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Any speculation on the 6th edition Eldar codex?

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Shuri Cats go back to being 24'' Assualt 2.

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That would be great, but is there is a source for that?

I honestly loathe Guardians, personally.

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I hope they get massive buffs so I can play my dream craftworld. One where overpopulation is so out of control they use guardian swarms.

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There is a high chance that you guys gonna get a Crudex.

I pity you.

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Only Craftworld that sounds like that is pre-Tyranid Iyanden, and that one Craftworld that stays away from everyone, even other Craftworlders.

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>not believing in the protection of based Kelly

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People said the same thing about the Tau, look how true that was. I think Kelly is going to write it.

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I hope they expand on the deep and heartfelt bond between the Eldar and their Tau battle brothers, assuming the new Tau Empire codex hasn't done so already.

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Holy shitballs I love the Eldar... I really hope GW don't screw this up on either the rules or model fronts.

>inb4 hope is the first step

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Yes, but, you see, reasons.

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You are as amoebae to my race.

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Kelly already wrote like 2 current Codexes. Dude deserves a break

Crud is either gonna do the Eldar Codex or the Tyranids. My guess it's gonna be you guys!

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some eldar hype music


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Eldar 4th edition codex came at a time of minimalism. This should be an improvement.

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>Crud is either gonna do the Eldar Codex or the Tyranids. My guess it's gonna be you guys!
Ward help us all
Or Vetock

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First page of the Tau Codex has an Art of Tau Vs Eldar.

In the Timeline, Tau destroy a Maidwn World (Due to Dark Eldar shenanigans).

I ain't no seeing no Battle Brotherhood, Shas'la.

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...it's nerve-wracking, though. I mean, so many Eldar units need biiiiig changes to make them worth taking. And rumours suggested a bunch of new units (even more assault units, what the hell?), which makes me worry that the older ones haven't had the attention they need.

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Ward shits up codices he doesn't like, like Orks and Goblins.

He would put the Eldar on a Farseer Starbane level.

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>Dat shitty traceart

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>Ward doesn't like Orcs and Goblins so he made them suck on purpose

[citation needed]

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Just look at that shit codex ward wrote.

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My dick.

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>Kelly already wrote like 2 current Codexes
Cruddace did Daemons too, brah.

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This. The Eldar can't pray to Ward for redemption. Kelly is our only hope.

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>Due to Dark Eldar shenanigans


Nice to see that the Blood Feud has not been forgotten.

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But he didn't write a codex for them.

Because there's no such thing as a WHFB codex.

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Anyone but Crudd and Ward. Vetock or Kelly would be fine by me.

If Ward was an Eldar player, though, I definitely would want a codex written by him.

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>dat flaming ass

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>If Ward was an Eldar player, though, I definitely would want a codex written by him.

He was a Wood Elf guy if that count

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I'd like harlequin jetbikes.

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Eldar made Etherals to save the galaxy.

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The treatment he gives the Eldar in 40k is not encouraging at all.

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Necrons made the Ethereals to doom the galaxy.

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C'Tan can't seed anything.

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Does every faction shit on the eldar though? I'm sure every non Craftworld Eldar SC has punched an Avatar by now

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Starbane lost twice against the Necrons in the Dex, but managed to pull a win in the WD battle.

2 for 1 for the Necrons for now. I don't see as that awful pf a treatment.

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no worries in the new codex eldrads cousin twice removed will punch a avatar(gone bad) to death

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I would say Grey Knights or Sisters of Battle. But Sister Stern may of done some killing, or whatever

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They seeded the Eldar and all life with the fear of death. Also seeded the soulless trait in the human genepool.

They are masters of the natural world so biology shouldn't be a problem!

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Not got anything. High Elves taking the spotlight for the moment. Ever since the leaked Pokemon Bird Mounts and Chariot (IIRC).

Anyway.... What I HOPE will be done is buffing Howling Banshees and Scorpions. They also need more Heavy Slots. But they'll be getting a Flyer, of course. Platforms need a buff.

Are Seer Councils still in the old dex? Eldar are one of my preferred non-Imperium armies, I liked them because of Seer Councils. Along with Eldrad. Also, do the old dex have Craftworld buffs? Like you could make Black Guardians and give them either +1WS or +1BS. I don't have the old dex... My info comes from other sources.

I think they could do with another tank. I mean, Space Marines get Rhino (Transport... Also the name of Transport vehicles in Terra Nova...) they get Predators (Medium Tanks) and then Land Raiders (Heavy Tanks/Heavy Transports).

Eldar have Falcons (Transport) and Fire Prisms (Medium? Heavy?). I'd like a Land Raider equivalent. You know, one that can either be a Transport and Infantry support or a Specific Hunter of something.

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Ward does it particularly hard.

Read the fluff after Starbane's victory. Note how despite the Space Marine commander dying in-game and the Necrons losing, and Starbane not only surviving but winning the game with the final assault, the fluff involves Starbane being tied up by the Necron Lord and delivered to be the Ultramarines' sex slave.

That's how much Ward hates the Eldar.

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No, C'Tan have been retconned pretty hard. Once the new codex comes out, I suspect the bit with Khaine will go too.

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No Craftworld specific rules.

I want to see cheaper Eldar all around.

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Eldars heavy slot would be highly contested if all the options were good. I wish the nightspinner was fast like in FW corsair list

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Kelly seems to have something against Lugganath. In the Chaos Space Marine codex they suffered a massive Emperor's Children invasion, and in Chaos Daemons all their best seers were lost on a trip into the Garden of Nurgle.

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Ward and Cruddace are from the 2e and 3e eras though when Eldar ran the show on the TT, I would imagine that's why they pick on them.
It has of course, suffered diminishing returns, especially now that the Eldar aren't running the show.

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They get more japanese

I10 Armorbane, Fleshbane, Shred S10 AP1 Katanas

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At least we won Mymeara!

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>Winning against Non Death Korps in IA
>count as a victory


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>not greek
>not getting the Vaul reference
>Sky Chariots

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Rules of nature?

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You're making us miss when Necrons were cool.

Remember Etherals were made in the warp which is outside the C'tan's domain. They were made using the same process as Slaanesh except intentionally with the help of xenos psykers (eldar) b/c their farseers saw the tau would benefit them.

> bit with Khaine

Is there a C'tan connection? Inform me.

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Mordian Iron Guard is better.

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Eldar are a mix

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Theyre a little bit of everything, really. They even have those fancy wings that the Winged Hussars had.

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The War in Heaven, which involved the C'tan and the Eldar gods bashing heads together, still occurred. The only thing that was retconned was the outcome of that War.

>I suspect the bit with Khaine will go too.

I wouldn't object to that. Seeing that outrageous Maunga Ra and his filthy Aspect written of from existence will please me!

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>You're making us miss when Necrons were cool.
How do you miss the present?

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C'Tan chicanery, which is why no one liked the C'Tan.

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>Remember Etherals were made in the warp which is outside the C'tan's domain. They were made using the same process as Slaanesh except intentionally with the help of xenos psykers (eldar) b/c their farseers saw the tau would benefit them.


No such thing happened.

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>Seeing that outrageous Maunga Ra and his filthy Aspect written of from existence will please me!
Sorry, the Eldar pest control is here to stay.

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Fear of death is not the same as death from afar.

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Sam Hain are Irish
Harlequin are carney-folk/acting troupes
Way of the ____ is like bushido

So yeah, they take little pieces from this-and-that culture.

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But seriously, any Eldar rumors?

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Just ignore any Necron fluff before the Newcron codex.

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None since the alleged model list ages ago.

Speaking of which, are we up to the period that was supposed to be for yet? Did it contain any Tau stuff?

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Ah. Shame. They should re-add it. I just remembered reading an awesome Fluff BR in an old WD. Where Eldrad nearly kills Abaddon. He has Black Guardians with +1BS. Ulthwé Craftworld buff.

I agree with cheaper Eldar, my mate quit painting his army. Speaking of which, he is getting a job in GW in the next few months. He's going to be a model designer for FW/GW. So, I am going to bug him for designs I want! (or what /tg/ would like!).

Scorpions are pretty shit. They were OK in 2nd, but crap now. Need a lot of loving. If the "Product List" that was "Leaked" is true (So far... Not really) there are two new Phoenix Lords coming. Also, the Forge World Phoenix Lord... He usable in normal 40k? The fluff is dodgy, doesn't say if he's dead or not, just that he failed to capture a Crone World.

Forgot the Nightspinner, but I'd call it a Support Tank. It's sort of like a SPG. I'd like to see a Land Raider Equivilent tank for Eldar. Perhaps a Vulture, which has lots of guns or has Heavy 10 (IG get Heavy 15 + Heavy 20) or has x3 Twin-Linked Bright Lances, or D-Cannons or something. They don't really have any massive power weapon.

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I looked at the model list, but that's about it.

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A Phoneix Lord is unkillable.

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Speaking of Ward and Eldar:

>990.M41 The Vaults of Pandrax.
>In his search for a cure to the Flaw, Brother Corbulo finds the ancient archeotech repositories of Pandrax III in the hands of the Alaitoc Eldar. Three companies of Blood Angels, including the famous 1st Company Terminators, are assigned to seize the vaults from alien interlopers. Fierce battle soon rages through the tech-vaults and catacombs. The Blood Angels are ultimately victorious, but the Farseer commanding the Eldar efforts sacrifices himself to destroy the very records Corbulo seeks. The search must begin again.

Yet two years later...

>Like the avenging angels they are, fresh companies of Blood Angels and Angels Vermillion scream from the skies in Drop Pods and Stormraven Gunships – but they are not alone. The Eldar of Ulthwé, led by the ancient Farseer Eldrad Ulthran, make planetfall alongside the Space Marines, fighting beside humanity for their own enigmatic reasons. The Tyranids are crushed between the three descending armies, this splinter of Hive Fleet Kraken is scoured from existence. Eldrad Ulthran remains just long enough to see Mephiston recovered from the rubble, grievously wounded but alive – a second resurrection that serves only to increase Mephiston’s legend through his Chapter.

Conflicting agendas, or parts of some larger plan?

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>So far... Not really
It wasn't supposed to kick in until now or later, though. It wasn't from the start of 2013, so it might still be true.

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They drape themselves in the visage of their true Progenitor Kaelis Ra.

They are his as much as they are Khaine's!

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I honestly prefer Newcrons.

If people prefer the Old Necrons, just run a destroyer and say he re-wrote his tomb world's engrams.

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>oldcron fluff

Dark Reapers came before the Necrons.

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IIRC when Newcrons came out /tg/ appeared overwhelmingly in favour.

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I think people use whatever fluff suits their needs for that moment. But lots of Necron fans aren't aware they don't use Sub-light drives now.

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They are unaware that....


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They still have FTL, given how large the Necron Empire apparently is, and how big the galaxy is, it's easily possible for them to have FTL and still be "doomed to isolation" without the webway. Isolation.

Also there was nothing that retcons their interstellar portals, and they in fact still have those in the form of the monoliths and night scythes.

And at the end of the day though, I don't think the supposed loss of non-warp FTL is as big a deal as some people make it seem.

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>powerful short-ranged weaponry
>crazy magitech nobody else understands
>ancient once-mighty civilisation
Crap, the only Eldar thing Ward DIDN'T steal was the 'dying out' part.

>> No.24100236

Well, he did replace the dying part with ''slowly but surely going insane''.

They DOOMED, but unlike the Eldar there is still hope.

>> No.24100245

unless you count sanity

SOme necron lords (especially destros) arent very sane after the robotification

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>calculate what's going to happen by looking at the positions of stars
>confound the mystic sight of a being who uses actual magic to see the future

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>powerful short-ranged weaponry
>crazy magitech nobody else understands
The Necrons have always had these two though.

And in fairness, the Webway tries to murder the necrons.

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Anyone got those Necron fan stories /tg/ wrote a while back?

Those where hilarious, and depressing

>dem interactions with the thousand sons

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Well, I hope it's true. I like the idea of Imperial Agents and SoB getting stuff. I was just hoping the Nautilus Platform for Tau was released.... But who knows! I don't know if it's in the book. Since my stuff takes so long to get here.

>Once a disciple of Asurmen, first of the Eldar Phoenix Lords, Irillyth the Shade of Twilight founded the Shrine of the Shadow Spectres on the Craftworld of Mymeara. Drawn to the small Craftworld in response to a vision of doom and horror, Irillyth gifted the skills of stealth, swiftness and all-consuming firepower to the warriors of Mymeara.

After many years, the Phoenix Lord led a great war host to the legend-shrouded world of Bethalmae to destroy a race that would, many thousands of years later, arise to threaten Craftworld Mymeara. Neither he nor any of his warhost ever returned to the Craftworld, and with the loss of their Phoenix Lord, the Shadow Spectre aspect fell into decline.

Says that none returned. So "The loss of their Phoenix Lord". So, I assumed he is dead or MIA.

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The death of aPhoneix Lord is pointless. The mymeara campaign saw the retrieval of the armor. When an Exarch dons his armor, they will become him.

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Oh, so they did retrieve the armour? I thought it was lost or captured. That's OK then. I like sticking to "fluff" and I like the guy. Hopefully he can be used in normal 40k.

However, FW are messing up Imperial Armour books. They had Volume 1-11. Then they removed Volume 1 and Volume 2-3 are Out of stock. Volume 1 was replaced with Volume 1 Second Edition: Imperial Guard, which means they are re-doing some.. But then they announced Volume 12 coming out... What's happening to Volume 2 and 3? What about 4-11? Are they getting 2nd Editions or what? I've asked both GW and FW, they don't bother to reply.

It's the only reason I didn't buy them. No point buying Volume 4-11 (and then 12) only for them to become Out of Stock and replaced. I just wish they'd tell me what's happening.

Also, they are releasing Black Fire Pass... Once again... Which one? There are dozens. If it's the first one.. Does that mean Sigma will get a model? Stuff like that? There are new Orc units coming, such as a Squig which shoots smaller squigs out of his stomach, like an artillery piece, and onto opponents.

Shame I'm not well enough to do anything.. By the time I am, WHFB will be dead!

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Unless you're playing with someone anal retentive, I'm pretty sure anything FW is ago.

>> No.24100605

Is there a list of speculated models?

>> No.24100621

I want to see more glam eldar

>> No.24100642

208263530941100 The Avatar of Khaine RE b09 Len_A 11 cc
208284511450206 Eldar Wraithguard / Cataphracts PL a14 Len_C 02 cc
208284711550201 Eldar Sky Chariots / Shining Spears PL a15 Len_C 02 cc
208285011450208 Eldar Warpspiders / Everguard PL a14 Len_C 02 cc
208285230150200 Eldar Black Warden RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208297830180402 Phoenix Lord Kyme'doc, The Planetwister RE c01 XianD 04 cc

208281811450202 Eldar Eldritch Raiders PL a14 Len_C 02 cc
208282112050207 Eldar Webway Gate PL a20 Len_C 02 cc
208283411250206 Eldar Phoenix Lord Nuadhu, The Fireheart / Alean Vyper PL a12 Len_C 02 cc
208283512050200 Eldar Spirit Warrior PL a20 Len_C 02 cc
208283911550202 Eldar Dragon Riders PL a15 Len_C 02 cc

208286130150208 Eldar Fire Dragon Xentarch RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208286230150207 Eldar Dire Avenger Xentarch RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208286330150206 Eldar Howling Banshee Xentarch RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208286430150205 Eldar Striking Scorpion Xentarch RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208286530150204 The Avatar of the Young King RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208281612050205 Eldar Lamia Strike Fighter / Moon Siren Bomber PL a20 Len_C 02 cc
208283611550205 Eldar Jetbikes PL a15 Len_C 02 cc
208287930150207 Eldar Warlock with Force Staff RE c01 Len_C 02 cc
208288530950204 Eldar Swooping Hawks RE b09 Len_C 02 cc

I think this is all that were supposedly seen.

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Yes, I love hair metal.

>> No.24100666


This all looks promising.

>> No.24100694

I am highly excited about the potential Webway Gate.

>> No.24100726

We all do. Forge World have so far failed to deliver on the corsair potential.

>> No.24100728


Would make the Autarch and reserve based armies much more useful.

>> No.24100736


All we get were conversion kits.

>> No.24100794

Shit, just googled that list and it looks like it was fake after all. It contains 'kroothawks', 'Tau Empire Mako', 'Tau Empire Nautilus Defence Platform' and 'Vespid Spinewings'.

Unless I'm missing something, none of them appear in the Tau codex.

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I think C.S. Goto is getting to do his first codex soon.

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Lofn pls go before the SoBs gangrape you again.

>> No.24101564

I swear to god, if bikes get bumped out of troops I will be one pissed off wildrider.

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Hey kiddo

>> No.24101621

Actually, the list has no bearing on the Eldar portion. It's pretty much copy-pasted from an earlier leak from the 3++ forum. That was from a guy that saw the boxes in a warehouse, and wrote lengthy descriptions of the appearance of each. So far the bikes, plastic wraiths, big wraith thing, dual flyer kit, new characters, and I believe a few others have all been backed up by other leaks within the last few months.


Other rumors include Autarchs choosing to make a single path that they've taken scoring, except for Dark Reapers, who they make scoring. Which would be awesome, and make them worth taking.

Basically the rumors so far show Swordwind is back, Wild Rider Host is a go, and the army of the dead is expanded. A possible 3 full army builds makes me a little hot and bothered.

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>shiny scalp

This is my fetish.

>> No.24101644

Sorry, that should be "make a single path they've taken troops, except for Dark Reapers, who they make scoring.

Also, point drops, except for Path of the Warrior, which stays close to the current point cost, but gets a boost to match it.

>> No.24101670

I'd love to take a break from my job too, but you know


Anyway, he deserves to not watch his personal favorite army become spiritual lieged and end up with a lot of 'math is opinions' options.

>> No.24101688


He also had his spiritual liege suffocate a lava statue.

To death.

>> No.24101745

>math is opinions
Cruddace might be bad, but that account of a meeting with him always sounds unfair. The guy reporting his words is probably a horrible neckbeard, and in any case it's generally true to say you can't just reduce different options in 40k to straight-up maths. Too many variables.

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>> No.24101811


>> No.24101823


>> No.24101838


>> No.24101869


>> No.24101890

This is the correct way to play Eldar.

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>> No.24101909


Yes, I hear this alot.

>> No.24101923

One thing we haven't heard anything about is any sort of assault transport. Foot 'dar just isn't that good, and since I'm sure Fortune will be going away, I'm not sure how to make it work without a delivery system. Webway gate is cool, but the "no assault from reserve" already killed the webway portal.

Shuricats obviously need a change, but I hope it can be done without simply making them another bolter stand-in.

Gotta say though, after the Tau codex, and seeing all the interesting tools they have to work with, I'm somewhat optimistic about the Eldar. Not crazy OP, but tools for every situation and an ability to apply tactics to gain an advantage against the foe is basically what I'm hoping for. That and lots of eldritch gadgets.

>> No.24101928


>> No.24101942

Guardians shouldn't be super good. They should be cheap and shitty.

Avengers are after all supposed to be the mainstay army. I just wish Avengers could take special or heavy weapons.


>> No.24101950

>I'm sure Fortune will be going away
Wut. Why. That shit's golden.

>> No.24101955


We need our gadgets. We need to topple the Necron stranglehold on this.

>> No.24101959

...although now I think about it, chances seem high for having to roll for powers instead of just choosing them, so it might not be possible to count on Fortune anymore.

>> No.24101974


No, Guardians should be amazing. If an Eldar lives for hundreds, if not thousands of years, they have time for practice.

And sending a dying race out to die in poor armor rankles me.

>> No.24101997


>> No.24102004

That's exactly the point. It doesn't fit the game very well these days, and it provides an ability that warps the entire Eldar list. It puts too much reliance on Farseers over all other choices (well, not the only reason, but one of), and it makes the rest of the army harder to design. Since everything has to be worse, so that when it gets fortuned it's okay. The exception being Harlequins that got FAQed into being something outside of the original scope of Fortune. Basically, it just junks up the game, and could probably be done better in 6th edition.

>> No.24102007


The Bazhakain must fly

>> No.24102012

Sure, which explains why the tyranid codex is still considered to have too many viable builds to be universally considered bad and will apparently be replaced before much older codexes.

In all fairness, though, if your job is literally to write stuff that tramples established fluff, and then pretend to understand statistics when you write rules, you should do two things:
-Assume you'll meet annoyed fans at some point, neckbeards or otherwise
-Prepare a vague response such as "i hadn't thought of it like that", "interesting" or "I'll have to look into it" rather than basically telling them to get lost because who cares, you had to get through some book about bugs or something? to do the imperial guard book you actually cared about.

>> No.24102023


I am tired of getting chided at for using an Autarch. Farseers should buy mastery levels, just like Chaos and Chaos Space Marines

>> No.24102033

I wouldn't say amazing. They've left the Path of the Warrior, and have suppressed their War Mask.

However, they should be something more than a worse Guardsman. Also, I'd like to see some further buff from the Avatar forcing their War Mask back up.

>> No.24102039

I'm not saying he did a good job, just saying it's possible that the guy reporting the conversation is a neckbeard whose word is unreliable.

>> No.24102051



>> No.24102058


>And sending a dying race out to die in poor armor rankles me.

Congratulations, you now understand the point of Guardians. They're supposed to be tragic. They're weavers and farmers and fast food workers formed into a citizen army in times of need.

>> No.24102073

They do. They're mastery level one, you buy Spirit Stones to make them mastery level two.

That said, how do you feel about the rumor from

Seems like that'll get some Autaurchs on the board real quick. I'd actually like to see some benefits for teaming the strategic knowledge of the Autaurchs with the foresight of a Farseer. The Path of the Seer book was amazing at portraying that. I'd like to see that interaction on the board more.

>> No.24102078


Pointless waste. At least make them more viable. 12' guns is awful.

>> No.24102083

I agree. Also from a gameplay perspective the last thing I want is Spess Mehreen saves all over the Spess Elves.

>> No.24102091

We stand at an unsure junction with Eldar in regards to psychic abilities. The chaos codex included mark specific tables but axed the generic chaos one. Dark Angels completely axed any unique psychic powers the army had outside of mind worm. Tau are tau and don't really offer anything to go off.

There's a distinct possibility that Eldar will lose their unique tables, which sucks. If they don't and continue to have their own tables and everyone else does too then I guess the Dark Angels codex will just be a strange oddity.

>> No.24102095

I don't have a problem with them dying tragically. I'd just like there to be a point to them showing up at all. If they can't hold objectives, then can they at least kill something?

>> No.24102112


All of Chaos gets special tables.

>> No.24102119

>Eldar without Doom or Fortune
I don't like the sound of this brave new world. Mind you, the Eldar DO need more fun and interesting tricks. 'Rerolling some dice sometimes' is hardly enough to represent the crazy shit psychic space elves should be doing on the battlefield.

>> No.24102122


Well, I personally run a Biel-Tan list, so I don't have Guardians.

>> No.24102129


No, chaos daemons got the same tables CSM did. And they only got those because it's needed to make marked psykers distinct.

>> No.24102130

Are the Eldar the good guys of the Warhammer 40kverse?

What are they like at the table?

>> No.24102135

It could definitely go either way. However, I think we'll find the Dark Angel thing has to do with them still being Marines. Basically, the different chapters use similar abilities, with named characters having a signature move.

The Eldar though have been show throughout the entire fluff to use pyschic powers pretty differently than most. The runes, the skein, and their style of force weapon tend to set them apart. While I'd be okay with losing that, I'd prefer not to.

>> No.24102140


They can take support platforms, so there's that at least.

>> No.24102143


No, they are different. Tzeentch powers are definitely different. The Primaris is much better/

>> No.24102154


100 points for a minimum sized squad and a scatter laster.

>> No.24102171


>> No.24102175

>Are the Eldar the good guys of the Warhammer 40kverse?
There aren't really any good guys... at least not as playable factions. The Eldar are arguably not as evil as the Imperium and (maybe) the Tau, since they might just leave you in peace unless you have something they want.

>> No.24102176

There's rumour about Eternal Guard finally being fluffed and given rules right?

What kind of equipment do you think they'll have?

>> No.24102196


Isn't that Wood Elves?

>> No.24102199

Actually, the tables are different, just with a number of similarities.

Nah. They're indifferent. They once had the potential to be, but as a dying race they care only for themselves and their own fortunes. They'll carry out atrocities if it serves them, but they'll also help if it pleases them. It depends a lot on which Craftworld you talk about largely.

Personally, I think the Harlequins ARE the good guys of 40K, at least as far as the Order/Chaos axis is concerned. Path of the Incubus and Masque of Vyle really showed them as being one of the few factions in 40K that actually get what's going on with Chaos in 40K, and how absolutely fucked everyone is. That's part of the reason they wear the crazy get up, laughter is the only way to cope in a galaxy gone mad.

>> No.24102202


They're the good guys if you happen to be an Eldar.

>> No.24102216

On the flip side, they have no qualms about redirecting a nid hive fleet or ork WAAAGH directly at you and everything you love to save a single eldar.

>> No.24102221

Are you talking about Everguard?
Everguard: aspect warrior body with runes on the chest, same collar as warpspiders but no mandible arcs and gas masks, different more warlock-like face plate and small arc at back of the head, double bladed two-handed spears, very dynamic models, jets from the side/underside of the backpack, squad leader has larger head-arc, mantle hangs over the backpack, flies in the wind


>> No.24102228

There's a lot of similarities.

>> No.24102238


Depends. If you are fighting Eldar, that means a Farseer has probably decreed that you need to die so some Eldar may live.

Or if you fight Biel-Tan, they see you as an insect that must be removed, so they can re-establish their empire.

>> No.24102246

>yet another assault unit
I'd be more in favour of making the existing six work, personally.

>> No.24102261

I had a nice thought about the Eldar. I'm glad the Eldars have exarchs. Makes us much more viable in challenges.

>> No.24102263

>cyborg eldar
We need more of those.

>> No.24102267

So now that I think about it... are Eldar Guardians TOO close to their fluff? In that, given the choice, you would never ever want to take them instead of Aspect Warriors except as something to slow the enemy down while your actual forces position themselves?

Then again... most of the vehicles are crewed by Guardians and are great! Is it possible that Guardians don't actually have to suck in order to be fitting?

>> No.24102292

Personally I want cheaper Guardians so the enemy can choke on my Space Elf dead.

I'm not the most orthodox of Autarchs.

>> No.24102299


Ulthwe lists use them a lot.

Too bad Ulthwe is the posterboy for the Eldar.

>> No.24102305


They're supposed to be a defensively oriented unit apparently.

They're Tau who devote themselves to the defense of the craftworld as opposed to offworld missions. They're the guys with the big capes and mohawks you see in a lot of Eldar art (like the 3e codex cover)

>> No.24102316

Same, but it's apparently (if the rumors are correct) a dual box with new plastic warp spiders.

Besides, being able to have full army lists of just Swordwind, Wild Rider Host, or Undead Robots is something I do support.

Again though, no rumors on any sort of way to assault stuff beyond walking there, so it may all be a moot point anyways.

>> No.24102318


I pray that you don't get lost on the path of Command.

>> No.24102339

>> No.24102358

Wait, I can't tell what the fuck is going on in that picture.

>> No.24102359

pros/cons of playing an eldar army?

>> No.24102360

Here we go, found the picture.

True, but they use Storm Guardians. Which are... actually worse than normal Guardians currently. Honestly, I just don't know. I feel like they're currently stuck in between legitimate horde unit or legitimate killy unit, and need to be one or the other.

>> No.24102365

>walking into Tau fire
Yeah, that's not going to end well. Actually, Everguard being able to jump into combat would help on that front... but only by completely sidelining the existing units, which would be lame. Assault transports when?

>> No.24102393


Maybe they're like a CC version of warp spiders?

>> No.24102399

Pros: far and away the best looking, most stylin' army in 40k
Cons: players of all the lesser armies will be jelly

>> No.24102426

Being able to swap Aspects to troop with an Autaurch, as per the rumors helps a little. That said, I'm not sure how to fix much beyond that.

Banshee screams should work like dirge casters, seems fluffy and useful.
Striking Scorpions though? I'm not sure. More stealth options?
I actually don't think Shining Spears are bad, they just need a point cost reduction.

Other than that, the other Aspects don't really focus on melee that much.

>> No.24102438


Scorpion chainswords should be AP4 or 5.

Banshess should be AP2.

>> No.24102450

Indeed we do.

>> No.24102455


25 points for a shining spears would be fair.

>> No.24102470


Eldar don't need them, but I'd like to see Eldar with Wraithbone augmentations.

>> No.24102479

Totally agreed on chainswords.
Also can't deny that on Banshees. Especially after they relented with Incubi and AP2. I'd personally be okay with them staying AP3, as long as there is something in the army that can deal with termies in combat. Seems silly that the Eldar never had an Aspect to deal with anything heavier than power armor.

Looks that way. Holding spears apparently, although who knows. Not a whole lot of fluff on them.

>> No.24102487


>> No.24102488

In gameplay terms, they're an old army in sore need of updating, so if you want to be competitive your options are very limited. But they should be updated within the next few months anyway.

They also tend to be hardmode even when they're good- you have to think about what you're doing and have your units working together- lack of both armour and numbers means screw-ups can be fatal.

>> No.24102497

I'd like to see cyborg eldar chicks because robot girls is my fetish.

>> No.24102500


Only when we get a new codex.

>> No.24102513

Check out
I think Yriel's got some too. It definitely seems to happen, just not with the frequency of, say, the Imperium. Also, there's the weird shit going on with Exarch/Pheonix Lord armor.

>> No.24102522


>not androgynous Eldar

You've picked the wrong army.

>> No.24102529


Well, an Exarch BECOMES the armor. More like an Android, or type of Wraithguard.

>> No.24102531

A cyborg by any other name still has rad rad robolimbs.

>> No.24102539

So how about Vyper Jetbikes becoming jetbikes that can be taken either 1 per, or for every 3 jetbikes in a Guardian Jetbike Squad? Suddenly both squads benefit!

>> No.24102544


Problem is with Eldar culture. They see it as being a step closer to "Soullessness."

>> No.24102560

And once you factor in that whole "enhanced sensations" thing...

>> No.24102569


If an Eldar had Wraithbone implants, the wraithbone would be sculpted according to their subconscious desires.

>> No.24102580

you do not know that

>> No.24102583

Which is why it makes sense that only pirates like >>24102221 would get them, but that doesn't change the fact that we need more of them. Or even wraithbone prosthetics like you said. I don't see how they could object to those when they slap souls into full blown wraithlords from time to time.

>> No.24102584

No, Yriel's eye is worn over his real eye.

>> No.24102603

Closer to some sort of gestalt mind bio-armor. Weird shit actually, but pretty cool.

Anyways, how do we see Warlocks changing? Will they gain Brotherhood of Psykers? And would we even want that?

>> No.24102625


I would love it if the path a Warlock went down before taking the path of the seer would affect his stats.

>> No.24102650

So with Harlequins being the same unit in two different books, are they doomed to never change again? If they do get updated in one book, I suppose they could FAQ it in the other. They certainly aren't terrible, but I think they could use a reassessment. I'm a big fan of the crazy traveling troupes.

>> No.24102659


2nd edition Eldar had the Solitaire as a playable unit.

>> No.24102704

Agreed! Although that would be a little tough. Maybe have different full packages to choose from. Dire Avenger= shooty and defensive, Banshee= melee and offensive, Scorpion=melee and manipulative, and so on. It would be a cool way to separate powers, although I'm not actually sure how much previous experience affects a warlock's powers.

>> No.24102727


Maybe weapon choices? Or even a better armor save.

Or what about attached Warlocks to aspect Warriors? Like an ex-Shadowspectre joining up with his friends.

>> No.24102753

In the new Masque of Vyle novel it's revealed that Motely, who also is a main character in Path of the Incubus is a Solitaire. And a total badass. They don't seem to have forgotten about them, that's for sure. Although, the Solitaire doesn't seem to be quite so soulless now. The other Harlequins are freaked out by him, but only because he's pledged to Slannesh and his soul could become tainted at any moment. He even hangs out with a Warlock who never seems to notice what he truly is. Are they changing the fluff on them? If so, is it related to future plans for them?

Anyways, even bringing back Harlequin Venom transports would be pretty damn cool.

>> No.24102756

I think the point of the Paths is that they take on that role completely though. So a Guardian may have once been an Aspect Warrior, but he 'aint anymore. A Warlock, in the same way, is a Warlock while he's following that path, so his previous Paths won't impact on that much.

>> No.24102784


But a Warlock's mind beckons to war. If he was a Dire Avenger and left his armor behind at a shrine, he could take on the mantle or warrior AND seer.

>> No.24102806

That's what a Warlock is. There are other Psychics and Seers that don't fight, but the Path of the Warlock is for those who have been warriors in previous Paths. Farseers are to Warlocks as Exarchs are to Aspect Warriors

>> No.24102816

True. They dedicate themselves completely to whatever Path they are on at that moment, to the point of creating the split personality of the War Mask to hide the memories of their times on the Path of the Warrior.

Still, if Eldar get their own powers, it's gonna have to be charts from what we've seen. Classifying them as Aspects of Khaine is a little weird, but I'm not sure how else they would do it.

>> No.24102836


I don't see what makes being a Warlock mutually exclusive to fighting. I would love to see enhanced Howling Banshees or Striking Scorpions with Conceal.

>> No.24102849

Ruleswise it'd be cool, but fluffwise have Aspect-Specific Warlocks wouldn't really make sense.
Nothing wrong with having IC Warlocks that can just join the squads though.

That said, retcons may make everything invalid anyway.

>> No.24102854

Fire dragons need to be resistant to vehicles exploding near them.

>> No.24102860

They're going to die as soon as your turn is over anyway, why does it matter?

>> No.24102875


I'd like to see fire dragons get more expensive, but up their durability significantly. They're whole schtick is wading through an inferno. They should be fearless.

>> No.24102896

I think I'd be okay with them gaining FnP like Fuegan has. That said, it still won't stop them from being a one shot suicide unit. I dunno man. They do exactly what they need to, but no more/no less.

I think that's actually a significant problem with all of the Aspects currently.

>> No.24103008


I think I'm just letting myself get biased by their portrayal in DoW where they were implacable motherfuckers with morale out the wazoo. I know they were somewhat overpowered in that sense, but it's more the image it projected to me of how they fought.

Plus warham can easily handle those balance problems with points costs.

>> No.24103080


I wouldn't mind paying more for a unit with feel no pain.

>> No.24103175

Its true, guard tries to be mad styling like the eldar, but even with the vostroyans or mordians shining their shit up, we're still just dirty meatbags in a trench.

>> No.24103263

what scenario would spinefists (iirc) would be a better choice?

>> No.24103309


The Eldar aesthetic really appeals to me. Too bad GW can't model humans for shit.

>> No.24103346

>The Eldar aesthetic really appeals to me.
Same. Theyre all regal and glamorous and shit. Its kinda funny, but my two favorite aesthetics in 40K are eldar and orks.

>> No.24103407

Seconded on both counts. Eldar first, though. Eldar is sleekness done right, and Orks are busy craziness done right.

>> No.24103467

I think Im the opposite in that I like orks just a little bit more. I would love to play some kinda co-op beat em up where an eldar corsair and an ork freebooter have to join forces to loot something big, though, because that would be one of the best buddy cop style games of all time and you know it.

>> No.24103538

I don't even want cheaper Eldar; I'd settle for units that are worth their points cost.

>> No.24103604


>> No.24103676

I think they might just have forgotten about old fluff when they wrote that.

>> No.24103689

It'd be great if they brought back the Craftworld-specific stuff though. Or at least made Autarchs better. I love my Saim-Hann, but being able to take a Wild Rider Chieftain would be great

>> No.24103690

They probably wouldn't care to get implants at all; they're advanced enough to just get replacement limbs. It's all power armor and shit for them.

>> No.24104103

I think it's a fundamental problem in 40k: All defensive abilities are special rules.

>> No.24104726

>Shitty dwarven avatar
>Not FW's one

>> No.24104760

You mean Commogorah?

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