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Forever DMs, count your blessings. I too was once a forever DM. Eventually, I got fed up with it, and said I needed a break.

So my friends made a new friend. He ran a game for them. When I felt my mojo return, and asked people if they wanted to play, none of my players were interested in going back to my game. They avoid me when I ask about RPGs. We still hang out, watch movies, play video games, but no more RPGs.

I always thought I was a good DM. But I guess I'm not. Be happy that people like you, forever DMs.

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Wow, can't you just play a character in the better DM's game?

It can be hard to judge when you're not a fun DM. If you found yourself getting psyched telling them "Yeah and this time, you start as commoners! And there will be like... no magic items or anything! It'll be great!" then.... sorry dude.

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The worst DM's I've had have been very controlling. Going from a DM who just says "no" all the time to one who says "Yes, and!" or "Yes, but..." can be like night and day. And when you're the only DM it can feel like that is THE WAY it must be played.

Everyone has their own style. I'm kinda curious about yours.

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>"Yeah and this time, you start as commoners! And there will be like... no magic items or anything! It'll be great!"

Wish I could play in a campaign like that. Extremely rare magic in civilized areas. People enter the dungeons to retrieve magical artifacts and sell them to nobles for a fortune. A single wandering monster terrorizing the villages and has to be hunted down by a party of 20. Then the mongols invade.

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I fucking love that drawfag's style.

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Ohh snap dude, can we like forage for food and water and take penalties if we don't find enough rations? that sounds like so much fun

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Meh, you must have sucked. I can't even hint about wanting to run a game again without getting deluged with queries.

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It reminds me of Brad Neely

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it is neely

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It reminds me of neon skull

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>mfw I know a guy who is convinced this is a good idea for a campaign

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Now I feel like an asshole

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Its a great idea for a campaign. But yeah, most attempts at running something like this end up like >>23942313 because the DM sucks.

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>Be the forever DM for a while.
>Tell people I want to be a player.
>Other guy does the DMing.
>Bullshits everything.
>Have to constantly point out that there are indeed rules for what he's doing that don't feel like being raped by 13 niggers on your birthday.
>Just says "Well I'm house ruling it."
>Only let him DM like 4 sessions before everyone is begging me to DM again.
>Guy takes every comment, criticism, and bit of advice as an attack on him.
>Basically throws the rules out the window when he's DMing.
>Decide to take back the reigns and DM again.
>New DM takes this as an enormous attack on himself, makes a huge scene at our meeting place, storms off.
>Never shows up again, disowns all of us as his friends.
>Still no idea what happened to him.

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I don't see why that premise is such a bad idea. What's so wrong about playing in a setting where magic is scarce enough as to be thought of as near-mythical and monsters are village-razing nightmares?

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I introduced tabletop gaming to a kink chatsite I was on.

Now I'm running four games because I can't say no to people.

Yet, when I ask to join the other tabletop games that have sprouted up, even with the people I'm GMing for running them, I'm always told

>Sorry, there's just...not enough room for you.

I even had it happen once where, I asked a GM who had a game idea to reserve a slot for me because I liked the idea. The next day his game is full up but I've been removed.

So apparently I'm a really shitty player?

But everyone wants me to GM.

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>a kink chatsite
>I can't say no to people
Anon, you slut!
Got room for one more?

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You can tell if people like your games based on two things: how much they laugh during the game, and how often and how fondly they bring up things from past games. If your players are laughing, they are probably having a good time. And if they bring up something from a year or two years or five years past and talk about how awesome it was, telling new friends what they missed and exaggerating the details with each recounting like some grandfather's fishing story, that's when you know something went right.

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It's completely possible. I know a lot of DMs who are some of the worst players you can imagine. They have the rules memorized, often pull bullshit rules lawyer, know every monster's stats, and exploit loopholes for their characters.

One DM I'm friends with tried to bring an ECL 18 Lvl 1 Fighter to a game in 3rd edition and threw a fit when everyone told him to fuck off.

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How /d/ stuff can you handle?
Because we're pretty /d/.

Yeah I always make an effort to learn the mechanics of everything down to pat. I mean, I just really understand systems quickly and easily, so I'm often invited to be a mechanics consultant on the tabletop games no matter the system.

But I've noticed that I'm a really quiet and shy player. I don't interact unless interacted with, I don't really take initiative...I like playing support, but I end up just being the walking first aid kit because I don't know how to take action as a player.

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It's more like I have no interest in playing some masochistic fantasy where we're powerless nothings. And i also don't understand at all the desire to do so.

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>If your players are laughing, they are probably having a good time.
This is great advise. You can be laughing during heroic combat, or even a tense scary moment.

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Laughter is a common response to tension.

My Anima group is having tons of fun. THey haven't stopped talking about the Martial Artist that decided to wrestle a shark at the end of a fishing line, who then got bit twice and nearly died.

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Probably hogging attention. It's fine if your DM introduces characters with long speeches you don't want that from players.

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GMing is a lot about style. One persons best GM might be another persons worst.

There are outliers, of course, the extremes of good and bad GMing who can let everyone in the group enjoy themselves or utterly crush any chance they get, but there are also the extremes of player who can drag down the best game or can still have fun in the worst one.

Don't beat yourself up OP. Perhaps try talking to your players about your style of game, see what they liked and disliked about it. You need a group who key into your style for it to really work.

I'm a very rules light, story focused GM. I treat the mechanics as an optional extra, involving them when necessary and discarding them when not, focusing entirely on the characters and how they affect their world. My current group are people who enjoy that sort of thing.

But I've had people who really hated my games, for various reasons. Some people were annoyed that I didn't stick closer to the mechanics and improvised on the fly rather than getting stuck in ten minutes of figuring out what should happen (I'd go back and read the section later, but I always want to keep the game moving at the time), and others didn't like the feeling that their characters were the center of the world. I mostly improvise my setting and story based on the themes and ideas the players bring with them, creating detail and characters where they look rather than planning them in advance, but some people have had no idea what to do or gotten really lost without a large, clear and coherent setting laid out in front of them.

None of these people are bad players, and I don't think I'm a bad GM for not being able to accommodate them. It's just a question of style.

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Should it be considered bad to be the designated DM?
I'm sorry, I just don't see why. I love to build worlds and write stories. I would not be able to not-DM for more than a few short adventures or single-session games as being the DM is exactly what I want to be all the time.

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It is a good idea, but you can't play it like your usual D&D campaign without monsters and magic.

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how would we have fun if I can't fulfill my pathetic power fantasies

what do you mean i can't run around killing npcs lol

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Man. This almost happened to me.

I just took a different route though. New GMs were really combat focused, and mebe I'm just butthurt, but it felt like they were power tripping.
Instead of running the same game the same way, I picked a system totally different from what we were playing (Call of Cthulhu to Serenity RPG) and leapt to left wing, making my new campaign entirely about characters and stuff. System helps, cuz Serenity's just a soap opera RPG with guns, but the players really reacted well to something new and different, even from an old GM.

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yeah I think I'm like that too

actually good when it comes to GMing, shitty when it comes to being a player.

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Yeah that's what i'm saying! Even like, a really well done horror game may result in that moment of relief-ed laughter.

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>what grognards actually believe modern gamers want.

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on the contrary i generally find that the more socially adapted people that play RP games tend to lower power level campaigns, like my irl group that prefers stuff like epic 6 and wod.

neckbeards, like the people who I play online with are the ones who want to pretend to be superpowerful deities who kill superpowerful magic creatures with really big numbers

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you must not like OW then

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This situation happened for me, but in the oddly reverse way. I made some new friends and joined in on their Pathfinder campaign. A few months later the 'main' campaign ended and I volunteered to be the DM for the next campaign.

The guy that was running the previous one had been DMing for that group for several years, but was seldom a player. Whenever he did get a chance to be a player, it was short-lived because nobody in the group had the chops to be a DM, they got fed up with the group or the campaign fizzled.

Now that I joined them, I'm a very seasoned DM and my campaign has been going strong for a few months now and he's upset that everybody is much more into my campaign than his (the players that would be on their laptops during his sessions are now sitting close to the table and are really into things). He doesn't hide this well either, he tries to take subtle digs at me any time he can, and he doesn't like that my style is different than his.

This is a problem with other DMs-as-players that I've encountered before, so I know how to deal with it and keep him in the game for the most part. I take a small bit of joy knowing that the thing that probably bothers him the most is that he is having fun and doesn't want to admit it.

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>My anecdotal evidence is better than your anecdotal evidence!

I play high powered games, like Legends of the Wulin. The games we play are extremely narrative focused, built around the characters and their interactions with one another. Every fight has a meaning and consequences in the wider story. The characters are powerful people, but that power is accompanied by responsibility, connections to people and duties to organisations in the wider setting and world. I play high powered games because I like, as a player and a GM, for the players to be capable of that sort of influence, to be able to change and alter the setting with their choices and actions.

This isn't how all high power games go. This isn't saying low power games are bad, or all fit into one or another derogatory stereotypes. I'm just pointing out that your generalisation doesn't hold true.

Although your distinction between 'socially adapted people' and 'neckbeards' doesn't really help your point, either. Or your inability to capitalize sentences.

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What /d/ stuff are we talking about?

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Monstergirls, bondage/submission, vore, some other stuff

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>In two groups
>Enjoying just being a player, but want to try DMing
>Somehow end up DMing both of them
>Both groups fall apart shortly afterwards

Now THAT'S how you know you're a shit DM.

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Mm, monstergirls and BDSM... posting a lamia was intentional, yes?

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Weird, my players do that and I thought myself a shit DM... Thanks for the confidence boost anon.

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Really? WoD is just my speed. I consider it pretty high power.

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Maybe it's one of those things like where if you don't ever wonder if you're crazy, you probably are.

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I always worry about joining games because I don't think any other DM can give the freedom or character development that I give my players...

But then again I know I'm terrible when it comes to preparation and adding serious tones.

If someone takes my spot, maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I'll learn to trust again. Besides I've all but forgotten what being a PC is like.

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I have a similar story, but mine has a (kinda) happy end.

>Be ForeverDM
I consider myself to be a good DM, my players are generally happy. Tried switching DM duties with others in the group but in the long run it's always on me.
>Due to various shit, campaign goes on hiatus.
>A while later, call my freinds to go out for a drink
>They decline because game night
>Turns out a common acquaintance (not part of the regular group) set up a new game
>All of my players are in this game, even those that didn't know otherDM
And now for the worst part
>OtherDM basically lied to the group, said he asked me to play too and I said no
>Invents excuses for my absence every time they play
>However, since I know the type, he runs two sessions then fucks off back into nothingness

I guess some people are just desperate for a game (or just company).
I had a fight with my group over this, but in the end, bros are bros and we got back together (even if we don't play as often).

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Half of DM'ing is getting everyone together.
If you don't INSIST on running a game again people will drop out.

When in doubt ask for suggestions and see if your players have any complaints.

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So much this. Stepped up to be DM for my group for our Deathwatch Campaign (so that it would happen, cause I love Space Marines), and our resident DM is a Techmarine who brings up rules questions which make me think that he's actively attempting to educate me on the rules as the game is going on.

I just sort of let it pass and keep rolling, but fuck-all if it isn't irritating. He also is actively of a school where "the objective of the players is to sneak bullshit past the DM, while the DM has to tramp down the bullshit and keep the story on some sort of rail."

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It's true. DMs make horrible players because they understand the logic behind it. They see the hidden rails that they are on, because they used to be the ones laying them down. They know all the rules, and how to break them over their knee, because they have dealt with problem players in the past.

But worst of all, most DMs, when playing, have an issue with backseat DMing. I can't tell you how many times I have heard "Well, when I was DMing, instead of X we did Y...", and how many times I have come close to saying it in turn.

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In my group (4e D&D) almost everyone has tried to DM at least once. Even I ran a short session that never really took off due to awful timing (players had crunch work/ coursework deadlines/ ect.). That was when I discovered how unprepared I was for actual DMing.

So far only one campaign has lasted more than a couple of months and the rest either fizzled into nothingness or sparked massive arguments, but now even that final bulwark seems to be crumbling before our eyes. The DM is having a kid soon, and the other players all have a different sense of what RPGs should be like, leaving him berated and exhausted from trying to fit the campaign to everyone's tastes. Example; a player heard that another was rerolling a psion and decided he wanted no part in the campaign anymore.

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Anyway, whenever a member of the group begins planning a new campaign/arc/reboot I get a message a few days into the process asking me to verify that their ideas aren't book-burningly stupid, because in this group I seem to be just inoffensive enough to each member not to earn anyone's ire. During this period I make suggestions and help them polish their ideas slightly. I help knock out kinks that I think will irritate players or make things less fun for them, and on occasion suggest changes that suit my own tastes. Sue me.

This means that in every campaign I play, I know that I will probably enjoy myself. It means that I can feel some pride when the other players like an idea I suggested. Most of all, it means I get to play. On the other hand, when a DM comes to me with an idea that is either poorly thought through or simply doesn't fit the setting/theme I find myself shoehorning it into their setting anyway because otherwise I'm 'Backseat Dming'. I also have to deal with DMs who don't know half of the lore/rules I do and who tell me to 'just go with it' when they ignore rules and disrespect players.

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Right now the group is falling apart. Our fort is over-run with shadows of future commitments and the baying of doubt, and deep in my heart I know that the Age of Fun is coming to a close. I know what must be done. Too long have I stood in the shadows, playing at being a player. I will take the shards of the group that was broken and forge it anew, and take my place as Forever DM, guardian of the Fun.

There may come a time when the strength of gamers fails. When we double book sessions and break our bonds of fellowship.
But it is not this day.

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>tfw you're a forever DM
>tfw you ask for criticisms and and complaints they might have
>tfw all they say is "It was fun!"
I wish my friends had the guts to tell me I suck, or at least where.

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Sorry to hear that duder. We tended to have forever-DMs for each system, so I got to play shadowrun but always DM'd DnD. I ran some crazy shit that is kinda silly looking back on it, but everyone was laughing and having a good time, so it must have been ok. Have you tried asking to play and not DM with the new group?

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You sir have inspired me.

Fun for the fun god!

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>My friends tell me this
>I know they're full of shit
>Can't just say that because the only ones more autistic than me are them

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