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Cool weapon thread?

Cool weapon thread.

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I'm looking for a cool high-tech revolver for a character of mine to carry. Anyone got anything like that?

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Mateba or Chiapa Rhino. Then just add scifi doohickies.

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I'm thinking more along the lines of massive hand cannon.

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Naginata is best ata.

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Taurus Raging Judge

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How's this?

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Get a Dan Wesson revolver.

The barrel weight makes it look "scary" and high-tech.

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anyone got any 20mm revolvers or 88mm sniper rifles

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Sometimes the best revolver is the smallest revolver.

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Wouldn't that hurt?

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This, barrelweights and porting and that kind of stuff makes any revolver look different.

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>88mm sniper

Not so much a rifle. More of an AA/AT cannon.

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Not sure if this is a "cool weapon" or "utterly ridiculous weapon" but posting anyway.

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Chiappa Rhino. Doesn't really fit the 'hand cannon' side of things, but it's chambered for .357 magnum and .40 S&W. and it's technically the most advanced revolver out there.

Of course if you're just going for looks, then a Dan Wesson like >>23950643 suggests is probably more appealing.

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Not much, its bullets are only 2mm.

Being shot by it would be like getting poked with a pencil.

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If its painless is it really worth it?

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Check out the High Impulse Weapon System. Not quite 88mm, but close enough.


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Damn, that's sexy.

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In Shadowrun, I imagine Ruger Superwarhawks to look like these...except, y'know, not toys.

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.600 Nitro Express.

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Wait a second...

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>you will never dual-wield a pair of cut down AKs with drum magazines

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What has science done?!?

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ITT: People who don't actually know much about guns.

They do LOOK cool though.

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I want to put an SMG version of these babies in a Shadowrun game as the standard armament of some corporate security guys. That silhouette, that fucking silhouette.

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It's a cool guns thread, not a good guns thread.

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Gun porn doesn't need to follow your silly concerns of reality.

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He didn't ask for practical. He asked for cool. You want practical, go to /k/.

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Am I a bad person if I want one of these? What about if I want two?

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That's the point.

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You are if you don't want to dual wield them while wearing a red bandana.

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U wot m8?
I hope you overlooked the HK121 there.

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I bet that thing would tear through demons.

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>this is how i cleric.jpg

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"hurr cool guns these aren't cool guns here check this"

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But red is the color of communism, anon.

I'd dual wield them while wearing a dollar-green badana with Benjamin Franklin's portrait on it.

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Enjoy your imaginary money you filthy decadent capitalist pig.

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Test failed.

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>>hundreds of years in the future
>>wheel gun with a telescopic optic and tactical light as a sidearm

laughing omatakaya.jpg

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wrong image, but it got my point across.

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>the barrel weight

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>imaginary money
>implying the gold standard is a viable alternative to fiat currency in the modern day

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The Ladies Home Companion, a twelve shot 45-70 revolver that used to be a shotgun.

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>red bandana
Crips for life. Fuck the Bloods.

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Actually, no.

THIS is Tediore.

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How do you even hold that gun?

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No, THIS is Tediore.

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Thats not a tac-light its a mini airsoft grenade launcher.

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Very, very, carefully.

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...What the fuck am I looking at?

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From the clip, it seems to have it removed in the picture. Banana clip would look good on that pistol.

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How does it feel to know that there were better versions of that gun made in the 19th century?

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>URL on the end

let's take a look over at zipfactory.com

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How does it feel to know that there were better versions of that gun made in the 19th century?

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>yfw that fits in the palm of your hand

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I love this sword.

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Forgot pic.

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>I'm thinking more along the lines of massive hand cannon.
This gun in one hand. A bottle of cheap vodka in the other. A love for Mother Russian in your heart.

No enemy can stand before you.

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Except if it's more than one.
Because the first shot dislocates your shoulder and you can't cycle with one hand.

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>implying you can't cycle with one hand

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Uh, the cylinder doesn't match up with the barrel there. That weapon wouldn't work at all.

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You use your teeth

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I have to make that work for a shadowrun character.

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Actually the recoil from an Obrez isn't as bad as you'd expect. The barrel is so short that the bullet leaves the barrel before all the powder has burned, meaning that a lot of the powder just goes to making a big fireball instead of contributing to recoil.

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There's a revolver made for use by trolls. I forget what it's called, but you could use that.

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>>cool handgun

Engaging diatribe, brethren!

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Well, here's a real-life version.

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Statistically speaking, more people are murdered with .22 bullets than any other caliber.

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If I was a billionaire, I'd buy two of these and find some excuse to dual wield them in a self defense situation.

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Which is due to primarily to their availability, not any especially lethal effect.

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I don't even know what gun this is based off of, but I want it more than life itself.

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True but why would use the underslung .22 when you have a .223 rifle pointed at them as well?

Before you ask they have picture of it strapped to a scar-l.

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It's still a clunky handgun with less punch and accuracy than the rifle would have.
I'd take a Tokarev instead.

There comes a time when you want every duck in the pond dead. And every Pond who didn't duck fast enough.

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So? They're small, concealable, cheap, abundant, and they'll get the job done.

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>I'd take a Tokarev instead.
So would everyone.

The thing is that pistols were strictly regulated in Europe, while rifles were easier to acquire. So freedom fighter types could get Mosins and cut them down much more easily than proper pistols.

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But they won't always get the job done. Just buy a 9mm subcompact ffs.

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>I'd take a Tokarev instead.
You are clearly not yet drunk enough.

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I'm going to have to leave this thread. The site of her just fills me with sadness and heartbreak that she will never be mine...

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Which means that if you pwn someone with a .22, leave it at the scene of the crime, and steal their wallet, the police will blame random gang-bangers for the crime and not investigate it further.

The more exotic your weapon, the more the police will investigate your murders.

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But what do I do if the first five shots didn't kill the guy?
Oh wait, that doesn't happen.

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the spread on that is just stupid. A clustered triple barrel would be better, but a stacked double barrel is always best

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No, the spread on that is perfectly reasonable. At least, compared to this.

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i want more than i should

that's going on my next paladin

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>two barrels
>mag groups
>grenade launchers
Oh god no. Please. I don't even /k/ and that hurts to look at.

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Duckfoot is made for clearing crowds. Plus, if it's a shotgun, it's not really going to matter.

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If anyone can tell me what these guns are, I will spare your life when I conquer the world 16 years from now.

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that'd break your fucking wrist in real life, and at least dislocate a shoulder if it had a stock

>> No.23951549

Come on!
You just have to fight through a sentry of 2000 years experience, a Timelord and an interstellar criminal wanted in several time periods.
Plus the reptilian lesbo detective, her wife and the potato nurse.

>> No.23951550

Back the fuck
'for you get jacked the fuck up

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So I shouldn't kill people with one of these.

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You are extra strength dumb. Please don't post if you don't know wtf you're talking about. It's just embarrassing.

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Why is that a real thing?

>> No.23951608

yes. It's just as stupid. If you are firing buck, you are shooting off hundreds of rounds that could potentially kill someone in as little as 1-2 penetrations in bad situations. When you have a gun with a starting spread as wide as a man's chest you are asking to kill people.

And good god is that gun horrifying. the recoil would be killer on that.

>> No.23951633

>the recoil would be killer on that
Nope. The powder back then burned much slower than modern powder. Recoil was much more manageable, but muzzle velocity was lower.

>> No.23951637

it's just a Mauser pistol with a lengthier, straightened pistol grip, far as I can tell.

Looks uncomfy as fuck

>> No.23951646


>>black powder flintlock
>>same recoil as powderless

Please please please shut up.

>> No.23951647

you know you want it

>> No.23951650

Mauser C96 in the M711 or M712 variant.
Built in the 30s.
C96s are very iconic and in this variant even useful.
Used by just about everyone in Europe between 1900 and the thirties.
From German officers to Russian revolutionaries and British nobles.

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I think the question is one of scale, I may be thinking that gun is larger than it actually is.

>> No.23951663

Yes, but I don't know WHY

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>> No.23951674

it's still x5 of a regular gun, with no stock. Definitely strong.

>> No.23951676

Not even close. They're prototypes for the Begman 1910.

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>> No.23951689

Because some people have more interesting hobbies than others.

>> No.23951695

Captcha is a nigger.

>> No.23951697

was referring to

you danglehorn

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Those grenades are 40mm diameter.


Not bullets.

>> No.23951724


It has been proved that you don't know what you're talking about. Stop talking.

>> No.23951728

Nah man, the mechanism looks totally different on the Mausers that have removable magazines.

>> No.23951732

I'd repaint it first.

>> No.23951735

Oh gosh now I feel fucking stupid

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>> No.23951772

That feel when you will never be a dictator.

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>> No.23951803

That's why I thought it was a M711 or M712.
Those had removable mags.
And are certainly easier to find than 9x23mm Bergmann-Bayard rounds.

>> No.23951818


Every day is a learning experience.

>> No.23951862

I dunno, i think that would need to be about 20% cooler before it could be posted here.

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>> No.23951883

I'm just saying it's roughly analogous with the Hello Kitty Gatling. Same delicious cognitive dissonance.

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You know, having fired the Rhino, I kind of want to hunt down a Mateba and try that. As much as I like the Rhino, it often feels like there's not enough room to really hold it without the powder blasting your hands. My eyes just might be tricking me but the Mateba *looks* like it has more room to hold it, even if the recoil isn't going to push straight into your arm.

>> No.23951937

Come at me.

>> No.23951943



Those are smoothbore, bro.

>> No.23951953

>You will never be a six-armed Russian cyborg triple-wielding Moist Nuggets with six Obrezs as your backup pieces.

>> No.23951969

Behold the most valuable gun in the world.

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>> No.23951999

>> No.23952011

>> No.23952020

2 bore motherfuckers.

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>> No.23955125

>Villa Perosa
>with regular grip setup rather than the chest carriage

why penis?

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>> No.23955240

Oh good, no gun thread is complete without that wrist-breaking beauty.

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>> No.23955731


Remember that gun Baou used to fuck the think tank's shit?

Apparently these guys are fans of GitS

>> No.23956751

Do they even still make matebas?

Also, you can't fire a handgun without getting powdered. Don't you watch Law and order?

>> No.23956768

I think he meant it would break your finger if you fired it.

>> No.23957802

Is this gun actually efficient or is it made with rule of cool in mind?

>> No.23957874

I think those are japanese Tambu's. Looks like Mausers, but they're not.

>> No.23957914



And there's a difference between GSR on your cuff detectable by blacklight, and your hand turning the colour charcoal from a poor cylinder seal.


It's accuracy over the same gun without big blocky bits on it is somewhere between negligible and not there at all, and it weighs twice as much.

>> No.23957921

Nope, Matebas are out of production now. I'd have to pay out the ass or make friends with a collector.

And it's not about not getting powder on me, it's that the firing cylinder is REALLY close to your hands, so every shot you really feel the powder blast your hands. Hold it wrong and you'll burn your hands.

It's a revolver with a barrel weight. It has less muzzle flip than a typical revolver, but it's also heavier, since the barrel is weighted.

>> No.23958045

Is it just me or does it look like the launchers are set to aim and fire into the bipod?

>> No.23958199


It's collapsible.

>> No.23959842

It looks edible.

>> No.23960506

Damn, I have nothing to contribute but I want more guns. Polite sage, because I havenothingtocontribute.

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>> No.23961111

>no bayonet

0/10 would not tactically eat

>> No.23961192

>> No.23961213

Choppy and dakka in one

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>> No.23961264

>> No.23961292

Flaregun with a shotgun sleeve. Safe? No. Cool? Kinda

>> No.23961300

Best ar-10 is best ar-10

>> No.23961327

Why would anyone need that? That's the kind of stuff that only makes sense with 40k logic.


>> No.23961340

Do you even operate?

>> No.23961350

>Silenced Revolver

Have a flechette pistol

>> No.23961355

Shh now

>> No.23961356



That shit is twin-linked.

The kind of person who buys a gun like that probably only has a BS of 2. Tops.

They need that reroll.

>> No.23961364

I suppose i'll dump some impractikool

Mateba MTR-8

>> No.23961375

It can be done

Nagant Revolver (1895?) used a special deeply seated bullet and a cylinder that moved foward to create a seal, meaning it could be silenced

It was kinda crap tbh, horrible trigger

>> No.23961376

Bitch, you don't even know how hard I operate.

>> No.23961401

I know it can be, but the point is, why, when a mag fed, self contained semiauto does the job better.

>> No.23961404

God I love this country.

>> No.23961407

More twin linked goodness

>> No.23961415


>> No.23961417


>Stalin's own gun

Someone teach Nicolas Cage to speak Russian, I think we just found the plot of National Treasure 3.

>> No.23961437

Ah, gyrojets. My father owns a mark III pistol, and its part of my inheritance. Sadly, he has three shells.

I really wish kickstarter didn't cancel and ban the guys who wanted to make repro gyrojet ammo.

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>> No.23961458


>> No.23961473

Implying what?

>> No.23961488


>> No.23961489

Well shit, I guess it makes sense when you put it like that.

>> No.23961498


>> No.23961519


>> No.23961523

Do you even Nagant.

>> No.23961532

>operating that hard
everyone around you needs to turn in their tacticool turtlenecks, we have found the king

>> No.23961533

Nigga, I was just about to say that when I checked the other replies.

>> No.23961534

Still the best shotgun in any game. Fucking watching muthafuckas drop +20 meters out as opposed to having to pump like 3 fucking rounds into a dude just 2 meters away.

>> No.23961541

Yeah I thought so

>> No.23961554

>> No.23961564

>Urban map
>Sweep and clear with the heatbeat detector and the Clark
So good. Thanks for reminding me, haven't thought about that game in years. The AT rifle was glorious too

>> No.23961578


I have no idea why the guns in Hellsing were named after Dune references, but I love that they were.

>> No.23961587

Pfft. Weak.

>> No.23961605

You are so small, is funny to me

>> No.23961637


>> No.23961722

What's so cool about this SMG? Well, it was one of the first guns designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Ironically, it wasn't adopted because it was too expensive and complex.

>> No.23961725



I'd be filled with american patriotic spirit while firing that gun.

And I'm British.

>> No.23961806


Saritch 308

>> No.23961811

AAC Honey Badger

>> No.23961825

>suppressed obrez

>> No.23961856

Rifle grenade, actually.

>> No.23961866



>> No.23961914

Claridge Hi-Tec

>> No.23961922


>> No.23962005

Yes I do. Two with hex receivers, and one with a round. All in the original cosmoline soaked glory.

One of the hex is my fun-gun, and I am debating on making one into an orbez....

You know it

>> No.23962043

am i doing it right?

>> No.23962044

Nagant revolver, nigga.

>> No.23962055

BTW, It was any three for $60 at a gun show I was at, so I was like, "why the fuck not?"

>> No.23962072

OH. Yeah, no. No I don't.

>> No.23962094

make sure your nugget is nice and moist

>> No.23962204

>That filename

>> No.23962218

Croatian RT-20 Anti-Material Rifle

>> No.23962220


>Give me an hour, I gotta reload

>> No.23962227


>> No.23962274

Does a vagina always have a gun sticking out of it ?

>> No.23962283

If my ex is anything to go by, then yes.

>> No.23962331


>> No.23962383

Time to bring some class.

>> No.23962390


>> No.23962401


>> No.23962410


>> No.23962430

>Silenced revolver

Because reasons.

>> No.23962445

I remember seeing three-barreled long-range rifle somewhere in these threads. It looked like it would dislocate the shooter's shoulder, and was used as stationary naval gun

>> No.23962447

>suddenly I remember where I've seen these before

>> No.23962517

Yeah, I have that pic. But the point is that its Woefully more complicated, and less practical.

Worse, its not even cool. Its looks like a camera zoom lens on a tac handle.

Say what you want about the movie, the art direction and look was well done.

>> No.23962524

All the bitches.

>> No.23962548

Oh god I remember now too.

>> No.23962569

Pffft, maybe when Im done with them

>> No.23962583

Come at me.

>> No.23962587

That looks like someone took a wind chime and attached a handle to it

>> No.23962603

The South African NTW-20 is much sexier.

>> No.23962612

>> No.23962623

>tfw SA will never again make sexy guns

>> No.23962635

is that a flashlight in there?

>> No.23962640

This thread needs more classy cool weapons

>> No.23962647

>fake shit

Here is a cool weapon.

It is cool because it has a hundred round helical magazine.

>> No.23962663

Wow. That bottom gun looks awesome.

>> No.23962665

>> No.23962683

Calicos and their subsidiaries are shit, I laugh in your general direction.

>> No.23962688


Nah. You're wrong.

>> No.23962696

Pew pew

>> No.23962705

>That grip


>> No.23962707


>> No.23962720

>> No.23962727


>> No.23962735

>> No.23962743


>actual functional grip designed for precision shooting
>posts some shitty .45 panels


They're competition grips. If you'd ever actually fired a non-shitty handgun you would know how nice they really are.

>> No.23962746

>> No.23962752

almost erotic

>> No.23962767

Fucking Whitney Wolverine. Looks like a damn ray gun out of the box and is fun to plink with.

>> No.23962768

oh dear want

>> No.23962782


>> No.23962790

That's nice bro, still looks ugly as hell. Stay frustrated.

>> No.23962826

Welp, that's limit.

>> No.23962837

Make another one, then

>> No.23963000

I feel like that would have a high probability of burning your trigger finger.

>> No.23963052


Dem capital letters.

Why oh why all dem capital letters?

>> No.23963091


>rocket-assisted grenade.jpg
>rocket-assisted grenade

>> No.23963168

Heavy bolter?

>> No.23963170

Diamond tipped bullets!?!

>> No.23963200

Nah, there's been pics of actual boltguns posted in this thread. They're called gyrojets and they would have been awesome if they weren't so expensive and also they were kind of shitty at close range because the bullets need time to speed up.


>HK G11 not mentioned once
come on /tg/ pull your socks up

>> No.23963213

>implying bolters use rockets
They're gyrojets, anon. The rocket just gets them out of the barrel and skips the speed-up phase

>> No.23963221


>> No.23963237

The G11 was German Space Magic.

>> No.23963253


>> No.23963286

Would Frag-12 make >>23952011 into a decent proxy bolt-pistol?

>> No.23963312

It would certainly make an orky one.

>> No.23963319

>No trigger guard
>Barrel is that short
Have fun misfiring and missing.

It does look cool, though.

>> No.23963323

They went in facing down actually. Dropped into the chamber from the top, which rotated them 90 degrees to face forward, then the chamber turned again to let the next round in.

>> No.23963336

If gyrojets and FRAG-12 were the standard bolter-equivalents, the XM307 OCSW must be the heavy-bolter equivalent.

>> No.23963341


That's the Jawa ion blaster from Star Wars. It's a cut-down Enfield with a rifle grenade launcher on it.

>> No.23963645

Sure you will (Draco/Krinkov)
>just not full auto

>> No.23964527

Sorry /tg/, but it needs to be said. Betafag detected.

>> No.23964545

please don't insult betas, betas are the second in command. the number two guy. that anon is an omega bottom of the pack

>> No.23964603

No, he's a beta, just not one from the first alliteration of the alphabet.
So he's 28th from the top, at best.

>> No.23964726

Nope. there is a back dish.

In R+J (and in Shakespeare's original notes) The Capulet family has a hand in gem trade. IRL, diamonds are cheap as shit, and are actually quite worthless outside of the inflated market.

Considering they carry gold plated guns with mini frescoes painted on the grips, its not much of a stretch that such people would put second-cut diamonds in a show-off piece.

You don't need to shoot them when they die of laughter.

>> No.23964740

. . . So why the fuck did you post? Lurk in silence, and don't state why you're saging twice, jesus.

>> No.23965164

You know, you're right. Tbh, I only use the term beta because it's common, but it's technically mis-used.

A true Beta is, as you say, a vital second in command, sub leader or similar top contributor to their group. An Alpha is the best alround in the group, but that doesn't mean they are the best at everything. Whoever it is who in some capacity beats the alpha is a beta, and their are vitally important as such. It's only by being outright worse than the alpha in every sense that one becomes a gamma.

>> No.23965470

The entire wolf pack social dynamic is bullshit when applied to humans.

>> No.23965653

No, it just needs some tweaking.

The key thing to remember is that the terms alpha, beta and gamma only make sense with a) one particular group or collective, b) under one set of circumstances and c) conducive to a particular end goal or goals.

For a wolf pack, there is one group and basically one goal, so the terms can be used relatively absolutely. But humans are constantly switching between several social groups, each with wildly varying and complex, shifting objectives. Thus, when the terms alpha and beta are thrown around, it is always meant in a narrow context as such.

Luckily, most discussion involving such terminology happen to be about dating or some such shite - this one included - so the use of terminology can basically be used just fine. But to apply it to all of a person's life and character, all of the time, is indeed bullshit.

>> No.23965662





/fit/-> you fucking day/k/are /v/irgin /b/tards

>> No.23965802

>tactical hotdog

Is this what SWAT team members eat?

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