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/tg/, I'd like to ask for a bit of help with my first campaign.

The general gist of things is that the players are students at an Academy for hunting Monsters, which roam the lands outside the largely self-sufficient fortress-cities that dot the landscape. However, to keep the arcane shields that stop monsters from just breaking on in (Slimes oozing through cracks, magical monsters teleporting in, dragons flying over the walls, etc), they need a resource that can only be harvested by slaying monsters, the older the better. So the academy trains monster hunters to go hunt the creatures to make sure the generators keep going.

Now, monsters don't just grow old. The thing is, monsters are technically immortal. While you can kill a monsters physical form, the spirit will just fly off to the nearest "Monster Lord", the most ancient example of their species, and be rebirthed much smaller and weaker, resetting their growth.

In addition, a monster doesn't just stay an orc or a goblin or what have you. They grow in power by devouring other monsters, which, when done enough, triggers a change. A simple monster that resembles an overly large housecat might become a man hungry tiger the size of an elephant, then gain magic abilities as it becomes a sphynx, and then...from there, who knows. And as a monster grows older, it becomes more powerful in addition to its form. So Monster Hunters don't exactly care about small-fry monsters, they go after the biggest, oldest ones to make sure they don't get any bigger or older. Nobody wants another Monster Lord wandering the endless frontier, as they are nigh-impossible to defeat.

>Continuing next post

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In addition, the youngest monsters, those in their first stage and first years, can be tamed through use of special collars. When the collars, which are difficult to make, are used, it removes the man-hunting instinct of the monster, and prevents it from devouring other monsters to become more powerful, and thus overpower the collar.

"Collared" monsters are used where normal animals would fail, and as valuable tools. A slime, for example, takes on the properties of liquids it absorbs in large quantities, and turns food it consumes into more of that liquid. Thus a bar might have a keg with a slime having absorbed their finest ale, producing more of the stuff with idle scraps.

The way monsters reproduce is by corrupting "Humanity", which is a catchall term for the non-monstrous races. Dwarves, Humans, Elves...the difference in them is largely cultural, as they all believe themselves to be a part of the same overarching race, and can breed with each other with no difficulty. A monster, thus, does not seek to devour Humankind. They get sustenance from each other. They seek humans so that they might breed. Human souls are not immortal. Upon death, death is final. A monster can corrupt a human through various methods, and given enough time, turn them into one of their own. Monsters, though normally individual creatures as they fear each other greatly, will travel with and defend such "Offspring" of theirs, in an odd imitation of the nurturing instinct, at least until their offspring becomes powerful enough to challenge them.

That's pretty much all I got thus far. And I'd like help in expanding upon the world, in particular working out the culture of what the Walled Cities (Which have no overarching government, being independent city-states) would be like, and what evolutionary lines for monsters could be.

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A bump.

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Another bump.

Is there anything else I should provide in terms of information?

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I shall aid you friend,
I like the concept of the idea and well...I'd suggest some way to find these monster lords or some Ancient Enemy to the Monster Lords.

Some high arching God Pantheon or something would be nice.

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Alright, here's what I got thus far


One of the main god that is widely worshipped by mankind. Illios’s lore has it that he once explored the cosmo’s for the ultimate being, one being that could encapsulate his image. Over many eons of searching and creation, he finally sired a batch of species (Humans, Dwarves, Elves) and declared their races the rightful rulers of the planet at the behest of all others. As a result, people coming from this religion consider themselves both morally higher and superior than those of monsters, who were regarded by Illios as inferior species metaphysically speaking.

Also noted in tales was that the love of Illios was so great, that he was often tricked and manipulated by monsters, which as a result of these unions caused the first half breeds to be born. These bastard children are considered to be fallen from birth, but through trails may be elevated to the same plane of existence that the rest of mortalkind has. Mortal often pray to him for spiritual guidance and spiritual strength

Purviews: Sun, Excellence, Virtue

>Continuing in next post

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Demon Emperor Valvacroza

Demon Lord Valvacroza is considered the Emperor of all demons, mainly well known for his writings known as, “The Manifestus Superiorus”. In this rather lengthy document, it states:

That is only by the will of the strong the weak survive
The laws of the weak do not apply to the strong if they desire. The strong has no obligation to follow the laws of the weak
the strong can do anything they wish to the weak, for the weak give up all rights they have to the strong.

While Valvacroza is considered a Demon Lord, he takes no offense if mortals worship him. Indeed, he doesn’t care who worships him. All he demands from his followers is that they be the best leaders they can be while also being the strongest one can be. How one becomes strong is completely irrelevant.

Unique to other gods is that Valvacroza supposedly has his front door of his realm open to anyone who searches hard enough. No one has yet been able to confirm this as no one has ever come back alive. Indeed, no one knows if Valvacroza is either male or female. The only thing known about him is that he supposedly has the strongest mana of any creature throughout the cosmos.

Domains: Kings, Demons, Darkness

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No Offense.

He sounds like a total Paladin Prick.
That's a good start for a leader of a human pantheon if you want to do a Tabletop game. If so, he's somewhat like Pelor.

So that's a good thing for that..,.

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That is something I rather like.

Now the Demon King is a much more accepting person saying 'I give Zero fucks who follows me. Just make sure you kick major ass.' He seems well...to have his/her head on straight and if he is the lord of Demons.

That is Demons correct and not monsters, he'll have a different pull in the world. I'd suggest if you have a sort of magic system in a world. Have him hold power over summoning creatures from his realm.

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Monsters/Demons is pretty much interchangeable, methinks.

I might as well put on a trip for better discussion, if that's alright.

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Best idea for you.
Anyway, what other ideas do you have?

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Not many, that's why I came to /tg/ to help expand upon this barebones I have.

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Hmm. Well the two gods are rather good...

Possibly expand on your ideas of monster hunters and such.

The name Slayer sounds a bit better at least in my view and the idea of having some Monsters who simply are lazy and powerful to do things evil may be a thing.

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Well, the idea is that the only thing universally common between cities is The Academy, which trains the Monster Hunters/Slayers/WhathaveyouTitle

Slayers (I like the name, it's shorter and sweeter) are a sort of high position in society in most cities. They're more trained than the best of normal soldiers, normally, have access to the best equipment, and are responsible for keeping the cities safe in a method few others are capable of.

As for

>Monsters who simply are lazy and powerful

What do you mean?

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Look like awesome very old and powerful creatures.
Looks like a good corrupted human.

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I think the setting and ideas you have lend themselves to pretty good (if cliché) plot hooks.

Corrupted human = monster = energy for city

So, some NEFARIOUS VILLAIN(S) could be harvesting people within the city and cause all sorts of shit to go down. First thing that came to mind for me, at least.

Now, it sounds like there is some level of organization within the ranks of monsters considering they're rebirthed by the elder monsters, but are they actually sentient? or is it just a function, a primal drive for them to killkilleateatdestroy?

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Think of it like a Giant creature who simply don't give a shit about what's happening around them. Think as them as very powerful and old Dragons atop a mountain that is rarely visited. He doesn't have to do much to get food, flies as he pleases, does what he wants.

Though when an Adventurer or what ever comes by, he's more likely to be like 'Where the hell did they come from, better yet, how did he get here?" So they'd talk to the characters.

Being this kind of character gives players a way to access a sort of Ancient knowledge. Wither it be for a price or some kind of bargain to do for the monster later.

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I'm thinking the monsters have a very primitive society, as it's very hard to negotiate with one another when you're seen as food/fuel for power rather than as a fellow member of whateverthefuck species.

Monsters are by no means unintelligent (At least, when they've made it past their fledgling first stages), and can be just as intelligent if not more so than the average human. It's a matter of age and experience, mostly.

I'd like to think that there are powerful monsters out in the wild frontier and the lightless depths who force monsters beneath them to work together and stop fucking biting chunks out of each other for just a bit.

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So these monster slayers go out and kill the biggest, baddest creatures they can find for two reasons:
>1. To stop the beasts from getting even bigger and stronger
>2. For materials to protect the fortress cities.
Obviously some would fight to protect their home, but the job must be lucrative. I suggest that these hunters have magic items that don't necessarily absorb the entire souls of monsters (unless they're incredibly weak) but instead cut off a large piece of the soul.
These hunks of souls are not used to power the magic shields, but they provide specific protection against the type of soul.
All you need is a system for determining the value of souls.
Big monsters with rarer souls (Dragons) are more valuable than small monsters with common souls (kobolds and most slimes).
Each Fortress city constantly needs to replenish their defenses, and so bounty hunting is extremely common.

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Monsters who manage to defeat intelligent beings (and absorb their souls) instantly become more dangerous from the intelligence they gain. The may work together if they collectively absorbed the stronger soul, or they may immediately consume each other to gain more intelligence for themselves.
Either way, they become bigger threats because now they're smart enough to organize their dumb kin.

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Well, I was pondering how I'd control enchantments. I don't like the idea that a Wizard can jack off in a basement long enough to make a +??? sword of x/y/z without very rare, hard to get, impossible to replicate materials.

Perhaps different Monster Shards could fuel different types of enchantments?

Slay an Ifrit or fire elemental, and depending on the power of the beast you could get the forgefather to make everything from always warm clothing/everburning lights to flaming swords and fiery ammunition for weapons.

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>Monsters, which roam the lands outside the largely self-sufficient fortress-cities that dot the landscape.

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within Spoiler Alert.

>They grow in power by devouring other monsters, which, when done enough, triggers a change.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Spoiler Alert.

On a more serious note, this feels like too railroadey. You're soft-dictating a significant chunk of your players' backstories and character development.

Fuck the Academy. I'm a baker in Fortcity who needs better ingredients to compete against the Breadsmens' Guild and monsters taste goooood. Now I go out and kill some megaturtles.

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A little dumping music.


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I'm just using The Academy as an easy way to organize the players for now. I suppose future games in the setting, if I reuse it, could have different origins, but the players I have thus far have expressed interest in the academy aspect.

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The ultimate evolutionary step for a slime is pretty obvious, when you think about it.

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Digging the Picture Anon.

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There's nothing wrong with giving them all a common starting point.

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Common starting point is good.
But don't stifle them too much. Sure the Academy is good for someone who wants to play more of a bookish character. But make sure some can come from the boonies that hunted because he was hungry or something.

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If a shoggoth is the ultimate form of a slime, then is a dragon the ultimate form for a kobold?

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Are there monsters that can eat people and grow stronger? Are these really just the 'undead'?

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Are some monsters simply more benign than others? Would a unicorn fuck your day up, or just ignore you?

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What about elementals?

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love that card

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I'm not sure if I should include "benevolent" monsters or not.

I have a feeling they'd sort of detract from the core idea of the setting, in that it's "Us vs. Them"

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I had the idea of perhaps including a Dead/Slumbering Nature Deity, so perhaps Elementals could be their remaining servants.

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Lol should include some creatures that seem like they WOULD be benign so if your PC's are like ah yea we can trust the unicorn! it actually spears and feasts on the flesh of its victims as they squirm impaled on its horn.

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"He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."

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Maybe not benevolent; but perhaps the Ancients have old grudges - old scars - from their rivals. Maybe they'd use the players to gain an edge on someone they've been battling on and off for millennia.

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Suddenly, a sexy cactus.

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This could actually make for some delicious late-game agony for the players.

Maybe slaying the Monsters over the decades causes a terrible cancer-like illness in the Hunters, and so once the roots are deep, the Hunter makes a last stand, against an Ancient and prays for a quick death over a long and slow one.

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I was actually going to include giving the option of taking on monstrous traits at the cost of taking on monstrous mental disadvantages as well. You take on too many for your mind...and snap, you're one of them now.

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I like that, And maybe the soul of a ancient can cure the disease in the one that kills it? Just as a little incentive of a "encase you get lucky"

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You should go look at the anime Chrome-Shelled Regios; it's pretty much this setting, except things are somewhat hypertech-indistinguishable-from-magic.

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I love old breath of fire character art, tried to find one of ren fused with the fire elemental but i think rand looks good enough for a monster

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Might be one of those rumors that get passed around: The Soul of an Ancient will cure all ills. Of course, no one's really sure whether that's true, and even so, how you might use the Soul to do it...

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It's a Monster Girls Quest, so, you jack off onto it.

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Yea, and that can be a big draw for some of the monster hunters that are more greedy, their end goal is to sell the souls and what have you not just to help the cities giving room for none good aligned chars

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found it...fucking shoddy memory his name was sten not ren...

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Hey OP, quick question - from what I'm reading of this thread, it doesn't seem clear why monsters aren't overpopulating.

Is it that when they are devoured, they genuinely die?

Otherwise, they would rapidly run out of room and would overpopulate the planet/plane/whatever.

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Sounds kinda like Tales of Vesperia

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I was thinking a few things prevent this

>Monster "souls" are semi-finite, and can only be produced, with great difficulty, by corrupting humans
>The world is incredibly vast and unexplored, even to monsters. There are great and terrible things out in the wild frontier, and the farther out you go, the greater and more terrible they become

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>Prinny: I Can Really be a Badass Dood!

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