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I saw a flyer in my FLGS about a GM for hire.

is charging for DM services normal? Should I start putting a tip jar by my screen?

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preying on exhausted FOREVER DMs to take their money.

god scam 10/10 would run.

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>>a thing that happens


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It is not, and those that do it are terrible people.

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Moar gifs

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Closest thing to "DM for hire" I've ever heard of is groups where the DM is in charge of running the game, and the players are in charge of bringing food for him (and the rest of the group, obviously)

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It is very likely they are looking for someone to run a weekly event. Think the 4e adventure paths or that SAGA thing they did.

It isn't great pay, it is if I recall like 10 bucks per player, but it is a good way to get in gaming and make some cash doing so.

It isn't normal with regular groups. It is more of a fee to get a game going with strangers by the house.

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Where was this taken from?

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Calling GMs for hire whores is an insult to whores.

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My wild speculation:
>DM gets fed up with players acting like ingrates and manchild.
>Wants new group but is a fatalist and imagines there's little reason to expect a new group will be all that different.
>Remembers reading something in a Pop Science book about how people make value judgements differently as soon as they're paying for something (might have been in Freakonomics or Stumbling on Happiness)
>Decides to see if charging a low token sum would result in fewer assholes joining/staying.

Wild speculation, like I said. If anything I think it'd backfire: the minute players pay you're risking a "Customer is always right!" backlash if you make an unpopular decision.

Only situation I can think of expecting to get paid to DM is at a convention with an original campaign when you've established an excellent rep and making players choose to pay more is effectively demarketing, so they'll be happier to settle for an alternative at the con when all seats at the game are sold out.




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I'd totally hire a GM if he was competent. I don't have the patience nor the time to sit around and do jack shit for three hours before the game starts like back in the day. I bet it'd be pretty cheap too, if the players share the cost.

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I know that video. It's on YouTube. They get porn stars to try to read literature out loud while sitting on a sybian or Hitachi magic wand and see how far they get. Apparently porn isn't porn if it's classy enough, and classy enough means "black and white filter".

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so what's she reading

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>player cracks a joke 5 minutes in
>GM says to call him when you're serious about gaming and leaves with your money

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Yeah, I'm sure it's the filter, not the part where they're fully dressed and apart from her reaction, there is nothing to suggest stimulation of any kind.

Yeah, no, it's the filter. Totally.

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1632 by Eric Flint

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You don't want to know.

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If it is from the FLGS then it means that they need a dedicated GM for Wednesday D&D encounters, which is not a paying gig though if they trust and like you they could offer that you watch and close the gaming room/hall area for a store discount; bear in mind that at my FLGS that this requires a considerable amount of time and really only worth considering IF you were going to be there anyway and have no pressing responsibilities the next day.

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Found it.


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He can try. We're paying him to have a good time, not the other way around.
>paying up front

double lel

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>sign in to view
damn it

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DnD 3.5 player's manual

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you clearly doesn't spend enough time around here if you think that's not porn

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I'd only hire a Chris Perkins tier DM

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Oh it's definitely erotic in more ways than one, but when I think porn I think more... well, lewd material.

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You make me sick.

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ITT: /tg/ goes /gif/

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>someone this greasy doesn't demand payment upfront
Sextuplet lel

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well... I can only repeat myself

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This is how I Druid.

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Jesus Christ why would you do that?!

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I... I... I just posted that by mistake!

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I can be okay with that if the DM host. Or if he is forever DM so it'll be a good courtesy.

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You're a horrible person, and I hope you burn in hell for that.

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Would anyone buy a game where flipping the table over is actually part of how it is played?

Naturally it'd require a specially designed table and yet not be ridiculously unaffordable or too big when when not being played, but would knowing that its in it make you want to play it?

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Fuck yes. I would hire the shit out of Chris Perkins. Sometimes I go listen to Acquisitions Incorporated Season 2 just to fap to his voice. No homo.

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My LGS does DnD encounters and other RPGA events related to DnD and they have their own space and whatnot. $5 buy in to use the space until closing. I comp it cause I'm friends with them. We also do other campaigns in public spaces since none of us really live close by to another so we meet in a central location. Those are free naturally.

It all depends

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If I ever played with people who actually had money, I would love to get some compensation. Being a good DM takes time and preparation, in addition to experience at rolling with whatever the players do.

Really, it would be nice just to have the players provide the food/space/drinks/etc. But so far in my experience I always have to pay an equal share of that, or provide it myself in addition to writing and running the game.

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Isn't that how you indicate the end of a game in a Magic tournament?

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What am I looking at?

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>Being blind and made of stone

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...You fucker.
You absolute, complete fucker.
Why would you do something so horrible?

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My boss had me stay after work and play 1st edition D&D with him, one of his long-time friends, and a co-worker. He hired a "professional" DM from the hobby shop down the street. Dude, was awesome, supplied all the books, dice, and character sheets, and designed his own 20 level dungeon thatis being published

We had some of the girls stay late to and serve us beer and wings, it was all around awesome

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Dammit that was a good show. Pity the television watching audience didn't give a shit about actually WATCHING it...

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swine! Use chopsticks like a civilized person!

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>Not the root of human civilization

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>Not posting the PTSD version

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That's genius...

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>two soulknives engage in combat

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Bears are so friendly.

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That's actually legitimately terrifying

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Welcome to /tg/ - Worksafe GIF

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Great fireworks.

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Waiting for death...

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I like GURPS

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>mfw every other thread is about fetish stuff

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>dis fukken movie

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goddamnit i watched that movie.
what the fuck was it

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From Dusk Till Dawn, starring Clooney, Tarantino and Keitel.

You're welcome.

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What is this from?

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>dem artifacts

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I miss that show so goddamn much.

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>DMing for money

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Never understood how that works.

Feeling of parents carrying them?

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That's exactly it. It's so the kitten's will remain limp and not struggle around, allowing their parent to scoop them up and book it if they're in danger without also having to worry about them wiggling themselves free.

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/tg/ is actually better than the gif boards because they allow bigger sizes.

Anyway my favorite reaction gif

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Yeah, it's a reflex or something.

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That should be how it works, with licences and guild fees. I should have the power to revoke the licence of any GM allowing BadWrongFun and bust into their house in riot gear and confiscate their contraband campaign materials.

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Queen's Blade
That anime is fucking amazing.

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yeah sure, whatever you say

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If they're ready to pay you for DMing, why the fuck not.

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Amazing can mean a variety of things.
Let's just say my mind was blown on several occasions.

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the lesson here is:

metal can't cut metal, period, no exceptions.

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That's from a German tv show called "Welt der Wunder" by the way.

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>can't tell the difference between breaking/cutting

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got a duplicate file entry on that

get dunked weeaboos

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I can believe something was blown if you were watching Queens Blade

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>In response to the Game Masters Guild crackdown on unlicensed GMs the National Players Union was formed. The Players Strike lasted 243 days. Using their collective bargaining power they forced the GMG to not only increase the minimum number of games a GM must run a month but had a clause for fetishes to no longer be grounds for dismissal.

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that sword broke, it was not cut. there's a difference.

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Hey, if it breaks in a straight line, it might as well be a cut.

That said, the worth of a sword is not measured in it's ability to break another sword that's bolted to a table, so it really doesn't matter either way.

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A circular metal saw. What now?

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Fitting filename. I named the file "bullshit.gif".

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Aren't the blades tipped with something?

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I remember that story! Little fucker deserved that asskicking.

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If by fucking amazing you mean jam packed with /d/ level fetishes, yeah.

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I don't know why but every time I see this .gif I just sit and watch it over and over.
There's something enthralling about it, as stupid as it is.

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Yeah, it's usually carbide, but I'm pretty sure that there's a form of purely metal saw blade that could cut metal. It would just get fucked up because a lack of tipped teeth.

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made me rage. 10/10

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Does anyone have some more Nigel Thornberry gifs?

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Did someone say Thornbetty!?

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That pretty much sums it up.

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man i loved malcolm in the middle

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Damn. Is that Doug? Serious badass.

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This is better than the whole /gif/ board

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Nah, I said Thornberry.

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>Not posting the video



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this isn't even "katana vs. X" this is "sword forged with fucking magic vs. mold poured sword"

wtf, i don't know if this makes my childhood better or worse

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It's a great shame that they never released anything past season 1 on DVD.

I mean, I have all of the episodes pirated, but they're all in super low fuzzy quality.

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This is so much better without le memefaces lol xD shopped on. Thanks, mate.

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Glad to help.

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i actually like that since that's how i grew up watching them. same with pokemon, i tried watching that online in hd and it was just so weird

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You may have a point. After all these series were never meant to be in HD.

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Holy fucking nat 20 on god knows what stat you'd need to survive that basically unscathed.

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Wasn't that a mildly internet-famous person?

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What the hell is the original?

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Good news, it's coming back.

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That would appear to be a woman's vagina eating a man?

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No way!

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>posting shitty version

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Monster Girl Quest
Look it up

>> No.23950852

Maybe some people only want the window part?

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>> No.23950869

>Maybe some people are dumb

>> No.23950877

Yeah, the faces, but not the actual original image.

>> No.23950892

No way! I would have never thought that!
No seriously, I was talking about the scene, not Luka's and Alma's faces.

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>Someone doesn't agree with me, surely they must be retarded.

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money for DMing. must be desperate. be careful.

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>> No.23950977

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Oh, my bad, just thought you were confused about the reference in general

>> No.23951063

I seriously hope you aren't actually butthurt because someone called you dumb.

>> No.23951155

This is why you should never wear a seatbelt.

>> No.23951237

Nah we're cool. I'm not someone who gets angry over people on the internet.

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We used to have the "GM fund jar." It started as a joke to tip the GM with spare change. After a year or so, he used the money to buy new game manuals.
It's fair to split the cost of the hobby between you if you can. Another way (and arguably better) of doing this is everybody buys a few manuals to pool between the group.

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No he was pointing out how ridiculous it is to call people stupid over something so tiny.

Pic related. Generally the bullshit caller cares less than the person pulling bullshit

>> No.23951288

That actually sounds pretty reasonable. I might see if I can start something like that in my group, because we could really use some more variety.

Also, Wizards is a silly movie. Yet I still actually enjoyed it. Avatar's thing with the gun was fucking hilarious.

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>> No.23951323

Why is that gif so funny and horrifying at the same time?

>> No.23951355

This is how you win an argument about swords.

>> No.23951370

Amazingly bad is still amazing

>> No.23951400

Before anyone asks: It's a real thing. Google 'strandbeesten.' or 'strandbeest.'

>> No.23951417

Oh god, I met that guy once. He set a few of them loose on a beach near here and just watched.

>> No.23951428

Just as slipping on some kid's skatebord, ending up getting hit by a car that pushes you down a hill into a river where a crocodile who just happens to be yawning at that moment ends up with you in his mouth is still a miracle. Just because it was bad (unless you're the crocodile) doesn't make it any less miraculous

>> No.23951444

that's not a cut.

>> No.23951456

I've seen it at conventions. e.g. a GM or group of GM's will offer to run sessions and such at a charge to the convention itself.

>> No.23951462

>A few of them
jesus fuck how many of these terrible machines exist

>> No.23951481

Best part: They're wind powered.
They will walk the earth forever, untiring.

>> No.23951503

not a straight line.

>> No.23951559

They killed fritz is better.

>> No.23951610

That was pretty great, I have to agree.

This man is a genius and at the same time completely insane.

>> No.23951688

>Get players a new gaming client for internet games
>They just play with the settings and draw on the whiteboard

>> No.23951791

The gundick scene in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was better.

>> No.23951847

OP is the picture related or not?

>> No.23951851

>Badwrong fun?
Badwrong indeed!
Happens in microcosm when ever the party levels up and looks at their options.

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>> No.23952371

What the fuck happened to animation like this?

>> No.23952806

>what they think
>faggots post stupid retarded butthurt opinions
>cool people give them the verbal beatdown they deserve

>what is actually happening
>someone has a perfectly valid opinion
>they swarm in to destroy them for no expressible reason

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