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can we have a funny images thread?
as long as it stays /tg/ related.
ill start

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That one's a lot funnier when you have the right image name you know.
Even in death I still Surf.

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yeah, i kinda derped there

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This one always cracked me up.

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thats hilarious

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If only I had my external hard drive. I'd post a picture from the thread that started with OP fixing the look of the standard bolter, and by post 5 derailed into a futa thread.

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i feel proud having posted that penis size list since someone screencapped it

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always related

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found scrolled on the tablecloth of a bar

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capped this the other week

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not laughing, just mad.

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i can never get enough of this one

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The funny part is that its not even a thing

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>fractal side
>navy seal side
Get in the fucking bag side
>1 less than what you need
I love this

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You love it until you roll the Yellow Sign.

Then you'll love it more.

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Still my all-time favorite.

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Dat Codex

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I love Canadians
Because I am one
And by extension
I love all of you too


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That isn't funny fucker.

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I think it's hilarious

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Then why am I laughing?

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I don't get it.

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Look closer.

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That's not how Chess works. You don't checkmate by moving your king next to the other king. That's actually an illegal move, because it places you "in check." And if you move to place your king "in check," it means that at the beginning of the next turn, your opponent would take your king and win.

tl;dr: Anime chess works like anime physics, which is to say it doesn't.

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Too subtle

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truely horrifying

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>The Dubs Master strikes again.

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cant believe no one posted cool-aid assasin

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Heretic comic. No self-respecting Ultramarine would disrespect the God-Emperor's most holy resources by squandering them with traitorous murder of upstanding imperial soldiers just because they happen to not be the smartest. Soldiers need not be smart, they need to point and shoot.

Space Wolves might, though.

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i know nothing of the space wolves, care to enlighten me?

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Space Wolves are actually pretty bro-tier to the common soldier.
Their problem is that they put the safety of the common soldier ahead of the safety of the Imperium as a whole.

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Dude what are you on, we have these threads all the time.

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That's a weird way to spell "Salamanders".

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Months of Shame is what i'm referring, when the Space Wolves start spreading the Imperial Guard there all over the galaxy rather than letting the Inquisition purge them. Even though the simple knowledge of chaos is in fact a real threat.

Nevermind they potentially learned that the leader of the daemon horde was a Primarch and there is actually such a thing as a traitorous primarchs.

Salamanders will put themselves between a human and a bullet. But they won't do it if it means endangering the Imperium because hurr durr honor.

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is this what apoc games are like?
this looks pretty awesome!

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Why do eversors make that noise?

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But anon, they were well aware of that.
Even saying checkmate was referring to himself losing the game because of this move.
He basically did it to ... well I don't know probably to provoke the same butthurt reaction that always accompanies this image on the internet. In short he was trolling. And it was just as succesfull in the show has been in this thread.

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You have no idea how many people have absolutely no clue on how to play chess.

I've seen horrible errors even inside fucking CHESS-RELATED movies...

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No, seriously, who?

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Haha, Genius...

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Oinkbane, why are you hiding in this thread and discussing chess in anime.....

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>ork sniper rifle
you got me!

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I really should buy a new Lawn mower..

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>Context does not help
Yes it does.

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Is that his spine right?
Please, tell me that it's his spine.

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Spine of some dude that he just killed. He does not have a penis anymore.

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>tfw little people remember about broquest
>tfw almost no one post images of dick ass thief

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I think i'll skip asking why he doesn't, how he managed to get the spine "erect", why is his skin "melting" and i'll go straight to ask the source.
Therefore: source?

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if I am not mistaken.

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I used to have a gif of dick ass thief. I will have to try to find it.

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>colorizing the work of others

Absolutely disgusting.

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Yeah No Hero. Book is full of this stuff.

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Jesus, did she walk into a weapon rack?

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She is a weapon rack.

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That shit was doomed to fail. Were you even on the dev forums? The "writers" were picked first come first served so right away you know it's going to be shit. They only ever had half a dev team and the discussions were limited to "Is X cool?"

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My next character is going to be a necromancer that uses an animated corpse as a weapon rack a la a pin cushion.

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But will this rack have a nice rack?

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The best part? It actually happened.

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Milo Manara - the Borgias

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Is this how to fight evil-y?

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And then your sword rusts away.

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Get a new one, with even more shit on it.

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If shit rusts metal, why are my plumbing pipes gleaming and beautiful?

You're just a gosh-darned fibber.

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Yeah yeah, in the odd case no one's seen this one yet.

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Thats fucking beautiful

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What the fuck has science done?!?

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Is...is the hand on the top-left rocking out?

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Yeah, that's where the gesture came from.

The more you know!

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whe I was 10 the horns sign was still used as an insult

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>you will never get a piggy back ride from The Emperor

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I thought it was another vaporware from /v/, like pressure.
I had no idea they had actual plans of developing it.
damn, that would have been awesome.

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what the fuck am i reading

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Rolled 2

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This just gave me the greatest inspiration for my BC game ever.

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I like this one so much.

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That thread was fantastic.

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>That pic

Oh god, I remember the shitstorm that rose up when they made that guy.

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Look at this idiot.

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>someone reposts my shitty little edit

>> No.24002433

tell us the details!
shitstorms are usually fun to watch

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The original design for that character was heavily based off of Mexican banditos and Clint Eastwood, looking like some badass lone gunman dude, and it was one of the most popular concepts in the entire thought process when out of nowhere the group that took up Broquest decided that there needed to be more women on the page, and changed him completely. He went from a silent, nameless gunslinger badass to an Annie Oakley type character. That resulted in both /v/ and /tg/ rising up in a massive horde, spanning multiple 500 reply threads, screaming about how they needed to change it back, where they just kept refusing. In order to keep from the forums being consumed in a wave of hatred, they tried compromising by making him a completely gender-neutral figure by covering him up in what you see there.

That was one of the bigger marks of Broquest dying out, where it went from 4chan coming together and making something cool to a handful of writefags and one major drawfags deciding everything and telling everyone else to fuck off.

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This is in the original, with him at the bottom left corner.

>> No.24005567

And then the Annie Oakley version, followed by what's being "used" now.

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...At least they made Nameless Rank and File Soldier?

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This is true, he's still as cool as he's ever been

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This might just be my own opinion here, but I enjoy the gender neutral final design the most.

It also opened up some further masked gunman characters that were part of the design process themed in different ways, like an English explorer was one. I'll see if I can find it.

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Not the one I had in mind, still looking.

>> No.24007065

I liked the bushy mustached Mexican though...

I mean, the final result wasn't as bad as Annie Oakley, okay, it has potential to, but is it so wrong to have a representation of a gunslinger south of the border?

Especially since that'd break up the white bread homogeny too.

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Couldn't find it. Maybe I didn't save it. Ah well.

>> No.24007093

Nothin wrong with it at all. Sucks that he was scrapped altogether.

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>get three coffins ready.jpg
>quote from a fistfull of dollars
>pic from the good the bad and the ugly

Autistic rage rising

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/r/ing "Chaos was fucked" comic.

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I can't even laugh. It just hurts.
Also contributing.

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Man, I bet you people where blown away by the VCR.

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> Xenos in mirror may be more heretical than they appear.
Like... extra heretical?

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Fuckin Jokearo's.

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I go where the beats are neededd

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That one drawfag that went to jail or something drew this one, at my request. At least, I think it was my request...

>> No.24012686

this is my new favorite thing.

>mfw when imagining commissar Goldblum
Uhhh . . . . uhhh . . . Heresy . . . finds a way

>> No.24012705

even /jp/ is offended

>> No.24013289

I have a hunch the anon just misread it as Krik or Kink something. Just another victim of keming, it seems.

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Fun Fact: Dwarves are fey.

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... who are totally fucking celibate.

Fuck this, I'm worshipping Slaanesh. At least I don't have to worry about cockteases.

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I don't know what the lore is like nowadays, but before there were certain sub-sects of the major sects of the Adeptus Sororitas that were able to treat their marriage to the emperor as an open relationship.

>> No.24016090

They're still like that. None of their vows require celibacy, it's just that most of them are too focused on burning the heresy out of everything to actually care about getting laid.

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oh okay, I wasn't sure if that was changed or not.

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Go home, 4th Edition, you're drunk.

>> No.24016481

Swig. Remember him proudly, for he will be back one day.

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Oh, Nextwave. Every other panel is worthy of a funny thread or reaction image

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sauce? when? how?? he was one kickass drawfag...

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He told it in his last thread. As far as I know, he went to jail for his (grand)father after he got sick and he deserted from the military. May or may not be right on some details.

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