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I'm starting Necrons for three reasons
1. They're cheap
2. They look awesome!
3. They're easy enough for me to paint and it look good

Any advice for starting an army on a budget of $200?

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Cheapest HQ you can find
Two boxes of the cheapest troops you can buy.
6 fliers.

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Can't go wrong with a lord and a battle force, and maybe a night scythe. Not sure if necrons have a battleforce, but they should

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>they look awesome
no, man, if they had been sculpted with some amount of details, textures, or even realistic weight, they might have looked awesome.

Now they look like they're the newest WoW race.

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But their space robot zombies. SPACE MOTHEFUCKING ROBOT ZOMBIES!

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Meh, their space robot zombies, if you mean warriors by that, don't look a dozenth as cool as in the picture you're posting. And their lords and elites and constructs look like fucking toys.

Plus, a concept may be great, but the execution may be poor.

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Your anachronistic opinion is absolute garbage.

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my opinion isn't anachronistic, it's timeless because it's universally correct.

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>World of Warcraft February 11, 2005
>Necron Redesign - 2002


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>Universally Correct.

Would you ever just relax?

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New fag.

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You mean space robot zombie MUMMIES

Next fucking codex it will just be space robot mummies

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Meh, mummies are just zombies in toilet paper. I'm okay with this.

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No; it's 2011/2012

before that, they were okay

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Only newfags still use "it's your opinion" to mean "you're wrong".

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they do, though for doing it on a budget i'd say get battleforce + Lychguard box+sometihng he thinks is cool.
Use the Lycheguard box to make your overlord and 4 lords/crypteks

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Okay, I was considering getting either an Annihilation Barge, Doom Scythe, or Triarch Stalker, which one should I get?

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The barge will always be useful, and so will the flyer. Although I do have a raging roboner for the triarch stalker, and an AV13 walker with a Heavy2 multimelta goes a long way. Especially in low points games.

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Well with all that I'd have a thousand points, so I'm looking for something useful around that points level.

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And then twin linked everythings.

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If you want to squeeze a little more out of your budget, customize a few of your troops to a damaged state, this way letting you get 2 for 1 out of a few of your models. (3 for one, if your willing to stretch it even more.)

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Don't forget to scour ebay, you'll find some great deals.
Got this monolith fully assembled and painted for much less than if I had bought the kit off GW.

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Hmm, what if people catch onto my bullshit? I mean, I'm already fluffing my army but this may be a bit much.

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The doom a day ark cones with a bunch if damaged bodies normally for the ghost ark. Mixing them with your warriors and spare bits should get you at least 10 more warriors.

Back it up with a rusty or corroded looking colourscheme and most people probably won't notice. No one worth playing will care.

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Not OP, but fluff wise, what do the chaos..."think" of the necrons?

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Khorne doesn't like that they don't have blood

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I have been out for 4 years. What happen to the fluff in the past 4 years?

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the necrons got some weird fluff; ctan got broken into shards and pokeballs, necron lords are eccentric, more like tomb kings in space, lots of skimmers, got into the webway.

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>ctan got broken into shards and pokeballs

Just like Khaine? And which one?

>necron lords are eccentric
I though they were already eccentric to begin with.

>more like tomb kings in space
Just like I predicted.

>lots of skimmers
So more fast attack?

>got into the webway
Oh gods, what the fuck! How?

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>Just like Khaine? And which one?

>I though they were already eccentric to begin with.
The bit in the 5th edition rulebook about them being eccentric and quirky was almost definitely written with the new codex in mind, probably while it was under development. Under old background some Necrons did have personality, but it would have been much more subdued than what you get now.

>Oh gods, what the fuck! How?
C'tan did it. And it's a good thing too, because without the webway, the Necrons "would be forced to rely once more on slow-voyaging stasis-ships, dooming them to isolation."

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>ctan got broken
just like khaine yeah, there are a few that are whole but 90% I think are shards
>necron lords
before they were just silent servants of the star gods, now they're thinking guys with s7 ap2 melee weapons who want to kill all the living
take a look at the gw site. the lords get sweet chariot/skimmers, tomb blades are jetbikers that fight planes in space, annilation barge is a skimmer with a huge gun and others.
>the webway
khaine turned on the eldar and gave them access to the webway. but the eldar sealed off their access to the good parts
and the skimmers besides the flyers are av 13/13/11 open topped until they get a penetrating hit, I forget the name of the rule though

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>khaine turned on the eldar
Wait, Khaine supposed to be 'death' and broken, right? How the fuck he manage to merge back?

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Ward actually did good fluff for once (I know shocking) and he proved that he can also do xeno codices providing he likes them.

Also is anyone else doing a pirate necron army?

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Can I deep strike C'tan? Cause I really want to yell out "release the C'tan!"

>> No.24026076

Actually I kinda forget how khaine betrayed the elder during the War In Heaven now so someone should explain, but it happened before he got fragmented fighting slannesh I think.

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The closest thing you can do is run C'Tan from the Monolith; if you time it with Nemesor Zandrekh, you can drop Monolith on the field after enemy reserves (pods, spores, fliers) in position outsie the melta range and the C'Tan goes through the door in your next turn.

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>he´s supposed to be 'death'

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Yeah, everyone knows who the true embodiment of death in 40k is.

The Space Marines.

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Nightbringer = universal death
Mortarion = human death
Khaine = war
Spacemureens = ride the emperors dick

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Buy Trollzyn, Zandy and Oby, a box of lychguard ( for crypteks and lesser lords), two fliers, and two boxes of warriors ( one for the warriors, the other for crypteks and lords).
The next thing you do is buy lots of greenstuff to make all the cast look like they're from an 80s disco. You should now have:

Trollzyn as Mr Pimp
Zandy as the Leading Lady
Oby as the leading man
5 lesser lords as the backup dancers
3 - 5 Crypteks as light + sound techies
2 Nightsythes (fliers) as the Disco balls
10 warriors as the adoring fans

Royal court disco inferno is only way to play necrons

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Oh sorry. I mean 'dead'.

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