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So, how's the codex? Any scans available yet?

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No, but white dwarf HEAVILY implies that it's just a reprint of the old codex fluffwise.

It's STILL the third phase expansion, the sept map looks IDENTICAL, the words they use to describe the vespid are lifted word for word from the last codex.

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>It's STILL the third phase expansion
That's hardly surprising... the 40k timeline doesn't move forward, no? They just fill in/retcon what happened before.

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They could easily have had the tau snatch up a bunch of irrelevant worlds, and call it the fourth phase.

But no.

They slapped a hardcover on the old codex, and called it a day.

I bet gun drones are still a fast attack choice.

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Just like the three previous codices

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the chaos demon fluff section was actually pretty fucking good.

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The last excuse for no 4th expansion was the results of the Fall of Medusa V campaign. The Tau saw what the warp/chaos could do to things and decided that consolidating their 3rd sphere gains was a better idea than another expansion push.

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>They could easily have had the tau snatch up a bunch of irrelevant worlds, and call it the fourth phase
But... why? Why not just change what the 'third phase' means? Or the second phase? There's no need to actually move the timeline forward when they can rewrite or fill in what's already there. And why should the Tau Empire be bigger?

I hope it's more than just a reprint, though. Looks like a full Cron-style reinvention isn't happening, but more fluff would be nice.

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So at least the Tau still have some basic common sense.

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because sperglords who still think 40k is a story and can only appreciate stories by learning whether the good guys win or not, as if it was a fairy fucking tale, don't give a fuck about anything that doesn't chronologically advance the timeline.

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Chaos Daemons had some new stuff. But not much.

The lack of new fluff is so that our Spiritual Liege's re-entry to the world is all the more grand.

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still three times more than dark angels and CSM

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Eh, I think there's a lot more established fluff about those factions. The Tau are comparatively under-explored and it'll be a shame if they haven't taken advantage of that.

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Its out next saturday.

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Hey, at least Dark Angels got a flying disco.

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The 40k timeline won't advance. Deal with it.

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I'm talking about the fluff section

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good thing

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I never really understand why people want it to.

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becuz muh story and plot!

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People are dealing with it by not buying GW's shit.

Just kidding, GW's shit isn't getting bought but that's just one of the reasons.

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>. Looks like a full Cron-style reinvention isn't happening,
Thank god, maoist tau and evil castration agendas are not in my list of wanted shit.

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Because "GUYS GUYS WHAT IF THE IMMORTAL PILLAR OF SOCIETY DIED GUYS" is a pretty obvious place for a story to go.

That doesn't make it a good thing, but it does make it why so many people immediately think moving forward is going somewhere.

Also the promises in 5th edition didn't help.

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well, it's called warhammer 40.000, not warhammer 41.000

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Eh, by reinvention I didn't necessarily mean eeeeevilTau.

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Because they confuse setting with storyline

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Already canon.
Also that wouldn't even be in the vicinity of the same ballpark as a cron-style reinvention. Not even the same league.

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Poor foolish misguided >>23986182

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What did you mean? pirate tau and megalomaniac archeologist kroots riding over the shoulders of normal kroot warriors while wearing their pants as hats?

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Some of the new daemon stuff was a bit weird though.
Like the bit with the necrons where they were sent a few squads at a time down into the catacombs of a planet taken over by daemons and somehow this reduced their numbers to the point where daemons could overrun them since the daemons could somehow stop something that exists entirely within the physical universe from phasing back and repairing.

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>that lame Nineteen-Eighty-Four reference
Urgh. Almost as bad as the dialogue between the Inquisitor and the Ethereal where the former is all 'muh freedom! Fuck yeah!'

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>Archaeologist Kroot
Pechdiana Jones


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Warp, I don't have to explain shit.

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That would do nicely.

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Ah, that always bugged me, the awesome idea of "good guys that were doomed to lose" was much cooler then just another evil faction. But it was lost due to neckbeards who couldn't wait for that split second of thinking and needed their grimdark directly.

Hell, best case scenario would be watching the Tau slowly slip into more immoral things "For the greater good" going step by step into hell with good intentions.

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You still have farsight, or a homebrewed separatist tau sept for your noblebright needs.

Or the necrons.

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the problem was that if taus stay good guys, it has to be out of naivety and then it's not badass for them to lose.

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I kinda blame America for that. Seems like Fantasy Flight latched onto the whole 'greater good' thing and decided that the Tau must be evil freedom-hating communists. Actually I don't have a problem with the Tau having a dark side (hell, they're engaged in an open-ended military expansion), but the communist angle feels so... lazy. Especially as the Imperium is normally portrayed as at least as anti-freedom as the Tau.

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If it makes any difference, that 'Inquisitor' wasn't even human.

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I remember the eye of terror campaign, where the timeline was supposed to advance based on what faction won overall, the jack shit happened.

It was like learning Santa wasn't real, all over again.

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>I kinda blame America for that.
Like you do with everything else, amirite?

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Black Library seems to support it too.


>While writing Fire Caste (an Imperial Guard novel at heart), I found myself increasingly drawn to the antagonists of the piece, the tau. Under the squeaky clean, utopian pretensions of their empire there runs an undercurrent of hypocrisy and authoritarianism that’s arguably as ruthless as the Imperium’s own brand. This raises some intriguing questions about what life is really like within tau society, particularly for those who don’t conform to the norm. Unfortunately, these themes were mostly beyond the scope of the novel, so I jumped at the chance to explore them in my advent short, which tells the back-story of Fire Caste’s most prominent xenos character, Jhi’kaara, a tarnished Fire Warrior. She is my ‘in’ on the tau, a broken mirror reflecting a darker truth than the Ethereals would care to admit…

Then there's GW themselves, with the "lol mind control helmets (maybe)" and such introduced in 4th edition.

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No. But I think the fact that FFG are American has a lot to do with their presentation of the Tau. Britain didn't really go in for the whole 'red scare' thing, or at least not on the same scale.

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>britian didn't go for the red scare


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Hypocrisy and authoritarianism are fine by me as long as they're presented interestingly. I just don't find the communism/1984 references to be that interesting, I guess...

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God bless Vetock and Kelly, they know that we like our armies the way they are.

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Non GW third party shit and FFG has said their stuff isn't true beyond the context of their respective RPGs.

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>I kinda blame America for that
So business as usual then.

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I think rather that they actually GET what it means to understand and portray such a thing, as they can easily look into recent, living history for examples of how it works and how pervasive it is.
Versus people that aren't familiar with it nearly as much.

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Kelly wrote a bad Eldar codex and it's a complete downgrade compared to 2nd and 3rd editions.

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AFAIK there was no McCarthy equivalent, and 'socialist' has never really been a dirty word in British politics.

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But Communist was.

>> No.23986852


Outcaste does a pretty decent job of shitting on Tau idealism, at least ofr the main character.

Fire Caste also shows the difference in thought the Fire and Water castes seem to have with regards to the future when there isn't an Imperial around.

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Yeah so random! xD

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Although communist tends to be a bad word in UK politics less because of communism itself and more because communism is an extreme stance.

We frown on any form of extreme politics on principle, because extreme politics would require us to give a shit.

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>2nd and 3rd
weren't those horribly overpowered?
newbie here, don't know jack

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Then why do you love Islam ?

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Because there is no god but God and Muhammad is his messenger, silly.

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Socialist might not be a dirty word in the UK

But the UK had, and still has , Trident missiles for a reason. It most certainly feared the USSR and communist countries during the cold war. And perhaps still does a little.

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>downgrade of 2nd and 3rd ed

That was kinda necessary given the 'Why am I even taking ym models out' nature of those two books

Also, if your name just happens to be Sam, fuck off

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2nd edition was, and every codex has been a nerf since. But 3rd edition had Craftworld specific rules.

Orkz suffer from this too, and Kelly wrote that codex too.

It may of been the mindset of the time, but those old codices do not hold up.

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Which is why the National Socialist Party holds a handful of chairs in parliament.

>> No.23986947


Because banning it or kicking the immigrants out would be extreme, and therefore require us to give a shit.

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At least he wrote an Eldar codex and not a High Elf codex.

>> No.23986963


No, they don't.

Or are you trying to be satirical about UKIP or something?

>> No.23986969


This doesn't change the fact that Phil Kelly has written mediocre codices.

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Oh yeah, of course it did. Russia was a big dictatorial nuclear-armed power sitting on the other side of Europe. Just saying that the UK didn't do the 'reds under the bed' thing as much as the USA.

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Kelly's work with the Crafworlders was disappointing. And the Dark Eldar suffered in the transition to 6th edition.

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This isn't /v/ man, you don't have to do this.

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All 3rd codex were a downgrade from 2nd.

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wolf wolf wolfity wolf wolf wolf

>> No.23987024


Then why did the Eldar keep getting nerfs?

6th edition had better be good.

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You're using that word but I don't think you know what it means

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It is what the master race must suffer through

>> No.23987043

So how does this affect how Tau PLAY?

>> No.23987046

Epic. Just epic. I tip my hat to you good sir! :D

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So guys, what do you think will be th Eldar's huge must buy new unit?

>> No.23987056


No, I absolutely do. Everything about the Eldar has been underwhelming ever since their first codex.

>> No.23987060

We don't know yet, codex isn't out.

>> No.23987070


New aspect warriors, buffed up Shadow Spectres, since they look so damn nice.

>> No.23987073

How much is it going to be?

>> No.23987077



No, it means average. You pleb. And if every book is average then we get what we've always wanted - a truly balanced game

>> No.23987079

The Megarch, a giant Exarch. Wraithlord is the new Carnifex.

>> No.23987088

Obviously a colossal wraithlord. With rules stolen straight from warmachine.

Like DA termies getting shieldwall and a mini feat. Or Tau getting a Colossal.

>> No.23987093


160 AUD for the limited edition.

>> No.23987099

I think rumours have said either a big mecha knight-titan thing or a big wraithlord thing. The latter would be extremely rubbish, since wraithlords are pretty much my favourite models in 40k and a new bigger version would probably look worse and make them obsolete in rules terms, but then GW's been doing a lot or rubbish lately so it's possible.

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2nd edition Eldar let me have an all Harlequin army, many different types of Harlequin, Corsairs, Exodites and much more.

>> No.23987107

It actually means "Between moderate and inferior in quality"

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This is a good thing.

>> No.23987126

Riptide looks cool imo.

>> No.23987142

I wasn't convinced until I saw it squatting down. Dude has a mean squat.

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What does this have to do with the Eldar?

>> No.23987161

Well, this is a Tau thread...

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>BAAAAAAWWWWW I don't get my fifty shades of Eldar

Welcome to streamlining

>> No.23987175

> :D

I honestly have never heard mediocre in a context that even kind of implies "average". I've only heard it used as meaning something like: bad, but not horrifically bad.

>> No.23987180


Only because the holofields are projecting that image. A true Farseer should know this is actually an Eldar thread.

>> No.23987183


>dude has a mean squat

naming my riptide Strong Belwas from now on

>> No.23987190


Why are there 50 shades of Space Marines? Shut-up Mon-Keigh

>> No.23987208


I can't really get past the tiny head and stick-more-bits-on gun arm.

>> No.23987212

Aren't recent codices un-streamlining a bit, though?

>> No.23987215


Yeah, looks bad. And it's probably going to be expensive too

>> No.23987219

Technically there are seven shades, if you include spikey and daemonhunter shades.

>> No.23987229


Apart from the codices,which are all seperate entities with their own seperate playstyles, there are no fifty shades of space marines

Everyone is now Ultramarines.

>> No.23987230


Order a Gundam head and slap that shit on.

>> No.23987233

I do hope so regarding the gun-drones, unless they were made troops? troops would be good.

But Fast Attack was a good spot for them in earlier editions: you wanted a unit of pathfinders for the markerlights [although some folks preferred wasting points on loading their stealth suit teams with expensive marker drones], and the little fish or tetras weren't that great. Drones filled up the two slots remaining quite nicely for very cheap.

>> No.23987237


I think the New Chaos Daemons codex tried to make mono-builds of each God viable.

>> No.23987238

I wish marines were just as streamlined with Forgeworld doing lists for outlyers.

>> No.23987244

It's $85 on the GW site.

>> No.23987251

From the mega streamline. Still compared to 2nd

>> No.23987256


7 codices that could've been updates for painfully dated Xenos factions.

>> No.23987271


Chances are. It would be easy enough to do a few minor conversions and have it look pretty good, I'd say. But by the same token, you could probably scratch-build something similar and have it look better anyways, and save a ton of dosh.

>> No.23987281


Wait, really?

Can I make a pure Tzeentch army?

>> No.23987289


Well, that's what ended up for the Eldar at least.

But I don't want to have to rely on forgeworld to have a viable army.

>> No.23987294

6 actually, Black Templar haven't gotten theirs yet.
They're probably behind the Eldar.

>> No.23987296


Quite possible. Or you could just order an entire HGUC Gundam kit and convert it. Save some money and probably look better in the end, not to mention it'd be poseable.

>> No.23987298

But anon, that "Nineteen-Eighty-Four reference" is something that actually happened under purportedly communist regimes in the first (and even early second) half of the twentieth century.

>> No.23987309

I never said anything about the normal codex not trying to be viable.

>> No.23987316


You always could. But honestly, Tzeentch Daemons have been nerfed. Everyone has new ways to bring the fight to the enemy now.

>> No.23987317


No one forced you to play a niche army. You should have known that the unpopular armies would always be at the end of the production queue.

>> No.23987327

BT players have quite a few options to what they can use. Eldar don't

>> No.23987331

What, people literally convincing themselves that others never existed? I'm intrigued. Source?

>> No.23987335

My big problem with it is the head. It looks WAY too small on it. And it doesn't really make sense, since all the Tau need is a camera to give a vid feed to the pilot inside. It looks like somebody said "We need to put a head on it, just use the regular crisis suit head" and put it into production.
Also, it would seem to be a bit unwieldy in combat. Isn't the Riptide a couple dozen meters tall? I thought the whole point of the crisis suits was to retain the maneuverability and compactness of infantry whilst providing protection, a large battlemech would not provide for those. If they wanted something that could field numerous heavy weapons, surely a tracked or wheeled vehicle could serve the same purpose without having to produce the (what I assume is) expensive and complex bipedal locomotion systems?

>> No.23987344


Internal balance should be the end for any game.

>> No.23987352

Eldar are one of the main armies dipshit. Dark eldar have shown the sales you get when GW gives a dam about xenos

>> No.23987357


If other armies were better, more people would play them.

>> No.23987358

Holy shit the sad thing is that people like this actually run the company.

>> No.23987359

Damn... that's retarded.
Way better when any such evils are just the shit-colored-glasses of imperial view. "The big hive-minded insect people thought 'greater good' was right up their alley? Surely those comm/translator units must be BRAINWASHING SKULLCAPS OF EVIL".

It helps the grimdark by showing just how twisted the outlook of other factions is.

Similarly the "why not just be decent 'nuff to eachother and work towards a common future" is, in and of itself, supposed to be the unholy aberration as far as imperials are concerned.

"No no, see, under that they're secretly super evil" just turns the whole race into yet another everyday chaos-cult level enemy. Fucking boring compared to playing the Tau quite straight.

>> No.23987384

I find it hilarious how when 5th edition marines came out everyone complained about it being overpowered as fuck but now that the power creep has continued with other codexes people have forgotten this and started to consider marines the baseline norm and started whining about the codexes that now stand below it.

You praise Ward, but the fact remains he's at the root of all this evil.

>> No.23987386

inb4 guarenteed replies shitstorm (probably late though)

>> No.23987393

>> No.23987409

Seagulls go CAR. Not SCAN

>> No.23987415


>since all the Tau need is a camera to give a vid feed to the pilot inside.

But that's the 'head' is. That's not the pilot's head, it's a camera. My beef with it isn't the small size but rather the collar. If it's got an armoured collar to protect it (and obscure its line of sight) that implies that it's a weakpoint... which begs the question of why they didn't incorporate a sturdier camera structure into the suit frame itself. Or multiple cameras.

>> No.23987416


>> No.23987422


I'm not disagreeing with that, I'm just saying that certain armies will always be at the forefront of balancing because they're actually played. If GW didn't constantly roll out new rule editions the Eldar would eventually get patched for the handful of people that collect them.

>> No.23987426

>You praise Ward
Nobody praises Ward. There's no one on /tg/ as reviled, not even Monte fucking Cook.

>> No.23987430


>Nobody praises Ward

Have you seen modern /tg/? Everyone is sucking Ward's dick since the Necron codex.

>> No.23987437

>Clearly hasn't been on here since 2011

>> No.23987452

>anon hasn't been on /tg/ since the Crondex dropped!


>> No.23987466

What rock have you been under?

>> No.23987467

>Nobody praises Ward.

I do. I really hated the old crons and he fixed them. He fucked up the Grey Knights but I forgive him for that because of all the butthurt he causes among fanboys which is hilarious. I'm an Ultramarine player. In the grand scheme of things he's ahead in the like/hate stakes.

>> No.23987468


>actually played

If the Eldar weren't getting shittier and shittier codices, they'd definitely get more players. But your mindset is awful, and derivative of the average Warhammer fan.

>> No.23987481

Could be that they have done exactly that, just like in Heavy Gear. You've got a primary sensor cluster in the head, but you've also got, depending on the individual vehicle's sensor quality and redundancies, additional arrays, recievers and cameras across the frame.

Given how tiny cameras can be nowadays, they might not be particularly visible without close examination.

>> No.23987488


Despite the fact that 4e eldar were a downgrade they were still on top competitively.

>> No.23987489


Maybe not, if that was the case then the codices after Eldar would be Sisters and Black Templars instead of SM, IG, Tyranids, and Orks.

GW is releasing codices based on what interesting ideas they have for them.


The Tau aren't the squeaky clean saviors of the galaxy, get over. The Eldar players have.


Because he writes good books, the only people who don't like his work are either those who are bad at the game or those who treat playing a non-SM army like their religion.

>> No.23987504

He's responsible for the LotR skirmish game and made the first decent vanilla marine book in years, as well as being a chill dude to talk to.

If you want reviled, Alessio, Jervis or Kirby would probably be a better target.

>> No.23987506

I suppose I did a very bad job explaining my view, because my complaint is pretty much what you said here
>which begs the question of why they didn't incorporate a sturdier camera structure into the suit frame itself. Or multiple cameras.

Gotta get some sleep

>> No.23987512

>If you want reviled, Alessio, Jervis or Kirby would probably be a better target.

>> No.23987521

>I like him because bad is good and A is the opposite of A.
Well, okay.

>> No.23987523

Honestly i don't really see it so much as power creep, as much as it is a few new rules and new options that leave unit envy.

Half of the time, power creed or overpowered list just exploit a rule or what not that catches players unaware and those players instead of realizing how to counter it just whine about how powerful said list is and the powercreep behind it.

>> No.23987525


I disagree on a flat statement of him writing good books. The only difference between Ward and everyone else crunchwise are his 'must have' units are usually just that much more stupidly good. Every single codex has a poor sense of internal balance with certain units being absolutely worthless and others being flat out necessary to play competitively.

His actual diction itself remains piss poor, he really needs a proof reader.

>> No.23987526


>> No.23987538

Heh, this thread is now Wardwars.

>> No.23987544

We were overdue.

>> No.23987549


And yet compare all the marine dexes and you'll notice how the ordinary marines get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper.

That's pretty blatant creep.

>> No.23987553


>> No.23987562


>> No.23987569

Haven't you noticed? Every single tau thread dissolves into a raging shitstorm, without fail.

>> No.23987570


>> No.23987572


>> No.23987575


So outside of Flayed Ones and perhaps Praetorians, what units are absolutely worthless in the Necron codex? And I'm talking in a normal setting, not a competitive one because 40k is not designed with competitive in mind.

>> No.23987576


>> No.23987593

The Codex is available right now on Ipad I think.

>> No.23987595


Almost every 40k thread dissolves into a shitstorm. All it takes is one person to start bitching about someone elses army or about an over powered codex and it all falls apart.

>> No.23987596

Space Yiffs are the worse offender for that and they're a kelly dex.

>> No.23987600

Because Tau and Tau fans are shit.
Just kidding, you guys are fine, but from the outside looking in, it DOES look like you guys are space commie weeaboo-bronies

>> No.23987602

>mfw Cruddace made Ymgarl stealers a thing you could take
>and made the Deathleaper cool
I can despise his sense of balance, but a lot of his ideas themselves are pretty cool.

I can revile the tourneyfag, the sueist and the suit. The Crud is just a guy who isn't very good at math but tries anyways.

>> No.23987609


>And I'm talking in a normal setting, not a competitive one

Define 'normal'. It's such a vague term that gets bandied around here mostly as a way to complain about tourneyfags.

Is playing 'normally' the equivalent of just picking whatever and moving your units around without any rhyme or reason because 'lel so funny?' Because in that case all your unitsare viable.

>> No.23987611


Tomb Blades

>> No.23987614

The Ward is my saviour! The dark power of the Crudd shall not prevail!

>> No.23987617


>> No.23987637

tfw when your area is very casual and you like all the writer's rules.

>> No.23987645 [SPOILER] 



>> No.23987652


It's why I said earlier that it was more of an average thing for Ward. SW is something of an outlier compared to Kelly's usual style of dex writing. It's like he was channeling Ward' essence while in the process of crunching it.

Perhaps Kelly needed to get in the mindset of a space wolf and spent his time riding Ward's fuzzy back around the studio, howling at the moon and snapping at Jervis' heels.

>> No.23987653


Give in! Play Guard! Use Ogryns! I demand a dark toll!

>> No.23987656

God fucking damn it.

/d/ Tau pls go

>> No.23987672 [SPOILER] 

I hope Kelly brings this thing back. Just imagine the rage on /tg/.

>> No.23987675


But they're so cute~ ^_^

>> No.23987680

The monobuild shall not avail you here! This thread has been inscribed with runes of Warding!

>> No.23987685

No, not literally. But people didn't talk about it, and tried not to think about it. Isn't that effectively the same?

>> No.23987690

From the Cruddex
And the Monobuild
Mathew Ward deliver us

>> No.23987697


>> No.23987717


You're going to spam vendettas. And nothing you can do will stop it!

>> No.23987733

It's obviously what inspired Orwell. But the fact that the Tau thing refers specifically and literally to 'convince oneself' makes it a clear reference to Orwell's take on real-world dictatorships.

>> No.23987735

It's strangely beautiful...

But what the hell is it?

>> No.23987736


Since we're going to be seeing Exodites in 6th edition, I hope so.

>> No.23987747

But Mighty Ward cannot be everywhere at once, for the Cruddace is evil and devious!
The Beneficent Phil Kelly helps Ward, but the Cruddace is a dastardly trickster!
So then it is, that some codices must be sacrificed to the Ravages of the Cruddace.
But do not mourn for the Burdened, theirs is a holy task, and the Burdened who endure will be reborn into the Kingdom of Ward.
And to mock the Burdened for their troubles is to invite damnation into the Kingdom of Crud for your arrogance.
-Book of Ward, chapter 4, Verses 17-21.

Should probably be amended for Vetock.

>> No.23987753


Knight Bright Stallion. Titan sized walker.

>> No.23987760

There's a vocal minority sucking his dick.

>> No.23987777

Fair enough.

I definitely think the Tau could have been taken in a more interesting direction than "look commies with a caste system and they're blue instead of red see it's different", and using exclusively the aspects of communism already used to death in popular media (such as the Orwellian stuff) really doesn't help.

>> No.23987783

Ha! Keep telling yourself that, Wardhater.

>> No.23987794



It's like you've never read Orwell! He was against all forms of authoritarian government, and he liked Trotsky over Stalin.

>> No.23987798

-Anything in heavy support that's not Doomscythe
-Everything in Elites
-All special characters

>> No.23987799

Yeah, completely agreed.

>> No.23987807

Yeah, keep playing your PnP WoW 4e fag!

Oh, sorry, wrong ceaseless and irrelevant argument.

>> No.23987828

>your vocal minority is more vocal and minor than my vocal minority

>> No.23987831

Yeah, replace Ward with Vetock and Cruddace with Ward.

>> No.23987839


Some of us just don't give a fuck one way or the other

>> No.23987851

Wolves are the outlier

Tacticals are still complete crap even in DA

>> No.23987853

>implying I don't know that
I don't even play 40k.

>> No.23987864

Alright, if we're going to be getting into semantics, the society he portrayed was not communist.

However, as far as portrayals of communism in popular media are concerned, they are almost exclusively the same sort of thing as what Orwell depicted in 1984. Of course, that isn't really communism, but it is what has passed as communism throughout the red scare, from which I draw the word "commie".

I apologize for my habitual misuse of the word communism, but you must understand that it was with the intention of tying the Tau to the popular image of communism rather than its true ideology.

>> No.23987872

>Thinking Cruddace is better than Ward.
I hate Ward and I even I think that's fucking retarded.

>> No.23987882

>I'm an Ultramarine player

>> No.23987885


>DA tacticals

yeah nah.

>> No.23987895


So am I. I love his fluff.

>> No.23987900

His codices are far more balanced. Ward broke the game with Codex Space Marines and other authors are only just now starting to fix his mess.

>> No.23987901

I will say this about Ward's Codex: Ultramarines.

Never before have I seen someone get so much credit for knowing how to ctrl+v

>> No.23987922

Imperial Guard has been Top Tier since it came out, the Warddex still there is Necrons?
How is his more balanced?

>> No.23987937

I don't doubt you do.

>> No.23987940

>His codices are far more balanced
Holy Shit, are you actually referring to Robin Cruddace

>> No.23987950


>> No.23987954


IG came out after 5th edition marines.

>> No.23987971


>> No.23987975

After recently reading page 24 of Codex: Space Marines, I fail to see how anybody can take Ward seriously

>> No.23987984

Same crap shooting, same bad melee, now without Combat Tactics

le no

>> No.23987992


>Taking anything seriously

>> No.23987995

5th edition marines aren't top tier anymore.
Imperial Guard have only gotten better with 6e and were godly 5e.

Tyranids were improved by 6e almost across the board and that put them as solidly mid-tier.

Say want you want about Ward compared to the others, but Cruddace is the worst of all of them.

>> No.23988005


>muh speshul snowflakes

>> No.23988014

This, the lore is good and all but don't be so serious about it guys, nothing worse than some lorefag getting up your ass when trying to talk about the game with a buddy in the flgs.

>> No.23988024

Well that's the problem, people take codex fluff serious when it's codex propaganda.

Also page 24 is supported by statistics, most new chapters are Ultramarines successors, most ultramarines successors (and little more than half of other successors) are codex chapters.
Therefore the presence of non-codex chapters would diminish.

And the Ultramarines, being arrogant romans in space, would rub that into people's faces.

>> No.23988032

Cheaper everything and stubborn. Deal.

>> No.23988039


The point people are making is that this creep started with Ward, and has progressed far enough that people have forgotten that.

>> No.23988043



Where? Ultramarines epitomize self-sacrifice and righteousness.

>> No.23988052


Cheap as hell and can take weapon upgrades while at half strength size. Greenwing is actually pretty damn good for DA because you can just spam lots of tiny units.

>> No.23988054

They're space romans, comes in the territory.

Read, literally, any of Sicarius' lines in Fall of Damnos.

>> No.23988062

>Thinking Stubborn is better than CT

>> No.23988065

I did not say taking 40k seriously, I said taking Ward seriously. It read like a goddamn fanfiction. If I was a Space Marines player, I would, well, I don't know what I would do. It's atrocious. It's horrifying. It defies all logic and reasoning.
inb4 BUT ULTRAS ARE TEH BEST, IT SAYS IN THE CODEX. Yeah I know, but it is a ridiculous precedent. It would be like saying in the guard dex that only the Cadians are useful, and everybody else is drooling retards that can't be Cadians because they aren't smart enough.

>> No.23988072

I don't even think of it as propaganda, I think of it as Ward trolling neckbeards who care far too much about this shit and being hilariously effective.

>> No.23988075

So no scans then?

>> No.23988095


>> No.23988098

>this creep started with Ward,

No it didn't, he just continued where others left off. He just also messed with the fluff enough that he became the most popular target.

>> No.23988099


Cadians are so fucking boring. And so are gas-guzzling Kriegers. Literally every regiment besides those two are so much more compelling.

>> No.23988103

and inb4 CADIANS ARE BESTEST. Yes, they are useful, but are a bit generalized. A Valhallan would function better in a snowy environment than a Cadian, and an Armageddon Steel trooper would be better at mobile armored warfare etc

>> No.23988106

>Thinking cheaper everything isn't cheaper everything.
>Thinking Combat tactics matters when 5 marine squads can take heavy weapons.

>> No.23988109



Really quite a simple idea, how do you not get it?

>> No.23988120


Stubborn isn't a shitty rule like it was in 6th.

>> No.23988122

Hang on, are you saying
>I fail to see how anyone can take Ward seriously
and then getting mad about it? If you can't take it seriously just... don't take it seriously.

>> No.23988124

>20 points cheaper base
>each individual marine 2 points cheaper
>30 points cheaper for an entire squad
Yeah, no, DA tactical are better.

>> No.23988134

Nah, most of his shit codex was written by him alone.

>> No.23988142

I completely agree with you. Armageddon Steel did the whole gas mask thing before and they did it better. It's easy being a soldier when you were bred for it. The real heroes are the ones who left their homes to defend them and give the ultimate sacrifice

>> No.23988145

no shit, but unless you feel like a looot of casting have fun making a decent army

I think he was saying Tacs are crap to start with, which is true

>> No.23988157

I like da Orks.

>> No.23988167

Well I don't see the Space Wolves producing chapters, do you?

>> No.23988169

>implying that's not pretty funny
The only thing I'm not sure of is whether Ward's Ultramarine thing was just a studio in-joke that neckbeards blew out of proportion because they take everything too seriously, or whether it was a deliberate troll of neckbeards in general.

>> No.23988183

Yeah, but good luck finding the models (so many same poses, and missing weapons etc)

I always liked Tallarn actually

>> No.23988186

I think his point is that the SMcodex should then be propaganda about all SMs, not just Ultras.

>> No.23988189


>> No.23988192

>how do you not get it

His favorite chapter was on the wrong side of the Wardmachine and became spiritual liege flag wavers instead of the dark broody loners he envisaged them as. Trust me, I've seen this kind of ass damage before.

>> No.23988197


But when almost all SM chapters are descended from Ultramarines, it still fits.

>> No.23988198

As I read it, it's all codex propaganda, the Ultramarines talking about how cool they are, and rubbing the fact that most successors use their gene-seed in people's faces.

It's not particularly rage-worthy.

>> No.23988200

Yes it did, just compare Dark Angels and Space Marines, Dark Angels was released only a year earlier.

>> No.23988202


>Really quite a simple idea, how do you not get it?

Yeah yeah, all codexes are propaganda I know. My problem is that Codex: Space Marines reads like Codex: ULTRAS IS BEST EVER AND EVERYONE ELSE GO FUCK YOURSELVES

>> No.23988216

...also I like the fact that Kelly/Cruddace have followed up Ward's trolling ways with their Slaanesh-maybeDraigo thing. Codices are most entertaining when the writers troll the readers.

>> No.23988222

>Bad writing? What's that? All I see is jokingly trolling faggots who can't take it! That's why they always win!

>> No.23988230


Almost all chapters are Ultramarines descendants. Makes sense to big them up.

>> No.23988231

Vanilla marines have always been Codex: Ultramarines, since they were actually Codex: Ultramarines.

The only one without an overbearing ultramarine bias was the 3rd edition.
And fifth has more non-ultra SC than 4e

>> No.23988235

Not sure what your point is, but yes. There really is no need to be upset.

>> No.23988237

The Orks are fun.

>> No.23988249

...oh, and of course the writing is bad. That's why I don't treat codices very seriously. They're too badly written to take seriously.

>> No.23988268

Oh a Ward Flame War.
I thought the Wardinites and WardHaters had declared a Korea-style armistice.

Who fired the first shot?

>> No.23988269


Hell, even the 3e codex made multiple mentions of the overwhelming presence of Ultramarine geneseed and tactics within other chapters.

>> No.23988281


>> No.23988283


>> No.23988284

...but really, to the anon actually taking it seriously and getting mad over it: why can't you just ignore that page? Why does it matter to you at all?

>> No.23988286

Cruddace is not a bad rules writer either, he's just trolling all those neckbearded tyranid players who complain about a bad codex. In fact, Cruddace is the best game designer because he makes so many neckbeards angry.

>> No.23988299

Some guy up the thread appearing to believe that /tg/ still hated Ward. It may have been a ruse, of course.

>> No.23988302

This thread needs some positive energy.

Time for orkz

>> No.23988305

>Who fired the first shot?

A Cruddace fan in disguise no doubt. If the fanboys are fighting they can't unite in their hate against the Crudd.

>> No.23988312

I concur

>> No.23988323


>positive energy

But orks are one of the tragedies of modern 40k because they've been left in the dust so long.

>> No.23988332


>> No.23988336

Having bad rules necessarily affects the game itself. The fluff doesn't. That's why it's called 'fluff'. You can completely ignore it if you like.

>> No.23988358

I just started 40k a few months back and I don't feel left behind, then again I never played the old editions either.

>> No.23988367

One day I'll make a Warboss/bigmek based off of pic related.

>> No.23988377


>he didn't get to experience lootas being actual lootas
>he didn't get to field actual looted wagons


>> No.23988389

You're probably just a butthurt tyranid player. You got trolled by the master ruseman, friend. :)

>> No.23988392


>> No.23988416

stop, pls.

>> No.23988428


>> No.23988432

Ha, good point. I guess giving an army bad rules and writing stupid fluff ARE exactly as bad as each other after all!

>> No.23988440

>Flame war ended by orkz
>War ended by orkz.

based ork fanbase

>> No.23988451


>> No.23988462

Just gotta make the grotz quit mukkin about is all.

>> No.23988470


>> No.23988486

Now this isn't quite an ork, but it's pretty fucking funny.

>> No.23988509

>dat filename

>> No.23988519


Oi ya gitz! Dat dere tree is ruddy wierd! Chop it!

>> No.23988520


>> No.23988522

So that's where Bad Dragon comes from

>> No.23988534


>> No.23988539


>> No.23988556


>> No.23988572


>> No.23988590

Day brightened.

I love the muppets.

>> No.23988597


>> No.23988616


>> No.23988634


>> No.23988690

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

>> No.23988740


We can't have muppets without the Swedish chef.

>> No.23988863

Daily reminder that the DoW Nobz/Mad Dok/Looted Russ/Wartrukks/Wartrakks were voiced by the same guy who voices Big Macintosh.

>> No.23988941

There were a couple of other overlaps too.

makes me laugh every time.

>> No.23989019


It's because they're all Canadians.

>> No.23989080

>Tau cause war
>Orks end it

>> No.23989788


TFW> we help tau annihilate you fucking scum.

>> No.23993379

What species is that? I need to obtain one.... for science.

>> No.23993403

>Tau cause war
>not "Imperials cause war once again in Tau space"

What's next? Someone blaming americans when Australians shit up another thread about new releases?

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