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And thus, we continue our legend.

Last time we escaped from pirate space station Tartarus with our valuable contact Vindicare Assassin Ceiron and we are currently aboard our flagship Aspera Dominus("Torment of God", for plebs who cannot into High Gothic).

Today we had a good recap and fluff thread and many new articles were born, many thanks to Luigi and Venatorus!

Some of them:

Also, our chat for players is here(no registration required):

>> No.24038378

Currently three of your subjects demand your attention:

Klementhos comes to you seeking permission to put Shadow Guard Horim into the life-sustaining Dreadnought Sarcophagus:
>I believe that Horim deserves this honour, milord, after all he died while protecting you, even if his mission wasn't of great significance to the Chapter as custom would dictate. If you would allow me, I'll attempt to return him to serve with us once more! (Roll Medicae 62 to succeed)

Averon approaches Chapter Master:
>Milord, I was taking care of our books and it seems my predecessor made some grave miscalculation in Chapter finances, it seems trade conglomerates with whom we had dealing over Vardan Colony owe us 75 wealth. I already sent them a letter, they'll pay us back by then end of this month. If we survive current situation, that is.

(extra 20 wealth for what Venator achieved)

Finally, there is Fleet Master Copernicon:
>My liege, we are in grave situation at the moment, pirates greatly outnumber us and we have an hour at most before they realise that you escaped the station. My suggested course of action is to retreat from the system, regroup with our other forces and then proceed with any naval actions you might have in mind.


What do you do?

>> No.24038411

Contact the High Lords about the iron warrior seed, we need to have this chapter set-up in a controlled environment.

>> No.24038460

Rolled 73

Rolling Medicae

>> No.24038480

Since Horim's brain isn't technically dead yet.
I propose we learn Regeneration and regenerate Horim's body, and let Klementhos work his magic to making his hearts beat again.

>> No.24038515

On that note, before that I would like to talk to Klementhos about their progress.

>> No.24038528

Rolled 72


Time to get out of Dodge! Withdraw the battle barge from danger, and link up with friendly forces.

I approve of Horim being Dreadnoughted, and will offer a roll to the Emperor. Medicae, go.

>> No.24038555

"Klementhos, I too think our battle brother Horim fought for the Chapter and for me bravely. We shall give him the honors, noble Apothecary. Prepare the Sarcophagus!"
"Copernicon, I trust your skill and decisivity. I hope that you will get us out of here, before the accursed scoundrels realize that we are gone."

>> No.24038586

Rolled 74

Also roll.

>> No.24038596


I would just like to bring up to everyone that Iron Warriors were part of the Dropsite Massacre that saw our parent legion slaughtered.

I for one wouldn't mind seeing the Iron Warrior geneseed handed over for destruction, and the 10 marines apparently already made destroyed.

If anyone in our chapter discovers their origins... or even if another Raven Guard chapter were to learn of such... We'd be beyond destruction.

>> No.24038624

Just, why though?
Why would you waste such a thing?
It's not as if we couldn't splice in Albino genes into the Geneseed to disguise it.

>> No.24038633

Nerial, your Fleet Astropath, licks the end of his auto-quil and asks:
>What shall be exact message, milord?

(dictate me exact letter that you send and then roll Astrotelepathy[77] to send it out)

Regeneration is meant to heal bruises, broken bones and bullet wounds, not renegenerating some of the most complex and important organs, at least not at your Psychic Rating. I just don't want you to be disillusioned by the autcome. To regenerate Horim you'd need about 45 Psychic Power roll(not on d100).

Horim suffered too many and too serious wounds, he is dying, even Klementhos' Medicae skills are too weak to stabilise him to put into Dreadnought armour.

You may activate Klementhos ability to save him on 50% roll(less)

>What exactly interests you, milord? We made great advances in securing a steady supply of pure, untainted geneseed, even if it is a little bit slow... That will take years to perfect, however.

Very similar roll to >>24038460 same result.

>It will be done, milord. Where shall we retreat? Our homeworld of Mormark? Our colony on Varda? Sector Capital - Tachion Primaris? Somewhere else?

>> No.24038644

Didn't Admech mention that the HLoT would be -very- grateful for some of that very geneseed?

>> No.24038678

>What exactly interests you, milord? We made great advances in securing a steady supply of pure, untainted geneseed, even if it is a little bit slow... That will take years to perfect, however.
Physical progress, Psyker potential, genetic abnormalities, potential for corruption?

Which is why setting up a constant supply of it would further benefit the chapter rather than simply handing it all over to them.

>> No.24038715

Rolled 8


>> No.24038827

"We shall be setting course to our homeworld ! To Mormark! But don't be hasty Fleet Master, for you know best what hides in the Warp."

>> No.24038884

Gene-seed can be used for many purposes, and especially ancient, well preserved pre-Heresy geneseed is a valuable treasure. Even gene-seed of the Lost Legions was preserved despite not being(officially) used in creation of new Chapters. Bringing this to Terra would earn you Favour from High Lords.
Klementhos shrugs:
>Well, so far our specimens are very healthy and fit, no signs of deviation from the norm. Maybe a little hightened performance in areas of the brain responsible for mathematical/cognitive functions, these warriors will be great planners and strategists, this is probably how Emeperor made them predestined to be suited for siege warfare from birth. However I think I could try to destroy those DNR fragments and remove it, if you wish so. Physically so far there is nothing to report.

Klementhos manages to save Horim from the edge of death, however he won't be able to do it again.
>Milord, I don't have necessary tools here, we must return to Tombstone as soon as possible, but I need to try to put him into sarcophagus again. How should I proceed?

Safe way: Try to stabilise Horim until you arrive to Tombstone(roll of Medicae+20, but if failed - you will need to do Hard way option with -20 penalty)

Hard way: Try to put Horim in sacophagus with improvised tools (roll of Medicae+0, but if failed - Horim dies)

>> No.24038917

Safe way. Head to Mormark.

>> No.24038976

Okey dokey, few things to say:

Message to Dreidor and Harmantos on Kruun:
>Captains, does the fight go well? I regret to announce the inhabitants of Tartarus station on Subsector Cryptus have openly attacked us, and I am planning a retaliatory strike to cut the heresy from that station. By your judgement can the Imperial Guard forces continue on to victory if you join us in the assault?

Take Ceiron to Magos Explorator Adelphi, also I am proposing we hand over the Iron Warriors genesed as well, please reply yes/no if you agree/disagree:
>Here is your assassin Adelphi, and something else the High Lords may find interesting....

I would like to invest some wealth in increasing the gas output of Varda, contact the Merchant League and attempt to gain more contracts for the extra gas.

>> No.24038985

Rolled 51

Rolling for medicae.

>Inb4 100

>> No.24038989

I'd like to know if any of the Iron Warriors excel in marksmanship at any point.
Otherwise, when any Revenant aside from Geron is free, I'd like for them to set up combat exercises for them, (As in, the Revenant with his invisibility not without) to test their detection skills and strategic prowess.
As well as physical combat training with Tempestos and three other marines of choice.
Above all, these ten marines are to work as a team, and none of the Ghosts of Retribution are to know they are Iron Warriors.

>> No.24038998

"We should not hazard with the life of our fallen battle-brother as such thing is sacred. Stabilise Horim and don't worry. Copernicon is already setting course for Mormark as we speak."

>> No.24039003

> >inb4 100


>> No.24039018

Rolled 53

i'm vetoing his roll.

MY roll is our official roll :P

>> No.24039020

>Take Ceiron to Magos Explorator Adelphi, also I am proposing we hand over the Iron Warriors genesed as well, please reply yes/no if you agree/disagree:
Mention an unspecified amount, but only trade up to 200 units of Geneseed, keep the 90 for ourselves.

>> No.24039054

If there are no other votes that I believe that is a fair compromise.

>> No.24039060


>> No.24039082

Rolled 16


>> No.24039147

Yes, I agree.

>> No.24039155


>hand over IW geneseed

YES to keeping a very close eye on the 10 IW's abilities and keeping that shit SECRET

NO to additional training with Revenants, Tempestos. You don't single out a special group with special training when you want them to BLEND IN and GO UNNOTICED.

>> No.24039180

Roll 82 or less on d100.

Also, please roll d100 for Warp Travel. Beware of number 3.

You soon receive replies from your captains:
>Indeed, milord, guardsmen are fighting with bravery and dedication, they will plant Imperial banner once more on this world either with us or without. Signed - Dreidor
>I assume we are required to return to participate in the attack on Tartarus, however I must insist we do not move a single brother from Kruun. Rebels are supported from off-planet and they are determined to win or sell their lifes dearly, guardsmen alone will falter and fall. Signed - Harmantos

Magos Explorator is greatly pleased:
>You are a man of your code, Chapter Master. I hope this is beginning of an efficient and calculated alliance.

Investing options will be available once you leave immediate danger zone.

You stabilised Horim for 1 month. If you fail warp roll and you won't make it home in that time, it will cause him once more returning into critical situation.
What is to be their status and in which company shall they operate? Or what is your explanation if they are not part of official hierarchy?
Effect is the same.

>> No.24039219

Reply back to Kruun, but this time contact the 3 revenants we sent:
>Have you uncovered how the weapons are reaching the prisoners brothers?

>> No.24039230

Rolled 64


>> No.24039246

>What is to be their status and in which company shall they operate? Or what is your explanation if they are not part of official hierarchy?
While we are talking to the Admech about the Geneseed, I'd like for them to officially say that they have granted us 10 new Marines they would like for us to test and train.
Thus, justifying the training and the out of official hierarchy.

>> No.24039340

>What is to be their status and in which company shall they operate? Or what is your explanation if they are not part of official hierarchy?

No special training. Do not make them stand out. Hell, we shouldn't even be using these abominations.

Get rid of ALL the IW Geneseed.

>> No.24039399

Keep 10% of the geneseed. Give the rest to the High Lords.

>> No.24039413

It can't hurt to keep some, the aforementioned 90 seems reasonable.

>> No.24039450

Alright, keep 80.
I'm dumb.

>> No.24039465

NOTE: I assume that you mention where you found it and to whom it belongs, correct?
>This gene-seed indeed interests Mars greatly, Terra will be pleased too. So what is exact number you have, you said?
On deployment page I cannot find where is Shadow Company deployed. I need to know who commands this mission on Kruun and then roll for infiltrate and information gathering.
And Yarg evades the warp storms! You reach Mormark in time to save Horim and Klementhos puts him into sarcophagus. Now there are some important decisions for you:
a) do you want to rearm Horim the Dreadnought or simple fists will be enough for it? Each Dreadnought weapon costs 5 wealth(max 2). Available: Multi-melta(short range, anti-everything), twin-linked auto cannons((long range, accurate, powerful), assault cannon(medium range, anti-infantry), power weapon(melee range, anti-machines), flamer(close range, anti-infantry, area attack)
b) how shall we name Horim? Dreadnoughts, as Chapter's Heroes, usually receive honorific name to signify their new identity in their service after death.

Are you sure about this? that you tell them that you have iron warriors marine whom you made? Also, Luigi - are these included in statistics atm?

I'll go with most moderate opinion - you donate 200 units of geneseed.

>> No.24039504


The Iron Warriors were one of the Traitor legions that betrayed Raven Guard in the Dropsite Massacre. Making 10 of the traitors was foolish enough. Let us not further compound this mistake.

>> No.24039514

We didn't say we'll turn those 90 INTO something, did we?

>> No.24039543

Unless we get favor I said trading.
>Are you sure about this? that you tell them that you have iron warriors marine whom you made?
Ask Klementhos of his opinion of the subject.

>> No.24039550

There were 3 Revenant's sent to Kruun, with Solenos in charge.

Iron Warriors are currently NOT included in our statistics.

I propose we swap out Horim's right arm with an Assault Cannon, as for name I have a few suggestions:
Horim the Giant
Horim the Indomitable
Horim the Colossus

>> No.24039561

I believe Horim should have the right to choose his own name.

>> No.24039566


Just keeping the 90 geneseed is heresy enough.

Now imagine if one of our marines discovers that we've held onto it or made 10 iron warriors?

Do you want more companies going rogue or a damned chapter civil war?

>> No.24039574

Good point.

>> No.24039599

Klementhos has known about this for almost years.
And he neither slapped us for heresy or mentioned any sort of hatred towards the Iron Giants.
You are clearly over reacting, however I will take into consideration your concerns when dealing with both the Iron Warriors and their Geneseed.

>> No.24039620

give an accurate count on the gene-seed.

>> No.24039631

Iron Warriors, not Iron Giants.

>So what is exact number you have, you said?
200, that we donated to you.

>> No.24039636

yeah, I disagree.

>> No.24039646

Oh what?

>> No.24039655

You're going to have to post more than three words to convince me to do anything.

>> No.24039657


>> No.24039694

Because we can probably get more gene-seed from our legion by handing in all of it. This both increases our numbers and avoids the potential downsides.

>> No.24039713

Despite the fact we just handed in 200 and got just about nothing?

>> No.24039714

On the other hand, superior pre-heresy geneseed!

>> No.24039762

>I believe it would be unwise to mention that we experimented with the gene-seed at all, milord... Also alllowing them to know that we managed to grow such fine specimens would attracts unwanted attention, they would either take them for themselves to Mars or they would purge them. Either way, in the course of this they might get interested in our other less orthodox practices, such as using Revenants.
Thank you for clarification! Then please roll for their spec op, d100 with +20, because enemies have no real counter-intel structures.
Dreadnoughts are not known for their cognitive abilities. He will most likely answer to whatever name he is called. If you won't decide, you can always let him pick, but it will be a random roll.

After giving away 200 units, you are left with 90 Iron Warrior gene-seed and 24 Ghosts of Retribution gene-seed.
Good point.


Your arrival to Mormark is celebrated by both brothers of 5th Company and common Chapter serfs. Also, you receive an invitation from Kerius Dermont to come to him with his sons for a dinner and share the tales of your(and their) exploits.

>> No.24039786

The guy doesn't exactly go around with rewards in his pocket, silly. We'll get something later.
on the other other hand, potential political catastrophe.

>> No.24039819

okay, to clarify: When I said give him an accurate count, I meant give him however many we have left.

>> No.24039820

I will go with Klementhos' decision.
Does he have any advise on how to justify special training for them?
And what is his opinion on that as well?

>> No.24039829

For possessing something the High Lords of Terra have no problem with? Doubt it.

>> No.24039840

Rolled 93 + 20


>> No.24039846

Wait a second, I'm an idiot.
I completely screwed up that roll.

>> No.24039861

Rolled 92

Rolling for Revenant's spec ops.

When we go to dinner with Dermont, don't bring his sons:
>I'm sorry they couldn't be here my friend but they're currently undergoing punishment for disobeying orders.

>> No.24039862

"Have no problem if you give it to us" and "have no problem with you keeping it" are two entirely different things.

>> No.24040013

Rolled 40


>> No.24040031


>> No.24040083

What is this I dont even.

>> No.24040092

Rolled 8

Not today buddy.

>> No.24040107


>> No.24040155

=Year 334.M41=
+There is an overabundance of drugs on Quitania, they can be bought at rate of 1 unit = 3 wealth, could be a good trading opportunity
+ Rogue Trader Satron Chay was declared Excommunicatus and Larion Ursus' government put up 50 wealth reward for his head.
+ Glabius Zarikoff loses first democratic election after he was given power by you to restore Inaria. He gains about o ly 3.7% of votes and proceeds to ban all opposing parties and impose a military regime to control the population. Inaria is democratic no more.
+Rebellion is brewing on Kinteros, major disputes among local Imperial cults are not being properly managed by Ecclesiarchy and there are very good chances of violence breaking out.
+Tau were sighted near Wladistan.
+New fashion on Tachion Primaris - eating food decorated with gold dust. Meanwhile there is a famine in the underhive.
Solenos reports that rebellious convicts are receiving their supplies from huge dops in the mountains fo ne by grey shuttles bearing no marks of belonging to any nation or faction. Only very few prisoner leaders know who are their allies and they are too hard to reach for Solenos.
Ok guys, sorry, but I am falling asleep, we'll play more in the following days, maybe tomorrow. 1 xp point for this session!

>> No.24040232

Rolled 9

Rolling for Vardan Wealth

>> No.24040242

Rolled 3

Rolling for heresy reduction

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