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Hey /tg/!

I'm working on a costume design for a female archon but I'm having trouble finding art for any. If you have any, please share! I need a little more inspiration before I can bring this costume to life! (If no female the please post male!)

Other than that: DE general!

> Also; I'm in the middle of Path of the Renegade. I'm enjoying it.

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Here ya' go, OP.

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Now that is a high ranking wych! I would hate to meet her in an area!

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The Supreme Lord of the Realms is watching you....

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Ankles too pointy. Would not fuck.

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Oops, did I just piss off you Spess Elves?

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At the moment I'm thinking of a dress/corset combo like on the female homunculus mini.

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here ya go

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Holy shit, it's a Dark Eldar NOT depicted with Sisters of Battle slaves.

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Gonna be hard OP, from what I understand the female dark eldar generally take the role of Succubus whilst the men take the role of Archon so art is hard to find.

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Im gonna be honest with ya, not sure if that was a positive or negative reaction.

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I got the idea from reading Renegade. The area archon was definitely female. (And super fucking cool) They exist but are just not as common.

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That is awesome. I like the 'rings' instead of gloves idea. *scribbles notes*

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>male archons
>cool segmented kabalite armour that looks sexy as fuck
>female archons
>just make them almost naked.

Why so lazy with female designs artists?

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Ahh, I see then.
Well, this is the last of my Female-archons (That I can show on tg)
but i do have some drow/dark elf pictures if you'd like.

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This is the bad-ass I was talking about. I loved you so much /tg/ that I looked her up to link and saw a spoiler.

I wasn't going to say it myself, but I have noticed this as well. I plan to wear something resembling clothes and armor for my costume.

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Please do! Drow would be perfect for inspiration. How did I not think of it before! Thanks pliskin!

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Male dark eldar have a harder time advancing amongst the wych cults since the audience wants the most graceful murderers. Thus it's almost only women who make it to the rank of succubus.

In the kabals on the other hand there are no ideals working for or against either sex. Success there hinges on talent for intrigue, backstabbing, betrayal and paranoid tendencies.

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>Male dark eldar have a harder time advancing amongst the wych cults since the audience wants the most graceful murderers

das sexist.

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I know, its such a damn waste. I love the ascetics on Dark eldar armor.
Though to be fair, im pretty sure boobs provide a 6+ invulnerability save and a +1 to your initiative in the table top

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Its pretty much full amazon to them/, Male wyches are explicitly breeding stock, they let them fight just long enough to determine who will make the strongest babies.

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You'll just have to forgive them that one flaw, because in general they will murder, rape, enslave, abuse, torture, main, injure and just make life living hell for anyone and everything regardless of faith, species, gender or other relevant distinction. After all, nobody is perfect (just don't say that to their faces...)

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I always imagined the one named female Archon in the codex wearing something similar to the Lhamaean

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fuck forgot image

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and the official

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THAT'S the one I was talking about! That is the base look that I am think of at the moment!!

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Sorry, my folders are a mess its gonna take me a while to find things.

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not entirely an eldar but it is kabalite armor

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LOVE that skirt!!

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Those look awesome! I should consider what weapons to carry if I have the time and resources to make them.

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If you want to keep it simple Lady Malys, the previously mentioned codex Female Archon Uses a Steel Fan and a Sword.

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Hmm, steel fan would even be con-safe. Excellent idea!

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interesting to see as i've started gathering materials for a kabalite warrior outfit

what region are you in OP?

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Eastern US. If I go through with this costume I will wear it to Dragon*Con.

If you are doing any 40k cosplay then you ought to look into this costuming group/ resource.
Obscurus Crusade has a facebook page too!!

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you could go Hesperax and put some barbs at the end on your hair.
Archons by default come equipped with Kabalite armour, a Close combat weapon, a Splinter pistol, & Plasma grenades.

Really and spiky blade-like weapon will work for the close combat weapon.
The grenades, if you want to go with them, could be made from any round object with some ingenuity and paint behind it.
The pistol is a bit tougher

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Alright folks, I'm headed off for the night! I will see you tomorrow, thanks for all of your awesome help!

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i keep meaning to go to d*c but never have time

well with not scoring sdcc tickets this year... maybe.

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Most relevant images already posted, but might help = http://beckjann.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=48

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The Archon of the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose is a female, her name escapes me at the moment.

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Dress like a sensible (lol) dark eldar and dress like the males

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>MP doing a DE cosplay
My dick is in my hand already

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>Male wyches are explicitly breeding stock

Goddamnit, why must I find Dark Eldar culture so boner-inducing?

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Beckjann is the Supreme Archon of all things DE. May his pictures fill our folders.... and boners.

Believe me. I know that feel.

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He even tries to look like a dark eldar. And thanks to his asianity, he's succeeding at it.

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No, in fact they keep fighting, and also sometimes achieve a high rank. It's just that if they could, they'd only recruit females because males are less graceful usually.

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He is truly awesome.

> Favorite pic of his

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It's lovely, isn't it? I'll dig through my folders and see what I can come up with for female Dark Eldar.

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Kruellagh the Vile. Cool concept, fun-but-silly name, terrible model and dire rules.

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If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing...

wile? while?

Shit, I'm sure I had something for this.

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It's the faggiest one.

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I still love a lot of the old 3rd edition Dark Eldar art.

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I was wondering when you would show up, Deathleaper.

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Sadly, most of the other female DE pictures I have are already posted, and I need to vanish off briefly. I'll be back in ~45 minutes or so and dump guys, if that's of use.

I think the main thing to keep in mind regarding an Archon's costume is it's not likely to be terribly different, in terms of basic shape and structure, from the armour worn by a rank-and-file Kabalite. It'll just be far more elaborate and detailed and coupled with things like cloaks, banners, trophy-racks and elaborate helmet crests.

And yes, that is some fantastic hair. If it's one thing the DE can be relied upon, it's having some truely breathtaking topknots on display.

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Please do!

I'm not ask skilled with armor making. I'm going to look into shoulder guards and bracers. But other than that I'm going to have to focus on doing a robes/dress/corset design.

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>dem crotch hooks

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Because there is NO escape from that pit of horror!!

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. . hmmm . . . lets see what i got . . .

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some stuff from a drawthread a while back

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hmm everything else seems to be duplicated

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You might want to try a read of the Path of the Renegade by Gav Thorpe on Dark Elf and their culture. They have a Wych Archon or whatever and a lady Archon with a fairly well laid out description. Also, try to be as non human as possible, some of these pics tend to potray them as fucking night elves, instead they have almond eyes turnes upward like an alien, no meat on bones, very lithe and chin is always sharp as a blade.

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Yes! As I mentioned in the first post, I'm already halfway through. It's defiantly an inspiration for this!

I'm thin enough, and super pale so I think I'm set there. I'm experimenting with contorting my face a bit. But that's tricky to do well enough that it won't show up in photos. If you know a good reference for 'natural contorting' I'd love to see it!

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Nosferatu Dark Eldar are superior.

Notice that the Dark Eldar couldn't tell that the victorious combatant was a Sister in disguise. They thought it was another Dark Eldar Wych.

This shows that from the Neck-down Eldar and humans are identical.

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Do you want the new Dark Eldar book? The Path of the Incubus? I just downloaded it.

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Or, it shows that the person who wrote Daemonifuge was an idiot.

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Path of the incubus full, it is a .mobi so you need a free ebook reader software like calibre or some other sort, its all over the net.

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This does seem much more likely the case.

On the subject of female Archons; my Archon on the table top is female, put together using diving Scourge legs, a female warrior breastplate, a power sword from the wych box, a venom blade from the warrior box, as well as a Sybarite helmet and a Corsair cloak. And she looks completely badass. I guess what I'm saying is make the armor a male Archon would use and give it boobs.

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No it shows that you have so much ego that you think you are better than BL writers whore.

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I really love this picture.

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That reminds me of a thread we had a few months back. It derailed into a discussion about some DEldar running safe houses where people could live out their perverted fantasies of gentle, consensual and tenderly romantic relationships.

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Dat hair, indeed. It is not to be trifled with.

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You think those limp-dicked faggots of the Dark Eldar look like Men?!

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Thank you based anon, you were far more usefull than self entitled trips.

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Starting dump of real man to show these xeno bitches the true meaning of manliness.

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>Oh no, people are liking things I don't like!
>Better hijack that shit pronto!

HFYfags are cancer.

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This is what a man looks like!

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Justify liking limp dicked homo space elves.

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That artstyle is like 99.9% lucien from hentai-foundry
And knowing him Dark Eldar are just right up his alley.

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You betrayed Shiva!

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>Imperialfags are cancer.
Fixed that for you... That also applies to the marine fags as well.

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>That artstyle is like 99.9% lucien from hentai-foundry

Bingo, he's the artist.

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You will never be as manly as this.

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You wouldn't remember the name of the artist they had on board for that codex, would you? I can't remember it at the moment.

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Stop. Just stop. This is just pathetic and sad.

>> No.24017594

I'm afraid I don't, but if you can find a copy/scan of the book, it should list the artists who were involved somewhere.

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you are worst dark elf. you are the dark elf faggot you are the eldar smell. return to craftworld. to our craftworld cousins you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,bien-tal we will never forgeve you. cetnik rascal FUck but fuck asshole elf stink xeno sqhipere shqipare..eldar genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead xeno..ahahahahah COMMORAGH WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget malantai .ulthwe we kill the king , xeno return to your precious craftworld….hahahahaha idiot eldar and dark elf smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE XENO FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. GUARD0+SISTERS+MARINES+INQUISITION=kill XENO…you will ww2/ Ravenor alive in imperium , ravenor making album of imperium . fast rap ravenor . we are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of inquisition… you are ppoor stinkeld… you live in a craftshit hahahaha, you live in a yurt.

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I have a pdf of an old DEldar Codex here. I'm not sure it's the right one, as I wasn't able to find this exact picture, but the overall style, so here's the list, maybe it helps.
Cover Art: David Gallagher
Internal Art: Alexander Boyd, Wayne England, Des Hanley, Neil Hodgson, Nuala Kennedy, Paul Smith, John Wigey, Richard Wright

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>> No.24017716

Manly humans doing Manly things.

>> No.24017730

I think it's Wayne England. The name certainly looks familiar.

>> No.24017734

You face my claw faggot.

>> No.24017735

First: Please learn how to use proper grammar and orthography. To read that, that hurts. Even me, and I'm not even a native speaker.
Second: You don't like this thread? So... shut up, hide it and move along, be so kind.

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>> No.24017757

I bet they like to be fucked in the ass with strapon.

>pic related mfw when seeing this faggotry.

>> No.24017767

It's a bit of edited Copypasta, the spelling/grammar is supposed to be like that.

>> No.24017779

>does not know how to remove kebab

You cant be this new.

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>> No.24017789

He is just being a cunt. Stop paying attention to him and he will go away.

>> No.24017795

Love this one.

>> No.24017798

>> No.24017805

>Kruellagh the Vile

Seriously? Wow. I knew GW ripped off all sorts of stuff in their games, but stealing the name of the villain from 101 Dalmatians?

That must be some kind of record low. Even for GW.

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>> No.24017821

Damn thats summer.

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>> No.24017826

Seem to have been able to evade it 'till now.
Yeah, you're right. don't know, what I thought. Nothing, probably.

>> No.24017834

get out of my way, i will smash some pansy elves.

>> No.24017839

>Not remembering the Zeist campaign.

>> No.24017842


Gav Thorpe is responsible for that name, just like mon'keigh

>> No.24017843

>> No.24017857

>> No.24017871

Eh, it was the 90's. A lot of things happened in the 90's we should all feel a little ashamed of.

>> No.24017885

U mad pansy elves?

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>> No.24017902

>> No.24017909


Only one answer

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>> No.24017979

I *adore* the design of the dress in this one. It's really cool.

>> No.24017984


Holt is not amused by this faggotry.

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Choose your next images carefully.

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I am Gabriel Angelos

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Bitch slapped.

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>> No.24018339

Huh, so much for the attempted threadjack. We just hit the image limit - hope everyone enjoyed.

>> No.24018362


Why hasn't Drazhar got a model update?

>> No.24018393


>> No.24018397

The same reason the Baron, Sliscus, and Decapitator don't have models - GW's presumably saving them so they have things to release in the future, either as a seperate wave or along with the next DE Codex.

>> No.24018524

Sure did; thanks, DFLG.

>> No.24018651

>you think you are better than BL writers
Fact: literally everyone on this board is a better writer than C.S. Goto.

>> No.24018674

Have you read LCB? Because I haven't, and even then I know it's worse than the worst shit that comes out of GW.

>> No.24018714

really? I don't remember the various scat and fart fetishes in LCB.

>> No.24018784

Thanks!! I'll be buying it too!! Now I'll have both digital and paperback!!

>> No.24018799

One word: multilaser.

>posting in a 40K thread
>hasn't read LCB
You reek of newfaggotry.

>> No.24018896


>m-muh /tg/ mey meys.

>> No.24018969

This gave me chills!!

I would like him do all kinds of things to me.

>> No.24019032

I'm not a regular here, but I got the idea of you being a femanon.

>> No.24019101

That is kinda neat!


Third from the left; He can have my babies

Thank you Deathleaper!

>> No.24019152

I am. Femanon with a bit of a pointy ear fetish.

>> No.24019179

> he can have my babiea
How does that even work?

>> No.24019210

Go back to /pol/

>> No.24019247

>Third from the left; He can have my babies

>> No.24019265

>huge name in the namefield

>> No.24019294

how are you equipped wych suit, ghost plate, kabalite armor?if wych suit then you will look like a female wych if kabalite armor you will look like a female warrior if ghost plate you will look like a female scourge but with out wings. Just start from there and add col gubbinz to your costume until your satisfied.

>> No.24019295

It's Commoragh, man, anything can happen.

>> No.24019361

Still anonymous.

>> No.24019435


Surely you cant be this much retard.
You didnt even read the dawn of war omnibus you, being a faggot you are jsut read a 1d4chan article and joined in the rest of the asshole crowd.

>scat and fart fetishes
I wont even answer that.

>muh multilasers

>hasn't read LCB

I dont need to eat a whole egg to know it is rotten.And frankly i dont have time to read shitty boyfriend fantasies of some whore.

Puritan is cool, go easy on her.
At least she is a real women unlike DLFG.

>> No.24019512

Stole the line right out of my mouth!

Please be kind to her too. We have been banned together for our kinship of DE kink!

>> No.24019540

mostly puritan=/=anonymous

>> No.24019550

Rightly so.

>> No.24019610

Point made, my bad, I wasn't thinking. Too much DE sexy filling my head.

>> No.24019669 [DELETED] 

Jesus, Dude, you trippin'?

>> No.24019706

>You didn't even read the dawn of war omnibus
Dawn of War is shitty scrub-level 40K...just what I'd expect from either a newfag or someone from /pol/, which you write like. You probably have no idea that he's written other stuff that's just as objectively shit.

>> No.24019711

Wait, we have? I don't think I've ever been banned.

Funniest thing is, it repeatedly mentions Ravenor, ie, the Inquisitor...who worked alongside Eldar on a few occasions as allies.

>> No.24019720

>surely thy jest
>search the thread harder for your answer.

>> No.24019751

>using "muh"
Go back to /pol/

>> No.24019782

Get the fuck out for white knighting.

>> No.24019811

>banned together
>not internet ban

>> No.24019856

This stuff is golden


CG: Anything about multi-lasers?

RH: What?

CG: Never mind.

Seriously, to all those goto haters atleast read the omnibus first than decide foryourselves by using your own brains.
Rather than copy pasting things you have heard from others.
I actually enjoyed it a lot and i have read tons of bl novels from various writers.

>> No.24019882

You didn't?? I got banned from for 'requesting porn' in a DE thread about 2 years (ish) ago. We were talking about male DE.

MP: Got any shirtless ones
DLFG: Hmm here we go. (Pic has shirtless guys and a female nipple)
MP: *goes to post but is banned*

I thought you got banned for posting the 'porn' that I was 'asking for'. I tried to appeal by explaining that I was talking about males but was denied.

>> No.24019913

>read the omnibus first
He's written other stuff, dude. It's all terrible.

Emprah on Earth, /tg/, why are people suddenly defending objectively bad writers? First the Ward apologists, now Goto?

>> No.24019951

>eldrad ulthran fukc the great vect and lay egg this egg hatch and slaanesh wa;s born

someone should ship this.

>> No.24019990


I didnt read the other stuff he wrote so i cannot defend that.If they are objectivly worse than dow omnibus i cannot defend him there.

For your information i hate ward and the new shitty fluff he brings with newcrons and khornate grey knights who go around jumping in the warp burning gardens and shit.

>> No.24020038

Did you hear that in the Chaos codex that it hinted that Drago knelt before Slaanesh?

>> No.24020053

Huh, now that is weird.

If we're shipping anything, it's going to be Duke Sliscus with Prince Yriel.

>> No.24020080

In comparison to a VINDICARE ASSASSIN falling in love with an ELDAR FARSEER? The statement was that everything on /tg/ is better than Goto which is just absurd.

>> No.24020114

So how much of the Black Library canon have you actually read? Because if you had any point of comparison whatsoever, you'd realize that C.S. Goto is the worst of the whole BL author stable, and the average BL author isn't that decent to begin with.

Also, nobody worth taking seriously starts their 40K experience by reading the Dawn of War omnibus. Read some stuff by Dan Abnett and Matt Farrer before you post here again.

>> No.24020116

hey, don't go dissing LCB now, thems fightin words on /tg/

>> No.24020138

Yes it was glorious and it was not written by ward.

It was written by someone who tried to correct the wards superman fantasy.

Absolutely heretical !
But..interesting nonetheless

>> No.24020156

Who says? Nobody that has a modicum of taste likes LCB.

>> No.24020162


The description was way off. You venomous harpies want him to be Draigo, though.

>> No.24020208

26 40k(10 omnibus) books 8 warhammer fantasy (2 malus darkblade omnibuses)books.

I think abnett is good but mcneill is better. Abnett can get boring sometimes , for example eisenhorn was very very good but ravenor dropped the tempo a lot. Not saying it was bad but it was tiring to read.

>> No.24020234


What is wrong with wanting old geezer to become sissyboy of our prince?

>> No.24020251

>The statement was that everything on /tg/ is better than Goto
No, I never actually said that. I said "everyONE on /tg/ is a better writer than Goto," and I wasn't being absolutely literal; I was making a hyperbolic joke. If you're going to quibble about semantics, do it right.

Also, LCB never took itself seriously. It was always lighthearted romantic satire, and never pretended to be anything else (and was never actually published). Therefore, in terms of lighthearted romantic satire, it was fair to middling. C.S. Goto's entire body of work in the 40K setting is just pretentious, badly-written shit from end to end, full of purple prose and general failure. It didn't deserve to be published, but was anyway because people like you will fork over their cash for anything GW puts out because they don't have the brains to make sound judgments about quality.

>> No.24020267

>newfag thinks he can make judgments about established /tg/-canon

>> No.24020295

Oh man, I'm glad I spotted this thread before it dropped off the board. I'm stating some Dark Eldarin antagonists for my Dungeons: the Dragonning game, and these have given me a TON of ideas.

Thanks guys!

>> No.24020315

It's just you samefagging it up.

>> No.24020316

Apparently the developers of the 40K roleplaying games like LCB, considering they referenced LIIVI in their officially-licensed, published work.

>> No.24020320

>established /tg/-canon

hohoh shows who is the newfag.

>> No.24020331

Projecting much, samefag? Nobody actually likes Goto, that's how I know it's always you.

>> No.24020364

And they're famous for having no taste, judging by the poor quality of most of the illustrations they use.

>> No.24020367

Because having Draigo as an unassailable shinning beacon of purity and justice midst the all consuming tides of corruption is worth more than satisfying your spiteful heart, Chaosfag.

>> No.24020409

Yeah, you're displaying your ignorance. LCB has been a fundamental part of the body of fanmade 40K work on /tg/ ever since it was written. It's been referenced by the developers of the 40K roleplaying games, which means that at least a few people there enjoy it and recognize it as contributing something valid to the 40K setting.

tl;dr - cry some more, your tears are delicious.

>> No.24020414

Relic brutally murdered Taldeer and LIVII.

They hate LCB!

>> No.24020434

It might be because I'm a hopeless romantic but I love some romance in my 40k. Even in Grimdark humans are still human.

And in one of my online DH games there is a definite blooming love between an Outcast and an Inquisitor.

>> No.24020449

Taldeer ,yes, LIIVI, they don't recognize.

>> No.24020466

>judging a roleplaying game by the quality of the illustrations in the rulebook
Wow, are you honestly that retarded? I'm really resenting the fact that we hit the image limit right now, I need a picture to capture the depths of your imbecility because I just can't find the words to describe it.

>> No.24020516 [DELETED] 

>LIIVI, they don't recognize.

They do, actually - very briefly. There's a single quote attributed to a Vindicate assassin designated "LIIVI" in one of the Dark Heresy splatbooks.

>> No.24020530

An Imperial Sniper assassin under Lukas was sent to take out Captain Thule during the battle of Victory Bay.

For his trouble, he got a Power Hammer to the face.

I assume that was LIVI!

>> No.24020582

LCB was written AFTER Dark Crusade. If they had announced it in DoW2, like Cyrus saying "Oh yeah, this is my head of a foul deviant Vindicare that went rogue," or some shit, you'd have something there.

>> No.24020589

Relic doesn't make roleplaying games.

>> No.24020600

Wait a minute....I remembered.

In the FFG book, LIVI uses the same quote as the Assassin in Dow!

So it's confirmed LIVII is a goner!

>> No.24020603

You're talking about TASTE, it has nothing to do with the objective elegance of a system. The TASTE of the guys who publish the RPG can be measured by the quality of the flavor material they use: it's consistently bad: bad illustrations, bad references.

>> No.24020606

You play DH?

We have only played only war with some friends over irc. till now and want to run a DH game later.(atleast i want to play in one)

Would you like to join when we do? (if we do,if not maybe i can join yours?)

>> No.24020631

Feel free to email me. I'd love to talk about it.

>> No.24020632

Cyrus has a Vindicare Rifle in his armory!

>> No.24020681

>implying having a limited art budget determines taste
>implying Games Workshop isn't hogging all the good artists and tossing the scraps to the Fantasy Flight developers
>implying art is the only "flavor material" used by the developers
There are so many holes in your argument, I don't even know where to begin. Let's just say you don't know what you're talking about and leave it at that.

>> No.24020716

Man! All of this is making me want to continue my story more. There are DE in a few more chapters but i have to GET THERE first!


I haven't even updated since I did that writethread....

>> No.24020752

FFG, when they go find new illustrators, pay hacks to do the job, and when they do come upon a few good illustrators who don't charge more than others, instead of only commissioning these, they also commission at least as much stuff to the bad illustrators, and the art director never corrects them. Also they insist on having the illustrated characters be pointlessly close to the miniatures.

>> No.24020765

Ofcourse, we are still in only war campaing, will keep you informed and would love to talk also.

here is mine.

>> No.24020770

>Writes fanfiction.
>Attention whore.

Way to hit all the points there.

>> No.24020771

the fluff is also bad, not only is it mostly scraps of GW fluff with boring bits tossed in to make it seem bigger, it also has hamfisted, stupid references.

>> No.24020785

also chubby

>> No.24020828

>they insist on having the illustrated characters be pointlessly close to the miniatures
I'm almost positive that's a requirement set upon them by Games Workshop, who are ridiculously possessive of their IP and also greedy as fuck. It's clearly their intention to maintain the connection back to the tabletop game to give 40K players something to recognize and make newcomers curious enough to go check it out.

Also, I'm curious as to how you associate the unfortunate choices of the art department with the taste of the entire developing staff. That seems like apples and oranges to me.

>> No.24020857

they're employed by the same guys, who chose them based upon terrible standards and let them exert their bad taste freely.

>> No.24020863

You have a knack for story telling, the sentences are constructed to flow between and they dont bore.

Would be fun to rp if we can arrange it in DH campaing.

>> No.24020881

>"scraps of GW fluff with boring bits tossed in to make it seem bigger"
>implying that general process isn't how expanding an established setting's fluff works
>implying those "boring bits" are actually boring for people who enjoy 40K
>implying anything written by C.S. Goto, up to and including the dumb-as-shit Dawn of War omnibus, can even approach the RPG fluff
Again, you're totally broadcasting the fact that you don't know jack-shit.

>> No.24020893

It's my 4chan email. I only use it to share things with people on /tg/. (Like my actual email or skype to people who aren't gigantic faggots)


>> No.24020909

People who actually enjoy 40k don't enjoy those bits, because they know that those bits aren't what makes 40k 40k.
And I'm not talking about goto I'm talking about /tg/ references.

>> No.24020918

>"they're employed by the same guys, who chose them based upon terrible standards and let them exert their bad taste freely."
But I'm still curious as to how that makes the entire product bad. So the art is mediocre, big deal. Everything else is fantastic.

>> No.24020950

Looks interesting. I'll have to give it a read through when I've got some more time.

>People who actually enjoy 40k don't enjoy those bits

That's a hell of a sweeping statement you're making there, and I'd be interested to see if you've got any way of backing it up.

>> No.24020973

I enjoy 40k and I don't enjoy these bits because of that. I know what enjoying 40k is and I know it's not compatible with liking what FFG makes.

>> No.24020982

But It Is In Fact Actually Not At All Good.

>> No.24020989

>People who actually enjoy 40K don't enjoy those bits, because they know that those bits aren't what makes 40K 40K
According to whom? You? Pardon me if I don't give two shits about your broadly generalized, inaccurate statements and ignorant opinions.

I now realize I just spent half an hour of my life arguing with a 13-year-old autist on 4chan. Congratulations, buddy, that's half an hour I'll never get back.
But you're still an autist, so you still lose.

>> No.24020999

And I'm still right, and you're wrong to think I'm not right.

>> No.24021005

> I know what enjoying 40k is

So this basically boils down to badwrongfun, right? You're the only one who knows how to enjoy 40k, and if others enjoy it in a different way or for different reasons, then they're doing something wrong?

>> No.24021029

Exactly. And thinking the opposite would make you wrong.

>> No.24021030

Again, according to whom? Just because you don't happen to like it doesn't mean it isn't objectively good.

>I enjoy 40k and I don't enjoy these bits because of that
Congratulations, THAT'S YOUR OPINION. Your entire argument has no basis in anything; it just boils down to "Stop liking what I don't like!"

>> No.24021053

>Again, according to whom? Just because you don't happen to like it doesn't mean it isn't objectively good.
True, but I happen to be right about this fact.
It's my opinion and it happens to reflect the truth, it's your opinion that I'm wrong, and your opinion is wrong.

>> No.24021054

In which case you're either trolling, or so staggeringly self-deluded that your opinion isn't worth shit one way or the other.

>> No.24021073

Hey, you're focusing excessively on the fact that I have this opinion, perhaps if you could focus more on the truth that it reflects, you'd be less wrong.

>> No.24021076

hurf durf what is aspergers syndrome

Either way, you're still a complete and utter retard, and you still lost the argument. 2/10 for sheer bloody-minded persistence, but that's still being generous.

lurk moar

>> No.24021089

and shut up.

>> No.24021097

Other Option: You can like 40k and like FFG fluff.
Proof: A thread full of people who like 40k and also like FFG lore.

>Possible response: You claim I don't "Truly Appreciate" 40k. If you decide to use this response, please define "Truly" in this context.
2/10. Not mad, but responded. Try harder next time.

>> No.24021111

and be enlightened by the fact that I'm right.

>> No.24021124

counter-proof: those people do not like 40k, they like a thing that they believe is 40k, but is actually an amass of fluff so loose that it cannot be specified as 40k.

>> No.24021135

But you're wrong.

>> No.24021141

>A thread full of people who like 40k and also like FFG lore.

Oh, no! We only *think* we like it, but we've really just tricked ourselves into pretending to like it out of buyers remorse!

After all, Some Guy On The Internet said we can't really enjoy the things we like, so all that fun we're having must be imaginary.

>> No.24021148

40k is the sum of artworks produced by Ian Miller and John Blanche for GW, anything that fails to suggest the feeling of those artworks through text or any other media is not 40k.

>> No.24021152

Counter-proof counter-proposition: the thing you claim to be 40K is exactly the same thing.

>> No.24021163

Exactly, now remove the sarcasm, say those things while believing them and you'll be right.

>> No.24021172

Ian Miller and John Blanche do not own the rights to the 40K IP, therefore they are no more legitimate than any other artist who produces for 40K, up to and including those artists whom you claim produce sub-par material for the RPGs.

>> No.24021192

Except that the people who own the franchise haven't produced anything that has the specific identity of their artworks.

>> No.24021206

>Except that the people who own the franchise haven't produced anything that has the specific identity of their artworks.
That sentence means literally nothing.

>> No.24021215


At first I was going to ignore this but, if you are going to try and troll me, please allow me to clear the air about it.

Calling me heavy actually isn't an insult to me. Ever. I've been ill for the past few years and became sickly thin. Recently I've been gaining weight again to look normal. I'm actually flattered if you think I've gotten some curves.

In all honesty, you can't call me something that I haven't been called before. Just like all of you, I was awkward and tormented all throughout my schooling career. I call /tg/ my peeps for a reason.

I may be a costume model now, but that doesn't mean I'm not still one of the geeks. I don't even show much skin. (I decide to do an archon instead of a wych because I wanted to be seen for my work and not my tits) If I get attention at cons (or even here on /tg/), it's because I've bleed to make a killer costume, not because I'm showing my tits.

Some people make minis, I make costumes. I'm not going to be scared off any more by 'chubby attention whore' than by tabletop players getting 'never paint again'.

You can call me names and troll all you want. I'm going to keep smirking and shaking my head just like I have been for the last two years. I'm not going anywhere. Like anon said in another thread. 'You never leave /tg/'.

tl;dr : Trolling me is pointless. Go ahead if you like, but it doesn't make any difference to me.

Cheers everyone. It's Pathfinder time. I'll poke my head in later.

>> No.24021225

That doesn't matter. Anything that gets published by GW or one of the companies that produce liscenced material for it has to get passed by GW's head of IP. Everything that hits the shelves is part of their universe, whether you think it fits or not.

It's quite literally your opinion vs GW's opinion.

>> No.24021252

Eldar thread always descend into pointless drama.

>> No.24021261

Thread Exterminatus in 3...2...1...

>> No.24021268


Just ignore the newfags and envious virgins.
/Tg/ has its good people and assholes, for everyone that appreciates you there will be an asshole that hates you.
Keep calm keep up the good work and emperor will protect his servants.

>> No.24021281

Take your art faggotry somewhere else.
The point of 40k is that it is a setting, a very large setting, and within a setting, there is room for a whole lot of ideals and sensibilities.

>> No.24021282

Not if the autists could control themselves like human beings and restrain their immediate hate for elf-related things.

>> No.24021363

I ain't even mad. I even meant to sage that post.

SO I'm going to try and wrestle this thread back on track!!

I can not decide who my favorite archon is.

Other than Vect. Because I must confess my love for that glorious bastard.

I'm in the middle of Renegade, I very much enjoy the old archon. But the area archon is so fucking awesome.

>> No.24021401

>Because I must confess my love for that glorious bastard.

Wait until Path of the Incubus. He turns up in person for a little while, as does Drazhar.

>> No.24021421


Would you be interested in opening your hearth to our lord and saviour emperor of mankind sister?

>> No.24021445

So I've heard! A friend of mine even quoted something he said to me and I actually swooned.

DLFG you ought to shoot me an email so we can chat more. We have been like minded for years and we need to get connected.

>> No.24021454

Jesus CHRIST, that is butthurt.

>> No.24021472


>> No.24021474

>It's Pathfinder time.
Immediately comes back twenty minutes later.

You can stop lying to yourself, you've got a problem.

>> No.24021500

>Implying you cant multitask

Can you chew gum at the same time you are walking?

>> No.24021536

I have two modes. It all depends what books I'm reading, game I'm playing, or costume I've been playing.

Eldar or Imperial

Lately I've been on an Eldar kick. Hense why I made the Farseer last year and an Archon this year.

BUT I still have intermittent Imperial kicks! Esp with our most recent DH campaign that I'm in. My manor was attacked because I pissed off the Cabal of Crimson woe.... it.... wasn't pretty.... We haven't played since then but... it will be interesting...

>> No.24021551

I don't know, can you white knight and suck a dick at the same time?

>> No.24021597

Don't worry about that it's hosted in my apartment. They are talking minecraft and don't seem to be quitting anytime soon. I'll put down the laptop when we start. (Maybe)

I do indeed have a DE fetish.

>> No.24021650

>it.... wasn't pretty.... We haven't played since then

I think i can guess what happened there considering they are dark eldar.

we totally should arrange a game sometime.

Why so interested?

>> No.24021694

Are there any other Vect fans or am I alone there?

Still waiting on that email. *smile*

>> No.24021749

Oh man, I couldn't breath I was laughing so hard! You truly don't understand how ideas work do you? Let me spell it out for you.

When an artist or group of artists creates a work (be it a painting, novel, song, or in this case entire Science-Fantasy universe) and releases it for other people to consume, the creators fundamentally lose control over it. Rather, they lose control over the Definition of what it is. Many artists are well aware of this, hence all the references to "Letting their baby go", etc.

Other people will come along, and add/subtract/divide everything about it, and (if it's a popular idea) spend far more time doing so than was ever put into it in the first place. I tend to think of it like a pearl growing around a grain of sand. Or evolution of a species. Over time, a popular idea will gain far more additions than was ever present at it's conception.

These additions eventually become so large, that they eclipse the original idea completely. It becomes possible for someone to get deeply involved with the idea, consume it ravenously, and never come across any of the concepts that originally spawned it. But importantly, still be able to discuss the idea with others and it be recognised what they're talking about. Just because the Idea has grown far larger than any one person, does not mean it loses the label assigned to it.

>> No.24021760

For a no-40k example: I'm Protestant. I can't tell a Mormon or a Catholic that they aren't Christian. They claim to follow the teachings of Jesus, but we differ fundamentally on what those teachings are, and how to implement them. I may well feel some of their beliefs are staggeringly wrong. But I do not magically gain ownership over the word "Christian". If they want to call themselves Christian and I feel blacken the name a little in some cases THIS IS OK.

No-one has an outside viewpoint. No-one can truly decide what is or isn't part of any particular idea-space. You just have to let them evolve. And if you don't like what they're turning into? Leave. Splinter off. Rename yourselves and go make something better. After all, it worked out pretty well for the Mormons.

>> No.24021796

Do you have any pictures of your past costumes, MP?

>> No.24021912


Vect's a lot of fun, but I'd really like to see some more from the Duke. He's got a lot of potential.

But if we're just talking fetish fuel, then Mandrakes just take the cake.

>> No.24022017

I have tons. This thread is image maxed out though. I won't start one myself, but if a 40k costume thread magically appeared then I would definitely post there. I've got a bit of non-40k too.

I don't know much about the Duke, sadly. Mandrakes are too monstrous for my tastes.

>> No.24022040

If you have sent an, I haven't gotten it. Try giving me your email?

>> No.24022064

Sent now, heretical materials.

>> No.24022077

Got deviantart?

>> No.24022293

That I do. I need to update the info. It's way outdated.


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