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Plenty of threads about GMs fucking up, so let's share our systems that work.
Gms word is law.
I do all the rolling.
I decide setting.
I decide the limits to the character creation system.
Characters are created both GURPS and talking it out amongst the group.
I draw the maps, decide where they go if they wander and decide what npcs they come accross.
Players have their own backstories that they create, but monitored by me.
Good rping is rewarded with exp, even if it was a bad desision.
Bad rping results on you being killied off in a cave in (hasn't happned yet)
Party never been happier, love my games.

So yeah, success stories.

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Wow, you call this shit success, and say your players are happy? Good for you, and good for me too since Im not playing with you.
PROTIP: Viking hat GMing might have been fun in the Seventies, but nowadays player agency is the name of the game.

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I run 2nd/3rd edition D&D with an oldschool flair. It works pretty well. As for your stuff, I'm all for keeping the power of the DM versus certain trends towards player agency/shared storytelling, but you just sound like a dick.

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So you control pretty much everything?
Well I guess if your player like it, that's what's most important.

I do,
almost the exact opposite.

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What do you define as player agency?

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I just create hooks and throw them out there for the PCs. Most of my game is improv. I do some prep work to try and make fights that aren't retardedly easy or hard, but refluff whatever those monsters were. So a white dragon might actually turn into a fight against an airship. Or a dozen Orcs might be a dozen town guard.

I reward creativity. PC want's to light the alchemist's shop on fire to kill the ooze inside? Awesome, roll a ranged attack with an improved weapon (torch). Or cast fireball at the orange liquid. Or whatever.

When a player asks to do something stupid I can usually shut them down with the question 'How?'. "I want to seduce the demigorgon" "How?" usually results in "Uh, shit, I don't know I guess that's dumb." or "I sing her a song in Infernal about how fearsome she is."

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I love you

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Pretty much my system right here.

Nice to know it works for someone else, too.

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I alternate running campaigns with another guy in my group, and about two weeks ago I came to the session and found out the other GM wasn't going to be there for his session that week because of a last minute call at his job. Also in his defense they tried to call me earlier in the day but I hadn't given them my new number yet.

I had nothing prepared, so I let them play Brawl for half an hour while I brainstormed like a motherfucker. Ended up with a pretty good session, a new minor villain added to the campaign, and a captured evil cleric that the party a session later still can't decide what to do with.

Feels good man.

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We have similar GM'ing styles, OP. I let the players roll for themselves, though. Oh, and I always ask for their input, but never get any meaningful response. I have no idea how I'm doing, because they never tell me shit.

>"So, how do you think the campaign is turning out?"
>"Something you would like changed?"
>(Well, this guy's mostly here for combat..)"Want more human encounters, more monsters, or something?"
>"Nah, I think it's good."

Okay, cool. I wish they criticized me every once in a while. I feel like I'm catering more to one player than the rest, but none of them seem to have a damned opinion.

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I am actually pretty lax as a gm

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>but none of them seem to have a damned opinion.
On the topic of players that never say anything, how are you supposed to teach people who have never roleplayed in their life, not even shitty ass forum "roleplay" or Goldshire ERP, how to act in character?

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Just tell them it's like stationary acting.

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Well, I started out with two of those. One left the group, and the other learned pretty quickly. Had the others lead by example, as well as having active NPC's.

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I want to start DMing an Only War game.

Basic concept I have of DMing it is making the group a "killteam" that get only very high priority targets in an overall larger conflict.

I'll give them some set objectives, then let them go crazy with how to do it ect, also gonna have several "scripted" events that will happen no matter where they go/what they do at certain times.

am I doing it right? I wanna be a good DM for my fellow fa/tg/uys.

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To expand: the encounters are random and they have seem the world map lots of times and have bought several othet maps. The GM is god, but has to be responsible. Two random encounter semi bosses in a row won't be retconned but it won't be scripted either, unless the party has gotten too big for it's boots, with endgame material all round

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Some of our best roleplayers have come from no experience. It prevents them from having any preconceptions. Example: Guy playing a hafling rogue as his first ever character. Kills a baby to keep from getting discovered infiltrating a mansion. Everyone kinda stares at him after he does this. He decides he wants to be evil. Grows up to be a half-demon with a chunk of the abyss that flies through time and space. He was a little 'lolrandom' at times with the evil but he was always an interesting character.

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Dear god you're a horrible DM.
>Don't let players do their own thing
>Makes all the decisions
>Roll the dice, probably fudges them when it doesn't match "muh story!"
>Decides where they go (You gotta be fucking kidding me)

By god, if I wanted to watch a play I'd watch a play, but I'm here to play tabletop! You're a shitty DM, and you're either lying, or your friends are having wrongbadfun.

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As a great example watch these.


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I usually press them to try. Some people just aren't creative when it comes to dialogue. Alcohol and comfort with the group helps. So does leading by example. I find as a DM if you address a character instead of a player, you're more likely to get a response from the character.

So at a shop say "An old wizard walks over to you and says 'hey sonny, you look like you could use a new sword. I've got this new model, just in from Dwarftown. It lights on fire and lets you shoot lasers out of your eyes'" rather than 'A wizard shows you his wares. One is a flaming longsword that lets you shoot lasers out of your eyes'

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My players don't even get to choose a class.

They get a Level-0/Commoner/Mortal session or two to define their "coming of age", and then they are awarded their class and feats/assets/backgrounds according to what they actually did in the pre-sessions.

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I really do want to do a great job of GMing.

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Did they have fun?

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Never played Only War, but the idea of sandbox+ certain 'scripted' events sounds cool. Like a city gets bombed whether their in it or not? If they're there, they have to hide. If they're not there, they'll probably rush over.

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That sounds like it could actually be fun. Once. If everyone knew before hand that was the expectation.

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ITT: Obvious troll bait, overreactions and devil's advocacy.

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yeah, a lot like that. I'll keep track of where they are or what day it is.

I have a little over 40 of these events written out now and I'll throw them at my players whenever, better than a nightly firefight encounter I think.

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Actually, they did. I mean, as much as I say that I awarded, it's still a collaborative venture, unless the player is way off fucking base.

Like, if he says he wants to play a more thief like character but was tinkering around with magic devices and using his skills to talk his way out of shit, I may make him a Bard instead of a direct thief, but then I'll usually do something like award a social feat/trait.

Now, if he says he wants to play something like a druid and goes full frontline murderhobo, then we have an issue, and I likely pull them aside for a discussion on rp portrayals (as well as a one-on-one so we can work towards something closer)

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Oh god you suck. You're basically saying you can't RP outside your class. What if the player WANTS to be a murderhobo druid? Its called a TN or NE druid. Survival of the fittest. And what rogue? Does the phrase "Dashing rogue" mean NOTHING to you? Rogues often LIVE to talk their way out of situations in fiction.

You are a bad DM. Bad.

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This is how the official adventure supplements are written. They're pretty railroady but you can probably salvage some ideas and get a feel for how they think a campaign might run.

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>Hey, you offer a level of interaction that has been well received by your players and makes them more invested in them and the story, but I personally wouldn't like it because it challenges my ability to make spechul snowflak shit, thus you're a bad DM.

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>Hey, you criticize me for subtly forcing players to conform to character archetypes, thus constraining their RP, not to mention limiting player agency, thus clearly you a mary sue making faggot.

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I started dming shadowrun recently, alternating between two other dudes that run GURPS, Wild Talents, and Pathfinder.

I've only run 3 sessions but everyone seems to be having fun. Although I'm startting to regret giving everyone so much freedom with thier characters, since its taking a lot of work to keep everyones objectives pointing in the same direction.

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>Let them do whatever they want
>React to it logically, do reciprocal storybuilding
>"No, you fgt, that's limiting RP, you're shit"

Dear God, I hope you're the exception for shit player attitudes, otherwise it's no wonder DM hostility is so high.

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Thats not the way he was describing it. Seemed like he was saying that his games were like Oblivion.

You run a tutorial and then the game picks your class. Except oblivion lets you tell the game to go fuck itself, I'm being X, whereas he was implying he chooses his friend's class.

Which is not cool.

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I'm becoming better at improvising and my players are loving it. I'll sketch out the skeleton of a story and a few NPCs, but my players are ultimately at the helm.

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>GMs word is law
Of course; that means we can fudge whenever we want.

>I do all the rolling.
Really? ALL rolling?

>I decide setting
Well in his defence his is the GM; but player input is normally acceptable.

>I decide the limits to the character creation system.

>Characters are created both GURPS and talking it out amongst the group
That's cool. Most of my groups have done that.

>I draw the maps, decide where they go if they wander and decide what npcs they come across
Draw maps - its handy and I have done that; railroad them? Only once, and it was for one session to prepare them for the free-roam investigation next session.

>Players have their own backstories that they create, but monitored by me.
Hmmmm....both good and bad. You won't get any more Old Man Henderson's, but then again you don't want to spend module writing time on scrutinising a players backstory.

>Good RPing is rewarded with xp, even bad decisions
Rewards for good RP are numerous; chocolates, xp - but bad decisions shouldn't be rewarded no matter how much RP sugar-coating is put onto it. Dumb is dumb.

>Bad RPing results on you being killing off in a cave in
If your players roleplay badly you DONT penalise them. EVER.

>Party never been happier, love my games
Are you sure? I certainly wouldn't be.

In all honesty dude; you're railroading the fuck out of your players. Try and loosen the reins and give them some freedom.


Now on the planned vs. improve discussion. I tried improve. once in my Fallout PnP. Created a bunch of mercs with various semi-auto/automatic weaponry. The charcaters met them in combat and were holding their own until the automatic weapons started firing. I look at it; if your gonna have a 12-burst weapon on an npc, he's going to shoot the max-burst. That's what he did; hitting with six bullets. The damage totalled 90 - at least 3x the health of the target. The heavenly GM saved him that day and only took him to 0 and unconscious.

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I crudely map out the area, create a few events I want to happen, stat up a few major NPCs and let them at it. I don't balance monsters, and I don't really have predetermined encounters. Then with these factors in mind, I let the players make their own decisions and improvise when I need to. Most combats happen against improvised enemies, though they've yet to try and take on anything that was above their level without having overwhelming numbers.
Mostly they just shout at each other and at me when NPCs have player-like agency and reasoning.

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You kind of just let them go at it. I remember my first time RPing was pretty dreadful and I was metagaming out the ass, but I grew out of it pretty quick and my current DM feels that I am the most capable roleplayer out of the group.

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>bad decisions shouldn't be rewarded

Not necessarily. At least two friends of mine can't play anything with low intelligence, because they as players know that something bad could happen, but their players are dumbasses, so they wouldn't know better. Its easy to RP good decisions that are likely to come out with a character becoming stronger or richer, but its harder to RP them actually falling victim to their in-character vices and weaknesses.

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Basically, this.
My players aren't imaginative enough yet, but I'm hoping they will change. I think they will.

A good idea is to allow shit to fall into their lap (but it should make sense). If someone asks "Is there a meat cleaver at on the bartender's table?", and his reasoning is "The Inn also serves meat", I'd allow it.

If they would've asked "Is the bridge wooden, so I can light it on fire?", I'd usually say yes, because, why not. It's made out of stone if I need that bridge intact, or plan on having them use their dynamite.

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My best success was a series of one shots.

>Every player comes up with a level five dwarf.
>Dwarf kingdom conquered 130 years ago or so (might be off by a year or two)
>You fight a guerrilla war against your orc and giant oppressors.
>Before you even get a chance at retaking your ancient city,
you owe your commander 100 giant scalps.
>Never look at CR.
>Just keep sending weird shit and foes at them.
>When players ask if something is there, I roll a percentile based on how retarded it is.
>Players RP, DM gives no fucks.
>80's action movie logic everywhere.
>Usually ends with 'FUCK YOU IMMA DORF' as perfect reasoning.

Yet when I try to be serious its...
>Usual forever DM either bitching at how i suck or getting so into character we all get distracted.
>Players expected L5R in pathfinder. Instead they get asian ghostbusters.
>Have random charts to roll up NPCs, players use them to make waifus for a harem comedy.
>Get complaints that they aren't being railroaded.
>Never DM sober.
>Everyone still somehow has amazing amounts of fun.

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True but that's not a bad decision is it? Roleplaying your character is different to roleplaying a bad decision. The following anecdote will explain roleplaying your character, while roleplaying a bad decision sounds exactly like that; making a big deal out of something minor.

I play a Rogue with 9 Wisdom and 13 Int. He's smart, but he has his foot-in-his mouth. He says the wrong things at the wrong times, and the party knows this. The thing is, I share the party face position with a cleric, so I end up doing more harm than good in the end.
Now here's an example of a roleplaying situation about a roleplaying situation thatstems from my characters 9 wisdom.

I go to et a room at this scum-towns inn. He says "1 gold", I say "well that's a little steep", innkeeper responds, I respond with another stupid remark, innkeeper coughs and two ruffians step forward, I quickly slide two gold over (another stupid action) and now the price is four gold for the room; which I don't get to sleep in cause the innkeeper hints at a meticulous plan to kill me in my sleep.

Now I have to ask - what is your definition of "bad decision"?
Is it punching a yellow mold and almost killing one of your companions? (happened to me; I received the brunt of the spore attack)
Or the above anecdote?

Should I be rewarded because I roleplayed my character? Should the guy who punched the yellow mold be rewarded for a "bad decision"?

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I really like the low-wis roleplaying.
Even bad combat decisions should not be punished "out of game".

When I was a player, two of my friends jumped into a skeleton pit and we had to bend over almost every resource to save them.

Karma struck, and both my friends got critted by Skelly Falchions, and killed. Doing something stupid in combat is often a huge penalty on its own, no need to rub it in when you DM.

Personally, I hate something really out of place, and stupid, like trying to diplomancy a Islamic Sultan for his first-born daughter's vagina-access.
Didn't feel bad killing that PC.

My players are really great at being stupid OOC, basically. The party Paladin wanted to kill prostitutes because he believed that they deserved it. (in a medieval society where such things weren't really illegal)

One PC took all his clothes off in a medieval banquet when people were cheering and dancing...
This kind of dumb annoys me, and I don't play with those people anymore.

Your RPing is amazing. Even better if you're not angry about it.

(I also hate players who are angry or upset with the game. I mean, fuck, it's just a game, and fuck, I'm a Monty Haul DM, fer fucks sake.)

>> No.24069344


I go by the old adage "You can do it but..." when it comes to stupid things - like that Islamic Daughter vagina-access thing. I'll heavily penalise the player for doing it, and if he screws up...oh, he's going to have some fun in the jail that night, he might even make it to the executioner's block!
"What did I do?"
"Well...your inexperience with the Islamic language has made it so that you said something horrible to the Sultan..."

I once had a player sell lead marketed as a miracle cure. Why? Because this guy did the of the finest bits of roleplaying I've seen from him, hell that WAS the best roleplaying from him. Everyone at the table was just slowly nodding, finally proud that he had gotten the knack for roleplaying....then he changed back.

I know before I even say some of the things "The party going to hate this, but..." I have felt angry towards another player for constantly getting annoyed at my roleplaying - but I waved this at inexperience.

As an afterthought, I had a new guy playing a Paladin. Someone said they should fight some orphans (don't know why but I didn't allow it). He said OOC that its not murder when its self-defence; you insult the orphan enough that it attacks you...
We just looked at him for a few seconds, dumfounded at how he came to that conclusion and how he thought it would work with his class.

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He basically charged dickfirst into the princess, who was guarded by 4 veteran guards.

I've tried to warn him.

>> No.24069374


Well that's char-death right there.
That's not even Diplomacy - Shotgun Diplomacy maybe, but def not Diplomacy.
If it was Diplomacy he'd have one chance to save face or face the consequences.

A similar thing happened to my uncle. He made a 2nd edition version of Pool of Radiance and the party was fleeing from a vast army. They got caught up, and the wizard said "fuck you guys". After being warned several times NOT to do it, my uncle rolls up...the commander of the force.
"Hey minions, watch this new trick I invented just now with this here wizard..."
Animosity was formed between them from that point on.

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You can't really do much.
If a PC puts a noose round his neck and jumps, you can't really magic it away forever.

Sometimes you should let them choke.

>> No.24069425


So true - at least its nice to find another GM who shares one of my opinions!
Lord knows my uncle disagrees with my methods enough.

>> No.24069439

Mistaken a bit there...
I really hate killing my player's characters.

But it's never too late to start...
When Death is out of the equation, PCs get too retarded.

>> No.24069445

If you ask in general, in general you will get nothing. Ask about specific situations, instead.

>> No.24069451

But anon, your roleplay has nothing to do with your class. Your class is what you can do in combat for the most part, not what you are.

Two quick example for you.

Character is a female monk. When first met, she's singing at the tavern in a group of ministrel some kind of youth music. She also sings in more "classy" places, such as castles when there's a big thing going on. She travels between towns and earn her living that way. Why is she a monk? Because she fights like one, as all she knows from combat is brawling with drunk people in shady taverns.
Character is a King. He rules his kingdom, wages wars, defy internal struggles, ... Do you think he's Noble 1? Noble 1 simply doesn't have the necessary output. He has a few level in rogue for the skill points, in fighter for the feats, and in wizard for some shenanigan magic.

That's how you build characters anon. Classes are merely a tool to suit your needs, not the begining and the end of the personality of your character.

>> No.24069466


Mine is there's only so many times I can save them without the game getting boring; but luckily nobody's done something stupid enough to get themselves killed yet.
And I'll probably twist fate a little cause I'm a nice guy.

Not nescessarily. I asked general questions when we were beta-testing my Elder Scrolls PnP and got extensive feedback in return. Depends on person really.

Interesting way to look at character/roleplaying opportunities. I myself look at it - the background and class must mesh somehow.

>> No.24069473

Maybe he's munchkin-shocked, seeing a thousand spikedchain-trippers, a billion Archmages or Divine Crusaders or whatever weird shit players can come up with.

Or he's had one too many a Paladin that doesn't respect any law, not even the laws of nature.

>> No.24069507

Take the Rogue I mentioned above.
9 Wis, 18 Dex
His name is Lucas Knight, he is a nobleman. Why is he a rogue? He spent a lot of time slumming with the people of the streets, learning how to open locks (which he specialises in) that the father puts in place cause he's angry at his heir slumming and learning rogue abilities so he can ride over to the neighbouring region and hook up with his lover.
He has a sister; who has 17/18 (cant remember which) Charisma, high Int and low Str. She is a mage. When they were young Lucas and Amelia would get into trouble - with Amelia being the brains behind it.

From there I took the Dragon Age Noble start; the "last noble of House Knight, betrayed by some scumbags..." but Lucas came home from his lovers to find his home on fire, manages to find his sister and escape.
Lucas has his fathers signet ring and the artefact "Hat of Fancy +5". That's just his background before meeting the party.

>> No.24069518


Oh - founder of his bloodline was dextrous, charismatic and smart.
Lucas got the dexterity and Amelia got the looks and smarts.

>> No.24069542

While it is true that paladins have laws to respect, and that there are some truly retarded players (see >>24069344), I'm always open to smart RP if the class actually fits the need of the RP.

See pic attached.

>> No.24069597


That and the Powder Keg of Justice.

>> No.24069600

Always open to smart RP and tactics.
I'll almost always say "hell yeah, it's allowed and can be done!"

>> No.24069611

To add to my point (characters are not defined by their class, class are merely a support for the roleplay), see >>24069580.

>> No.24069640

Yep. In D&D 3.5, everything is allowed.
Rules tried to go as far as foreshadowing everything so that many bad DM think that if it's not in the rules it cannot be done. Or simply totally retarded DM who misunderstand rules (see the arguments over D&D4 where people think if an iron lock is a moderate challenge for a lvl 2 party, it is still a moderate challange for a lvl 20 party because they fucking misunderstood the rules that are clear as fuck, besides the fact that it also makes no sense to play like these DMs do). If it's not in the rules, it's still allowed, use your imagination and roll a dice if you need it so bad.

>> No.24069652


That's sort of whats going to be happening in my Boot Hill one-on-one. Cause Boot Hill was mostly a tabletop wargame, there is very little written rules for roleplaying. So its house-rule city and total roleplay avenue in regards to that one.

>> No.24069779

I thought that whole thread was one endless troll thread where everyone knew what was up, but pretended ignorance just to piss everyone off.

I'm sorry that the rules are so easy to misinterpret. Number one required stat/feat/boon for DM's is common sense.

>> No.24069812

Also, I'd like to add, allowing things is not only for 3.5.
I bet a great DM has a lot of fun with 4e, 2e or 1e, or Shadowrun, or WFRP, or even fucking FATAL.

A good game is made out of a good DM/GM/Storyteller/Chaptermaster... and good players.
The world's greatest DM will have a shitty time with shit players, and the world's greatest players could have a good time with a shit DM.

>> No.24072082

I like the way my DM handles low int chars. If the player has an idea, his char has to roll for it against a difficulty check: case in point, my 1 int crocman(not based off any RP system) had helped bust loose some birdfolk PCs from a slave ship(had entered through a patched hole in the side of the ship). They were down in the hold, and were figuring out how to handle the rest of the ship's crew. Birdman noticed a few crates of powder, and came up with "let's shoot it!" except that would take us out too. I figure, make a fuse, so I ask DM if I can roll for an idea. He OK's it, and I pass.
>Maw(my char) walks over to the crate, punches it, and starts scooping the powder out into a trail.
We ended up blowing that ship sky high, though the bird nearly got his feathers burned off(He was the one who had to light the fuse).

>> No.24072954


You're assuming everyone wants the same thing, my friend. Don't be upset.

>> No.24072969


The 'How?' hook is definitely going into my notebook. For this, I feel richer. Thank you!

>> No.24076809


>I really hate killing my player's characters.

Don't be. Don't set out to just kill them, but always keep in mind: every PC is expendable. If the story of one "concludes", just help the player set up to begin the story of another.

>> No.24077139

Create a setting
Draw a map
Show them only small bits of the map depending on their backstory and where they are located.
Create a sandbox and watch the children explore

>> No.24077183


Players with little connection to characters; I reckon they can be killed off without ill will (although it wont work out like that).

Players with a big connection to characters; their harder, and imo we should try and help them to survive.


That's how I intend to roleplay Shadowrun (if I can find my rulebook...) - print the map, put it down.
"What do you guys want to do this session?"
"Lets go rob the Stuffer Shack!"
*GM gets his materials ready*

Of course I'll have pre-made and home brewed 'runs for them if they need a quick cash injection.

>> No.24079281

>I draw the maps, decide where they go if they wander and decide what npcs they come accross.
Don't! Involve them when you can! PCs wanna set an ambush in the wild? They draw the map THEN I add/remove an element or two. Not enough to foil, but enough to make it interesting.

There are two things you want to avoid: Railroads and Open Ground. MAKE ROADS!

In the first, you are naught but a passenger. All you do is watch the scenery and maybe help with the pace. You won't get involved. And being involved is fun.

Open Ground is not fun either: You have no idea where to go, progress slowly, end up lost and trust me, this is infuriating.

Roads have many predictable destinations. One could pick the highway or divert and find their own shortcuts or scenery routes: either way your choices are clear, your movements facilitated, you end up in areas that have been prepared, and even if a destination is set, you feel a bit of pride if you chose your path and went through your way.

Even better, set checkpoints, and when players reach one, discuss with them what should be the next. Then, show them (not tell them, but show) alternatives, risks&rewards involved and let them choose options you made for them!

>> No.24079435

>In the first, you are naught but a passenger. All you do is watch the scenery and maybe help with the pace. You won't get involved. And being involved is fun.
Basically every Final Fantasy ever. Not bad if you've got graphics, calculating engine and a team of writers.

>Roads have many predictable destinations. One could pick the highway or divert and find their own shortcuts or scenery routes: either way your choices are clear, your movements facilitated, you end up in areas that have been prepared, and even if a destination is set, you feel a bit of pride if you chose your path and went through your way.

Even better, set checkpoints, and when players reach one, discuss with them what should be the next. Then, show them (not tell them, but show) alternatives, risks&rewards involved and let them choose options you made for them!

Basically Baldur's Gates. Boss is always the same, whether you were chaotic evil or lawful good, Sub Quests are not mandatory, you choose who to ally and who to attack, can choose from many destinations, but choices are clear. This is a system of roads!

>> No.24084118

>I do all the rolling



1/10 would not play, shitty campaign

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