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need ideas for horrible, nightmarish mutations for a CoC campaign idea, one involving... um... experiments that would entail mixing human and shoggoth DNA...


Pics of horryfying aberrations and mutations! GO!

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>giger thing

It's by Zdzislaw Beksinski.

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You. I like you.

Allow me to add a little Wayne Barlowe.

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Wtf is this shit?

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...Of course, I hit the wrong pic. I'm a dumbarse.

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Horror from the depths of the mad.

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One day I will get around to running a sci fi game with Cthulhu style moments.

Hopefully this summer.

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foreverial tied and loving it literally like a machine

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I don't know what's scarier, the monster, or those stock markings.

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>Wayne D. Barlowe

And you, in turn, have become my nigga.

In return, I shall repent for my mistake and deliver some actual Giger.

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For a new setting I was running, I was going to make magic use up your life essence. And casters would have three special stats.

Body, mind and soul.

Whenever they cast a spell, they'll lose points from one of these stats, slowly degrading themselves.

For instance, someone who loses mind points will go insane, someone who loses body points starts mutating, and losing soul points will began making you inhuman.

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It is significantly harder to shoot the economy.

Not impossible...

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Truly a freak of nature

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>face inside gore

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Don't have a bunch of my horror images with me right now.

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some lovecraft concept for ya

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I should never have given 4chan my address

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Does anyone have the book Future Lovecraft in pdf?

I've been looking for it for a while but cannot find the bastard.

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>Mixing human and shoggoth DNA

Have a shoggoth picture, for reference.

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Man Nazi occult stuff is so cool

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Or any stories for Space Horror in general.

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This is actually a self-portrait.

I've seen the video of the performance this is based off of, It is terrifying. Unfortunately, I can't seem to track it down.

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Found it. Reverse-Google is everybody's favorite friend.


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Oh god nope nope nope nope

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Will post some art by Brom if no one objects?

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The captions of these pictures sound more like the ravings of a madman than anything capable of being spawned by anything resembling a man, engrish be damned.

In fact, you could easily use this shit to spicen up a CoC campaign, with notes littered around a complex alluding to some strange transformation of the deranged's friends until you finally come upon him, foreverial tiedup, fully permanently delitized, full pernmanent bologna head full asdfklajsdf;alsdkfj

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Why settle for pictures when you could just look up cyriak on youtube ?

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fuck that's weird

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The video you mean?

Because I really like that movie for some reason.

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related to op

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the name of this means "living one", it's interesting that the most outstanding feature they could point out on them was that they were alive

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Oh sure, the pick looks goofy, but think of the implications

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> the colonists having lost contact long range with earth decades ago, finally sent a party home to find out what was wrong, only to find that the planet no longer recognized them

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little collage I made for another thread

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thought I had the pic chosen

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Alex Mercer?

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more original lovecraft

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I thought to myself,
Huh, I can't tell what this is, lemme just open that,


Time to NOPE myself to bed, I need to be smarter about what threads I jump into late at night.

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Whelp, that brings back my nightmares of the shadow people, where the fuck is my old teddy bear?!

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Not meaning to change the topic, but could anyone here identify this pic?

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I saw that when I had sleep paralysis. He wants me.

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Am I doing it right?

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Let me try

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get your teddy bear

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I have an anime body pillow, it's all good.

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Maybe you should give it a ruby, see what happens.

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there was some short film somewhere about a disease where the support rods in people with bad joints would begin to grow and multiply, poking out of their skin and eventually forcing amputation, only to find a web of these metal rods inside.

it was quite a believable looking film, despite teh fact it was fake.

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Hehe. The Luggage don't give a fuck.

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Remember the "New Sea Creature"? And some Japs poured soda on it and it exploded.

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For some reason whenever he casually slaps on more of that plaster, I can't help but burst into laughter.

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awesome thread was awesome.

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Well. . .that's because they're literally the ravings of a madman. Schizo to be exact.

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that's just a sload from TES, nothing spooky about it

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Run your CoC campaign based on this. See how long it takes your group to figure out what is going on. Also gives you your ability to make shoggoth/human hybrids.

Can also look at Cabin in the Woods, too.

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The Lost Girls: They say there was the daughter of a woodsman who played with the fairies of the forest. In innocent wonder, shehe told her father about the great trees where the Dryads lived, the grand and ancient oaks at the heart of the forest. The woodsman didn't believe in the Fair Folk, but he believed in good lumber. Into the woods he went, by the noonday sun when the Lords & Ladies were weakest (though he did not know this), and cut down the greatest old oak there. When the little girl returned by twilight, the Fair Folk were enraged by her betrayal, and cursed her; Her father had been a reaper of trees, now she would be a reaper of men.
The Lost Girls look like emaciated, naked girls of about ten, their bodies twisted to resemble dogs on all fours, walking on the knuckles of their claw-fingers and claw-toes, with long tails, nose-less faces with all-white eyes, and grinning, fanged mouths. Lost Girls loathe men, and will rip them to shreds at the merest scent. Adult women they ignore. Young girls, however, they seek to bite and infect with their curse.

Horey shet, I had sauce for once? Weird.

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Yes, I love it. Anyone else got anything else like this?

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Well, here is another hoax


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I officially have too much lovecraft themed porn to pass it off as research now

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How are mermaids lovecraftian?

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>too much

No such thing

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only image with tits and monsters that is vaguely /tg/ safe that I had

except maybe pic related

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>particularly not clicking on certain images
>feel like a pussy

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Just pull the covers over your head like you did when you were a kid. Back then, you knew that nothing could hurt you as long as you were in bed and under the covers. Just bring your laptop in there and you'll still feel that instinctual safety.

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It's not like any of these pictures are gifs. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

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they could crawl out of your monitor and eat you

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yeah, until that fucking grudge movie.
now i have to click on it...

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I remember the first time I came across an animated .jpg

It was like the rules of the universe had dropped out from under me. Coincidentally, my shit also dropped out from under me, into my pants.

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but that's not animated, is it?

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I guess you're going to have to find out

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I clicked it and stared for a minute, nothin moved

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...Your understanding of the basic rules of the universe were pulled from you, leaving only fear, confusion, and your own fetid human waste. You are forever changed, not quite right. Fearful and twitchy, unwilling to risk being exposed to such a thing again. And yet...Sometimes...You get an urge. You just...HAVE to see. Maybe this time it won't shock you. Maybe you'll enjoy it.

Yeah, that's got nothing to do with this thread.

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The performance was used in Samsara, watch that instead because it's a fucking awesome art movie about human culture and includes scenery that could inspire the dullest GM

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He just looks like he's had enough of your bullshit.

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I want to run this campaign, but from which perspective

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>disease is called metalosis maligna
>mfw the "culprit bacteria" is called Streptococcus Metalosismaligna
dat fucking name guys.
>call it a STREPTOcoccus
>clearly images of bacilli

These people have no idea how to science.

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We have a setting for this:


Go down and read "The Perfection"

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I'll tap that.

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Oh man, I totally forgot about that video. I fucking love that idea.

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>getting slapped so hard your cube comes out of your eye
well shit

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