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CYOA thread is a go!

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I've got work to do for university.
Seems like the perfect time to invest some work into a CYOA.
My concept will be powered armor, based on the popular types.
Already got some images of Crysis, Metroid and Vanquish.

If anyone wants to help and OP doesn't mind, I would love if people could post some awesome powered armor, but not to much. I don't want to derail this thing.

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H-Here I go

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I hope I don't die! :D

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>Not large weapon

A ACU is defined as "large"? And a T1 Engineer?

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I just want to find a waifu, how hard can it be?

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Rolled 9, 7, 3 = 19


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rolling now

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So I'm in the far future.
I've got 25 bucks every hour, or about 0.2 BTC.
I've got a lvl 1 Beldum (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Beldum_(Pok%C3%A9mon)).
Then I could cheat and get myself the gun from BLAME!, but I go sane level and just choose a fully upgraded DXHR pistol.
Now I have one point left. I don't want it, but I guess I take some kind of bending power... Air might be nice.

My boss fight is against the Terminator and I'm a human version of Alex Mercer.
Why did I even need to choose weaponry when there's already Blacklight capability for me?
Then again, once I get a Metagross, nothing can beat me.
Anyway, OP's image is a fag.

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rolling with a pic

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Alright, let's see what I get...

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Whelp D: Roillu'

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>not picking Ness

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>jensens voice not included.

Okay then, I'll go with little girl.

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Literally not a single one of those options is compelling at all to me. None of them. If I had to pick one, I'd take the raven.

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Whore of babylon sounds awesome.
Are there rape monsters?

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Ok: apparently I am somewhere in space...in not exactly the best place ever.

I get 8 points...with which, I use them to be the fucking Avatar (decent substitute for force powers), and have companions.

Dealing with a psycho, won't be much of an issue, what with having companions and being...well, the Avatar, in this case.

Shame for my main weapon.

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I'm done

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Evil Genius
A.I. Directors Necromancy
Weapons: (1) level one charmander (2) 25 bucks every hour (4) Avatar powers (1) Pistol(pic related)

I travel the pokemon world and try to become it`s ruler, I level my Charmander up to become a Charizard and teach it flying so we can move everywhere. Use my fancy gun to threaten people who annoy me and if that doesn`t work I use my awesome avatar powers to beat them. I capture all legendary pokemon by using my own elemental powers along with my Charizard. Then with an army of Legendarys and My Necromancy powers I rule the Pokemon world. The Evil Genius will be simply overpowered.

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The Boss is the most powerful, and the only one where you have a chance of "winning" without any edgy drawback.

I don't recall Tolkien describing spells in detail anywhere, and kinda have the impression that his magic does not work that way.

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>Janitor (+4)
>Universal Translator (Free)
>Jumpsuit (1)
>Rebreather (2)
>Tool-Band (2)
>Stun Gun (4)
>Energy Shank (3)
>Personal Cell (12)
>Cell Turret (5)
>Entangled Cubes (5)
>34 points

Leave one cube in my cell, carry the other in my pocket for speedy escapes to the safety of my turret guarded cell. The stun gun and knife combo should be enough for personal defense, stun them and cut them up if I need to without having to worry about any ammo or resource gathering. Tool kit and rebreather to help with quality of life and work for the janitor job I'll be taking. From there see how it goes, maybe acquire some other resources as time goes by and the occasional item acquired through personal defense.

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Metal skin, pen.
I'd save up my mortality by using the pen as a stylus for a tablet while in steel form.

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I like george.

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Come on lods of emone!

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Leo, no contest. Lizard bro is bestest little bro.

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>Furious George, the Anger Ape

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Magicians hat
Mirror walk
and the Possibilities.

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>The adventurer option
because, beeing realistic, I won`t survive very long in this world, crawling with monsters anyway so taking the adventurer pack will atleast make sure that I have a fair chance to have some nice last days-months before I die.

Beeing a huge flying serpent that can swim underwater like a pro. When it comes to immortality I will just use my Sagacity to convince people to give me criminals who never had sex or terminally ill children if they voluntear. If I can`t find any suitable candidates, than I will just die. Not that bad, I mean I got to be a dragon.

>Space opera
My own space ship, that`s why

>Karma meter
just to see if I`m a good person overall.

>Stolen from the Inn
because it`s the best towel, screw using the inn.

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i'll give it a go

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V.2 of this one,
not the creator.

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No one has posted kniggas yet?

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You must be joking.jpg
How is beeing German a minus, it should be a plus.
I take the laser gun anyways because laser guns are cool and I have no idea where I could use the Bagger.

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Lets see..

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Body control, x-ray vision, wish

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Just want to give this one a try to see what I get

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More of a table rather than a CYOA but there's already some other roll stuff here

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Rolled 3, 2, 1, 2, 1 = 9

Roller Derby

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>LARP Sword
>Nicole and Antonia
Eh, not the best ever..

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looks interesting

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...I think I just rolled up some remarkably aggressive insects.

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Island is the best for anyone who doesn't have survival/woodsman skills, who would be best off in the woods. A few hundred can be reduced over time through honey traps and creativity/resourcefulness. No other scenario has even a small possibility of long term survival (even woods, with the zombified deer).

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Blue mage
I be Sasuke from Naruto
Perfect accuracy
I will make a fortune performing in circuses and wild west shows.

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>Location: Skyrim
>Boons: (-4) True companions+GF, (-3) Bend Earth, Wind, Fire
>Final Boss: Corporation Leader
>Main Weapon: Sasha

Mite b cool

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Rolled 3, 8, 10 = 21

Never seen this one, so I'll roll. I'm kinda hoping for Tamriel.
This one is also new to me, so I'll let the post number decide.

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>Be filthy stinking rich - 150
>Wish - 50
I wish for immortality.
I am now set forever.

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>No technology
what am i reading

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Score. Tamriel, fucking Avatar time, a "true friend", some party members, and a love interest, versus a Berserk robot? No problem... actually sounds kinda fun.

And the boon of Athena. Sounds like there's some application.

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can i be the little girl?

>> No.24092173

Yes you can!

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Rolling for OP

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>The Distant Future
Eh, okay, not what I was hoping for

>1 Point
Money I guess

>Evil genius
>Technology decades ahead of my own
>Already in the future

>Blacklight Virus

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Rollin rollin rollin

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>The Backstreets of New York City
Eh, fine, would have preferred 3/6/7/8/maybe 0, but that's fine.

>8 Points
FUCK yes. Avatar and companions, both maxed. Screw money, I'm the avatar leading a small army, don't need to buy shit.

>Mythological Beast
Dragon in NYC. Yeah, don't need money, everyone's ditched the stores anyway.

>Blacklight Virus
There had damn well better be a lot of dragons flying around if this is going to be a challenge.

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Tier 3 Lods Emone
Corporation leader
Mercer's Blacklight Virus

Corporate espionage time. Become BBEG for someone else.

>> No.24092524

Actually son you only got 2 points

Points - Setting - Villain

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>> No.24092581

Moleing for OP

>> No.24092600

Monst interesting CYOA in the thread, evenif it is random. Rollan.

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>> No.24092618

Rolling for t' result will post results then make some shittin' story up

>> No.24092642

No bonus equipment, and I have no clue where the fuck I am, but a berzerk robot is after me, and all I have to fight it with is a knife.

Horey Shet, I boned. I guess this is what I get for complaining about randomness.

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>Victorian England
>5 points: 4 Companion and 1 Bending (earth)
>Evil Genius
>Mercer's Blacklight Virus

England is bout to get rocked.

>> No.24092659

>Distant Future

>5 points
Level 3 Lods Emone
Level 2 Bending Powers (Water and air)

>Corporation Leader
Oh dear

>Blacklight Virus

>> No.24092670

3. Definitivly 3

>> No.24092694

You have 6 points to spend on upgrades anon...

>> No.24092714

Oh, wait, I'm derping hard this morning.

Still in I don't know where the fuck, still berzerk robot after me, but now I'm the fucking Avatar and I get $25 an hour.

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>> No.24092746


Victorian England
Star Trek Phaser, Halo Sniper Rifle, 25 bucks/hour
Evil Genius
Mercer's Blacklight Virus

This evil genius is so fucked.

>> No.24092751

Let's see

>> No.24092797

>The backstreets of New York

>7 points
Firearms 4: Hive-hand from Half-Life
Lods Emone 2
Bending 1: Fire

>Mythological beast

>Blacklight Virus

Time to terrorise the streets of New York yay

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So, I am in Metro nui. Bionicles. Going with elemental theme, I get all 4 of bending, and 3 in dosh. My enemy is CEO and my weapon is Alex mercer virus.

>> No.24092803


Welp, I'm in the distant future with the ability to manipulate fire and water, unless the GM lets me use those two points to buy a lightsaber.

>> No.24092809

Time to roll it seems.

>> No.24092823

Son if you try anything the Vahki will rape you up the ass

>> No.24092846

Rolled 3, 6, 8 = 17

Taking the lower of post count and rolls, for shits and giggles.

>> No.24092853

they see me rollin
nlesubo 3,833
not sure if implying

>> No.24092870

>Implying that I'm not rolling

>> No.24092900

Let's see now

>> No.24092904

Rolling for OP's CYOA.


I'd strike a deal with a large city, where they provide me with a dieing virgin, give me a place to live and pay for my living expenses, in return the get a massive unnerving flying electrical storm of a dragon sworn to protect the city and it's inhabitants. Also I plan to stay in human form until I am needed to perform my duties as guardian of that city.

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>> No.24092937

Rolled 9, 3, 7 = 19

>3, 4, 6
>Victorian England
>Airbending + submachine
>Fightin' Kira

Well that sounds interesting.

>> No.24092939

In Alice's corrupted wonder land.

Gear is :Steel vambrace, Two companions (Garrus from Mass effect and Bronn from GoT) two elements (wind and earth). A pistol.

Mythical fucking beast in this case that bitch be a gargantuan Bear last seen roaming the land two centuries ago.

Weapon is the mercer virus so this'll be fun

>> No.24092941

Fuck, I know nothing about Fire Emblem

>8 Points
Aww yeah son
Bending 4
Lods Emone 4

>Beserk robot

Seriously has anyone got anything other than this?

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>> No.24092971

I take all the gadgets
All the money and the Halo CE pistol.
i think i can take the stupid clanker

>> No.24093002

>blacklight again
>48.3% chance
Yeah... could use a rework.

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>> No.24093076

Destiny awaits.

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One of my favorite ones.
>Immortality - 30
>Armor - 16
>Sword - 12
>Muscle - 12
>Harem - 5 muh dick
>Charisma - 18
>Honor Guard of 10 - 2
>Tarn or Creek - 2
>5 sq mi. of Mountain - 1
>6 sq mi. of Plains - 2
>Immortal God-King
>Start with little, build a vast Empire
>Rule for all eternity as benevolent Emperor of Earth
>Eventually Emperor of the Universe
>Roman Empire reborn, muthafucka
I could sacrifice my land, soldiers, and harem for Scrying, which is probably better in the long run, but whatever.

>> No.24093116

Forgot pic.

>> No.24093152

>cannot take bronze wyrm to get pic related
you sadden me anon

>> No.24093184

kk boiiii

>> No.24093250




>0+6+4 = 10

>> No.24093257

>The Grim Darkness of the Far Future
>I have a laspistol
>Chasing sown a Crazed Serial Killer
>I also have Chaos Mutations (Blacklight Virus)
Actually, this sounds like a cool Black Crusade Campaign

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>> No.24093341

as always, ACU for mech

>> No.24093342


>> No.24093347

My folder of choices has now exceeded 200 images thanks to this thread. I guess Ill dump some.

>> No.24093358


>Not posting ultimate complete version

>> No.24093450

I am going to be Tau of 4 fucking tribes, so shut it

>> No.24093470

Rollan games

>> No.24093542


>> No.24093562

Rollan games, again

>> No.24093574


>> No.24093593

>> No.24093606


Rollan for the OP.

>> No.24093647

waifu 4
immortality 30
true king 25
soldiers legion 5
Barracks 4
Workshop 4
Walls 7
manor 12
Village 6000 8
plains 5

>> No.24093648



>> No.24093658


I'm leaning towards C, although it depends on just how annoying and how angry you mean. If there's going to be constant screaming arguments then I might have to go with A.

>> No.24093717

>4 wishes
>write down everything I could want on a piece of paper
>wish for everything on the paper
>cheated the system

>> No.24093755


>> No.24093786


>implying this is a good or fun setting

>6 points for abilities
>Waterbending and Earthbending (2 point)
>True friend + several party members + love interest (4 points)
>Titania from Fire Emblem as true bro
>AMA Alice with her Wonderland powers, Grit from Advance Wars, Sami from Advance Wars and Jack from VtM:B as party members
>Redhead genius-tier mad scientist waifu

Final Boss
>Evil Genius

Main Weapon
>Mercer's Blacklight Virus
>earth and waterbender augmented with superstrength and morphing power

Anyways, Alagaesia is a shitty place to be, but I think I can carve out a foothold. Jack will just beat the Evil Genius's face in, good luck with plans then.

>> No.24093869

>>Theatric remote
All of the monsters, to get all of the powers
The monsters sound evil, but I don`t think that any of them could take a RPG to the face, well the slimes maybe but the military has flamethrowers. I think the Frozen kings are the only ones who could couse real trouble for the world, but a few cruise missiles to their palaces and they will be history. through all this warring humanity will unite and all wars will stop. All that will remain after this very short war will be good whisps helping people and one awesomly superpowered dude(me). Everybody wins. Exept the monsters, who will die, very fast. Humanity fuck yeah!

>> No.24093874

>Far Future
love it
>Serial Killer
>5 points
24 hours so equivalent of $215,000 annual, damn spiffy
Bending: 3
air, earth, fire

So, future setting means I'm a lot more at risk than modern day, but provided they goons aren't seriously packing I should still have an advantage in a direct fight between bending and blacklight. If not the dosh should help me acquire kit if need be.
Extra bonus blacklight should allow me to get intel and possibly a disguise via mooks, if not else I could disguise as a possible victim for ambush; 'sides blacklight is theoretically far more versatile than what we see in games.

Setting+dosh might invalidate weapons or gadgets, companions or dosh3 would just be exploited by baddie, not sure how dosh4 works with blacklight

>> No.24093890

free bonus- its probably the most OP choice

>> No.24093974

Skri, Yjit, Olani, and Ara. Am I a paladin yet?

>> No.24095032

Mirror Walk and Bearly Human

>> No.24096109

increased income
general house upgrade
and roommate to pay for it
we say i take janitorial or security because what the hell, who cares, its 60k a year for a largish apartment and no rent, unless information handling is explained i wont take that, plus fuck labour and fuck customers
ride this bitch out and enjoy retirement

>> No.24096419

omniglot obviously, make loadsmonay as a translator

>> No.24096455

Fucking rolllinggggggg

>> No.24096467

Increased Income

Murder room-mate, nobody knows. Steal his money.

>> No.24097434

>mech or space ship

>> No.24097467


Why not?

>> No.24097624


>Setting: Star Wars
Alright, I can work this

> 4 Points

Let's grab Firebending, A pistol (Heavy Bolter, bitches), 5 bucks an hour, and a smart cat.

> Final Boss: Star Wars Dragon
No big, I can work this.

> Main Weapon: Blacklight Virus



>> No.24097787

This amuses me.

>> No.24097854

3 in money, 4 for the Gmod tool-gun.
I delete the dragon/mythical beast, or make some other crazy bullshit stuff to do so.
And then use the zombie-zerg swarm as cannon fodder to minimize actual human losses.

>> No.24097935


Hoping for Zombie Virus control.

I love the idea of making my own crazy mutant zombie strains, like boomers and smokers and shit but even more specialized and deadly.


>> No.24097965

Highfive, welcome to the club of zombie controling.

I would offer some money but I have a feeling it would be a bit hard to go from the distant future to Tamriel.

>> No.24097983

Wait, I derped. You were one away.

...Well just rank conjuration and all then, get it the slightly harder way.

>> No.24098110


>Blacklight virus
Shit, I was so fucking close to that zombie stuff too. Still, the blacklight virus is god tier anyway.

>Evil Genius

Ok shit. He probably has magic or some other sort of cult for me to deal with. Thankfully, I got 9 fucking points to use here.

Since I'm in the Elder Scrolls I assume I can learn magic, but for the sake of this experiment I won't count on that, since it's not exactly stated.

I'll choose...
>2 Points for bolt action rifle
Gives me stopping power and damage against the more dangerous inhabitants of Tamriel. Armor may be a problem however, but with my range I can outpace most archers and can still do some decent damage in medium range. I'll ask a blacksmith for a bayonet as well so I can defend myself, though I'll probably just get a sword to go with it anyways.
>3 Points for Alchemy business owner
Hopefully I can get dosh AND some basic potions for free or cheap from my business.
>4 Points for BROS
Aww shit. Not only do I got bros, but I can also finally be with my love interest from Skyrim. I'll be with you one day, scouts_many_marshes

Perhaps now we can take down the mastermind, and once we do we can live in peace in the fantasy world of the Elder Scrolls. Getting high of skooma and staying mad cozy in a log cabin with my hawt lizard lover.

At least I'm not cheating like the others ITT.

>> No.24098162


Thanks brah. I would have loved dat zombie control, but in a place like Tamriel, especially Skyrim it seems less useful. Still, Blacklight is basically the same thing but just for yourself. Perhaps I could absorb some of the crazy powers of Tamriel's resident creatures. Oh, and being able to learn a wizard's powers and spells by absorbing him? OP as fuck. I would just infiltrate some necromancer cabal and absorb the bad guys, getting tons of powers in the process.


The master plan, before I thought about the magic absorption thing.

>> No.24098177

>bayonet so i can defend myself
OP says not Mercer level, but I think you're underestimating what that still allows

>> No.24098207


>> No.24098212


>> No.24098222


>> No.24098227

Okey dokey.

>> No.24098252


I sorta forgot about that, actually. Haha. But a close range, bladed instrument is still useful especially before I absorb enough biomass to become really strong. After that I'll probably give the gun to one of my companion archer bros, and teach him how to use it as well as giving him lots of ammo if I can. Then I'll fight with magic I've absorbed from slain wizards and my natural bodily strength.

I just hope my teammates can help me bring down that evil fucker is all. No matter how strong I am, I always have a fear of being outwitted because I've never considered myself very smart. So... yeah. At least one of my companions has got to a be a snobbish but hilarious Dark Elf wizard who'll give hurtful but very insightful criticism of everything I do. Sounds like a winning combination to me.

>> No.24098266

R-rolling, bakas

>> No.24098286

Blacklight should be an out of context problem
if you can keep you "hand close to the chest" (ie stealth consume) the baddie shouldn't be able to plan for you

>> No.24098296

I am now a fire-juggler in space.
Honestly, though, five bucks every hour is the best thing ever.

I can feed myself, and save up cash from performing to finally get shelter. Welcome to the old republic.

>> No.24098309


>> No.24098313

Well fuck. Fine.

>Water bending
>lvl 1 mewtwo

That should make things relatively easy. I'll just use his bounty hunting mooks to level mewtwo up. If they're too difficult i'll just weaken them with bloodbending.

>> No.24098371

Rolling I guess.

>> No.24098450


>> No.24098455

Five because holy shit all of my fetishes.

>> No.24098479


I am inspired by OP's image and am going to make one myself.

Be back in a few.

>> No.24098548


>> No.24098574


>> No.24098618

here we go

>> No.24098658

An' roll.

>> No.24098685

>In Elibe
>Bunch of companions, a love interest and the ability to bend air
>Being hunted by and hunting a serial killer
>Have the blacklight virus

I'm not sure, would my companions freak the fuck out when they see me run up a mountain and devour a bandit whole?

>> No.24098715


>> No.24098834

I definitely prefer well, choose your own adventures compared to anything that's chosen for me. Only going to go for the ones that let me figure some shit out, else it's no fun at all.

Unless there's an adventure involved, why bother?

>+ Snitch, Gang Member
>- NOBOT, Station Map, Railgun (free item), Escape Pod, Jumpsuit and the Psycho Serum

52 credits, and you can bet your ass I'm going to lie, cheat, and kill anything and everything I need to get off that hell-hole.

The general plan is to secure a route to the pod, then take the NOBOT/Station Map and using my telekinesis, sever the brain stem of anyone in my way to primary power source. Once there, unload every single round into the core. High-tail it out of there.

Sure. I'm a criminal on the run - but this time I'll have deserved it.

The Chariot. I'm here to save the world, not occupy it. Using every bit of courage I've got, I'll travel the world, endearing myself to the rulers until I can persuade them to take the southern continent, which I'll have scouted long before them

Then I fuck the other warrior or something. Not sure. What happens after you save the world?

Mr. Shadow, it'll be worth -WAIT THERE'S NO ADVENTURE IN THIS.

Okay, I'll make an exception for this one. Slaneesh alll the way. This actually makes Chaos look like a good deal, instead of a way to fuck yourself over.

Fuck there's a lot of images here.

>> No.24098851

rolling for great justice!

>> No.24099137


>> No.24099145

And using this as a roll base for the OP, I'm chilling in Tamriel, with a Psychotic Killer for a BBEG.

That's... frankly disappointing, considering I've also got the Blacklight Virus on my side, 3 bending elements, an Assault Rifle and $25 bucks an hour.

I'm so over-powered it's going to be boringly easy.

>> No.24099553


>> No.24099944


I want to be the zombie master.


>> No.24099987


>Victorian England
>Serial Killer (Jack the Ripper?)
>Black Light Virus

Fuck! At least I can fuck everyone up and get tons of biomass in this packed city. Plus there is very little to oppose me, since technology is far behind here...

I hardly even need to choose any credits, even though I got FUCKING 9 OF THEM.

Shit mang, I hate this game. I just wanted to be the zombie master ;_;

>> No.24100006

trying op's pic

>> No.24100042

Rolling! :)

>> No.24100058

fun fact, according to
this currently has a 48% chance of blacklight, so yeah,
at least its not a UP option by any means

>> No.24100085

I go through Victorian England with a magic knife to slay some evil man of means who the country's economy depends on, perhaps the master of coin.

Fits into a surprisingly coherent narrative.

>> No.24100120

Lets do this!

>> No.24100331

Really cool and original. Haven't seen this one before, is it your's OP? Sounds better than real life "justice" systems.

Bounty Hunter + 12 credits

42 credits
-2 rebreather = 40
-8 large pet = 32
15 nano-serum
15 psycho-serum 2

Seems OP. Can get the drones to do most of my work, large pet works as a bodygaurd/alarm, can travel to other sections, work on my psychcic powers, and procue the rest I need.

>> No.24100357

Ness is an obvious choice, though by all means 5 is also a decently sweet deal. Optimally though, getting 1 and then finding 5 in the world would be best.
Behemoth, Bronze, Worship, Majesty. Can't be too hard to get a cult following... especially if say, in human form use electric and other powers to 'uplift' a nation or small country.
>>24090640 Rabbit Foot. Cover it in fucking layers of things so it can never be touched besides by myself when opened or something.
>>24090647 Little Girl for immortality or Jenson for superpowers.

>> No.24100412


Majesty's the more obvious combination with worship but seeming wise and inspiring friendship should also work towards worship.

Being a denizen of the water makes you less vulnerable to getting bombed/nuked by a human military (though the wyrm would be an even better defensive option).

Shenlong synchs well with worship-fueled immortality as you genuinely are a god.

>> No.24100432


>> No.24100467

y-you too

>> No.24100478

Have fun eating the virgin in human form.

>> No.24100501

fava beans brih

>> No.24100537


>> No.24100609

Rolled 11, 10, 36, 51, 40, 53, 54, 62, 86, 21 = 424


>> No.24100787


I will call myself Bonetrain the Terrible.

My plan is to set up an underground city which will supply my virgins to maintain immortality.
First, I would raid mass graves and breath on them. Instant fuckloads of skeleton minions.
Then I burrow out an underground labyrinth in an area that is both seismically stable and hellish on the surface.
It needs to be inhospitable on the surface so that people I don't want stay the fuck away.

While my first wave of undead from the mass graves are setting up the city, I will have to spend several years snatching virgins.
They won't be "maidens", my plan is to take r9k users. Most of them would be happy with it anyway. It's either that, or eat newborns.
Once the city is constructed and the dead are maintaining it, I will raise another cemetery to go about and capture young children.

These children will be the First Generation. They will live in my city, populate it, and live lives of plenty and leisure. The dead will do
all the necessary work, the people of My City will want for nothing. They will populate the city. It will be an underground Paradise.
With the exception of the yearly virgin, these people will be allowed to live their full lives.

Upon death I shall give them My Blessing, under which they shall rise and join their ancestors in caring for the citizens of My Paradise.
It will be a grand festival, with tradition being woven throughout generations, and will culminate in me feasting on virgins. My people will cheer
for they know that they shall continue.

>> No.24100789


Orc lady and Brother Gao.

>> No.24100800

>especially if say, in human form use electric and other powers to 'uplift' a nation or small country.
You don't get any of your dragon powers in human form except for the immortality.

>> No.24100831

Why the fuck did I just read all of that.

>> No.24100835


Roll for pills

>> No.24100850

>> No.24100877

Nobody ever picks Blinken. I really like Blinken.
I don't even like drugs, nor do I care about the manners of people I game with, but I still love Blinken.

>> No.24100926


alright fuckers, we got science to do.

>> No.24100929


>> No.24100940

Heavy metal and Sea Speak.

>Acquire octopi
>Stay in metal form all day
>Use seaspeak to control the octopi and use them as my hands
>Mess around online all day
>Eventually I will be able to get mentally controlled prosthetics to replace the octopi
>Use mentally controlled robolimbs to grind away everything except my brain, spinal chord, eyes, and ears.
>Put that petal part in an android body
>Immortal, and now I can move around too.
>Keep octopi in my house just in case the robotics malfunction so I can control them as my hands.

>> No.24100973

>red and blue

>go into business
>form corporation to gain a Scrooge Mcduck type hoard
>use profits to influence kingdom
>take over other kingdoms and give women to bribe dragons to rely on maidens
>use PR to gain worshipers to a majesty dragon that needs it and appoint him as kind of the kingdom and be his adviser behind the dragon

>> No.24100986

He'll leave bloodstains all over your house that you can never clean.

That's a pretty big problem if you ever want to, for instance, get laid or not get arrested for being a serial killer.

>> No.24101018

gettan a post number

>> No.24101040

here we go~~

>> No.24101049


>> No.24101066

im ded
super dagger v MEGAROBO

>> No.24101071

>Bonetrain the Terrible
Cool name, even if the rest of it is 3edgy5me retardation.

>> No.24101075


>> No.24101077

the quil

start forging bullshit and if I get cursed become a great literary figure and emo.

>> No.24101081


frosted butts

>> No.24101085

that one seems easy

>> No.24101089

Shove the quill up your ass and become the voice of a tortured generation

>> No.24101094

>25 sq miles of mountain: 5
>15 sq miles of plains: 5
>lake: 4
>2 miles of coast: 6
>keep: 10
>8000 villagers: 10
>barracks: 4 points
>100 soldiers: 5
>armor: 16
>gold: 25
>harem: 5
>harem: 5

total: 100

fuck yeah, got land, a keep, a village, a small guard force, stuff to pay them with i, magical armor, and 24 bitches.

>> No.24101096


everything else sucks

>> No.24101098

Back streets of New York
2 points in weapons Steyr Aug (sub machine gun)3 points in spy equipment 4 in lods emone
boss is berserk robot
and main weapon is A.I directer necomancy

>> No.24101116

I'd take the foodsies. I fucking hate eating and wish I didn't have to do it.

>> No.24101133


>> No.24101146


>> No.24101160

Erm. If you set up your underground city in a place that has really shitty surface conditions, then how are your people going to get water?

>> No.24101166

let's do this

>> No.24101182

>Not using seagulls to rob people
It's like you don't even seaspeak, brah

>> No.24101216


> 1: Alice's Corrupted Wonderland
> 6: Fourth level Bender, 2nd level Money
> 6: Evil Genius
> Mercer's Blacklight Virus

>> No.24101233

>nippon ichi universe

>> No.24101296

He'll also leave uncleanable bloodstains all over anon. Hope he enjoys having the skin tone of Satan.

>> No.24101330

Ring, penmancy, and hat

>> No.24101343

Eyes of the branch. Buy lottery ticket twenty minutes before lottery is drawn.Clean up on roulette.

>> No.24101352


sorry butler

>> No.24101375


>> No.24101386

>Go to Baltimore
>Be new Omar
>Don't get my head blown off while buying Newports

>> No.24101424

i plan on getting killed

>> No.24101460


I want Furious. Sure, he'll burn down my house like a total asshole. But he'll help me meet my waifu. And I'll get that super difficult mode which I really like the sound of, even if it is balls-bustingly difficult! And I have enough games I could make some decent money off of beating those modes, though it would take quite a while to get that skilled in most of them.

>> No.24101512

wish for mind control

>> No.24101520

I hope 'always aware' includes sleeptimes.
Else you're fucked.

>> No.24101573


>> No.24101863

Personal Cell with all its upgrades 22
Snacks 1
With seven points left over I'm doing fine.

>> No.24101870

Okay, lets see.
Take a job as a bounty hunter for a starting total of 42 points (best number)
Universal translator - 0 necessary
Jumpsuit - 1 Can't be a badass assassin naked
Rebreather - 2 Needed for the tunnels and for possible stealth approaches.
Tool band - 2 necessary
Railgun - 8 because the coolest assassins use snipers.
Personal cell - 12 if Im going to be making enemies I dont want to be stabbed in my sleep
Maintainance access - 10 help for missions and finding sniping positions
Entangled cubes - 5 for the quick getaway. leave one in the personal cell

and since Ive got 2 left over Ill take snacks for tea and lasange and have one left over to bribe a ganger to be my contact or something.

>> No.24102041

So OP's image has fucked probabilities and doesn't even understand what the Blacklight virus IS. Also, the Batman thing sounds fucking unappealing.
Anyone trying to remake it?

>> No.24102096


> White Behemoth
> Feed on Worship
> Majesty

> Create a paradise protected from harm in the canadian north, using my cold breath to create a wasteland around my kingdom in which other dragons fear to tread

> Use advanced agriculture and indoor farms to sustain the nation, even in as harsh a climate as the frozen north

> My citzens must revere me as they would a deity, and in return I protect them from monsters and other dragons. Ain't no bitches gonna be fucking with my kingdom.

>> No.24102144

Fuck yeah.

>> No.24102151

Bonetrain the Terrible fears no cold.

Bonetrain the Terrible will burrow through your domain and subjugate it's people.

>> No.24102370

Ahh, I love that one.

Me, I can't help but think I want ADVENTURE.

Job: Bounty Hunter. +12. 42 points to spend, but it's the second highest danger job.

Mech Suit: 25 Points. If you are going to go dangerous, you'd best be protected.

Healing Gel: 5 Points. Because sometimes even the suit isn't enough, and patching people up is a good way to make a friend.

Rebreather: 2 Points. Might have to travel. Also, what kind of mech suit can't do this? It's nearly required. Not to mention you need more radium sometime.

Tool Band: 2 Points. Grooming supplies and maintenance equipment.

Alien Pet (Large): 8 points. Protection and companionship.

All together, you are the SPACE PALADIN! Healing hands! Impervious armor! A mighty stead!

>> No.24102378

Rolled 3, 3, 1, 1, 5 = 13

I feel swagger

>> No.24102420

>Hovering or Flying
>Smooth, hairless skin

I think I just rolled carrion fairies.

>> No.24102449


>> No.24102458

>what is Fairy Meat

>> No.24102484

But mine are timid.

>> No.24102510


Bonetrain the Terrible fears getting fucking stomped on by a goddamn behemoth and getting his cute little tunnels collapsed, and Bonetrain the Terrible's minions won't do shit becuse they're blocks of ice once they get frosted on.

Leave my kingdom the fuck alone, and I'll leave yours. We're both just dragons looking out for ourselves.

>> No.24102517

I could, if nobody else is going to. Actually I will, I've got some time to kill.

>> No.24102554

Ok, first we need to either nerf Blacklight or at least explain how exactly it relates to Mercer.
Saying that you stay a baseline human (instead of turning into the virus) might be a good start. If that even makes sense, that is.
The Batman stuff might make more sense as generic spy gadgets or something.
We also need melee weaponry in addition to firearms. And the firearms need less earth-related definitions. And transforming your dick should be optional.

>> No.24102555

I'm rolling

>> No.24102563

Rolled 1, 5, 1, 3, 4 = 14


Let's do this shit

>> No.24102610

The Explorer. Ship size > Earth.
Crew: Human race.

>> No.24102619


> One Leg
> Exosleleton
> Tiny
> Omnivore
> Friendly

... I'm imagining cute little slug-like bugs who mosey around on their slug foot (being a gastropod is technically having only one leg), and are generally massively helpful little slug-bug bros.

>> No.24102621

Most of the "Main" Weapons completely screw over the BBEG's abilities. I'd replace Blacklight with general shapeshifting, or something equally less OP, and move it to a less easy to hit side of the bell curve.

The Batman Gagdets might just be replaced with general tech-proficiency, and perhaps some stuff related to that (Invisibilty or Mass Effect-esque "Tech Armour"?) but either half of them are still wholly useless in most of the worlds - with the firearms being completely OP in a world like Tamriel.

>> No.24102637

Bonetrain the Terrible fears no Frozen Behemoth.

Bonetrain the Terrible laughs as his army of 200,000 undead tunnel under the wasteland and climb up the Frozen Behemoth's frosty butthole.

>> No.24102645

So are we keeping to the fiction theme or are we going generic?

Also, the Pokemon thing is also but also broken. There's tons of room to fuck shit up even at lvl 1.

>> No.24102662

Bonetrain the Terrible has misplaced three zeros on the end of his undead army.

Bonetrain the Terrible should also mention the unsuicide bombers.

>> No.24102700

>So are we keeping to the fiction theme or are we going generic?
As in, drawing elements from fiction? Or something else entirely? Don't quite understand.

>Also, the Pokemon thing is also but also broken. There's tons of room to fuck shit up even at lvl 1.
Making some of the choices world-specific would also address the firearm/melee issue of balance. A pokemon would be right at home in the Pokemon world, though I might replace some of the worlds with more /tg/ stuff.

>> No.24102706

Let see what i get

>> No.24102716

Bonetrain the Terrible is a dick.

>> No.24102760

Latest version of this.

>> No.24102781

>As in, drawing elements from fiction? Or something else entirely? Don't quite understand.
All of the content here is based on fictional universes. You have Pokemon, Bending, Blacklight, Batman gadgets, etc.
The question was about if we should stop caring about using the flavor of specific settings.

Personally, I'd be opposed to remove Pokemon from non-Pokemon settings because doing some kind of crossover seems to be half of what makes this interesting.
But the points need severe rebalancing and the main weaponry better descriptions. I don't know what half of it does.

>> No.24102817

>Actually having a become the little girl option
What did you expect people to pick?

>> No.24102902

Agreed, alright.

So how about replacing the Vorpal Blade with the ability to use any object as a duality weapon - like how the Vorpal Blade is a kitchen knife in American McGee's Alice, to further tie it in and make it an attractive choice.

For Pokemon, a better "alternative" that would still include it would be to summon it as a familiar - remember that they're right alongside the Elemental Bending powers, which are OP out the ass. To expand the familiar option, other creatures from other RPG sets or videogames could also be chucked in there, along with some druidy control powers.

Melee skills might go hand in hand with something that makes them useful, like increased speed and reaction times, while the Firearms are just straight that.

Getting back to the original problem of the blacklight virus, splitting the distribution costs down the middle from 12-18, to it and another option occupying 12-14 and 16-18, which should reduce the probability of everyone just getting the blacklight virus.

>> No.24102927


Brothel +6 = 36

Psychoserum -15 = 21

Nanoserum -15 = 6

Rebreather -2 = 4

Nobot -4 = 0

Plan is to just whore it up. Nano is for the constant regen. Psycho because I'm a sucker for telekinesis, also because I'm going to be naked all the time and I can't exactly hide shanks in my ass when it's going to be servicing customers. Rebreather mandatory, Nobot so I can get info on the aliens. I don't want to fuck something that jizzes HCl or has some praying mantis-esq habits.

>> No.24102932

>like increased speed and reaction times
The issue here that this become redundant depending on main equipment.
Blacklight makes you incredibly fast and strong.

I think main equipment should be something along the lines of "theme" or something for you. Something that fundamentally changes your essence.

>> No.24102981


> Demiplane: 40
> Golems: 18
> Alchemy: 18
> Keep: 10
> Library: 4
> Workshop: 4
> Waifu: 4
> Mountain Terrain: 1
> Stream: 1

I am become the secret wizard. If the world's going to hell, Then fuck the world, I can't help it.
5 square miles is more than plenty for me to live in, especially with an awesome Keep for a house.
I'll get immortality the hard way, by studying alchemy and searching for the philosopher's stone. Any resources my mountainous demiplane cannot give me, I'll search for myself using my army of stone golems.

In my demiplane I only need to worry about food and water for myself and my lovely waifu, and with a magically-replenishing stream there should be enough water for the both of us.
At first I'll have to grow my own food, but as my skill with Golemancy increases I'll be able to get them to do the work for me.
My home will have nothing worth stealing, and will be exceptionally hard to get to, so I'm not particularly worried about burglars or theives, but once I start learning the secrets of alchemy other wizards might start showing up and try to take my shit. That's what the golems for. Eat Spell Resistance, motherfucker!

>> No.24102992

This is my favorite one, I think.

>> No.24103014

>Something that fundamentally changes your essence.

Got any suggestions? I'm drawing a blank, though obviously the Blacklight virus is a good starting point.

>> No.24103042

Augmentations is likely another good option. Though the question is if you should grant people something degradable.

Another idea might be powered armor. A piece of equipment that is an essential part of your identity.

And then there might be stuff like vampirism or the Space Marine augmentations.

>> No.24103047


>> No.24103057


Bonetrain the Terrible ought to fucking respect the power of the Frozen Behemoth.
The Frozen Behemoth laughs at Bonetrain the Terrible's tunnels as they crumble beneath the Frozen Behemoth's tread and his army of undead is smashed to dust before it can even arrive.
The Frozen Behemoth's holy warriors fear no undead menace, their faith in their invincible dragon-god absolute.

Bonetrain the Terrible should go back to kidnapping children, because his flimsy skeletal body will snap like a twig when the Frozen Behemoth gets his claws on him.

Not if, When.

>> No.24103086

>Power Armour (samus?)
>Vampirism (VTM)
>Space Marine Augmentations (redundant with DX counterparts?)

Okay so all of the above are still a long shot away from the power of Blacklight, so I'm starting to think that it's not such a great idea that the virus is kept in the CYOA.

Another problem is the BBEG; most of them have nothing on a half-decent roll.

>> No.24103133

Suggestions for future versions:

Terrain: swamp
Crazy cult
Zombie army / necromancer option
Specialist followers - Doctors, engineers, etc.

>> No.24103146

Another addition might be the "you are fucked" card, which is staying your normal self.
Then the credits become more important.

We need some way to have the credits align with your theme. Like, for example, if you have powered armor, your weaponry is integrated into it or something.
Each theme could have a description for an added effect for each credit.

Samus' powered armor is actually *very* similar to blacklight. It's fuelled by spiritual energy, which means that it can regenerate by killing living beings. And it can integrate any technology. The more advanced the environment, the more useful the armor becomes.
It also shields against spiritual attacks.
For blacklight, we can just say that you still have a normal metabolism. You can absorb people, but your heart needs to pump and you need oxygen, which at first will need to be provided by your lungs.
This also means that your density of biomass can't get too high. Otherwise you would break down from the strain.

Both of these have the aspect that they are scalable. Which version of vampirism gives you the most ability to gain more powers?
VTM vampirism has the whole discipline thing, but you don't get much more powerful without lower generation vampires to diablerize.

Space Marine and Deus Ex augmentations might have additional rules that balance them out. Maybe Deus Ex create a genius in the setting, who will be able to repair and upgrade your augmentations.
Space Marines will have the advantage of being able to create new marines through their genseed.

>> No.24103178

The Frozen Behemoth can impotently rage against Bonetrain the Terrible all he wants. It don't make Bonetrain the Terrible no difference.

While Bonetrain the Terrible may have a weak body, the Frozen Behemoth will have to go through miles of earth first, never knowing when or where the dead will burst forth from the soil.

Did the Frozen Behemoth really think that Bonetrain the Terrible would go near the surface? Folly! Bonetrain the Terrible has minions!

Bonetrain the Terrible wishes the Frozen Behemoth the best of luck in getting his claws on Bonetrain the Terrible. The Frozen Behemoth will need it.

>> No.24103190

Christ, you two. Get a room.

>> No.24103206

Filthy fucking whore. Suck spacecock in hell.

>> No.24103293

I'll incorporate the ideas about the blacklight virus, and the two different augmentations are pretty boss.

No idea about the vampirism, though. The only properties that address vampirism that I know of treat it as a perk, though I know Skyrim does that "Vampire Lord" deal.

>> No.24103299


The Frozen Behemoth finds it amusing that Bonetrain the Terrible thinks his flimsy skeletal minions are capable of burrowing through the permafrost and rocky terrain of the far north.

The Frozen Behemoth thinks Bonetrain the Terrible is a bitch, because Bonetrain the Terrible started this pointless war and then hid behind his puny skeletal minions.

However, the Frozen Behemoth isn't unreasonable and will forgive Bonetrain the Terrible for his crimes if he ceases his efforts to invade the Frozen Behemoth's kingdom. Bnetrain the Terrible is incapable of truly harming the Frozen Behemoth, and the reverse is also true. The only thing that could result is mutually-assured destruction, and then both Bonetrain the Terrible and The Frozen Behemoth will be back on square one.

Do not think this means that the Frozen Behemoth will not make good on his threat to crack open the earth itself and annihilate Bonetrain the Terrible's pathetic underground city utterly should Bonetrain the Terrible not cut this shit out immediately.

>> No.24103526

Alright, here's what I've got so far.

Hey, making these things sure as hell ain't *quick*

>> No.24103597

Jesus Crhist, who let the neckbearded wooly mammoth out? I could hear the masturbation in that post.

>> No.24103625


The art style is both cute and horrible.

I like the minimalist style but jesus it's hard to read. And understand.

>> No.24103659

It's just a sketch at the moment. In no way will the final version be that... unrefined. Hell I wrote it, and I'm having trouble understanding the writing.

Any suggestions for font? This is getting quicker the farther I get.

>> No.24103712

I'm not working on this more tonight, but these are all good ideas and added to my notes. Only thing I'm not so sure about is the vampirism - how do I do it right and make it compelling? I've thought about it before and not came up with a good solution.
And the specialist followers risk the same thing as the particular rooms/facilites that I just recently removed - they're too uninteresting and low-powered compared to the rest.
Necromancy and cults seem like obvious things I should have added a long time ago, though.

>> No.24103841

I'm thinking the remote but honestly I can't think of a good place to go.

>> No.24104406

They see me rollin', they hatin'.

>> No.24104566

Whatever, it's getting late. I'll finish this off tomorrow.

Pretty unproductive waste of time, but fun.

>> No.24105937

anyone chose the goblin yet ?

>> No.24105948

goblin roll

>> No.24105966

which one can i chose a goblin

>> No.24106008


>> No.24106030

so I am going to go with the gobin

>> No.24106035

Rolled 8, 4, 4 = 16

This looks like it'll be pretty cool when it's done. It could do with some extra explanation one what some of the options mean though.

Whatever. Rolling.
(I'll reroll if it looks boring)

>> No.24106046

Rolled 2, 8, 9 = 19

Fuck that.

>> No.24106057

rollin with hope

>> No.24106133

Rolled 10, 9, 6 = 25

Fuck that as well.
OP, you need better main weapons - those ones kinda suck.

>> No.24106213

Most of these are lame "what's coolest?" cross-setting quizzes.

A real CYOA has
-a goal
-some opposition
-multiple options you can build your character with
-costs to those options limiting the power of your build

Like the "trapped on an island" game, the island mystery with nemesis, the space prison, post-apocalyptic dimension, etc.

>> No.24106318

Do a speed-run with
Iron Man armor
super senses

With the crow's knowledge I'll know what needs doing and with the suite's power I can do it.

>> No.24106793

Rolled 47


>> No.24106802

ja volt

>> No.24106827

Where's the fantasy?

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