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...Because i've seen 'I'll Make a Man Out of You' posted in waaay too many Tau threads thus far, and it kind of fits.

Lets get down to busness!

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In before angry fa/tg/uys bitching about Tau threads

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But the Tau don't have a gender issue in their society. Chicks can be Fire Warriors perfectly fine.

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>Lets get down to busness!
To defeat
>dun dun
The nuns

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No, this one I'm OK with.

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But Earth/Etherial caste can't. DRAMA!

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you mean I'll Make a Servant of Greater Good Out of You

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Yeah, I figured that's how you were going but for some reason, dunno why, call it intuition, I expect the other-caste will still be a chick.

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>To defeat
>>dun dun
>The nuns

Did they send me girl piles

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Mul'aun better be a water caste deputy posing as a fire warrior for some contrived as fuck reason.

Fire warriors are supposed to be grim, stony faced and unattractive and the only expression they can pull is one of grotesque fury.

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You mean the Nuns of Gavarrone?

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Oh god... someone has to drawfag Shan Yu as a SoB.

And would Etherial fit Mulan better or Earth Caste?

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Yeah Air guys get to be Top Gun soo they are having fun

while Earth caste I probably ''if I sheee an nuther bag of dyjrt.....'' mode

and water well they are hippies and stuf man

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>Did they send me girl piles
When I asked [pic related]

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>Did they send me girl piles

When I asked for Thousand Sons?

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The Earth Caste are supposedly worst being unemotional and expressionless. Their voices are monotone and robotic.

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>and water well they are hippies and stuf man

So less Water Caste and more Bong Water Caste?

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You're the saddest bunch
I ever met
But you can bet
Before we're through
Mister, I'll make a Tau out of you

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What would Shan Yu be? Ork Warboss? Marine? Chaos?

I think a no nonsense serious business Warboss with Shan Yu's temperament would be pretty cool. Maybe with a Squighawk perched on his shoulder.

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Dunno, but the Emperor has to be Aun'Va, and the weasly advisor given a watercaste style name. Or I suppose he could be Aun too.

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>water well they are hippies and stuf man
No, Water Caste are sleazy used car salesmen that can sell an icemaker to an eskimo.

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Shan Yu the Ork Warboss would be awesome.

'Before the Orks arrive' still its, especially with the Tau, even if its not as catchy as nuns.

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Shan Yu is an Imperial Inquisitor with a cybereagle. Maybe with armour like Tyrus.

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That'd fit well, but doesn't give the same feeling of dichotomy that another race would, particularly the contrast between the clean, neat and 'civilized' Tau, as opposed to the barbaric, dirty and violent Orks.

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Now that'd definitely work.

But we're missing the most important question here...

Who would Mu-shu be?

>sage because double-post

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Look at me, I will never pass for a Fire Caste
or a perfect warrior.
Can it be, I'm not meant to play this part?

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>Who would Mu-shu be?
A drone. Maybe with a secret experimental AI in it or something. If we are going with the cross-caste thing, make her Earth Caste.

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Heh. I'd guess that's just how they are around the other castes. That description sounds exactly like a laborer talking to management. "Yes sir. Production on schedule. Nothing to report." Stone-faced, deadpan. Then as soon as he leaves, all the workers are like "Fuckin' fire caste lunatic, doesn't know an A.I. linknode from his mother's udders, but did you see the ass on his lieutenant, daaaaaamn, I'd do my part for her, am I right?" They probably throw good parties, too, which go immediately silent if someone from another caste walks in.

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>dat Tau Mulan
10/10 would betray the Emperor for.

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You're forgetting that the Farsight Enclaves have succumbed to the call of violence and barbarism that is the Mon'tau.

They hide in a hidden and forbidden area beyond the borders of the Tau Empire bidding their time until its time to strike.

Wouldn't Shan Yu's interaction with the emperor be similar to that of Farsight and Aun'Va if they met again? Why would an Ork or Imperial demand an Ethereal to kneel before him?

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Last nights thread determined that Farsight is a spooky skeleton

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He's a Necron?!

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No, but if you opened up his Crisis Suit a skeleton pops out!

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No arguments here. I'd serve her 'greater good'. If I wasn't already a filthy Gue'vessa traitor.

Good point. An Imperial or Ork would just blam/crump whatever was in front of them. O'Shovah would want to prove his point.

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>Fire Warrior: Aun'Va will stop you.
>Warboss: Stop me? He invited me, ya git.
> By fortifyin' dis world he challenged my strength. The Strength of da Waaagh! Well, I'm 'ere to play his game.
>Go! Tell 'em to send 'is strongest armies. I'm ready.

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far too spooky for me, now I won't be able to sleep tonight

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No arguments here. I'd serve her 'greater good'. If I wasn't already a filthy Gue'vessa traitor.

Here's a question though: Why are Tau females always drawn with a full head of hair? I'm not complaining, but with the right facial features, there's nothing stopping them being attractive (the main reason, as far as I can tell, to draw female Tau, over males) with just the scalp-lock.

Good point. An Imperial or Ork would just blam/crump whatever was in front of them. O'Shovah would want to prove his point.

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>Why would an Ork or Imperial demand an Ethereal to kneel before him?

To chop 'is 'ead off or BLAM him in the back of the head easier.

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Sounds about right.

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Shan Yu?

More Like Warboss Slam Yoo. Leads a force of mostly Kommandos and Flash Gits, and has a Winged Attack Squig.

Mul'aun is followed by a Kroot outcast bodyguard named Mu'chew.

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C'mon teegee, we can't let this die. Time is racing forwards, til the Orks, arrive!

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I dont know what Blue has to do with any of this but I totally agree with this post.

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Don't forget the 'lucky drone' her grandmother gave her

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Well yeah, why change her gender?

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>that pic
apparently, space cock only likes cock,

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>OP's pic
>dem eyes

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