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PTSD. Night terrors. Haphephobia. Fear of dark, of blades, of monsters, of intimacy.

What kind of psychological trauma has your character racked up? Exchanging violence for money is hardly the safest or most comforting profession. What kind of effects has it had on your character(s)? Are they aware of it, and if so, do they think their choice of profession is a good one?

Lasting physical trauma welcome too, provided you don't just magic it away with healing spells.

Picture almost entirely unrelated.

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Suicide counts too, I would think. I've seen a friend's character commit suicide, and one of mine has stood on the narrow edge and taken a long, contemplative look at the drop once or twice. Backed down and decided to become an alcoholic, but it's the thought that counts.

Anyone else?

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Fear of clawed mutants.
Fear of being alone.
Fear or intimacy.
Unreasonable hatred to orks.

This is from spending several months aboard a space hulk filled with feral genestealer hybrids, as well as killing his best friend to survive an ork assault.
The latter was with his friend's consent, and left my character mentally scarred and broke around 37 bones in his body, causing a major skeletal replacement, so yeah.
I guess that puts PTST on the list as well.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one, then.

Still, I feel like this is kind of uncommon. Am I just being silly, or do most people's campaigns not involve such things as psychological damage, lasting damage short of death, or so on?

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Just good, old insanity. He lives in his own world, where everything is a-ok.
He might look normal until schizophrenia kicks in.
Poor guy.

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Ptsd is for pussies.

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Is every adventuerer a flawless, indestructible ubermenschen?

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I think only rape victims are jsutified in their ptsd's.

Others are just being weak.Sure i would like to play near one who makes a character who has vietnam syndrome but i would look down upon them.

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I have a character who is suffering from severe survivor's guilt and depression from losing his best friend in a military raid on his first outing as commander.

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Really? Nothing else should leave any kind of emotional scar on someone? Why do you draw the line short of rape?

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I am talking about lasting emotional scars here, not something that will pass in a few years.

If you cant get over killing some civilians,seeing comrades die you are a weak individual not fit for adventure.
Rape is a different matter, it degrades you and destroys your feeling of privacy and ego. It is hard to get over something that shows how weak and meaningless you are how a sack of flesh you are , if you have scars that wont heal over that i can understand it.
For others you will need to get over them.

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Unreasonable hatred? Wouldn't that be reasonable hatred? They aren't exactly nice folk, yaknow.

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>it degrades you and destroys your feelings of ... ego. It is hard to get over something that shows how weak and meaningless you are how a sack of flesh you are,
>If you have scars that won't heal over that, I can understand

As I see it, watching your comrades die and being unable to save them, people who are damn near your family, despite everything you can do to save them can have the same effect. It'd hardly be surprising for it to result in a lasting sense of inadequacy, worthlessness, and survivor's guilt.

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Disillusionment, ptsd from being cut open so goddamn many times, intense paranoia, a nigh-complete desensitization to death, alcoholism, and losing an eye permanently.

Difficulty forming relationships is probably the worst of it.

Such is being the last survivor of your starting adventuring party.

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She's a slave, but she doesn't have a fear of being caught and put back into slavery. She has a fear of being perceived as worthless because of the extensive physical damage, and that no one will want her. Thus she hates being alone and will go as far as to sleep on the floor as long as it means being in a room with someone else.

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Oh god I hope you're trolling.

Of all the terrible things that can happen to an adventurer rape has got to be one of the milder. If you take away all of the western sexual stigma around any sort of sexual anything it boils down to someone doing something to you that you don't want them to do.

Not being able to get over some bullshit like that is a bigger sign of weakness than anything else you've mentioned. It's not even a close runner up to being enslaved, or tortured, or watching your friends or family being murdered and then having their souls drug into a plane of eternal torment.

Hell, i'd rank getting raped just under getting your favorite sword stolen, cause at the end of the day, even if you get raped you still have your favorite sword.

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PTSD, the msot violent bouts that almost pushed him over the edge several time are behind him but tis still there and manifest in intense anger when shit really hit the fan, otherwise he form fast and extremely strong bonds with people and become willing to put his life on the line very fast, with monetary gain his last goal.

Could be worse, very, very worse in fact, thank god for the people around him

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Extreme guilt complex and self-doubt over mistakes, as well as everything and the kitchen sink that you'd expect from spending extended time in the trenches of the 41st millennium. Also trust issues due to betrayals. She's pretty much suicidal.

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Are you seriously trying to say that rape makes you feel weaker and more meaningless than seeing somebody arbitrarily killed by somebody they can barely fight against?

Anybody can be stabbed/shot and killed incredibly easily. And getting shot and living can go to show how damn easily it could have gone the other way.

But I'm almost positive you're a trolling shitstain anyway.

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Easy to say if you are male.

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I'd expect most adventurers to be pretty desensitized to most violence. Likewise, given the disparity between wealth at different levels, adventurers would probably be absurdly wealthy compared to most people.

More things can be assumed due to the difference between a high-lethality or not campaign.

My character is an alcoholic and frequently, quietly suicidal due to having been mindraped during the campaign. She was given an opportunity to undo the mindrape, but couldn't bring herself to deliberately mindrape herself even to undo the effects of the initial form. She now blames herself for being a coward and a failure, and her suicidalness manifests as an increasing willingness to fight to the death over minor poitns of pride (which is basically all she feels she has left, even though she doesn't think she deserves it). IC, justifies taking the prideful flaw OOC.

Currently bitter, angry, resentful, and hates the people she's ostensibly helping only half as much as she hates herself.

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So men can get raped and it's all cool, right?

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My character discovered that her mentor- the only person she could remember fondly (limited amnesiac), the person who taught her to ignore pain through meditation- is the ruler of a communist, dystopic hellhole and is planning to violently overthrow the democracies of the world to unite them under a collectivist society.

She didn't take it well.

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>i'd rank getting raped just under getting your favorite sword stolen
From a decent post to complete garbage in 11 words.

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Isn't being enslaved and tortured part of the rape process?

I think the issue is the perception severity of rape. Is a 10 minute thing by one man? Held as a meathole for weeks by several men? Tortured like a science expirement by a sadist that makes Marquis De Sade look like Mr. Rogers?

Just like there's also a difference between a sniper shooting your son from afar, and watching a group of men visciously torture and kill your entire family till their begging for death after weeks and saying that only you can put them out of there misery.

Put it short, it's entirely dependant on severity and length.

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Crippling paranoia and violently intolerant of invasions into his personal space. Insomnia due to the paranoia, and extremely malnourished for the same reason. As a result he's a bit delusional.

To be fair, one of the players in the group is The Thing, a la John Carpenter, and he knows it.

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Holy shit, my girlfriend has rape PTSD. Shit's the worst. If veterans suffer the same shit, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. No matter if weak or strong. Nobody deserves that.

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A crippling fear of Shedinjas.

In my defense though those creepy mother-fuckers straight out steal your soul.

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A strong dislike of carts and wagons as a result of repeated capture by the Drow and a three month long ride in a prison cart from his home in the desert to the forest near the city currently employing him as a guard (though, admittedly, he hasn't been doing much "guarding" of any sort since he joined up.)

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One of my characters has massive survivor's guilt. Also daddy issues.

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How is she handling it?
How long ago it happened?

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CoC d20 (yeah, I know; terrible system)
>Ridiculously tough and ridiculously good with guns detective
>Somehow had very high SAN (probably because our Keeper didn't really know what he was doing)
>Currently has a very, very strong fear of fire, due to losing 18 (18!) Sanity from a horrendous vision that his Nyarlathotep-possessed friend showed him.
>Also hates magic of any sort. Understandable, of course, but he threatened the friendly wizard you meet in Masks of Nyarlathotep (because seriously, who the fuck trusts wizards?)
>Just got sent back to ancient Egypt with his 10 year old Arabic translator, Aladdin.

AD&D Bard
>Within the first hour of playing him, my DM told me to write "dementia" down on my sheet
>He's crazy
>Hates water.
>No, you don't understand.
>He REALLY hates water.
>Is seriously thinking about burning down the ocean
>Don't ask, he's fucking crazy
>His hate of water springs from the fact that he nearly died when swimming once
>The (retarded) explanation is that everyone in the party was tripping balls and somehow (lol, shit DM) mistook lightning for the ocean. Or some shit.
>He doesn't know that, obviously, and just assumes that water is evil.

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Oh yeah, Bard is missing two fingers on his left hand.

Whenever someone asks him why, he just makes up a new story.

The real reason involves a gang he was part of that cut off his fingers as punishment for being such a fuck up.

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Clearly you have never had your favorite sword stolen. It is an agonizing experience that can rob you of all dignity and masculinity. That thing was enchanted up to +10, it's net worth equaled out that of every nation I'd visited in a month....I cut down a fucking mountain with that thing and some grubby little goblin made off with.

You have never know true pain until you've had your best sword stolen.

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A horror campaign in DnD I went through left me and my friend's characters with mixed results as far as psychological trauma goes. Long story short, we ended up stranded in a castle where an evil force was unleashed overnight in this big castle, and most of its inhabitants were killed or turned into undead monsters, And we were unable to leave due to the unnaturally fierce blizzard raging outside. Our DM used this to experiment with a custom sanity system, where enough sanity loss resulted in psychological conditions of varying permanence.

One party member, an eladrin warlord who served the king of this castle had to kill off a bunch of his fellow knights who had been zombified. He still is susceptible to vicious night terrors, depending how he rolls during extended rests.

There was another party member who was a human ranger. His player was new to tabletop gaming in general, so he ended up playing his ranger more like a rogue, and kept trying to steal things. His experience at the castle amplified this trait to the point of dangerously impractical kleptomania, causing him to be compelled to steal anything of value that wasn't nailed down regardless of value. The last time we saw this character was when a bartender caught the ranger trying to shove every single piece of silverware the inn owned down his pants. The bartender chased him into the night, with forks and spoons falling down his pants legs. The ranger's player used this as an excuse to roll up a new character.

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Another party member was a drow rogue. Throughout the long couple of nights spend in Castle Dunraven she kept seeing things either nobody else could notice or see. Some of these things were illusions incited by the dark forces that had possessed the castle, as well as manifestations of her dwindling sanity.. But not all of them were, and those are the ones that haunt her the most. Due to her player's increasibly inconsistent attendance due to her hectic work schedule (to the point where she hasn't shown up to a session in almost a month), her character has been written off at the moment as having become a paranoid shut-in.

My character (a dwarf paladin) ended up the most unscathed from all of this. The dark forced that infested the castle turned out to originate from an evil book. An evil book that we had been carrying through half the campaign. Resultingly, my character now has a phobia about old dusty books. Can't step into a library without being on edge.

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My Wizened soldier had two ways of dealing with the horrors he faced. The first was to retreat inwardly, keeping everyone but a select few at arm's length. He also tended to drink heavily and screw anything that would put out for his ugly ass.

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in the end, I imagine a lot of adventurers end up like that

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10 years ago. Would have killed herself without me.

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What started as a one-shot fantasy horror became the prologue for a campaign, and a deep dive right into trauma.

Long story short, 3 PCs and 4 NPCs managed to spend three days fighting through a Dead Island style scenario, only it also included plant elder god problems that got worse and worse.

It's been a year since they sealed it and escaped, and now live in the slums of a desolate city on welfare. The birdman PC is cheerful still, just violent. His lamia girlfriend was an ocean-based lamia who is now deathly afraid of said ocean, and is slowly dying because of it.

The troll PC is braindead from the experience, and can barely walk or talk. Her dryad girlfriend and caretaker has become irrational, has a destroyed spinal column, and has fell into fanatical sun worship.

The rat PC was an inventor once, and now makes Doctor Venture look responsible and successful. His vampire caretaker is saner than he is, and said vampire is already kind of a fruit. The rat often makes gardens and then burns them down in paranoid fits.

The last NPC is an elf. Used to be a starlet. Now she's a severe alcoholic who mooches off of them and slices and digs up her right arm, because she SWEARS she can still feel the vines moving around underneath the skin.

I have never been more proud and depressed to be a GM.

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