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>The person who does the voice of Taldeer is the same person who voices Princess Celestia

Not sure how to feel. Anyways, Eldar thread.

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The voice acting industry is hilariously small.

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...I dun geddit.

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Taldeer said she has seen her death for the ten life times of a Space Marine.

Space Marines can live for 1000+ years.


She's the oldest Eldar in the setting.

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And the guy who voices the nobs/wartrakk/wartrukk/mad dok is big macintosh.

And Scott Mcneill voiced Chief thunderhooves, the diamond dogs, Muria Mule and a bunch of monsters in addition to other roles.

They're all Canadian, what do you expect?

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or about 300 years if you take into account that most space marines tend to die within the first century

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Celestia is the sun goddess/princess

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And Steve Blum was voiced by Steve Blum, who also plays Steve Blum.

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Eldrad still wins the cookie for oldest space elf. He met pre-Heresy fulgrim in person and was known to be older than 10,000.
Also, while the maximum life of a space marine is unknown (Bjorn met the emperor ergo Taldeer's life could be 10x10,000) I believe she was referring to the average life of a space marine which is likely less than 100 years.

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She said that to a captain. Captain Thule who had two studs!

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Steve Blum is in fucking everything.

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You're thinking of Captain Dave-Ian Fool. Captain Dav-Ian Fuel had no studs.

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You realize just because the fans of something are fucking scum it doesn't mean every single person involved with the project is to be hated, right? Do you let 4chan govern your thought that much? Do you hate every girl who played with the toys back in the 80's? Every work by every single voice actor who has ever appeared on the show?

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I like MLP
It's called "hiding your powerlevel"

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Don't get me wrong, I think she did a great job as Taldeer.

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Nicole Oliver was also Macha. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was the same voice, just with a different filter.

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>You realize just because the fans of something are fucking scum it doesn't mean every single person involved with the project is to be hated, right?
You mean not everyone working for GW is scum?

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Does that make Vect #2?

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Seriously. Phil Lamarr is all black people.

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and Samurai Jack

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And Ramza Beoulve.

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I feel like if we continue listing things Phil Lamarr has voiced we'll be here all day.

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It's true

Also Jake the Dog is Bender is Marcus (GoW) is Wakka

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