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>Imperial Armour Volume 12
NECRONS BITCHES! Fingers crossed in hopes of getting a Titan-esc model.

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I hope we get some new C'tan Shard models, I don't like the MoM of the the Nightdurper.

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God damn I need to get off my ass and grab a couple of battleforces for these guys and a box of warriors. Wanted to play them for a while and get in the hobby.

How are Necrons in 6e without bringing in the cheese?

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>without bringing in the cheese
Uh, what the loser deems "cheese" the winner calls "the only good units in the codex."

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we won't, as far as we know all we get is dumb fortifications and ugly-ass vehicles

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Pretty damn good. Pretty much every single unit is solid (except for Flayed Ones), so even if you're running a sub-optimal list you won't be shooting yourself in the foot.

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So pimping out the overlord, bringing a bunch of warriors and immortals w/ Tesla blasters, and SCARABS is a legit list?

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yes very

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I just hope for some cool fluff, maybe some new Triarch shit.

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Yeah, totally. It'll have some weaknesses (highly mobile lists, or IG Gunline come to mind), but it should do fine against most opponents.

You pretty much have to TRY to make a legitimately bad Necron list.

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Which Imperial Armours are up to date / only a little out of date and so can still be easily used?

>crosses fingers for IA8

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Necrons vs who?

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Yes but Imperial Armour does Space Marines as well as Guard (And theoretically Sisters.)

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...Could be cool. I'm interested in what the Necron IC's will be like.

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