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Meant to say 30ft, fuck.

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>Monstrous creature.

That's nice. Have fun being killed on turn one by my Splinter Cannons.

>Now just St8
>"Superior" Tau technology

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Tau are as shit now as their very own video game.

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>230 ft tall
> giant fucking shield
> giant fucking gun

Tau must be compensating for something.

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As a Dark Eldar player myself I have to tell you don't put all your faith into those, sure it's a 4+ wound but you've still got armour to contend with.

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>Monstrous creature instead of walker.
Monsterous Creatures are the biggest example of power creep.

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It is certainly a very cool model. But we don't know the stats yet.

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Chuckled, +1.

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>Monstrous Creature

Can be one-shotted by any fool with a force weapon. I suppose it's a good thing there isn't an entire codex full of fools with force weapons.

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>power creep

Considering IG, Grey Knights and Necrons are still the most powerful books around, and Baledrake-spam CSM is the only really overpowered list to emerge from the 6th edition Hardback codexes, I'm going to go ahead and say you don't know what you're talking about.

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I would love to see this fight.

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Who says you're going to get that close with that much ranged fire-power? The whole point of the Tau is to kill them before they get there, and with S5 basic weaponry they do this rather effectively.

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My money is riding on te Dreadknight and his shiny force weapons, but I have no idea what kind of weapons the Tau MC uses.

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The teleporter makes me feel safe enough to get there.

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I would fucking PAY to see that fight. Well, I'd pay if I had to, but I'd more likely, I'd be selling ringside seats and popcorn and making a tidy throne or two.

You are now imagining monstrous creature/giant robot boxing matches in the 41st millennium.

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Yeah, it's a good thing there isn't a codex full of fools with force weapons AND the ability to teleport all over the goddamn place. That would be ludicrous and make the game completely not fun for anybody not playing such a ridiculously overpowered army.

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Whose teleporter?

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Dreadknights can buy teleporters.

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Please tell me you don't actually still have issues with Grey Knights in the post-6e world?

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Well I'll be damned, I haven't read the GK codex so I don't know.


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And, fuck me, what if most of those assholes were RELENTLESS too? Can you imagine that cheesey shit?

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I think he's more doing a mocking comment about the infaillible tau gunline.

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Not that it mattered, no body, at least nobody in the six or seven FLGS within 35 miles of my house used them.

The model was deter ant enough.

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The Riptide is now a flying monstrous creature.

How fucked are you?

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Absolutely fucked, unless I have a copy of Imperial Armour Aeronautica or a recent FAQ giving Mortis Dreadnoughts the Skyfire USR.

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You mean I can get a free Lascannon hit each time I fire at it with flashlights? Fine with me.

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..you don't swoop in front of a firing line. You can use it to dash from cover to cover etc, and can move pretty fast while firing even without swoop

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Effective retreat manoeuvre too, damn the Riptide would be God like with that.

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FAQ'd brosef, can only Ground a FMC once a turn. Kinda scary that this needed a faq in the first place

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Compare a walker to a monstrous creature.

Shit's been a problem since third edition.

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Then it's official, the end times have come.

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Oh I'm not saying the Riptide will be good, just FMC's are really versatile now they can Skyfire

Dunno if this guy is strong enough to vector strike well

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Compare an Ironclad, the strongest nought, to a monstrous creature.
>Gets hit by a Melta
Monstrous creature loses a wound.
The Dread has a 25% chance of instantly dying without the double pen.

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It's not a problem at all. They serve different roles; Walkers are support units and usually relatively cheap, often specialising towards ranged combat, while Monstrous Creatures are large melee bruisers designed to soak up and dish out lots of damage, but represent a significant points investment.

The only problem is people thinking that a 120 point Dreadnought or Sentinel Squadron should be as good as a 250 point Greater Daemon or Hive Tyrant.

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No, most walkers are just complete crap tbh

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You sure? 'Cause I'm not seeing it.

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And on the flipside, assuming you're not stupid enough to let the opponent shoot it in the back, that Ironclad is completely immune to anything with St6 or less, almost completely immune to st7, and still reasonably tough vs st8. Monstrous creatures can, and do, lose wounds or get killed by weight of fire.

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On the other hand, the Ironclad might survive long enough to actually be placed on the table, against DE.

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>Page 49 – Flying Monstrous Creatures, Grounded Tests.
Change the second sentence of the third paragraph to read “A
Grounded Flying Monstrous Creature is treated as if it is in
Glide mode with immediate effect, and can therefore be
targeted normally and charged in the following Assault phase.
Furthermore, the model automatically loses the Jink special
rule (if it had it), but can otherwise revert to Swoop mode
again in its next turn.”


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and invuln save

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I understood it as in "it could only have make one Crash test per turn".

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that suit had jump jets
sure you can teleport
i can jump further

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For the price of a dread, I could get a TF cannon.
The Dread guns are shit and way overcosted. Dreads should have ranged options, but be good in melee too, but even Ironclads, close combat dreads, do jack shit..

But two lascannon shots will ruin the dread, while the only thing I can really think of killing a MC would be Grey Knights or a ML2 Librarian with Quickening/Biomancy running up to you and gibbing you.

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>The only problem is people thinking that a 120 point Dreadnought or Sentinel Squadron should be as good as a 250 point Greater Daemon or Hive Tyrant.
Except the fact that they usually were as powerful as "monsters" back in 2nd edition, and their ranged focus does little when most heavy weapons can kill them in a single shot.

Make the more expensive, I don't care. But I want to use walkers for something other than a paperweight. True durability and actual ranged potency, not just the veneer of an armor value and the same heavy weapons most infantry get.

Give me back the variable Melta Cannon that was both a heavy flamer and a blast marker that did 2D12 wounds each hit.

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>blast marker that did 2D12 wounds each hit.
Let's not. 2E was a silly place anyway

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homo robot lover


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Well, not exactly that, but it'd be nice to have a reason to take a dreadnought over.. say.. another tactical squad.. or fuck, a minimum squad of sternguard with combi-meltas.

I guess a dreadnought is better at tying up units indefinitely if they don't have power fists? But they don't actually DO much.

Trygons, Dreadknights, even the battered Carnifexes are usually more capable while only being marginally more taxing on a list to fit in.

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whenever someone brings a walker all I ever see is a free kill point.

Would be helpful if they didn't all have 2 hp but whatcha gonna do?

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Isn't that just the babby ones like Sentinels?
I swear dreads have 3

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Well, a Dreadnought is basically a T8 W3 MC with no save that get to roll on a shitty table each time it gets wounded.

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Oh how cute, one the lesser races made a toy.

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>necron lordess.jpg
Some people just need a bullet.

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Bit rich coming from the guys who think 'a big bug' is a good vehicle

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Why tits.

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Would be helpful if an infantry squad with a lascannon couldn't kill them in a single turn or a model with a power fist couldn't rip it open with ease. I would never take a dreadnought, they are simply too easy to kill and do too little damage. HP has little to do with them being weak when any squad with a 15 point upgrade can rip it in half in assault or shoot it and make it explodes in a single shooting phase. Walkers as a whole are obsolete, they are simply outclassed too much by MCs, and walkers should probably get a massive boost, or all be converted into MCs with the exception of scout vehicles like sentinels.

Prediction: Dreadnoughts will become MCs in the next SM codex judging by all of the walker type models that are MCs (dreadknight, riptide, that CSM thing).

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>necron lordess

someone needs a psionic shock

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that's not a necron

now that's a necron

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Because some schmuck decided that in his headcanon, necrons are mammals.

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>Feminine form of Lord is Lady, not Lordess
Lordess makes me think of lardass.

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They weren't?

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I wish I could hate that person to death.

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/tg/ - Grammar fascists

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Nothing say they were or weren't, and the models don't help much beyond "they were humanoid and they knew about to grow a spine".

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>a model with a power fist couldn't rip it open with ease.
>Average 2 attacks
>4+ to hit
>4+ to damage
>Needs three damaging results to kill

You need an average of 12 Powerfist attacks to be reasonably sure of killing a Dreadnought in one go. Funnily enough, 12 Powerfist attacks will kill most things bar large infantry squads in one turn.

As for Lascannons, assuming it's a BS4 shooter and you can claim a cover save, you're looking at about 10-12 shots again to guarantee a kill. Your claims don't match the numbers.

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Same with Tau, look at all those blueberries people love.

>> No.23978088

Well, everyone makes mistakes and typos, and you can always shit up your grammar.

But really, that one is pretty big. That's like calling women "manesses".

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Yeah I really don't think /tg/ is in a position to criticize adding tits to aliens / farm animals / robots

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Necrontyr/Necrons were confirmed to have both Lords and Ladies in their courts.

Necrons Tits are canon.

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Well, at least we know tau reproduce in a similar manner to humans and we have at least one canon example of Tau female.

No that she isn't an ugly bitch.

Where? Also female != tits. Look at Kroots.

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Delicious flatcron.

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>implying manlettes deserve a whole word dedicated to them

>> No.23978154

>implying I won't do those average 4 wounds per Venom anyway
>implying Venoms give a shit about invuls
It's like a big, fat squad of Terminators. It will die to a bucket of splinter fire just like everything else.

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>4+ to damage.
Dreads are Rear armour 10.
A marine with a power fist is S8
He's glancing on 2's.
He'll get 3 attacks on a charge, so him and the squad he's with attaching krak grenades to it are going to be doing some serious damage.

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Average life expectancy of an Av10 2hp vehicles against Tau?

I think walkers use front armor unless immobilised?

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>Lizards have tits because they have females
>Fishes have tits because they have females

No. Besides, even if they had tits, they would probably be pretty small due to malnutrition and cancer.


Similar case, the Tau have females but we don't know if they are mammals.

It would be funny if they confirmed that Tau have tits, but located in their bellies cow-like.

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So you don't even know the BRB walker rules and still bother to whine?

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>hitting walkers on rear armor in CC

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The Xenology.

The Necrontyr looked very humanoid. Look at the Nightbringer and the Deceiver they were based on Necrontyr Gods and look like fit human males.

It's an easy assumption that the Necron Females would look like human females.


Actually, two examples.

Shadowsun and the Xenology Ethereal.

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>No. Besides, even if they had tits, they would probably be pretty small due to malnutrition and cancer.

We are talking about the Necrons here. They would fashion Necrodermis bodies that contrast the weakness and frailty of their former flesh vessels.

A Necron Lady would have an impressive bust.

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It's an easy assumption, but one I won't make. Humans don't have 30cm of spine growing out of their neck. Nor are they 2,50m to 3m high on average.

So I don't see why the rest would be similar.

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I've been getting cheated.
That fuck assho-
I'm sorry, I admit my fault.

>> No.23978232

That was a pretty big dodgy by your opponent I'd say
Possible worthy of a dreadsocking

>> No.23978247

They could feed their young via a usb port from the crotch for all we know,
Hardly eliminates the possibility of boring old boobs though

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I wish I had a bullet for every neckbeard who has to put his fetishes into the game.

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If the dread was immobilised, you weren't. If.

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>small, covered breasts that aren't the focus of the image
wow what a deviant, truly disgusting deviation

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Yeah, doesn't eliminate or confirm it.

I simply prefer to think they were not mammals because it avoids me the mental image of a boobed skeleton. Or the faggotry of pic related.

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Artists impression of female Necron pre bio-transferance

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The Necron Gods give us the closest look at what the Necrontyr thought was awe inspiring or perfection.

Indeed, the Deceiver was the most attractive of the C'tan drawing the most followers. He looked like a humanoid male triumphing in his masculinity!

If the Necrontyr had goddesses why wouldn't they embody femininity in opposite to the Deceiver's and the Nightbringer's masculinity? Instead of steely abs, THEY WILL HAVE GLORIOUS METAL BOOBS!

>> No.23978352

My sides...

>> No.23978359

The Necron equivalent of boobs are those head tentacles the Deceiver has.

>> No.23978368

It seems fucking stupid to have only one necron with tits.

>> No.23978373

Wait, is the Deceiver model / art the form he took to impress the Necrontyr?

Wouldn't he have changed form by now?

>> No.23978398

Are you requesting more Necron breasts?

>> No.23978404

No, I'm pointing out that half of the necrons are female, and they haven't seen fit to wield lumps of steel to their chest.

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He was a guy, though! it can't be the case.

The Necrons had a concept of masculinity. They surely had a concept for femininity and what better way to represent it than boobs?

Give us our Tomb Queens already!

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To be fair, the other half did get any titanium dick either.

Also, GW and female models.

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>> No.23978447

99.9% of Necrons are not of high enough rank to earn any ornamentation at all

The body you get transferred into is what you're stuck with (except Destroyers perhaps?)

>> No.23978448

Because he was shattered into a thousand Shards?

In the older fluff he could shapeshift into other beings, but he seemed to prefer that form.

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>all covered up
>not showing us her hardware
>2/10, would not clang

>> No.23978473

aw fuck I forgot that retcon. Don't the shards sometimes take that form? That's how those models seem to be sold

>> No.23978494

That doesn't look necron at all.

>> No.23978499

Shards have little memory of the ''omnipotent being'' they were once a part of. Perhaps one of these memories are this form.

>> No.23978512

Crons always came off to me as metal skellingtons in spess so why would a skellington need breasts?

>> No.23978513


The finecast C'tan models are labelled "C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer" and "C'tan Shard of the Deceiver" on stores.

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>Necron tits

Like this?

>> No.23978528


They were made to look like skeletons. Skeletons usually don't have boobs in my limited experience. The only proper representation of femininity would be to make them shorter and give them wider hips (they already don't have protruding brows and their skulls are so stylized that they don't matter.)

However, the C'tan didn't give two shits about making them look right and most of the civilians were dragged to the conversion chambers against their will (new fluff not dark? nigga read about Warrriors, the sound they make when they die, and the Ghost Ark entry). They were made to be cannon fodder (by Necron standards) and the immortality they were granted was a necessity because they wouldn't be able to reproduce after being cyborgized.

>> No.23978533

I thought it was a really cool opportunity for super bizarre or abstract Shards. Oh well

To attract male skeletons for the purpose of reproduction. Did you skip biology class son?

>> No.23978547

Why do they have to make necrontits pretty?
Why can't it be a gross-ass flayed one wearing a badly-fitting face with rotting bits everywhere?

>> No.23978565

>inb4 flying blender thip thip thip crons

>> No.23978574

I wish there was more mystery / looser timelines in the new fluff

So many possibilities with the Ctan. What if they bio transferred another race, moulded others into new forms etc

>> No.23978575

That's like the WORST eldar disguise I've ever seen.

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>Succcessful Tau thread derailed
>Necrons confirmed for master race
Take that weeaboos!

>> No.23978596

Necron Overlords are really fond of accessories and showing off.

If a Necron Lady or Overlady wanted tits, then by the Triach she will have Tits.

>> No.23978620

From the artist:

"Yes, I know the correct term is "Lady." Calling her a "Necron Lady" was confusing, as people would assume it was just a Necron female. The idea behind this is that in the latest 40k edition, Necron Lords now have the liberty to redesign their own bodies based on their lingering memories or personal preferences."

So he's assuming that people are idiots.

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File: 250 KB, 900x1165, necron_overlord_by_nicholaskay-d5enu6s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yay! Necron thread!

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Credible rumors state the Riptide's heavy burst cannon is 12 S6 AP4 Rending shots when the Nova reactor is turned on. Potentially with Skyfire. Plus two plasma rifles.

I need to change my pants.

Also it can jump 4D6" with Nova activation, so good luck to the GK giant baby carrier trying to catch it, which can't assault after teleporting.

(To be fair the Nova is kinda dangerous to use and can wound the Riptide, but still, fucking 3 assault cannons and 2 plasma guns and missiles, BS5 with markerlights, or allied Farseer casting Prescience on it ... holy shit mang.)

>> No.23978641

It's a pretty fair assumption.

>> No.23978653

If it was posted on Deviant Art then yes

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> still caring about the ctan
> 2013

let it go, anon.

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File: 54 KB, 698x778, FlayedOnePony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whatever, brony.

>> No.23978667

Well, he's right. But if I had to choose between ticking off idiots and ticking off autists, I would choose the idiots.

>when the Nova reactor is turned on
Welp, there's the catch.

>> No.23978689

Phaeron ----> Phaeroness
Overlord -----> Highlady
Lord -----------> Lady

not that hard people

>> No.23978694

>that pic
>I hate the generic shit which is "generic" because it invalidates my totally original fanfic
Every time.

>> No.23978704


Still 8 S6 AP4 shots plus 2 plasma rifles plus missiles when it isn't, though. Not fucking godlike but it bends over infantry, light vehicles, and (if it has that velocity tracker) light flyers. I'd start going for the Nova if it was Turn 4 or later and it had taken like 0-1 wounds, though.

>> No.23978716

What? No I like the Newcrons more, otherwise it should be Codex Ctan. Just wonder what other stuff they got up to

>> No.23978722

Phaeron should stay Phaeron. It's obviously based on Pharaoh and that title is always male IIRC.

>> No.23978740


Cleopatra says "nope.jpg".

>> No.23978742

>slowly and surely becoming a flayed one

>> No.23978747

I'd cut him some slack. I've told my opponent to hit my dread on rear armour before, until one of them corrected me on it.

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/tg/ created Lolicron back in the day.

"N-n-not in my exhaust port!"

>> No.23978749

I think I'm gonna make a pimp lord with a royal court full of Necron bitches.

Dynasty colors will be purple and gold and my overlord will have a purple hat with a feather in it.

>> No.23978765

Since CC happens at turn 2-3, I would pump out the Nova reactor ASAP. Unless there's no chance of CC anyway.

And she was still called Pharaoh, I think. The title was always male, not the person holding it. Just like "President" or "Officer".

>> No.23978766


>> No.23978777


So Trazyn with a hat and cane then.

>> No.23978784
File: 484 KB, 1200x1086, my_hips_are_moving_on_their_own.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23978787

So Trazyn then.

>> No.23978789

Problem is Tau already do that. It's kind of just crisis suits turned up to 11, and it competes for the same slot

Can't a MC only fire 2 weapons?

>> No.23978800

>Calling her a "Necron Lady" was confusing, as people would assume it was just a Necron female.
There's no such thing as a Necron female you fucking idiot, because the race was called Necrontyr.

>> No.23978804

Arankyr is even better

>> No.23978810

I'm pretty sure "Phaeron" is a gender neutral term. There were female Pharaohs.

Making a Necron queen along the likes of Hatshepsut would be kinda cool, I think.

>> No.23978815

No female sex, maybe still female gender.

>> No.23978816

no, he gets a trench-coat and a glowing stick

>> No.23978826

Necron RPG ok?
It has the same objective as Maid RPG.

>> No.23978868

>otherwise it should be Codex Ctan

With that logic Codex: Chaos Daemons should be Codex: Chaos Gods.

>> No.23978871

Kind of done with Tomb Kings I think. Already too close to TKs in space

I do not believe that is biologically or mechanically possible

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>Please the Overlord!
>Loli cryptek who is obsessed with groping the others
>Tsundere Destroyer with an eyepatch
>Clumsy Flayed One who means well despite constantly screwing up

>> No.23978879


But ... that makes the title gender-neutral (neuter), not masculine. "President" and "Officer" are not masculine because they're English words with no counterparts (i.e. they're not like Emperor/Empress).

And fuck if I know if Egyptian even had gendered pronouns at all, but I doubt anyone here speaks or reads it.

>> No.23978892

Well, considering that the Daemons are all made up of the Gods' essence...

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Well, at least this was Tau related.

>> No.23978909

No, I mean the codex would be only about the C'tan. At 2000 points you would have one model on the field

>> No.23978911

>Please the overlord
>Cryptek is loli for necron standards, his groppings are lethal for non necrons.
>A normal flayed one

>> No.23978913

Yeah, "gender-neutral" was the word I was searching.

>> No.23978917

Go back to eating your ramen noddles (which is traditionally from China).

>> No.23978927
File: 70 KB, 997x760, im-a-pretty-girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or a very, very confused Flayed One.

>> No.23978945


As a Tau I actually eat a tasteless but nutrient-rich mush which is the most efficient food that can be produced whilst meeting the dietary needs of the population.

>> No.23978956
File: 301 KB, 894x925, lolicrontaucron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23978974
File: 551 KB, 900x1100, Heresy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.23978977

>A normal flayed one

Seriously, those fuckers are contagious, you know?

Though I do have one half-crazed barely "cured" lord in my army. (by cured, read contained).

>> No.23978992
File: 93 KB, 828x786, cultistchanlolicrondnd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As fun as this?!

>> No.23979013

A better example would be that medieval Poland had no position of queen regnant, so all woman rulers were just female kings. And seeing that slavic mythology and history is a secondary inspiration for the Newcrons, that might fit.

>> No.23979050
File: 52 KB, 485x366, BENEDICTVS XVI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Too much fun.

Not enough shota.

>> No.23979052

And, by the way, the Necrons are this way since aeons now.

It's entirely possible that they forgot what gender they were before. Which might lead to interesting situation after the Apotheosis.

>> No.23979057

That Rush shirt is seriously confusing me.

>> No.23979090
File: 714 KB, 1500x1400, pillowfightnecronstyle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And how the night ends.

>> No.23979093

>Which might lead to interesting situation after the Apotheosis.

They have control over which bodies they will be put back into.

My overlord want to be a little girl.... Oh god I've been on /tg/ too long

>> No.23979100

Stop posting technomancer, dude. It's a giant bonerkiller.

>> No.23979125

no diapers yet... I dont see the problem.

>> No.23979165
File: 252 KB, 800x552, taugirl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's also allowed.... It was merely the funny pictures. I could post plenty of other things, but mods enforce blueboards NSFW rule. Even stuff that I've posted plenty of times often gets deleted by janitors, even if mods are cool with it.

>> No.23979179
File: 447 KB, 600x750, necron pirates done.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking Space Chinks

I'll go make an army then for less than $200, enjoy your Battlesuits that my basic troops will easily destroy!

>> No.23979217

>necron pirates
Already on it.

>> No.23979236

He wasn't saying it's bannable, it's just shit

>> No.23979261 [DELETED] 
File: 422 KB, 796x1712, tg40k21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I meant, you said it's a bonerkiller, and while I could post better stuff, that would get banned. That's what I meant.

>> No.23979272

so vitamin enriched ramen?

>> No.23979312

I found a rogue trader plot hook.

>> No.23979325
File: 65 KB, 557x833, eldarbutt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. I know. He said it was a bonerkiller. I don't disagree. I was saying the better stuff is often not allowed.

>> No.23979442
File: 642 KB, 1280x960, Picture 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you may care for this miserable picture of mine

>> No.23979463


Noodles are inefficient to transport due to low mass:volume ratio. Thick mush is superior. L2not be wasteful, silly gue'la.

>> No.23979500
File: 230 KB, 1800x2384, Nécron chapeau face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice! Here have mine.

>> No.23979570

Well then the Necrons will eat all the noddles then because we don't need your giant ships! We have monoliths! And those giant tomb ships.

>> No.23979583


>> No.23979625

The don't even need sustenance, they're just assholes

>> No.23979763

Royal court of death

This fucking unit is literally impossible to kill, can deepstrike anywhere they want on any turn they want, force 9 mind shackle tests, 2d6 S8 ap 5 instant hits at the start of combat, 29 S7 AP1 armor bane attacks, 3 S8 ap1 template weapons, everything has T5 2+/3++ always gets up on a 4+.... just a ball of fuck rolling toward you.

>> No.23979853

4 Overlords, 5 Lords and 5 crypteks. That's one hell of a deathstar.

When Draigowing is too deathstarry to win anything other than KP-based stuff, I'm not too optimistic about your unit.

>> No.23979876

Flayers eat and can chew their food.

That one senile Nemsor drinks and eats when he feels himself hungry.

>> No.23979892

>I'm not too optimistic about your unit.

Well duh if your playing objective its shit thats like 1080 points for a single non-scoring unit of dudemans.

>> No.23979919

Actually he put food on his plate but never touches because he never feels hungary enough to eat.

Zandrekh like to dine with his POWs and they seem to enjoy the meals, so who knows?

>> No.23979925

Well yeah, but the entire idea of this thing, both fluffwise and it seems rulewise as well, is to draw fire. It's the single most survivable Tau model, and killy enough that your opponent can't just leave it to its own devices.

>> No.23979940

>Flayers eat and can chew their food.

No they can chew their food, but that's about it.
I just falls through their bodies and pools on the ground below them.

>> No.23979980

What must I buy to build this shit?

>> No.23980033

Enough Lychguard/Deathmarks/Whatever to convert >>23979853

>> No.23980036

Lychguard box and some bits?

Deathstars kinda suck though it is fun once

>> No.23980055

That's pretty cute Tau, but we'll eat you anyways.

>> No.23980079

I am surprised and proud. As soon as Necrons came out, I made the Royal Court Disco Inferno tactic because I am perpetually broke and wanted to build a pimped out unit that took the most points.

I added it on 1d4chan and defended it anytime it popped up. Now people are taking to it. I am happy. I can attest to the effectiveness of this unit, nothing in CC can touch you asnd you're half-decent at ranged. This don't matter because you never die anyway...

>> No.23980096

Yeah, that S5 is really gonna help against all those 2+ saves.

>> No.23980113

also, for >>23979980 I bought a box of Lychguard and got some necron warrior bodies off a friend. I count the lychguard as Lords and used the bits from the kit with a bunch of shit and milliput to create 5 harbingers, one of each discipline and shows every piece of unique wargear either physically or when I'll paint them.

I prefer fielding one of each harbingers in the royal court aside from the Despairtek (whose attached to the deathmarks). Gives less ranged attacks but more variety and I like that.

>> No.23980130

>Taking Terminators
>I am implying that terminators are not a good unit

>> No.23980151


IIRC, one of the Robotech RPG's had exactly this as a plothook for one of the adventure books. It was the horrible offspring of all those "professional" wresting shows, and asian mixed martial arts, with giant robots/giant humanoid aliens thrown in as well.

>> No.23980164

Do you even weight of fire? S5 is perfect

>> No.23980198

Strength 5 at BS 3 is going to net the same results as Str 4 at BS 4, shot for shot.

>> No.23980315

So it's Real Steel?

>> No.23980335
File: 96 KB, 394x294, orks_fear_and_loathing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Do you even weight of fire?

>> No.23980342

Riptide's BS5, isn't it?

>> No.23980359

A Tau runs through a crowded cargo bay, towards the commander of the ship currently being loaded.
Random Tau:"Commander Not'Incompetent"
He is clearly out of breath, but at least the adorned Tau stopped in his way.
Random Tau:"Sir, I'm sorry but we cannot take these Tau Noodles withe us. They waste to much space for theyr nutrution"
Commander Not'Incompetent:"Fine we will leave them here. It is not like anyone will take my ten year supply of Tau Noodles."
The Commander seems a little disappointed but carries on. As he reaches his chambers, he quickly locks the door and screams into a pillow only to and up sulking about him never getting what he wants. EVER.

Meanwhile in Space.
A Necron Lord, wearing a black pirate hat and cloak, taps a golden cane on the metallic floor of his ancient ship.
He seems to be observing the situation through a giant telescope, which seems like a mockery to the otherwordly technology in his possession.
(Let's call him Dave for that is what he calls himself)
Dave:"Willsburrow. would you look at this. Truely a remarkable turn of events."
A normal Necron, dressed like a butler with Tophat and moncle steps fore and inspects the scene to the telescope. He wonders why he may never die.
Willsburrow:"Astonishing, master. You have found this opponent in a state of weakness. Shall i prepare N'mekor to strike him down at once."
Dave:"No. I want you to teleport me down there once his ship has left, so I can steal his Tau Noodles. And who is this N'mekor."
Willsburrow:"I will take care of these matters as soon as I can. N'mekor is to you known as Shades, yet the last time I called him this way was not very pleasent. He destroyed my body and ordered a troop of warriors to destroy it again after reperations were made. This went on for two years. Did you not notice my absence."
Dave is staring through the telescope again.
Dave:"What are you still doing here, prepare my teleporter"

>> No.23980362

Some time later.
Commander Not'Incompetent sits in his chair on the bridge.
Random Tau:"Sir, we are recieving a transmission from an unknown source"
Commander Not'Incompetent:"Play it. I can use a distraction, from my private problems"
If we were to look closely at the face of our friend, we would see him holding back tears.
On the screen appears the upper body of Dave, behind him boxes upon boxes of Tau Noodles. He is also eating some cooked ones, with a fork.
There is nothing else to see. There is no other sound than that of a Necron eating Tau Noodles.
As Dave finishes his Tau Noodles he stands up, graps a new box and starts prepairing them.
Three month later the amount of boxes has drastically shrunk in size. The hole time the transmission kept going. With no change to the rhythm.
Not'Incompetent knows that this torment will only end when all the boxes are gone. And he fears the day it will happen, for clearly, his new enemy knows no boundries.

>> No.23980421

Is He Assholehotep pirate cousin?

>> No.23980433

Eh, don't know. I didn't realize it was a discussion about the Riptide, my mistake.

Even with Str 5 though, you will need a (rough) average of 9 hits against a unit of terminators to reliably score one casualty (after to wound rolls and saves). Meaning at BS 5, you'll still need an average of at least 10 to 11 shots to score 1 wound with a (non AP 1/2) weapon at Str 5.

Unless the Riptide is blasting out something like 30 shots at BS 5 with Str 5, weight of fire isnt' going to be something it can do reliably on it's own against terminators.

>> No.23980480

The Idea of Dave was created before the Newcron codex, which only played into my hand. It was then decieded that he should be Trazyns older brother.
I was writing a Drama with the named Necron characthers but never got futher than the first five scenes. Due to a lack of motivation.

>> No.23980487

The riptide has an ion cannon that fires a large blast
rumors are
S8 Ap2 normal
S9 Ap1 charged

that would do a real number on Terminators

but more on topic FW have better overwatch and a possibility to be buffed by a HQ for even more shots

>> No.23980503


>> No.23980517

It also has a secondary weapon. Either a double/twinlinked (with BS5, I'm not sure whether it's twin-linked on riptide) fusion blaster or plasma gun.

>> No.23980522

Really? Huh. Thought it was BS5. Oh well.

>> No.23980524

It needs two glances to kill, but can kill in a single penetrating hit. Honestly you can kill one with an SM carrying a power maul.

>> No.23980529

>rumors are
>S8 Ap2 normal
>S9 Ap1 charged

Something tells me those are more wishful thinking stats...

>> No.23980557

oh, he is THAT Dave. I thought it was a random name

>> No.23980559

BS5 is reserved to races that can see shit.

>> No.23980571


>> No.23980579

Chaos Daemons are autonomous beings, they don't just march forward shooting like automatons, and can actually think for themselves. Skulltaker likes keeping the skulls of really tough enemies that Khorne lets him keep, hell Khorne was even attacked by his own greater daemon. An Oldcron wouldn't even realize the concept of ownership since it has about the same level of autonomy as a modern PC.

>> No.23980589

Keep in mind that's when you use the Nova Reactor (chance to take a wound) and the Ion overcharge (also risky)

Compared to a Executioner or Demolisher that's pretty tame

>> No.23980606

Apparently, activating the Nova reactor jumps the Fukushima suit's various abilities to "NO, DAD, NO" levels.

And even then, it's a fucking Ion Cannon, I hope it has been upgraded from the current travesty.

>> No.23980618

Tau have BS5 models now, get with the program.

Point taken.

>> No.23980633

>BS5 is reserved to super action-wank heroes

>> No.23980638

If I ever build a custom rifle the safety will have two settings
>"NO, DAD, NO" for safe
>"IT'S GOOFY TIME" for fire

>> No.23980647

The Shas'O is BS5 since forever. But yeah, BS5 is for characters.

>> No.23980657

Oldcron Lords had personalities and agendas, and remember that the C'tan were enemies of each other. A Necron lord of the Nightbringer will oppose the Deceiver.

>> No.23980668
File: 111 KB, 603x405, BowelDisruptor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.23980684
File: 33 KB, 300x320, 300px-Reaver1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ha, The young xenos have decided to grow a backbone by trying to step up to the large scale plate.
Let them try, and let them fail.

>> No.23980691

What do you mean "THAT Dave".
Probably nothing

>> No.23980703
File: 85 KB, 800x600, DSCF1526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are so small, iz funny to me

>> No.23980730

They will answer with a new suit.

The XLR-109 "Freedom". It rides into battle on a chariot pulled by two Mantas.

>> No.23980734

I remember reading somewhere about a single small Tau fighter taking down a Titan with a single rail shot.

I think it was one of those IA books.

>> No.23980743

>Manta versus a Reaver

That would be a fun fight to watch. From a safe distance.

I'm guessing Manta wins because ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT GG. Were they made to engage at ranges that are within the Reaver's functional envelope, though...

>> No.23980751

>Imperials taking the bait thinking the riptide's main function is offense.

>> No.23980758
File: 945 KB, 1250x1798, 1281443474566.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still funny the Xenos have to bring in a spaceship to do the job. We humans can just shoot from orbit!

>> No.23980763

A lot of people one-shotted Titans. Not as much as avatars, but still.

No avatar got killed by being headbutted with a bike.

>> No.23980790

Then Titans are not a big deal.

>> No.23980828

It took multiple railshots and they only managed to kill a Warhound.

Orks killed a Warlord with one insane ork on a bike.

>> No.23980836

But Gue'la
Aren't you worried about collateral damage?

Or the fluff is just inconsistent. Sometimes they're godlike and can destroy armies, other books they're equivalent to a squadron of ordinary tanks

>> No.23980842

They never were. A Titanic Legion is just the Imperium's way of dickslapping people into submission.

Their one and only purpose is to bolter friendlies' morale and remind WHO has the biggest dick to the filthy xenos. If you want efficiency, the regular super-heavies are more than enough.

>> No.23980879

I really need to reread the book.

Didn't the entire pack of Warhounds Titans flee the conflict with their tails between their legs after the fighter killed just one of them?

>> No.23980908

Warhounds don't have any AA weapons so that would probably be wise.

>> No.23980916

9 str 10 ap1 twinlinked guns pointed at your face sir
oh and 48 str 5 shots rolling in too
good day sir.

>> No.23980926
File: 1.19 MB, 1600x788, 1269572156347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't say I can considering I'm hauling weapons that make black holes.

They vary. Generally they roll in, blow up everything, the gg, next map, but once in a while plot demands that a few die.

It wasn't a fighter, but the warmaster did decide that they'd taken enough territory for the day after one of the warhounds got capped.

>> No.23980941

>9 str 10 ap1 twinlinked guns
Do I have some bad news for you..

>> No.23980949

But retreating is against Imperial policy!

The commissars should have executed the pilots.

>> No.23980958

spaceships you say?
you know those broadsides you have?
yeah we have ion cannons.

>> No.23980966
File: 1018 KB, 1752x4101, Tau_Tigershark_by_Atropos907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still funny the Xenos have to bring in a spaceship to do the job
Actually, they did the job with a bomber platform not even the fraction of the cost in material and time the last time.

>> No.23980987

The Legions have an outstanding Win/Loss ratio because they are only deployed when there's no possible way to lose or when the situation is really, really dire.

The AdMech doesn't like its toy broken.

>> No.23981019

Titans are pretty sacred to the Admech, and the crew are high ranking.

I don't think cowardice is an issue. In the old fluff the machine spirit of the Warhound is very bloodthirsty and will dominate the crew if allowed

They really hate traitor Titan legions too, I think that would be a good way to draw them to battle

>> No.23981020

Now i really want to make a ricer Tau faction

>> No.23981025

Well, yeah, it's kinda retarded to throw near-irreplaceable weapons of war in areas where they are likely to go unsupported and killed off.

This isn't guard-issued junk we're talking about here.

>> No.23981065
File: 195 KB, 770x478, heavyrailguns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wasnt talking about broadsides

>> No.23981080

Yeah but it's £50 and GW are cumts MANTIC GAMES IS THE BEST RAARRGHHH

>> No.23981100

He means more 'We'll let the whole system burn because we refuse to divert a single unit from the forge world" kind of thing

That's not a railgun, are you blind?

>> No.23981104

I don't think there's a commissar dumb enough in this galaxy to try and execute a princeps.

Not only they are outside of his hierarchy (and probably would outrank him anyway), but you don't just go and kick the AdMech in the balls. Not if you want career options beyond servitor.

>> No.23981113

no, its 4 railguns

>> No.23981116

>Can't say I can considering I'm hauling weapons that make black holes.
Huh, I thought black hole weapons was eldar territory

So do the tau. Quite a bit, actually.

They tend to be send to winning fights, except when things turn south on the planet they're stationed on. Ultramar when Behemoth attacked and Armageddon come to mind. Those two did not end well for the titans.

>> No.23981117

Systems can be rebuilt much easier than a titan legion can.

>> No.23981145

No it's isn't. It's call a Quad Ion Turret, and I don't expect a Quad Ion Turret to be made of railguns.

>> No.23981146

Nope, Ion weapons

Nova Cannon from Battlefleet Gothic creates black holes I guess

>> No.23981171

I'm pretty sure Heavy Railguns aren't an inch long yeah. Also quad linked S10 would be a little OP

>> No.23981172

I was thinking cyclonic missiles, but yeah, Novas are pretty damn nasty too.

>> No.23981190

Fuck that shit, I raged so hard that I couldn't type correctly. I'm turning into a were-neckbeard!

Brb, going on a quest to find the cure.

>> No.23981196


>> No.23981226

I'm getting a unit of Hazard suits to add to my Tau army.

Which weapon to pick? Is the best option still the melta one (S6 AP1 Assault d3 melta)?

That gives each suit 2d3 AP1 shots which get 6+2d6 armour penetration at 6" range, and so a unit of 3 stands a good chance of wrecking even AV14 (8 on 2d6 to glance, 9 to pen), and T5 means they don't get instagibbed by krak missiles.

>> No.23981278

Dunno man, they're like 100 points each

>> No.23981318

Would mixed weapons be a better idea then? One Fusion Cascade and one Burst Cannon is 90pts/suit before the extra system.

>> No.23981336

Learned something new. How I regret only getting into the hobby when Battlefleet Gothic was pretty much abandoned.

>> No.23981374

So I just bought 6 Forge World Crisis suits from Belarus. If GW had offered new Crisis Suits I would have genuinely bought them, because I have loads of money, but offering decade-old models in a new kit? No.

I hope I paid properly, the email they sent me had very poor english.

>> No.23981382

no its not. Its 4 ion weapons.

and a railgun is what's on a hammerhead.

Even if those weapons were rail weapons they'd be rail rifles at best.

>> No.23981388

You can use the fan-revised rules and third-party models (only base size matters in BFG, and everything is cheaper/better than GW's specialist range).

It's still a nice game to play.

>> No.23981407

The GW ones were fugly when they were new TBH, def. the right choice

Where did you order them from? Are they just resellers for the Chinese guys, or do they cast their own?

>> No.23981468

They're $25 each, I think they make it themselves because of the limited selection.

I already ordered it, so: google Cadwallon.

>> No.23981515

thanks mate, I'll add it to my list for next time the Chinese guys go AWOL

>> No.23981559

Phased Ion Gun.

Since you know, 24 inch range, Assault 4 with Rending is awesome for 1 gun.

Then add in another to basically have Assault 8 Rending.

>> No.23981631

On the other hand S4 AP4, which means you won't actually kill much if you're up against spess mehreens.

Either way I'm converting the suits out of the new Crisis Commanders, so I can build a bunch of different guns and magnetise them.

>> No.23982342

am i the only one who thinks that tau fliers with Novae and other shit painted on them look ugly as fuck?

becauase i really think they do look ugly as fuck.

>> No.23982486

>On the other hand S4 AP4

so assault 8 S4 ap4 rending on a bs3 100+ point flyer?

OMG this galaxy is gonna chew you up and spit you out my little blue friends.

>> No.23982491

While I may not agree, I doubt you're the only one with that opinion.

>> No.23982517

I think they're talking about hazard suits, not flyers.

>> No.23982579

Don't get me wrong, I love the look of all tau aircraft, I just think the cheesy 90's duotang look doesn't really work, and makes no real sense.

>> No.23982593

>how rumors are born
If I see this shit on Faeit tomorrow, I'll fucking kill you.

>> No.23982626

We don't know what the flyer weapon does exactly

I think Hazard suits are waaaay overpriced, convert them in a way you can play them as Crisis if you change your mind

>> No.23982650
File: 181 KB, 1020x1404, 1269588300410.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree a lot of rumours are started by people being fucking dumb and not properly reading a thread.

Though usually its people taking wishlist as rumours, instead of in this case where you didn't follow the conversation at all.

>> No.23982678

And god damn it accidentally erased a quote,

Before the second line I meant to quote >>23982486

>> No.23983007


I've never actually looked at their stats before, and thus never considered buying them. Now I must have three. Just after preordering the new stuff. Damn you!

>> No.23983078

>WOW, those are shitty stats, I must buy three!

>> No.23983090

Why? They are fing awful

>> No.23983290

Mostly people want them for the T5. less random rocket deaths.

>> No.23983342

Two st 5 pie plates at 24" for 120 points isn't so bad.

>> No.23983370

Yeah, but they cost double of what they should and come without any kind of truly interesting weapon.

It's terrible. I know Tau are starved for Blasts, but still.

>> No.23983438

To break it down:

T5, 2W, 3+ save. Thats about as survivable against small arms as a T5 terminator. Less than two Plague Marines. Against AP2 or 3 guns, its two marine bikers. IE: Its not bad, but not nearly enough to justify 75 points

2 burst cannons. For 75 points. You know what else bring S5 firepower? Firewarriors. Firewarriors are far from being good @10 points per, but 75 points buys you 7 of them. Thats... well, effective up to 30" instead of the 18 from burst cannons. And can rapidfire, being 14 shots when at close range.

THe only two guns worth a damn (Phased Ion and fusion cascade) add a awful lot of cost to a unit that is already very expensive. And keep it into the 24" range that small arms love, small arms that can easily take the suit out as pointed out in survivability.

>> No.23983455

In short, they would be decent units if their total price would be around 50 points with the guns. But they cost twice that much.

>> No.23983466


I'm more tempted to go for 4 due to having 12 twin linked/24 standard Rending shots. Rules are a little vague here, but I am assuming more that they would be twin linked, otherwise that's just ridiculous.

Plus a "get out of combat free" card....

>> No.23983480

You get cheaper more effective S5 firepower out of firewarriors.

12 S5 shots up to 30", or 24 up to 12 for the same cost. With AP4. The 'ignores cover' on the blast is useless as the gun is AP6.

>> No.23983507

Pulse weapons are AP5, but yes.

Also, the Hazard suit is bad right now. I can't imagine how terrible it will be in a week, when the codex will hit and everything else will be cheaper and better.

>> No.23983555

Sorry, my mistake, AP5.

But yeah, when the unit compare badly with your troops, and your troops aren't that good to start with, you got a problem

>> No.23983634

I actually find the Hazard Suits great with PiGs for shooting, tarballing into melee and then using the VRT to place them in very inconvenient places.

>> No.23983681

Is this how they're supposed to be used?

move up quickly towards a weak enemy unit, and with a bunch of drones in the unit, have a burst cannon one shoot at the weak enemy unit and target lock your main weapon one at the main target.

Then charge into combat to avoid their counter fire, at the end of your opponents combat round, hope to hell you still have a drone left, (easy when you can make saves on who you want) and sacrifice them for your automatic hit and run, next turn shoot again.

>> No.23983751

More like
>get charged
>overwatch! (6 S5 TL'd shots per suit, might actually cause a failed charge)
>photon grenades
>sacrifice drones to gtfo

>> No.23983822


That's how starved Tau are for tougher units. I know it doesn't compare to terminators, but it's frankly the best we can get. At current costs, an average crisis suit hovers around or above a stock terminator, but with BS3, T4 and a 3+, nowhere near the accuracy or survivability.

Which is why, amidst all the complaints about S8 broadsides and $85 riptides, most Tau players are hoping for tougher or cheaper crisis suits.

>> No.23983899

Which you will not get. 6th ed isn't Gundamwing edition, for a number of reasons. However, I do hope for you that they pump up the overall range, mobility and volume of fire of the codex.

As backwards as it seems, 6th ed has lead to some extremely aggressive CC lists.

>> No.23983960

Problem is that it compares badly to firewarriors.

>> No.23984197

>6th ed isn't Gundamwing edition, for a number of reasons.
Riptide and missile broadsides could've fooled me...

Jokes aside, an increase in firepower would be an upside as well. Wouldn't help their survivability directly, but it'd increase their chances of killing stuff before it kills them.q

They're far more mobile and survivable compared to fire warriors, so that's a bonus.

>> No.23984250

Apparently Crisis suits will get Black sun filters and multi-trackers as standard. the black sun filters should replace the acute senses so no problems there but I wonder if there will be a price increase for the multi-trackers or if they'll be standard cost.

I also wonder if it automatically takes a hard point or if there are still 3.

>> No.23984292

>I also wonder if it automatically takes a hard point or if there are still 3.
Should be, otherwise it'd be impossible to customize them with any of the other wargear. Because you will want two weapons.

>> No.23986140
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Who derailed this thread into a Tau thread? Get back to the Necrons!

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