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Everyone has a reason worth fighting for /tg/. Whats yours?

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loyalty i suppose

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My god told me to do it.

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Money... and the fear.

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I really don't want to see any more Morridoom.

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My current character is a cop who got his shit wrecked by gangsters, a la Robocop.

So, equal parts LAW and revenge, I guess.

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My country
My morals/values/beliefs etc...

Thats about it

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It's Fun!

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It's better than the alternative

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Why do we fight?
Because there is hope!
Because only through battle may we break the chains that fate has forged!

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mine, or my character?


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Cause there are some people that need dying and they're not gonna do it themselves.

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Officer Beep-ski? Is that you?

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Because I've never met a human that deserved the life that they have been given.

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fo dem bitches.

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Shits and giggles. Everything else is boring and shit.

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Money, fear or other peoples admiration

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i fight for others. for those without the resolve to fight for themselves, and to inspire those willing to take a stand

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>laughing at a holy man


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Money and more money.

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first the riches
then the bitches

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Hey I found a picture of you cooking

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> riches, bitches
This is the only correct order, if you hope to achieve either.

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It's possible to do it the other way around but it ain't easy.

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Muh pride and superiority! Sieg Heil!

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Those monsters and those crazy psychics took our home away from us. There will be a reckoning. London will be reclaimed. We will kill the traitors and dust the vampires, and root the thropes out from underneath the city. We will make the things that go bump in the night fear US for a change.

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Wrong answers all around.

I fight becouse....that is what i am. That is what i am good at and that is what i love to do.
Without it i am a poor shell of myself.
Fighting itself is the reason and purpose.

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Personal gain, to defend or benefit people I care about, self-preservation and glory.

That's pretty much the gist of it.

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Incoming related pics OP

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I fight for a story actually worth telling.

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Wanderlust is good enough for some, in some cases I've fought alongside druids who fight to preserve places of beauty

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I don't want to die

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I fight for my comrades

Pic is a good enough rendition of my black crusade party

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It started as wanderlust until I got entwined in a plot to save a few worlds. And somewhere along the way, it became just as much a tale of revenge.

There are some men with heads in need of ventilation. And I aim to give it to them.

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My ancestors have marked me for greatness, OP.

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Because my DM railroads the shit out of us.

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Because I'm better than you and need to show that off at every opportunity.

Combat's just the easiest way.

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I fight to make peace, to give culture, to give my enemies a lease on life; a new life in our image.

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To break through whatever stands in my way.

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For my daughter.

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For no other particular Reason other then i here right now

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China growing larger, of course.

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Because every two-bit bastard thinks they can keep me on my knees while they rape everything I love.

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I fight to protect those that cannot protect themselves. Not for glory, not for riches, for those are immaterial and worthless. I fight so that people know that few can stand against many and triumph when their cause is just.

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Because I have no control of my life.

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Securing the power and wealth of myself and my family.

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Because while the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, there can be no rest.

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so that none may be without knowing the greater good.

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A girl.

My manly ways and turns of phrase are sure to thrill her!

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Holy shit I was about to say.

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Hey. Shut up.

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In the hope that I will be wealthy and healthy enough to transition to a transhuman existence.
Eventually, I will transfer to a posthuman existence.

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Because this world needs a god. A god worthy of it. If this god won't be the one that saves everybody, it's gonna have to be me.

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Lies. Immortallity is a lie.

The whole world is built on the bones of men and flesh of ladies, why do you think that we will be able to fix it?

The future will be of robots who state falsely with pure convictions that they think and feel, and are the same as the fleshy biomachines that they have killed.

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No. all will know of the greater good.
even thouse on holy terra

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Because sometimes.... millions need to die for the rest of us to live another day.

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Haha. The inferior Tau can not even grasp our language. How could you ever hope to understand warfare?

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Such is also the way of the greater good.
but your disregard for the lives of your own men cause you to lead with fear, rather then faith.
all you need is hope, and a few good men.
if you wernt to hellbent on your distrust of zeno's we could bring hope to every corner of this universe

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I was told there would be cake.

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sometimes pizza times it sometimes it sometimes it sometimes pizza times it pizza times pizza

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it is your misunderstanding of our tactic that lost you so many a battle against our armies.
and your barbaric close quarters combat that sealed your loses.

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Because it distracts me from the endless tedium of existance.

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I want to live.
I care not of emotions.
As long as I can preserve pure, precious self-awareness for all eternity, it will be worth it.

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Why bring hope when we once RULED every corner of this universe, Xeno. I fight to reclaim what my ancestors wrought with their blood and sweat.

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My coffee went cold.

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How's Cytheria going?

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self-awareness without emotion?

and funny that you say you want to "live" when you forsake flesh and blood.

Sure, you could make a machine copy of yourself, but it wouldn't be you.

It would be a porting disaster.

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and what your ancestors lost with their blood and sweat.

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I'll find a way to preserve my consciousness during the transfer or conversion.
Pic related.

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I don't recall people that were forced to live in the Galaxy's asshole know much about "victory"

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to there once comrades, none the less.
just shows you that there uptake is not impossible,
but without the direct help of your precious emperor, it wont happen alone.

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It depends on the day.
Some days it's for money.
Other days it's for the lulz.
Others still it's for the thrill of watching your enemy die.

But most often, because someone hurt my comrades. No one hurts my comrades and lives to tell the tale. I fight so none can live long enough to tell.

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I'm quite sure the Tau have has the gak kicked out of them many times by space marines alone. Hey, remember that one time when the tyranids mutated an immunity to your plasma weaponry and you all died? Lol.

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Saving the consciousness is the important part. If not for that, you may as well forsake the whole concept. It's useless.

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Damn, dem quints!

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How do you know if you have saved the consciousness?

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i wouldnt know
ive never herd of that planet.
(what with it being on the other end of the UNIVERSE)

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Goddamn it, beat me to it

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>8 is Khornes sacred number
>Dem Quints

We're fucked.

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Well, you sure as hell don't volunteer to go first. Beyond that, science. Figure it out.

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I just googled that..porn all porn

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not even slightly tau related

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Because the world is a sickly place run exclusively by incompetents and fools. War, poverty, and crime are symptoms of an illness that the civilizations of the world have utterly failed to remedy. I am the cure for the chaos that plagues this world, and by my hand I shall bring glorious order to all mankind!

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Then I died.
Like every other human.

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Dammit, must have gotten the planets wrong. Wait one minute.

Ah, from Lexicanum:

>The Catachan 51st "Black Vipers" fought on the world of Cytheria after it's governor defected to the Tau empire. Snipers from the regiment eliminated a prominent Tau leader, striking a critical blow to the alien's morale.

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Hide the nukes.

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Because no one else will

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God wills it. In this lair of sodomites and moneychangers, dicers and pimps, whores and murderers, I can at least try to convince myself that I serve something greater, rather than my own appetites.

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You dont have to fight alone

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To bring order to a chaotic universe.

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>the world run by incompetents and fools

HA! If only we were so lucky.

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Because I'm a loser and being a hero might make people like me.

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Motherfucker stole my woman.

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Humanity dominated the world, once. Invaders thought they could destroy our hold on it. They failed to realize that it is destiny for humans to rule over all.

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Falling to old age is disgraceful. To hell with the soft life, the old bastard rides to glory!

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For my family
For my friends
For my country
[spoilers]And for her[/spoilers]

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You know... I just now realized that my (personal and group) favorite character never really had motivation.
She was a tech-priestess of the Adeptus Mechanicus. She had friends, lovers, enemies.
But she never actually had much motivation. I mean, yeah, she had MOTIVATION, but I never had a reason behind it.
She just knew her duty, and did it.

I miss you, Sev.
Listening to Protomen isn't helping either.

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Because I'm under contract.

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So then here's the obvious question:
What happened to her?

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That's why we call it the "gift" of life, anon.
You're not supposed to deserve a gift. You just receive it.

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I don't want to win. I just want you to lose.

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But Edward you don't give a shit about your country, you have no friends, and you don't have a significant other. Not sure how you feel about your family but you've made it pretty obvious you're just in it for the money.

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Maybe he just has really really high standards because unlike other paladins the stick up his ass was an immovable rod of wonder.

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I just want to help everyone.


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Since the beginning, no one has ever stood in the heavens. Neither you, nor I, nor even the gods themselves. But that unbearable vacancy in the throne of heaven shall be filled.
From this day forth, I will stand in heaven.

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To drive out the criminals, the usurpers, the heretics, the foreigners that seek to make themselves fat on the suffering of my people.

I am divinely ordained as the protector of these lands, and I shall carry out that duty. No matter the blood or the pain or the death that must come, I will protect it. And, may the Gods bless my oath, I will find a way to protect it forever,

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That's... actually pretty profound, anon.

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Entry-level Christianity, actually.

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I'm a pacifist, I don't believe in using violence for any reason. There is no honor in taking a life, only in giving your own.

But you mess with my dog and I will rip your throat out with my teeth. I'll feel bad about it, but it doesn't change the fact that the last thing you'll see is me masticating the bloody lump of flesh that was once your trachea.

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>implying fulfilling the purpose you've been created to fulfill isn't the most glorious motivation of all
You'd think a tech-priestess would know this - the true beauty of any tool isn't about flashy lights or a pleasing shape.
It's about doing what it had been built to do, and doing it well.
There is no higher joy.

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Shows what I know, I suppose.

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Courage!, Duty!, Honor!
We call upon our troopers in this our darkest hour.
Our way of life is what we are fighting for.
the flat that flies above us, inspires us each day.
To give our very best, in every way!

It's a good day to die,
When you know the reasons why.
Citizens we fight for what is right,
A noble sacrifice.
When duty call, you pay the price
For the federation I will give my life.

Well all is fair, in love and war
that's what my gunny says.
You are not alive unless you are almost dying.
There are the words I march by, Duty, Courage, Honor
Every single day and I have been trying

It's a good day to die,
When you know the reasons why.
Citizens we fight for what is right,
A noble sacrifice.
When duty call, you pay the price
For the federation I will give my life
(Courage, Duty, Honor)

The eagle, he flies high above us
The eagle, he make our spirits soar
He's giving the strength to carry on
To fly, and win this war!

It's a good day to die,
When you know the reasons why.
Citizens we fight for what is right,
A noble sacrifice.
When duty call, you pay the price
For the federation I will give my life
(Courage, Duty, Honor)

It's a good day to die,
When you know the reasons why.
Citizens we fight for what is right,
A noble sacrifice.
When duty call, you pay the price
For the federation I will give my life
(Courage, Duty, Honor)
For the federation I will give my life

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I fight for an idea, just like all of you. The difference is that the idea I fight for is balance; mercy. I fight so that no others must have to fight.

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Captcha ate pic.

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She didn't die or anything.
The campaign ended, and her and the other party members fell apart emotionally.
Even the Emperors right hands fall eventually.

The entire campaign, her and another character, an ex-Explorator from Vostroya, had some sexual tension between them, and post-game he died without resolving it.
This sent her into a spiraling depression for the better part of the rest of her life. This was made worse because she had to keep up appearances as the Emperor's go-to girl when it came to tech. I don't think she ever forgave herself

That's actually pretty good. Thank you.

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>Why are you fighting?

To prove to everybody that I can.

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I just don't know anymore

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You see, I was born at the end of the Cold War, and that upbringing from my parents that were born in the 1940's has coloured me and my views on what one can and should fight for, and I bring that along into my characters.

Nobody talks about "dying gloriously for your nation" as the most heroic thing there is. Heroic deaths isn't glorified, it is left absent in place for the struggle itself, for the fight against invasion and oppression... And the destruction of your home and family. Everyone I know that has lived through the Cold War never talks about dying fighting the enemy as if that was the main goal, or as something to paint as something to be remembered for. No, they all talked about how they would kill as many Russians as possible, moving from one spot to the next, one failed defensive line to the next for as long as it took, making their advance hellish, and every victory gained a thing they would pay a terrible price for.
They would kill every last motherfucker that dared threaten their home, and they would make sure that the Russians would regret every coming there.

So that's what I would fight for. Home. I feel a connection to this country, but it's nothing compared to the immediate region were I live. I feel it has a special culture, a special way of living, even a special kind of people. It's my home, and I have a hard time making characters that I cannot share that empathy with. My characters will most likely be prepared to lay down their lives for their home, but not without making sure to take with him as many fuckers to hell as possible.

>> No.23992564

I fight because I have two days left to retirement, and everything is trying to kill me.

>> No.23992574

Because it would be too hard to stop.

>> No.23992725

No they don't. Almost nobody has something worth fighting for. God, Country, Money, Power, Comfort, Pleasure, Entertainment, Love, these are things that people fight for, but they are not things worth shedding the blood of other men over. If you ask someone in a vacuum if X is worth murder, they will rarely indeed say that it is, whatever X may be. It is only after the fact, when they are already waist deep into it, that they justify things by projecting rational motives onto what they are doing.

This is because this question contains a tautology, the assumption that because people fight for things, those things must be worth fighting, and this obfuscates the hidden truth of the question, which is that nothing is worth fighting for, because fighting is not something that people must be coerced to do. Fighting is something that people will do without good reasons. It is something that they must be prevented from doing through incentive or threat of punishment.

What you are actually asking is "what excuse have you contrived to justify your sinful behavior?"

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I fight to find one worthy to bring me a glorious death in martial combat.

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To feel like a hero.

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Because it was either that or sacrificing my character's first daughter.
And there is no way we're going to let the girl die.

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That there's some good in this world Mr. Frodo; and its worth fight'in for.

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I'm just gonna say it, I actually loved this song.

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Odd that you talk of sin and yet consider God to be an unworthy cause. That is the sort of hypocrisy of one who sends others to fight in their stead, as though that would leave no blood on your hands.

And what of family? Of survival? No doubt you'll say something like life has no meaning, but that in and of itself is meaningless. A meaningless existence is one which we are free do give meaning to on our own. As such, all those reasons you just discarded, they are as valid as any there will ever be. Because we think it to be so.

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Because, no matter how bad it gets, now matter how hard it becomes to keep on living, I cant die. Because whats waiting for me down there is just so....horrifying, I will do anything, anything to avoid it.
Because if I falter, fail or fall, I will be sucked down for the things I have done, and I'm not ready to face judgment yet. So I will keep running, and when I find him, and he breathes his last. Then, then I will face my sins.

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I feel that you are intentionally misinterpreting me so as to transform this into a confrontational argument. If I didn't think life was meaningful, why would I portray violence as an intrinsically undesirable activity? Is my faith in a merciful and just God who said "thou shalt not kill" compromised because I would refuse to murder in his name? I will elect that hypocrisy over the alternative any day, because at least that is in keeping with principle.

And if I did not think that there WAS a situation in which some person might be justified in violence, would I have said 'almost nobody,' instead of nobody? A man who fights to defend his family is not wicked, nor is a man who fights in his own defense, but that is different from choosing violence as a means to an end, not as a final resort. The point of that spiel was that the overwhelming majority of justifications offered are just that--justifications. They have no basis in any moral principle, but are a veneer of self-pardoning layered on to disguise the willingness of men to do violence instead of searching for an alternative. If you need evidence, look at this thread. There are people who have noble sentiments, but just as many are plastic, hollow things clearly come to after the decision to take things to the black end was made.

>> No.23993111

Me: Others fight for me, with the right convincing and promises, but i guess personal gain, and in the long term, stability and order.

My characters: A plethora of reasons, from money to idealism and hope, to pure altruitic naïveté.

>> No.23993133

I fight because I am I violent man without purpose

>> No.23993180
File: 792 KB, 1920x1080, 1353218594575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So that there is one more that does not have to.

>> No.23993184
File: 397 KB, 730x728, kamen rider dies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23993232
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Battle does not need a purpose, battle is it's own purpose. You don't ask why a plague spreads, or a field burns. Don't ask why I fight.

>> No.23993290
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Because beyond the horizon lurks gods and demons who are poised to strike a deathblow upon the world.

In time, even the greatest heroes cannot stand against them, and the rest of us are too cowardly or complacent to take their place.

So I will do what no hero can. I will learn pain, and bloodshed, and merciless slaughter, I will bathe in these things until they fuel me. Until it is not only my duty, but my passion.

I will become a darker thing than men can dream, and then I will teach these ways to them. And in our strife and slaughter, we will become strong.

It is a horrid thing I do, and after our deed is done the world will be a festering, corrupt place. But it is by our sacrifice that anyone will live to see it.

>> No.23993312
File: 121 KB, 1024x768, Terminator3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A sereis of binary commands which I am compelled to obey.

>> No.23993402
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For the prosperity of Koboldavia, for the workers to come and those who still toil for mutual prosperity! For the world will be aligned, the Gods overthrown and the eternal revolution will ever continue!

[spoilers] And because I'm a kobold, and I love to kill Kill KILL!! [/spoilers]

>> No.23993413

For Power, and all that symbolize it

So that I may use that Power both for myself and for others, and so that others may share the thoughts and beliefs within me that I see as true.

I just want to feel that warm fuzzy feeling normals seems to get with their gf/bf. But since I dont plan on having a gf, this is the next best thing

>> No.23993511
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Because i tell them too

>> No.23993532
File: 1.05 MB, 1920x1200, WAGGGGGHHHH!!!!!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wots a reason?
can iz fight itz?


>> No.23993625

holy crap, we have someone capable of self reflection in this thread. you have made, I think, an incredibly important observation and I quite agree with you. There's a risk in avoiding the concept of violence entirely because of how closely it is tied to the concept of change--there is something of the righteous battle in any growth or change in our psyche, as we struggle against the demons of our own basic nature. From that standpoint, 'what do you fight for' is a very important question.

>> No.23993762

Oh yeah, and as far as physical violence goes, I will say I fight when the evil of violence is less than the evil of inaction (and other options are exhausted). My characters tend not to seek to kill their enemies, but to make them allies. Especially in the morally simpler world of games, this can often start with violence but end with hugs.

>> No.23993767
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For the lulz

>> No.23993784

A paycheck and/or the thrill of it, typically. Never been very noble or passionate or what have you.

>> No.23993814

Is there anyone that finds this ork shit funny because i fucking hate it.

>> No.23994140

I'm not saying it isn't profound, just that it's not something you have to look very hard to find.

>> No.23999153

/tg/ - Philosophy

>> No.23999235

I hate most of the 40k memes that get perpetuated on /tg/. Especially in threads that are about non-GW related games. I'm ok with it in this one, however...

I fight for Whores and Wine!

>> No.23999322
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To expand the knowledge of the universe and answer questions that dare not be asked.

>> No.23999333

Orders are orders, you know.

>> No.23999345

Coin & Cleavage.

>> No.23999369

I'm sure there's some bastard out there who is in every way my equal and opposite.
I want to kill that son of a bitch.

>> No.23999387

Battle doesn't need a purpose; the battle is its own purpose. You don't ask why a plague spreads or a field burns. Don't ask why I fight.

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