz, which at least KNOW they're retarded.

>> No.24115143

Their buddies, then.

Things like >>24115018 would do the job.

Wut. You mean like bombarding sites from orbit due to Chaos presence? You think they bother to advertise the fact first?

>> No.24115163

Actually, Tau Novels show that they can. There are Clans, families, and lines.

>> No.24115181

>> No.24115189

Eh, I'm an ork fanboy so I guess you may have a point. I do find the rest fascinating in their own ways, though.

>> No.24115194

Seems pretty cool to me. The only people who will get trolled are neckbeards who care too much. See also Draigo and Slaanesh, or Ward's Spiritual Liege stuff. Geedubs writers troll the fans all the time.

What's the source on the Imperium's version?

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I hear tau dont sterilize humans, its just that their sperm is never heard from again.

>> No.24115243

Yes, because the Tau Blueberries gobble it all up.

>> No.24115245

...and all of it will be nothing more than tears in the rain?

>> No.24115247

>thinking the Imperium doesn't have secret police
They're called the Inquisition, and they have local offices down by the Administratum center. If you want to get disappeared, brutalized, or tortured you can go down there. Sit in the blue chair.

>> No.24115262

The 6th Rulebook.

>> No.24115266

>tfw this is a subtle hint that the original Farsight is dead

>> No.24115287

Ha! All the better to troll them with.

>> No.24115297


Apparently not. Not a trace of it. Most of their Imperium technology came from the wreckage and material leftover from the Damocles Crusade.

Also, they do make mention of the AdMech's visit before the storm, but only in the first sentence on the timeline. By that time they were already humanoid, just not centralized into a culture yet.

>> No.24115311


Fantasy Flight Games has been in the business of trolling 40k fans in recent years, too.

Pic related, it's from Dark Heresy: Ascension.

>> No.24115322

I would slam her so hard right in the face vagina.
With the butt of my lasgun.
Until she died and the universe was a safer place for mankind.
Because that is my fetish.

>> No.24115329

Ah, I imagine each planet will have its own secret police too. If I was a planetary governor I wouldn't want to go relying on those creepy Inquisition bastards.

>> No.24115380

In fact, contrary to some anon before, I seem to me that the "stole technologies" thing have been downplayed.

>> No.24115384

>Aun'Shi as the by-the-book, grumpy veteran two days from retirement
>O'Shovah as the renegade on the edge of the law

>Together, they fight crime!

>> No.24115440


Grendel being canon is more hilarious.

>> No.24115461

And Boone.

>> No.24115560

Feels more 40k atleast.

>> No.24115562

>Phoenix Lord Farsight, the Blade of Dawn


>Daemonhost Farsight, the Dark Dawn

>> No.24115608

You mean mind shackled Farsight right?

>> No.24115609


Shadowsun's book is based on that. La'Kais from Fire Warrior uses Kais's issues with his disapproving father as a major plot point, source of conflict, and character motivation. God that book was wonderful.

>> No.24115721

What? Source?

>> No.24115763

>Reference to Boone's backstory circumstances
>Boone is Canon
There is a difference between a hidden reference and something being canon.

Unless you think that Han Solo is trying to track down Farsight.

>> No.24115773

Rogue Trader: Navis Primer.

>> No.24115783

>Tau capture warp drive and technician
>how the fuck does this work monkey?
>sacrifice a goat, then dance a bit, and finally baptize the warp drive and it should work
>Tau realize the Imperium has no clue what it is doing

>> No.24115795


I love that book. Especially the final battle where the truth was revealed. Boy was it intense and triumphant!

>> No.24115799


>> No.24115804

Right, I was just too lazy to specify that she is no more canon than LIVI. My bad.

>> No.24115823


>this is what space weeaboos actually believe

>> No.24115834

I remember that. Beautiful AAR.

>> No.24115858


>> No.24115884

>It's Warp Tech
>That might legit be how it works
>This is why the Tau can't warp engines

>> No.24115898


I'm not sure if you've read the Codex or not, but if not, you have no idea how right you are.

>> No.24115922


I don't care that I play Tau, I would have loved to play that game.

>> No.24115965

Am I the only one who found it odd that there were practically no references to the Eldar or Dark Eldar in the new book?
What really got me was that under the language section they had a word for all of the other races, but apparently none for Eldar.

>> No.24115967

Man, the Tau love Puretide.

>> No.24115973

Too be fair, they'd probably need a Magos or even archmagos before this stops being the case.

>> No.24116009

>implying a magos would ever give up their power and tell them actually what to do

Idleness is heresy keep trying

>> No.24116018

They actually glassed a Maiden World because they though the Eldar there were raiding their colonies.

He is pretty much Macharius-tier to them.

>> No.24116023

>Am I the only one who found it odd that there were practically no references to the Eldar or Dark Eldar in the new book?

You kidding, right?

Check the timelines section. The Dark Eldar raids cause the Tau to destroy a maiden world which in turn ruins relations between both factions.

>> No.24116029

Hes the greatest commander EVER

>> No.24116032

They're battle brothers, they don't need words to communicate.

>> No.24116035


>Humans in charge of not being crazy, superstitious fucks

Who's scum now, huh? HUH!?

>> No.24116036

Yeah, and that's basically it.

>> No.24116038

So, judging by what you guys are discussing, it looks like the fluff in this new Codex is interesting enough....as I collect Codexes mainly for that, are there other good, recent releases in that regard? Apart from Newcrons obviously.

>> No.24116048


Yeah, and that's basically it. There are almost no other references to them

>> No.24116072

Just lingering eye-contact that says more than words ever could.

>> No.24116075

TIDF kept using the word El'dar.

Maybe that's the Tau word for Eldar or he's just joking around.

>> No.24116078

I was surprised at how good the Fire Warrior novel ended up being, especially since it was based on a rather mediocre videogame.

I especially liked the scenes with the Librarian, showing the constant burden Psykers are under. The scene where he realizes that his prophecy from the prologue is about to come true was great.

Oh, Emperor-God no…
He looked up. A series of looped ducts hung overhead, arcing flaccidly with the weight of years. A dribble of water parted from a cracked, rust smeared pipe with a quiet plip.
No no no no no…
He looked back at the light fitting. The filament, exposed metal smoking and fizzing, lay half-concealed behind a tangle of wires. Overloaded and crippled by the force of the engines’ destruction, it blinked spasmodically:
Flash. Flash. Pause. Flash. Pause. Flash-Flash. Pause.
“Brother-captain?” Delpheus said, staring at it. Ardias turned to him with a weary grunt.
“What now?”
“I’m about to die.”
The wall yawned open like a hungry mouth, wet edges slurping and sucking obscenely, malefic light blazing around its edges.
Something came out and stabbed him through the heart.

>> No.24116081

To be fair, Eldar are pretty secretive, and the Tau don't control a large enough sector of space to run into them regularly.

>> No.24116100

Followed by long french kissing and groping.

>> No.24116115


Well, the operators are probably Techpriests or Astropaths. Yeah...

>> No.24116128

I noticed it too.

You know who got mentioned more than the Eldar or Necrons? The Hrud....

I need some outside confirmation, but fluff concerning the Hrud seems to be on the rise. Maybe the rumors about them appearing as a new army are true.

>> No.24116136

He never said that, just that you would have to get that far up the totem pole before people stop being hooting retards.

>> No.24116219

More like they're a convenient 3rd party xenos race to refer to, since they already have established, if rather obscure, fluff.

>> No.24116227

The scene where the Ultramarines are pissy and badmouthing the Raptors was hilarious.

It was as if it came directly from /tg/. I always thought the Ultramarine ''pride'' was an exaggeration by /tg/. I was wrong these guys are really that douchy.

>> No.24116237

>The Tau have attempted to reverse engineer the tractor beam technology recovered from Ork wrecks for decades, but their attempts to decipher its workings remain largely futile, due in no small part to the complete lack of logical, uniform constmction employed by greenskins. So far, the sum total of Tau ingenuity has only managed to produce a single functioning Repulsor Impact Field, but field testing has proven it to be a devastating weapon, emitting a shock wave of energy that smashes into those nearby with immense force.

>reverse engineer Ork tractor beam
>get deadly weapon

fucking orks how do they work

>> No.24116249

Why you gotta stomp all over my dreams....

>> No.24116258


It illustrates the burden psykers carry in multiple instances, things from the Tau's point of view, insight into what the layman is thinking, even so minor characters and their motivations...

Book was just a freaking masterpiece.

>> No.24116261

Just wanted to second this. I'm optimistically hoping for the day a codex references something that was previously FFG-exclusive

>> No.24116332

893.M37 Welcome Additions
The Poctroon become the first sentient race to join the Tau Empire, although within a few generations, disease destroys their indigenous population. The Tau, whose physiology is fortunately immune to the plague, inherit the Poctroon homeworld, turning it into the prime world of what will become Bark 'an Sept. The Nicassar become the first race to join the Tau Empire and survive long enough to tell about it.


Well that's not suspicious at all

>> No.24116338

Not so much down to earth as a "Hero of the Revolution" type deal. I really like that about the Tau now, every character it seems with the exception of Darkstrider (who is almost an outcast) is a hero through cult of personality. Farsight was fighting for the Tau and he was the Hero of Vior'la and the Champion of the Tau Empire, when he goes missing everyone bows their heads mourning the lost hero, when it is discovered that he went rogue, Shadowsun blows up his statue in front of perhaps his most fervent supporters in the Tau Empire and they start cheering. Aun'Va leads from the front sending video feed back to the Tau Empire of being a hero, Aun'shi is beloved by the fire caste as a sort of warrior hero.

>> No.24116357

Have you seen Sicarius: Every other word out of his mouth is "Glory"

>> No.24116374

>implying there isnt a single piece of ork tek that isnt a weapon

>> No.24116380

Unlikely, his actions don't seem to follow what Chaos likes, he simply sits there defending his enclaves and even assisting the Tau Empire, if anything he is like the counter-revolutionary to the Aun'va and Shadowsun revolutionaries, or perhaps to continue with the Communist China vibes, he is the Republic of China, while the Tau Empire is the PRC.

>> No.24116388

These guys sound just like that Stargate:SG1 race. I think they were only in like two episodes and one was set in the future where they pitched a warning back in time.

>> No.24116405

Most likely it was a smallpox-esque situation. The Tau brought what would've been the Tau common cold that was deadly to a race with a different immune system.

>> No.24116430


>> No.24116431

He gets a magic sword than sees a hole in the void filled with destruction etc etc.

Seems like...Chaos to me.

>> No.24116456

I would hardly consider one Captain giving a "Let's show those Codex-dissing pansies how a proper Chapter does things" speech in order to hype up his men before battle as proof that the Ultramarines are prideful or douchy.

>> No.24116480

>that huge suit in the background
Is that a new picture? Because that's either at Riptide-sized (at least) or the artist cannot into perspective.

>> No.24116491

Not sure about the lore, but....I've always loved mechs and think the new riptide suit is great looking!

>> No.24116497

Oh! Speaking of Stargate!

The Nagi are a xenos race from the world of Sha'galudd. Highly intelligent worm-like creatures, the small Nagi are known for their mind control abities. When they were first discovered by the Tau Empire, they were despised by the Tau, who fought a series of violent conflicts with them. However they have since agreed to a peace accord and have joined the Tau Empire.


>> No.24116499


The Tau were already heavily implied to have some seriously dark shit going on behind the scenes. Anything to make it more explicit is nice.

>> No.24116512

8 1 3.M41 Cano'var Destroyed
The Tau world of Cano 'var is overwhelmed. Transmissions show robotic creatures using unidentified energy weapons.

Hurr guess who

>> No.24116522


It's from the Dark Eldar codex. It's an XV-8 getting gutted by a Grotesque. They really are that big.

>> No.24116529


>> No.24116538

Nothing states or even really implies that he saw anything about the warp, the closest thing to warp shit is the mysterious things that killed his ethereals, which could have been anything including Eldar or Necrons or simply a story made up by himself, or some Ork Kommandos he was fighting. Most of his quotes and stuff makes him seem more like an extremely dedicated commander who eventually became disillusioned with the Greater Good after constantly having his requests for more reinforcements denied. He might have knowledge of the warp, but that doesn't mean that he is corrupted by a long shot.

>> No.24116539


>> No.24116546

>Tau find Magos
>Torture and drug him until he reveals all the secrets of working the Warp Drive
>Tau press the buttons, turn the knobs, and flip the switches
>8,000 year old Machine Spirit is old, crotchety, and expects his pretravel goat sacrifice and silly dance before each journey
>Refuses to work
>Years later the Tau manage to get a Titan
>All attempts to interface fail
>The Machine Spirit hates blue people
>Attempting to reactivate the power plant on a newly converted world the Earth Caste is at a loss when the process fails every time
>The Tau lose so much face the world goes back to the Imperium
>Turns out the Machine Spirit was a masochist and would only work if it got hit with a wrench
>The Tau never discover the secrets of crazy Imperium Tech
>The Tau never discover the secrets of any Ork Tech
>The Tau never manage to make Eldar Psychic Tech do anything at all
>The Tau thoroughly analyze the examples of Necron Tech and conclude that it's all scientifically impossible for it to work
>The Tau don't even know how to science the chaos tech they find
>Disillusioned with the Scientific Method the Tau civilization stagnates and slides into barbarism

>> No.24116550

It's from the Dark Eldar codex, actually. A Haemonculus Coven makes contact with the naive Tau and gives them aid on the battlefield in return for some Tau colonists for a "cultural exchange". Shit goes down when they ask for an Ethereal, Tau attack, realize they are fighting Grotesques and Wracks made from their own people. Haemonculi take a fuckload of slaves and leave, cackling gleefully.

The Tau are pretty easy to fuck with. Hearing that some enterprising raiders spoiled Tau/Eldar relations is delightful.

>> No.24116551

You kidding?

>> No.24116563



>> No.24116571


And interestingly enough, the Captain is quite a liberal one: He actually agrees to work with a Tau, on the word of his Librarian!

Most of 'em would've gone - "Bugger the prophecy!" - and splattered Kais all over the sidewalk.

>> No.24116578

According to the scale in the new Tau codex (pg 70) battlesuits look to be about 3-4 metres tall.

>> No.24116588


>> No.24116594


They have reverse engineered Ork tech already: >>24116237

>> No.24116596

>The Tau are pretty easy to fuck with. Hearing that some enterprising raiders spoiled Tau/Eldar relations is delightful.

I like the one from the Necron codex. "Welcome to the Tau Empiaaaaagggh"

>> No.24116599

His quote implies that he saw visions of horrible things.

Either he is crazy or something influenced him...pssst... I think its chaos.

>> No.24116605


> Haemonculus: "It's like taking candy from a big blue baby!"

>> No.24116615


Nice to get confirmation that what most of humanity does is rote memorization dressed up with mysticism.

>> No.24116630

They would just use mindworms on the magos Khan style, not torture him.

>> No.24116633

>dressed up with mysticism
It's a warp drive. I'm thinking the mysticism is actually pretty important.

>> No.24116647

>At her command, no less than eight different battle fleets disembark from the clogged atmosphere that surrounds Mu'gulath Bay. Each one is a Fire caste spearhead - each one on a course for battle. History has proven that there is no foe the Tau can not overcome, and soon, the very stars themselves will be reforged in the cause of the Greater Good.

Wow, they're confident.

>> No.24116670

>Known for mind control abilities
>Sudden change in diplomatic stance
They call me Aun'Va, but in truth I am Apophis!

>> No.24116681

It was the dying words of a Battle-Brother whose prophecies about a Chaos incursion had moments ago proven to be perfectly accurate.

Under those circumstances, I think most Space Marines would do as they were told, even if it meant making peace with Xenos.

>> No.24116702

inb4 Trazyn steals all 8 fleets

>> No.24116720

I've read all the fluff in the new codex and I got the exact opposite impression. They seem to be steering away from the stuff like sterilization and ethereal mind control and towards the Tau empire being a reasonable place to live. The various alien races under their dominion operate as virtually independent entities, just with Tau advisers at the upper levels, or leaders passing on reports to the Tau. As for the Tau themselves, they don't seem to mind the situation.

Also in so far as brainwashing goes, consider the following: before the Ethereals, the Tau were on the verge of extinction and were locked in chronic war and hunger on their homeworld. Post-ethereals, they're a space-faring race with advanced technology and a small empire. I very much doubt the Ethereals even have to do much brainwashing; things literally got vastly better for the Tau under their guidance.

>> No.24116730

>the very stars themselves will be reforged
Shit, first the Eldar, then the Crons, now the Tau. Does everybody have to mess with stars?

>> No.24116735


We needed confirmation for that? It's essentially a known fact by this point.

>> No.24116736

What you think doesn't matter, there is zero actual proof that it is Chaos.
>He found a sword
So? There are swords all over the fucking galaxy, hell the Necrons or Dark Eldar could have left one behind specifically so he would revolt.
>He is the first Tau to go rogue
Yes, after a very long, bloody campaign where he was constantly denied supplies and defied orders to turn back. It was pretty obvious that he had some plans to go rogue, even if they weren't fully in fruition yet.
>He is still alive
Maybe, someone in Farsight's battlesuit is alive (maybe, could be wacky Dark Eldar or Imperial or Necron Tech animating the suit itself), the codex even mentions that Farsight could simply be a title.
>He likes close combat
He was always an aggressive commander and years if not decades fighting the Orks simply taught him that close combat is needed at times.
Honestly he just seems like a generic renegade commander. A hero to his people who became disillusioned and perhaps even had talks with members of other species or was shown things be members of other species that showed him the true folly of the Greater Good. For all we know he might have been visited by the remnants of the Cabal who told him that the Tau would go extinct if he didn't revolt.

>> No.24116741

It's even better.

All the Fire Caste from fucking everywhere nearby mount up to kick some Dark Eldar ass. The DE are gone when they arrive so they go home.

Everyone is gone when they get back.

>> No.24116761


True, and there is always the possibility that Machine Spirits have become real due to humanity's belief in them.

>> No.24116766


Somewhere out in the void there's a miniboss Tyranid that eats stars.

>> No.24116767

Puretide is the Tau version of Sun Tzu, the same way Macharius is the space-Alexander the Great.

>Together, they fight for the greater good
Fixed that for you.

You're actually right as well. Not read the new codex JUST yet, as I'm planning on giving it a browse when my Riptide pre-order comes in (that model's just too cool NOT to own, regardless of the 'dex), but if the Tau have gone full grimdark... I really don't know if I'll keep playing 40k.

The only reason I felt I could invest myself in the hobby at all is because of the fluff. The Guard were okay, as they're relate-able and there's so many regiments, there has to be at least SOME who aren't run by drooling idiots and BLAM-happy commissars. I loved the Tau though, because they were the one race you could justifiably see not being a bunch of complete cocks towards anybody and everybody. I can understand a degree of oppression and such from them, I mean this IS 40k we're talking about; but if they've gone off the deep end into an Orwellian regime with just some flavour differences to the Imperium...

I'll be honest, if that's the case, I really can't bring myself to give a crap any more. How are you supposed to invest yourself emotionally in a setting that takes every chance for empathy, happiness, relate-ability, vaguely satisfactory resolution and even the vaguest chance of hope and good triumphing, even in a small area of an incalculably vast galaxy and then just crushes it all under the filth-and-gore encrusted tank treads of LOL GRIMDARK before dumping a load of masturbatory SPESS MUHREENS and HUMANITY BEST RAEC over the broken remains of what was a fleeting dream of light in a galaxy so nihilistic and dark, it makes suicidal depressives look at the writers and go, "Dude... Seriously, cheer up a little."

Phew... Okay, that was more than a little cathartic. Rant over. We'll see what we'll see when I check the codex out.

>> No.24116778


such is life in 40k.

>> No.24116801

great pic anon

>> No.24116811

They made one. And it doesn't even work right.

In fact it works backwards. They tried to make a traktor beam and made a repulsor field.

Ork Tech. Even when you make it entirely wrong it's a deadly weapon.

>> No.24116813


They're right next to Ultramar, they should be more careful.

>> No.24116825

>Greatest Tau Leader
>Not Farsight
Granted he did teach Farsight. On a related note, is there any restriction with Farsight taking Ethereals? If not I would like to run Farsight, Aun'shi, allied with Yriel. The most weeaboo force ever, spam battlesuits bring wraithguard, a wraithlord, and give everyone their own customized equipment and paint scheme.

>> No.24116853

Do not touch the stasis shielding! Those fleets are collectibles, they will be valuable someday!

>> No.24116859


Not him, but there's a lot to point out...

> Attacked on artefact world
> Shrines to strange things
> Unspecified threat kills Ethereals
> Leaves as suddenly as arrived after fierce fighting (Chaos Daemons do this)
> His quote from his personal recordings
> Reference to hole in space, possibly Eye of Terror

I'm thinking he's not corrupted by Chaos, but that he's seen though it. The weapon he found is quite similar to an Eldar Wraithlord sword, so it's possible that it's warp-based Eldar tech that's giving him these visions, not Chaos.

>> No.24116862

You mean they are next to Imotekh's dynasty. His dynasty is the greatest power in that area of space. Both Ultramar and Tau are smalltime.

>> No.24116865

>if they've gone off the deep end into an Orwellian regime with just some flavour differences to the Imperium...
Eh, I don't think they have really. Maybe a little darker, but it's still the same mixture.

Plus they were never actually good guys. That whole aggressively-expanding-empire thing always got in the way of that.

>> No.24116871


Farsight has no restrictions whatsoever.

>> No.24116900

Actually concerning Trayzn, wouldn't he just get the Tau to give him stuff in exchange for him joining the Empire along with all his tech, then disappear with all the goodies?

>> No.24116918

The point is, he was so good that his students, like Farsight and Shadowsun, have only been able to master a single aspect of his knowledge each

>> No.24116934

Machine Spirits are real. They're pseudo-AI, and just about the only form of AI allowed by the AdMech

>> No.24116943

No Tau commander managed to master all of Puretide's teachings.

Puretide remains the greatest commander in the Empire and nobody yet reached his level of tactical prowess.

>> No.24117020

What do the Tau think/know of the Traitor Marines?

>> No.24117029


That's always a possibility as well, the only that makes question it is things like Princeps being able to feel the emotions of their Titans and I believe the same sort thing happened with some Night Lords and their Landraider in the first book of the Night Lord trilogy.

Plus the infamous Bolt Pistol comic.

>> No.24117030


>> No.24117081

Still, lots of things attack quickly and leave, that is the Dark Eldar's whole spiel. Now, do I think he might have seen into the warp? Yes, do I think he may have been manipulated? Sure. Do I think he has fallen to Chaos? No. In all honesty I think the Eldar or someone attacked, killed hims Ethereals, he chased them down, they slaughtered his guards (or disabled them) got him alone and spoke with him (probably showing or telling him of the warp) convincing him that the Ethereals needed to be destroyed for the good of the Tau.

>> No.24117094

Snowflake weeaboo force here I come.

>> No.24117139

Slaanesh thing.

Farsight enclaves sometimes work for them as mercs.

The Tau and Word Bearers are warring it out over a world.

Fabius tortures and exptiements on a lost Tau colony.

Fire Warrior events.

Loatheheart takes 300 Fire Warriors to Nurgle's realm

I think they are fond of them much.

>> No.24117185

To be honest, I've never really thought of expansionism as a necessarily bad thing. Sure, it can certainly be a touchy moral issue, there's absolutely no way I'm disputing that! Oppression and slavery bad, all that kind of stuff. But when the expanding empire brings a genuinely better way of life for most, if not all of its conquered peoples, is that such a bad thing? You can debate if the Tau fill that criteria until the cows come home, but let's face it; there is very, VERY little that could be considered WORSE than the Imperium of Man.

God, I really hope it turns out like that. I'm not TIDF; I'll be the FIRST to admit the Tau aren't an ideal utopia, but their whole POINT was to be a contrast to the rest of the galaxy, by being comparatively the 'good guys', but being so small and young that their impact in the galaxy is still minimal and it's touch-and-go, if the 'good guys' have shown up in time, or if the galaxy is still ultimately doomed.

>On a totally unrelated note...
Who here has read Fire Caste? I kind of want to check it out, but I'm worried it'll turn into another humanity wank-fest, rather than a decent look at the Tau culture and mindset, like Fire Warrior is toted as being (another book I need to get my hands on).

One of these days, I'd really like to see a story covering one of the regiments in the Damocles Gulf Crusade, their battles against the Tau, being abandoned by the retreating Imperium forces, then joining the Tau as gue'vessa. It's not an angle that I think has ever really been explored and the fact that the Tau incorporate other races, as opposed to exterminating them outright, has always been one of their more unique and interesting points. Plus, it'll give us a view of the Tau Empire, from the inside, but un-coloured by their cultural indoctrination.

>> No.24117192

"One does
not attract the Ultramarines with claims of goodwill, then insult them by bolstering their strength
with lesser warriors"

>> No.24117201

DoW fluff calls them "Gue'la fanatics/maniacs/other word for crazy"

>> No.24117245

Not just any Artefact World, Artha Moloch was purged 2 or 3 times by the Imperium, and I think the Marines that did it the last time later went rogue.

I'm not saying that Farsight is donating to the Skull Throne and snuffing space cocaine off a futa hookers tits. But Chaos can be subtle, especially when whatever it's interested in isn't interested back.

> Reference to hole in space, possibly Eye of Terror
True as this likely is, my love for Tau having no sense of scale makes me hope he's just talking about the Perdus Rift. After all the Eye is on the other side of the Galaxy and the Rift is right fucking there.

>> No.24117261

Expansionism is bad thing when the tau view is "Join us or die". If you don't join, they'll first send water caste to diplomatically turn you. If that fails they try a direct invasion. Then if that fails the fleet just bombs you into oblivion.

>> No.24117279

Titan's are different.
Titan's are an entirely different can of worms.

>> No.24117289

Whereas the Imperium just bombs you straight up and builds colonies over the corpses.

>> No.24117297

They know that Chaos is antithetical to the Greater Good.

>> No.24117303

So half the reason the bottom guys act retarded is to make capturing them mostly worthless?

Thats...actually brilliant.

>> No.24117309

The sword could be a Halo device. Personally I like the Dawn Sword being an Eldar artefact. Though Gav's Path of the Outcast suggests that the Dawnblade or was it Widowmaker now lies in the Forge of Vaul at the centre of the galaxy.

>> No.24117323

It still shows that when push comes to shove they will act no different than Imperium.

>> No.24117328

The Eye of Terror is so big you can probably see it from anywhere else in the galaxy.

>> No.24117340


>>Who here has read Fire Caste?

Read about midway. It is pretty much just more human wankery unfortunately.


>> No.24117346

The ultimate form of fratboy hazing
>lol dude, you dont actually have to slap it with your dick to make it work

>> No.24117366


I know that 40K has always used the term 'heresy' loosely, but that is really something else.

>> No.24117375

Imperium = dystopic version of The West
Eldar = France (immensely arrogant, past glories, irrelevant on the world stage)
Orks = Russia (incomprehensible, violent)
Chaos = people who pirate video games
Tau = China, or clean and prosperous version of Best Korea

>> No.24117376

Speaking of the Codex, link to that scan somebody brought up last night? Didn't got the chance to download it.

>> No.24117377

You know, after 10k years, that might actually be how it works.

Certain chants trigger auto repair functions.

As in...Imperial Tech is infested with warpcestous AI. And the Admech know it.

>> No.24117385


Fire Caste was pretty decent/good in my opinion, it mostly focuses on an IG regiment, but you do learn a bit about the Tau and gue'vessa as well as the differing attitudes the Water Caste and Fire Caste have of the future when there isn't an Ethereal around.

While both were again decent/good in my opinion, I wouldn't recommend reading Outcaste and Sanctuary of Wyrms unless you want to see a Fire Warrior and Water Caste Diplomat lose their naivete, idealism, and to extent trust in their Empire.

>> No.24117412


It's being written by a surprisingly objective Imperial historian years after the event, so he uses Imperial terminology. Lots of other places in the game, the narrator talks as if he's narrating a historical documentary.

>> No.24117413


It depends on how you feel about brainwashing and indoctrination. There's a lot of that, as well as propaganda, "removal" of soldiers who don't make the cut, and a large majority of dissenters or people who don't follow the rules mysteriously disappear in the night. They have squads of Ethereals and Water Caste who hunt down anybody with links or sympathy for Farsight, etc.

It's very Soviet Russia/Communist China feeling. The Tau are shown to be very manipulative individuals who assimilate cultures subtly until they're naught but puppet regimes controlled by Water Caste behind the scenes or are destroyed utterly.

>> No.24117414

True, but if you have a huge hole in reality on the other side of everywhere and a small one right next to you which will look bigger? Like the moon and Jupiter.

But like I said, I'm a sucker for 'Tau have no sense of scale'

>> No.24117428

So, are Tau actually any different at all than they were before, or is /tg/ is mindlessly repeating that they are without actually reading the codex, just like they mindlessly repeated that they weren't grimdark enough back in the day?

Because so far I haven't noticed any fluff that's much different.

>> No.24117442


Armageddon is looking awfully nice ain't it?

>> No.24117447

The narrator in the DoW Dark Crusade and Soulstorm campaigns is from an Imperial point of view, so there's an excuse for it at least.

>> No.24117448

Would you kindly stop invoking his name?

You don't want to bring him back do you?

>> No.24117461


Tau have always been a bit "Luminous Auspicious Path of the Glorious People's Liberation". This new stuff is just making that a little more overt. They might be overly cheerful and somewhat brainwashed by their propaganda, but that doesn't actually make them bad guys.

>> No.24117471

Seriously, was there ever a reason to have your entire force in reserve with no one outflanking or deepstriking?

>> No.24117499

>clean and prosperous version of Best Korea
Shut up an drink your snow coffee and eat your bird filthy American. Then go back to living in your tent.

I don't know why glorious leader continues to send arrogant fools like you housing materials through the red cross. You live in a country with snow everywhere and people laying about awaiting heroin.

Your just lucky that glorious former leader liked basketball so much he was willing to help out your country with its snow everywhere.

>> No.24117516

ok, the wait is killing me.

Is there any torrent?

>> No.24117527

What >>24117289 said. And apart from that, I'll take, "Join us or die," over, "Join us AND die, because I hope you like being drafted into the Guard, or forced into 18-or-19-hour working days, hive scum #597,461,610,880!" I guess after a life of total and utter, soul-crushing lethal and brutal oppression, some light oppression and socio-philosophical indoctrination sounds pretty damn good!

Hmm, Outcaste might be worth a look, by the sound of things. The difference, I guess, is in whether it shows the Tau Empire as being totally naive and retarded, the Ethereals are lying to us blah blah blah... Or if it's a case of, "Well shit, maybe the universe ISN'T just going to roll over and accept the Greater Good and we might actually have to face people who will reject it, no matter what we try!"

>> No.24117528


It ups the amount of "this person expressed doubts about the greater good and was never heard from again" to higher levels and spends a lot of time talking about how the Tau constantly push their aggressive Fire Caste conquests to the point where Shadowsun sacrificed a bunch of worlds just so she could attack Magarath Bay.

Also apparently they kill Fire Warriors who don't make the grade.

>> No.24117529

Tau haven't changed. They're still exactly what they were before, somewhat stifling Chinese flavoured aliens with a strict caste system and desire for harmony above all else. This doesn't mean they have a "dark secret", the darkness is right out in the open. They're very strange to human eyes, with this emphasis on the greater good and harmony over individual happiness. However in spite of that, they don't mean any harm, and they seem to be quite content with their way of life.

>> No.24117577

Tau are now quite literally China. A little alarming, but not actually hostile, and very big on everyone getting along and not saying disharmonious things.

>> No.24117592

Or they die in training... maybe it's a 'two potentials enter, one leaves'-style exam?

>> No.24117620

Thing is it seems like something sinister is going on with humans in the Tau Empire. with the number of worlds the Tau Empire conquered in the Imperium most worlds should have humans or a mix of humans and Tau, yet the only mention of any world with a notable number of humans is the T'ros sept (formerly the world of Taros) that was conquered just two years before the "present." For some reason humans are declining in numbers wherever the Tau go.

>> No.24117628

>ups the amount of "this person expressed doubts about the greater good and was never heard from again" to higher levels
Source? I have the codex but haven't got very far into the fluff yet.

>spends a lot of time talking about how the Tau constantly push their aggressive Fire Caste conquests to the point where Shadowsun sacrificed a bunch of worlds just so she could attack Magarath Bay.
This seems pretty firmly in "greater good" territory.

>Also apparently they kill Fire Warriors who don't make the grade.
I was under the impression that they give Firewarriors a "trial by fire", and that dying and failing are one and the same. Not that they haul them off and execute them or something.

Anyway, it's easiest to think of Tau like an ant colony. They're not mind-controlled, or anything like that. They are, down to their very genetics, designed to work as a unit. An individual firewarrior leaving the empire is like an ant leaving the colony.

Sure, it can survive on its own, and might be better off even. But, if EVERY worker any left, it would be the end of every one of them.

>> No.24117641

This codex basically just removes the ambiguousness and makes the propaganda-y, brainwash-y, we-gave-mind-control-helms-to-the-vespid-y stuff more overt.

And that's okay.

>> No.24117646

>They're very strange to human eyes, with this emphasis on the greater good and harmony over individual happiness
This doesn't seem like it should be remotely strange to imperial eyes... individual happiness is hardly a big slogan of the Imperium.

>> No.24117652

"those not healthy or bright enough to pass these tests are never heard from again."

In my eyes that suggests that the rest of the fire caste doesn't know what happens to the failures, which they would if it was done Thunder Dome style. The health&intelligence criteria doesn't sound like an arena fight either.

>> No.24117653

Eh, I could see that happening. Maybe harkening back to the days where the Fire Caste were nomadic hunters and only the best could be allowed to survive, so the tribe didn't have to feed dead weight. Two students enter. One warrior leaves. Or maybe the 'trial by fire' is just that brutal? That sounds much more likely to me; I mean look at what La'kais had to go through for HIS!

>> No.24117654

>40K truisms
>it can always be worse

>> No.24117678

>The Tau can build Babby's First Craftworld
>The Tau can harness Dark Matter
>The Tau can destroy stars
>The Tau can loot Ork tech


Silly other xenos thinking they're special...

>> No.24117690

I don't get that vibe at all.

If anything, it makes it sound like humans either leave as their planet is conquered, or are painfully slowly peacefully integrated without even realizing it's happening.

>> No.24117691

Can we have Space Zabuza now?

>Random Fire Caste kid shows up
>Fucking straight up murders every trainee
>New glorious hero of warrior caste is born!

>> No.24117699

Anyone else liked the part where the Inquisition are somewhat scared of Tau due to them possibly repeating the Age of Technology and the Ironmen?

>> No.24117704

(although I suppose since the Imperium lacks effective/widespread mind control tech, the reality is probably that most people are self-interested, whereas for many of the Tau the greater good is more than just a slogan)

>> No.24117708

Also, that Ork Warboss that never stopped getting bigger and is now in a Gurren-tier size category

>> No.24117710

La'Kais was noted for his ''mental'' condition even before he mad it to La.

They should've acted sooner to fix him.

>> No.24117713

The Imperium acts the way it does because it acts for the goal of mankind's continued survival. Those drafts and brutal work hours exist so that the part of the Imperium that is under attack can make it. The Imperium and Tau both have a consequentialist utilitarian ethic.

>> No.24117727


> Let me read a letter I recently received. 'Dear Dr. Breen. Why have the Tau seen fit to suppress our reproductive cycle? Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen.' Thank you for writing, Concerned.
>Instinct tells us that the unknown is a threat, rather than an oppurtunity. Instinct slyly and covertly compels us away from change and progress. Instinct, therefore, must be expunged. It must be fought tooth and nail, beginning with the basest of human urges: The urge to reproduce. We should thank our benefactors for giving us respite from this overpowering force.
>Let me assure you that the suppressing field will be shut off on the day that we have mastered ourselves...the day we can prove we no longer need it. And that day of transformation, I have it on good authority, is close at hand.

>> No.24117740

Then they get mind controlled by worms.

Silly Tau.

>> No.24117741

EVERY country and society has a "consequentialist utilitarian ethic."

The difference between the Imperium and Tau Empire is the mindset of the people. Namely, the Imperium is full of selfish assholes.

>> No.24117748

Nah the Tau would view that as an unnecessary waste of resources. Commanders that spend too much effort on personal heroics and glory, and waste lives are censured by High Command the the Ethereals.

>> No.24117773

Chaos: Join us and have a short horrible life in the service of the dark powers or die. But we'll probably kill you anyway.
Eldar: We've decided you all have to die because it'll save Eldrad from stubbing his toe in five thousand years.
Necrons: Die. Die. Die. Die. Die.
Tyranids: OM NOM NOM NOM
Imperium: Die, filthy xenos!
Tau: Join us or die.

Notice how tau is the only one that lets you live in conditions you might actually want to be alive in?

>> No.24117782

>Tau copies warp drive
>What Gellar field?

>> No.24117783

Except they pretty much made the worms their vassals.

>> No.24117788

Hey mom, why are they beating up that girl? Asked Henry Freeman

>> No.24117793


"Leave", on what, their personal starships? This is 40k, interstellar travel is difficult and dangerous, and strictly a government-run business. No, the humans decline because their birth rate goes down mysteriously, and if they bring it up with the new Tau government, no one seems to know what they're talking about.

>> No.24117799

Nah, Eldar are more like Britain. Once a vast empire on top of everything, now splintered into irrelevance. Or like Europe before WWI.

Orks? Come on. Space Niggers. Innumerable Savage Space Niggers.

If it helps you feel better, call them Gingers.

>> No.24117808

>No, the humans decline because their birth rate goes down mysteriously, and if they bring it up with the new Tau government, no one seems to know what they're talking about.
Citation needed.

And no, the ONE line about Tau sometimes sterilizing a human population doesn't count.

>> No.24117809

Did you know that the trials of fire in Farsight's old Sept was to the death?

Many Saals die before reaching La.

>> No.24117810

Not every country has a view of "The lives of our citizens are a resource to exploited efficiently"

And the Imperium is full of selfish assholes, it's just that they know that they need mankind to survive as well. The High Lords, and Sector rulers are usually pretty damn good at seeing the larger picture.


>> No.24117816

>Those drafts and brutal work hours exist so that the part of the Imperium that is under attack can make it
This assumes that the people in charge (a) prioritise the greater interests of humanity and aren't selfish and (b) are sufficiently competent, and have sufficiently effective systems and personnel, to ensure that only the minimum necessary amount of brutality occurs.

I don't think either would be true.

>> No.24117829

Gingers are Space Niggers?

>> No.24117835

I thought they were joining forces to mind control everyone else.

Like should the Ethereals fail to mind control a race, they send in the Nagi.

>> No.24117849

Or did the Worms make themselves the ''vessels''?

>> No.24117851


I agree for the most part, although there is now moreso than ever suggestion that Ethereal manipulation is a big thing, and some darker things here and there.

Kind of like, well, China. Or any other modern country for that matter- the majority are well-to-do, if not flawed people while the guys running the show have their own ulterior motives.

There is still, however, that slightly Orwellian "First among equals" bit, though.

>> No.24117852

No, but every single country is founded on the basis of "you give up some things for the good of the whole."

See: laws, taxes, the military, etc.

>> No.24117868

True, these are only situations in which you come into conflict with the force. The Eldar are not terribly likely to get involved in your shit, and the Imperium can't even crush the Tau, if you're not already in the middle of their empire, they can't touch you.

The Tau are actively seeking out people to conquer or destroy, whereas the Imperium is just repelling (to its perception) invaders.

The expansionalism is what makes them unlikeable.

>> No.24117874

While sacrifice for the Greater Good is considered heroic,
unnecessary losses are disdained. Even after leading a cadre
to a remarkable victory, a Commander whose army has
sustained a large amount of casualties that might have been
prevented does not rejoice, but is instead greatly shamed.
Duty requires that he ask to step down and rejoin the ranks
to atone for his failure. If the breach of conduct is more
severe, the Ethereals themselves might step in and demand
the Malk'la ritual, an event that scars all who witness it.

So what's the Malk'la?

>> No.24117899

>whereas the Imperium is just repelling (to its perception) invaders.
Except that this is the direct result of not having enough military strength to attack.

The Imperium would, and has, continue to expand if it could spare the forces.

>> No.24117913

Frankly, the High Lords are usually well interested in mankind's survival. The problem is we rarely get looks into Imperial administration beyond the planetary level.
And I think the joke of Imperial bureaucracy being incompetent is taken too seriously, considering they have to administer a million worlds that can be best described as islands accessible only by the most stormy and static laden weather imaginable.

>> No.24117924


If I'm corrected, the Imperium hasn't expanded with any reasonable amount since the Horus Heresy started, since then Its just been one massive defensive action

>> No.24117940


Macharian Crusade

>> No.24117945

>The Tau are actively seeking out people to conquer or destroy, whereas the Imperium is just repelling (to its perception) invaders.

That's a bold face lie. The Imperium is expanding sending expeditions and colonists to new worlds. They have wiped out any alien race that they came across. This would have been the fate of the Tau if the Warp didn't happen.

>> No.24117950

Imperium does colonise new planets, we don't hear it much nowadays because that makes the situation look less desperate

>> No.24117951

Various crusades, most notably Macharius' drive to the edge of the galaxy, greatly expanded the Imperium's size. However, crusades are a lot rarer now and require resources the Imperium is quickly running out of.

>> No.24117971


Ya'll are alright. Everyone else who saw that pic and didn't immediately have this reaction can gtfo.

>> No.24117978

If that actually prevents not only sex but reproduction, you would only have to leave it on 30 years for 90% of adult human females to be barren, thus producing an inevitable and drastic drop in the human population.

25 more years and 99% of human women would be barren and incapable. The genocide would be complete.

If its just mass population reduction your after, you would only have to leave it on for 40 years.

>> No.24117985

That is true. But the Imperium and the Tau at the core share the same idea. The only difference is one is for the God-Emperor, the other is for the Greater Good. Both demand an unwavering obedience toward a philosophical concept. The Greater Good is just nicer than that. But deep down the result is the same.

>> No.24117987

Isn't that just space Sudoku?

>> No.24117990

We already discussed this. The tau are doing nothing, its just that human sperm is never heard from again.

>> No.24117996


The commander commits sudoku.

>> No.24118061

Farsight is big pimp'n as usual, glad they've kept his suit looking relatively outdated compared to other Tau.

This fucker should be Aun'shi, it would make perfect sense. Was he ever confirmed to be Kais from the Fire Warrior book? Because I remember when the game came out and he was just some Mon'tau; then Forge World or White Dwarf put his stats up for fun, shit was insane.

>> No.24118078


Yeah, its never heard from again because you sterilize the human population.

You're killing the human population very subtlely, but this way you can point fingers at the Imperium and play up your supposed moral superiority

The Greater Good is only goof for the Tau itself

>> No.24118103

Aun'shi and Kais are from completely different castes. There's no possible way they can be the same person.

>> No.24118132

Why would they destroy a source of manpower when they desperately need it?

Ain't making no sense.

>> No.24118148

>Tau controlled by Ethereal
>Ethereal controlled by Worms
>Worms controlled by Mephet'ran shard
>Mephet'ran controlled by Cegorach
>Cegorach controlled by Tzeentch
>Tzeentch controlled by Emperor
>Spiritual Liege Ward is actually all of them (and none of them) at the same time

>> No.24118183

The Imperium is constantly expanding. Its just that half the time, its just Reconquista. The Imperium also doesnt always have or necesarrily need constant contact with every world.

Some sectors have tithes that have to be paid like clockwork, some lose contact with the Imperium for centuries do to sheer bureacratic back up or the fact that there files were lost.

Some worlds get taken over and some end up in warpstorms.

In fact, its possible that entire subsectors are on tihing books thrice over due to being conquered and lost multiple times and the paper work being fucked up.

The Imperium may have, over a span a 500 years, 50 million inhabited worlds. That is, worlds in which there is a human.pop above a million.

But during those 500 years, they might only have completely consistent contact and dominion over a million or two. And if you take out possible doubling up, the total might have only been 20 million worlds.

So while the Imperium is constantly expanding and taking back territory, they are also losing a lot of it in war and occasionally just forgeting about worlds.

>> No.24118241

In 40K that isn't feasible, there may be a mass exodus after a world falls, but even then there are no reports of worlds with any humans.
Humans and Tau can't interbreed. Even if humans integrated culturally there still should be descendants of the original human population still living on some worlds, even if in decreased numbers.

>> No.24118248


There's no "testing" which functions one will hold in the empire - Tau are forbidden to breed outside of their caste. Warriors breed with warriors to produce warriors, engineers with engineers, etc.

>> No.24118256

Farsight is practically space Zabuza
>Great warrior
>Carries a massive sword
>Rebel and exile from his country

>> No.24118262

I just have this weird image of all those parties being involved in a

>> No.24118271


Incidentally, since >>24118061 brought it up here's the statline for La'Kais from White Dwarf 288 just because I find it interesting to post.

>Kais , Points N/A , WS3 , BS4 , S3 , T3 , W2 , I3 , A2 , LD8 , SV4+

>Wargear : Rail rifle with target lock designator and photon grenades.

>Unswerving loyalty: Kais is unswerving in his loyalty to the Greater Good and will never veer from his cause. As such, Kais automatically passes all Morale checks, and any unit he is with will also benefit from this rule.

>Divine destiny: A great hero of the Tau, Kais seems destined to achieve his mission, despite all the odds. Whenever Kais takes a wound he may allocate it to another Tau model within 2" of him before any saving throws are taken. This represents Kais dodging at the final moment or another Firewarrior selflessly sacrificing himself for the Greater Good.

>Technologically adept: Kais has modified his own rail rifle to be lighter and more streamlined than the version commonly used by Pathfinders. Due to the Rail rifle's innovative design, it is regarded as Assault 2 rather than Heavy 1 , so Kais can move and shoot with it. Furthermore , Kais's Rail rifle does not suffer the "Get Hot" weapon rule if he use's his Target lock designator.

>Independent Character As per 40k rule book , though in the scenario he starts attached to either a Firewarrior or Pathfinder squad.

>> No.24118287

So where's the trap?

>> No.24118319

Because it is the TAU empire. Humans can exist, but they cannot make up the majority of the Tau Empire, which they would if it wasn't for their populations suddenly dropping off after conquest to be recolonized by Tau.

>> No.24118364


Wouldn't Farsight be more like Char?

> Renegade/outcast/extremist amongst his own people
> Red suit with CC in mind
> No one knows if it's the real Char, an impostor, or clone
> Bucket loads of mystery

I bet he even fights like this:


>> No.24118385

Tau are irrelevant. They are directly in the path of Hive Fleet Kraken.

They should have started centuries ago.

>> No.24118436


The Tau don't have an emperor's chance in fighting off Kraken, especially with every other faction harassing them

They won't be missed, when their civilization is turned into biomass for the hivemind

>> No.24118437

I don't know if you'll get this, Anon. But I'm not taking this scan down. Share this with others.

>> No.24118472


The object of power is power. The object of harmony is harmony. The object of the greater good, is the greater good.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a hoof stamping on a human face, forever

>> No.24118510

You were claiming Genocide. This is population control.

The Gue'vesa troops fluff says that the Tau respect their abilities and extensively use them on the western fronts of the Empire. The Tau need everybody they got and every resource so the thought of the Tau destroying a manpower resource that can be indoctrinated better than the Kroot, who are very flexible in their tactics, and are very numerous which can make them a good meats shield is frankly silly considering that the current wars have stretched the Tau resources and manpower to the limit.

>> No.24118514

mah nigga

>> No.24118518


As always, the Tau biggest advantage is that, unlike other species, they keep researching. In due time, they will have Ironmen.

>> No.24118522

Silly mortal. The future belongs to the past.

>> No.24118548


>The Tau can build Babby's First Craftworld

Comparing what amounts to giant ship to a Craftworld is laughable.

>> No.24118557


If you want to see the Tau's true colors, see how they respond when the humans realize their odds and resist or become less useful

I imagine the it'll end with them all disappearing with a knife in their back or with a plasma rifle.

Serves those TRAITORS right

>> No.24118564

Kraken was defeated quite a while ago. All that remains are splinter fleets and the ones near the Tau Empire were destroyed by Dark Eldar/Tau alliance and by Farsight.

>> No.24118601

>silly considering that the current wars have stretched the Tau resources and manpower to the limit.
Dunno what fluff you're reading, but the fluff I'm reading has the Tau happily expanding.

>> No.24118616

Except they are extremely versatile and have battled the nids before. Their doctrine gives them perhaps the best chance of defeating the Tyranids in battle.

>> No.24118640


Your disharmonious attitude has been reported to the Tau governing board.

>> No.24118644

War of Dark Revelations.

Seriously, am I the only one reading the fluff and paying attention. Blaaargh!

>> No.24118655


Because they benefitted humanity in the age of strife, right?

And they ARE killing the human population, through sterilization if all of them, they're silently committing genocide

Face it, the Tau will crumble given time.

>> No.24118683

According to Lexicanum:
1. That's fluff from the Dark Eldar codex, so meh.
2. It describes an event, not an ongoing war, and nowhere says "and now the Tau are stretched to the limit"

>> No.24118685

Kraken is dead.

The Tau took care of the spinlter fleets near them. Now what?

If want to mention a threat that can wipe them out then the real threat to the Tau Empire is Imotekh.

>> No.24118716


The entire galaxy is about to crumble.

>> No.24118729

Procedure 110-Montauk

>> No.24118742

Nowhere did I claim genocide, also, human populations are decreasing way faster than they should. In a few generations worlds go from fully human to no notable human population.

>> No.24118749


Great, now instead of a race that wants to eat you, you have a race that wants to wear your skins as decoration


>> No.24118758

Then read the Dark Eldar Codex.

The fluff there says that the Tau were so tired out and stretched, thanks for gorgon, that they started to double recruitment of everybody in their empire and hire every merc they knew.

It was the reason they were forced to Ally with the Dark Eldar. They had little choice in matter.

>> No.24118761

They are exactly the same,the text was copy pasted from 3/4ed, only 2 new things.One is an inquisitor predicting the tau AI will rebel someday like what happened to the humans and the other is fairsight helps the loyal tau against orks and then dissapears Legion of the Damned style.

>> No.24118767

Don't forget:
>teamed up with representative of the ruling class -> Would you look at that he accidentally died. An accident, of course.

>> No.24118770

I feel like I remember both of those things from the old codex.

>> No.24118782

Unlike, considering that the tau actually NEED the humans for manpower to fuel their Empire.

>> No.24118795


>> No.24118798


However a Tau AI rebellion might have different result than with humans. A Tau AI might find more useful to decapitate or subjugate the Ethereal leadership and take control of the entire Empire in a single move.

>> No.24118816


It's always an accident for whenever a non-tau dissident dies, isn't it?

>> No.24118828

Imotekh has a join and die policy. He is a nice guy.

>> No.24118831

>and extensively use them on the western fronts of the Empire
Well that's one method of population control.

>> No.24118864

At least this way actually makes sense!

>> No.24118868


Either way, it ignites massive war which will drive the tau backwards centuries wise.

Is it just me, but do the taufags act like nothing that happened to the Imperium can happen to them, and any bad things they do are actually good

>> No.24118870

Except nowhere is it mentioned that the Tau are low on manpower, humans fill no niche that Tau castes can't fill, and most importantly Human populations are vanishing. Where the hell are all the people going? Worlds absorbed during the second sphere expansion or retaken during the counter-attacks of Farsight hold no mention of notable if any human populations. They don't even seem to have a single world of their own like other client species like the Vespid.

>> No.24118900


If the Ethereals are subjugated by AI overlords or are replaced by androids with similar mind-controlling functions, then there will be no war. The Tau would have become even more grim and dark.

>> No.24118902

He was talking about the Ethereals that were with him.

Similar to how Char Aznable killed Garma Zabi.

All part of his revenge.

>> No.24118913

And does Char have a shota trap sidekick like Farsight and Zabuza do?

Either way, I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.24118919

Yep, Imotekh is a bro. He even let me borrow some megaliths the other day!

>> No.24118938


War of Dark Revelation disagrees with you.

Also the humans fill a niche in the Tau Empire. The Gue'vesa became a respect part of the Tau armed forces filling a gap between the Kroot and the Tau.

The fluff itself claims that the Tau realize they are outnumbered and that's why they search for alien races to boast their numbers!

>> No.24118953

Not a trap, but the closet he'll get.

>> No.24118956

The tyranid invasion happened a long time ago they launched the third sphere because they replenished their losses.

>> No.24118973


The tau will say they're moving planetary human populations to "protect" them from retribution, and they disappear. Humans are canon fodder to the west, and populations are decreasing

What is this looking like to you?

>> No.24118999


The Dark war of revelations events happened in the closing years of 41K meaning the same years the Third Sphere was launched.

>> No.24119013

Except they don't fill a niche between the Tau and the Kroot, the current codex shows that the Kroot are advanced enough to use Tau technology including pulse weaponry, while physically humans are about on par with fire warriors. Now please, show me some world that has been in the Tau Empire for at least one or two generations (40-20 years as of 999.M41) that has any notable human population.

>> No.24119016

7ed ethereal leaked.

>> No.24119046

Farsight has a trap sidekick?

>> No.24119057

>The fluff itself claims that the Tau realize they are outnumbered and that's why they search for alien races to boast their numbers!
>and that's why they search for alien races to boast their numbers!
>to boast their numbers!
Oh yeah, you Ques'qurtynans are pretty cool. But we got Fire Warriors, like 10 million of them. Nothing too special, I mean its quality not quantity. Not like there's only 2 million of your species or something.

>> No.24119059

If the Tau repeat the AI rebellion, all Ultramar might eventually fall to these new Tau Ironmen.

>> No.24119061

Previous Gue'vesa fluff say they live in fear from Imperial wrath. They may indeed be removing their precious human resources to safer areas in order to train them again and throw them in the front.

Do you realize how much Imperial hate the Human traitors? They hate they so much that the hate itself manifested into a TT rule!

>> No.24119117

>War of Dark Revelations.
I read this as War of Dark Revisions. Considering the clusterfuck that is the fluff in Warhammer, it's not surprising to me.

>> No.24119144

>Except they don't fill a niche between the Tau and the Kroot


The Gue'vesa fluff describes them as thus. Who are you to disagree with fluff?

>Now please, show me some world that has been in the Tau Empire for at least one or two generations (40-20 years as of 999.M41) that has any notable human population.

Nothing is mentioned to support your baseless assumption of a Tau effort to destroy their precious manpower resources!

>> No.24119150


Can you blame them, really? These heretical...no damned traitors laid down their arms and are willing to kill ones thru once called friends because they were too cowardly to face their death

>> No.24119177

>B-b-but muh War of Dark Revelations

>> No.24119178

Yes, but NOWHERE is it mentioned where the humans are being moved to. We have no mentions of the humans having large populations on X worlds, nowhere do we have a source that says Y Sept has lots of humans assisting the Tau in basic activities including serving in combat. They are simply shipped west and never mentioned again.

>> No.24119199

D-do we have a new Eldar's Ears?

>> No.24119203


>implying the smurfs and AdMech wouldn't bring out their horrible, terrible DAoT weaponry, and destroy the ironmen, the tau, and everything else

>> No.24119216

Lack of evidence is not evidence to the contrary.

Just because the humans are never mentioned again doesn't mean they were maliciously sterilized and genocided by cruel Tau overlords, no matter how much you want it to.

>> No.24119260


Yes, because those bas-GLORIOUS TAU EMPIRE don't want to kil-CODDLE their trait-HUMAN fuck-FRIENDS or take advant-ASSIST their motherfu-HUMANS

>> No.24119273

Guys wanted a source of Tau being depleted manpower-wise.

I gave them and now somebody bitches at me for citing it. I swear you're driving me Cwaaazy!

>> No.24119275

>The Gue'vesa fluff describes them as thus. Who are you to disagree with fluff?
When new fluff appears that makes them inferior to the Kroot in every way.

>Nothing is mentioned to support your baseless assumption of a Tau effort to destroy their precious manpower resources!
Except there is plenty of talk of Tau capturing human worlds yet no talk of what happens after they take the worlds. No mention of "the population was shipped to this planet for their own safety" no mention of "the world was recaptured by the Imperium temporarily and the entire human population exterminated" no mention of "the Tau and humans have begun to integrate with the Tau acting almost as advisors and managers among the human workers and militia."

I simply want some mention of fucking humans. I would like to make a Sept of mostly highly integrated humans lead by Tau officers yet there is no source anywhere of humans doing anything except being sent off and never heard from again.

>> No.24119335

That anon is trying to force fanon that he does so that Farsights shotatrap can be the new tau diapers because he is a massive faggot.

>> No.24119336

I don't want it to I just want some source that says "humans are living here, they do shit and they exist and the Tau treat them some way." It could be a fucking utopia created by the Tau to lure more humans in for all I fucking care I just want humans to be mentioned in some way. Why mention them at all if you just ignore their existence? Seriously, fluffwise the Tau might as well genocide the humans since they are never heard from after their world falls.

>> No.24119340

>This rapid redeployment left many human soldiers stranded, a situation soon exploited by the famous Commander Farsight as he followed in the wake of the retreating Human fleet, offering those left behind the stark choice of integration into the Tau empire or a bleak future as prisoners of war. Faced with the proposition of being stranded many light years from home in a hostile and foreign region, many saw no alternative. These warriors and their offspring now maintain colonies on the frontiers of Tau space, content under their new masters yet none the less apprehensive of Imperial retribution should they face another crusade.

>Those humans who have joined the Tau empire have been provided with the technology required to prevail on the Tau frontier. They have limited production capabilities, allowing them to construct equipment ranging from simple farming tools to a copy of the standard issue Imperial lasgun. In times of war, the Tau allow the Gue'vesa access to more advanced weaponry such as Pulse rifles and Pulse Carbines and other, more specialised equipment (such as the Markerlight and EMP Grenades). These auxiliaries have become a respected part of the Tau military in the border regions, where they fill a tactical niche between the barbaric Kroot and the mainstay of Tau armies, the Fire Warrior teams. The Gue'vesa may lack the close combat savagery of the Kroot, but they are fully capable of using the more advanced examples of Tau technology, and using them to further the cause of the Greater Good.

>> No.24119374

There will never be something better than eldar ears. Not even the face vaginas tau already had.

>> No.24119394

>I simply want some mention of fucking humans. I would like to make a Sept of mostly highly integrated humans lead by Tau officers yet there is no source anywhere of humans doing anything except being sent off and never heard from again.

Bloody FFG Velk'han Sept!

>When new fluff appears that makes them inferior to the Kroot in every way.

They are not.

Kroot shun advanced Technology and can't use it in the same way humans can. Humans can not only produce their own Tanks and gear but can also use advanced Tau weaponry such as armor and weapons way more effectively.

>No mention

Just because there is no mention. It doesn't mean anything.

Posting Gue'vesa fluff because why not?

>> No.24119411

Way to be vague, also a lot of that fluff is actively contradicted in the new codex.

>The Gue'vesa may lack the close combat savagery of the Kroot
Also their backwoods survival capabilities, also their ability to genetically adapt.

>but they are fully capable of using the more advanced examples of Tau technology
Which the Kroot can do as well now.

>> No.24119421


>only mentioned in the tau Codex
>one-time case

Sounds like Tau propaganda. If the humans went willingly, they deserve death ad traitors, no redemption.

>> No.24119475

>GLORIOUS TAU EMPIRE don't want to kil-CODDLE their trait-HUMAN fuck-FRIENDS
If I was a tau, I would kilo-cuddle my trait-human fuck-friends. I mean, if theyre my fuck-friend they certainly wont mind a thousand cuddles.

>> No.24119521


What I was trying to give off that the tau edits preciptions and lies

>> No.24119569


That picture makes me so god damn angry, I wanna gut him and wear his guts as a trophy around the imperial palace

>> No.24119578

I know, anon.

It was a joke.

Don't worry, the re-education camps will teach all about jokes. Shame I will never hear from you again, though.

>> No.24119598

>Soiling the Imperial Palace of the Most Holy Terra with the blood of a traitor

>> No.24119680

>Also their backwoods survival capabilities, also their ability to genetically adapt.

They make up for it by being more flexible being shooty while being not awful at CQC. The Niche between the Kroot and Tau.

>Which the Kroot can do as well now.

Lies. Other than upgraded primitive weapons and few gifted pulse Rifles. The Kroot don't have much in Technological advantage and savvy.

>> No.24119699

You jelly, Imperial?

>> No.24119724


By what you mean Anon? Glorious Tau Empire loves criticism! We even send them to a undisclosed location for them to tell us!

>> No.24119725

There's like zero mention of Gue'vesa Auxilaries in the new codex. Instead it talks up how the massive numbers of Kroot greatly bolstered the Tau's army.

>> No.24119796

There are mention of them in the current Tau Novels, anyways...

Do you think the Tau will ever succeed in curing the Kroot from their savage habits?

>> No.24119814

It says they were good enough to the cause to be sent deeper into tau space, which could be read either way, really.

>> No.24119835


The reason for reserving everything was to stop being shot and crushed on the first turn. Deep striking has chance of mishap, outflank might end up on the wrong side? Not sure.

>> No.24119843

I certainly hope not.

>> No.24119891


It says the people were, not an organized military force.

>> No.24119922


I am interested to see how civilized Kroot behave.

>> No.24119941

But who says all witnesses aren't scarred by lewdness?

>> No.24119943


Because their evolution depends on their cannibalism. If they stopped eating flesh they'd lose their edge.

>> No.24120021


Why don't they use Science to control their evolution? They don't need to be so primitive about it.

>> No.24120044

Blueberry lewdness is tame and naive and they still have much to learn, being the new kids on the block. Its nothing compared to the once decadent eldar who were once 2lewd4their own souls and accidentally summoned a god to eat all of them.

>> No.24120045

Because they're meant to be noble savages... IN SPACE.

I'm fairly sure they utilized more advanced technology at one point in their past, but turned away from it after bad shit went down. I'd have to go source hunting for that, though.

Furthermore their genetic altering abilities function as a sort of biotechnology, like the Tyranids but on a smaller and more limited scale.

>> No.24120096

>I'm fairly sure they utilized more advanced technology at one point in their past, but turned away from it after bad shit went down. I'd have to go source hunting for that, though.

Oh Oh...I remember this part. They were Technological advanced but after being slapped silly by the Orks they abandoned Technology.

It's in the Kroot Dex.

>> No.24120129

Which answers my question on why they don't use science to engineer themselves.

Still the Shaper method leads to a lot of mistakes and dead ends. Employing a little science in there won't hurt.

>> No.24120151

It isn't even lewd when it's a blueberry lemon party bukkake?[/spoiler[

>> No.24120163

Because science is the devil.
On an unrelated note, if a kroot eats another kroot do you end up with a double kroot?

Can we make an ultimate super infinite kroot?

Does this make the God shaper of krootkind?

>> No.24120189

Actually, the Necrons mastered Lewdness before the Eldar crawled from under the Old Ones toes.

Witness their Naked Shiny Gods and despair!

>> No.24120207

>Employing a little science in there won't hurt.

Let me tell you a little story...

>> No.24120292

But, doesn't that just result in your force coming onto the board in bits and pieces, making it easier for your opponent to focus his firepower and pick you off with minimal casualties?

>> No.24120334

> if a kroot eats another kroot do you end up with a double kroot?

Happens all the time. Kroot get the traits within the dead Kroot. If he has nothing special, then nothing will be gained.

Kroot collect genetic material within and return to Pech to breed or be consumed!

>Can we make an ultimate super infinite kroot?
>God Kroot

There is something like that in FFG, but I can't remember it well.

>> No.24120382

>Happens all the time. Kroot get the traits within the dead Kroot. If he has nothing special, then nothing will be gained.
So Kroots are like Kirby in Smash Brothers.

>> No.24120489

>so grimdark it makes my angles all fucked up

Okay, it was one thing for Commoragh to be "let's throw in a lot of askew spikes", but this is ridiculous. It isn't even Imperial, where you could make the justification that it's using horrible Rennaissance art perspective.

>> No.24121008

>Interstellar warp capable ships
Kroot are higher civilization tier than Tau.

This is why they only obey the treaty sometimes.

>> No.24121104

Dude, C'tan literally had 'physics bows to their whims' as part of their rules. In a codex. For many years.

>> No.24121366

wait creed lost?! source?

>> No.24121434

Yeah I guess. But presumably that picture is in realspace, which should be a little more...I dunno, physical? At least for the lasting architecture: bubbles of unreality or matter fuckery are not uncommon. I suppose one could be following the Nightbringer there: he's so badass that he warps yo perception. Or something. It's a weird thing to convey in a painting, usually you would trust them to be accurate.

>> No.24121527

Eye of Terror Campaign.

Cadia burned and Creed cursed the name of Abaddon as he retreated.

>> No.24121582

wasn't that part of the timeline with eldrad dieing that was rolled back.

Anyways Abaddon won cadia, but lost everwhere else. The Imperium controlled the space around cadia it was a Pyrrhic victory/stalemate.

>> No.24121614

GW pretty much retconned all of the global campaigns, and if you notice, all of the most current codices have been rolled back to just before the 13th Black Crusade.

>> No.24121628

Yep, it got retconned but Abaddon still defeated Creed!

>> No.24121655

More like the Imp players during the campaign were all ultra incompetent.

>> No.24121683

The Imperial guard failed. But the Imperial navy succeeded.

>> No.24121761

The quote does imply something Warp-related (seeing how he seems to describe the Eye or another Warp Rift), but that doesn't necessarily mean he's corrupted. Remember that Tau are pretty much immune to mind-affecting psychic power and such (they aren't quite blanks, but their souls barely register in the Warp).

I prefer the intrepertation that there is something more to his breaking off than just "he found a fancy sword and went rogue". It just cheapens the character to make it just "lol, chaos did it". Farsight breaking off from the Empire shows that the Tau are not as unified as they seem and their "Greater Good" is not as perfect as they claim, seeing that here we have a Tau, one of their greatest heroes in fact, who has willingly abandoned their cause to do thing his own way.

>> No.24121773

>based Battlefleet Gothic

>> No.24121846

Sounds more like they were named after the big worm from Dune.

>> No.24121852

Disillusionment with the standard Tau fighting style, isolation from the mind-alteration of the Ethereals, and standard PTSD. Plus he didn't get the proper respect for his strategy and accomplishments. Better men have deserted for less.

>> No.24121909

The new codex does have grimdark overtones, but they don't hit you in the head with them. There are mention of them sending leaders of annexed planets to re-education camps and good old-fashioned gunboat diplomacy ("Want to join us? No? Ok, we'll trash you place. How about now?").

I rather like the tone in the book. The Tau aren't baby-eating evil like Dark Eldar or the overly grimdark skulls everywhere oppressive Imperium, but they're not shiny pure goody good paragons of niceness eighter. They genuinely seem to believe their way of doing things is the best, and are willing do do anything, even morally questionable things to ensure they will prevail, since it's for the Greater Good and the end justifies the means.

>> No.24121953

Perhaps creating a series of fortress worlds to protect the tau from the greater threat of the imperium/orks/mysterious enemy. it is positioned well. It seems that the enclave doesn't hate Tau, but they don't trust the Ethereals for one reason or another. or maybe he's trying to protect the ethereals from whatever was on that planet.

I like to think of it that the enclave fortress worlds act both as a buffer against the imperium to protect the tau from another damocles gulf. while also providing a security system for whatever was on that planet that all of farsights ethereals died on.

Or he could just be insane.

>> No.24121973

All within the middle of horror movie-esque Warp shenanigans on top of everything else you just listed.

>> No.24122003

I know 40K already has at least one Kurtz, but Farsight is a good candidate for someone driven to these measures without the "LOL CHAOS" plot device.

>> No.24122005

>Remember that Tau are pretty much immune to mind-affecting psychic power and such (they aren't quite blanks, but their souls barely register in the Warp).

The Tau are immune/resistant to Chaos as long as their minds have no conflict in them. Farsight suffered through much conflict and that makes an easy target for Chaos.

>> No.24122031

>More like the Imp players during the campaign were all ultra incompetent.
Wrong. Wrong on every account.

You do the Forces of Disorder a disservice everytime you think that. They didn't do so well because the Forces of Order were bad, they succeeded because they were good, and organized, and dedicated, and the giant NY blackout took out my computer and I could no longer do any organization work.

The Green Kroosade did not conquer because we were weak.
The forces of Chaos did not conquer because we were weak.
The Dark Eldar did not pillage because we were weak.

They did so in spite of our strength. They outplayed us, outorganized us, outplanned us, and outanalyzed us. And all of their own ability rather out of our lack.

>> No.24122049

I dont mean to imply that he is being corrupted by Warp energies, just that, as you said, good officers have deserted for far less than the shit he got dragged through and if you through a zombie/demon apocalypse on top of that, they are far more likely to get sick of your shit.

>> No.24122066

The codex mentions them relocating the populations of some recently conquered worlds in various Tau sept worlds, ostensively to protect them from the Imperial counterrattack and help integrate them into the Greater Good. In practice the fact that this would disseminate the human population on multiple different worlds and make them easier to control (managing rebellious humans on a Tau world where 90% of inhabitants are Tau is a lot easier than on a recently conquered planet with 99% human population, many of which don't like the idea of some blue guys coming in lording over them).

>> No.24122079

>if you through a zombie/demon apocalypse on top of that
Its very late, sorry.

>> No.24122107

Dude sees a hole in the void of destruction. Freaks out and says he can't return anymore whatever what he has seen.

Dude stared in the the abyss and it stared back at him. What was in the abyss? Chaos!

His quote is pretty damning and it shows he doesn't want to return because of the horror he witness and how it tainted him.

>> No.24122140

because whatever*

>> No.24122319

Too bad the new fluff seems to lack mention of Aun'shi heading off to the Enclaves to have a talk with Farsight. Would've loved too see that expanded. There's potential for some good Hear of Darkness shit there.

>> No.24122334

Damnit...I need a guy who has succumbed to the horrors that average, not-even-that-atypically-grimdark warfare.

I guess that would be Marbo, now that I think about it

>> No.24122341

Would make a good Novel series.

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