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because you are a knife-eared bastard, that's why.

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No, Macha also is, and we love her.

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Because you're not Cestree.

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>implying we don't
You have serious inferiority and abandonment issues, and we've talked about that before. You need to be on your meds.

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Too much weaboo, trying too hard, no personality.

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Because your ears arent deliciously rubbable.

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Because you're a fictional character.

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Because your friends are way hotter.

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pretty much

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You're just too boring and generic.

If you're not going to be a sexy elf, you at least need some distinct personality to keep our interest.

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>implying reality can stop love

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But that's no explanation

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I, for one, welcome your busty counterpart.
And no, your magical breast enlargement trick wont work on us this time.

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Cestree is a shit succubus
Ribbon is a shit elf

They have so much in common, no wonder they're friends.

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Hmm, so much rage, so tempting...

My dear young lady, have you ever heard of Khorne? He'll grant you power, to either force those /tg/ers to love you, or to slaughter them if they refuse you. (Or both, should you so choose!)

You might want to consider it...

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Go away Xeno, you weren't invited to the party.

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Enjoy your pillowaifu.

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>implying you wouldn't hit this
Look at that neck, anon. Look at it.

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yes she was

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This post. Everything about this post.

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The word is dakimakura
You pleb

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She cares not, for she had a delicious hot cocoa with her friend drone.

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That look shopped

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Man, she don't even do body horror right.

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it's drawn under photoshop, just like the original one, by the same person, yes, if that's what you mean.

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Because hate.

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I see you back there, you sneaky son of a bitch.

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I still like how WHH bitch looks angsty as fuck, just like all the WHH shit. And Xeno looks like she is trying to muster up the courage to hit on someone, possibly Macha, who looks depressed that no one has hit on her yet and that its a total taco fest.

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I prefer the term "Clam-Fest". Though Taco-Fest works, too.

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Clam fest does sound better, now that you mention it. Or just say that its a regular Clam Bake, since that is a type of fest.

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It's just that she's kinda afraid of Macha, since she accidentally the soulstones of her ancestors.

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God damnnit now I want seafood.

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>implying Xeno understands guilt
Bitch is disgustingly sociopathic, bro.

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I am devoted to my raifu but do appreciate and enjoy ribbons company. I would love to hear her opinion on next.

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She can totally feel guilty about stuff, and for long, too, it's just that you have to point out why what she did was bad, because as you said she's not really smart with those things.

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I live in the south.

Delicious, delicious crawfish boils.

So good.

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Neck and boobs makes it look like she is a walking humanoid penis.

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Maryland here, home of the best crab cakes in existence.
And some surprisingly good calamari.

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Ffffffuck you I hate you so much.

Fucking hate being allergic to shellfish.

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Seafood is disgusting.

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Just like Xeno.

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That's why you should close your mouth when you're eating.

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Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all day.

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Nothings better than a New Orleans crawfish boil, I'm afraid.

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that's mean!

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Man, I really need new elf earplay pictures...

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But fair.

Your waifu is a monster.

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Everyone does. Some might call it a fetish, but even humans love earplay. It's a real erogenous zone.

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Ive never seen her feel guilty about anything.

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I would call it a fetish. I would also say it has to be with elves. I know its a human erogenous zone as well, but theres just something about dem ears, man.

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It's like breasts. You're attracted to larger ears, and there's a point where they aren't sexy anymore.

Humans would be about a "B cup" in the ear department, Elves vary between "C cups" and "DD cups", with some massive variants depending on the artist. The point makes them seem perky, in a way. More youthful and desirable than the wrinkly, almost saggy human ears.

...Oh God this sounds far worse than I intended.

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That would be Eldar earplay.

>implying there is a difference

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There is something as "too big ears" indeed.

WoW Night Elves for instance.

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Eldar are space elves, but since youre being all picky.

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They look uncomfortable to lie down with.

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Dunno why, but I find eldar more attractive than elves, probably the personality that goes with it.

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I'll see what I can come up with.

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I dunno. I enjoyed Vegas style by the pound crawfish, shrimp and crab.

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You, I like you.

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an adorable little monster!

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But necrons have no ears you silly virgin.

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Well, the point is, Human Ears vs Elf Ears are like Small Tits vs. Big Tits. Some like small tits, some don't care, some like big tits, some like fucking tremendous tits. Elves are more "well endowed" than humans, so they're physically more attractive in the ear department. They're also highly visible, unless hidden by hair or some headware, almost making it like cleavage.

The ears being large erogenous zones for Elves make sense. In a way, ignoring the fact that many Elf societies are considered extremely decadent, you could compare their ears to bare breasts. A modest elf in some settings may blush if attention is given to their ears (Like, someone commenting on an earring), or even cover them as one might wear a loincloth.

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probably because they are the more faithful depicition of tolkien elves

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>prudish elf covers ears with long hair, hats/hoods or ear muffs
>inexplicably uncomfortable around people with short hair or tied hair because of the bare ears
>too timid to mention it
Not sure if new fetish or new character concept

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it's an eversor

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Why not both?

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Why not both?

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Elf ears are also supposed to be more sensitive.
And they can wiggle.

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Ear piercings themselves would probably hold a lot of cultural significance. On the level of earring replacing wedding rings, even.

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No, mostly in a depressing Lovecraftian way.

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Same could be said for Cultist and /tg/ loves her so fucking much it's sickening.

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Or perhaps, as a friend of mine suggested, they'd be a cultural taboo. Even if the society didn't hide their ears normally, those with piercings or other things done to their ears might be shamed into covering them. An elf with a piercing or tattoo or something on their ears might be considered "slutty" by others.

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>loving cultist

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Actually, there is a lot of mixed feelings on Cultist and the rest of the waifus Culexus forced on us.

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i live on the california coastline. up in the morning theres a huge fresh fish market, ever had ray? that shits the bomb.

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>shitty drawing style
why do you even support terribad drawfags?

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Cultist also sprung from the Chaos Cultists in Dawn of War so she is easier to get than Xeno.

Cultist also drop dead for our amusement as well while Xeno just demands pandring.

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I miss the times of loli daemonette.

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I miss Jeanstealer, myself.

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I saw a recent picture with her in it, actually. Didnt save it, though.

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Seafood, elves, ear fetishes and old waifus all in one thread?

God damn I love /tg/.

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Oh well. Tyranid Girls in general are fun.

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Unyuufex will always have a place on my heart.

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I always found Unyuufex really depressing, with a personality of a kitten and the body of a killing machine, it could never get the hugs it wanted.

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I never really liked Lofn.

Just felt like that needed saying.

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In that case, I had this lying around.

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So the cold hard truth is that /tg/ can't have a waifu they wont get bored with?

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It has to be an anthropomorphic fighter jet or it won't last.

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Aaand thats a new fetish that cant be realized. Its bittersweet, but apprecieted.

>> No.24017112


/tg/ can't, but the individuals that make up /tg/ can.

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Welcome to the monstergirl fetish in it's entirety and other fantastical fetishes.

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Its like anything on /tg/, really. Its fun and cute for a while, but then we gotta all talk about the next edition and fight over that.

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Cynical, yet accurate.

>itsbwar Mittler
Who is this mittler, and why are they at war?

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I have had multiple fa/tg/uys pay me money to draw cultist. You fuckers love her.

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I like you post

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Silly anon.

The only waifu's that /tg/ has consistently are.


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Bittersweet fetish general?

>> No.24017173

>mixed feelings
The masses love her, a couple really loud cunts hate her.

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This thread is about Ribbon who exists purely for one person to draw stupid comics and porn. She's even less of an issue than Cultist.

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>/tg/ is one person

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>nothing new

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Aaaaaaaaand just like that I have a new Campaign.

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I never wanted to be your waifu, /tg/...

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I already was into monstergirls. The rubbing of elf ears just hadnt occured to me before.

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Fuck off, eat shit, die.

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Oh, you bet.

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>implying you ever were
become a better drawfag, idiot

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not-good drawfags can improve.

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>different paypal accoutns for the different commissions

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