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Continuation of draw thread.

Get in here and draw some /tg/ related art.

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An admech doing battle with a rock em sock em robot.

>> No.23944933

Waiting on Tau race queen. Guess I will monitor both threads.

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Amuro Ray sitting in the cockpit of a Tau Battlesuit.

>> No.23944979

a half elf paladin.
she wears black fullplate thats covered in spikes. on top shes wearing a kafia to cover her long brown hair. she also weilds a great falchion and has an amulet around her neck with the symbol of a dragon and a little gem. if you feel like adding more, she rides a black stallion

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Athletic female lizardfolk. Perpetually upbeat and sunny.

>> No.23945001

Re-requesting the: Medium length hair girl in winter clothing baking bread.

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I want someone to draw an NPC that I developed last week.

"The Kraken".
A kobold in a dress that goes over its head with a hole for its face and snout. The bottom combines into tentacles.

A bandolier with vials of white "ink", and a slingshot.

Screaming "INKY INKY" when he launches the vials which blind and poison.

He is a bit "unusual", calling whom ever he attaches himself to "Daddy" (regardless of gender)

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Oh god. This is pretty every reason I hate kobold players all wrapped up in one neat post. I bet we are all supposed find all his LOLSORANDUMB quirks endearing, too.

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I am requesting a human sorceress with hoop earrings, long blond hair past her shoulders, and a short, revealing dress (think knee-length). Her arms should be outstretched, with energy lifting into the air from her hands. Preferably, she'd be in heels.

>> No.23945390

well first off it wasnt a character, I said NPC.

Second it's not quirks the npc is essentially down syndrome kobold, which for them is not hard to find.

Third, lolsorandom? No, my players wanted a fucking Kraken to be behind a waterfall in a solid stone cave. Well they got their wish.

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Re-requestin' this guy.

Similar to the pic, minus the big-ass sword. Around his early 20's, with brown hair and noticeable stubble. He's lean, but still muscular, and is wearing a hoodie, beanie, and has big headphones over his ears. If you could have the beanie either have a diamondback (like the rattlesnake) pattern, or some sort of snake reference, that'd be fantastic.

He's sort of cocky, but also chronically unaware of his surroundings, so him looking a little bored with his headphones on would be the most accurate depiction I suppose.

Last but not least, his CD player is a seashell. Long story. However, what kind of seashell is up to your interpretation, let your imagination go wild. Thanks for all your effort, it's really appreciated!

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Pic related but with the lower marine's arms piggybacking his battle brother.

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There were a few of those done yesterday, don't know if you got them or not. Here's my personal favorite and the only one I saved

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I'd like to request a character image, drawfriend.

What I'm looking for is a female oread monk. PF, so she has some Vudrani influences being devoted to Irori. Skin like white marble, athletically toned, with black obsidian hair pulled back into a waist length braided tail.

Sapphire eyes, prefers to dress herself for the greatest amount of mobility (Less is more), and adorns her upper arms and abdomen with some decorative fleshgems.

References in pic.

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I saved them all!

>> No.23946674

One of these fancy new AdMech cyborgs punching through a Tau Crisis Suit.

If it's too much action, just draw one standing atop a destroyed Crisis Suit.

>> No.23946701

Yea that is the one I am waiting on. He said he might color it, and so I am sticking around to see if it comes up.

He also might have said something about the head being too small and the arms being too short, but I don't really know if that was him.

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How disheartening!

>> No.23946904

That looks very good.

>> No.23946919

Re-requesting here, I suppose.

Can you draw a young Knight on his early twenties? Wearing practical, simple full plate with a very light gray colouring, in near-pristine condition, and a long, dark blue cape. Finally, also wears a golden, simple necklace with a blue gem in the middle of it.

A rather youthful if slightly feminine face. Light gray eyes, long dark brown hair going a few inches past his shoulder, and a slightly angled chin.

If possible, also have him with a ornate, white Bastard Sword on one of his hands.

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Could I get a clean looking nosferatu, ears have been trimmed down to imitate regular human ones, as well as him being clad in platemail, posing with his helmet resting in his arms?

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Why are joke characters always getting good art?

>> No.23946988

Because they're fun to draw.

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OR Tau requester here, and I saved all of them. I suppose I am also waiting for the artist who did this one to give her Tau feet, but I can't recall if he actually said her was going to redo them?

Anyway I will keep monitoring.

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OR Tau requester here, and I saved all of them. I suppose I am also waiting for the artist who did this one to give her Tau feet, but I can't recall if he actually said he was going to redo them?

Anyway I will keep monitoring.

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Could you draw this for me? it's my Rogue Trader character.

Uzgob is something as rare as an Ork fighter pilot aboard a rogue trader vessel. Well, fighter pilot is a bit of a stretch. He's more like the maverick hotshot who equals number of downed crafts to skill with no regard on who's side the downed craft were fighting for.

He is dressed in what can only be described as a orky interpretation of human fighter pilot gear, only that where human gear has high-tech pressure-fabric and skin-tight envirosuit, uzgob's suit is made from rough squig leathers and plates of rough-stamped metal. The only piece of gear that is remotely similar to it's human counterpart is his helmet that would actually be able to hold a enviroseal (if it had anything to clamp on to that is). The helmet has a note with "Property of Kaptin’ Orgnash 'Eadkicka. Zogoff!" on it. (Uzgob stole it fair and square when Orgnash wasn't looking)

Uzgob’s right arm is a metallic prosthetic, a battelscar from when he rammed his previous fighta-bomma straight into an enemy Gargant.

If you do background he's standing in front of his fighta-bomma "Zogdakka", a heavily modified (and orkified) imperial Lightning strike fighter.

>> No.23947325

>with no regard on who's side the downed craft were fighting for.
But of course. If he misses them then they were one of ours and if he hits them they were the enemy. Uzgob is proppa orky, he is.

>> No.23947664

If anyone's still drawing could i get a Imperial guard officer with shitloads of augmetics and implants?

He's the commanding officer of a penal regiment that is specialized in fighting in toxic/radiation poisoned areas and thus get rebreathing apparatus/bionic lungs and similar implants. He's also sporting a very clunky but effective mechanical arm.

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I posted an updated one, did you miss it? (I tweaked a few mistakes in the image)

Guess I'll stick around and do some requests as they come in.

Generally they have more character to them, even when the requester doesn't ask for it, I like to embellish what I paint / draw with misc. details, it's just fun for the artist really.

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I'd be cool if somebody drew my character. I based his appearance off of Soren from Fire Emblem. Although, in my actual game, his hair is just shoulder length instead of with the ponytail.

>> No.23947819

Could I please get a Polish Hussar winking and snapping at some busty maidens as they pass by? A nice flute on his belt.

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>I posted an updated one, did you miss it?
I thought that was the updated one. Oh wait, here it is.

>> No.23948304

Cloud i get a Asian dude wearing a white mantle with a purple flower pattern also he wears a pair of sunglasses
he has a ponytail and has a toothpick between his teeth his facial expression would be a big grin.
Picture is a reference for the face.

>> No.23948690

I like the coloring you did on the tau chick.

>> No.23948707

I'm going to take a whack at this one. Any other details you'd like to see?

I am going to try and color it, but I'm atrocious at coloring, so it may just be in b&w

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>> No.23949262

Did this dude ever come back?
Told me to check back with them for a colored version.

>> No.23949642

I'll bump my request again as well.

>> No.23949735

A young adventuring girl in a simple dress with a triangular pattern around the hem, holding a mage's staff made of bamboo and with a satchel on her shoulder.

She has short tousled hair with a ribbon tied in it.`

>> No.23950049

Well, what stuff do you like to draw. I'll try to tailor my request to your preferences.

>> No.23950056

Bump again.

>> No.23950078

This with moses as an Eldar Farseer and the priests as Necron Crypteks.

>> No.23950139

Again, the old dude summoning the ghost of his dead wife using the amoxtli (book), the ghost have a kind face and the old dude have a sad face, remembering in his mind, the good times.

>> No.23950192

working on it right now, ive had a surprisingly busy day so ive only just got back to it, sorry for the wait

>> No.23950760

Oh no I was worried I missed you.
Listen, if you want you could just keep the skin white. I'm not sure about the whole skin-tone.
Initially it was that they were all a very white-pale skinned race, but a friend has been helping me. When I told them about the nanobots and the robotic backpack and how they are connected... They've been trying to convince me that they should be the same color as their tech-pack; all the nanobots in their blood and flesh.

I just don't know.

>> No.23950912

well i could show you how ive coloured the skin so far if you want? would that help?
(also would that make his tech-pack red, then?)

>> No.23951013

Sure, I think that would be nice.
And yeah, his tech-pack is red.

>> No.23951083

So after trying yo paint it for two hours, I gave up and just refined the sketch. Sorry

>> No.23951199

Telepath Psion Changeling!
Fucking internet was derping up on me earlier.

So, what's next?

>> No.23951206


That still looks good, thanks!

>> No.23951223

I'm new at this, but I'll take requests that I find interesting starting now.

>> No.23951233

any good?

>> No.23951234

Looks like this is next.

>> No.23951235

Could I request a lizardman picture?

I've always wanted to see a picture of a human on an alter atop a ziggurat. He is being held at his hands and feet by skinks and a fifth skink looms above them with dagger in hand, ready for the kill.

>> No.23951247

I'd like an angel. One of the weird ones, like an Ophanim.

>> No.23951305

A little girl riding on this guy's back. He's pretty big though.
Scabiel, the Maker of Ruins, is a Doom Horror, an astral being that feeds on the emotions of suffering, lamentation and fear. The Maker of Ruins has emerged in the world several times in history and wreaked havoc and leveled entire cities. It has strangely distorted perceptions and will primarily attack gods previously marked by Astral magic.

>> No.23951319

Yes it is.
It looks amazing.
I'm sorry but I am really tired, I spent all day painting a house and cleaning. I'm going to bed so, I'm sorry.
But thanks in advance for drawing for me, he looks amazing.

>> No.23951340

All angels are weird.

>> No.23951357

It's sooo CUTE! Can we keep him? Pleeeaaaaase?

>> No.23951365

dont worry about it, you have my DA right? so ill post it there as well as here when im done

>> No.23951422

Question: what the fuck is an oread?

>> No.23951480


>> No.23951483

Think of a Dwarf decked out in red and gold roman legionnaire armor with a gladius and tower shield. His helmet has a golden mask with only slits for eyes and one for breathing - it's in the likeness of a solid gold, angry dwarven face with a beard reminiscent of sunrays. That'd be sweet.

>> No.23951485

Yes I do. I wrote it down.

Some sort of rock Nymph.
I've seen that request before and looked it up. They're nymphs Artemis brought hunting with her I think. Unless I am confusing them with another nymph. There are a fuckton in Greek myth.

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>> No.23951576

Trying this one again.

A Blood Jaguar Librarian having a psyker duel with Threegrot the Weirdboy from the Scraplootas.

Heres a pic of Threegrot, three weirdgrots in an overcoat pretending to be a single weirdboy. Somehow no one has caught on yet.

>> No.23951582

And heres a BJag Librarian. Scary looking motherfucker. Their chapter has a grudge against the Scraplootas for reasons the Scraplootas don't give two zogs or a damn about.

>> No.23951606

googled it once and turned up shit.
Google finally came through, They're Planetouched with Earth Elemental ancestry.

>> No.23952037


OR Here, just saw your question.

Yes, they're Planetouched with Earth Elemental ancestry. Pretty awesome to play as.

>> No.23952122

here he is, if you're still hanging around

>> No.23952161

Human looking ones aren't weird enough for my campaign.

>> No.23952196

Does anyone know of a cheap, but quality scanner? I always want to contribute when I see drawthreads but then I remember I can't draw on the computer.
I mean I have a tablet and everything, but it's just not the same.

>> No.23952326 [DELETED] 


I got one from Cannon for about $50 it seems to work pretty well.

>> No.23952348


I got one from Canon for about $50 it seems to work pretty well.

>> No.23952879


>> No.23952904

I'll look into them, thank you.

>> No.23953190


No problem I don't scan a lot of colored stuff but for pencils it work great.

>> No.23953346


>> No.23953406


Looks pretty good for the sketch, thanks a lot!

Any plans on coloring it?

>> No.23953479

Bump again.

>> No.23953818

I normally don't color the stuff I do in draw threads. Coloring takes so long, normally only color personal stuff or ask for money.


>> No.23953941

Half-elf alchemist. He wears a leather trench coat and leather parade armor underneath. He has hair down to his shoulder, with the bangs tied into a ponytail. He keeps a fairly smug look on his face. He also uses a flanged mace.

>> No.23953947

Anyone willing to give drawing a Gun Tank a try?
Similar to pic but make the clothing a bit heavier, more metal pieces and the like. Maybe have him crouching behind a tower shield and using it as a brace to aim.

>> No.23953983 [DELETED] 


Fair enough. I suppose I'll see if someone else can color it for me. Thanks again!

>> No.23954009


>> No.23954280


Thank you thank you thank you!

Do you have paypal?

>> No.23954625

You're welcome.

Indeed I do. You want me to color her?

>> No.23955111

Yeah, that'd be swell, but I don't have much, is $5 enough?

>> No.23956170

Could you draw me a badass female kasrkin/40K stormtrooper?

She has several scars over her face, chews a cigar stub and has a few piercings. Just try to avoid the cuteness and twiggy-body syndrome that most female characters seems to have. All the other stuff i leave up to you.

>> No.23956179

damn forgot to add that she's sporting a chainsword (either in a scabbard or in her hand is fine)

>> No.23957239

A powerful Mummy Lord; in life he was the greatest bard who ever lived, in death he is even greater. Plays the drums.

>> No.23957999

requesting mor details otherwise I'll default to generic fantasy clothes

>> No.23958025

Karn fist bumping ulamog

>> No.23958083


Bumping this before I sleep. I just think it'd be a neat reaction image to use around /tg/

>> No.23958299

Angry labcoat pokemon trainer -requester around?

>> No.23958545

My character's a modern-day urban mage. He's tall and slim, with short, dark hair, no beard but stubble, reflective red teashades, pale skin, a skeletal left hand and a black fingerless glove on his right, a very lightly pinstriped white office shirt with rolled-up sleeves, a black tie, pinstriped black pants with a belt and a cigarette in his mouth. If it's done with colours included, I'd prefer only the red of the glasses be coloured, to give a Sin City kinda feel.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.23958575

Tau requester reporting in, still lurking.

>> No.23958640

yeah, for flat colors.

>> No.23958878

Here's the finished picture anyway, I hope that it reaches you.
You've been requesting this for some time now. I hope this works for you.

Anyway, I had too much fun with that robotic arm. I didn't know what you wanted it to look like, but I went for the scrappy look.
It's a little bit too long, certainly was not tailored for him. It's pretty worn down, and too heavy to carry itself so he strapped an exoskeleton to it.

I think I took a few too many liberties, but these little things are the things that I love in designing robotic arms.

I really wonder if anyone would be interested in me opening commissions. It could really help with the rent and such when I have to move again. I could really use it.
Naturally it would be way more polished than most of these things I've drawn here.

>> No.23958922

Sexy Female Psyker with long hair, a dress and a long coat playing the violin with a come hither look

>> No.23959306

what's your paypal?

>> No.23959584


>> No.23959859


>> No.23959932

Beavis as Tetsuo and Butthead as Kaneda. Doing their usual stuff.

>> No.23960214

is this thread still going? or should I wait for the next one?

>> No.23960352

still going. Requests are thinning,

>> No.23960412

give me a sec

>> No.23960569

Bump yet again.

>> No.23960584

a bunch of deep one like things in typical 20's style clothing encountering a human astronaut, the things don't recognize the human and the astronaut has clearly been out of the loop

>> No.23960624

Could I get a pony with a buckler strapped to his head, aswell as two sacks hanging from it's saddle, one of the sacks has a bit of blood dripping from it.

Hopefully none of that ponyfaggotry..

>> No.23960740

I'd like to request a Plague Marine in MKIII power armor, wielding a plague sword and bolt pistol. The belly of his power armor should be bloated, with cracks revealing his innards. His helmet shouldn't have any tubes, either, just a corroded and decaying MKIII Helmet. Two plague grenades should be about his waist, along with various pouches. On his chest should be a regular boltgun. If anyone tries to draw this, thank you.

>> No.23960872

Two options for you, both from Dark Heresy (40k).

The first character is named Vigo.

He is an Arbitrator. Basically, mix Judge Dredd with Robocop and the personality of Dirty Harry and you've got this guy. He's a lanky fellow with black hair and blue eyes. His skin is rather grimy. He's wearing what looks like riot gear and is leveling a FUCKHUEG revolver (Callahan Hand Cannon, if you get the reference). Kind of the pose in the pic, but with a revolver and the helmet is optional. Ultimately, I trust your artistic license.

The second character is named Felix.

Felix is basically Friar Tuck, IN SPAAAAAACE. He's fat, balding and wears a simple, rather ragged robe. He should be either smashing a heretic's face in with a skull all while screaming a Litany of Faith or reading a huge tome with the skull strapped to his shoulder and a candle sticking out of the top of it.

Alternatively, a cleric that's a straight rip off of Father Anderson would also be awesome.

>> No.23961899

I'd still like my half-elf if you don't mind.
Half-elf alchemist. He wears a leather trench coat and leather parade armor underneath. He has hair down to his shoulder, with the bangs tied into a ponytail. He keeps a fairly smug look on his face. He also uses a flanged mace.

>> No.23961999

A Black Knight carving up a Mad Cat with his broadsword. There aren't any good pics of the -9, so just imagine this guy, but with a sword in his left hand.

>> No.23962552

I believe it might not be what you wanted, but have it anyway.
And, yes, sorry for Kate Beaton faggatory.

>> No.23962841

bumping my request and offer a reward of One (1) Internet for the person/persons that draws him.

>> No.23962971

Cocoa beans and internet points for the brave drawguy.

>> No.23963347


>> No.23963742


>> No.23963806

Thanks mate!
Here's the promised Internet

>> No.23964660

just give me you're email and I'll send an invoice when I'm done.

>> No.23964894

Slaying those drumskins.

>> No.23964976

[email protected]

>> No.23965197 [DELETED] 

Could I get a redesign of our bulky power armor? The source material is a little too obvious, and it needs to look a little grittier and worn.

>> No.23965211

Oh yeh, I remember that request.

>> No.23965215

God that's just genius.

>> No.23965260

We'd like a redesign of our power armor. Preferably complete with shoulder mounted autocannon in the second reference, but optional.

The idea is to have a neckless, bulky suit that looks like it could have been churned out by a weary national war-machine to provide powered armor as cheap as possible.

>> No.23965290

The magazine is in the grip, It would normally extend like a banana magazine. A little small for those claws to use, perhaps a set of smaller hands in the palm of the claws or some parasite arms to reload.

>> No.23965726

bumping this request

>> No.23966216

Alright. I'll get to work on it.

>> No.23966803

Okay, I'm bored more girls to draw, please?

>> No.23966866

can you do this? >>23960584

>> No.23967398


>> No.23967524

Because of this
I'm uploading this

>> No.23967621


I just noticed this. Thanks man, it's great!

>> No.23967640

Joke art is for something like Xeno or Blueberries.

>> No.23967685

what is this supposed to imply?

>> No.23967708

i must say that i misunderstood...
I thought that anon said that the only characters that were receiving art, were the joke ones...
sorry, i don't want to sound arrogant...

Ok, not all the humorous drawings, just the running gags characters then?

>> No.23967974

Are there any drawfags?

>> No.23968095

Me, and I am very picky about what I draw (read: I like to draw girls).

>> No.23968133


Draw a cute priestess kneeled down next to a campfire fire while being watched over by her stalwart, knightly skelebro.

>> No.23968224

I think I can do this.

>> No.23968234

Not quite what you asked for, but it's very close and Forge World art.

>> No.23968242

Some of the Centzon Totochin, Aztec Rabbit gods. Kind of like bloodthirsty satyrs; they're all about drinking and parties. And they use the distilled divinity of the Aztec scions to brew their heavily booze; draining them of blood and teotl.

So creepy vampire rabbit looking things.

>> No.23969310

QUESTION: Priestess of what god?

>> No.23969458


I dunno, does it matter?

Just go with whatever you like.

>> No.23969550

I get free reign?
This only dictates her holy symbol and clothes really.

>> No.23969926

I went with Saint Cuthbert

>> No.23970397

Yeah, that's what I based the character off of.

>> No.23970864

Cianna, amateur judge and cleric of ST Cuthbert, has set up camp for the night, and her self appointed bodyguard, the Skeletal Knight, Xanward stands at the ready near the edge of the fire's light.

A twig snaps in the distances and the young judge swivels her heard asking aloud, "What was that?!"

>> No.23970951

well fuck. I forgot the pic.

>> No.23971315


She's cute, but if you're gonna cut out most of the skeleton I wouldn't bother man.

>> No.23971418

corrected it slightly and colored it

>> No.23971437

Blue against blue doesnt really stand out all that well. You should try making her bikini purple or something. Other than that, it looks great.

>> No.23971448

honestly, i was so focused on drawing her, that when i finished her and was about to scan, I went back and read the request.
>Forgot the skeleton.
I like the concept I had of this character, So, I WILL revisit her and Xanward at some point, hopefully I'll be better at drawing skeletons by then. Hell I'm already thinking of a short story for them.

>> No.23971601 [DELETED] 

is this better?

>> No.23971674

is this better?

>> No.23971762

Fuck... I'll draw Xanward and and edit him in.

>> No.23971865


>> No.23972326


>> No.23972445

Bumping this two requests, because he impress me the knowlegde of anon about the cetzon tochtli, the drunken gods of pulque.

>> No.23972511


Skeleton's legs look a little off, like he's floating in space.

He also, dare I say it, looks a little bare bones. Perhaps invest in a cloak or something and a helmet. Also considering he's her personal companion perhaps a token representing his belonging to her? A flower or a ribbon?

Also that sword hand looks a little awkward, is he pulling that thing out of his ass? If you want something a little easier, consider having it laid across his knees.

>> No.23972556

When i revisit Cianna and Xanward, there will be a story time and a much better picture.

>> No.23972576

Looks great! Thanks, drawfag!

>> No.23972890

The idea was, is that she was assigned to a branch temple and had to travel there by herself. She got lost and took shelter in a cave. Xanward, the Skeletal Knight, came out of the cave and attacked her after she had set up camp there.

After a couple failed attacks, Xanward notices that she's not a monster and stops. Cianna, being a level one cleric passed out from the encounter. She later wakes to find his bony face staring down at her and she tries to turn, but it doesn't work (like how turning doesn't work on good liches). He tells her his life story, ending with "I couldn't protect my friends in life, so I shall protect their resting place in death."

Cianna notes how noble that is and bids him fair well. She leaves the cave and soon after gets attacked by hobgoblins. Xanward comes to her rescue. The picture is their second night traveling together.

>> No.23973396

Thought /tg/ would like to see that I colored a page from DEFF SKWADRON

>> No.23973422

pretty good!

>> No.23973451

And the threads near death when I arrive. Fuck.
My PC if anyone would be so kind. A young man of Italian descent whose of average height and weight. His hair is cut in a rough Mohawk like he did it with a razor blade and his face is generally scruffy looking like he's been on the move for several day. His outfit consists of a sleeveless hoodie opened up to show a tshirt that loudly proclaims, Fuck Your Waifu, and some slightly sagging baggy cargo pants packed with ammo. Slung over his chest within easy reach is a shortened combat shotty alongside a rather large pistol strapped to his thigh. He's also has rather bulky AR Visor rig around his neck that was his camera. Having him either in dumbstruck in disbelief or overly angry at something minor would portray him perfectly

>> No.23973469

Thanks also I forgot to color a damn plane.

>> No.23974114

OR here. That is really nice, any chance you could drop the anon so that I can give credit where credit is due?

>> No.23974172

Despite blatantly ripping off Greg Mustache's gimmicks, it was actually me all along.

>> No.23974230

I thought so. It has your trademark gross-ass babyface.

>> No.23974244

which I in fact ripped off from this pic; if you could point out what makes it gross-ass, do so

>> No.23974268

I dunno, maybe it's your shading?

>> No.23974277

OR here. I thought as much by your shading style on her legs. Nice work.

>> No.23974307

possibly; contrast doesn't usually work well with stylized cutesy faces.

>> No.23974319

I'm talking about the face, what do the legs have to do with this?

>> No.23974340

You have a distinct shading technique for the muscle groups in legs, and to a lesser extent the highlights of her ribs. I was never talking about her face.

She wins first prize for best butt.

>> No.23974356

But I don't shade out distinct muscle groups in legs; as far as possible I make female legs look like a single even shape.

>> No.23974401

I suppose I worded that poorly. I am referring to the style of highlights vs shaded sections.
Also her umbrella has your scribbles. I don't know how I recognize your scribble style by now.

>> No.23974416


Techno pls draw a Riptide bearing down out of the sky guns blazing onto a Contemptor/Wraithlord/equivalent that's been taken unawares.

>> No.23975728

Giant spiders

>> No.23979286

I'd like to see a Fire Caste girl working on her abs


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