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Elegan/tg/entlemen, i have a problem i need assistance with

While speaking with a friend of mine, she complained about her laptop playing up. I, jokingly, suggested she appease the Machine Spirit.
10 minutes later, we are discussing the ceremony when she asks what to say if her mother walks into her room during the 'ritual'

Her mother is a copper. good excuses would be appreciated, my friends.

also, general AdMech/IRL stories

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>Her mother is a copper

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Throw air at her so she'll oxidize.

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Brit-slang for Police Officer

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Throw zinc at her.

Galvanize that bitch, bitches love galvanized copper.

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This ritual must contain the phrase "Yu mo geh gwai fi de chao, yu mo geh gwai fi de chao..."

You have no choice in the matter.

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Just tell her you're trying to create a new religion to fuck people in the future over.

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Tell her to lock the door, the Omnissiah does not take kindly to fleshlings interfering with his processes.

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Why would you even need an excuse?

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Just tell her it's a joke you pleb.

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"Magic must defeat magic." is a great bullshit justification for lots of things.

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her door has no lock, hence the excuse

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>lots of things
Does that include trying to put a voodoo curse on the wiccans next door?

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And this.

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i dont need an excuse, she wanted one.
she hasnt heard of 4chan, let alone /tg/ so i thought i'd ask the fa/tg/uys for some

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Made some AdMech gear for a LARP - including a skull shaped speaker that sings hymns to the Omnissiah. Had some fun trying to sound exactly like a dalek reading from the Uplifting Primer. Also included excerpts from the Book of Armaments, because Monty Python is always good. Oh, and Gregorian chants pushed through the dalek filter.

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Allow me to rephrase. Why does she need an excuse?

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The way you put "ritual" in quotation marks makes me think you're just going to trick her in to having sex with you.

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her mums police, her dads hardcore ultra-catholic, shes a bit of a wild-kid, she just wanted a normal, acceptable excuse for why she's chanting over a laptop surrounded with lit candles and sigils

>house freeksal
> you got it, captcha

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I don't think there's any excuse for that which would qualify as "normal." Losing a bet, maybe.

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Tech support told me to do it

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Well first thing you do is tell her it's a goddamn joke. Second, it's not like she's doing anything illegal so her mom being a cop is completely irrelevant.

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Why does anyone do anything?
>"I thought it'd be amusing."

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good idea, chgeers

also good

been there, done that
didnt work out, friends4lyfe

I.m not there, dude, we were talking on the phone

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There simply isn't one

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>I.m not there, dude, we were talking on the phone

That matters why? "Yeah you know that thing in which you pray to a fictitious spirit that resides within your laptop? It was a joke."

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That's fucking beautiful man, where did you find that?

also, those of you who know of the teachings of zerthimon from planescape, do you think their religion would evolve into this after technological advancement?

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OP you should feel terrible. This girl was obviously raised catholic and as such she is not only nevi but desperate for something else to believe in. People like this will grab onto anything that seems spiritual that counters their upbringing. They wan't to be able to say "No! this isn't the work of the devil, it's the work of the true god! You were wrong all along!" And what form of salvation have you given her? A religion from a game that doesn't even take itself seriously? shame on you OP, shame on you.

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Have her explain to her parents that the problems with her laptops have gotten to the point where she is worried that it was possessed.

Have her use it for an excuse to get a new laptop.

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Mum walks in "What are you doing?"
> stuff.
> internet

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Ignoring the fact that this is likely a troll post, let's think about this seriously for a minute.
What ARE the core teachings of the Cult Mechanicus?

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Technology is radical.

Try not to piss it off.

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The Mysteries of the Cult Mechanicus

Life is directed motion.
The spirit is the spark of life.
Sentience is the ability to learn the value of knowledge.
Intellect is the understanding of knowledge.
Sentience is the basest form of Intellect.
Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension.
Comprehension is the key to all things.
The Omnissiah knows all, comprehends all.

The Warnings of the Cult Mechanicus

The alien mechanism is a perversion of the True Path.
The soul is the conscience of sentience.
A soul can be bestowed only by the Omnissiah.
The Soulless sentience (i.e. Necrons) is the enemy of all.
The knowledge of the ancients stands beyond question.
The Machine Spirit guards the knowledge of the Ancients.
Flesh is fallible, but ritual honours the Machine Spirit.
To break with ritual is to break with faith.

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>likely a troll post
true, but I've meet people where this could apply. I know a guy who believes planescape is real.

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>fictitious spirit

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The best way I can put it is "Enlightenment by installment", the goal is to become one with the glorious lord of machinery and technology and ascend beyond your meager organic beginnings
Worship of technology as proof of the Omnissiah's miracles worked through man is part of that

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>Not demanding the smallest mutual respect of knocking before barging into someone's private chambers

Tell her to teach her parents some common etiquette.

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