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I just noticed that my /tg/ folder had exactly reached an even 1,500 images, so I figured why the hell not dump the whole thing?

Settings, artifacts, characters, interesting pics, whatever you've got.

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misfires on a roll of 12 or lower

>laughing gnome gunsmiths.jpg

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You intend to dump 1500 images? Maybe you should upload them somewhere.

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I've got a pass and an automatic script. It's not like I'm actually taking up anybody's time or space besides a thread slot and Moot's bandwidth.

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Oh god, I am so excited for this dump, I'm out at a tim horton's on my phone and I'm considering going home and getting on my comp so I can download this.

Why OP why did you not wait.

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Well, glad I could help.

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we have a website for this stuff

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Hang on, just realised that with /tg/'s image limit, 1500 images would take up like ten threads. I'll just dump this on /tg/booru. Feeling pretty stupid.

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Well, anyone else is free to dump what they want if they've got cool stuf.

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Holy shit is this real?

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>Amethyst Floating Island City
But that's Dalaran.
Everyone knows Dalaran.

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Yes and no. The spires? They're real. That's an actual real place.

The carving is photoshopped in, though.

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less steamjunk more antiquity

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The place is real, but the carving's shooped. Here's the real version.

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Pretty damn impressive

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Holy shit I remember that incident. So much butthurt

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That's the Trinity nuclear test. That's a bomb.

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you mean this?

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It's the thing that went off at that spot, yeah. It's a photo of the actual bomb.

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Whoops, meant to quote >>23981809

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go away /pol/

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Well 1800 pictures won't fit in one thread...

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I still don't see what THIS>>23981589 has to do with a nuke test. That's Photoshopped image of a place in China. And they didn't do an nuclear testing there.

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"That's what you think."- Alex Jones

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Yeah. I realized i'd have to take up 15 threads. So I've just set the script to post random images until the thread fills up and then I'm going to upload these somewhere, like Thraen did.


God damnit, I quoted the wrong guy several times in a row.

Meant to say that >>23981761
was the Trinity bomb.

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I haven't seen you in a few months, how've you been?

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If you make a nuke, make big one

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Oh, god, that image. How the fuck would you keep the dog flesh from necrotizing? Just imagining that, having a bunch of slowly rotting animal flesh sown to your face. Jesus Christ.

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Ahh, the Tsar Bomba. The very spirit of overkill. It was planned to be bigger, but they had to scale it down so that the plane that dropped it would be out of the blast radius.

I'm almost certain that's a shoop. At least, I really hope it's a shoop.

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guten tag frenchy

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How the FUCK do you EAT with that shit on? And good luck keeping your teeth in good condition. And I agree with >>23982026, what do you do when the shit starts rotting?

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That's clearly a cyborg, or just powered armor. You can see her bellybutton.

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Imagine them, telling the pilot in teh ready room:
"Good news comrade, we have made bomb smaller, so you can survive blast. Very good news da?"

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>Modification: Fembot Model 23442.1a
>Reason for modification: Added belly button for aesthetic purposes
>Testing:..... successful

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Those are actually warts spread by ticks and insect bites.

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what the hell?

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My wrists hurt just looking at that.

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>Girl With Wires And Tubes

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>upload these somewhere like Thraen did

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Verily good arquebusier; upon yon hillock there stands a brigand; a villain of vile demeanor intent to the coiling of our our house.
A need, nay, a demand, to deal with this trespasser is desired from on high and I would know whast thou intend to this knave?

Well, speak goodly marksman; hast thou tongue been caught up in trouble, b'wiched by some testy brew? Make your vindicative want, sir, upon our way and call to the master traitor that there be another daemon to sup with that most lowest of the low places. Cry, up to thy forefathers, another worthy absolute beckons to the heavens and casts his want upon the waves of fronted legacy.

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I'm giving all this scenery to my DM who "can't think of cool environment".
I hope he'll use some of it.

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Aand we've hit the image limit. Time to go manually upload and sort over a thousand images somewhere.

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make sure to post the link here.

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A new thread would be preferable pls
I will dump with you to make it go faster, if that halps
I don't want to wait 5 hours for a thousand images to download, then spend 3 hours sorting through them, and only keeping a couple hundred or so.

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Is there any way to sign on to Minus without having to do it from my phone? When I click "create account" it just takes me to the "download our mobile app" page.

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I'll be uploading them over time. Right now I've got some of the weapons uploading; I'll be adding more as I have time.

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And now I've got most of the landscapes and setting stuff uploaded. At least those from my sorted folder; there's a lot more I haven't sorted yet.

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I've got another gallery loaded from my sorted folder. More than two-thirds of my stuff is unsorted, though.

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i just found this and i really hope it's still up by the time i get home today. these pictures is dope, yo.

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That's the General Electric Boiling Water Reactor Mark 1 containment vessel of Unit 1 at Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Station, Alabama. Picture is from Wikipedia.

Fun fact: same reactor containment vessel design as Fukushima Daiichi units 1-5.

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