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Previously on Blatant Fetish Quest, our protagonist, Max Power, learned that 'he' was actually a female with male genitalia, as a result of having an incubus as a father. Three years later, Max flew to Romania to enroll at the prestigious Scholomance, a school for magic, meeting Liz, your new girlfriend, on the way. On arriving in Romania, you learned that the Scholomance is extremely deadly and that only half of each class proceeds to the next grade each year.

You joined the Lotus prestige society, and befriended Lotuses. Upon arriving at the Scholomance, a city-sized school hidden in a cave that's bigger on the inside, you discovered a tower and found your father chained up in the basement.

You're currently trying to balance Dextra Domini, rivals, commitments to your society, relationships, and studying while trying to survive. You're more than a month and a half in. Liz made it into the Society of the Archmagi. Your dryad hatched and your mommy-instincts kicked into high gear. You were nearly taken out by a mysterious attacker. You're on a trip to Paris.

You're all in a cafe, and Lin is probably having a bad reaction to ecstasy and her mind drill.

What now?

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you got sum splanin to do

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We need to do something for Lin, first and foremost. I think we decided against taking her to a hospital, and with good reason. Between enchantments and her father's rep, that's a mess waiting to happen. If she stops degrading, we should go back to our hotel rooms and have our own party. If she gets any worse, though, we should probably contact dad and do something about it.

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text dad tell him false alarm. hand her our healing foci and tell her to fix her self, it shouldn't be to hard.

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See if Lin is still under a magical effect. Feeling better that she's got her mind drill off and some water, but still paranoid.

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>mind drill

Wait, what?

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She's not doing any magic right now, considering that magic used wrong can be fatal, and she's currently having a bad reaction to drugs.

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I think we should take her to the Lotus Sanctum, as was mentioned last thread, it's full of what are basically magic doctors.

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it's her project to access her past lives faster

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She's got an automated magical construct digging through her own head to dig up the memories of her past lives more quickly. Sound like a bad idea? Yeah, me too.

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For now just keep her calm and hydrated, if she starts feeling worse, we text dad to teleport Lin and us back to the Tower then across to the Lotus Sanctum.

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Not sure if it's the best idea for her to do magic, let alone internal alchemy (healing) in the middle of a bad trip.

We already got her drinking water, make sure she takes it easy, gets something to eat (I think something salty was recommended) and slowly, but positively, start getting her back to our hotel.

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yea if it could stop a sedative then it should fix this too.

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Not sure if this episode would jeopardize her probation with lotus or if Carl would just shake his head in disappointment/laugh at the teenagers.

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Text Dad, let him know it's a false alarm.

Keep on taking care of Lin, make sure she eats some good food, drinks some water, gets a chance to relax and get her head on straight. Be reassuring and gentle about it. Keep an eye on her condition, if it worsens we might want to take her to Lotus.

After she gets some food and water in her we should probably take her back to the hotel room, let her take a nap.

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We'll save it for a last resort, a hit to her reputation is a small price to pay if the alternative is her having to be hospitalized.

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Seconding >>24021431 and >>24021463

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No to letting Lin do any magic right now. Yes to texting dad to stand down. Apologize but thank him, better safe than sorry and all that.

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X, trip do you even drop ? cause thats not how it works.

yea that would probable fix her good enough to shut down the drill, lets get her some temp healing foci

>> No.24021559

No letting Lin do magic while she's feeling like crap and full of drugs.

We don't want her to accidentally give herself internal bleeding with a badly done healing spell or something.

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I absolutely agree, but given how Dane reacted to our joke I think the probation period is meant to weed out the reckless and irresponsible, those most likely to get themselves killed with living alchemy. And Lin showed poor judgement by running a mental enchantment while taking x.

That said, if she seriously starts approaching hospitalization territory, we get her to Carl/Lotus.

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She couldn't use a smartphone gps. With the correct address. Seriously, not the time for her to try healing herself.

>> No.24021665

then ask her to let us shut down the drill, gather some foci I am sure we can stop a enchantment, for hr if she lowers her deference and we get some temp foci and have liz/ sam help

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We should probably see if Sam's got any reaction going on so we know if it was a bad drug or if it's just Lin having a bad reaction.

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check on Sam then do >>24021665

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Ok, I think we talked her into stopping the drill. Don't think we actually checked to see if she did, but she agreed to. If you are advocating that we (the only person besides Lin here that can cast healing spells) try healing Lin, you should know that we don't know how to heal other people yet. If you mean cast a series of enchantments on her to counteract the negative effects of the drugs in her system, I'd rather make that attemp back at the hotel since it could take awhile (multiple spells and all).

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"Let's get you back to the hotel where Liz and I are staying," you tell her. "You should lie down for a little while. If you start feeling better, we can go back out. If you don't, well, we can take you to a hospital or a healer or something."

"I don't want to ruin everyone's night," Lin whines, holding her head in her hands.

"I've had a great night," says Sam, giving you a private little smile. "Even if it ends early, that's not going to change. You hurting yourself - or worse - will. Come on, let's go back."

"Hey, you're not having a bad reaction, are you?" Liz asks him.

"Hmmm?" he says. "No, I'm feeling great. I'm bigger than Lin is, though, and wasn't using any magic."

"Have you shut down the drill, Lin?" you ask her.

"Yeah..." she says, taking a big drink of her water. "I did back at the counter. So, are you guys going to make me go to the hotel, or can we just sit here and wait for me to get better?"

What do you do?

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yea see if sam is ok if so proceed to >>24021665

>> No.24021805


Maybe give her 10 or 15 minutes to see how her condition goes. If she doesn't start improving quickly, bail. If she starts declining, get the slap out of there.

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Go back, together. We can rent a few movies, make some popcorn, get in our pjs, and nurse up together.

>> No.24021836

Lets take her to the hotel.

>> No.24021840

"Finish your water and eat your pastry sweetheart, we're taking you to the hotel so you can lie down and tell us funny stories."

>> No.24021843

Get her on to the hotel room, let's not risk her getting any worse.

>> No.24021846

>rent a few movies
Late night french hotel porn. Yes.

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Are we sure the magic we detected last thread was her mind drill?

>> No.24021865

Hotel, we can help her there, she'll be better off for it with somewhere she can lie down.

>> No.24021870

"Yeah, we can rest here for a while if you want."

I don't think we should make her exert herself if we don't have to yet.

>> No.24021874

When we're back at the hotel room, we can run another quick detection on her while she's sleeping.

>> No.24021876

I'd say we are fairly confident. But we haven't actually checked.

>> No.24021902

"we can wait, how about you try the whole Zen thing, always seemed to help me get back on my feet " (then beat box a chant)

>> No.24021936

giver her some time, "so sam whats your project?

>> No.24021954

Some teleporty bullshit for sure.

>> No.24021961

Given how OOC Lin is acting, I doubt she can meditate right now. Even if so, the cafe crowd (talking, moving and generally causing distractions) wouldn't help.

>> No.24021965



Also scan her again now that the drill is off

>> No.24021984

Could be space manipulation of some flavor like a bad of holding.

>> No.24021985

My bets on a translocation to point of origin shield. Bullet hits shield? Returned to sender.

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>> No.24022009

"Point of Origin" is kind of dubious, shield that redirects the kinetic energy to send it back in the exact direction it hit the shield from would make more sense

>> No.24022044

Less effective against spells, which as far as I can tell don't particularly give two shits about physics (excepting, of course, those spells that manipulate physics).

>> No.24022049

klein bottle shield

>> No.24022055

Let me at least give you a magical once over

>> No.24022082


>> No.24022096

Unless they have a "safety" on their spell that keeps them from hurting the user by reading their aura. Although I like that redirection forcefield, do we have a regular one ready to go up?

>> No.24022107

"Finish your water and your pastry," you say as a compromise. "If you're not feeling better by the time you're done, we're going to the hotel and getting you some rest."

"...fine," she says, then takes a bite and another sip.

"So, Sam, what's your project?" you ask.

"Translocating a region of normal space into non-normal spacetime," he says.

"Uh. What?" you ask.

"Okay, you remember the class project where we made the insides of things bigger than the outside of things, right?" he asks.

"Sure," you say.

"Well, that was creating new space - or expanding old space. This would take existing space and sort of... Slide it out of normal spacetime. Like that region of space was seamlessly - or seamfully - gone. What's more, normal timeflow would cease except when it intersects with normal spacetime entities. In this case, I would design the effect to convert all nonliving matter into this transposed spacetime, so that means it would function more or less like an extradimensional space that has paused time except for when you're in it."

"Uh, wow. How would you get to and from it? Or make it, for that matter?" you ask.

"You could only get to it with Conjuration," he says. "You know, since it's outside of normal spacetime. Can't walk to it, or anything. As for how I'm going to do it, well, I'm probably not. This is way too ambitious. I'm almost certainly going to fail this project." He looks crestfallen at that last part.

What do you do?

>> No.24022108

A regular one that could be modified into a bouncy shield

>> No.24022116

Yeah, we definitely should. Just to be sure. Lin doesn't know he scanned her outside, too, so it won't seem too paranoid.

>> No.24022152

(poke liz) any thoughts?

>> No.24022162

>Sam when he's high.

How the fuck is he not top 10 wtf.

>> No.24022169


then to make sure if lin is ok to Party!

>> No.24022194


You almost had me fooled into think Sam was just another pretty face.

>> No.24022226

Wait for Lin to finish her pastry and water.

"Damn, that's pretty cool. I can't really help you that much, I'm not much an expert when it comes to Conjuration. Liz might be able to help you a bit more, but it's still pretty ambitious. Any thoughts dear?"

After her input. "Best advice I can give is to see if any of the higher ups in your society would be willing to give you some pointers."

>> No.24022237

because although he has the knowledge he doesn't have the skills

>> No.24022257

>Lin when high
>orgy in the bathroom, gets lost in a city she knows, fucks up everything
>Sam when high
>after a minor (considering the situation) breakdown, has responsible sex then proceeds to explain advanced magic lucidly

Are we sure the mind drill is the only difference going on between the two?

>> No.24022273

Out of curiosity, could your proposed region of non-normal space time intersect with normal space time non-linearly when occupied?

Did you seriously try building a timetravelling pocket dimension?

>> No.24022291

>small asian female Vs average male with demonic heritage

>> No.24022292

Skill can be easily fixed in this setting by just stacking mounds of foci.

Preparation and knowledge > skill.

>> No.24022295

Lin is smaller, exhausted herself more, and may have taken more.

Also having a complex ongoing Enchantment effect going on on yourself while taking drugs probably didn't mix well.

>> No.24022300

I bet Dad could help him. We should tell him we might be able to hook him up with someone who knows a bit about advanced stuff like that, since Dad does know all that dream stuff and it's maybe kind of similar? Don't tell him who dad is or anything, though.

"orgy in the bathroom" is normal for her though. She'd do that stone-sober.

>> No.24022337

I'm kinda worried about saying that we have a source for that sort of thing, it might expose a bit more than we want if we let him know we've got a conjuration expert on call.

We could ask him about it and if he has any useful feedback send him details with a convenient lie about where we got it.

>> No.24022349

knowing how to apply and being able to apply it trumps theoretical knowledge and foci

>> No.24022354

No telling anyone about dad.

>> No.24022358

I think we should ok that with dad before making the offer. For whatever reason he didn't want to go into Dimitri really seemed to want to avoid his family.

>> No.24022369

no dad is secret. he has an entire society of conjuration masters to help him.

>> No.24022435

Could be. I think saving his ass here is probably more valuable to us than hiding the fact that we "might know a guy" from Sam (who's already looking a lot like a friend) and Hera who's a friend of a friend and probably not going to turn on us in the foreseeable future.

Don't tell him it's our dad, sure.

We shouldn't guarantee it or anything. But I don't think this counts as "family" in the sense that he likes to avoid; it's more like his immediate siblings than it is every demon ever.

They might not want to help. We should ask something about that. So that's my vote for now, ask if his society will help and if he says they can't/won't, then we'll see about viability of connecting him with dad, without revealing identities.

>> No.24022441

If he wanted to make a sanctum in the dreamspace of humanities collective unconscious, then even though he's society-barred Dad would be the man to help Sam. Since this is real space, I'm not so sure.

>> No.24022448

have you tried bribing the librarian

>> No.24022462

"Wow, that's amazing," you say.

"Yup," he agrees. "It sure is."

"I mean, I thought stuff involving time was, like, archmage level Conjuration," you say, seriously impressed.

"It is," he agrees again. "I have no clue how to do it. Like I said, this is way beyond me. I should have worked on something practical during that free session instead of taking it as an invitation to think about cool shit I want to try someday maybe."

"Ah," you say, starting to understand his situation better.

"Yeah," he agrees again. "I get it on a hypothetical level, but I have no clue how to do it in practice."

"Uh, how are you feeling, Lin?" you ask, trying to segue into a new topic of conversation.

"Better," she says as she finishes her water. "Still not great. Maybe we should go back to the hotel. I'll let you guys pick."

What do you want to do?

>> No.24022466

Maybe don't clue him in. He could outbribe us!

>> No.24022482

Hotel. I don't want to spend another thread wandering around Paris rolling soul to not freak out and trying to get directions.

>> No.24022495

Hmm, you really think that dad doesnt know Sam's mom? You could be right, but remember how resistant he was toward getting succubus fluids. Just saying that it might be worth asking dad first, it's only polite after all.

>> No.24022499

Let's head back so Lin can get some rest, we've still got London tomorrow for coffee.

>> No.24022501

he's trying for a dune no-room with null entropy bins

>> No.24022522

Hotel. Be safe.

>> No.24022525


What was your feedback from Petrov on your project? Besides scathing criticism, he gives that to everyone.

If Lin is feeling better, then I say we continue to do fun things in Paris, but not stuff that's stressful. Movie or a show is a great idea.

>> No.24022534

I expect someone in his society clued him in.

>> No.24022544

"Movie night back at the hotel. We can still have a good time, let's just be a bit safer about the second half of our night."

>> No.24022552

he doesn't have time.

lets go to the party if you still don't feel great ill walk you back to the hotel. maybe a nice slow walk will help

>> No.24022558

Check. Lin. For. Magic.

>> No.24022560

Movie night, fuck yeah!

Time to go watch some hotel porn.

>> No.24022565

Better to take her back, I reckon.

Also, I'm not sure Petrov wouldn't have said something if this was beyond Sam. I mean, he mentioned Liz's project being too difficult in implementation.

On another note regarding dad, he probably wouldn't mind getting a new contact in the smuggling industry.

Is that even how she works?

He may or may not, but Sam's mom isn't the one we'd introduce him to.

>> No.24022580

Let's take her back to the hotel. We can chat more with Sam about his project on the way and at the hotel we can watch some stuff, relax, have some fun, if Lin ends up feeling better we can even give her a proper fucking.

Also, check Lin for Magic again, just to be careful.

"Let's go back to the hotel, you should lie down a bit, and if you're feeling a bit better we can have some more fun there. No reason why a small private party can't be fun."

On the way while chatting with Sam. "I'd focus on getting the extradimensional space part down, and then thinking about the stasis thing.

If I were you I'd ask members of your society or try bribing the librarian to get some material on this sort of thing."

Unless we're in direct competition for something I don't think he'll up her rates for us if she gets stuff from him.

>> No.24022598

"we will take a nice slow walk to the rave, ok if you don't fell up to it ill take you back to the room hows that sound, the night air will help, just no more drinking/whatever for you tonight.

>> No.24022611

Head back to the hotel, Lin can relax, we can have a little private party and watch some movies or whatever.

>> No.24022629

sam is family, how close depends on what generation his mom is. our dad is Samyaza one of the leaders of the grigori and a bother of Lucifer. this means we have nieces and nephews and lots of cousins

>> No.24022651

>We're great great great great ... aunt to some demons that are hundreds of years older than us

>> No.24022655

Hmm, can we use our incubus ability to passively detect personally energy flow to see how Lin's aura is doing, or is that specific ro sexual energy only?

>> No.24022662

I hope we're there to see the look on Sam's face when it finally dawns on him that he might have lost his virginity to his dickgirl aunt.

>> No.24022679

I'm not sure if you are intentionally supporting the point I tried to make, or if I was just that unclear.

>> No.24022692


And YHVH is our granddad, kinda.

>> No.24022710

I have some nephews & nieces that my little sister is younger than. Not that weird really.

Situations like what you said are to be expected when dealing with sex demons that live thousands of years.

>> No.24022711

Somehow I think his response is going to be close to the "shrug" side of the reactivity scale.

>> No.24022737

Yup, we're probably an aunt, with some number of greats attached, to a fair number of people given how many kids Dad has had.

But it's more likely that we're his first cousin X times removed as we're a lot of people's first cousin X times removed, X is zero is several cases of course.

>> No.24022748

dad could know sam's mom if she's a first gen or of direct descent, but other options make it less likely

>> No.24022776

Dad's over 2000 years old. Do you really think he memorized two thousand years worth of sex demon spawn?

I kind of doubt it.

>> No.24022785

When I was halfway to through your sentence, I thought it was going to end like this:
>I have some nephews & nieces that I've had sex with
That said, lots of people have fucked cousins, it's not really that weird. Nieces and nephews are equivalent, if you don't have the age disparity.

>> No.24022787

I still think Uncle Jessie is a lotus. Water to wine. Healing the sick. Generally being chill.

>> No.24022816

Jesus was actually Carl.

>> No.24022821


I think he predates the OotL, at least the branch at Scholomance.

>> No.24022857

"Let's go back to the hotel," you say. Everyone else nods or speaks up in agreement. Lin sighs, but nods too. "First, though, let me check you out to make sure everything's okay." You pluck a hair from her shoulder, get out and tear another condom, and get to work casting another Enchantment detection spell on her.

Roll Enchantment. You get a +2 from temporary foci. I'll consider the first five linked 1d100 rolls.

>> No.24022864

I thought Carl or Dane said that Lotus was older than Buddhism and Hinduism? Was I mistaken?

>> No.24022865

Rolled 51


>> No.24022866

Rolled 75


>> No.24022873

Rolled 73

>Ones for the one throne!

>> No.24022876

Rolled 98


>> No.24022877

Rolled 93


>> No.24022880

Rolled 33


>> No.24022882

Rolled 7


The Lotus is Old as fuck, as in the same type of Old that Dad used to talk about his own age.

>> No.24022887

Rolled 87


>> No.24022889

Rolled 40

Dice for the dice gods

>> No.24022895


>> No.24022900

Okay, unless Carl himself is digging in Lin's head, we know if there's anything there.

>> No.24022901

Well holy shit, we actually rolled above average.

>> No.24022904

We detecting everything up in dis bitch

>> No.24022906


>> No.24022909

more like 6000+

>> No.24022916

4/5 alright then.

>> No.24022926

You mean over 6000, though the whole "every mythology is right simultaneously" makes thing kind of interesting, since the earliest evidence of agriculture points to around 5500 years (9500 BCE) before Judeo-Christian myth places creation of the world (4000 BCE)

>> No.24022927

It'll never happen on a roll if the consequence is humiliating or painful.

>> No.24022930

The One Throne is trembling at this upheaval!

>> No.24022949

>Roll soul to resist the urge to give your dick grills using living alchemy.

>> No.24022960


Can't tell if typo...

>> No.24022961

>fail the important rolls
>get four successes when we only need one

>> No.24022972

All is as it should be.

>> No.24022993

We still take the point of strain when we over succeed, right?

>> No.24022996

>Someone's trying to kill you?
>Roll zero successes on eight dice - twice in a row.
>Only need one success to finish off a meditation? Roll three successes on four dice.

>> No.24023016

Your frustrations is funny to me.

>> No.24023152

You do a quick scan of Lin for any ongoing Enchantment effects, and find her quite clean of them. That's a relief, at least. It means it probably was her mind drill all along.

"Okay, let's get everyone back to the hotel," you say. You all get up and head back out. In less than an hour, during which time Lin recovers just a bit more, you all make it back to the hotel where you and Liz are staying. Everyone starts filing on up to your room; you only get the slightest odd look by the person manning the front desk. When you actually get to your door and everyone starts filing in, Sam pulls you to the side to talk privately.

"Yeah, what's up?" you ask him.

"I'm feeling really horny," he whispers to you. "Maybe it's the ecstasy, or... Regardless, can we find somewhere to go, uh, fuck again? Somewhere out of earshot, preferably."

What do you do?

>> No.24023175

Do it in the elevator.

>> No.24023186

You sure you dont want to do it here Liz and Lin would be up for it. If you want we can find a place.

>> No.24023192

Sam is becoming well versed in the power of the Dick Side.

Fuck his brains out.

>> No.24023198

Does he not remember what we just said about including Liz?

>> No.24023202

Tell him you'd love to, and you'll be back in a bit. Head in, make sure Lin is settled and all right, then ask Liz if she's okay with us going another round with Sam.

>> No.24023216

We should wait until we're sure Lin is okay, then we can mention it to Liz and take him aside to fuck.

I'm sure he can wait a little.

>> No.24023229

get Liz and her super real fake dick in for this round tag team this slut

>> No.24023231

"Well thats something you need to talk to Liz about. Or we could wait an hour or two for Lin to get a nights sleep and recover and ill turn the next club into an orgy for you."

>> No.24023240

"Not unless I clear it with Liz first, and I'd like to make sure Lin is settled in okay. If you can hold off a little longer, then sure."

>> No.24023242

"Let me make sure everyone's alright for now first". Make sure Lin's alright, a movie gets ordered, and Liz is down with it.

>> No.24023247

We just collared Liz a few hours ago and fucked Sam once without her tonight. If she's interested, grab our girl and leave Hera with Lin.

>> No.24023249

>Get Liz to join in
>Leaving Lin alone with the fish monster

We all know where this is going.

She just had to be asian.

>> No.24023263

both of these are fine

best out cum?

>> No.24023264

Spit roasting Sam? Proceed.

>> No.24023266

"No dice Sam. I could fuck your lovely pussy in some closet but it wouldn't really be fair to Liz to not include her, I'd rather not just wander off on Lin, and I much prefer beds.

We could do it in the hotel room, you'd have to explain it to Hera, but neither Liz or Lin would mind."

>> No.24023279

"Are you sure? I need to check with Liz first anyways, and she has a spectacular little toy you'll love."

>> No.24023280

"I'd feel bad about leaving Liz out again on the night I collared her. I don't mind going again, but only if Liz can be involved."

>> No.24023299


This, dear god, This.

>> No.24023302

Requesting writefaggotry on Lin x Hera while Sam, Max, and Liz try to be quiet in the next room.

Both groups don't want the other to hear them because Sam and Hera are both embarrassed to have the other know what's happening.

>> No.24023325

It's too bad Hera seems less horny as fuck than all the rest of our friends, something tells me it would be hard work to get her in on any action.

>> No.24023337

Maybe don't mention the collaring, not sure how clued in Sam is or whether Liz still wants to keep the extent of our relationship private, but otherwise go with this.

>> No.24023358


>> No.24023359

Would read.

>> No.24023364

And well all three of us disappearing on Lin and Hera would be rude, no choice but to do it in front of them. That's what the room is for, we can put on a show for Lin and Hera.

I dunno, she seems pretty wet to me.

>> No.24023367

Sam knows we're in a committed (if conventionally odd) relationship with Liz.

>> No.24023374

She's wearing the collar.

Pretty fuckin public.

>> No.24023380

good point.

this is good

>> No.24023387

>I dunno, she seems pretty wet to me.

>> No.24023389

>she seems pretty wet to me.

>> No.24023391


Fem might be writing this one if we play our cards right.

>> No.24023393

Changing to the responsible option, >>24023280.
If things go well proceed with spit roasting.

>> No.24023410

I think it's more likely she'll turn out to be a cold fish, but whatever.

>> No.24023434

I'm kind of hoping we can fuck everyone tonight.


>> No.24023439

She's wearing a shapshifting collar that matches her outfit while clubbing. As far as Sam currently knows. It's pretty damn well camouflaged right now is all I'm saying.

>> No.24023440

"If you want my thick cock again, and I know you do, you're going to have to get Liz's permission, she might even make you beg."

Grope his ass through his pants and lead him to the room.

>> No.24023446

It's like Carlos became anon.

>> No.24023458

I think we'd need a room with a very large jacuzzi or bathtub before we can get Hera out of her suit.

>> No.24023465

>the librarian
>the arch magi leader of the dextras

>> No.24023470

Max is the petri dish that will loose super demon AIDS upon the masses.

>> No.24023478

>Not wanting to grind up against her skintight suit until she comes.

>> No.24023488

Why would we want her to take off the suit? Bodysuits are hot and we can work with what we have.

>> No.24023490

>the arch magi leader of the dextras
Someday... someday.

>> No.24023500

Does Hera have ass? I'm thinking buttjobs.

>> No.24023529

"I would like to," you tell him seriously. "I just collared Liz tonight, though. If we're going at it again, I want to include her. Maybe you should tell Hera now rather than later."

"Uh," says Sam. "Yeah, maybe." You doubt he actually will. The two of you head into the room with the others. Lin is already out of her party clothes and in a bath robe, lying in bed. Liz is fiddling around with the TV, trying to find something good to watch that isn't in French. Hera walks past you and Sam as you walk in, heading into the bathroom.

"I'm going to take a nice bath to relax," she says. "This suit's really nice, but I still start drying out without the big, bulky one."

What do you do now?

>> No.24023561

Nudge Liz. Motion towards Sam.
Right index finger through loop formed between left thumb and left index finger.
Suggestive eyebrows.

>> No.24023573

See how Lin's doing, kiss Liz. Let Sam say it if he wants to go again.

>> No.24023574


>> No.24023577

Hehe. This would be good.

>> No.24023586

Seconded. Also talk to Lin, see how she's doing.

>> No.24023593

(Snuggle with Lix leave room on one side for Sam)

" hey Lin if you sleep right now we probable have time to hit a club when you wake up" (what time is it?)

>> No.24023600

Sounds about right.

>> No.24023603

It's... too much to handle how much I second this.

>> No.24023609



>> No.24023612


>> No.24023620


Time to cast level 8 penis of the infinite and get this shit rolling.

>> No.24023636

Pretty much that.

Maybe later we could even hold his hand.

>> No.24023651

At one point or another, this whole orgypile needs to stumble into the bathroom by accident and fall right in the tub.

>> No.24023658

Do a suggestive eyebrow wriggle at Hera.

"Have a nice bath. I might have to visit to see how pretty you are under that suit."

Strip down a bit, gently nudge Sam towards the bathroom, give Liz a kiss, check on Lin.

And this >>24023561

>> No.24023665

How lewd.

>> No.24023668

>Maybe later we could even


>> No.24023670

H-how lewd!

>> No.24023680

Fucking perverts shitting up this quest.

>> No.24023689

i want to read this. what is it?

>> No.24023706

Dude no, I'd rather Max not sound like a creepy old man, at least not before we've figured out how open to fucking Hera is.

>> No.24023710

I know, I mean this is BFQ, but have some standards people.

>> No.24023733

I have no idea, sorry. It's just a reaction image I have.

>> No.24023734

Oh boy bring on them ones.

>> No.24023760

>Roll soul to not offend Sam
>Roll Soul to not piss off Liz
>Roll soul to get it up
>1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11

>> No.24023761

Can she even fuck? How do the parts all work down there?

>> No.24023789

I dunno, but I want to find out.

>> No.24023798

You sit down next to Liz and give her a big kiss. She reciprocates. You gesture vaguely towards Sam with your head, then start thrusting your finger in and out of your other hand, held in a circle. You waggle your eyebrows suggestively at Liz and give her a big, shit-eating grin.

Roll Soul. I'll consider the first four linked 1d100 rolls.

>> No.24023799

It will be a journey of discovery.

>> No.24023806

Rolled 30

This can only go badly.

>> No.24023810


>> No.24023816

Rolled 9


Can you feel the love tonight?

>> No.24023817

Rolled 34

It begins.

>> No.24023819

Rolled 44

Oh god, you actually went with that one...

I think we've made more soul rolls in the past two threads than in the entire quest so far.

>> No.24023823

Rolled 54

>Liz breaks him

>> No.24023827

Rolled 80

"love you baby "

>> No.24023830


>> No.24023834

Rolled 74


>> No.24023837


Goddamn it Tzeench

>> No.24023842

Rolled 99

time to roll badly

>> No.24023852

We're getting slapped.

>> No.24023854

GG dice gods

>> No.24023860


>> No.24023864

No, just ruining this night for Liz.

>> No.24023865


>> No.24023868

Haven't we made enough Soul rolls recently.

>> No.24023870

Fuckin dice gods, maybe we'll have a chance to salvage this.

>> No.24023871

and again the dice mock us

>> No.24023883


>> No.24023901

Rolled 81

could we get a clam bonus for this roll please?

>> No.24023909

And no bonus from calm/focus.

I wish we could apply our various strength bonuses to social stuff.

Guys, from now on we need to do bench press Liz whenever we ask her something like this, it might help.

>> No.24023911

Did you make us roll because this was a bell dicking, icecream jizzing tier suggestion, or because you suddenly think Max needs less game.

>> No.24023915

Rolled 16

meant calm

>> No.24023917

Alright, I quit. These dice have fucking ruined it for me. We should not be this much of a damn fuckup all the time because of the fucking dice.

>> No.24023930

It's because we walked up to our lady love and in crude terms essentially asked "can I fuck someone else today again?"

We might be able to salvage it by saying that we wanted us both to fuck him and just hadn't made that clear.

>> No.24023936

The clam bonuses are for when we seduce Hera.

>> No.24023940

Agreed. Calm should help us out in this situation to make Max on suave fucker.

>> No.24023946


>> No.24023953

Probably because we didn't get Liz in the mood first.

>> No.24023961


Yeah, this is what I think our next move should be. Fuck subtlety, just tell Liz that the two of us should give Sam the ol' back-and-forth.

>> No.24023963

Shouldn't we get calm +1 applying to this?

>> No.24023982

Liz gives you a long, steady look. You say, "Love you, baby," when you think she might be offended. Then, with a crisp little snapping sound, Liz undoes the clasp on her purse.

"Sam, bend over," says Liz, a hard tone in her voice. She pulls her cock out of her bag, hitches up her dress, and puts it on.

"W... What?" he asks, eying her hardening plastic shaft and looking nervously to you.

"Did I say you get to look at my Mistress?" she asks. She grabs him by the back of the neck and starts pushing him down. "She wants you. Bend over. Now. And for fuck's sake, do something useful with that slutty little mouth of yours before you annoy me."

He looks nervous, but he does bend over and start very tentatively sucking Liz's cock. Lin has scooted forward and started touching herself, watching the scene unfold. Sam's still-clothed ass sways side to side in your general direction.

What do you do now?

>> No.24023983

>Liz slaps us
>Hurts her hand
>Slaps us with her other hand.

>> No.24023991

Calm does not apply here.

>> No.24024017

... this could have been worse.

... it still could be worse, depending on how this shakes out.

Still tapping that, though.

>> No.24024020


I... ummm, wat

>> No.24024028

We failed yet the fuck is happen.

I am detect long term relationship problems brewing.

>> No.24024035



>> No.24024036

Interesting. Hope the friendship with Sam survives the hell Liz is about to unleash on the poor guy.

>> No.24024042

Agree comrade.

>> No.24024047

Slowly tease Sam? Does he want to get involved with Liz? Make sure he's comfortable with this.

>> No.24024049

Oh my.

>> No.24024052

I'm scared.

>> No.24024058


Well, dont give it to him. Keep working on Liz, waiting till we get him begging for everyone hole to get filled.

Then we fuck him.

>> No.24024064

Liz's dominating personality is going to scare off Sam in the long run. A success would've made it a more caring scene.

>> No.24024067


Raw statistical probability always breaks down in the face of actual real-world dicefuckery.

I'd be willing to bet money that if fem had it at like, 50-50 success rate, we'd fail more than half the time.

If we want to actually pass rolls, we'd probably have to switch to rolling d10s, or something. Same actual percentage chances, just gives /tg/'s random number generator less options to spit out.

>> No.24024070

Too late.

>> No.24024077

Sam is about to lose potato.

>> No.24024102

oh.... god..... what's happening?

>> No.24024108

That went better than expected.

Take off our clothes, be sure to put on a show for Liz, we want her to feel special. Then pull Sam's pants down, start rubbing it against his pussy lips and give Liz a Look waiting for her input, I think she'll want him to beg a bit first.

We'll get the cuddling in after he's fucked out.

>> No.24024112


>> No.24024117

This is gonna be bad.

Really bad. Oh god Sam I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have suggested the eyebrows!

>> No.24024124

"Go easy on him Liz, he's new at this."

This seems like the sort of thing that'll make Sam feel terrible later when he thinks about it.

>> No.24024133


yeah, metinks the poor little guy will need cuddles after this, if he doesnt get scared and run out in the middle

>> No.24024137

Well, how long do you think it will take for Hera to burst out of the bathroom to save her friend.

>> No.24024152

Seconded. Make sure she doesn't break him.

>> No.24024156

Seconding this, he's never done anything serious before tonight, and he's a bit submissive, we don't want Liz to effectively rape him.

>> No.24024159

The rape train has no breaks.

>> No.24024161

yes this
give her a big kiss and play with her nipples too

>> No.24024171

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I'm done. Realistic storywriting and invariably shitty rolls do not mix. I'll just trawl the archive once it all inevitably ends in misery.

>> No.24024176

It would probably be more effective to give Sam a safe word right now.

>> No.24024183


adding onto

we play "good cop" to Liz's "Bad cop". Let her go all out on domination, Max will keep his sanity above water

>> No.24024193

Seriously, I can't bear to watch this, I know it's going to end horribly, but we've got hours of build-up to get through just for everything to go to shit.

>> No.24024217


Is there some way to say "Yeah, you're gonna need a safe word." suave and/or sexy? Because we need to do it. Unless it involves rolling dice, because that will just end poorly, again.

>> No.24024224

The guy's emotionally unstable, confused, and still probably feeling the aftereffects of those pills and alcohol.

The fuck is wrong with you people, we need to tell Liz to chill out a little, give Sam a safeword or something.

>> No.24024237


hey thats half of the fun in an RPG. Just barely adverting a TPK and trying to make the best of what you can with the fallout

>> No.24024238

Prepare for the wrath of the dicegods and his divine blade "SoulRolls"

>> No.24024246

This. Fuck, we really ought to call it off right now. Liz is clearly pissed as fuck. No good is going to come of it.

>> No.24024249

Agreed. Let's tell Liz to chill out and go easy on the poor guy. If she's feeling fustrated and angry, she can take it out on us. We'll let her peg us, or something.

>> No.24024252

These two.

and >>24024176
This, definitely this. Let Sam know that if he says some word like "Sasquatch" I don't give a fuck what the word is as long as it isn't a flower like we have with Liz, that we'll stop. I don't care if it messes with the mood a bit it needs to be done.

>> No.24024257

Agreed, we really don't want Sam to think he's been raped afterwards.

>> No.24024264

this and

>> No.24024273

Dwarf Fortress-style Fun only works when you're only losing faceless minions that can be replaced.

>> No.24024274

The rape train has no breaks.

>> No.24024280

We should let Liz take it out on us, because we're the ones who dun goofed and were rude.

>> No.24024294

Then we need to make some.

And flip the whole dom/sub relationship on it's head? Sure, why not shake as many parts of our relationship up as possible, there's no way this can go wrong.

>> No.24024296

So set up a fuckwich with Max in the middle?

>> No.24024305


That's not her fetish, though. And punishing her for this is not going to go over well, I can tell you that right the slap now.

>> No.24024312

Yes it does, stop trying to ruin our friendship with Sam and Hera, we don't need more enemies.

>> No.24024314


Serious investment is put into a quest this long though, and having stuff go in the toilet because the dice rolls are not kind is kinda shitty though.

I mean, I'd really like to go back and do a comparison of how many times we've failed a Roll on something vs how important it was. I'm guessing the chart would not be pretty.

>> No.24024322

Max in the middle sounds awesome.

And we haven't done it yet.

>> No.24024329

Liz dear, so you know Sam's safe word for the night is dandelion. Sam, if this gets rougher than you like say dandelion (or whatever). Remember that ok. Then just tease him with the safe word.

Get Liz too soft cruel Dom him, like with Lin and the first night with Lunch. Minimal sadism (for now).

>> No.24024336


hey im just amazed we have be able to succeed in enough rolls to keep max alive this far/

>> No.24024342

It's hard to say dandelion with 7 inches of neon red feeldo jammed down your throat.

>> No.24024343

Max in the middle would be pretty sweet, let Liz peg Max in the ass while we fuck Sam, and we can be a bit kinder about it than Liz will be.

>> No.24024348

Sure we did. Breakfast and Gaviscon. Still, this might be the safest way to proceed for now.

>> No.24024359

I would also like to make a conga line of fuck.

>> No.24024365

I take it you're advocating DPing him? Not sure Sam's ready for that.

>> No.24024371

We could arrange for an actively-held object safeword, like a keychain that he holds in one hand and drops with a jangle if he's incapable of speaking a safeword.

>> No.24024378

Seconding this. We need to get Liz off of Sam before she kills him.

>> No.24024387

This is the best way to proceed. That way Sam is kind of on top, and will be more capable of saying if he wants to stop.

>> No.24024395


Yeah, this is the best way to keep things sexy and not have Sam be a pile of sobbing afterwards. Do eeeet.

>> No.24024400


so the plan is to mount liz quicklike... sounds good

>> No.24024408

"Liz," you say, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Go easy on him. I was actually thinking of something a little different." You turn around and spread your ass a little for her and give her a meaningful look. "Come on, love. Let's have some fun. Sam's not ready for this."

Roll Soul. I'll consider the first four linked 1d100 rolls.

>> No.24024411


I'm just praying fem hasn't finalized a decision yet because this is the only way I see to salvage this.

>> No.24024413

Let's do it, that way we can keep Liz happy and keep her from brutalizing poor Sam.

>> No.24024414

Rolled 74


>> No.24024417

Rolled 76


>> No.24024420

Rolled 76


>> No.24024422

Rolled 61


>> No.24024426

Rolled 15

I miss when we could have a post without a soul roll.

>> No.24024427

We still need him to come up for air long enough to confirm he's ok with anal though.

>> No.24024428

Rolled 33


>> No.24024431

Rolled 78


>> No.24024433

Rolled 16


>> No.24024434

You know what? No. Fuck you.

>> No.24024439

Rolled 7


>> No.24024440

It's confirmed, the dice gods like Maxbutt.

>> No.24024443 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 10


>> No.24024445

Rolled 67


>> No.24024448


Well, that's a hell of a turn-around.

>> No.24024449

Well, sure looks like the dice love fucking us in the ass, in a good way this time.

>> No.24024451

Hah. Hahaha. Yesss.

>> No.24024453

Haha! Max is a regular diplomat when negotiating things into her ass.

Henry "The Chocolate Starfish" Kissinger.

>> No.24024455


so offer up maxbutt as sacrifice before epic rolls need to be made?

>> No.24024456




>> No.24024460

The dice gods have shone mercy? I'm not sure if I should rejoice or be very, very worried...

>> No.24024465


I think the dicegods are just into anal.

>> No.24024466

Nothing to get her to understand it the first time, but three for pegging.

I love you some times, /tg/ dice.

>> No.24024468


>> No.24024500

MFW I rolled >>24024417
MFW pegging is my fetish.

>> No.24024508

They must be d4s.

>> No.24024511

Lay down ye offerins'.

>> No.24024512

When this thread gets archived, the fucking mood whiplash these rolls induced ought to be mentioned. This is almost too ridiculous. Not complaining, but goddamn.

>> No.24024536

How many times is that pic gonna get posted.

>> No.24024537

Threesome faux pas solved with pegging.

>> No.24024541 [SPOILER] 


>> No.24024578


The Dicegod has his maxbutt.

All's right in the world.

>> No.24024590


>> No.24024657 [SPOILER] 

Accept our offering, O Great 1!

>> No.24024663

"Of course, Mistress," says Liz, her tone changing almost instantly. She pulls Sam wetly off of her cock, then walks up to you. She helps slowly strip you down the rest of the way, you bend slightly at the waist, and, after a bit of teasing of your ass, she pushes slowly into you.

She's gotten so good at this. She knows exactly where your weak spots are and can practically milk your prostate with even the slightest movements. "Mmmmm, good slut," you tell her as she starts working your ass.

She leans forward and kisses your shoulders. "Not done yet," she whispers, then switches on the vibrating bullet, sending hot, electric waves of pleasure through your entire pelvis. "Sam, service Mistress's cock."

"Uh... Okay," he murmurs. He crawls forward, then starts slowly working your cock with his mouth. It feels amazing being pleasured from both ends like that. After a few minutes of this, Sam pulls his pants down, bends over, and squirms on up to you until he can slowly slide onto your cock.

The three of you remain like that for a moment, Liz buried deep inside of you and vibrating, Sam wrapped tightly and hotly around you, and the vibrations carrying all the way from Liz to Sam.

What now?

>> No.24024668

Turns out the rape train has breaks after all.

>> No.24024680

Wait a second, where are we? Where's Hera and Lin? We're not doing this right in front of them, are we?

>> No.24024690


The breaks were butts

>> No.24024700

We need to finish before Hera gets back.

>> No.24024714


Enjoy ourselves, survey for Lin and Hera. prepare to roll out the soul to calm Hera Down. Ride the wave out

>> No.24024717

Lin is enjoying the show. Hera is in the bath.


>> No.24024718


Lin is /observing/ and Hera is in the bath relaxing and probably /listening/

>> No.24024720

Hera's in the bath. Lin's watching and masturbating.

>> No.24024722

I laughed. I am still laughing. I apparently am a horrible person.

>> No.24024725

Enjoy it?

>> No.24024727

Lin is getting off to this, as I recall. Hera is in the bathroom, and about to walk in on a very interesting sight.

Her reaction will be priceless.

>> No.24024728

Time to piston between them. Lean our head back and kiss Liz. Pinch Sam's nipples a bit..

Please for the love of god don't make us roll again.

>> No.24024733

Pump into Sam and on to Liz back and forth back and forth, but gently enough not to hurt Sam or knock liz off us.

>> No.24024742

Hera's in the bath. Lin is present.

>> No.24024752

Commence fucking, play with Sam's nipples and clit while we enjoy the dual sensations from both ends.

>> No.24024756

Piston / pump-mind.

>> No.24024763

>Critfail roll to boner

>> No.24024770

>Please for the love of god don't make us roll again.

Roll soul to keep from going flaccid.

>> No.24024777

>Hera walks out to see a chain of dicks
This is either going to end up going horribly or wonderfully, depending on how the dice fall.

>> No.24024781

We're right in front of Lin, she's masturbating to this, Hera's taking a bath but she can probably hear us and might have some questions in a bit.

I dunno, I think we should let her see this.

Pick Sam up with one arm, lift him up while still impaling him on our cock, preferably facing straight towards Lin to put on a show for her. She deserves a good view.

Lift him up and down on our cock, control the pace completely. With the other hand tease his nipples, and clit. Kiss and lick the back of his neck, his ears, have both us and Liz talk dirty to him, tell him how nice his pussy is.

>> No.24024783

>Roll body to open the viagra bottle.

>> No.24024788

Wouldn't Max have to roll soul to repress her ever-present boner.

>> No.24024808

Roll mind to understand child safety mechanisms.

>> No.24024820

Might be worth it to see if Lin or Hera are paying attention by now.
...well, might be worth it to do so in a little while. Maybe not just quite yet.

(my apologies for being lazy, but can anyone tell me if we need precautions to remain safe from succubi and all? I know it was mentioned as an issue before, but we seem to have managed just fine earlier. If some precautions are in order, then certainly a few of those.)

I'm slightly torn in whether suggesting she fuck Sam through us would be a good idea or not. I'll hesitantly side with not.

>> No.24024822

Roll soul again to reconcile being outsmarted by a bottle.

>> No.24024836

>Pass Body
>Fail Mind

>> No.24024846


>> No.24024853

This. Put on a show for Lin as well, make her feel included in this.

>> No.24024875

yea I like this

>> No.24024886

I keep getting told we're in the clear due to being the wrong gender when I ask, but I haven't found it in the archive yet.

>> No.24024894

Nope, we're fine from succubutts, we're a girl, succubutts only drain men, and we only drain chicks, neither us nor Sam can drain the other. I believe we asked Dad this at some point.

Also, given that we're half-demon our soul is hard to fuck with anyways.

>> No.24024923

Seconding talking dirty, but we should also give Liz some positive feedback for the job she's doing.

>> No.24024925

Look for when Dad taught us to feed or explained how it works i forget witch it he mentions it there.

>> No.24024938


>> No.24024952

Yeah, I started a full re-read earlier today, I'll probably get to it tomorrow.

>> No.24024958

I'll fourth this.

>> No.24024968

seconding positive feedback for Liz

>> No.24024979


We did a little bit, we can definitely give her more. Compliment her on doing precisely what we told her when we told her.

>> No.24024988


>> No.24025010

Give Lin a show, see if she'll get involved

>> No.24025047

You start rocking slowly back and forth between Liz and Sam, wanting to get as much stimulation as possible without pulling off of Liz or out of Sam. Eventually, you find a good rhythm, holding Sam's hips and pulling him up and down your cock while bumping and grinding back against Liz.

Sam's legs give out pretty quickly, and he ends up face-down on then bed as you fucking pound his pussy. Liz starts thrusting really hard - which is fine with you, since it feels great and you have durability to spare. "Oh god, Liz, you're amazing!" you moan back to her. "You beautiful, perfect, obedient little slut of mine."

You can practically hear the blush in her voice. "Th... Thank you, Mistress."

And then Hera walks in. She has her suit back on and is dripping wet. "The water was a little... Soft..." she says as she surveys the scene before her. Then she turns, runs to the door, throws it open, and bolts out into the hallway.

What do you do now?

>> No.24025055

Hmm, I think Lin would probably come over and start licking and teasing Sam's clit if she's feeling up to it.

>> No.24025056

Nah, she needs to relax. Masturbation is about it for her right now.

>> No.24025080

Here we go.

The rape train has no breaks.

>> No.24025082




>> No.24025086

I think Sam's going to have some explaining to do tomorrow.

>> No.24025088



>> No.24025090

Well then...

"Uh, Sam, Hera just ran off."

>> No.24025091

Let her go. We can go find her after we finish

>> No.24025094

I have no idea.

>> No.24025121

Does Hera think we took advantage of Sam or something. We should probably catch up with her, or have Sam do it rather.

>> No.24025123

Sorry Hera!

Sex demons!

It happens!

>> No.24025126


yell to lin to get to prelim damage control, then... umm... fuck i dont know

>> No.24025129

As far as I'm concerned, this is on Sam.

>> No.24025130


Let's stop what we're doing, and chase after her. Try and explain.

>> No.24025135

Look back over our shoulder.
Then look at Sam to see if he's freaking out.

>> No.24025136

Um... let's just not do anything about it. I'm sure absolutely nothing negative will come of this. Or if it does, well, we can deal with that later.

Or, more realistically, let's defer to Sam on this one since he actually knows Hera and we don't.

>> No.24025152

Time to brake the rape train.

Sam should go talk to Hera. Also we may need to run damage control if her inconspicuousness field is off.

>> No.24025154

Hera's kinda dumb.

>Goes on trip to Paris with 2 sex demons
>Freaks out when she stumbles in on a threeway

>> No.24025160

"Sam, Hera just freaked out and ran off."

>> No.24025161

To be fair Hera is well aware that all 3 of us are sluts

>> No.24025163


Yell for Lin to get her before hera makes a scene and calm her down. Get both Liz and Sam to clean up and sit the fuck down, make sure we get them to beleive none of this is their fault.

go out to lin and Hera, come clean with hera, take the full blame for everything try to get her to calm down.

Have a group sit down and talk and chill, tuck everyone in to sleep, then try to salvage our weekend,

hows this guys>?

>> No.24025168


No, I think that harshes the buzz way too much. End the sexytimes, let Sam go and explain to Hera what's going on. We should NOT accompany him; that'll just piss her off even more.

>> No.24025169

Defer to Sam, let him talk to her afterwards.

>> No.24025178


im going with this too

>> No.24025181

I think the field was built into her suit, so it should be on. I may be wrong though.

>> No.24025191

>Yell for Lin to get her
Lin's still recovering from her drug trip. Sam is the one who needs to calm Hera down.

>> No.24025193


nah, not with how emotional sam is. We kinda caused all of this. we need to own up or lose friends....

im also throwing in with >>24025163

>> No.24025202

seriously. What did she expect, board games and bagguettes?

>> No.24025204

"Saaaaam. If that's not just her bolting to get a camera and is as bad as that looks, then at least let her know not to bolt around without her suit and we're all fine. You already know you got 'splaining to do."
...though on second thought I'm saying this very badly, so hey.

>> No.24025205

That sounds fucking excellent. Seconded.

>> No.24025225


and send the kid thats been fucked silly twice to Hera.

He'd get 3 stutters into the conversation before she storms off again. Max needs to mediate

>> No.24025242

>Max needs to mediate
Soul rolls...

>> No.24025248

Didn't we initiate this? I mean, Sam might think its his fault for propositioning us, but Liz damn well knows we pulled the trigger.

>> No.24025263 [SPOILER] 

ill post more ass for the dice gods

>> No.24025284

If we're stopping don't forget to shout Primrose. Time to see how good of a sub our little slut is

>> No.24025287

I'm not sure she knows we're a sex demon.

Especially since she already was aware of Lin getting pounded in the bathroom.

>> No.24025303

>Um... let's just not do anything about it
Fuck, this is my default reaction when shit gets bad too. It doesn't exactly work well though.

>> No.24025313

>don't forget to shout Primrose
Why would we do this?

>> No.24025323

"Primrose. Sam, can you walk?"

Y:"We need to go get Hera and explain ourselves."

N:"I'm gonna go try to explain all... this to Hera. In the meantime, get under the covers. You too, Lin.

>> No.24025334

We're in control of this situation, why would we use Liz's safe word?

>> No.24025335

She's just going to be a flustered maybe a little indignant that we didn't tell her we diid this with her right now

>> No.24025336


It's one thing when it's some aquiantance of yours getting septuple-penetrated in a French bathroom, it's something else entirely when it's your sorta-roommate who you probably have feelings for.


In case Liz doesn't realize that sexytimes are over.

>> No.24025354

Safeword. This is BDSM if we yell stop Liz probably won't hence the safeword

>> No.24025357

Now is not the time for delicious fuckin'; this is the time for tact.

>> No.24025358

Can't we, as the dom, just say we're done?
Time to fix this before everything goes tits up.

>> No.24025363

we should probable do this

>> No.24025373

Oh god, Hera had a thing for Sam, who she knows is gay. Or I'm totally misreading this.

>> No.24025375


yeah, this would be best now that i think on it

>> No.24025378

We're her mistress. She's going to stop when we tell her to.

>> No.24025405

Liz seems to be turning into a little bit of a switch

>> No.24025410

I think i remember Hera having a thing for the teacher.

>> No.24025416

Liz obeys our orders during playtime in this relationship. Also, we have strength and durability augments. We could just stand up and walk out, ignoring anything non-magical Liz is doing to us.

>> No.24025419

>In case Liz doesn't realize that sexytimes are over.
She's not stupid.

She's the sub, dumbass.

I was already getting that feeling from how reluctant he was to tell her about fucking Max.

>> No.24025424

that was sam

>> No.24025429

She will dom anyone in the world except us. We are her mistress and she will listen.

>> No.24025434

No, that was Sam.

>walk out, ignoring Liz
>her dick is still up our ass
>drag her down the hallway by her dick

>> No.24025456

Read >>24025429
though I would suggest that mostly she gets off on domming others for her mistress. "for her mistress" is pretty key here.

>> No.24025479

The rape train truly has no brakes.

>> No.24025480

Not saying we should, just saying that realistically we could. That said, use your words Max, use your words.

>> No.24025484

>This thread at this moment

>> No.24025488

Fair enough, haven't got into the Dom sub thing yet but I'm sorely tempted to

>> No.24025497

Does Hera get flustered really easily or something?

>> No.24025508

Hmm, less funny this time around. Wait, did we seriously just hit NTR here? I was joking about it but now I wonder.

>> No.24025512

We will never get to finish a delicious max sandwich

>> No.24025519


>> No.24025523




>> No.24025535


>> No.24025536

>NTR the cuntboy crush of a fishgirl

>> No.24025544

Throwing my vote in with these.

>> No.24025552

No, I'm pretty sure we did.

Oh yeah, this! Good thing someone thought of it.

>> No.24025555

Grab a robe or a towel, at least. Steal Lin's, if we have to.

>> No.24025564

No time, she's running. We can use magic to smooth things over if needed.

>> No.24025565

I swear to god if we didn't specifically consensus to say the safe word and put on clothes, Fem would have us run to the hallway with Liz stuck in our ass

>> No.24025584

This is the worst plan.

>> No.24025597

We can remove liz from our ass without saying the safeword. Her collar is locked by it, but her dick isn't.

>> No.24025598

The quads have it.

>> No.24025599


(s)he reminds me alot of Papa-N back in the days of heretical Love

>> No.24025608

you're an idiot.

>> No.24025617

Say the safeword, put on clothes, chase after Hera and take full blame.

>> No.24025621

Why? Naked teenagers in the middle of the night are hardly rare.

>> No.24025627


>> No.24025628

You see, what we did wrong here was forgetting to put up the orgy field once Liz was safely on board.

>> No.24025637

Gee, let's just let her run off so we never find her and for all we know she gets herself hit by a car or something.

>> No.24025658

>orgy field
>Hera thinks we just magic raped everyone

fuckin hell

>> No.24025669

Might be a good idea to see if we can get Sam sober and coherent enough to teleport to Hera.

>> No.24025677

Hey fem if we put up an aroused feild would we have at least gotten a soul roll for Hera to immediately join when she came out of the shower?

>> No.24025690

God damnit everyone, we are the jock who stole your crush.
That is who we are right now.

>> No.24025695

If we extended it to the bathroom? Actually, it would have stopped her from being heartbroken over Sam.

>> No.24025712

Oh god.

>> No.24025727


>> No.24025729

Except we didn't steal anyone. We were just having sex with our friend.

>> No.24025730

The idiot that didn't pick up on Hera's feelings because we have no ability to read fish woman facial expressions and body language? Remember, we don't know Hera all that well.

>> No.24025745

But the jock who stole my crush was actually a total bro and they were only together for like a week and she only went with him to get me to stop being noncommittal. So it's not the same at all.

>> No.24025751

I don't think the magic is really that potent.

>> No.24025766

>not a total bro

>> No.24025782

More like she would have blamed us immediately instead of shock, denial and escape being her first set of impulses. Might have gotten us killed, might have given us enough time to get her talking.

>> No.24025783

Not to Hera.

>> No.24025797

>Might have gotten us killed
Hera vs Max and Liz. Don't kid yourself.

She would have become Sushi

>> No.24025830

Quick someone get snapple to discuss something stupid to summon Lord Fem

>> No.24025853


you know, i havent seen Snapple all thread....

>> No.24025879

I don't think we would have suffered some pretty steep dice penalties due to the distractions of the situation.

Am I the only one wondering if Sam knew Hera had a crush? He was pretty adamant about keeping our first fuck a secret from her. It made sense at the time, but I wonder if he wasn't telling us something.

>> No.24025884

Some say he snapped his own neck when he found out Heart from Captain Planet isn't a real power

>> No.24025886

Nah. I've got something planned out, but I'm saving it for later.

Was posting without trip. >>24023561 was me. So were a few others.

>> No.24025897


>> No.24025900


>> No.24025904

Huh. So it really is just the name that makes people hate you.

>> No.24025915

> I've got something planned out
Oh dear

>> No.24025921

I post equally stupid shit with and without it for experimenting. It's fun to see what more I can get away with by just going anon.

Then again the name is more likely to get responses. It's a tradeoff.

>> No.24025944

It is a surprisingly intellectual fetish and thinking about it has realty helped me pin down my beliefs on morality. Also the clothe are hot as hell.

>> No.24025949

Bad ideas: "Let's try to ring Hera's cervix with our dick. Then we can make a permanent version of our lust spell that applies only to her, so she'll be cool with it."

>> No.24025953

Seems pretty obvious. With trip people just go "goddamit snapple" w/o people just go "goddamit anon"

>> No.24025975

She dosen't know that

>> No.24025991

Neither did the jock.

>> No.24026001

I think at this point he probably gets more attention when he posts something reasonable as Snapple (all the shocked and stuttering anons voicing their conduced support) that when he goes off the deepend. But to maintain those her actions he still has to post the batshit insane bad idea crap. Either way, it's clear Snapple is keeping his/her self amused.

>> No.24026039

In other words Snapple is an attention whore.

>> No.24026050

So the consensus is >>24025323
with a robe on right?

>> No.24026055

In other words, now we can blame all dumb ideas on you regardless of name field. Well, that'll really raise the quality of posts in here, I'm sure.

>> No.24026056

>Hera is actually male.
>being fishesque, males of his species are the pretty ones, with sexual dimorphism putting him on the traditionally feminine side or the scale.
>Sam assumed Hera was female
>Hera was too flustered to correct him.

>> No.24026067

Shut up Snapple.

>> No.24026079

No, only one idiot who doesn't know what safewords are for wants to actually use it. The actual consensus is just something involving Sam talking to Hera, possibly with us in tow.

>> No.24026092

No use of safe word. Just tell Liz to clean Sam up and get him coherent. Apparently he's going to have to have a conversation with Hera.

>> No.24026099

>Shut up Snapple.

>> No.24026104

>Sam assumed Hera was female
We all did. And Fem hasn't given us any clues that she wasn't. Yet.

>> No.24026108

Using the safe word is a nogo. The rest is good

>> No.24026110

its midnight guys, i think Fem clocked out

>> No.24026123

Threads have gone on till 3 before.

>> No.24026128

>>>24026079 >>24026092 >>24026108
I completely missed the Safe word line you are all correct.

>> No.24026134

>>Shut up Snapple.

>> No.24026137

Her Internet would cut out on a cliffhanger wouldn't it.

>> No.24026145

>>>Shut up Snapple

>> No.24026148

Like yesterday?

>> No.24026153

Plus she tells us before closing shop Baring Internet crap-out.

>> No.24026158


>> No.24026164

>>>>Shut up Snapple

>> No.24026175

We've got about 4 more pages before it falls off this time, at least.

>> No.24026188

>>>>>Shut up Snapple

>> No.24026196

fuck it then


remember to vote it up

>> No.24026198

"We're done," you say, turning around to Liz. She stops immediately.

Sam, though, slides right off your dick and goes sprinting out the door. "Hera, wait!" you can hear him calling in the hallway. He forgot to pull pants on before running after her.

"Here, Mistress," says Liz, draping a robe around you. Lin hands you her robe too. "You probably want to try to handle this, right?"

I'm going to end it here for tonight. I'll archive the thread.

>> No.24026213

Huh. I guess I won't archive the thread, then.

>> No.24026216

Beg for milady's forgiveness

>> No.24026217

>>>>>>Shut up Snapple

>> No.24026222

Ah, we thought you were gone again. Is it still internet troubles?

>> No.24026224

>>>>>>>Shut up Snapple

>> No.24026227


awww shit, im sorry Fem, thought you where gone for the night.

>> No.24026229


Premature archiving occurs in 1 in 6 questfags. Science.

>> No.24026232

Shut up Snapple.

>> No.24026244

Just refresh it in the archive to get your last post added, at least.

>> No.24026266

And from the looks of these threads (s)he's getting exactly what (s)he wants...

>> No.24026277

I just did.

>> No.24026283

but we went in danger of falling off and she takes a long time on occasion. WHY did you do that?
The post that you linked to even says she tells us when the thread is done.

>> No.24026292

Of course you are, Snapple.

>> No.24026296

Just say "he". This is the internet, on the off-chance that Snapple is a girl and gets offended, he can just go bitch about it in /s4s/.

>> No.24026320

This is bfq, where everyone is intersex and the genders have mismatched sexparts.

>> No.24026355

Shut up, Snapple.

>> No.24026375

>Shut up, Snapple.

>> No.24026391

And the points don't matter.

>> No.24026420

Right, course of action tomorrow. Give Liz a quick kiss, tell her to take care of Lin and then run after them hopefully the dice gods aren't cruel and we don't fail utterly at the upcoming body roll, and we tell Hera and Sam to calm down, come back to the room and talk it out. Hopefully leading to fish sexings.

Or you know we fail utterly at every juncture and everything explodes forever.

>> No.24026461


If you're still around, Milady, I have a question. How do you come up with the personalities of the characters in the quest? Are they based off of people you know, or are they pure inventions that you think people would find interesting?

>> No.24026474

this is a good plan but we can skip the kiss time is of the essence.

>> No.24026491

Yes Milady I also am curious.

>> No.24026505

It's a quick peck on the lips, ought to take a second.

We might need to sling both Hera and Sam over our shoulders and sit them down together. Tell them to kiss and make up.

If they ask how we're picking both of them up we can just respond by flexing.

>> No.24026637

I was playing Warframe all day, with this uncomfortable feeling of distress that I couldn't place my finger on. After viewing this thread, I have come to the conclusion that I have become psychologically linked to this quest on an empathetic level.

>> No.24026744

Aren't we all.

>I spend my entire math class on my phone using the school wifi because they for some reason don't block 4chan and the class is easy as fuck.

>> No.24026764


It's a real testament to FemCOCK's writing that so many peeps are invested in the characters and the world. I like the sexy parts and the magic, of course, but just the relationships between the people can be just as engaging.

>> No.24026792

There have been a couple points in the quest (like the ambush and the incest crisis) where I was feeling genuine anxiety.

>> No.24026911

>and the incest crisis
What, really?

>> No.24026927

Not him but we almost cheated on Liz.

>> No.24027051

I was against it completely, with a secondary vote of "ask Liz first."

And Fem revealed afterwards that "just go ahead with it" would've made Liz an enemy. One of those situations that felt completely fucking wrong, and we came way too close to making the wrong decision.

>> No.24027136


That was actually when I started reading. Rolling the critfail was so hilarious that I decided to read the archives to see what was going on, and now here I am.

I do like how someone described that time: the thread mirrored Max's own thought process. "Holy fuck yes, Dad is really ho- wait, don't want to piss off Liz, fuck. Better ask first."

I would have been fine with the incest, but not if it meant hurting Liz to do so. Max and Liz's relationship is my favorite thing about this quest.

>> No.24027209

My sentiments exactly.
Selena is a close second though.

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