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Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
What do they tend to eat?
What do they prefer to eat?
What do they avoid to eat?

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>What do they tend to eat
Something they don't remember and copious amounts of Alcohol
>What do they prefer to eat?
>What do they avoid to eat
Something without Alcohol

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>4 meals


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>Upper body somehow bigger than torpedotits the sorceress
>has the face of a 5 year old girl
>4 meals a day

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That man's shoulders put a space marine to shame

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Breakfast and supper aren't full meals.

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The only thing I like about that picture is what's in the lower-right corner.
Also maybe some of the dishes.

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4-5 small, healthy meals throughout the day > Three big-ass meals at morning, noon, and night.

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So in addition to these, you have 4 "full meals"?

I take it back. You're not a fatass. You're a fucking Hutt.

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Filthy food fetishists ruining my /tg/...

My group of players has been eating horse jerky after the Drake PC tried to jump over the horse they use to pull their cart and failed miserably, crushing the horse to death..

In fact, I think that's the only thing they've eaten in the past few games. I'll have to make a point of this next game.

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Depends entirely on your metabolism and whether or not your some retarded veganfaggot or you actually eat food that counts as food and not some nuts and half a pear.

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>So in addition to these, you have 4 "full meals"?
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and supper.

Breakfast is just enough to get you started. A bowl of oatmeal or something.
Lunch is more like a full meal, but it's not huge or anything.
Dinner is your actual meal, but it's not as if you need to overdo it.
Supper is about the same as breakfast. Some fruit and or bread or something.

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The fuck's fatass about 4 meals? It's better to eat several light meals a day than one massive feast. Number of meals doesn't correlate to spesific amounts, just frequency. Also, OP clearly said healthy meals.

Urist usually had above average rations, bread, cheese and stuffs, ale for beverage. Feeding wasn't that focused that I would've thought of something he wouldn't eat.

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The only man I see in that picture doesn't even have visible shoulders.
They're blocked off by that loli's shoulders.

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>dinner and supper
They're the same fucking thing and only a fatass or redneck scum consider them different.

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Because a fucking adventurer, slayer of dragons, savior of good, has the same daily caloric intake as a guy who sits around in a swivel chair for 10 hours a day bitching about the caloric intake of heroes on an image board.

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>Sorceress and wizard are eating white beans.
I bet is the material focus for flight and levitation spells.

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Dinner is Supper. Lunch is funny sounding.

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My current shadowrun character eats surprisingly well for a runner. It helps that she's a very skilled chef, so she can turn a little into a lot.

She mostly eats chilli or chinese dishes, heavy on the rice. The chilli because her housemate is a Mexican Aztec (Not Aztech, make the mistake and your heart might end up helping the sun rise) Mage who is not a terrible cook herself. The Chinese because rice is about as cheap a real food as you can get and filling. Also she's a Chinese Shapechanger. Most of her best recipes are Chinese.

She prefers to eat meat if she can. A lot of her budget each month actually goes towards making sure she can eat meat every couple of days. She's a wolf. Even if she can eat anything a human can thanks to the shapechanging...she likes meat.

Avoiding? Devil Rat. She may be a wolf...but she's got standards. She doesn't believe her housemates call that 'Enough Chilli and they taste good'. This is the same mage who needed to literally get a mentor spirit to tell her that washing was a good idea before she got into it regularly.

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I"m tired of my players bringing their food fetishes into their games. Everyone always wants to eat rations at least twice a day and always make sure to inform me they are drinking adequate amounts of fluids to stay healthy.......

Bahahaha! Who am I kidding! I love running food session! I've even run a session dedicated to Food! Each player was a chef and went about killing monsters and figuring our the best way to serve/eat them.

We had a pretty decent cook-book by the end of the game.

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Depends on your hours. If you have an early dinner, about 5pm, then a small 8pm supper isn't an impossibility. If you have dinner more about 8pm, then yeah, it's silly to also have supper.

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Spellcasters which key stat is Intelligence should consume lots of glucose rich food, sea food and fish plus fat acids.

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If I make a fighter, he's usually all about high protein meats and trail rations. Getting a bulk on and all. But my DM loves having everyone just eat bacon all the time.

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Wizard-According to the texts of Trismegistus, the prime material plane could exist without bend connect to the energy planes nor the elemental planes as it has develop physic laws of its own and...
Sorceress-You can't be serious about that! If Trismegistus was right, his arguments also affirms mortals could dominate these "laws" by just studying the observable prime material plane which would allow the development of technologies capable of match magical might.
Fighter-[thinking]Those titties, I want to squeeze them so bad while I bang her...
Amazon-[thinking] Shit, I don't understand anything of what they are talking about. When she is going to leave for her room so I can eat her carpet?

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Smithing disregarded, Cooking was actually the most prominent skill of my old Blacksmith Earthdawn character.
About as prominent as his sculpting skill in fact.

It actually saved the party once, and benefited the team quite a bit at times.
A good meal can do a lot to smooth out social events.

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Sleazy, paranoid information broker/surveillance specialist in a Cyberpunk game. Fat fuck, eats gourmet meals prepared by himself (chef could be a traitor out to poison him) as often as possible. By himself, by candlelight. With a silk napkin around his fat neck.

Feels incredibly good.

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>But my DM loves having everyone just eat bacon all the time.
Where do you get the bacon from? What happened to the rest of the animal?
Dried bacon bought cheap from when in town?

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1: Two. Dinner, which is at about noon, and Supper, which is later. The two-meal day defines this time period, the concept of three square meals is off by about a millennium.

2: The most common staple is a disgusting mixture of beer and some sort of pork broth that costs nothing and can be bought in bulk. If we can afford it, we try to make a pottage with it, but there's rarely anything good on hand on the road.

3: Whole roasted onions and gravy, eels fried in honey, a soup of venison boiled in hare's blood.

4: Bread. As a child, he chipped his tooth on a trencher, and has never been able to look at them again. He foolishly turned down some white bread offered to him by a noble because of this. It was a terrible incident. In a pinch, he will simply eat flour.

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>beer and pork broth

The good news is that you could probably live on this. The bad news is that if you could probably live on this.

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Kill the food yourself.

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just putting this out here. every single character in that picture is deformed as fuck, it's a theme or something. the table just mostly hides it.

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>What do they tend to eat?
Lots of food.
>What do they prefer to eat?
>What do they avoid to eat?
Not lots of food, eating with other people.

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All my characters are me, so they basically can eat anything

Anything but fish and/or milk, that's disgusting

Also is Dragon's Crown out of what? And why is the knight so weird?

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Whenever I play a Goblin character, I stock up on rations and RP that he goes through about 3 days worth every meal, and runs on a roughly 20,000 calorie diet.

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it's not out.

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No, you yanks got it all wrong

You're supposed to eat breakfast like a king
Lunch like a prince
And dinner like a pleb that likes CoD and Nurutu

Also supper is such a stupid word, I thought it was a modern-ish way to say dinner and then I hear it in Dragon Age too, some /tg/ english major explain that to me

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It sure is fuel for great fan art

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dunno man, to me, elf is god-thigher

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"Alright, basic artist technique.

First you draw a skeleton, this will allow you to proportion the character without it looking funny; it head to small, chest too big, legs oblong, ect."

"Nah, fuck that I just want huge tits and ass!"

--Dragon's Crown

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My characters Eat exactly 1 serving of food a week. Rules as written, that's all I need.

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A formal meal eaten at the family dining table, guests at one end of the table away from the main family, and all participants dressed in their most formal of clothing. Usually includes a larger portion of morsels, as Luncheon
A light, informal meal taken after dinner and any business discussions or games. Usually small portions of fruit and sweets.

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The real question is....is your character actually spending any amount of money on food?

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I think they could do it anatomically correct. It's a gimmick to draw a crowd.

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Traditionally, dinner was supposed to be the main meal of the day, with your family and stuff.

Supper referred to more of a late day snack, kind of a similar niche to brunch I guess. The word has the same origin as "soup" apparently.

Basically, dinner is what you have with your family when you get home from work at 5 or 6, and supper is what you have more casually at 8 or 9. But that's just one interpretation, and different cultures have used the words differently over time.

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In most of the games I've played food is usually pushed aside as far as RP concerns go.

I've been considering playing a ranger huntsman type character in an upcoming low magic setting. I was thinking of trying to get the DM to describe what I find in the way of food when using survival so I can attempt to think of a good meal to make with random scavenged ingredients. I'd love to finally be able to use my knowledge of cooking in a game. Also a kind happy ranger with a pack full of cooking supplies seems like it would be a fun departure from the usual angry gruff woodsman type ranger.

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Oh, I know it's probably a gimmick.

I'm not saying I hate it btw. I love the artstyle.

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My current DM just decided to waive the costs of all mundane things like food/water/room and board/ammunition.

It's not like we're playing in a low-fantasy shithole, so I'm not really upset by it.

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>why is the knight so weird?
Because he's built like a space marine.
Or any other character drawn by Rob Liefeld.

Tiny head, enormous torso.

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she's a warrior, she can't need much head

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Filet du Goblin
Boar a la rock
Roadkill suprise
"I think this might be pork"
Berry de shiet

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No, I just use my Survival ranks to hunt and supply food for myself and whoever hasn't tried to dick me over this session. It's usually just me and the paladin eating.

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>Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
You are normally supposed to have 3, but okay.
>What do they tend to eat?
Currently, he tends to eat hardtack, jerked meats, dried fruits and water.
>What do they prefer to eat?
Apples and fresh meats, most likely chicken.
>What do they avoid to eat?
Tends to avoid things made out of dairy, though he will drink milk.

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That's what pillaging peasants is for!

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Dragon's crown wizard's needs more style

Like this much

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Now it kinda makes more sense, I also forgot you guys eat dinner at 6

Thanks for the clarification

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This reminds me, was there a medieval analogue to candy? I always wanted to give my Wizard a sweet tooth but other than baked goods, I have no idea what that might entail. Likewise for my Alchemist I play in another party, which is even worse since she and it are Chinese themed.

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Honey-coated apples

>> No.24073940

Also, syrup drizled onto snow into shapes to create funky shaped syrup pretzels.

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But this isn't a wizard anon

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But Grand Knights History isn't a beat'em up

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Beer is inherently safer than water in any medieval setting. That why you see painting of children drinking beer (fermentation process killed most dangerous pathogens).

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There is also that medieval beer is much stronger than the type of beer we have today.

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It is also the reason why tea become so popular. People didn't understand why, however.

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No you're wrong, medieval societies lacked the pressurized distillers we have today that can concentrate alcohol content.

If anything alcohol content has gone up.

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There's at least one theory that claims that beer is the whole reason behind civilization. Tribes turned to agriculture to have more beer.

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It was weaker. Otherwise, everyone would have been pissed 24/7.

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You know, this game could be everything I want gameplay wise, an improved mixture of Shadow over Mystara and Guardian Heroes, and I still would not consider playing it because hot damn, that art is fucking terrible. I thought the Sorceress and Amazon were bad, but that fighter looks like someone encased a 10 year old eldar into a comically misshapen Space Marine armor.

The only thing worthwhile about this game is the endless sorceress+amazon doujins it has spawned.

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Generally, snake lady eats when her companions eat. Maybe a chicken or two a day.
On her own, snake lady eats an entire roast pig and then doesn't have to eat anything for a week.
She avoids eating living things, for a number of social and safety reasons. Also, because they invented a thing called fire, which means you don't have to eat raw stuff any more.

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Lead was a pretty popular adittive, though. Especially among the higher classes. Which could mean brain damage in the long run.

>> No.24074038

eh, they didn't mean for it to be there in most cases. Heck, in the roman case, it was because they made their cookware out of lead, since really, what do you do with all this lead you have lying around?

>> No.24074064


Enh, that depends on the purpose, the type, and the sugars used. Tavern ale then and tavern ale now are pretty much the same. "Small beer" or "short beer" was what was served other times of the day and had a lower ABV, ~2.0 - 2.5%, just the other side of modern "near beer". Even children weren't getting drunk on small beer.

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The fact that beer is younger than the production of bread as it was first made with pieces of bread would suggest otherwise.
I think beer has always been a very convenient side product of agriculture, but producing bread was the main reason you wanted to go sedentary.

>> No.24074096


Again, kinda backwards. Beer meant you could keep your grain calories for months after they would otherwise spoil. Tribes with excess grain production therefore now had effective storage and were more survivable and therefore more successful.

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Relevant to the subject, my group always wondered how tech-priests ate. So my character always eats offscreen.

>> No.24074157

Improvements in Beer production also bringed us to the Steam Engine. You see, Newcomen chose the same material used in beer fermenation for his Steam invention since he nedeed a metal capable or resisting the temperatures of his machine.

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You, I like you.

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My dresden RPG character is a 25 year old man who lives alone. He has pretty horrible personal habits.

He smokes, a hell of lot. Drinks a lot of coffee. Eats pretty stereotypical bachelor food, and a lot of red meat.

He has suffered some recent emotional trauma, and his drinking has ramped up considerable as a result. This does not help his already substantial anger issues.

He also really likes old video games, and due to his magic fucking up technology they are the only kind he can play.

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How do you preserve food in a pre-industrial society. Without salt, given that salt was expensive as fuck.

>> No.24074243


For the average techpriest?
Nutrient support packs.
Some sort of liquid mediom infused with all you need, hooked up to your main intake port.
Usually done once a week.

Unless you are kind of a wordly techpriest. Like Magos Tayber.
She stuffs her mouth at any given occasion and has little use for most blessings of the true flesh.
Except for extra arms and that tail/chair she got at the first occasion.

There's a lot of possible ways to handle food as an adept of the Machine God.
Get creative if you don't like the above.

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Huh. I never really put too much consideration into this. Let me think about the average meal that just a few of the many, many characters that I've played over the years would eat.

Human Archer Fighter
>Mostly various local varmints fried and/or stewed. Not especially hygenic, but that's what Fort saves are for
Human Transmuter Wizard
>It's the Skull & Shackles AP, so rotted fruit, day-old seafood, and the shittiest booze this side of Portland, Oregon
Human Technomancer
>Shitty fast food, shitty fast food all day erryday
Orc Hacker/Street Sammy
>Mostly lean meats and foods heavy on fiber and sugar, good for running away from the cops

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Alcohol, vinegar, fermentation, drying, controlled decaying.
Or any combination of the above.
Most traditional foodstuffs and recipes derived from preservation techniques.

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I tend to treat it like nutrient fluid hooked up to something beneath those robes. But sometimes, you are offered drink and/or food at parties or such, so you have to eat sometime.

The offscreen eating is more of a joke. First I take a glass or something, and a while later returns an empty one. Go figure.

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You could use an auxiliar intake port.
Read: Straw coming out of your respirator unit.

>> No.24074366

That's my explanation technically, it's just more fun having it be unexplained unless somebody actually asks and bothers to check.

Rogue Trader lends itself to more humour than the other 40k games.

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Dat image. Gold, Interesting architecture, jars of stuff, tits and hips. Perfect.

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No no no, you've got it all wrong.
It's Breakfast, Second Breakfast, Elevensies, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dinner, then Supper.

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I'm playing a half-orc barbarian who doesn't do well with money.

Every time he needs to eat, he goes out and kills something. I've worked it out with the DM that I can sell the carcass to the bars I visit in return for alcohol and a meal, so long as I go around the back. Don't drag a dead boar through the entrance of the bar if there's a druid about.

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>druid with a problem with individual hunting

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He failed spot and thought he saw it twitch, if that helps to clarify things.

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that does the exact opposite of clarifying things, i'm confused now.

>> No.24074684


Please tell me your character's name is really Snake Lady.

>> No.24074754

If that is your wish, then I will tell you this thing.

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>Hog over shoulder, walking through the bar entrance headed toward the kitchen.
>Druid is drunk.
>Druid rolls spot after smelling pig blood.
>DM: "You see a half-orc carrying a mutilated pig to the kitchen."
>Druid thinks it's still alive, walks up and stabs pig's neck to 'mercy kill' it.
>I didn't notice the druid until he stabbed the pig, I'm now looking at the drunk druid with a bloody knife in his hand right behind me.
>Small battle ensues, everything gets sorted out, we get kicked out of that particular bar for a week.

So to stop getting caught in situations like that with other people, I go around back now.

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Fuck... I never realized how hungry my characters should be. Just eating shitty trail rations constantly?

They should be starved and wanting lots of meat and booze whenever they can get it.

>> No.24075444

Supper is another name for lunch.

>> No.24075594


No way in fucking hell that is real. I'm not going to say that it isn't possible to bonsai a tree into a chair, but I have a very hard time believing that is legit, considering the degree of symmetry displayed.

>> No.24075596

I have sustenance, I only eat when it would otherwise go to waste. Otherwise I give my share to any human's who need it.

>> No.24075705

It's very possible. I've seen trees trained into shapes more strange that that.

>> No.24075790

in my country supper refers to a second meal after dinner, usually something sweet like toast with jam and a cup of tea eaten anywhere from 2 to 3 hours after dinner

>> No.24075816

My Changeling is the only one who has no dots in Resources, so right now I'm playing Hobo: The Stealing. Every time some other pc mentions that he has breakfast, my pc gets a bit jealous (her vice is envy). Lest session I stole some money from a thief and then bought some food to last me for a couple of days. I also need to get some clothes too, since my only dress is kinda shredded from the Hedge duel

>> No.24075842

Hot, furtive lesbian sex makes everything better. Now I can actually enjoy the picture. Sort of. Except for the ridiculous fighter proportions.

>> No.24075902

>They should be starved and wanting lots of meat and booze whenever they can get it.
hence all the taverns adventurers tend to visit.

>> No.24075931

>not noticing the dwarf

>> No.24075946

>that image

Utterly, utterly pointless.

>cook burger
>cook egg
>place burger on bun
>place egg on top of burger
>place cheese on top of egg
>add top of bun




>> No.24075969

My dick-girl post-apocalyptic survivalist is happy just to eat. Being picky isn't always an option. When it is an option, she'll go for whatever gives her the biggest bang for her buck. She'd be really uncomfortable splurging, even if she could afford it.

>> No.24075990

>Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?

No, he eats like a caveman - huge quantities at infrequent intervals.

>What do they tend to eat?

Whatever he hunts up - so, rabbit, venison, wild fowl, that sort of thing.

>What do they prefer to eat?

With plunder to spend at a fancy inn he'll order up a nice suckling pig or a brace of capon, with buttered veggies and lots of ale.

Also, cock. He really craves eating some cock.

>What do they avoid to eat?

Nothing much, he'll take whatever's served up.

>> No.24075991

It cooks into the burger and is less messy.(also makes it all tastier)

learn to >>>/ck/ mang.

>> No.24076370

My character has a ridiculous fast metabolism, so he eats twice as much food as any normal person does. It helps he knows how to cook and make food.

>> No.24076412


> Implying anyone receiving 4 healthy meals a day would be in the adventuring business.

The answer, OP, is no. Anyone roaming from posh village to posh village hunting kobolds, gremlins, and goblins for their daily bread is not going to be eating the least bit properly. In fact, they'll be feasting on just that - daily bread.

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There is food of all kinds all over the place in most of my games, given the setting allows for it.

Raiding parties should have supplies.
The BBEG obviously has some sort of food storage.
No corrupt mega-corporation/city is without a cafeteria.
And magical forests are full of both fauna beasts and flora, if not goblin groups with their own campfires.
Those dragons have to live on something.

My most common experience is the players eating stuff in the go as they come across.
Can be pretty funny too if what they decide to put into their mouths happens to be magical and or drugged.

>> No.24078404

>It cooks into the burger and is less messy.(also makes it all tastier)
If that's what you want then you should just mix the egg with the minced meat before frying it.

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File: 1.21 MB, 400x225, 1355730694287.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Polymorph, chocolate.

>> No.24079402


I don't care, he has style and robes are gay

You don't need to be a noble to dress like one

>> No.24079686


That's called a snack where I'm from but that's pretty cool too.

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This dude scares the fuck out of me; is he like a homunculus or something?

>> No.24079998

Running Only War atm where the characters are cut off from the supply line in hostile territory. The scarcity of resources, sense of isolation and general lack of safety is played up to full effect.

So if my players haven't been eating, I'll be letting them know with a nice level of fatigue every now and then.

>> No.24080042
File: 105 KB, 400x900, Spaghetti IN hot dogs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nigga please

>> No.24080103


I think you don't understand the deformities of the Dragon's Crown characters

Elf and Wizard are the only kinda normal ones

And the wizard's sense of style sucks to even that out

>> No.24080171
File: 2.30 MB, 480x270, 1360966707412.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24080175
File: 225 KB, 500x2229, leftover's pizza.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24080241
File: 249 KB, 178x217, 9e6b4119ef05c4507c06640874ec0d4b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elf does have a case of tiny head, not as bad as some of the others, but it does look off.

>> No.24080264


Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd rather eat a bullet than that pizza.

>> No.24080292
File: 726 KB, 300x168, 1358205986226.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

F-Fulgrim is that you?

>> No.24080306

>spagehetti in hotdogs
oh wow, i am so making this

>> No.24080325

No, just some lazy writefag that hangs out here to do cyoa shit occassionally.

>> No.24080343

I was referring to the image with the blasphemous proportions on that paladin.

>> No.24080531
File: 376 KB, 622x4939, bacon and cheese stuffed pizza burger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is for you anon.

>> No.24080543

Don't. Shit doesn't cook right in the center.

>> No.24080654


For a game that was almost vapourware for two years it sure has generated a lot of buzz and fanart.

>> No.24082066
File: 330 KB, 2560x1422, dragon's crown characters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But of course. The old D&D games were renowned classics.
And Vanillaware has earned their fame and has an established following.
The art is also quite vibrant even though some want to critique it.

>> No.24082340

>how do I proportions

>> No.24082725

Ring of Sustenance. I eat for pleasure, not for survival.
If I can't afford one, I just eat what I kill.

>> No.24083318
File: 216 KB, 1280x720, 1363880807607.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tube food.
Though not in space. A cloaked hovering trailer truck that soars still in the midst of the clouds of the sky.

>> No.24083363

New favorite drawing of the day.

>> No.24083741

Maybe he is just some scrawny shmo wearing magical power armour?

>> No.24084399
File: 111 KB, 450x617, ultramarine-img-md8fae2451a6de2b53e8a98301aa5e50f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24084593
File: 2.85 MB, 445x247, T-rex is just a big gay parrot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"i think this might be pork"

>> No.24084801

>and the shittiest booze this side of Portland, Oregon

HAHAHAHA.... its true. I hate our beer.

>> No.24084844

but.. but.. anon it looks so tasty.

>> No.24084901

It's not... Well it's better than... Um... Okay damn it yes it is pretty shit isn't it?

>> No.24084920

>Zero gravity boobs
Why do I love this in space but when it happens anywhere else I can't stand it?

>> No.24084923

Pretty sure that is the entire point on the characterization of these guys.

>> No.24084959

>Dat Archer
Lord all-thigh-meat I thin I'm in love.

>> No.24084969
File: 88 KB, 495x540, 1350271943323.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

R-Really? There are other Oregonians on /tg/?

>> No.24084983

The only proper way to eat right for adventures that have physical excersize daily
Breakfast must be big. Like, dinner big. At least 2 dishes, soup and porridge. Or soup and mashed potatoes. Soup is necessary.
Lunch can be just an apple or cupcake or something. Just to keep your digestive system running untill dinner
Dinner is just one dish. A bowl of soup is best. Soup is pretty much the best food, since it rehydrates you, and boiling keeps more vitamins than frying.
Supper should be at least 3 hours before sleep, and be only as big as lunch.

By eating a big breakfast, your body gets maximum amount of energy by dinnertime, and you just keep it up with other foods. If you eat small breakfast and big dinner, you get maximum amount of energy in the second half of the day, and that is not very usefull, since your body will be getting ready for sleep and rest. If you eat big supper, your sleep will be bad, and you'll get fat
If you eat both big breakfast and dinner, your stomach will be busy digesting it all, and you won't get any extra energy, just weakness, and probably a big desire to take a dump
If you do it all properly, you would need to go to the toilet before sleep. That all depends on your metabolism of course.
There is a saying in Russia : Eat your breakfast yourself, share your dinner with friend, give your supper to the enemy

>> No.24085006
File: 872 KB, 1000x1200, Barbarians.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My barbarian subsists solely on Battle Bites, which are like Bagel Bites but instead of being made of tiny bagels and pizza, they're made of tiny bagels, pizza, and WAR!

>> No.24085015

Shocking I know. I thought the same until I met another person on /tg/ who not only lived in Oregon as well, but in my city.

>> No.24085058

Anybody here in Richland/Kennewick/Pasco, WA?

>> No.24085063

"No wonder they called them the Dark Ages. Nobody remembered anything!"

OT: my big strapping half-orc, being from the Shadow Marches, isn't above rustlin' up some literal grub. (Although, to be fair, the first time grubs were on the menu that night, I had just watched an episode of Survivorman wherein witchetty grubs were described - rather delightfully and deliciously by a nearly-starved Les Stroud - as tasting like peanut butter.) As a traveling merchant, grabbing food literally on the go is easier. Much more convenient to spear a sunning reptile or scoop up an unaware turtle and have it ready to cook (or in some cases, consumed raw).

When sit-down affairs were involved, however, it's pretty much Goku/Coneheads "CONSUME MASS QUANTITIES" in full effect.

And peanuts give her gas.

>> No.24085090
File: 53 KB, 411x402, 1350350743191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

May I ask what your city is?
Please say Beaverton or Portland

>> No.24085105
File: 511 KB, 800x1236, Marion Babbington.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
Of course. She's an officer in Her Royal Majesty's Navy, and a daughter of nobility to boot, why should she have to miss out on her afternoon tea just because there's an interstellar war on?
>What do they tend to eat?
Depends how long the ship's been out of port. Thankfully, the cook for the officers' mess can make even Navy rations taste decent.
>What do they prefer to eat?
She's partial to a good roast, actually.
>What do they avoid to eat?
Rutabagas. Fuck rutabagas.

>> No.24085113

So she fucks rutabagas, eh?

I am intrigued.

>> No.24085126

>So she fucks rutabagas, eh?
No. She fucks her fiance.
She just really, REALLY can't stand rutabagas. If she ever gets a command of her own, rutabagas will be banned from the ship.

>> No.24085144

So the twist is her fiance is secretly a pile of rutabagas.

She will have a tragic choice between banning her foe/fiance, or having to have rutabaga children!

>> No.24085148

>She fucks her fiance.
What a whore.

>> No.24085158

Yes, how dare a grown woman engage in consensual sex in the missionary position with her betrothed.

>> No.24085174

I'm glad we agree that shes an unmarried slut.

>> No.24085187

Salem. Sorry mate.

>> No.24085195

My character is a Dwarf noble. He prefers starts his day with a full breakfast of meat, eggs, fruit, toast or a pastry, and a beverage. He loves champagne and orange juice with breakfast. His favorite fruit is grapes.

For lunch, he'll usually have a smaller meal. For example, he may eat a half chicken breast on a slice of bread with a jam glaze, or a 5 oz steak stuffed inside a piece of bread with vegetables.

For dinner he usually has a moderate sized meal of meat, vegetables, cheese, and bread. These are often combined in a broth to form a delicious stew.

Favorite meat: Chicken
Favorite alcoholic beverage: Red wine

>> No.24085198
File: 80 KB, 1280x720, Mildred Is Amused By This.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, she's SUCH a harlot. I mean she even wears TROUSERS for pity's sake.

>> No.24085204

That art is terrible. but I'll bite

Favorite character eats about 1 to 3 meals a day

Mostly he tends to eat large sub sandwiches due to availability. Lots of greens and meats.

Avoids eating tofu and anything not solid due to texture.

>> No.24085210
File: 64 KB, 500x417, Classygator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24085235
File: 1.89 MB, 1030x5000, 1363866009590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know your lust sir, I too am smitten by that Elf.

>> No.24085334

That is quite amusing.

>> No.24085390

SALEM! IT'S YOU. IT'S OTHER SALEM GUY. I haven't made it down to Borderlands, yet. I'm sorry.

>> No.24085428

It's okay, people have lives or so I'm told.

>> No.24085430

>what do they eat
2-3 meals a workday
1-2 meals on a day off

>Tends to eat
A lot of pizza, subs, and takeout for lunch
Usually cooks something like pasta or steak for dinners
MREs when on the go

>What to they prefer
Anything with seasoned meat
Mushrooms and onions
uncooked vegetables

>Avoid eating
anything spicy
seaweed soup

>> No.24085437


>> No.24085524

It's mostly do to me being broke. But, I will meet you one day. I just know it.

>> No.24085545

My characters:
Caspian Knight/Warcaster Raised by Idrians, what ever is reasonably priced. Lots of fresh produce when available. Veggies and fruit were uncommon where he grew up due to it being a Menoth forsaken sand dune. So things like salads with meat cut up over it.

>> No.24085656

And we probably wont even realize.

>> No.24085684

Am I the only one just a little turned on by that thought?

>> No.24085722

If you were a hot girl? Maybe. No offense but I immediately imagine every single person on /tg/ to be overweight and smell like stale pizza.

>> No.24085738

1 for 2
I work sales so I bathe twice a day, and have strict hygiene rituals.

>> No.24085744


>> No.24085757

I dunno man. I've seen the ERP generals.

>> No.24085796

Once every week
He is still going through the standard trail ration that he bought that was supposed to be a month's supply to normal people. It'll last him 7 and half months.
He avoids eating anything he hasn't personally prepared himself or gathered himself.

>> No.24085797

I just act like everything is a fetish on /tg/ because I think it's hilarious how many people actually say shit about how things are their fetishes all the time.

>> No.24085822

>live in Portland
>call the beer shitty

Live from Bizarro World

>> No.24085833

Mead, Meat, and Macaroni at the local wenchery.

>> No.24085835

Sweat- and beer-smelling master race

>> No.24085845

I was told once I smell like just barely overripe bananas. I think it was supposed to be a complement.

>> No.24085861

I was once told I smell of strawberries. Which is weird because I just got back from the gym...

>> No.24085872


What the fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.24085899

My group gets pretty deep into stimulationist gaming, so yeah, we make sure to eat.
We went on a long journey through a part of the world that was ~Canada in winter and we all had several mules and donkeys carrying tons of dried and heavily salted foods and our cleric could conjure water.
We also eventually eat the donkeys and mules.
And the bear that was attracted by the smell of the salted herring I brought with me.
No one bothered to tell the illusionist that leaving a crate of smelly fish near the camp site was a terrible idea.

>> No.24085953
File: 23 KB, 1711x167, long pork road.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't know what it is like to be hungry until you've walked the Long Pork Road.

>> No.24086010

>You don't know what it is like to be hungry until you've walked the Long Pork Road.
I don't know what it is to be that hungry because I plan ahead.
If I'm not just outright smart enough to do so I've usually got survival.
If I'm currently neither of those chances are good I can summon my own food.
Or we're playing an Urban campaign and I can pop down to the White Deer for a bite.
The White Deer is an inn/hotel that appears in every game we play, named for the James Thurber book.

>> No.24086014

Uh , I'm from Montana, is that good enough? Please? i'm so lonely

>> No.24086043

That screencap wasn't about two people who had planned, but about two people who were determined against all odds to get the job done. How heroic is it to march out of a desert, wearing your own fingerbones, then wage high unholy war on your enemies .. versus going down to the local pub for a light lunch and flagon of the cheap brew?

>> No.24086069

>That screencap wasn't about two people who had planned
Exactly my point
Maybe if they had planned a little more they wouldn't have been in such a bad way

>> No.24086081

How do you plan for being stranded in the middle of a desert? On what practical level does that even surface as a risk?
>We should bring fifteen barrels of water.
>...but we're just crossing a small set of hills.
Get lucid.

>> No.24086113

Alright son, we are traveling from Missouri to Utah
My truck broke down in middle of no where New Mexico/Airzona/Texas/Nevada

>> No.24086116

I wouldn't have ended up stranded in the desert because the people I game with aren't edgy 13 y/o who think gaming is DM Vs. Players.

>> No.24086122

Couldn't help but notice there's no 500 mile wide area of depopulated desert in that story. How very similar a situation, really.

>> No.24086135

>I don't like roleplaying hardships because they're very tricky for me to conquer
You must be a real treat to play with.

>> No.24086154

8/10, would be trolled again

>> No.24086165

>dm: when was the last time you all ate?
>players: my character eats a ration


>dm: okay so you're in the tavern an...
>players: let's get drunk! and tell the bartender we want food

they do not eat outside of those conditions.

>> No.24086204

And that's fine, we play these games for fun and worrying about getting enough calories and macro/micro nutrients isn't fun for a lot of people.
GNS, brah.

>> No.24086300

>Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
No, who the fuck does that?
>What do they tend to eat?
Whatever they have handy. Beggars can't be chosers.
>What do they prefer to eat?
Something that isn't shit.
>What do they avoid to eat?

>> No.24086335

Or somebody who actually knows English maybe?
Dinner means the largest meal of the day. Dinner was at noon in many countries until the "genteel" pastime of luncheon was introduced. Supper is a light meal at the end of the day, usually consisting of soup.

>> No.24086391

This guy does this professionally. There's a gallery out there. Try reverse image searching it. I think he mostly uses very strict forms, and, you know, decades.

>> No.24086420

My players seem to really hate keeping track of their food in travel situations. Having been raised on nethack, I insist. I also levy morale penalties and eventually disease for a diet that's only iron rations for weeks on end.

We do have a childhood reading Redwall books in common, so nobody minds if we take a couple hours to describe the delicious elven feast in detail though.

>> No.24086453


First off, let me say that is the stupidest picture ever and whoever made that (If they were serious in making it) should be killed.

Now onto your questions. My party is roving the wilderness clearing out bandits, so we eat when we can. We usually RP out four meals (One while finishing our watch, breakfast, one while on the road, a travel snack of nuts and berries, one while breaking, a lunch, and a final one before starting our watch, dinner.)

We tend to eat a mix of meats or fish, cheese, bread, and ale/wine. Sometimes we add some moonradishes, or fangberries, or other fruits or veggies we find to the bunch.

What do we prefer to eat? Whatever we can get our hands on.

What do they avoid to eat? Each other.

We actually cook a dinner for our game, so that is why it is important. We cook what would be available to our players, so usually European style stews as we are in a Russia like area in game.

>> No.24086459

>First off, let me say that is the stupidest picture ever and whoever made that (If they were serious in making it) should be killed.

You're the scum of this board.

>> No.24086468

Bro, Hitler was a better artist, and we all know how THAT panned out.

>> No.24086473


Why? Because I find JRPG style of MASSIVE ARMOUR BOUND RETARDS to be degrading to the true style of European fantasy that I was raised on? Or because my opinion differs from yours?

>> No.24086475

Because your shitty opinion on art matters.

All you faggots who push these inane MY OPINION > YOUR OPINION arguments everywhere on the board are cancer.

>> No.24086483


Then what did you just do?

... Hypocritical Moron...

>> No.24086484

The first.

>My fictional unrealistic art style is better then the other fictional unrealistic art style!

Your true style of European fantasy doesn't exist.

You can have a different opinion, like how you can have shit taste. Or the lack of common sense to realize that not everyone thinks like you, and that the value of art is subjective. Personally my opinion, and by no means objective, is that you are a retard.

>> No.24086487

Educate you.

>> No.24086497

>Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
Only 2 or 3. Cooking takes too long during the day, so it's mostly road rations as he goes for lunch.
>What do they tend to eat?
Salted or dried food for lunch, stews or similar for dinner, and usually sausage or cornbread for breakfast.
>What do they prefer to eat?
Fresh fish, fresh beef, fresh fruit, blood sausage, cornbread with lots of butter.
>What do they avoid to eat?
leafy greens, anything pickled, anything spicy.

Also, drink plenty of water, or beer if the water is too contaminated. You gotta stay hydrated, after all.

>> No.24086501
File: 316 KB, 969x1257, Durer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is true art. Learn it.

Seriously? Do you guys see that art and just think. You know, I want to play a ten foot tall man with the head the size of a walnut and breasts the size of engorged melons? And armour to match!

>> No.24086502

Actually dude, the art is OBJECTIVELY bad. As in it fails at what it attempts to do. In this case that is to recreate Western style art, however the proportions are way off in a very amateurish way.

Then again seeing your other comments I think you are just trolling by being needlessly contrary.

>> No.24086522

You objectively do not know what the word "objectively" means.

>> No.24086523
File: 435 KB, 1595x1066, cave-painting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd like to see you quote the artist saying that he tried to recreate western art style.

This is art too you faggot, your opinions are just that, by claiming one is superior then the other proves that your opinions are also shit.

>> No.24086528

>a ten foot tall man with the head the size of a walnut and breasts the size of engorged melons
>a ten foot tall man with the head the size of a walnut
> and breasts the size of engorged melons

What's disturbing about this is its not even that surprising, considering /tg/

>> No.24086529


So your opinion to claim my opinion is shit, is therefore also shit as you claim your opinion is superior to mine.

This argument devolves into the case that everyone's opinion is shit and nobody is right. But because opinions are subjective, I claim that my opinion is the true word of god and therefore not shit, so suck my nuts and piss off.

>> No.24086530

Oh yeah, that one, singular, western style.

You know, even by your moronic claims, I could easily say the artist succeeded by assuming he was trying to recreate the western style of Rob Liefeld.

>> No.24086535

Oh okay, so you're a delusional sack of shit.


>> No.24086536

You objectively can't read minds.

>> No.24086539

You can have your opinions, that wont make them good, or true.

Because art has to be realistic, right?

>> No.24086542


Yep, but guess what. I am an educated, delusional sack of shit, and that is something you will never have.

>> No.24086549

One question, if you can answer it you win and you get a gold star: What makes your opinion, that this is a good work of art, more valid than my opinon, that this is not a good work of art?

>> No.24086551


You can polish a turd...

>> No.24086558


And give said turd a college degree, a job, a girlfriend, and a small group of friends in which to play traditional games with, and it will then be far superior to you.

>> No.24086559

Art is objective, so both your opinions would be right.

I may think a painting some guy did with his dick is retarded, but someone else may think it's brilliant just for that reason.

>> No.24086562

Look out, we got an internet tough guy here,

>> No.24086567

Good art is what I find pleasing. If I dont find it pleasing, I ignore it, but do not question its worth for others who might.

The closest thing to 'bad' art would be art that the creator is dissatisfied with, but even then it may posses worth.

On the other hand the whole MY ART > YOUR ART thing is the epitome of idiocy and evidence of a complete lack of common sense and courtesy, worthy of nothing but scorn. So get the fuck off this site already, please.

>> No.24086572

Thats subjective. Objective is where there is one truth alone and that is unquestionable.

As such, objectivity itself is questionable in relation to... Well, everything.

Cool story.

>> No.24086574

You mean subjective.

And yes, exactly. I'm not arguing that I am objectively correct. I am arguing that my opinion that the art is not good by my personal standards is valid.

I'm not one of the ones saying it is objectively bad, I am saying that your opinion is not in anyway more valid than anyone else's on this particular subject.

>> No.24086575


Actually, you appear to be misusing this term in a form to retract your prior insults to direct the argument in an ad hominem stance against me.

I have neither claimed that I could kick your ass, or that I am some sort of armed forces veteran with three hundred confirmed kills, or anything of the like. I am merely pointing out that if you fire at people over the internet, they can fire back.

>> No.24086580

You have me confused with someone else.

>> No.24086584


And you were talking out your ass... So... It appears we have reached a standstill...

>> No.24086589

Neither am I arguing that your opinion on it being bad is wrong. I'm arguing that claiming one art is better then the other is stupid. You can believe it to be bad if you want.

But if you claim its objectively bad, or that others should think its bad, then you are a hopeless retard.

>> No.24086595

Where four guys think you're a retard and one thinks you are right. Guess who the one is.

>> No.24086603

> I am arguing that my opinion that the art is not good by my personal standards is valid.
You are also arguing for the artist to be killed because you can read minds and know he failed to achieve what he wanted.

>> No.24086609

And then there is that.

>> No.24086614


Look at the top of the thread. About five other people agree. So... Yeah, if the Greek term Demokratia is correct, I believe that makes me right?

>> No.24086622


>if the greek term Demokratia

You pretentious fuck.

>> No.24086623

Then we are in agreement I think. Good day sir.

I was not the one claiming that. I was taking issue with the fact that someone was claiming that their opinion on art was more valid than someone else's. I do admit that the person who started this did a terrible job of presenting their opinion, and then went on to make themselves look like an ass to defend it. But them claiming that they think the work is bad is a valid claim. One should critique art, and one should be allowed to present their opinion.

>> No.24086627


And you fail to grasp the meaning of exaggerating for comedic purposes. I seriously don't mean the man should be put to death (... You fucking retard...)

>> No.24086630

Hardly. And it is not. A large number of people can be stupid as well.

What the difference is between the two issues is that only one person thinks that claiming to be educated, employed and possessing of a girlfriend on the internet matters.

>> No.24086631

Yes and? How exactly does that make me wrong?

>> No.24086635


You ignorant, incorrect fuck. Next time you try and win a 'but we have more supporters so we are right', actually count.

>> No.24086636

I believe I can speak in the name of a few anons then that your idea of comedy is seriously lacking.

>> No.24086639


It's possible to be wrong, and also to be so sure of your rightness that you bust out phrases like "if the greek term Demokratia...".

Case in point: You. You pretentious fuck.

>> No.24086640

Oh yeah, I totally agree that the art style is fucking retarded and ugly (and seriously turning me off). But I don't go around spreading my opinion as objective truths about art, feeling superior about it and getting violently angry at the artist for not sharing my taste.

>> No.24086644

Except you were basing the fact that you were right on the supposition that you had more people on your side of the argument. When you were proven wrong you threw out an ad hominem and then changed your argument to try and deflect the fact that you lost.

>> No.24086645


The difference between these two arguments is an unrelated matter entirely that has nothing to do with the argument!

>Flawless point

>> No.24086646

It's not a very funny joke. There is no punch line and no subtext.

>> No.24086649

Right and wrong does not factor into you being a pretentious cunt. And you fail to realize that a few people here are actually having an educated conversation, and one person is attempting to seem as if he is engaged in educated conversation.

>> No.24086650


And I believe I can speak in the name of a few anons who thought it was funny. As you pointed out earlier that we cannot read minds, neither can you.

>> No.24086651

But those claims are always hilarious because they seem to think it matters.

>> No.24086654


He does, actually, have the theory backwards. One of the first signs of an ESTABLISHED civilization is almost always, and I really do mean that, it's in some absurdly high percentile of researched cases, is the production of alcohol. It's practically a metric for having culture.

>> No.24086661

And they are perfectly in the right to think so if they do! Of course, some would question their taste in comedy as well. Not that you can prove they exist. The only thing for sure, is that I, personally, think you are stupid for typing such things. And not funny. Neither witty. Nor smart.

>> No.24086665

See, that's fair. It's one thing to say, for example: "IMO this picture is horrible and completely fuck proportion-wise."

It is another to say: "I think I speak for all of us when I say I this image is shit and the artist is a bad person for making it."

>> No.24086670


So therefore you have your opinion and I have mine. But to claim that my opinion is 'the scum of this board' is a completely unbased claim that is entirely hypocritical.

>> No.24086671

Pretentious is when you have the false idea that you have something important to say and everyone else should be as impressed with your brilliance as you are. See most artsy movies.

That said, almost as misused as autism on this board.

>> No.24086684

How so? You have not yet typed anything to contradict it. The only thing we have accomplished this far is that you realized people have opinions. Good job.

>> No.24086695

You're making the claim. You have to prove it. He doesn't have to disprove it until you do.

>> No.24086697


How so? Because typing, and I quote "You can have a different opinion, like how you can have shit taste." is in turn saying that it is your opinion that I have shit taste and is implying that it is correct is exactly what you have been arguing against you moron.

>> No.24086701


Patronising someone for "realising people have opinions" is enormously hypocritical coming from someone who thinks opinions can be objectively good or bad.

Way to miss the point of opinions.

>> No.24086725

He is claiming that my opinion is unbased and hypocritical. I was making a statement.

Since then his argument effectively amounted to 'I have a girlfriend, a job and education, and this makes me right'. About his ignorant statements on art.

My claim was that people who persist in MY OPINION > YOUR OPINION are scum, because they are wrong, via not realizing that there is no way to gauge the value of any art in an objectively correct way.

That paragraph makes no sense, rephrase it.

>> No.24086732

You are confusing me with the person I am arguing with. By the way, the value which you give to my opinions is completely up to you, on the other hand the validity of art being objectively good or bad is simply wrong. Which I am arguing for.

>> No.24086778
File: 23 KB, 241x283, 1358870460794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I see what you did there and I like it!

>> No.24086861
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Alright, the foodthread bit was pretty cool and so was the Dragon's Crown fun, let's see what happened to this thr- oh for fuck's sake. HERE WE GO.

You. Yes, you. Two points of wisdom, mang. One; jockeying for legitimacy based on social status, on an imageboard of all places? And of all imageboards, you choose /tg/? That's kinda pathetic.


>fucking ellipses and caps out of place

>fuckin' ELLIPSES

>hurf durf demokratia

>all this fuckery over who's more subjective and who's more of a fag and ELLIPSES
To be fair, you're all acting like goddamn fools even by /tg/'s easily trolled standards, not just this fellow. But you, truly.

You stand guilty of being the ARCHFAGGOT behind this shitstorm. That Dragon's Crown art is ridiculous and stylized in a way I personally find to be hilariously bad (if so bad it's kinda enjoyable) but you just had to be a fag about what constitutes 'true art' and run your mouth full well knowing you were playing with fire. You are barely a step above postmodernist faggotry by your taste, but have the same temperament as any postmodernist 'art' fag. So please, stop being a fagging faggity fag, fag.

And the same goes for you in striking the match. Cancer of this sort cannot be dealt with using logic, reason, or trolling. It's too shitheaded to change its ways. You ignore it, and it remains inert besides making mediocre posts. Simple.

The shit I put up with.

>> No.24086875

>Cancer of this sort cannot be dealt with using logic, reason, or trolling. It's too shitheaded to change its ways.

If cancer cannot be treated it will kill the body. I have hope that at least some people will learn, if not all.

>> No.24087550
File: 210 KB, 212x184, 1363895912783.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If they were serious in making it
I am pretty sure it was meant to be exaggerated for the sake of it. You are free to laugh at it, I do believe half the point was that it should appear amusing.

>> No.24087601

>We actually cook a dinner for our game, so that is why it is important. We cook what would be available to our players
I knew we weren't the only ones who did this.
Perhaps it's more common than I first imagined.

>> No.24087612

>all dese oregonians
any one from the rogue valley?

>> No.24087678

Given all the fan-art I believe it's safe to assume that Dragon Crown's art was quite successful.

>> No.24088018
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Was in a Legacy of Fire campaign once.
On the trail we ate pita bread, rice, hummus, dried fruit and vegetables, sesame-paste, and occasionally grilled gnoll or giant scorpion. You can fold the pita over, use the hummus like a glue, and set a nice piece of gnoll meat in the middle (make sure to boil it first as it tends to be very tough and stringy).

When in the city meals were usually more ornate, including wine, grape liquor, fish, eggs, or aubergine. A mix of different kinds of salads before the meal as an appetizer was the norm, and after we ate we would smoke hookah. Kebabs were tasty too. And some people would do this thing where they would empty out the inside of a large tomato or pepper with a spoon, and fill it with lamb or chicken, and bake it - served with rice.

>> No.24088025
File: 963 KB, 2272x1704, IMG_8598.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24088028

>any medieval setting
I think that's underestimating the amount of medieval settings

>> No.24088085

The question in one of my recent campaigns is: What can you possibly eat that won't somehow become incarnated into a butchered form of nature?

>> No.24088099 [DELETED] 
File: 94 KB, 800x489, mre-contents-800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
Maby if 2 if they steal rations off of dead peope

What do they tend to eat?
Combat MREs

What do they prefer to eat?
Anything that's not a Combat MRE

What do they avoid to eat?
Anything not prepared in LOS

When you're a guardsman in the 41st Milenium, attached to a penal legion too, you're not very picky about your food

>> No.24088118
File: 94 KB, 800x489, mre-contents-800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your player characters eat a healthy 4 meals a day?
>Maby if 2 if they steal rations off of dead peope

What do they tend to eat?
>Combat MREs

What do they prefer to eat?
>Anything that's not a Combat MRE

What do they avoid to eat?
>Anything not prepared in LOS

When you're a guardsman in the 41st Milenium, attached to a penal legion too, you're not very picky about your food

>> No.24088140

By this I mean: How can you feel comfortable eating food you might consider "normal" like, say, muffins, when a Giant Muffin Monster tries to eat one of you, and sends little Raisin things to bite at your ankles?

>> No.24088167
File: 20 KB, 474x356, stay pft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you're not thinking like a PC

the actual question is

>when eaten by a giant sentient Muffin, can you eat your way out?

>> No.24088182

Wasn't there a thread a while back about the quasielemental planes of breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

>> No.24088207

Would you want to try and eat a sentient muffin?

Thing sounds like Mad Cow Disease waiting to happen

>> No.24088227

mad cow disease IIRC came from feeding cows cow food with bits of cow in it, this is just like eating muffun flavoured meat.

At the most you might get worms

>> No.24088265

Playing Only War.
Our squad tries to eat the typical Imperial rations at least once a day.

My character is the cook, I routinely fail to make decent meals, but we all agree that its still better than the normal nutrislurry

>> No.24090022
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You mean, who dares to eat mushroom when the mushrooms can fight back?

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