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Hello my children and welcome back to Hive Fleet quest, where you take control of the Tyrant of Hive Fleet Hastur and wreck havoc on the galaxy.
Last time we were engaging the Tau armada in space only to find they possess some kind of trick up their sleeve, capable of firing shots from empty space. How shall we deal with the Tau secret weapon?
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Don'y know. You gonna GM this one properly instead of just picking the answer you like?

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Sure thing. Didn't know I was doing that. Just try and pick what seems like the general consensus.

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So, what's on the agenda, what's the status of our Hive Fleet?

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Well as stated we are engaging the Tau in space who currently have some new weapon that allows them to fire shots from blind space. Deep One was lost in an attempted boarding operation, still alive but just floating in space. We are currently attempting to encircle the Tau fleet but they have most of their heavy hitting ships on the flanks of their fleet so that plan is proving difficult. Their flag ship is in the center and seemingly has low security, but we don't know how protected it really is with their new weapon.

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What's the odds of us getting away?

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Nids can't compete in space. Why are we even trying?

Hard burn (or gravity-lasso) for the nearest planet and begin the feasting.

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Good point, what are the planets closest to us, and what are their traits?

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Considering Tau ships are faster and have longer range than us, they would be able to pursue and shoot us down the entire way, however they are acting out of self defense and may not chase us for long.
That would require getting past the fleet to the Tau base world or landing on the Ice world near us

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Hah, they see a Tyranid fleet they outgun and outman, they'll kill us if we run, Tyranids aren't know to be susceptible to the teachings of the Greater Good.

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Outman? We still out number them by a metric shit ton. Outgun? Maybe... but Tau aren't very good in melee and we do have boarding pod launchers.

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Okay, what's our fleet composition, and the Tau fleet composition?

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We number around 250,000 while the Tau are at 90,000 ships. While most of our ships are Narvwals or ships for transporting and storing biomass, we have our boarding pod launchers, our Bioplasma broadsides, as well as Leviathan Hive ships, Razorfiend cruisers, and innumerable Drone ships ready to swarm with.

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Okay, keep encircling them, spread their firepower thin, we can take some. Once in place, start with the drones, let them take the brunt of the attack, with the Bioplasma ships staying together the left side, and focus fire to burn through the outer ring of Tau ships on their flank. Then move in through the breach with those Razorfiends and the large Hive ships, going straight for the ill-protected flagship. When they turn inwards to protect it, let loose the boarding pods to stall them until their command ships are gone, then strike from both sides with the razorfiends and hive ships on the inside, and the full might of the rest on the outside, giving them little room to escape. When our bioplasma proves insufficient to make the first breach though, swarm them completely with all drones we have, and retreat with the most valuable ships we have, including the bioplasma ones, ready to cover our retreat.

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... Solid Planning! I like it!
Alright then 1d100s first 5 are averaged and add +20 for our numeric superiority.

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Rolled 97 + 20

Here's to hoping.

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High is good...right? >.>

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Yes high is good. That is very good.

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btw if no one else is rolling, feel free to roll multiple times to fill out the other slots needed.

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No we're good, just take that one.

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Rolled 24, 2, 70, 95 + 20 = 211

Hahaha, fair is fair though.

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Rolled 100 + 20

more corpses

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Rolled 18, 89, 3, 7 + 20 = 137

And that roll failed hard, you can take each number and add 20 to it if you want.

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Instant win OP.
Lets see us win.

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Rolled 28 + 20

is this auto success?

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We have a 100. Auto win!
The attack goes so incredibly well, the slaughter will be infamous in Tau history. Tau ships dies in droves to the attack, and even the drones we send out in practical suicide charges come back alive and well, while the Tau drop like flies. Our Broadsides melt away at the Tau Hulls, sucking many of their crews into the cold reaches of space. Our Razorfieds tear their shields asunder and our Hive Ships finish the job. The Tau fleet lies in ruin, only the Flagship still remaining, attempting to escape as it is swarmed with drones. However as our more valuable ships pulled back, the shots from nowhere returned and began opening fire on our main fleet.

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Rolled 17 + 20

swarm the area where the shots are coming from with sporemines\deep space equivalent

>> No.24113484

Spread out, let our spores fly to everywhere, return fire as well as we can with the plasma broadsides, with some luck, we should hit their cloaked ships.

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Alright then, 1d100+10s please.

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Whoa whoa whoa whOA
We need to attack the Flagship.
It carries the Ethereal, if he dies THEY WILL ALL FALL.

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>> No.24113545


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Rolled 8 + 10

Good point, direct some of our plasma broadsides towards the ship, tear it up.

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Alright, if we go on this plan 1d100+30 for the Flag ships crippled state and our clear numeric superiority.

>> No.24113614

Rolled 85 + 30


>> No.24113757

Rolled 77 + 30


>> No.24113828

Rolled 83 + 30


>> No.24113832

Rolled 35 + 30


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Rolled 53 + 30


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Wow the dice gods are with us today. Average= 96.6
The wizened Ethereal Aun'shwa sat uncomfortably in his seat. His fleet was in tatters and he was slowly being torn apart by the Tyranid Drones. "Noble Ethereal, our warp engines are powering up. We should be able to escape in a few mom..." The Air caste pilot was cut off as an alarm sounded. The Aun'Shwa brought up a radar map on the ship's main screen. All the Tau gaped in horror at what they say. "They're coming back..." One Air caste Pilot muttered. "Fire up all weapons! Divert power to the engines! I want us out of here now!" The Ethereal yelled in a panic right before the first Bioplasma shot hit. "Sir! Our that was our engines. We're trapped!" The Ethereal looked around nervously, trying to think of something. "The stealth ships! Pull them back to defe..." Aun'shwa said before being interrupted by an Air caste pilot. "Your excellence, there is no way they can hold off the entirety of the Tyranid fleet. They number too little." Aun'shwa slumped in his chair, holding his head in defeat. "Then... we are lost..." Was his last words before a bioplasma shot hit directly onto the bridge, sucking the Ethereal and all Air caste members into the cold void of space. The flag ships shortly after exploded from the momentous amount of fire being poured into it.

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Rolled 21 + 30

Reaction upon the enemy/

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lol, we should have tried to board them, capture the ethereal, and taken his genetics in an effort to hijack the Tau. as a species.

>> No.24114208

Well we still have the Tau base planet in this system. There could still be an Ethereal there...

>> No.24114231

Although technically, the ethereal's frozen corpse might still be salvageable too, if he was ejected far enough.

>> No.24114245

See: >>24114174
What is the enemies' reaction?
According to Dawn of War, they should all be surrendering by now.

>> No.24114247

Yes, let's find out what makes an ethereal an ethereal.

>> No.24114297

Yeah, lets search for this corpse.

>> No.24114313

Well as far as we can tell the shots from no where have ceased. The Tau on the base world's reactions we cannot tell as we have no presence on there but the reaction should be reaching them soon.
Everyone up for doing this?

>> No.24114332

Find that body.

>> No.24114368

Either that, or going into FRENZYRAGE mode.

>> No.24114403

All right then 1d100s to find the corpse.

>> No.24114411

Rolled 5


>> No.24114427

Rolled 90

Dude, shouldn't we have some sort of bonus?
We are tyranids after all.
This should also be a general salvage operation, not just for ethereal.

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>> No.24114454

Rolled 14

Use our vast numbers to search for the corpse!

>> No.24114464

Rolled 58


>> No.24114466

Rolled 24

Hey guys, >>24114427
is right, it should be a general search not just one for the body.

>> No.24114486

Yeah, it'll probably be obvious which one the ethereal is, assuming there IS a genetic difference to be found. Tyranids are good at sniffing that out.

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Rolled 32

Alright, final roll!

>> No.24114531

Average= 38.2
The Ethereal's body... or rather what was left of it, being only his right hand, is not of use to us as it is too little a sample. We do however manage to scrounge up some additional biomass from the dead Tau floating in space and reclaim our loses in Hive Ships. One of our drones even found Deep One, shivering cold but perfectly alive.

>> No.24114561

Hey, wait a second.
These are different votes here.
>>24114411 and >>24114454
Are for something completely different to
>>24114427 >>24114464 >>24114466 >>24114523

>> No.24114604

Oh sorry I was confused. We need one more roll then.

>> No.24114614

Rolled 76


>> No.24114636

Can we put the hand in some sort of trophy room?
This battle was a pretty huge victory.

>> No.24114695

Average= 43.4
We do manage to find the Etheral's body, albeit badly mangled. It will take a while to fully explore its genetic make up, but once we do we should be able to create new variations for the Fleet.
I'm gonna still say we reclaim our ship losses of biomass and get some Tau bodies as well as finding Deep One.
What shall we do now that we have control of the sector.

>> No.24114705

Rolled 64

What about salvaging the wreckage of the ships as well?

>> No.24114741

... What for, if I may ask? Its not like we are trying to steal their technology or anything.

>> No.24114759

To rain upon the Tau planet.

>> No.24114772

Rolled 58

To harden our own ships.
Of course.

>> No.24114878

Which one are we going with? Hoping to find something to evolve the fleet or using the ship husks as space hulks?

>> No.24114952

You know, we could always try to plate the front of some of our suicide bombers with Tau armor. Might improve their chances of making it to target.

>> No.24115033

The former

>> No.24115036

Alright then roll d100s for seeing how well we can salvage the Tau hulls, no bonuses due to not being something organic and thus being a little unfamiliar.

>> No.24115057

Rolled 78

>no bonuses due to not being something organic and thus being a little unfamiliar.
Wait a second.
Why didn't we get a bonus for the general bio salvage from before then?

>> No.24115117

That roll was going to be for state of the corpses we found, not searching for them. We were gonna find them one way or another.

>> No.24115120

Rolled 1


>> No.24115142

Rolled 70


>> No.24115200

No problem, mate

>> No.24115203

Rolled 2


>> No.24115231

The Tau ships are too badly damaged to make good use of, being filled with holes and those not being slowly eaten away at by bio acid.

>> No.24115240

Shit, we're gonna give the hive fleet fucking tetanus, arent we.

>> No.24115250

Rolled 84

Alright then, full landing an absorbtion of the near by planet.

>> No.24115328

Ok then, invasion of the Tau base planet.
1d100+40 for the invasion results. Let's bring down the crushing blow.

>> No.24115354


>> No.24115365

Rolled 23 + 40


>> No.24115385

Rolled 18 + 40

Focus on capturing subjects alive for research

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Rolled 2 + 40

time for dinner

>> No.24115482

Rolled 96 + 40

Maybe not.

>> No.24115505

Maybe yes, lol.

>> No.24115621

We need one more roll still. That's only 4.

>> No.24115649

Rolled 61 + 40


>> No.24115731

Average= 80
The remaining Tau forces are completely defeated, most Tau having abandoned their posts and run screaming once they realized their Ethereal died, some even going into a kind of shock. The planet is now ours to feed from... however there is still the matter of what the Tau were doing here. They do have an underground base where they were apparently excavating. Shall we investigate?

>> No.24115920

yes, yes we shall

>> No.24115987

I'm not that knowledgeable about nids, but don't we have that kind that likes digging?

I suggest setting them to work while we go about consuming the biomass

>> No.24115998



>> No.24116055

Trygons, Mawlocs, and Ravaners are all adept diggers.

>> No.24116584

Alright. Roll 1d100s for... reasons.... hehe

>> No.24116607

Rolled 38


>> No.24116817

Rolled 47

I got this.

>> No.24116965

Rolled 93

tyranids aint afraid of no reasons

>> No.24117252

evidently not.

>> No.24117262

Again, you guys can roll more than once if no one else is responding.

>> No.24117445

Rolled 41

alrighty then

>> No.24117587

One more.

>> No.24117615

Rolled 5

it is yours

>> No.24117627

well, I'm regretting that roll

>> No.24117778

Average= 44.8
Our forces quickly found the underground Tau base and began searching for what the Tau were digging up. However, we dug a little too deeply. One of our Raveners discovered a large black structure covered in green lines with Tau mining equipment. However, as it got closer the device suddenly sprang to life, green electricity surging through it as it lit up. A beam came out of it and hit the Ravener, disintegrating it immediately. Soon all the artifacts starting reacting similarly, springing to life. The entire cave shook as a massive pyramid like structure rose out of the ground. Surging with energy, it fired a sickly green beam out into space and hitting the Ice planet in the system. Distrubing green lines starting appearing all over that planet and the ice began receding into... someplace. Something very bad is coming.

>> No.24117827

Wellp, time to bail the fuck out. No point in trying to eat necrons.

>> No.24117857

oh boy. Let's pack our shit up and get the hell out of there. Any chance we managed to get enough biomass in the meantime to make this venture worth it?

Why won't anybody let us be and eat planets?

>> No.24117890

Our harvesting efforts have not even begun properly... though we do have the drop on the Necrons. I mean, they're just waking up and we have standing forces. You sure you want to run?

>> No.24117963

Have all of our biomass such as our ground forces absorbed back into the hive ships and gather the fleet whilst sending a probe to the Ice planet.

This way we can be ready to assault or leg it once we know what's happening.

>> No.24117984

well, in that case, let's go with dropping acid on them. lots and lots of acid. if we corrode them to uselessness, but don't actually trigger reanimation, that might slow them considerably. Can reanimation recover mass that gets dissolved?

>> No.24118002

We can't give up precious biomass. Attack while we have the advantage.

>> No.24118024

Considering that a Necron lord was killed in the Necron codex by being disintegrated and it was apparently permanent, I'm gonna say no it can't.

>> No.24118056

well allrighty then. I vote we do that. Hope they enjoy their tunnels being filled with acid as they try to remember who they are and what theyre doing.

>> No.24118128

Ok then, if we're going with this 1d100+10 for being a surprise attack.

>> No.24118238


>> No.24118244

Rolled 14 + 10

damn, typo.

>> No.24118368

Rolled 25 + 10


>> No.24118572

Rolled 58 + 10


>> No.24118592

Rolled 9 + 10

fuck it, i guess i'll just finish this one off since everyones gone to bed.

>> No.24118615

Rolled 98 + 10


>> No.24118629

lol, at least we ended with a bang.

>> No.24118781

Average= 50.8
Our acid managed to slip into their tombs, seeping through any cracks it could find. Necron warriors just waking up were soon met with a wave of death, melting their bodies down quickly. Immortals failed to live up to their name sake. However, the necrons were able to set up force fields, blocking the acid from reaching too much farther into vital parts of the tomb.
Right, I'm going to bed. Will continue this tomorrow if the thread still exists.

>> No.24123078

tentative bump

>> No.24124364

Good. Use the time to claim/reclaim biomass, but keep some acid flowing to keep the necrons down

>> No.24125580

God damnit, this thread can't die, I just saw this!

>> No.24127467

Shh, just keep bumping.

>> No.24127954

But i thought nids can feel the tomb worlds and avoid them? Why didn't our sad robot alert sense didn't tingled?

>> No.24132041


>> No.24132445

maybe we just too excited with all that biomass that we missed it. Shit's delicious

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Rejoice children of the swarm, for I have returned!!!
Now then, what to do with those pesky necrons?

>> No.24133607

Retreat, and fuck off to the Ice Planet to harvest.

>> No.24133626

Kill them, of course.

>> No.24133639

Acid is a beautiful thing.

>> No.24133737

The Necrons are rising from the Ice planet, their signaling device just awoke on the Tau planet.

>> No.24133749


>> No.24133821

Well that's two orders to retreat. Where to though? We have the Tau world and the Necrons are rising from the Ice world.

>> No.24133847

Another sector.

>> No.24133940

Seems a bit drastic but why not?
1d100+40 for our escape attempt, +40 due to the Necrons not fully active.

>> No.24133969

Rolled 89 + 40


>> No.24133982

Rolled 82 + 40

tactical withdrawal

>> No.24133985

Rolled 1 + 40


>> No.24133989

Rolled 48 + 40

How the fuck what the

>> No.24133999

Really? Really?

>> No.24134009

So what?
A necron fleet appears out of nowhere and shoots us down or something?
Or perhaps that Eldar Craftworld appears again?

>> No.24134029

Rolled 82

Rolling to override this roll.

>> No.24134030

inb4 necron tactor beams

>> No.24134042

Our fleet falls into disorganization, stuck in the husks of the dead Tau fleet. We are unable to organize our escape. The Necron buildings are growing more active, the ice fully melting away to reveal several structures all over the planet. Scarabs and Spyders awakening to revive the rest of the crons.

>> No.24134053

Well, roll to escape again then.

>> No.24134085

I agree with this plan of action.

>> No.24134091

Ok but this time only a +20 for the 1d100 rolls for the Necrons gaining activity.

>> No.24134101

Rolled 43 + 20


>> No.24134104

Rolled 46 + 20


>> No.24134123

Rolled 96 + 20


>> No.24134154

Rolled 31 + 20

Move damn it!

>> No.24134178

Rolled 45 + 20

Not with a roll like that we won't.

>> No.24134252

Average= 72.2
We luckily managed to get out of range of the Necrons newly awakened anti-air pylons right as they came online. We have reached the edge of the sector. What shall we do now?

>> No.24134289

Rolled 92 + 20

go find a nice agriworld to eat

>> No.24134324

Rolled 2


>> No.24134393

Using the vast psychic prowess of the Tyranid Hive Mind, we have discovered three gravity signatures in range.
A system of Greenskin planets that another Hive Fleet is attacking. Maybe we can join in the fray and trade biomorphs with this other fleet?
The other is a brand new one and nothing is currently known about it, though there seem to be a couple of... distortions emanating from it.
And finally the Eldar craftworld from earlier... which is heading this way.

>> No.24134421

Rolled 76 + 20

>though there seem to be a couple of... distortions emanating from it.
Explain further.

>> No.24134449

leave the craftworld alone, let them deal with the necrons.

>> No.24134455

The signature will sometimes just seem to... flicker. Like it disappears briefly only to return.

>> No.24134473

Find somewhere else.

>> No.24134485

soundslike chaos/warpstorm bullshit to me

>> No.24134603

Let's go kill some Greenskins

>> No.24134610

Greenskin system. If the other Hive fleet is smaller than us we eat the greenskins and then the other nids. If it's a big bad Hive fleet we just move along to another sector

>> No.24134766

Greenskins it is then.
Our Narvwhales begin the process of locking onto the gravity signature. Slowly our ships begin propelling forward at light speeds one by one. As it will take several days to reach the system, are there any preliminary preparations you wish to make? Remember, another Hive Fleet is there and we can gain information through the Hive Mind about the conflict.

>> No.24134813

Restock and rebuild our ships.
And invest some biomass in Psyker building shit.

>> No.24134817

Get information about the current situation.

>> No.24134844

could we get an update on our current state, our numbers and biomass and what not?

also these

>> No.24135042

Hive Fleet Cyclops has been attacking Ork controlled worlds left behind from recent WAAAGHS! Progress has been slow, as the Orks are constantly forming ever increasing pockets of resistance and the Hive Mind fears if the conflict is not ended soon a Warboss will rise and lead the Orks in a counter attack. The Hive Mind has thus spawned Old One Eye to lead Hive Fleet Cyclops, but additional swarms would be extremely helpful, especially one of our expertise.
After remelting down our ground forces into biomass we have 300 million units of biomass to construct forces with. We have roughly 245,000 ships in the fleet, down from 250,000 after our engagement with the Tau.

>> No.24135075

Alright, I want to spend 200 Million on a Psyker Biomass ship.

>> No.24135131

A. We need the biomass for ground forces.
B. We don't have a template for a Psyker Biomass ship
C. Ship construction would require our fleet not be going light speed and a place to build the thing.
D. I don't think it will cost 200 Million to make anyways.

>> No.24135231

we should start producing genestealers and other stealth and tunelling units so that when we arrive hey can make a make a massive strike at the heart of the enemy.

>> No.24135407

Right so for those not in the know, how much biomass a unit costs to build is equal to its points cost on table top i.e. 1 termagant costs 5 units while 1 Trygon costs 200 units.
Unique to Hive Fleet Hastur, our fleet, are Bioplasma Biovores which cost 55 units to make. Deep One costs 60 units to create. Upgrades also work the same way, increasing the unit cost.
So, how many of which units should we construct?

>> No.24135464

Refill everything to how it was Pre-Tau.
I'm going to have to side with >>24135075
Not exactly like him however, can we give our Genestealers Psyker powers?

>> No.24135491

You mean broodlords?

>> No.24135671


>> No.24135737

Repairs to the Fleet have cost us 1 million units of biomass. We have 2 million remaining to construct ground forces for the attack.
Ok well I need numbers here.

>> No.24135984

500 Broodlords

>> No.24136067

That will leave us with 1,970,000 more units of biomass to spend if we don't upgrade them further.
Remember, we still need basic ground forces like Hormagaunts, Termagants, and Genestealers.

>> No.24136403

I think this thread is dying, considering I'm the only one posting and I know next to nothing about 40K. I don't think I should be making decisions of any importance. But that's nonsense, build the biggest unit and upgrade the crap out of it.

>> No.24136491
File: 617 KB, 990x1426, Hive_Tyrant Profile Image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah I see. Well mayhaps we should let this one go for a while and see if more people come back.

>> No.24136553

So we're playing this like a game of Warham with lots of points? Build as many Hive Guard as we can. Our shard beasts shall blot out the sun!

>> No.24136588

I want to upgrade all our Genestealers so they can psyker like zoanthropes.

>> No.24136612

It... doesn't exactly work that way.

>> No.24136647
File: 546 KB, 200x150, No face drinking.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We have enough Biomass.
Why can't we do it?

>> No.24136704

Zoanthropes have gigantic brains in order to preform their psychic powers. This would hamper the Genestealers melee powers, having to lug around such a thing. Broodlords have psychic powers, but they are not as destructive as Zoanthropes.

>> No.24136741

Thus, why can we not evolve to compress such brains?
Considering we have so much biomass to experiment with....

>> No.24136899

Adaptions like that would require induction of traits from other species. Zoanthropes themselves are based on Eldar, currently the most psychicly powerful race there is. Its a miracle we were able to replicate it. Shrinking it, would require something else.

>> No.24136965
File: 24 KB, 275x270, Anno grin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So all we need are some Eldar specimens and some other species huh?

>> No.24137018

Well we got the Eldar down. We just need another species that can work.

>> No.24137070

Can we make zoats?

>> No.24137100

Actually... holy crap I just realized. Since we ate most of their race, we could probably make Tyranids based on their genetic template.

>> No.24137146

zoatgants? zoatthropes? zoatfexes?

>> No.24137251

The sky is the limit. I say this calls for some good old fashioned GENETIC EXPERIMENTATION!!! First off, what kind of creature will it be? A new infantry unit along with the Hormagaunts or Termagants, a speedy Fast attack option, an Elite, HQ, Heavy Support, or Monstrous creature?

>> No.24137474

Since we need more ground troops lets try getting some sort of basic infantry akin to gaunts/gants going and test them out on the nearest unsuspecting planet

>> No.24137583

I concur.

Furthermore, do we have any cool traits from the tau/kroot we recently acquired that we can experiment with as well?

>> No.24137710

Guys what if we ate some Hrud aren't they supposed to have some crazy warp shenanigans going on maybe we could make super zoanthropes ?

>> No.24137719

Well, we are still deconstructing a Tau ethereal for useful traits. As for Kroot, we could adapt their ability to eat their prey and absorb their traits, as well as just basic muscle structure for enhanced strength.

>> No.24137798

But couldn't the whole absorb pray trait lead to rapid mutation with the broods? a hundred and one differently evolved Hormagaunts sounds fun but how many of them will really be useful wont their rapidly evolving bodies just waster biomass?

>> No.24137850

Hmmm that is true. Then again, Hormagaunts die within two weeks at which point we can reabsorb their biomass again as well as those they've eaten. Its a matter of biomass now or biomass later.

>> No.24137944

So maybe we just slap some extra muscles on our nids. Kroot like to jump right? Maybe we can make our genestealers extra jumpy?

I think we should keep our genetic strains pure.

What numbers are we looking at for the ork world?

>> No.24137995

Well these Orks have had years to settle on this world, so tens of millions. However, as they are not a WAAAGH, most are not very well equipped, though Mech boys and such are starting to rise from their ranks, which is why the Hive Mind wants this attack done quickly and destructively as possible.

>> No.24138082

alrighty. Experimentation aside I propose the creation of some hormagaunts and termagants. If the orks aren't that well equipped it shouldn't be difficult to beat them using overwhelming numbers.
would an extra million of each be too expensive?
Also however many mycetic spores are needed to get them planetside.

>> No.24138138

We have mysetic spores left over. We have 1,970,000 units of biomass to spend on troops. A hormagaunt expends 6 of these while a Termagant costs 5, just like table top. Remember, we are being assisted by another Hive Fleet, one which appears to be bearing most of the brunt. And we do specialize in stealth tactics.

>> No.24138527

ah I forgot about our stealthiness.

I don't have a nids dex so these values may be off but google tells me that stealers are 14 points each while lictors are 60.

So how about an extra 20,000 gene stealers for 280k biomass and 4000 lictors for 240k biomass. In conjunction with current stealthy types we drop these behind ork lines and use them to cut supply and communication lines and assassinating leaders.

>> No.24138597

Seems like a great idea, especially with all those Broodlords we can assign to lead the Genestealer squads. What about for monstrous creatures and our heavy hitters though?

>> No.24138764

Well if my points were correct, that leaves us with 1,450,000 units of biomass. Probably good to keep some of that for emergencies and what not so leaving 1 million, I would just split the remaining 450k among carnifexs and biovores with 2/3 for the former and 1/3 for the latter.

>> No.24138940
File: 141 KB, 500x753, 1347200122888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh sounds fair, since we do have left overs to spends. I'm gonna go to sleep so we can pick this up tomorrow hopefully. Till then this is Hive Mind signing off.

>> No.24141680

When two hive fleets meet, they usually fight each other until one Is destroyed, and they the winer get the other biomass and the all the genetic info of both, so it have even more biomass and better nids (this is how the hive mind is testing the power of each hive fleet, without losing nids)
So stay away from direct combat, and let the other fleet take all the loses (logical, because we are a sneaky hive fleet) and when we win, attack the other hive fleet before the can reclaim the losses.

>> No.24145061

Hmm... As long as there is no leader to the orks, there is no real danger- only the time that it will take to eat the planet is a problem. We are a sneaky hive fleet, and we have the deep one. We can simply kill any nob or mek, and let the other hive fleet do the rest. And then we will steal all their biomass

>> No.24145188

I like these two, >>24141680, >>24145061.
Take the biomass before the other hive fleet can and then consume them.

We're going to be rolling in the biomass

>> No.24145296


>> No.24145515

Good plan. Now what kind of nids should we build for this?
The deep one is a must. He can't die, and great for assassination.
Lictors are good for it to, and tunneling units can fool the orks.
We should upgrade our ships (or make more) too if we want to beat the other hive fleet.

>> No.24147381

How big is the other hive fleet?

>> No.24149644
File: 1.07 MB, 900x1256, 1347199750866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, I believe they more so engage in a series of small battles to test each other's abilities, not a war of extinction.
About 50% bigger than us, but they have more infantry broods while we are more specialized.
Also, I'm back!

>> No.24149673


>> No.24150213

So, are we going in, or what?

>> No.24150587

I'm pretty sure that the codex (4ed i think) said that it is a war until death

>> No.24150620

I say we do both. operate a sneak attack on the greenskins while using our reserved biomass to prepare for naval combat against the other hive fleet

>> No.24150893

I got a better plan:
>send sneaky unites (like the deep one) to kill every rising nob or mek (use the minimum of biomass possible)
>Every time the other hive fleet wins a fight, send tons of rippers and graunts to claim the biomass
>when the other hive fleet fight the orks, we will use our (under?)ground base to make more hive ships. As many as we can
> when we finally won the planet, send all our ships at the other hive fleet before they can reclaim the losses

My plan is based on that we can time our biomass harvest so that we will get more than them

>> No.24151607

OP why you tease then leave?

>> No.24152045


>> No.24154469

Why OP, Why? I was so interested...

>> No.24156252

Appologizes my comp decided to explode randomly.
Sounds like a solid plan. We still have 1 million biomass units to make stuff with if anyone has any more ideas.

>> No.24156362

Then we're back in business?

>> No.24156377

Yeah I'm good for the next couple of hours if my comp doesn't Perils again.

>> No.24156405

Alright, lets see if anyone else reports in.

I think we should do

>> No.24156427

Are we going with the theory that there is one hive ship in a tyranid fleet that has central control of the swarm?

If so we should invest in some kind of boarding parties that will allow us to quickly disable that, making it easier to consume the larger fleet. Afterall the orks should be easy, the other tyranids are the real prize here

>> No.24156748

The lead Hive Tyrant, called a Hive Lord, has overall control of the Fleet. We are a Hive Lord, for example.

>> No.24156937

alrighty, killing it should be our highest priority. I would suggest assigning the deep one to this task. Being a stealthy hive a bunch of ork nobs shouldn't be hard for our normal stealth units.

>> No.24157005


>> No.24157014

Of course, though the Orks should be taken care of first. The Hive Mind is calling for co-operation for now, as we need to defeat the Orks before a Warboss can arise from their ranks.

>> No.24157123

yes but I think we should keep some form of elite strike force in reserve so that the instant the orks are dealt with we can conquer the other hive.l Being a larger swarm focusing on infantry broods I don't think we would do well in a straight up fight so we have to make sure the odds are in our favour.

But yes carry on with
>>24138527 and >>24150893

I can't think of anything else we should spend our current biomass on so unless anyone else has any ideas maybe we just keep it in reserve and soldier on?

>> No.24157257
File: 78 KB, 778x624, 1347205828282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright then.
We exit our FTL travel into the system and are greeted by the lead Hive Ship of Hive Fleet Cyclops, the Hive Lord inside welcoming us through the Hive Mind in a language incomprehensible to any others. We can clearly see 3 planets in the system, Hive Ships positioned over all three. The planets are a desert world, a jungle death world, and an Ex-manufactorum world that was looted long ago by the Orks. The Hive Lord of Cyclops is read to discuss battle plans for the system with us.
Where would we like to focus our strengths first?

>> No.24157309

Wow, real original. Why not just steal everything else from Faster Than Light.

>> No.24157328

Ummm FTL has been a term long before Faster Than Light. Its classic Sci-Fi terminology.

>> No.24157378

jungle world. Gotta get dat biomass

>> No.24157516

The opposing Hive Lord tells us that the Jungle World conflict has been an... interesting conflict. The local Orks on the world are feral and resorted to tribal instinct but have tamed the local fauna of the planet for war... creatures that rival the size and strength of Carnifexes. He has deployed poisoned Hormagaunts en masse to the planet but the Hormagaunts are ill suited to survive on the planets harsh environment, most of them being killed by the planets seemingly endless death traps.

>> No.24157560

We focus jungle death world (all that bio-mass!!) they grab one of the others. Make sure to obtain as much bio as possible from it, saying that we're distribute it evenly later (hell nah)

>> No.24157715

The opposing Hive Lord says that most of the Bio-mass fueling his attack is from the jungle world and that since he is the one leading the infantry charges, he believes he needs to be the one to get the Bio-mass from there primarily.

>> No.24157859

bombard them with acid and send in lictors and genestealers for recon/assassinations.

Going by this we're going to have plenty of time to consume their swarm before they get any of dat sweet juicy biomass

>> No.24157916

Very well then. 1d100+10 for attack effectiveness.

>> No.24157965

Rolled 12 + 10


>> No.24157979

well fuck

>> No.24158035

Rolled 89 + 10

let's eat some orks

>> No.24158135

Rolled 63 + 10

c'mon. Need this for the Hive.

>> No.24158229

Rolled 86 + 10


>> No.24158621

We need one more roll.

>> No.24158625

Rolled 90 + 10

What about those nid parasites that they launch to transform the flora? Those should help us deal with the orks and their tamed beasts

>> No.24158668

Average= 78.2
The Orks never saw it coming. Huge globs of Bioplasma rained down upon their primitive camps, melting them down into primordial ooze within seconds, their creatures not faring any better. Those who escaped into the forest found themselves hunted down by our Lictors and Genestealers.

>> No.24158832

so is the planet ours yet?

>> No.24158920

Resistance, at least in any large numbers from the Orks, is crushed. Its still a death world and we have to go through the process of consuming the biomass, which the other Hive Fleet will want a cut of.

>> No.24159001

Well then time to move on. Do we know which planet the Hive lord is over? We should go there next under the pretext of helping to get close and then once the planet is taken we attack.
Then we consume the other tyranids and the two worlds, consolidate our forces and steamroll the remaining ork planet.

>> No.24159023

The Hive Lord's ship is next to ours.

>> No.24159056

score! so we have our entire fleet concentrated around this planet whilst the other swarm is divided among all three? Do we outnumber them over the jungle world?

>> No.24159158

Most of the Hive Ships over the Jungle world are more transport ships for moving the mass of Hormagaunts and the Harvester ships for the Bio-mass capillary towers.However, the rest of his fleet will come running in reaction if he is threatened and he does have an honor guard of ships around his personal one.

>> No.24159437

Still it should take them some time to move from those planets to us and I also imagine that many tyranids will be currently engaged in fighitng the orks. I take it we do have the number advantage here so we should be able to quickly take down the Hive lord.

Once that's done the remaining nids will be severely weakened . Sure other synapse creatures will emerge eventually but none of them would be able to control the entire swarm effectively.

Kill the Hive lord and consume any of the hive ships in the vicinity. Once that is done we can assess the remaining tyranids and orks and act accordingly.

>> No.24159500

Very well. I am going to handle that tomorrow. For now, I need rest once more.
We may as well get the rolls out of the way though.
1d100+10 for sneak attack. This is going to have a high threshold to beat to be successful though.

>> No.24161204

Rolled 85 + 10

Lets go!

>> No.24162290

Rolled 79 + 10


>> No.24163057

Wait. Do we have the jungle world?
If we do, start building a base there and make bio-ships. Lots and lots of them.
We already proved the power of our bio-ships, so more of them will help against the orks (and more importantly, the other nids)

>> No.24163260

Don't think the other hive would sit by and let us do that.

>> No.24163435

We don't stop them from getting biomass. We just use our to do what we see as the best way to win this war

>> No.24165385 [DELETED] 

Rolled 31 + 10


>> No.24165407

Rolled 23 + 10


>> No.24168506 [DELETED] 

Rolled 30 + 10


>> No.24168523 [DELETED] 

Rolled 1 + 10


>> No.24170123

We haven't even really landed on the Jungle World except for Genestealers or Lictors. We don't have any hives or anything set up on there.

>> No.24173017

So make one (or more. We should do more) ASAP. It will be very helpful when we will fight the other fleet

>> No.24173124

But there is the issue of the other Hive Lord. He uses the jungle planet to fuel his assault. We haven't taken losses and it would make more sense for him to get the big biomass source, since he is making infantry waves. We have to give him a reason to let us.

>> No.24173202

As has been stated previously in the thread, it is common for hives to fight each other to ensure survival of the fittest. If we just start pumping out hive ships during the middle of the conflict while the orks have no fleet it's going to look pretty suspicious.

>> No.24174599

Rolled 75 + 10


>> No.24175580

We still need one more. Someone, anyone?

>> No.24175696

Rolled 54 + 10

Lets see..

>> No.24175828
File: 726 KB, 2560x1600, 1347199449478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Average- 73.2... only 2.3 points off the target number.
Our ships open fire upon the Hive Lord's ship and his vanguard, waves of bio-plasma pouring in. Unfortunately it seems like the Hive Lord has been expecting this. His vanguard ships pull in front of his, blocking all the fire meant for him at the cost of their own life. The Hive Lord, meanwhile, throws himself into the on ship digestion pool, to be remade in another ship at a safe distance. His ship charges at ours in a suicide attack, meaning to take out as many of our ships before going down.

>> No.24175859

Didn't even know this was going on, that's what I get for taking a break from 4chan.

What's the current status? By the time I read this thread and refresh i'll still be behind.

>> No.24175915

We are assisting another Hive Fleet on wiping out some green skins left behind by a WAAAGH... that is we were, until we decided to attack the other Hive Fleet in order to gain their bio-mass and broods for ourselves. Unfortunately, their Hive Lord escaped our assassination attempt.

>> No.24175934


>> No.24175976

The Swarmlord is only called upon by the Hive Mind itself and only in times of great peril or need in the Hive Fleet. Fighting renegade Orks and other Tyranids for dominance are neither of those.

>> No.24176027

fuck fuck fuck fuck.

disperse our ships to reduce casualties. If possible throw one of our weaker vessels in front of the oncoming hive ship and slow it down with tentacles. Keep shooting dat bio plasma. Can't forget the transport and capillary ships either, have some of our outer vessels target those.

>> No.24176075

The Fleet will easily be able to take out the capillary ships and transport ships, so I won't bother with a roll.
1d100+20 for shooting down the Hive Ship, due to superior fire power.

>> No.24176085

I'm new to this quest. What type of ships do we have at our disposal?

Do this. Make protecting our Narvhal's and Hive Ships a high priority.

>> No.24176116

Rolled 89 + 20

Let's show the orks the meaning of dakka

>> No.24176129

We have the usual Tyranid assembly of Hive Ships. Besides that, unique to our fleet we have short range high destruction Bio-plasma broadsides and specialized boarding pod launchers to make boarding an easier process.

>> No.24176260

Are we still fighting orks or have we already done away with them? If so, focus some broadside plasma on the approaching hive ship as we keep it distracted with some smaller, unimportant ships.

>> No.24176299

We've cleared the Orks out on one of the 3 planets they are on. The Orks are not space borne and don't have a Warboss leading them. They are like civilian Orks left when a WAAAAGH stops.

>> No.24176532

Rolled 95 + 20


>> No.24176552

misslinked. Meant for >>24176075

>> No.24176629

btw when we do rolls for this thread, we average the first five rolls we get.

>> No.24176777

Rolled 1 + 20


>> No.24176795

Well then.

>> No.24176820

... Ouch... I should mention natural 1's are instant failures, while natural 100s are the opposite.
The Hive Ship tanks all of the fire, not seeming able to go down. Any ship sent to slow it down is blasted to pieces or torn to shreds in seconds. It manages to down several Razorfiend cruisers and is making its way toward our central Hive Ship... meaning us!

>> No.24176957

Shit shit shit.

Focus the rest of our broadside plasma's on the attacking hive ship, this thing just became a high priority target. Throw Razorfiend and Devourer cruisers at it now, those should take care of it if the broadsides don't.

>> No.24177013

Ok then. 1d100+10 reduced due to its attacks and proximity to us.

>> No.24177186

Rolled 1 + 10


>> No.24177210

Rolled 49 + 10

The hell? Am I rolling wrong?

>> No.24177220

Nope. Well shit.

>> No.24177259

... Now that, is some bad luck.
The Hive Ship easily takes all the damage and is now engaged with our ship.
1d100 to see if we can survive.

>> No.24177289

Perhaps...someone else should roll...

>> No.24177317

No keep rolling, please.

I am curious to see if you will keep your steak.

>> No.24177358

Rolled 86

Very well.

Rolling to rip this other ship apart ourselves, since the rest of the fleet is useless!

>> No.24177432

So far so good... we need 4 more.

>> No.24177529

Rolled 89


>> No.24177539

Rolled 8

Well this turned to shit quickly

>> No.24177567

Rolled 47


>> No.24177615

Rolled 11

2 good rolls, 1 shit roll, and 1 alright roll.

Let's see.

>> No.24177678

Average= 48.2
The Ship and ours engage each other, shooting out every organic projectile we both have, tendrils lashing out and slamming into the other one as we grapple in combat. Eventually the opposing ship's strength begins to fail, all its wounds catching up to it as we fire into it again and again. Eventually it goes unresponsive, finally killed. Our ship is badly damaged however and needs bio mass to heal, not to mention the loss of ships from our fleet.

>> No.24177732

What is the status of the battle, our surroundings, our fleet, and the enemy fleet?

>> No.24177735

was a d10

>> No.24177775

Their transport and capilarity ships are quickly blown apart by our fleet, few escaping. The rest of their fleet is positioned across the system at the other two planets and are more combat oriented.
How do you know?

>> No.24177810


Reconsume our dead ships biomass, have some other ships consume whatever biomass out hive ship lost in the battle and consume the dead enemy hive ship. After that, begin consuming the enemy's dead ships.

We emerged victorious in this battle! We will grow, and destroy!

>> No.24177811

It says it in the email field. But may aswell continue on anyway

>> No.24177841

Our ships set about their duty of collecting the biomass and consuming it. In the mean time, anything else we should do? We are still hovering about the Death Jungle World.

>> No.24177863

consume it and being preparations for fighting the rest of the swarm.
use our sneakiness to somehow assist the orks on the two other worlds to hinder them.

>> No.24177882

What's the status of that world?

>> No.24177925

We Bio-plasma bombarded the hell out of the Orks on the planet. It is apparently covered in local fauna the size and strength of Carnifexes and was being invaded en masse by toxin Hormagaunts to combat them by the other Hive Fleet.

>> No.24177937

Rolled 49

Begin to assimilate the biomass then. Strip the world bare!

>> No.24177950

Nothing like a skittering tide of scythes and teeth. Take the initiative and do the same as the other fleet was doing.

What's the status on the other worlds in this system?

>> No.24177973

One is a desert world and the other was an Adeptus Mechanicu world that was looted en masse by the Orks. Outside of that, we don't know.

>> No.24178003

Rolled 27

Send a small number of scout ships to make some lictors/genestealers on those worlds if we haven't already.

Rolling to begin consumption of jungle world.

>> No.24178102

Don't roll unless I say so. Harvesting the jungle world doesn't need rolls, it just takes time. We will get a steady flow of biomass from it.
In the mean time, we have regained 80,000 units of biomass from consuming of the dead ships, putting us at 1,800,000 units total. Our fleet size is at 210,000, down from 250,000 before the attack.
I would also like to remind everyone we can use biomass to upgrade our Hive Lord. He is still just using a lash whip, bonesword, and scything talons, though he can spit bio-plasma.

>> No.24178150

I'm new to this quest so I don't know, but how often does the hive lord go into combat himself?

>> No.24178175

So far only once when we engaged a Chaos Lord personally. He does provide a massive bonus if he joins a battle, even more than the Deep One, our unkillable genestealer.

>> No.24178179


How expensive for Wings and Extended Carapace? Is it possible to get both, or are we limited to only one like in the tabletop?

>> No.24178208

It works just like table top, with the cost for upgrades equal to the cost of points on the board game. I.E. a Hormagaunt costs 6 biomass units to make.

>> No.24178282

Alright, i'm voting for a Wings upgrade. That mobility will really help strategically if we get into a fight.
Other then that, i'm quite happy with out current CQC-based mutations and abilities.

>> No.24178331

I agree with this one here.

>> No.24178366

So nothing can kill the Deep One?

Also I vote for wings.

>> No.24178384

He is basically Old One Eye in Genestealer form. He keeps coming back from seemingly fatal incidents.

>> No.24178463

Can we upgrade him to a broodlord?

>> No.24178500
File: 320 KB, 514x764, 1347200909373.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe that's a maturity thing in Genestealers, where they become one when they reach a certain age. He'll get there... eventually...

>> No.24178568


So voting to upgrade our hive lord with wings. Do we have enough biomass to create more hive ships? Also, has those scouting ships I suggested we send to the other planets with vanguards done anything?

>> No.24178606

After the wings we have, 1,799,940 biomass units. Hive Ships, our biggest ship, cost 1,000 units to make, with broadsides and Razorfiends being 500, and drones costing 250 to make.

>> No.24178661

How many ships roughly does the other hive fleet have? We could just pump all our biomass into hive ships and then once we defeat them recycle the vessels back into biomass.
That would depend on the time it takes to create a hive ship though

>> No.24178670

I suggest we make a few more hive ships, perhaps 3, for both offensive and defensive reasons.

Other then that, lets replace any casualties we had. That shouldn't be too difficult, since this is nids vs nids no biomass is ever truly lost.

>> No.24178858

Since most of our losses were drones, we are left with 1,756,940 biomass units left over after fleet repairs and adding three more Hive Ships.
I want to remind everyone, there are still hormagaunts left over on the death world who are currently without synapse.

>> No.24178921

Send a few pods of Warriors down to provide synapse and take them for ourselves.

Continue to kill the inhabitants of the planet for absorption. Taking control of the gaunts should give us even more biomass.

>> No.24179225

How much biomass will it take for us to evolve an immunity/high resistance to the enemy tyranid fleet's weaponry? It should be possible for us now that we've encountered it and absorbed some of their fleet.

>> No.24179353

Actually, our Hive Fleet is severally lacking in terms of defense. Its a biomorph we're seeking out to acquire. Here I'm gonna link the archive to the rest of the threads so you new people can catch up. I have to go to sleep in the mean time.

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