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hey /tg/

So, I got some picture of a PS4 and slapped it on /v/, it took about 5 minutes for the thread to dissolve into general chaos. I only have one question.

How the hell is it this easy?

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Not a fan of XBox, but dat character design.

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Its just as easy on /tg/.
Just talk about Pathfinder/3.5 or post tits.

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Familiarity breeds contempt. Suffice to say everyone on that board hates everyone else on it.

Agreed. I'd personally change a few things, but it's still pretty fucking good. The watermark doesn't help the picture, though.

Kamen Rider campaign wouldn't be a bad idea, come to think of it.

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Every board has a nerve you can tickle to agitate it into a state of frothing rage.

/v/, however, is a bundle of raw nerves. A raw-nerve golem, if you will.

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>playstation rider

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Xbox always looked purty. I may just be a sucker for the ol green n black scheme, though.

It reminds me of those consoles-as-girlfriends comics where they were all relatively normal and then the Xbox was a fucking giant chick wearing an American flag cape and jet boots.

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See >>24085843 and help.

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I get why W is the Wii and Kaixa is the Xbox, but why's Diend the Playstation?

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>Every board has a nerve...
Out of curiosity: What is it for /tg/?
Is it coasters?

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>Out of curiosity: What is it for /tg/?

40k fluff consistency/progression

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Quests and waifus.

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No, /tg/ LOVES quests and waifus. Also, kickstarters. Also, being /d/.

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Elves and people inserting issues of sexual orientation when it doesn't need to be an issue.

And big boy blue

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BBB isn't really our "troll" button. It's more our revulsion button.

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True. What about "anti-Tolkien races" threads? Those never seem to work out well.

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Wait what. What is that.

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I remember that people raged when a person started a thread saying that he didn't let his players make kobold characters.

There was an amazing amount of butthurt over it.

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I fucking hate quests and waifu you faggot. And I wish the /d/-lite faggots would just fuck off to /d/ already. Like that erp thread. Christ, thats pathetic.

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Ring a ding ding. You will never have a pleasant thread about elves. Even elf cheesecake threads will be shat on. Same deal with tau, though the new codex may have mitigated that somewhat.

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there we go

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/tg/ really is an easy to troll board. Know the right subject matter and it's easy and rustling /v/.

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I was mainly just using that as an example, but I do actually dislike the excessive /d/ shit and that erp thread.

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There it is!

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As a tau fan, what ruins tau threads are people that are in it to jerk it to tau.

"So guys what about dem broadsi-"

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Not really. What happens is that people get excessively butthurt over cheesecake - something that even orks and nids have - and then other people let themselves get trolled by that diaperfag looking to derail the thread. Its kinda similar to elf threads. Someone might make a decent post about elves and include a cheesy picture in the post, so everyone goes all
And then someone else goes all
And then theres the ol
So yeah, elf and tau threads have a lot in common.

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Cheesecake is one.

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Ya know what pushes my button? DURR HURR FORCED STERILIZATION. There's something about latching on to a throw-away line and beating it until it's a wet pulp that makes that forehead vein pop out and throb.

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Because /v/ hates video games and discussing them on that board is entirely inappropriate.

If you want to discuss a game or genre of games, you go to /vg/ for the general. If you want to discuss retro games, you go to /vr/. If you want to talk Pokemon, /vp/.

All /v/ has left to talk about is hatred. It's like XBox Live in text form.

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see >>24100524
/tg/ loves its meemees and runs em into the ground just as fast as /v/ does. I swear, Bilmoe is gonna be the /tg/ equivalent of Jimmies soon enough.

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>Because /v/ hates video games
Wrong. /v/ loves videogames so much they are compelled to bitch about the state of videogames. Same way /tg/ bitches about price hikes or shitty rulesets.

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By the looks of this thread, meta discussion.

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You think it's the meta? This thread was basically "Hey /tg/, talk about stuff that people get trolled over". Of course it's trolling.

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I know, right? Started off as "Haha, look how easy it is to get /v/ booty blistered!"

And then /tg/ was the little goat.

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>I swear, Bilmoe is gonna be the /tg/ equivalent of Japanese bird cooking spagetti soon enough.

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Indeed. OP asked a complicated question, so we're kindly demonstrating.

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I'm here every damn day and don't know what Bilmoe is. Our equivalent of Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti was Flarey.

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>don't know what Bilmoe is
You may not know it by name, but you have to have seen the pictures.

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Fucking Bilmoe threads.

"Hey guys, tangentially related to Tolkien thread topic JUST KIDDING LET'S TALK ABOUT HOBBIT WAIFUS."

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Eh, she's just this /tg/ generation's Cultist-chan. She'll fade with time.

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But Cultist-Chan is eternal.

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Eternally a shit.

Cuddles and Boone are even worse

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But we no longer have big "lol post cultist-chan" threads. And thankfully, no more Dranon's Delight threads.

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Really, all that that artist has brought to our board is cancer.

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Shit taste detected.

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It was also Blue and DELICIOUS FRENCH ELF HIPS at points. This, too, shall pass.

I wonder, is there anyone actually trying to catalogue and timeline the random retarded shit that we do by virtue of being large collectives of people on the internet?

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Too much heresy was killing the board.

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I'm just amazed at how he has not improved at fucking all in all his time here.

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I liked /tg/ when we come up with random retarded shit. It's when that fun random retarded shit gets spammed to death that it becomes a problem.

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I actually still like Blue

I also like how those threads collectively agreed to stop before they became the next Harem Knights/Cultist/Xeno/whatever. It may not have worked, but at least there were never "lol post Blue" threads

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Though I will admit I miss Commissar Fuklaw and the Bloody Magpie threads.

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Well I've posted this far in the set. In for a penny, in for a pound.

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What was this thread about again?

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>Harem Knights

Huh. Turns out I had actually completely purged that from my mindspace. Guess I better have another go at that.

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whatever you want it to be about babe

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>Guess I better have another go at that.
Dont. Save yourself.

Whatever you do, dont go to the 1d4chan page about Harem Knights. Dont read the godawful self-insert characters that surpass Gaia in levels of terrible.

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Oops, that was the last one.

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i'd like to formally apologize for contributing to those threads and what they became.

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Don't bother. The shame will never leave you. Ever.

I was the one who made the joke who started it all. How the fuck was I supposed to know a stupid joke about my elf ear fetish would cause /tg/ so much misery?

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No, I meant have another go at purging it from my mindspace. I'm applying corrective measures now.

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How does this make you feel?

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Not angry, if thats what you were implying. Just because shes a shitty character doesnt mean Im gonna get all frothing mad about it. Im not aroused, either, given that she, like everything Culexus draws, looks like she is directly related to Jay Leno and could kill me with one snicker-snack of that vorpal chin of hers.

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Shhhh. Dooowwwwwnnn the memory hole. No more words about it.

At least the Modern Fantasy Roleplay threads died out. That quickly turned into the circlejerk equivalent of the LHC, only replace high energy particles with men cumming on other men.

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>Dont read the godawful self-insert characters that surpass Gaia in levels of terrible.

I should have listened. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED.

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> no more Dranon's Delight threads

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Its too late for you. Just remember that those threads got something like 50 threads on /tg/ before anyone took notice of them.

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Dont worry, now we have erp generals where they dont even pretend like its anything less anymore.

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Culexus's art style is really simple, I will agree with you there that it could use improvement. In fact many people have taken his art concepts and improved them.

As far as character goes, there have been worse written characters and it looks like he is recently attempting to craft them with deeper back stories and personality.

You may say that all he brings is cancer, but I have to respectfully disagree. Cancer is subjective anyway.

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We didn't learn, either.
BFQ is at 100

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Cute psyker girl!
Cute commissar girl!
Cute cultist girl! WITH AN ACCENT.
Cute culexus girl!

Such a broad range of wonderful characters.

But really, I don't blame the artist. I blame the god awful fanbase that festered around it.

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/tg/ belongs to them now. There's nothing we can do.

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So when the fatguys at FFG started making /tg/ characters canon, how did you feel?

>> No.24101024

Whatever happened to the guy who did Fuklaw?
The man gave the people what they wanted.

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BFQ is actually kinda good though.

>> No.24101030

It is me. I helped start /tg/s musclegirl thing back in 07.

Half a fucking decade holy shit.

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I never called him cancer, that was someone else. I just said that he was wholesomely unimpressive.
>art style is really simple
No. Its bad. See >>24100922 or Brawl in the Family for a simple art style. His is just jagged and ugly.
>recently attempting to craft them with deeper back stories and personality.
Which, at least in regards to CC, makes her even worse. She was nothing more than a cutesy mascot character, giving her some DEEP AND TRAGIC backstory is just pretentious. It would be like if Charlie Brown had a movie where the whole thing flashed back to that time Snoopy was abused and raped for three years straight.

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At least it has semi-decent prose even if the subject matter is abysmal. And Blatant Fetish Shit the logical conclusion of all quests, so it would be amusing to watch it get progressively more chaste. I know it wont happen, but a man can dream.

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No. No it isn't.

>> No.24101061


Hey, at least BFQ doesn't pretend to be anything other than it says on the box. Every time I complained about harem knights they'd scream about ORIGINAL CONTENT, ANON, DO YOU HATE ORIGINAL COOOONTENT?

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