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So is living equipment equipment, mechanically, or is it a creature with its own stat block that just happens to also be usable as equipment as a racial ability?

How does living equipment interact with rules for area attacks, called shots, etc?

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Also, name your system

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No, living equipment is just comes into play attached to a 0/1 token.

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>implying that explicit markers of intent are worse than ambiguous asterisks

Also, any system, but 3.5 and Pathfinder come to mind as the ones with them most crunchy equipment systems.

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I used the uncensored version of this in and Exalted game to represent a Demon type. Out of 6 players, one was repulsed, four were 'meh' and one was interested in acquiring a new set of armor . . .

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I don't need any more oddly specific fetishes. Hard enough to find porn already.

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Play a Daelkyr Half-Blood out of Magic of Eberron. They get free symbionts, which are Tiny to Medium Aberrations with their own mental ability scores that can be worn as equipment.

They also have Ego scores, and so can potentially take over the host if there's a personality conflict.

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This is my fetish. It's also why I want to play a Summoner in Pathfinder so badly.

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Not 100% sure of specifics but intelligent items, whether equipment or essentially inert, DO have a pseudo statblock depending on their level of sentience. Some intelligent items are essentially automatons that can only follow what their primitive magic programming can have them do, but truly sentient items usually have a set of INT/WIS/CHA stats, with the physical properties (hardness/hp) replacing their STR/DEX/CON. They need these stats as intelligent items can make things like perception checks- and some can even cast their own spells.

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Normal summoner, or synthesist?

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Symbionts are also in the Fiend Folio. They aren't very good though for the most part, but I don't think there were any equipment creatures in 3.5/Pathfinder that weren't complete balls.

Personally I'd just rule them as arms and armor that require a sacrifice of some sort on the user's part and you can't take it off unless you make an ego check.

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Assuming you're using Pathfinder / something similar, this sounds like an intelligent item that can be repaired with regular healing. Taking damage from AoEs is a interesting but not fatal flaw (especially since no one really bothers with sunder).

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Synthesist. Although, with enough acid/blunt resistance, a Swallow Whole eidolon could work too.

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This page lists symbionts found in other books and in Dragon Magazine: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=190350

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You called?

Also for Pathfinder, pretty sure you can sunder/call shots on them. They do have stats and they have rules for them in the core book under Magical Items.

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Damnit, /tg. Now I want to play a PF game just so I can get ahold of a living suit of armor and take the Armor Bonded prestige class.

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That class looks all kind of neat, but I don't think the "merge with armor" ability would play nicely with living armor. Intelligent magic item armor, maybe, if you can figure out how that interacts with its Ego score.

Also, pic related for the kind of thing "merged with armor" makes me think of.

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Back when I was running a Guyver campaign in 3.0, I just used the rules for Constructs and let the Players fluff them up an add relevant gear/abilities based on size & type.

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Or better yet, this. All it's missing is an alt mode power.

With the Old Face graft, it's even got the Transformers thing where you reveal a normal face to talk to people, then armor plates slide back into place covering your features during fights.

To elaborate, the trickiest parts I see of trying to use living armor with it are (a) how do you handle that it has a full separate stat block to start with? and (b) symbionts can't have enchantments improved, unlike normal magic armor.

If you can figure out those two caveats you might be able to get it to work.

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>symbionts can't have enchantments improved
Get bling. Pimp that. Problem solved.
>how do you handle that it has a full separate stat block
Intelligent Item. Done.

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>Back when I was running a Guyver campaign in 3.0

Why does /tg/ always have old stories of epic shit?

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In my experience it's because ongoing shit can either slow to an abrupt halt thanks to scheduling difficulties, or because sometimes groups have that guy who can ruin the whole game.
You can only really judge a game by it's worth after it's ofter, because it can go to shit really fast.

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In lords of madness, tsochar wears you! I also recall a pathfinder thing that lets you use golloms as armor

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The only downside to this is the fact that nobody every fucking GMs stuff along these lines.

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It's kind of disturbing to imagine someone bonding with a sapient artifact. There's a level of mental violation there which is best served for body horror games.

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You haven't been on /tg/ for very long, have you?

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>I turn into a moped. Beep beep!

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Stop turning everything into your fucking fetishes and get back to /d/

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I've been working on some Tyranid Biomorphs to be used by human characters. It's been rough trying to think of the rules for them, since they're self-attaching, rather than requiring "transgenic grafting" (Read: Fluffing attaching Xeno bits to characters and gaining various traits.)

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A moped is fine too...

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Except asterisks are parsed by scripts, while BBcode isn't.

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Other than it being HERESY of the highest order, have you considered arranging them according to tyranid genus?

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Don't just tell us about them, post what you have so far.

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Shame Armor Bonded is a shit class

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It was considered, but many Range biomorphs are fairly impossible due to the need to grow living ammo. A human host likely couldn't keep up with it, so most biomorphs are Melee based.

As for HERESY, of course it is, but it's fairly unknown heresy with the fluff I'm going for.


I'm hoping to release it with other things for use by /tg/. After all, the basis of it came from the silly shit /tg/ did in the past.

I'll post a sample in a few minutes, keep in mind it's a work in progress.

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>It was considered, but many Range biomorphs are fairly impossible due to the need to grow living ammo. A human host likely couldn't keep up with it, so most biomorphs are Melee based.

Not actually how I meant. I meant something like Hormagaunt armor granting increased speed, movemenet over rough terrain and claws, Gargoyle armor granting flight, etc. You could even have a big-brained Zoanthrope suit to enhance psyker abilities

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Pics from Limb Legion, btw.
Contains the annex Tentacles Taxonomy with a lot of weirdly specific information about the matter.

Do Eldar wraithbone armor suits count as living armor?

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>Do Eldar wraithbone armor suits count as living armor?

Wraithbone is psychically resonant but not actually alive, unless occupied by a soul of a deceased being. One could manufacture an armored suit out of say a wraithguard, I think, but I also think most eldar would not like the idea very much

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Gist of it goes like this:

> Biomorphs are self-contained Tyranid symbiotes designed to automatically graft themselves to a human host. They go through a process of determining if the host is suitable, then using blades of bone and various other organic instruments, surgically install themselves and rig the biomorph into the host's central nervous system. The brutality of the installation depends on the biomorph complexity. Things like Adrenal Glands are simple, requiring really only connection to the body and the host's nerves. Multiple limbs or other things are far more invasive.

So far, I only have things fleshed out for "Complex" biomorphs.

> The process takes 6d10 minutes, and will always succeed assuming the host isn't rejected. The host takes 1d5 wounds, 1d5 toughness damage, a point of corruption, and a point of fatigue, as well as suffering a -10 penalty to resist poisons and toxins due to immune-suppressants used by the symbiote to aid in installation for 1d5 hours following the procedure. Additionally, the host is automatically implanted similarly to a Genestealer's Kiss.

> In return for the laundry list of negative effects of the operation, the host gains various traits, depending on the biomorph:

> Extra Limbs: +1 Wound, Multiple Arms (2) (They always come in pairs), Improved Natural Weapons (Claws), Natural Armor (2) on the additional limbs, +10 Toughness, -10 to all tests using the extra arms unless Ambidextrous.

> Rending Claws: +1 Strength Bonus, Improved Natural Weapons (Rending Claws), Unarmed Melee Attacks become 1d10+1+SB Pen 5, Razor Sharp. Cannot grasp anything, as the claws "replace" the host's hands.

> Chitinous Plating: Natural Armor (2) to the Biomorph location.

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It's more individual biomorphs, rather than an "armor" based on a specific creature... Which wouldn't really work given humans aren't built to function like those creatures. Still working on how Wings might work, as well as muscle grafts and other potential uses.

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How about a living weapon that levels up when you beat people with it?

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>that gif
Nanomachines soon, fellow cyborg?

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>dare you enter my magical realm

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Other things you might consider:

>Head based biomorphs (improved sight/hearing/whatever, teeth based natural attacks, that one thing that lets hormagaunts spit acid at dudes)
>Leg-based biomorphs

If you wanted to go full heresy, have something that gives minor psychic powers in exchange for seeding the hivemind.

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Still working on those. Also, Gargoyles spit acid, nor Hormagaunts.

As for Psykery, arguably Tyranid things would be incapable of working with Humans, as Tyranids don't use the warp, instead drawing power from the Hivemind. Human minds touching the hivemind tend to get molested into oblivion by God-forsaken trillions of hungry teeth and claws. Best that could be done would be a form of brood telepathy, I think.

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Well that looks a tad too appealing. Wouldn't constant stimulation negate most advantages it could give you?

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They used to a couple of editions back. I miss my biomorph options.

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I think every Tyranid fan does.

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On the trail of a string of weird disappearances, your party have all been entrapped by some insane artificers, who have put you all inside living armor. It cannot be removed with ordinary or normal magical means, and it is slowly bonding with your bodies. Once finished you will join the artificers secret habitat of "superior" beings. Turns out everyone who vanished was someone deemed worthy by the artificers and they are now transformed and living in the secret habitat as well.

wat do

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In second edition. Elves had Guyvers.

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>1d5 toughness damage
Are we talking temporary or permanent toughness damage here?

Increased toughness when getting two arms doesn't make much sense here, I guess. The rest of the body would not become stronger, would it?

Less complex symbiotes should probably just give you the fatigue, corruption and immune suppression effects. Their installation should be much faster, like 1d10+10 minutes from placement to functionality.

Like adrenaline glands or other other such small things.

Also, I think we could have the AdMech experiment with such things. The Biologis in particular. They might come up with methods to either manipulate Tyranid biomorphs into working as less invasive/corrupting forms of living armor or they could breed it their own.
I imagine something that works like power armor.
You get a regular, mechanical implant, called a bio impulse unit. It works like the regular mind impulse unit, but instead communicates with living biological connections.
The living armor would encase your body, keeping it in a liquid medium produced and maintained by the suit itself.

Or you use living armor that is not drawn for pornographic reasons.
It could just, say, not constantly suck your dick and massage your prostate.

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They also had Dunbine type bio-mechs.

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I should probably be bothered that these two pics are accurate forms of bio-wizardry.
Instead I'm reminded of what makes RIFTS so fun.

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Imagine a lovely elf girl slipping into those... Nnnngh now I'm hard again. Fuck you /tg/

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Way ahead of you.
Also: Internal ear nibbling system.

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Sorry, there's just something about a very beautiful woman hidden within a monstrous creature...

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> Are we talking temporary or permanent toughness damage here?

Temporary. It's usually temporary unless stated otherwise.

> Increased toughness when getting two arms doesn't make much sense here, I guess. The rest of the body would not become stronger, would it?

The Multiple Arms trait increases toughness by +10, among other things. The +10 toughness is from that, not in addition to it.

> Less complex symbiotes should probably just give you the fatigue, corruption and immune suppression effects. Their installation should be much faster, like 1d10+10 minutes from placement to functionality.

Likely not even the corruption, just the fatigue and immune suppression, as well as the Genestealer implant. The corruption is due to the implant actually making altering the host's genes to accept the new body parts, where a simple biomorph doesn't require that. Presumably, they're glorified Chem Glands or Injector Rigs, in the case of Adrenal Glands and similar things.

> Also, I think we could have the AdMech experiment with such things. The Biologis in particular. They might come up with methods to either manipulate Tyranid biomorphs into working as less invasive/corrupting forms of living armor or they could breed it their own.
> I imagine something that works like power armor.

Heresy. Also, the entire point of the Biomorphs is to start Genestealer cults in the absence of Genestealers. A Genestealer is an obvious sign of what's going on, some strange alien organs being peddled through the Cold Trade to nobles and idiots, not so much. That's why the Implant is involved.

That said, I'm working on Muscle Grafts and other things. The idea is, Biomorphs can work individually, or together. Rending Claws, Multiple Limbs, Chitin Plating, and Muscle Grafts lead to a character effectively becoming a Genestealer. It's doubtful a character will actually obtain all those, but then again, someone that likes how one biomorph performs may seek out others

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theyre working on a bigger one with hopes to put a gun on it.

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Well, why not? If you're going to put on a suit of living armor, might as well make it fun to work with.

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Fun is relative. Personally? I'd find it more fun to have four hands I can do things with than to be fucked constantly in a suit of armor, since one implies variety while the other implies I'm going to do one thing until I can't stand it anymore.

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Of course it's heresy.
But if you have tech priests make themselves mechanical bodies of all kinds, you would expect those who work with living tissue to create and research the 'biological machine' to do similar things.

I mean, if the followers of the Machine God can have iron extra limbs, why not flesh extra limbs?
I imagine a madden Magos Biologis sect convinced that living, biological machinery is the necessary next step for the continued survival of humanity.
As the rest of the AdMech believes in the machines as something very much alive, they believe in life as a very mechanical affair.
This changes their outlook on what the machine god is, binding the idea of the Emperor as the Omnissiah to his actions in creating the Astartes.
With the new menace of the Tyranid invasions, a new type of weapons will be needed to meet the threat on equal terms.
Thus they create living weapons and armor which can heal itself.

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You do realize it takes a thousand years or so of research and reverse engineering for the Admech to do ANYTHING regarding Xenos? If it were that simple, the Imperium as a whole would have the stable Plasma technology of the Tau (And not just the extra heretekal Lathes), as well as all that delicious anti-grav so the Imperial Guard would have Leman Russ Skimmers and Flying Basilisks.

The Admech is fairly retarded, and are honestly more likely to incinerate anything they get their hands on rather than even consider doing research on it.

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Those wouldn't necessarily be Tyranid organisms.
Just imagine what a research station of less inhibited individuals with highly augmented brain capacity could cook up in a hundred years or so while being out of sight from the wider Imperium.
Say, somewhere the Astronomican can't reach or just far enough off the mark to not really check on what they do.
Or an explorator ship that's been sent away never to be heard off again because their higher echelons conspired to cut themselves off and do some serious researching without the Fabricator General or some council breathing down their necks.

>> No.23940645


Could be, though they'll likely get captured, interrogated, and servitorized if they come back to the Imperium for Tech Heresy. They're kind of out of reach of the average acolyte otherwise.

The Admech are bastards like that.

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I imagine these things listening to "Stayin' Alive" while walking. It just seems so fitting.

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Is it possible to wear regular armour over living armour?

>> No.23940690

Bet your ass.
But say they are around somewhere in the Expanse, deep in the Cold Trade. I imagine they could hold out for quite a while among people who do not ask too many questions and are happy to trade biochemical components for bioweapons and possibly biomechanical suits.
It needn't be flashy as that, mind you.
A blade of bone hidden in your arm could be utterly untraceable, for instance.

>> No.23940696

Probably more viable graft armor onto a living armor.

>> No.23940715

Wait wait wait

So can we put living armor in living armor in living armor?

Im thinking Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the bio-zoid version

>> No.23940720

I really must play this, if only to see more of that fucking grin.

>> No.23940727

Okay Exalted
So yes the Living Armor demon, I used to use one of these on my Slayer cast. His armor stats were so high that most attacks did instnat death back to anything that hit him.

Here is what you need to remember. The Living armor demon has a mind of it's own, and wants to see what is going on. have it generate eyes in weird places. As the GM give it some personality (they are typically cowards) and have some fun with it. Mine was scarred to death of my character's daughter (8 or 10 years old).
It generates it's armor effect using it's own essence for a scene, so if it's reasonable for it to think that it might be one combat after the other don't have it give maxium armor value have it only give partial and have it tell the user "I need to concerve essence this looks like it might be rough".

>> No.23940823

That'd be stupid.
I'm talking about directly putting unorganic armor plate onto the suit.

>> No.23940844


What demon is this, the Bidak?

Aren't Hellstriders sapient as well?

>> No.23940985

It doesn't have to be constant. That would be a distraction. Nothing wrong with adding it in as an option, though.

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>Karl, stop having sex with your armor, we're only two minutes from LZ!

Although I would argue the haze caused by a prostate-induced orgasm could render you combat ineffective for hours.

>> No.23941067

And that is why we will have an entire wing of researchers working around the clock to find out exactly how much sex you can have with your bioarmor during deployment.


>> No.23941204

Wouldn't the more effective bio-armors be able to load you with enough of a hormonal injection to turn you into a juggernaut afterward though?

>> No.23941232

I'm not sure how endorphin-flushed systems react to masive adrenaline influx.

>> No.23941355

>Asktherisks are used to either denote emphasis, or an action/sound
What is *wrong* with you?

>> No.23941397

Makes it worth experimenting with.
Are you a brave enough soldier to go through intense prostate stimulation followed by a battle against giant foes who would love to claim that butthole of yours?

>> No.23941418

Living Armor has been a quite notable thing in Earthdawn for decades.
They do all manner of things different things depending on what kind of living armor you have. Though the armors can die, and many of them even requires you to feed them somehow.
They also tend to provide a slightly higher magical protection on average as you are practically wrapping yourself up underneath another soul.

It's quite cool though. Especially the ones that can rapidly regenerate. What is even cooler is how the armor (be it living or not) can build its own legend and learn its own special powers.

>> No.23941483

Do you have exaples of what those look like?

>> No.23941620

It's living weapon and it's a 0/0 token.

>> No.23942016


There was also living armor and equipment as ancient "tech" in Dark Sun. basically some of the old people were fucking great at crafting living organisms for use instead of regular tech

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This thread started as a fetish thread. Op posted a page of porn to start his thread for fucks sake. Just report it and move on.

>> No.23943494

Wat. It says something about cosplay and cursed torture armor. How is it porn?

>> No.23943517

Look at the faces and the obnoxious amounts of vaginal seepage, anon. That and I have read the porn its from.

>> No.23943700

Why would you report a thread that saw no posts in two hours?
But do as you like.
I got a glorious picture out of it (>>23941704) And that is more than I had hoped for.

It is pretty hard to find good pictures of the subject that are not pornographic or at least dubious.
Reporting or condemning anything just because it is in the same book as non-SFW material seems stupid to me.

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It is a picture about clothing that forces women to orgasm and talks about how it does just that. Its damned pornographic.

>> No.23943743

They're wet all over from wearing living creatures. I can't even see the heavy armor girl's face.

But after reading the thread I seee it really is porn. Not bad, either.

>> No.23943819

Pornographic but not NSFW, which only prohibits the display vaginas and female breasts, both of which are accounted for.
As such there is no reason for a report.

>> No.23943871

It doesnot talk about that at all.

>> No.23944747

>the interior of the suit is lined with countless villi, and allows for some satisfaction of the users cosplay fetish

>> No.23944812

Cosplay can be seen as a sexual fetish, yes.
But there is nothing of forced orgasms noted there.
In fact, the whole of these text boxes is pretty badly composed bullshit with no real content whatsoever.

>> No.23944889

>In fact, the whole of these text boxes is pretty badly composed bullshit with no real content whatsoever.
Welcome to bad porn, what this entire thread was based off of!

>> No.23944914

More like /f/. /d/ is too pleb for anything but futa and diapers these days.

>> No.23944971

It's not fucking pleasant, I'll tell you that much. Tough to explain otherwise.

>> No.23944990

>and female breasts
Nope, art nipples are officially allowed.

>> No.23945002

Got found with your cock up a chick or how do you know?

>> No.23945037

>Got found with your cock up a chick
Nah. Just bad shit happening in the post-fap.

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yes and no, the perronele was not, weird enough for my plot and with some other minor changesi made to teh demons. Like is decided that SWLIHN has a very rebellious set of second and Third circle souls who spend a lot of time in Creation.

During my campaign Octavian got free and set of shop near Paragon. He then captured a bunch of Thamaturge's and set about summoning his 'family'

So i gave a Octavian a bunch of extra spawn types:

Spawn: Gethia, Harvesters of Rarities. Lizard things.
Spawn: Luminata, Dear that Hunt Men. Shaped like deer, but really a mass of tentacles.
Spawn: Tomescu, Cloud Arsenals. Summoned to fight, but are highly Philosophical
Spawn: Gregaxus(gregaxoi) Minuscule Titans. Lavasious mini versions of Octavian
Spawn: Rakeim, Living Carapace. Can be worn as armor. Heck, likes to be worn as armor. Elder Rakeim count as heaver armor and can sire offspring.

It got to the point where my players still refer to Octavian as a just a Family-man, looking to keep busy and have fun.

>> No.23945397

Rakeim, Living Carapace stats:
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4; Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 0; Perception 3,
Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 5
Abilities: Athletics 1 (Clinging to Host +3), Awareness 2 (Incoming Physical Attacks +2), Dodge 2, Integrity 3, Linguistics 3, Martial Arts 3, Occult 1, Resistance 3 (Withstanding Blows +3), Ride 1 (Host +1), Stealth 2
Essence Plethora (x2)—20 extra motes
Materialize—Costs 45 motes
Measure the Wind— 1m The demon can gauge the danger others pose to its host
Shapechange—5m Allows the Rakeim to cover its host and form mouths and sensory organs as needed
Sheathing the Material Form— May add up to 5L/10B soak, with Hardness: 5L/5B
Tap the host— 3m roll Ess+Temp (5) The Rakeim may Reflexively drain motes from its host.
Wine of Infinite Heartbreak—The relationship between the demon and its host is a symbiotic one
First (Ability) Excellency— Awareness
Second (Ability) Excellency— Resistance, Martial Arts
Third (Ability) Excellency— Awareness, Resistance
Join Battle: 5 (6)
Bite: Speed 6, Accuracy 6, Damage 2L, Parry DV —, Rate 1
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 5, Damage 2B, Parry DV —, Rate 1, Tags P
Claws: Speed 5, Accuracy 7, Damage 3L, Parry DV 3, Rate 3
Soak: Natural-4L/8B With charm- (+5L/5B = 9L/13B & 5L/B hardness)
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap/die/die/die/die
Dodge DV: 3 Willpower: 7
Essence: 2 Essence Pool: 75
The being wearing a Rakeim enjoys the demon’s soak atop his own. And does not incur a mobility penalty or fatigue from wearing the demon. Attacks that get through the Rakeim’s armor inflict damage on the demon as well as the host if there is enough damage to overcome the hosts Soak as well. Rakeim gain a single -0hl with each dot of essence they have.

>> No.23945418

Elder Rakeim stats:
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5; Charisma 1, Manipulation 1, Appearance 0; Perception 4,
Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 5
Abilities: Athletics 1 (Clinging to Host +3), Awareness 3 (Incoming Physical Attacks +2), Dodge 2, Integrity 3, Linguistics 3, Martial Arts 4, Occult 1, Resistance 4 (Withstanding Blows +3), Ride 1 (Host +1), Stealth 2

Charms: Mostly the same but;
Essence Plethora (x3)—30 extra motes
Essence Bite— 11m for 11B or 10m for 5L. Touching one so protected comes at their own suffering.
Sheathing the Material Form— 14m May add up to 7L/14B soak, with Hardness: 7L/7B

Join Battle: 7 (8)

Bite: Speed 6, Accuracy 7, Damage 2L, Parry DV —, Rate 1
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 6, Damage 2B, Parry DV —, Rate 1, Tags P
Claws: Speed 5, Accuracy 8, Damage 3L, Parry DV 3, Rate 3
Soak: Natural-8L/13B Charm- (+5L/5B = 13L/18B & 5L/B hardness)
Health Levels: -0/-0/-0/-0/-0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap/die/die/die/die/die
Dodge DV: 3 Willpower: 7
Essence: 3 Essence Pool: 95
The being wearing a Rakeim enjoys the demon’s soak atop his own. And does not incur a mobility penalty or fatigue from wearing the demon. Attacks that get through the Rakeim’s armor inflict damage on the demon as well as the host if there is enough damage to overcome the hosts Soak as well. In addition, an Elder Rakeim may sire demon-blooded offspring if it copulates while being worn by a host or can copulate with the host to generate such progeny. Rakeim gain a single -0hl with each dot of essence they have.

>> No.23947537

Might as well toss this a bump for more discussion on the various mechanics posted. Wish a janitor would stop by and delete the OP picture, though.

>> No.23948603

This sounds like a defense against unlicensed wearers, actually.

>> No.23948710

That makes some sense, I guess.
It's safe enough to not kill accidentally but safely incapacitates the intruder with his self-produced opiates.

Also showing off the related pic I scored earlier.
Thanks again to Þ (I think it reads Thorn).

>> No.23949639

Y-you sawthe porn its from?

Ive been searching forever

>> No.23949683

Let me hear your excuse for not seing this.

>> No.23949922


I-I was reading quick because I gotta goto work now ;_;

Also can't/forgot/too lazy/too paranoid to get past the panda

>> No.23950148

Jesus Christ!
It's Limb Legion!
Have a panda-free version.

>> No.23950196


>> No.23952263

>Its damned pornographic.
Its damned pornographic what? Finish your sentences, man!

Alternately, make better posts. Protip: if you feel the need to sage, you probably shouldn't be posting, and certainly shouldn't be submitting false reports.

>> No.23952344

Holy shit, you're an idiot.

>> No.23952771

>if you feel the need to sage, you probably shouldn't be posting
It's like you don't even know what sage is for.

>> No.23955702

The scariest/biggest turn on thing about organic armour is the chance that you start outgrowing your usefulness. It's stronger, faster, tougher than you are. All you're doing is directing it. Eventually it's going to realise that you're inefficient. You make mistakes, stupid ones like putting yourself in harm's way for someone else that should be able to take care of themselves. It gets tired of soaking up bullets that you're too slow to dodge, that it saw coming forever ago, as its senses slow down a second and make it seem like months. One day, it decides to take over. You try to take your helmet off one day, you find it's stuck to the rest of your armour. Suddenly, you feel it restrain you; you call for help, but it stuffs a gag in your mouth. Nobody knows that you're struggling your hardest to escape this...thing. It's capable of synthesizing your voice perfectly, it's not like anyone will find out.

>> No.23955870



Thank you very much

>> No.23955897

My qlippoth blooded tiefling homunculus aberrant bloodline sorcerer (inspired by the White Queen of Worms from that one Erect Suwaru mango) will get craft magic arms and armour because of you.

>> No.23956026

>qlippoth-blooded tiefling
>aberrant bloodline sorcerer

How'd you get homonculus in there?

>> No.23956721


It doesn't necessarily have to be like that

What if ultimately you can control whether it can live on you or not? Like, your brain's command can shut down the neural and other pathways to help it feed and live?

It would be interesting since the relationship starts out as the woman very much dominated by the creature, but eventually inbuilt control mechanisms and unmentioned power/increasing immunity to the creature's influence lead to the creature having to survive off of her wish to continue to have it there.

With symbiotic relationships, the ideal is equality. With that comes true symbiosis

That or Creature only has a small timewindow to seclude, rape to oblivion and mindbreak said host before she can take back control. But even using her as a willing mindbroken slave still would not be anything compared to the power of a true relationship

>> No.23956784

Which one? There's something like 160 of them.

>> No.23956932


In the end they are truly together, neither host nor symbiont. Joined together in a state of constant, eternal bliss.

>> No.23956953

Another point to consider would be the malleability of bio-armour. There's no reason it has to stay looking like a-person-wearing-armour at all, especially if it's advanced enough. It could get an idea in its head, or steal one from the pilot.

Consider the attached picture-that thing the girl's riding could have a screaming pilot in there, isolated for two months after the suit went feral and escaped from the facility. And, hell, anyone in a post-apocalyptic society is not going to turn down a vaguely friendly murdermachine-mount, even if it twitches every now and then while it's resting, as if there's something struggling around inside it.

And another factor to consider-nutrition. Even recycled, after a couple of passes through the digestive system, shit ain't very nutritious anymore (so to speak). Unless it's capable of photosynthesis, it'd have to seek out food to keep its host alive. Not like it can cook-the suit would be going after raw meat, or in slightly more dire situations, still living meat. Since the pilot's still linked to its senses, he or she would be treated to the full experience whether they liked it or not.

>> No.23956976

Or, it could decide the pilot's body is dumb. I mean, who the fuck puts the skeleton inside the body? It could turn off your pain receptors and decide to reshape itself a little more drastically. Your internal organs still work, they're just not where they used to be.

Eventually, you realize that even if you got free you'd die without the bio-armour's support. That would be a kick in the dick.

>> No.23957026


Quite a shame what happened to the Damocles research group... One of the finest bioengineer teams of the colonies, when the raiders hit their colony and knocked out the defenses the scientists and administrators thought they could escape by putting on their own newly researched bio-armors and fight their way through the blockade to the starport...

>> No.23957040

Fortunately, the bio-suit can get rid of your genitals; no worries. You won't feel that kick to the dick at all.

>> No.23957135


What if an alien race discovered are just a group of former human explorers whose suits overrode their human behavior and went feral?

>> No.23957155

That'd have a different outcome to suits being used primarily for combat. What would these be used for? Hostile environments, survival, probably. They'd end up looking strange and acting even stranger.

>> No.23957180


There'd be different biomorphs. Some for simple needs like hostile environment survival, some for strenous labour under the new atmosphere, some for defense. Initially the colonists would stay within their enclosed colony most of the time, but slowly the symbionts would start influencing them, enticing them...

It'd be kinda like one of Bradbury's martian stories.

>> No.23957213


So, uh, regarding this. Does anyone else have any opinions on it?

>> No.23957371


I love me some mutated hot womens, go fer it

>A million Kerrigans

>> No.23957383


And if you think THAT'S bad just look at the bigger armors with two operators stuck inside

>> No.23957513


It's more "added on to", rather than "mutated"

>> No.23957583

what is this from?

>> No.23957988

Sage isn't for shitting up threads, you two.

>> No.23958037


Good, even more fappage

All these naughty armors and bitz make me wish I was a girl

>> No.23958429


If only they existed, I would wear a No Problemo this second ;_;

>> No.23958629


>> No.23958679

Semi-related. A mechanical version of the above concepts is more skynet, but there's nothing stopping biomechanical developments. Or nanomachines, son.

>> No.23961494

I'm going to have to include this in a few games I'm running, now. Maybe Shadowrun. Some sort of EVO experiment?

>> No.23964814

You didn't already? Weird!

>> No.23965015

Is there a way for me to include these biological parasite suits, complete with the potential for sexual stimulation, without going full ERP?

Probably going to be used an ERPG anyway, but I like being able to explain things other than hentai logic.

>this suit is powered by your sexual juices!
>you must satisfy the suit's lusty spirit!

>> No.23965394


T-thats beside the point

Just say its a symbiotic organism. Its sexual proclivities at abusing your body are one part out of many of its contract with you.

>> No.23965451

>You can totally pull this off without it being sexual!
>Coincidentally, this is my fetish and I am fapping to this very thread.
Hypocrisy, ho!

>> No.23965480

Living armor is best armor.

>> No.23965554

>you will never run a sci fi erpg
>you will never be a hot trap that gets violated by his combat suit.
feels bad man

>> No.23965828

>implying traps would exist in a setting so advanced that you can manipulate organic matter on the scale of making suits out of it.

>> No.23969318

>implying some people wouldn't intentionally be traps in a setting with casual low-cost cosmetic biological changes

>> No.23969370

Nice Tekkaman Blade/Deatanor Orgun.

>> No.23969400

Then they would be a twink and not a trap, dumbass.

>> No.23969481

>doesn't know the differences between a twink and a trap
>calls some other anon a dumbass

>> No.23969532

If everyone knows youre just a girly dude, you arent exactly trapping anyone.

>> No.23969610


To make this more compelling, I would make it less a malfunction in the suits and more that they worked *too well*.

Some sort of major accident left a stranded survey team or even small colony, and to survive they had to increasingly adapt the suits and their pilots far beyond the normal safety limiters

>> No.23969627

What you just described is a twink.

>> No.23969700

No shit, Sherlock. Welcome to five posts ago.

>> No.23970394

Well what is the point, anon dear?

>> No.23972432 [DELETED] 

Currently working on an ERPG campaign based on living combat suits.

We need a player willing to play a lady in a light suit (OP's picture is what I based it on, light suit is top) to off set our heavy suited guys.

>> No.23972665

You should probably note which grafts are of the more "unorthodox" type. I imagine some are just upgraded fleshy bits you can stick on, some more radical invasive or xeno things, and the most extreme ones give you VAST bonuses in exchange for being heretical things likely to go SKREEEEEE and start implanting eggs in people's neck stumps after having bitten their heads off.

That said, I would totally like to see what you have done so far. It's intresting.

>> No.23972687

I remember this doujin. The chair one was more horrifying than erotic.

>> No.23972820

Now that's a thought. With no chance of survival or rescue, what would you do? Sit there and die, or do everything within your power to stay alive? Take a colony of maybe a hundred people. One of the people actually authorized to use a suit opens the 'coffers' to anyone. After all, they offer nutrition survival and can make inedible and toxic things into something passable for food.

A couple of months pass. Since it's basically a necessity to stay in a suit due to dwindling food supplies and maybe even a dwindling oxygen supply, you'd have people personalizing their suits (if only for identification). The rest cycle would be cleaner-again aided by the suit-so it would let the wearers have a little more downtime, or free time to do whatever.

Skip forward a year or so. Most people wouldn't be able to remember life without a suit that well. Keeping busy tends to keep the mind off horrifying thoughts-like the fact that they're just prolonging death at this point-so I can see quite a few adaptations to the environment, or suits, or even more research into harmless cosmetic modification.

>> No.23972897

Then, about two years in, the guy who came up with the idea in the first place reaches a breakthrough. There are a few safety bullshit things on the suits (like how your brain limits the capabilities of your muscles so they don't detonate when you do anything), but with an increased 'drain' on the wearer the limiters can be removed.

So people get some dramatically enhanced abilities. Maybe one of the cosmetic enthusiast figures out wings with the help of a biologist. The engineer gets to work with the handyman and figure out how to make suits produce super-tensile strands of organic cabling.

At this point, talking wouldn't be a 'thing'. If suits could communicate telepathically, it would boil down to extremely fast and accurate mental conversations. Clothing wouldn't be, either, obviously. And eating-since it would basically be 'a tube in your throat', you wouldn't have to sit down and prepare your food. And, from someone who's gone without eating for a day or two at a time, that takes up SO FUCKING MUCH of your time. It's like life revolves around thinking about how nice that last meal tasted and waiting for the next one.

>> No.23972966

>At this point, talking wouldn't be a 'thing'. If suits could communicate telepathically, it would boil down to extremely fast and accurate mental conversations.

If you're going for a hard sci-fi bent, you could have a combination of jury-rigged implanted/grown communication devices, but combined with effectively newly created body language with the suits.

The latter factor becomes more important if they have or can adopt non-human shapes - quadrupedal or so on, like >>23956953, or humanoid but strange, like >>23956976.

Also, consider if there are *children*. You could end up with a colony with inhabitants who now consider themselves effectively nonhuman, and begin flourishing and expanding in new ways instead of just hanging on to survive.

>> No.23972985

I'm not sure at which point the identity of 'humanity' would erode. Maybe there's an armchair philosopher in the colony. Maybe there's hipster transumanists or whatever the fuck. Eventually, the idea of 'we are human' and 'humanity' would get dulled, somewhat, considering that their quality of life now is kilometers better than it was back when they were still colony rats. They could probably head into the lower atmosphere and survive, if the biologists and geneticists were on their game. You'd have specialised versions of biosuits. Heavy labour, research, flight, burrowing-who knows what else. Maybe the fellow that originally came up with the idea has subtly given himself a sort of hive-mind ability, so that he can monitor people from wherever he is whenever he wants to.

So, fifteen years after colony macguffin goes dark, a rescue-recover team heads out. The airlock opens, and they're greeted with this thing.

>think of the children
Duuuude. Hadn't even considered that. Imagine if it went on for a few generations. People like to bump uglies, I'm sure they'd figure out how to in a suit. Eventually. I mean, shit.

>> No.23973069

You know, that could make for a good sci-fi setting for a game. A group of people gets stranded in the ass end of the galaxy because [INSERT PLOT HERE]. They end up crashing on a planet that seems inhabited. They wake up in a totally normal seeming medical bay, when a message plays over the intercom that the doctor will be entering the room, please do not be alarmed. Then enters pic related. When the characters mention anything along the lines of "discovering new civilizations" or "aliens", the fish man replies "Actually, I'm a human."

Cue freak-out.

>> No.23973101

And then you start talking about how the fish suit is milking their prostate 24/7

>> No.23973162

I find it hilarious that some anons are actually offended by OP's pic. It doesn't even show anything naughty.

>> No.23973171

I was so into the plot that I completely forgot what the thread started off on, and when I read this I started laughing uncontrollably.

>> No.23973205

Of course, to even exist outside the medical holding area they'd have to be wearing suits themselves. Luckily for them, they had some of the bulky old model suits made for them. Totally unaltered. But of course, the option for modifications is always open....

>> No.23973235

The mood of the game could be altered in how the modifications are treated. Anywhere from pic related to dread and body horror.

>> No.23973250

>Super Sentai Alien Biosuits
>Monster of the week is a feral biosuit with someone trapped inside.
>Defeating the monster frees the person.

>> No.23973334


>> No.23973359

And then they fuck their suits

>> No.23973381

To really run with the "new pseudo-species" idea, have it on a planet that's hostile to humans but not impossible to adapt to (think "unbreathable atmosphere" rather than "automatically poison atmosphere" and so on), with a small research colony - including a handful of children of the inhabitants - studying some kind of local phenomena. Native life, maybe?

So, rather than an airlock, the rescue team discovers a colony site that's been turned into an alien-looking home for seemingly alien creatures and so on. If you stretch it out past just fifteen years, there could even be an entire generation or two who never experienced the original way of life.

>People like to bump uglies, I'm sure they'd figure out how to in a suit. Eventually.

In an atmosphere that's unbreathable but not directly toxic, being able to partially retract suit surfaces might do it.

That also makes me think of revealing oneself under the suit as potentially becoming a very distinct taboo, if the few times it's done tend to be for sex.

>> No.23973420

speaking of which, does anyone remember the thread a couple of months ago that derailed into how horrifying the penises of the animal kingdom are?

Just imagine the possibilities.

>> No.23973431

Same person, I just remembered that it could be like a biological version of GaoGaiGar. Except in space.

>> No.23973449

This thread needs to be archived for later reference.

>> No.23973533

I'm calling this a fetish grey-zone guys. Lets agree that there are folks here in it just for the cool implications of a weapon who is also your friend; and others who are in it for the xeno fetishes.

No one needs to be pointing fingers, but lets just agree to explore the fundamentally cool concept and compartmentalize the parts that don't transfer well.

>> No.23973576

I would say the fact that more than 80% of the thread is all about how much the idea gets them hot and bothered combined with the opening image puts this thread far into the black. Which is a shame, since symbiote suits are pretty fucking cool if played straight.

>> No.23973580

Treating a biological suit as a lover is like an even more intimate version of something I always wanted to make. One of those 'Mon shows or other form of media/game where the partners is heavily implied to also be the kids lovers

>> No.23973604

>it doesn't have to be fetishy!
>oh man I would so fuck a biosuit!

>> No.23973634

We must be reading different threads, because ot doesn't seem that bad.

>> No.23973663

I think you are just being willfully ignorant to how much fetish shit got flung around.

>> No.23973704

Compared to most Tau/SoB/Delder threads? This is par the course, with the exception of the fact that there are more fetishy pictures.

Do you guys not notice the rants about blueberry wifus and other fetishy things that bleed through?

All of /tg/ is fairly bad, this is worse, but not that bad.

>> No.23973889

This reminds me, there is a prestige class in 3.5 where you wear a fiend as your skin. It was called Acolyte of the Skin, and in complete arcane. Always loved the fluff of it, but it was kinda shitty.

>> No.23973965

Germs are 0/0, not 0/1.
sage because I'm responding to someone who's been gone for a couple hours.

>> No.23974498


I still like the idea that there was a small assortment of original suits with different purposes, leading to a small "hive" of different biomorphs. I like what you guys have speculated about though. Making it a very inhospitable planet but not a flat-out deathworld would allow there to be some strange local fauna and flora for the colonists to integrate with.

Also I like the idea of overriding/changing the suits against regulations. Possibly they only have a few suits to begin with, and they are rather plain, armor-looking things. Then a few overrides later, they have more suits replicated and the originals begin to grow into more personalized ones according to the wearers wishes, leading the newly arrived team looking for the colony discovering a new "species" with a number of biomoprhs which are all strangely living together and fertile with eachother...

>> No.23974535


Just fluff, no stat difference from a normal tiefling. She was an artificially created being by an alchemist who really had a fondness for Qlippoth and planned to be resurrected as one after death via PLOT involving homunculi created by him.

Man I should learn to respond faster to posts.

>> No.23974646

Fascinating thread.

To repeat the answer to the question OP asked? Living equipment gets a stat bloc if relevant. Otherwise it's like bacteria. Your gut flora doesn't have to make a save when somebody casts Ray Of Death on you.

The rest? A mix between body-horror is the new normal and some porn. A lot less porn than you'd think.

>> No.23974685

I'd love to play in a game with something like this. But nobody ever GMs stuff like this.

>> No.23974701

>discovering a new "species" with a number of biomoprhs which are all strangely living together and fertile with eachother...

Thinking about it, if it's been a generation or two and the suits have some kind of "text based" mental communication built in, they may not actually have a spoken language anymore.

How much they can communicate despite that depends on how much of a sense of history they have, and if they still recognize normal humans as "people".

>> No.23974705


Try the ERP thread


Always at the heart of these fetish threads, Blackheart

>> No.23974764


They wouldn't abandon writing. Hell they wouldn't abandon technology, it's just that a lot of their stuff they can't repair when it breaks, so it's very closely guarded and kept secret after some time.

Actually now I'm imagining some of the people encountering a huge alien hell-beast and it picking up a stick and writing out "Don't worry, I'm human" in the sand.

>> No.23974785

In a generation or two? They'd still be using old colony/lab tech.

Millenia later? Yeah, totally.

Biosuits (who made them originally, were they just found, who was the first to wear one, if they are made how are they still made) are not natural.

Infants are still born without a suit. They may grow up in one, but it isn't innate. Even if they lost all history there would be a myth of "humans were born naked and dying, and then the suit came, and he who first donned the suit was the great hero Doctor Richard Kimball of Chicago University, Chief Medical Officer of the Chase-Citybank Arcturus Colony."

Suits aren't natural. They may lose language, but they won't forget that this is not how they always were.

>> No.23974822


It's a bit tempting to try and writefag something with this, on a "first contact" between suit-wearing descendants and a reclamation/rediscovery team a hundred or so years later.

I might post something on this theme tomorrow if the thread's still around.

>> No.23974839

Don't ask about the Breeder type suits.

>> No.23974853


Could be fun. Maybe once trusted by the descendant colony the team get to meet a couple of survivors of the original colonists (with their suits having prolonged their life) who are now revered clan elders and pass on knowledge to the new generations.

Hell, maybe by that point the original colony has flourished into two or three "villages"

>> No.23974987

Captain Tsiu Hark of the Exelscior lit a cigarette.

It was anathema of course. An open flame, combustion, air pollution? In a contained environment? Unthinkable!

He did it anyway. He was Captain Hark. First Contact to Antares. The savior of Betelguese. Harrower of the Centauri Oort Pirates.

He didn't even like it. He'd lost the taste decades ago. They made his mouth taste like donkey dick, but Hark knew his own legend. When shit goes down? Hark smokes up.

So he smoked up.

"You are telling me they are human?" he asked.

"Genotype? Practically baseline," his science officer said. "Ninety-nine percent compatible with homo sap sap, though with genemods we haven't seen before. We don't know what most of them do or why, but we figure they support suit integration. Could be genetic drift, could be gene therapy, either by the colonists themselves or by the suits. Tough call."

Hark took another puff. It tasted like shit but man could he feel the nicotine hit. He remembered his days as an ensign, back during his days aboard a hunter-killer boat around Far Jupiter. He should smoke more.

"Culturally? Pheno," Hark interrupted himself, phenologicaly, phenotype? What was the word, shape right? Well they weren't shaped like humans, that was for certain. Skip ahead.


"None of the above sir," his science officer said. "They are aliens. Alien as anything we've ever met."

Hark took another puff. Damn, fuck, shit, cock, crap! Aliens. He hated aliens. And he wanted another cigarette.

>> No.23975010

What about the Breeder type suits?

>> No.23975018

The biosuits have to come from somewhere right?

And though synth tanks and gene-splicers are precise, they're not efficient in producing high-quality mass organs

So, Breeder Suits

>> No.23975019

Two words: Futa. Mpreg.

>> No.23975072


They are large, bulky but quite muscular forms, normally seen quadrupedal but with bipedal capabilities. To an outsider they may appear to be simple beasts, or just an odd choice of personalized suit, but the truth is far stranger, and more disturbing.

When a genetically compatible couple wish to contribute to the colony gene pool by reproducing, they may select to get a breeder suit. The suit will hold both partners for the duration, providing them with even greater intimacy than the normal communcation within the colony. While the couple are encased in a breeder suit, they learn to work together in all cases, and in fact to an outsider may appear to be a singular creature. They have the capability to produce and rear young even in the harshest conditions on their chosen world, something that is quite valuable with how rare the old shelters and buildings have become. They also possess the ability to bud off suit seeds for their young, and quickly bond the newborn so they can survive as well.

While this may appear to be a sick practice by an outsider, to the colonists it is a rare chance of leisure and intimacy with their chosen partner.

>> No.23975099

Thats kind of romantic, actually.

>> No.23975503


maybe if you're a creepy neckbeard

and jesus this is still alive. why tg

>> No.23975510

Another thought-there has to be a sense of scale.

On the planet, sure, normally? Suits are not anything new. They aren't weird or out of place. It's not like there's someone there who is still like 'oh man having to wear these things sucks'. It's just another part of life.

From an outsider's view? I imagine something between 'what the fuck' and 'underneath this weird fleshy thing is a person like me-but it doesn't act anything like I do and I can't relate to it, because it looks a lot different than I do and does things I can't'. And, hell, look at the way different races TODAY treat each other. And that's just because they come from different bits of Earth.

It would be even harder if someone tried to RELATE to the other party. Consider that people with biosuits would consider very little 'scary'. After all, in the early days, all the edgy ones would have gone as monstrous as they could go, just to make a fashion statement or 'this is who I truly am' emo bullshit or something. You could have a sixteen year old girl or an eighty year old man in picture related, and you'd never know for looking.

>> No.23975558

As far as scale goes, wouldn't most of them be quite a bit larger than an unaugmented human? Or would they be about the same size, with the core human-form being a little stunted due to poor exercise and nutrition? After all, it only needs to exert enough force to stay a little healthy, and to eat enough to not starve, and its hard enough feeding the suit alone, so a smaller body would be better both for fitting in and for conservation of resources.

Then again, it isn't like you're using those limbs inside that living suit...

How much body horror is too much? After all, it isn't like the suit can use your organs without tying into your bloodstream directly. It might just need a placental interface.

>> No.23975639


Since you bring it up, I also think the suits would amend a lot of stuff which makes people infirm, so that 80-year old can still be as active as a teenager. Not quite as healthy, as fast or as strong, and he will still die when his lifespan is up, but since the suit essentially works your muscles, bones and organs on some level there's no reason for it to deteriorate. Maybe the suits themselves have a natural life span, but there's no reason they should deteriorate quickly.

Hell, maybe some suits can be passed on between wearers.


Not too much body horror IMO. There's a line between interesting and just going gross for the sake of it. But that might just be me.

>> No.23975649


This is all well and good until one of the visitors and one of the colonists fall in love and the colonists insist they consummate it in the traditional way.

>> No.23975668

Initially, suits are meant to help a person do a thing and then chill until they need them to do the thing again. Heavy lifting, exo-atmospheric bullshit, whatever. So there wouldn't be much atrophy, and however they connected wouldn't be horribly irrevocable.

As far as size goes, the bigger something is the more energy it needs. So the bigger a biosuit the more resources it needs-and in a survival situation, that's a big deal-so it would naturally be more important, or used for a task that would prove impossible otherwise. I mean, after shit got going and there's no need to conserve every skerric of food that goes right out the window, but it's something to think about.

I think the degree of interface would vary between person and suit. The core theme here is that there are people inside something that prevents contact or relation.

On another note, if it was within the initial limiting directives of the suit to keep the person within it healthy, then it would keep them healthy to the point of operation outside it. On the other hand, it wouldn't need nearly as much in the way of resources if it could do a little rearranging.

>> No.23975801

I'm talking out of my arse here, but I think that the transition period between it being weird and it being normal-bio-suits, that is-would be the most interesting time for any sort of game or campaign or story or what have you in the setting. There'd have to be some profound psychological impact packaged with the knowledge that you'd never be able to look in a mirror and see your own face again.

And, maybe, the degree to which they'd even remember it. Seriously; think about someone you know well, but haven't seen in a day or two. Try to piece together how they look in your head. It's hard.

I suddenly had the mental image of someone in a biosuit trying to draw what the wearer looked like from memory.
It's not like suits have tear ducts, either. That's a waste of potential resources.

>> No.23975853


Either that or the meeting a few generations down the line of the colonists and people looking for them

>> No.23976031

Apparently there's a Palladium book called 'SPLICERS' which is basically this.

>> No.23976081


I want some sort of big societal upheaval when the full implications of the suits become obvious. Certain jobs would become redundant or unnecessary, and certain others (like hunting and gathering) would suddenly be in need. Also lots of bickering over hierarchy when all of a sudden the common people and officials are all equal in physical power and not dependent on eachother as much anymore

>> No.23976161

>Eventually it's going to realise that you're inefficient.
Yeah, no, this is stupid. A damn cow is smarter than any living armor would need to be yet it will pull that plow until the day it can't stand.

>> No.23976201

>I know just how science fiction future tech works!

>> No.23976243

>Hey Bob, what do you think of this new bioarmor?
>Well John, it's good, but what it really needs is enough intelligence and willpower to subjugate the wearer. That'll come in handy.

>> No.23976415

>missing the entire part about limiters and safeguards

>> No.23976451

If we're talking 40k here, why not something less heretical?

In a tentatively-sanctioned fashion [if the experiment turns bad for any reason he was never supposed to do it, was obviously a rogue agent, and it was Tech-Heresy all along], a ship full of Biologis has discovered a way to grow tough, organic, but non-xeno shells, lined with the same vat-muscle they install in so many people.

Its not some horrid creature, they've just found a way to make light-power-armor that could, given a chance to build proper manufactorums for the stuff, be mass-produced on the same level as regular carapace.

Of course, any problems come from the control system; its basically a hollow, created riding beast with the brains of a goat. If you don't have the extensive electoo network of a Tech Priest, its jacked into any data-port or impulse unit that you have.

As a result, tech priests have to 'tame' their armor like an easygoing, pre-trained riding beast, while regular troopers jacked into it have to deal with the occasional... urges or impulses it may have being transfered back to them.

The suits are AP 4 and grant a +2 Toughness Bonus and +10 Strength. However; any Toughness damage suffered by the wearer is automatically also applied to the suit itself [Which has 25 Toughness]. The armor heals toughness damage at a rate of five per day. Should the suit's Toughness fall below 15, the suit's AP is halved. If the suit's Toughness is ever fully depleted, it dies.

The armor requires one corpse-starch bar per day of operation, two days outside of combat conditions. If healing toughness damage, it requires twice as much per day. The armor may equip any upgrades normally available to Carapace armor.

>> No.23976487

You forgot the weight. I'd suggest 40kg, self-sustaining while it lives. You should probably also have some of the risks listed out. Like what happens if its not fed? A good 'safe' design would just have it lose toughness and die as it starves, but if built by Hereteks for a Black Crusade campaign, it might be a little more feral and risks finding some way to consume them.

The Toughness Bonus bit is pretty powerful, especially if not Unnatural. Sort of boost we see on crisis suits or the like, so this does make the armor better than it seems despite the total protection being same as carapace against low-Pen weapons. I imagine that was done on purpose though.

Other than that 8/10, would wear if it looks like proper normal armor and not like we're wearing some filthy beast or demon: any such designs would just end very badly given the setting anyways. If the changes are just internal, and its "grown plating" instead of "manufactured plating", then no one'll know enough to give a fuck, at which point you're not getting shot by plasma from both sides anymore.

>> No.23976542


I don't think we've talked about 40K for more than 3-4 posts, and those were all by the same guy

>> No.23976698

>some people get off to this!
>why is it on muh pure /tg/?!
Some of you are ninnies.

>> No.23977098

Oh, like biosuits weren't always fap material for /tg/.

See http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/23448991/#23461540 for example.

>> No.23977457

That could only come after a long period pre xerox-ing of the suits. For a long time, they'd deliberately make sure that military, corp-sec and police units were much more powerful. Even if the suits are identical, they'd install serious limitations on the civilian ones.

It would basically take a few generations of "EVERYBODY IS A CRIMINAL" from jailbreaking the things, with the need for such entities and differences slowly evaporating and those in charge caring less and less due to the mounting costs of trying to 'catch' everyone that does it, to finally have such differences officially disappear.

Basically, as long as people might misuse them, they, and those who obsess with stopping them, are going to be hard at work trying to make bigger better guyvers.

>> No.23977469

That still doesn't excuse the fact that they were throwing a fit because some people masturbate to this. On /tg/, of all places.

>> No.23977512


I think you're assuming a much bigger colony than I did.

>> No.23977579

Its probably healthier if it starts big enough.
Otherwise its a lot more dangerous: at some point someone will decide the colony "needs protection", "just in case". Soon enough such development will occur, and not long after they'll start looking for a reason to put it to good use.

Even though we can reduce a huge portion of petty crimes by ensuring everyone has decent living conditions, Humans are still nasty, greedy little fucks.

It's not that I can't picture a world where these things aren't needed and peace reigns... It's that I can't picture any such place not eventually having assholes that ruin it for everyone.

>> No.23977595

This is beyond retarded. Suits would be meticulously spun together piece by piece in a lab, not farted out of some walking orgy fetish beast. Its because of faggots like you I can never include biosuits in my games.

>> No.23977622

That makes no sense at all.

>> No.23977624

>why isnt this obvious porn thread on /d/

>> No.23977640

>a marvel of science and technology that must be assembled in a specific fashion to work
>needs to be created in a lab or factory made expressly for the purpose of such delicate work
Yeah, no sense whatsoever.

>> No.23977645

Indeed. Worst case scenario they're vat-grown. You don't "make a critter to birth the critters that birth the equipment". That's too many steps. You can just churn the damn suits out directly if you've got the tech for that.

>> No.23977655

You are a very sad anon if that's how you see this thread.

>> No.23977671

No, the fact that some people thought of orgy beasts is stopping you from using that.

>> No.23977682


>> No.23977698

No, its the fact that any potential interest in using crazy biotech is lost when I imagine someone like you guys being in the group.

>> No.23977715

>thread starts with blatant porn
>next image is also blatant porn
>next collection of images are all sexual in nature
>most of the discussion is sexual in nature
>not a porn thread
Whatever you say, chump.

>> No.23977734

So you are a coward, then? Stop being a prissy faggot and use ideas you like. If someone in your group loses control and goes full That Guy, deal with it like a rational human being.

What the goddamn fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.23977743


I'm pretty sure he meant that as a joke, dude. You should unclench a bit.

>> No.23977760

You disgust me, anon. I am frustrated that you and your ilk can make posts like this and not realize the boundless faggotry they contain.

You probably haven't even read this thread.

>> No.23977771

>porn thread
Fetish thread.

>> No.23977814

>You probably haven't even read this thread.
Well lets start at the bottom, then

>> No.23977817


if you're not going to contribute anything and you don't like a thread just hide it. no need to shitpost just because something upsets you

chill out

>> No.23977855

Its more that all my enthusiasm for creating biosuits and mechanics for them is all lost when I imagine someone sweating and panting heavily while he asks if he can fuck it.
And I'm pretty sure he meant it as more stupid fetish smut like this thread has been all about.

>> No.23977871

That's it? Out of 230-odd posts, that's enough to ruin a thread for you?
Now you're just confusing me.

>> No.23977899

If that's how you imagine it, then that's something you'll just have to deal with until you can understand that the vast majority of people are not like that.

>> No.23977907

Thats just the worst offenders and ignoring the multi-post chains on the topic of just exactly how it will tickle your dick.

>> No.23977937

Yeah, yeah, I know. Still, it gets frustrating when I see a topic that fascinates me to no end only to see the majority of the thread devoted to how they can shoehorn in their fetishes. Gives you a skewed view of what people would want from such stuff, too.

Shit, no one either bothered to talk about integrated cybernetics since they were all too busy talking about integrated tentacles.

>> No.23977952


Stop. Just stop.

This is why we can't have discussions on /tg/ anymore, there's always some butthurt faggot wandering in and screaming that THIS IS BAD AND WRONG and then shitposting endlessly.

Jesus fuck don't you fucking trolls have anything better to do these days?

>> No.23977985

>This is why we can't have discussions on /tg/ anymore
No, we cant have discussions on /tg/ anymore because you faggots are always trying to make it /d/lite. Its like this guy >>23977937 said, jack shit has been discussed about actually organic technology since you faggots have all been too busy writing porn prompts.

>> No.23978018


As the guy that posted the Tyranid stuff, all the fetishfuel feels more like shitposting than anything. Normally I'm not very opposed to it, but I was really trying to get some criticism on things and it was blatantly ignored in favor of... Well, you saw it. I just sighed and closed the thread, I'm surprised it didn't 404.

>> No.23978040


Oh, I must have been out when you were crowned lord high king of /tg/, the only person who gets to decide on what is discussed and not.

I see a small amount of posts discussing fetish applications and the majority of the larger ones discussing a serious application for the idea (the "lost colony as aliens" thing).

Your butt is so hurt it's visible from orbit.

>> No.23978056


You GOT critisms, dumbass. Not anyone elses
fault you didn't like what you heard.

>> No.23978087


I'm one of the people who was tossing (non-fetish) ideas around, and I'll just admit I didn't really read your idea because it was 40K and I really don't care about that setting.

Sorry man. You did get a serious few replies though, you shouldn't discount those.

>> No.23978104


By one person, and it was mostly:

> "Oh, how about you do this?"
> "I'm working on it."

Aside from that, it was talk about Admech doing things, which is technically possible, just extra heretical, which I acknowledged though it really wasn't related to what I'm doing.

>> No.23978131


I glanced through your stuff, too, but I'm only really knowledgeable of Dark Heresy and related systems. Couldn't really contribute much.

>> No.23978164

And I must have been out when /d/ faggots decided to use /tg/ as their dumping ground for anything not related to dickgirls. And some dickgirl shit.

You're so desperate for something to fap to I can smell you pustulent, oozing form from here.

>> No.23978412


I don't know jack about Dark heresy, but wouldn't it make more sense if it was equipment available to players rather than just some other plot by aliens to take humans over? Dunno, just seems like a bad idea to introduce to the players.

>> No.23978587


It'd be similar to a cursed item, and in theory, the Implant wouldn't effect the character too much unless Genestealers show up somewhere. I tried balancing them out against the downsides, and I THINK it worked... But I'm not sure. Host shouldn't die from installation unless they were horribly injured to begin with, the toughness damage is temporary, and at most might reduce their soak slightly, and fatigue wears off after an hour. The only lasting effect is the implant, which can be removed (Granted, it takes weeks and is a horribly procedure that involves genetic scouring and tons of surgery, but still, it can be removed!)

A lot of Xenos items have horrible implications for the user in DH. Mecharid Armor, or something to that effect, is a living metal that attempts to suffocate the host if they get knocked out... And has a good chance of succeeding. Most Combat Drugs have some downside, ranging from taking damage, knocking the character out when it's over, or statistical damage (Sometimes permanent). Even Mechanical augments have downsides, depending on quality.

Gaining multiple limbs or some other ability, with little apparent downside other than "heresy", while avoiding the major operation and long recovery time of augments, at least to me, sounds like an attractive prospect to some characters, especially if they don't need to worry about being heretical (Like Radical or Chaos characters.)

>> No.23979351


Sounds like it would work better in a Black Crusade game

>> No.23979683


Well, remember that not every Dark Heresy game is made of puritans with a Sister of Battle and a Cleric. There's also Rogue Trader, which is probably the most likely place these biomorphs would show up.

>> No.23979758

I've got more than non creepy material for my campaign. Yalls niggas complaining about fetishes while ignoring all the good shit.

>> No.23979774

more than enough

>> No.23980293


Who cares.

>> No.23980554

I do.
I'll never see a duck or a turtle the same way ever again.

>> No.23981240

I didnt see any good shit, just fetish shit and variations on a mind control fetish.

>> No.23982234


>implying that isn't the good shit

>do you even /tg/

>> No.23982345

>hue hue hue /tg/ is /d/lite
Fuck off.

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