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So /tg/ I decided to take the plunge after a talk with a family member and Rogue trader vet and start collecting Necrons tomorrow, picking up my first box of Warriors (And perhaps Immortals) and then expanding from there. Any advice on paint schemes? Should I get a hobby knife to get the models out of the sprue? How much glue am I gonna need? Should I pick up an Overlord as well, or go with a named character?

TL;DR Help a noob out please?

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Paint job is really up to you but most people like necrons somewhere in the range of "Gunmetal grey with some neon/eldritch glowing highlights".

Hobby knives are useful, files are vital; get a good file first, if you have cash left get a decent knife or pair of clippers, if not get a crappy scalpel set from a pound shop (or whatever the equivalent is called in America)

How much glue you need is highly variable, but to begin with just get yourself one or two things of superglue/poly-cement and see how long they last you; it will be way less annoying to have to go out and buy a little extra than find out that you have three bottles full of solid crystals of once-glue.

As for the whole Overlord vs named character thing, that's really more of a personal choice, but you can always go along to your nearest stockist and watch a couple of games, see how each choice tends to shake out for other people and make a choice based of that.

Also; green stuff, get some. Emergency sculpting putty is always useful, and as long as you don't do something dumb like mix it all at once it pretty much doesn't go off.

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