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I posted a thread last night asking this, but it got 404'd before I could check back on it. I'm starting 40k with Necrons and I want to know the cheapest way to build up a decent army? One person suggested getting two battle forces and another said something about a battle force and a command barge. Can I get a good, close to 1000 point, army with these?

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Both options seem good but option two might only give you 750 points.

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Well two battle forces wont get you an HQ model (which is needed in every FoC)

While you can't get quite enough for a 1000 point list with a battle force + barge (unless you kit that lord like a mother fucker), you can play small games right away.

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Do you already know how to play?

If yes:
1)Buy the codex
2)Write up an army list
3)Buy those models

If no:
1)Buy the Battleforce. There's no point buying a full 1000pt army and then finding out it doesn't play the way you'd like and you're going to replace half the units.

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He can always use one of the normal dudes modelled/painted differently as a generic HQ choice until he's figured out the army and decided which character would suit it best.

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he wants an affordable army, so:

just torrent the codex. its not worth the 100000000€. apart from that:
geht the battleforce and barge, paint them and THEN consider buying additional models

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Mildly confused. By "the barge", do people mean the ark? Because the current battleforce comes with one.


Also OP, if you're planning on playing in a GW store you'll need a legit copy of the codex. Some fags might even kick off if you have torrented pdf at your LGS.

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Should I magnetize?

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Only parts that you're going to want to change at any point. It's not very difficult at all if you've every built minis before.

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Battle force comes with an ark you need to buy a Annihilation/command barge (for the awesome HS and free HQ)

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Okay, I'll do that then. So happy all of the Necron stuff cames with a free HQ lol.

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BTW stats are
>Doomsday ark 175points
13/13/11 heavy support skimmer
Weapons:-1 doomsday cannon S9AP1 72" range (can't fire while moving)
-2 gauss flayer arrays Heavy 5 S4ap4 (can target units independently)
>Ghost ark 115 points
13/13/11 dedicated Transport skimmer
Capacity up to 10 warriors/overlords/royal court members
Weapons: -2 gauss flayer arrays
>Annihilation barge 90 points
13/13/11 skimmer
Weapons: -1 TL Tesla destructor S7 ap- heavy4 tesla (3 hits on a roll of a 6)
-1 tesla cannon S6 ap- assualt 2 tesla
-1 gauss cannon S5 ap3 assault 2 gauss (always glances on a roll of a 6)
>command barge 80 points
13/13/11 chariot skimmer Dedicated transport
Capacity: 1 overlord
weapons: -1 tesla cannon
-1 gauss cannon

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Okay, should I use a Ghost Ark or Doomsday Ark

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Ghost. If you go Doomsday you are competing with Annihilation Barges. Sure you have range and LB, but Barge is better.

>artyGue Goodwin

Yes Captcha, we ARE discussing 40k.

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Go with the second choice, that'll be enough to make around a 750 point army. Play a bit, see how you like it, and if you do another BF wouldn't be a bad add on to your collection.

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Can we have Necron General now that OP's question is answered?

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I just rolled some weird shit

>(Unification) Forced under duress to assist the unification forces or perish.

>Fought Under/Betrayed: The Nightbringer

>Most Hated Nemesis: Those Necrons who would upset the ancient traditions / The C'Tan and those misguided or damaged Necrons still loyal to them

This is where my rolling gets really weird

>By some miscalculation every single one of the Necron warriors and lower ranks have perfect recollections of their former lives and are completely sentient.

>Greater Objective: ADVENTURING! It's a whole new galaxy out there.

>Favorite Conversion Subject: Tau – You yearn not for a powerful body, simply a familiar one, warp resistant and free of your races ailments they may be perfect.

So yeah, what do you think /tg/?

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Deathmarks or Immortals?

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Use warrior bodies for the deathmarks.

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Sounds just about perfect. Like a bunch of Necron Murderhobos.
And their favorite targets are the Tau? We just got us some more weaboo kickers. Whose master plan is to un-weaboo them. Good show.

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I like you.

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So would the Necrons be trying to to transfer themselves into the Tau?

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Ideally, but thats gonna require a lot of experimentation and, in effect, dissection.

The poor little blue race may not even have enough bodies left once we finally find what we are looking for... tragic but for the sake of SCIENCE we must march on.

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> that table
huh. I just got this:

> (Secessionist) Fought to destroy several old rival Dynasties and their allies.
> C’Tan fought alongside before betraying during the War in Heaven: The Endless Swarm
> Most Hated Nemesis: The young upstart Tau who must learn the galaxy was never theirs to claim
> Damage sustained during sleep: No memory of past at all and believe self to be a perfect construct. Have a bitter hatred of all life and set about eradicating it as completely as possible.
> Greater Objectives or Goals: Leeching life-force from mortals, stars, and worlds and collecting souls for greater power.
> Favorite Conversion Subject: Other – You see potential where nobody else sees it, in one of the less prominent races of the galaxy.

Did I just accidentally make the tyranids?

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Why don't they just breed them then?

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>want cheap army
buy some guy's used one
the best are the ones who've left home and their parents think that they'll never use em again. Got around $1000 worth of marines from 2nd ed that way + 2 cases for ~100.

The all time best thoug hwas a guy I knew online who bought a bunch of warhammer stuff and the mother found some more of his warhammer stuff so he bought it too, was a box of stuff and there was a reaver titan in there.

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You want a decent army for piss-cheap?


>Build Lychguard as Lords
>Trick them out as much as possible
>Field 2x6 Warriors
>Field Royal Court Deathstar with Overlord in Night Scythe

You shall never die and nothing on god's green earth can touch you in CC. -NOTHING-. Khorne himself would shit himself at the mere prospect of coming within Warscythe range.

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You've gone mad, then.

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Perhaps. I love building theme lists and I'm a total miser. I field a 1065 point Royal Court in a 2000 point army. Haven't lost yet.

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Oh... I guess biological creatures can do that can't they?

Its been so long, from what I recall they throw their DNA at each other and another one sprouts out of the ground... right?

Does anybody remember how this works?
I guess we need to find out again once we return to flesh.

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>Ancient race of space robots returns to flesh. Has Race-spanning sexual awakening, as well as race-spanning realization of their new, sick, twisted fetishes.

...I wish I had some popcorn

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Your a bad person, here take 6 mind shackle tests.

At least its fluffy, I don't image there is much of anything that can deal with a full royal court of necron lords and cranky cryptekhs.
Shit, one lord was too much for Sicarius and his honorguard to handle.

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As epic as that list sounds (will play it tomorrow at my FLGS) we might not want to get OP murdered by that guy's on his first game. However, it's not a bad start.

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Enjoy making Space Marnies cry
Alternatively you could just get some Lychguard and royal court it.

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go with the wraiths tombblades are a waste of space, spyders don't work unless you spam scarabs and the stalker is lackluster

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Also, get some courts for your units. 9 warriors and Cryptek with Storm will put the pain on vehicles. Throw the reaming warriors in a squad with an orb of resurrection, same with immortals. Now watch as oppents flip tables in rage. Smile as you crush their marines.

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Anybody have a pdf of the codex?

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not OP, but i have a question to ask: how many necron warriors is to many because i have 66 necron warriors and thinking of playing extremely shooty

also i bought them from a friend of mine along with a few other units

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Son, there are never to many Necrons! But around 40 should be good, convert the rest into whatever you want.

Also, is should be the song playing when your army is ominously walking towards the enemy destroying everything in it's path: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIx_HbmRnQY

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As the Necrons washed through the city like a plague, the Planetary Defense Force's Commanding Officer sent one final message to the Imperial Fleet in orbit. This message reads:
"The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of fifty thousand years
And grizzly Necrons from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom
And though you fight to stay alive
Your body starts to shiver
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the thriller"

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Would female Necrons look just like Necrons?

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you my good man just made my morning

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>Move, shoot, resurrect
You know, Ward is actually a pretty good guy. Even though that our main strategy was that already, he just made it better.

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robots man you cant be them

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we dont know if female necrons ever existed, if they did its impossible to tell because they all have similar chassis.

There could be female lords, lychgaurd, or cryptekh (only things with enough freewill to actually have a gender) but other than that they might only sound the part and look/act the same.

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Whenever your opponent kills something just say "I will be back!"
Are wraiths even good?

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bumping my question

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Wraiths are great for killing vehicles (nowhere near as good as scarabs though) and are currently one of the best models for killing small elite units, this is especially true for eldar elites since 4 s6 rending attacks on the charge that are effectively i10 kills everything, plus having a 3++ means power weapon squads are worthless as counters.

They are also currently part of the most broken cron build around thanks to destroyer lords giving them preferred enemy .

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Alright, I'll pick them up then. Any good models from which I can convert Lords and Cryptechs?

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Necron Lychguard / Triarch Praetorians

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