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i didn't see one. I've got a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch and a lust of some long hard requests.

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draw dis pleez

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Could you draw this guy with a Bane style vox mask, facial scarring and a Bolt Cane please?

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A gnoll musketeer.

>> No.23927886

A pouty female warlock with long black hair and a red kimono. Feel free to be creative. Thanks in advance.

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I think we are fine with tamara for the long, hard kind of request.

Your art is highly welcome, though.

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Scruffy, muscular footman.
Armed with a morning-star and a kite-shield. Two-handed warhammer on his back.
Wearing a torn leather-tunic over ring-mail and plated gauntlets.
Black, scruffy dog by his side.

Simple enough concept, except for the fact that my artistic skills are limited to stick-figures at best.

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A riptide pulling a dreadnight pilot out of its baby carriage would be great, thanks.

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Alright so what i'm looking for is some lineart for a wanted poster of a bard, male, around 5'9, 190 pounds, well built, a tad muscular wearing a tunic, small bandana around his neck, long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up, pants with belts running up and down the right leg, long hair (a little longer than his shoulders), pointed ears (he'll be a half-elf) and the most important thing of all, his weapon: a saxophone. A saxophone playing bard.

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An Imperial Guardsman drawn in a more modern and practical style. Something like pic-related.

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Could you draw a shadowrun character for me? Female human changeling, SURGED into a spider-like form.

Stands like a normal human, though has two extra pairs of arms (ending in grippers instead of full hands). Her skin is carapace and covered in a thin layer of brown fur like a tarantula, and she had no hair on her said save for that. She has bulbous black compound eyes and mandibles in front of her (human) lips.

I'd like for her to look as menacing and threatening as possible at first glance, but to suggest that she feels some sort of great sadness and melancholy if possible.

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Rolled 39

Could i get my character from a Naruto game drawn?
He is 18 has short black hair sharp teeth and is somewhat muscular due his weapon,
a sword about his own size he also uses throwing knives so if he would have a few of them that would be cool thanks.

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Some punk wearing big ol boxy cyberpunk goggles. Maybe chilling on a jetbike. Really anything cyberpunk with goggles like this. Heres a vid for inspiration and good music.

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A Gnome wizard sitting on the shoulders of a large Shield Guardian. The gnome has badly unkempt white hair (think Einstein), but a magnificently well-trimmed flowing beard and curly mustache.

Pic related: a shield guardian.

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Urza Planeswalker playing an electric guitar as he rides on the back of a mechanical spider dragon.

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Requesting a female Tau in a bikini. I know there are already a great many female tau pics, but after all the grief that hammerhead tank gave me to put it together I could use some blueberry cheesecake.

Please good drawanons, grace me with some Tau girls in thongs.

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A Polish Hussar winking and snapping at some hot babes, a flute or fife on his belt?

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hope this is acceptable

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Mask covers a lot more of his face than I was thinking, but that's still neat!

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An ogryn that wants to be a space marine. He got a bunch of old power fists and turned it into one big powerfist. He has a marine helmet but has to wear it like a tiara.
He's Scrunt, and some day he'll be a marine. Some day.

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Would like to request a barbarian in some leather armor with runes and such tattooed all over his arms. Yes, no sleeves on the armor.

picture for body reference.

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Do you mind if other artists join in this thread?

I'm pretty slow, but these are good practise for me.

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I could get behind some tau butts.

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Hey. After seeing some of the "Shadowrun Loli" threads I started concieving one myself. Oddly enough the last tine I requested, people started equating her like a character from Mass Effect... But, I will once again offer her.

She is a 12 year old girl, enhanced with possibly a bit too much bioware for her body to currently handle. As such she wears a black second-skin bodysuit that is designed to protect against toxins that covers all but her face, her face is covered by a clear facemask with a regulator and airline leading to a air tank hidden in a backpack she wears. She has two pistols strapped to either leg, and wears a semi-transparent red cloak over everything. The example is of the cloak.

Extra kudos if you draw her wearing a sailor suit with a needlessly short skirt over the bodysuit, but under the cloak.

If this is completed I got an E-Mail up, and I will post the full character in the next Shadowrun Loli thread.

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If this thread is around in several hours, I will do this. How close to vanilla (ie: Cadian) in design were you thinking? Some or not at all?

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I would like a picture of the Emperor of Mankind (pre-Throne) being defeated in combat by a non-anthropomorphic duck, please.

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Pretty vanilla/Cadian, really, since Cadia is the closest to a modern-day army in appearance anyway.

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Could you draw a large black monk trying chocolate for the first time? Like this but better

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this was rushed, I'm not a fan.

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Can you draw a shield wearing a bikini? The shield has the emblem that is on this lady's shoulder.

I need it for reasons.

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they're coming.

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I wasn't expecting anyone to actually do it, so hey, you tried! And I appreciate it.

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Hey there! I posted this in another drawthread last night that is looking sort of abandoned right now, so I'll throw in my request here as well. It'd be awesome if someone could get one of my players' characters drawn, if you've got the time.

Similar to the pic, minus the big-ass sword. Around his early 20's, with brown hair and noticeable stubble. He's lean, but still muscular, and is wearing a hoodie, beanie, and has big headphones over his ears. If you could have the beanie either have a diamondback (like the rattlesnake) pattern, or some sort of snake reference, that'd be fantastic.

He's sort of cocky, but also chronically unaware of his surroundings, so him looking a little bored with his headphones on would be the most accurate depiction I suppose.

Last but not least, his CD player is a seashell. Long story. However, what kind of seashell is up to your interpretation, let your imagination go wild. Thanks for all your effort, it's really appreciated!

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Working on this.

Here is a preview.

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Gonna write you a story, based around this picture. Your task for today is to redraw this picture to better represent a story and in style that doesnt require a viewer to actually look into to understand whats happening.

Do not disappoint us, Mr Smith.

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Does the story involve gay sex? Please tell me it involves gay sex.

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>Having dinner with my family.
>Everybody brings some food.
>I'll make them the best meal they've ever had so they all recognize that I'm just as good as anybody else.
>After months of selecting the best seeds, growing crops and raising animals, I am finally ready to get in the kitchen,
>Harvest the crops and slaughter the animals I've grown attached to just to get my family this one perfect meal.
>after days of working in the kitchen I'm finally done with my 17 course buffet
>it's actually a 48 course buffet, but only if you eat a bit of everything.
>Also made the finest wines and brews for people to drink, and even added personalized ingredients so that everyone will be happy with what they're drinking.
>Finally a cake the size of a Baneblade that makes your brain fire off endorphins like crazy every time you chew on it.
>It's time for the family dinner.
>Everyone brought something, but nobody brought anything as grandiose as me.
>Sanguinius, the mutant, shows up with only a salad bowl.
>Everyone starts eating.
>They praise me for my cooking.
>Magnus asks me for recipes.
>Khan stops making engine sounds and sits down to eat without running around.
>Dorn pulls the stick out his ass.
>I spot a tear in the corner of Leman's eye.
>I roll in the cake.
>Angron walks up, calmly, and cuts himself a slice the size of a pauldron.
>He takes a bite.
>He puts the cake down and turns to me with his eyes down in the ground.
>He walks up to me, slowly, and, as he embraces me with both his arms, I hear him say ,with a voice that makes me think he's about to cry, "Thank you, brother."
>Hours later we are all collapsed on the floor, our stomachs full of the most delicious food any of us have ever known.
>Daddy's voice booms "This was good, son."
>Suddenly Guilliman says "Brothers, we have not yet tasted the fruit salad of our brother Sanguinius!"

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>Sanguinius responds "Well, if you're still hungry. I know I'm pretty stuffed on Fulgrim's delicate treats."
>This is it! I won! After all this hard work I'm worth something! Celebration!
>"I'll go get something to drink."
>Come back a few moments later.
>Everyone is seated around the salad bowl. Does nobody even want to taste it?
>Sanguinius stands up and brings me a plate with some fruit salad on it. "Here, have some. It's good, I promise."
>I've won. I smile a victor's smile as I bring the fork to my mouth.
>He smiles back.
>I bit down into the salad. It is the most delicious anything I have ever tasted. My smile fades.
>I throw the rest of the salad where my mouth is.
>I start choking.
>Sanguinius pats me on the back as I gasp for air.
>It's the greatest feeling I have ever felt.
>"You should slow down there, bro. It's just a salad."
>I start crying in front of everybody.

Get to work, and we will release your mother, Mr. Smith.

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Thank you Sir.

>> No.23928805

Well shit, time to go back to playing You Died Like a Bitch Souls.

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Yo, I was wondering if some kind soul could draw my goblin. He has large ears, even for a goblin, and a grin which occupies a strange space between “winning business smile” and typical goblin murder leer. He’s a wannabe merchant, so he wears practical, professional clothing. He also carries a lantern-on-a-stick over his shoulder like an old-timey hobo might carry a bindle. Pathfinder style goblin preferred, but if you feel inspired to draw another version, feel free.

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That looks awesome so far, bro.

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Whats your preferred choice of hairstyle on lady-tau?

>> No.23929051


smith guy, think about your mother!

>> No.23929124

I like a bun, with chin length split bangs that frame her face. Long is fine too though.

>> No.23929262

How about the colour?
(should have asked that before)

>> No.23929293

Oh, umm lets see. The random choice cube says black. I guess my dice are traditionalists.

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My humble, unfufilled request from a thread last night:

>Tall, slender dark elf (ash gray skin) male. Sharp features, red eyes. Bleached white hair, buzzed short on the sides, long on top and in the back leading down into a pony tail. Shaved eye brows, abstract tattoos starting at his neck and going down. Tattoos around his wrists. Fine, but simple dark clothing clothing; sleeveless linen shirt, long vest, knee length boots.

>He's the Governor of the town my new group is mostly spending their time in and around. Just introduced him tonight, was fun.
They don't know it, yet, but he's basically going to be the BBEG. He's a vampire feeding on his townsfolk (which he claims to own) like cattle, as he owns all the property of the town and surrounding region. The group's working for him to fix up the area on the promise of land and title.

>> No.23929529

can I have a man and woman IG being lovey dovey?

>> No.23929571

Ok here we go.

The old dude summoning the ghost of his wife, using the book as a tool, the woman its beautiful and the old man its crying remeber the good times with her.

>> No.23929572


>> No.23929624

Now, you know what to do next, Mr. Smith.

>> No.23929683

That is actually rather nice. I feel bad for nitpicking, but her feet need to be more..split toed..

>> No.23929705

May I have Geralt of Rivia seducing two female Dryads at the same time? You know he would (and he did).

>> No.23929719

Forgot to add all the description. Have the woman and man have the same armor as the picture I provided. But have the woman without a helmet. Give her a mohawk with an undercut and have the Imperial Aquila buzzed into the side of her head. make her have a heart shaped face. As for the man, have him keep his helmet on but give it kill tallies on the side. Give him an eye patch as well as his entire right arm a robotic replacement (have the woman hold his hand on this arm). As for weaponry, give the woman a hellgun and the guy a bolter. I can post more photos for reference if you want.

>> No.23929727

We should be friends.

>> No.23929729

Constructive criticism is always welcome! I forgot about her feet actually, those were just meant to be place holders. Oh well, I almost uploaded her with one hand.

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>> No.23929992

Well, you may also want to work with several layers and to train yourself to do clean strokes, the sketchy outlines tend to make it clumsy-looking and stiff. Not to mention that it's harder to render the elasticity of body shapes this way.

>> No.23930030

I was gonna suggest bleach white because we never see that on blueberries, but black works nicely too.
Tau have hooves
And their knees bend the other way

>> No.23930065

actually their knees do bend that way. They're not birds

>> No.23930074

Well, they have "hooves" and they're digitigrades, not plantigrades like us.

>> No.23930113

I actually have a blonde Tau from way back. I requested an air caste girl, but I can't post her here on account of her having no clothes. It does look good on them, as does red. My d3 had other ideas though.

>> No.23930147

Wait.. Which way do their knees bend?
I'm this person:
and I don't want to make a mess of this.

Also, hands, are they the same as ours?
(You can tell I've never drawn tau before)

>> No.23930152

Youre right. I meant that they got goatlike legs, but thats an entirely different thing. My b, guys.

For reference.
I meant like silvery SoB white, not just blonde. Both complement blue well, though, as does red.

>> No.23930165

And I forgot my reference pic. Man, I am just failing everywhere today.

>> No.23930168

I'm not OP btw. My bad.

>> No.23930169

four digits on each hand
their KNEES bend the same way as ours (there is exactly one picture in which they don't and it's fanart).

>> No.23930175

Request time:
I'm currently playing a dickass thief whisper gnome. Over the last couple sessions, he's been released from a prison and shoved into combat in a wizard's school or some shit.
He found a metal bucket which he's using for a helmet. A couple kitchen knives are his daggers. And an oversized chain shirt made for humans he stole from the armory.
Picturing the little guy dressed up like that is hilarious, so if any drawfriends would be willing to make a quick doodle it'd be amazing.

>> No.23930179

Anyone still taking new requests ?

>> No.23930196

see >>23930165
For leg reference.

>> No.23930211

I thought she was holding a ghettoblaster at first, from the thumbnail.

>> No.23930216

Ok, thanks guys, the image cuts off before the feet and ankles so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, just making sure.

Thanks for letting me know about the fingers, time to erase one.

>> No.23930236

Draw new tharmogoyf eating a sub.

>> No.23930259

A bit of an odd possibly fetish-y depending on your tastes request based on another thread:

I'd like a picture of Seoni (in the pic) transformed into a lizardwoman. Now, I don't mean a titlizard like the 4e Dragonborn or such, I mean a tit-less, flat, but still slender lizardwoman. Still recognizably feminine, just not stereotypically human-ized feminine.

Also she should be horrified at the fact she no longer has tits, and her outfit should be suitably wrecked.

The rest of the details I leave up to anyone daring enough to take this on.

>> No.23930262

OR here. Their knees bend just like ours, they just don't touch the ground with their heels.

As for their actual toes, there seems to be a hooves camp, and a toes camp. The new minis have toes like the Tau Girl pile pic, so that is what is canon.

>> No.23930287

H-Hey can I get someone to draw me a picture of Yarrick shooting his laser eye at an ork?

>> No.23930322

As an ork player, I want this

>> No.23930330

I need a dwarf.
More specifically, a brown bearded dwarf.
He's wearing a greathelm *Tip of his beard visibly sticking out underneath it*, chainmail with a plain white tabard over it, and a cloak.
He's also got a flail and a kite shield.

>> No.23930345

I'd like to request a long red haired sorceress with her arms outstretched, energy flowing out of her hands. Long, flowing garments, high heels, the works.

>> No.23930382

IG fag here /r/ing this also.

>> No.23930420

lol. I have to go to errands. If my request is drawn send it to [email protected] thanks bunches

>> No.23930564

bumping this request

>> No.23930721


>> No.23930753

I will draw one, maybe two pictures tonight.

>> No.23930762

She does sound like a Tali loli, especially with things like the shawl, the weakened immune system, and the affinity for gadgets.

>> No.23930764

We should all be so lucky as to be up to our eyebrows in such attractive blue heresy.

>> No.23930819

I will admit I know nothing about shadowrun, so I hope this is something like what you want...

>> No.23930831

She seems that way... thing was when I thought of her originally, I wasn't thinkong of Mass Effect at all... I was thinking of a character who was turned into a Grammaton Cleric at an early age to be used as a shock trooper. With an easy method of control (switch off her airtank and when she takes her mask off well... she's compromised.) and although she loves her freedom now that she's been retrieved from her captivity, she is still in a antiseptic cage, practically.

>> No.23930843


>> No.23930857

You've improved.

>> No.23930860

Holy crap as I'm typing this pic drops! Sweet! Thanks, anon!

>> No.23930865

If you want noble drawguy

>> No.23930925

If anyone would want to do this i would be really grateful.

>> No.23930962


And holy cow this place has a long memory, I was kinda hoping /tg/ had forgotten all about my previous shitty exploits.

>> No.23930966

I would still very much enjoy having this done. I've looked around but havn't really found what I'm looking for elsewhere.

>> No.23930980

You're lucky I can't collect the payment of the guilty. Back to drawing.

Don't know if I should be flattered by the dude having referenced and used the exact same design for some old doodle I did of Xeno.

>> No.23931001

Whoops, forgot my drawing.

>> No.23931045


I'll make a bump for this one, since there's new drawfriends joining in

>> No.23931061

Could i get my Shadowrun mage drawn?
Mezzie the mage.Tall guy, actually Caucasian but is tan enough to come off as ambiguous with short black hair cut neatly in a fohawk. His appearence screams pop culture mage a duster over a white shirt and tie and slacks. He's wearing two MMA style fighting gloves and his weapon of choice is a small SMG alongside two heavy pistols a lethal and non-lethal version. Both the duster and the SMG have the Are's logo blatantly emblazoned on them the duster on the sleeves and the SMG on the side.

>> No.23931071


Still here, as well.

>> No.23931088


>> No.23931138

You were the one with the delicious ear nibblings, right?
We always need more ears nibbled.

>> No.23931155

Well that's also pretty goddamn awesome so far!

>> No.23931246

I don't care how you do it, but I want a black centaur that looks like pic related skipping/galloping while shooting a pistol (or bow, I don't care). I just need you to put these words either in the picture or the post of the picture: "Clop clop clop Watching Motherfuckers Drop".

Please. I've been giggling all day thinking about this. I want others to see my vision!

>> No.23931262

I'm afraid this didn't turn out nearly as sexy as either you or I were hoping...

>> No.23931307

Had a classically pulp-style idea!

A Navy Aviator dressed like the example except the head gear, a young man in his late twenties, with goggles on holding a gun that looks like a buck-rogers style death-ray in hand. He's in a action pose aiming the weapon at a enemy off screen and the look should be as if he was jumping off of a plane and the person he's about to shoot is on the plane he's jumping off of.

He has short platinum blonde hair and blue eyes.

>> No.23931318

Whoops, forgot to color the "sleeves". I needed to distinguish the clothes, otherwise it just looked like saggy titties...

>> No.23931397

Not my best work but...
Hope it's satisfactory!

>> No.23931439

pretty impressive nonetheless

>> No.23931517

She certainly has a shiny blue butt.

>> No.23931575

An ancient arabic ranger. Similar to this pic, but not as old. And wearing a loose Keffiyeh, rather than a turban.

>> No.23931586

Argh I'm lazy.

>> No.23931596

But yes I'll tone it down if I do another.

>> No.23931682

nah, it's great.
As long as you get the right hips/waist ratio it should be fine.

>> No.23931702

The shininess? Why would you want to tone that part down. I think the shading you did on her rear was excellent.

Her right leg needs a patch of lighter shade to imply a rounded surface. A the moment it seems like it goes from being too wide to too narrow. Her face needs more depth, it seems very flat.

The shading of the picture looks good from the thumbnail, but it does not quite translate to the finished piece.

I do like her shiny butt.

>> No.23931710

I humbly request a 14 year old Harlequin playing the violin to a Rule 63, 14 year old Joker.

This happened in my AdEva game.
I was Harlequin.[/spoiler.

>> No.23931722

Yeah this was something new for me. I'm completely out of my comfort zone painting nude female figures.
But thanks for the advice, I'll bear it in mind.

>> No.23931829

I applaud your effort. Shading is always kind of tricky, and if you went out of your comfort zone for this one, that took some courage. Her butt is great, and her back is good. You did some daring stuff with the pose of the legs, and it needs some work.

>> No.23931862

It should be a very confused blue.

>> No.23931923

Young Women wearing a knee long dark purple/black dress, a large coat thats open and reaches down to her ankles, she is wearing a belt, with a las gun hanging off it, and has 6 inch long golden serpent coiled around her neck simple boots, wearing tights under the dress, blue eyes, and long hair that reaches mid back, and she is playing a violin.

Hope someone can do this, colors are not actually needed, a drawing is all i really wanna see.

>> No.23932044

Gotta say, I would love for this to happen.

>> No.23932077

Could you please draw this with Moses as an Eldar farseer and the priests as a pair of Necron Crypteks.

>> No.23932109

I'll do this one.

>> No.23932189

>forgot to download and post

>> No.23932235


I didn't know if you got this one from the last thread it just kind of died out.

>> No.23932267

I bet you're gone already.

>> No.23932307


>> No.23932309

I bet I'm not. Many thanks again, friend!

>> No.23932315

could someone draw a sister of battle burning a necron and the necron doesn't even acknowledge it.

>> No.23932317


Seriously that is beyond awesome. And yes, it's proper to have it red as he did steal that off a Nazi. He will of course adjust it's emmitter to a different frequency so it is made blue.

Great work.

>> No.23932327


Did you have a Dwarf fighting a Lich request in the other thread I didn't know if that was you or if you got it.

>> No.23932331

The most falmboyant gnome wizard, floating on Tenser's Floating Disc, casting color spray please

>> No.23932371

Did you mean Las pistol?

>> No.23932408

Yes, laspistol.

>> No.23932418

I second this, as it relates to my previous request

>> No.23932464

does the variant matter?

>> No.23932470

I like drawing goblins, I'll give your request a shot but I might not finish it tonight - I've been at the pub.

>> No.23932489


>> No.23932542

It is a Command Laspistol, Mars Pattern Mk IV pistol, but I guess it justs looks like a typical lasgun only cooler... idk

>> No.23932709

Well, you're BOTH in luck then, since I did it.
Good, I happened to have a red pen handy from other drawings and thought it worked well, and it works lore-wise as well.

>> No.23932776

Thank you very much good sir. Was not expecting a Santa hat lol, but I have no complaints. Looks great!

>> No.23932778


That is fucking great, kudos man.

If you feel like putting a dab of color on it that'd be the topping on the cake.

>> No.23932838


>> No.23932914

since you asked nicely

>> No.23932930

This is awesome dude, don't give up!

>> No.23933085

Pretty please /tg/? You don't even have to draw most of the spider dragon, maybe just a leg in the background.

>> No.23933101

God that's fucking brilliant. This will be passed around the rest of the party and they shall all have a laugh at the expense of my character. Who, despite his looks, is an excellent acrobat and thief. And sneak attacker. And gets all the bitches.

Yeah. Thanks.

>> No.23933598

Wlell shti now, I've been drinknog for like two hours, so I gave up a since then. TIme to head to some slezy club and grind against sluts.

>> No.23933710


Haha I like that, I can give it a shot if you're still lurking.

>> No.23933740

You really wanted this one, huh?

>> No.23933770

Thank you so much! I love it, and yes, Urza is just too metal not to have something like this.

>> No.23933865

Awesome! Take as much time as you care to.

>> No.23933910

bumping again

>> No.23934073

Pretty prease? But in all seriousness, they're in Halloween outfits.

>> No.23934083


Going to shamelessly bump my request.

>> No.23934091


>> No.23934308


You're probably gone now but here it is

>> No.23934394

just made a few changes. Minor ones.
I think the legs look better now, so thanks again.

>> No.23934819

It's not gonna let me upload it to /tg/

>> No.23934876


>> No.23934916

Requesting a thri-kreen monk dressed in a costume that looks like a cross between Kenshiro's and Kamen Rider's. Cutoff sleeves, long red scarf, the works.

I need this because of reasons.

>> No.23935201

I might color it. or not.

>> No.23935283

Normally yes, but now nope

>> No.23935377

I'd like a drawing of an ultramarine and a human cleric of pelor sitting at a table, making motions like they are discussing something with each other. I'm not particularly fused about the equipment of the marine, or the appearance of the cleric, I just want the general idea to be there.

>> No.23935391

Bumping for sheer WANT

>> No.23935440

Two options for you, both from Dark Heresy (40k).

The first character is named Vigo.

He is an Arbitrator. Basically, mix Judge Dredd with Robocop and the personality of Dirty Harry and you've got this guy. He's a lanky fellow with black hair and blue eyes. His skin is rather grimy. He's wearing what looks like riot gear and is leveling a FUCKHUEG revolver. Kind of the pose in the pic, but with a revolver and the helmet is optional. Ultimately, I trust your artistic license.

The second character is named Felix.

Felix is basically Friar Tuck, IN SPAAAAAACE. He's fat, balding and wears a simple, rather ragged robe. He should be either smashing a heretic's face in with a skull all while screaming a Litany of Faith or reading a huge tome with the skull strapped to his shoulder and a candle sticking out of the top of it.

Alternatively, a cleric that's a straight rip off of Father Anderson would also be awesome.

If anyone wants to color them as well, I'll make you into a real man.

>> No.23935512


I'll do it but from the look of the other talent on display ITT it won't be of very high quality!

>> No.23935568

Bumpin' this request.

>> No.23935588


>that awkward feel when anon bumps your request right when you were about to.

>> No.23935619


By which I mean the other drawfags in this thread are far better than I.

>> No.23935628


This wasn't acknowledged, but I think it's awesome. Kudos.

>> No.23935638


>> No.23935652

Would you consider doing a character sketch for another player's PC in a game of Adeptus Evangelion? An Iraqi ex-child soldier, now child mecha pilot.

Yusuf Al-Mansur is a fifteen year old pilot and child soldier of Kurdish descent from the wartorn 'buffer-zone' of Iraq in our Adeptus Evangelion setting. He is slightly under average height and somewhat malnourished, but is still rather lean and strong for someone his age. He carries a somewhat-guarded and unsure expression on his face for everyone except his crush (who happens to be a Canadian girl, whereupon he just goes full spaghetti). He loves Disney movies.

He has black hair, roughly cut with a knife, that hangs to just under his ears, and brown eyes that have seen the horrors of war from a childs' point of view, and yet are uncertain and lost in the niceties and formalities of the first world. The expression on his face is probably one of hesitance. His skin is also olive, albeit considerably darker than Leahs'. His left palms' skin has burn scars from when he accidentally gripped the barrel of a recently fired machinegun, and his chest bears a gunshot scar, although this is probably hidden under clothing.

He usually wears nondescript clothing; in this case, probably a simple white undershirt with a battered, old leather jacket.

>> No.23935664


Thanks bro

>> No.23935669

Seconded. Not the OR, but I liked it all the same.

>> No.23935709


>> No.23935719

A well-curved woman standing proudly in casual clothing (preferably a turtleneck and jeans), holding up something like a car or large chunk of debris.
Long brown hair, blue eyes, somewhat pale skin.

>> No.23935895


Why is it that every character request I see for Adeptus Evangelion is for a child mecha-pilot?

Is that part of the setting? You can only have children pilots?

>> No.23935934


>> No.23936014

That's exactly right. It's part of the setting from the original source material. (There's a spoiler reason for it)

>> No.23936049

Eva is a show about forcing prepubescent children to fight funny shaped aliens in giant mechs until they go crazy from the trauma and jack off over comatose chicks and then turn into orange juice.

>> No.23936059


That sounds... weeabooish.

>> No.23936090

>Anime series


>> No.23936105


Now you gone done and did it son.

>> No.23936110

It is perfect, thanks.

>> No.23936114

>not knowing what Neon Genesis Evangelion is
Shit dude, Ive never even watched the show, but you stay on 4chan for more than a week and you get exposed to the damn thing whether you want to or not. Same deal with those toohoos and the kripple sex and shit.

>> No.23936134

Ok, I know this is a bit outside of /tg/land, but hear me out. Intega from Hellsing sitting in a wing back chair, lit cigar, Alucard behind the chair looking like a goddamn nightmare, Level 1 if you've seen the show, eyes and shit out of te darkness and everything, with Seras Victoria kneeling with her rifle Harkonnen 1 between dem thighs. I've been boning like a fiend for this to be done.

>> No.23936143


No problem anon. It could be better but I'm kind of burnt out tonight.

>> No.23936169

I've been wanting to do an rpg based on Hellsing now for a bit, and I've been needing the perfect starter image to inspire the juice-flowing process. Anything you can muster would be a big help

>> No.23936220

I would like to request a male and female generic simple sketch for an alien race I'm doing.

These being are mammals. Their posture is hunched forward when running (with a long thin tail for balance) and squatting or laying down when standing still. They tend not to stand straight up unless they're trying to reach something up high. Their ankles are raised rather than at ground level giving them a somewhat zigzag leg structure. Their fingers are somewhat shorter than human fingers with claws retracted and somewhat longer with claws extended. Their cosmetic trappings are those of lions with large mains for the males and nearly nonexistent breasts on females.

I have two images here I found on the internet to use as examples. Neither one is right but I can point out some stuff from them. This first one has the correct legs, tail and hands.

>> No.23936240


Full Metal Alchemist is pretty Western.


I want a drawing of a Father Anderson-esque cleric for a Dark Heresy game. Don't feel alone.

>> No.23936247

and this one here shows the correct forward leaning posture I'm looking for.
(Now huge monkey arms or enormous hands, tho.)

>> No.23936290

I'll be happy with anything. This is just to use as example for character creation.

>> No.23936299

>adolescent teenagers save the world due to their special magic powers that not even other wizards have
Nah, its Jap as fuck.

>> No.23936337

>Full Metal Alchemist is pretty Western.

What does that have to do with anything? Do you even know what weeaboo means?

>> No.23936349


Nah brah, it's about presentation and art direction.

>> No.23936396

You mean a league of dudes with super powers who all have their own signature attacks with silly names and adolescents going on some journey to save the world through brotherly love in classic shounen anime style?
>art direction
You mean generic, flashy animu art?

>> No.23936469

Would it be possible to get a picture of a Grippli(little frog folk from pathfinder) dressed kinda like a hobbit on adventure(pants, waistcoat, longsleeved shirt and cloak) with a wide-brimmed hat. Preferably either writing in a book or hanging from a tree holding a long curved knife.

It's my Ninja character who poses as the author of a travel guide.

>> No.23936493

Oh hell yeah! I've not worked on my UrbanEx game in forever I'll work on this!

>> No.23936516


I'm too tired to argue about this, but suffice it to say that I view Eva and FMA in a completely different fashion.

>> No.23936528

I need a picture of Lemongrab as a space marines screaming "This Heresy is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!"

>> No.23936576

And well you should, as they are completely different genres of anime. To claim one as “less weaboo” than another is kind of silly, though.

>> No.23936664


Well said, sir. I concede my point and wish you a lovely evening.

>> No.23936882

any more requests?

>> No.23936949

A tattooed orcish amazon please.

>> No.23936966


I've requested this: >>23935440
a few times to no avail.

>> No.23936969

Any new requests?

>> No.23936980

My PC if anyone would be so kind. A young man of Italian descent whose of average height and weight. His hair is cut in a rough Mohawk like he did it with a razor blade and his face is generally scruffy looking like he's been on the move for several day. His outfit consists of a sleeveless hoodie opened up to show a tshirt that loudly proclaims, Fuck Your Waifu, and some slightly sagging baggy cargo pants packed with ammo. Slung over his chest within easy reach is a shortened combat shotty alongside a rather large pistol strapped to his thigh. He's also has rather bulky AR Visor rig around his neck that was his camera. Having him either in dumbstruck in disbelief or overly angry at something minor would portray him perfectly

>> No.23936983

Yesss, this.

>> No.23937140

Please see

>> No.23937156

Would you consider >>23935652 please?

>> No.23937226


Would you please? I would love you long time

>> No.23937292

This will be challenging.
It can be a girl right?
If you're a woman, yeah, you can love me long time. If you're a guy, respect will do.

>> No.23937298


You look pathetic bumping your own request more than once.

>> No.23937351

Is it the tattoos? You can go with simple tattoos if it's too much of a problem.

I just require delicious green tribal abs.

>> No.23937474

I'd prefer one of each gender but I'm not going to make you do something you don't want to do.

>> No.23937575

Actually the female to male ration in the race is 20 females to every male so a female would actually be the default.

Also this is scifi so clothing is needed. Your choice of style.

>> No.23937646

Orcs, I've drawn like two, one of which was a disney princess orc.
Pic Related: Disney Princess Orc

>> No.23937669

That's pretty cute.

>> No.23937696

>kripple sex
Back off my shoujos, friendo...

>> No.23937735

My apologies, I'm high as fuck.

>> No.23937764

That's no excuse.

How long were you shitting in the bath tub before you learned to aim into the toilet?

>> No.23937765


>> No.23937811

Kripple Sex is a shit.

Bikko was here, all other cripples can just go the fuck home.

>> No.23937820

Needs more delicious muscle.

>> No.23937847

kinda like this?

>> No.23937859

More toning on the arms and legs.

>> No.23937871

Is... is that a sharkgirl?

I will pay you so much dick if you make me some sharkgirls without hair

>> No.23937889

Alright, but hey, shark girls.

>> No.23937895

I do not accept payments in dick.

>> No.23937897

Could anyone draw a female elf arctic druid? Long hair in a pony tail, kind of dirty (Like Radagast dirty covered in twigs and stuff.)
Pic sorta related: It's a dirty druid.

>> No.23937904

Well now I feel rude for not commenting on the sharkgirl. Sorry bro, she's pretty cute.

>> No.23937907

Frame is too thin to be an ork, and needs a little more definition. Also, less tails.

>> No.23937917 [SPOILER] 

How about payments in rape?

>> No.23937927

That is really nice work. I beg you Sir to color it, she just isn't a blueberry if she isn't blue.

>> No.23938003

reminds me of this request
>Ice elf left side covered in scars
>caster class

>> No.23938050

Like that but more dirty, longer hair, and without an eyepatch.

>> No.23938076


>> No.23938219

About as long as you had creative insults.

>> No.23938222

I'm curious about the amount of time it usually takes a drawfriend to do these sketches.

>> No.23938260

sorry if she's not muscly enough, I don't draw this much muscle on anything.
Nor in rape.

>> No.23938278

Goddammit then what DO you want me to pay you in? I can give you all of two bunnies, but no reindeer.

>> No.23938291

~30 minutes for me. That's more of an average though. I can turn one out in about ten. or get really excited about a pic and go the whole nine yards, like in pic related. That takes about a couple hours.

>> No.23938305

By Palor! They're so adorable, but I can't spend bunnies. I just do like I am and do a free sketch for you, if you want it colored and shaded, though...

>> No.23938306

so if, say, someone was the third request in a line-up of three requests and you'd just finished the first they should come back in an hour?

>> No.23938344

I never do anything in order.

>> No.23938349

You did good on the muscles!

Although I hate to be this guy, but the tits look wrong on her body. Other than that it really is great though.

>> No.23938358


>> No.23938389

Could I request the feline next, then. The wifi in my building went out and I had to haul myself to the nearest public source of wifi. My battery will only last so long and I just know if I come back tomorrow the thread will have 404ed

>> No.23938519

working on it now actually.

>> No.23938523

Question: are these more humanoid, or more beastial?

>> No.23938529

I await eagerly shivering in the cold.

>> No.23938541

They're advanced aliens so they're cultured but they're also carnivores. The majority of them are lazy, tho. The ones with any potential get jobs in space. So mainly civilized with a hint of bestial? Mainly they're spoiled, though. They're used to luxery.

>> No.23938556

I never claimed perfection.

>> No.23938564

I know, sorry if it came across as dickish. That wasn't my intent, I do appreciate that you drew it for me.

>> No.23938569

OR wait, are you talking about shape? because they shouldn't be too humanly shaped.

>> No.23938581

If someone were to draw a hobgoblin wrestling a bugbear with a bunch of lesser goblins circling them and cheering I would love you forever.
Hobgoblin should be winning despite the advantage the bugbear should have had from being bigger.

>> No.23938743


>> No.23938819

right. here's what I have so far. Your concept reminded me of a story I read about a soldier in space. He was paired up with a cat-like alien with a slightly humanoid, very stream-lined body. Standing on her hind legs, her shoulders were sloped don't and she looked rather awkward. God, i wish I could remember which book that was.

>> No.23938834

Sounds close enough.

>> No.23938846

/tg/ attempting a Tri Fusion Crowdsourcing

>> No.23938847

forgot the pic...

>> No.23938882

This could be misinterpreted in many different ways.

Posting to watch...

>> No.23938899

Main problem is that they lean forward not backward. the whole spine should curve forward and enter the head at the back rather than underneath. The arms are probably too lanky as well.

Unfrotunately I'm almost out of battery and it's really cold out here. Here's my email, if you don't mind. [email protected]
I need to head out soon.

>> No.23938916

I was going for an "on the look-out" feel.

>> No.23938940

Kero, I'm the guy who requested that cleric you posted in this thread. I told my group about you like I promised, but they were sadly unwilling to pay for commissions. Sorry, but I do appreciate the art.

>> No.23938981

That's a shame, thanks for putting the word out there all the same, and you're welcome.

>> No.23939021

Would I be correct in saying you're not interesting in doing >>23935652 ?

No offense meant, just asking

>> No.23939055

Not really, sorry. His crush on the other hand...

>> No.23939167

really wish I could remember that book...

>> No.23939234

I'm calling it done for now. I kinda want to color this one.

>> No.23939274

Well, Kelly's the cheerful "normal" kid pilot of the group. ("Prodigy" in game terms) Blonde, freckles, usually cheerful.

5’4 with green eyes, light freckles and pale blonde hair, Kelly’s a few months younger than most of the other pilots. Her hair's light blonde, mostly straight and up to lower neck length, can be bit messy and is usually held back by a hairband. She has a small nose, slightly angular facial features, and a scattering of freckles which tends to become more noticeable when she smiles. Which being Kelly, is often.

She tends to wear a certain navy blue jacket over everything else. She’s also usually seen with a wooden bead bracelet on her wrist.

Thanks if you decide to give us your take on her.

>> No.23939481

How's this?

>> No.23939510

Neat, thanks!

>> No.23939526

This is a repost from a previous drawthread:

The character I'm currently playing is a changeling psion telepath (3.5). The form she takes most of the time is a 5ft tall slender woman, with black, wavy hair that ends just below her shoulders. She wears a short, scarlet dress with gold lacing around the edges. The dress ends mid thigh on one leg and past the knee on the other. She has thigh high black boots and a brown satchel that she wears over one shoulder.
As she is a psion, she also has a psicrystal that she usually keeps in her satchel but for illustrative purposes, if you could draw a palm sized gem with ghostly legs (think a ghost spider-crystal) on one shoulder, that'd be awesome.
I've attached an image I made for a previous 'draw your party thread', to give you a better mental image.

If you choose to draw her, thanks a bunch!

>> No.23939529

The dwarf and the Lich*King* one?
If so, yeah that was me.

>> No.23939540


forgot the image

>> No.23939554

THIS! When i wake up. please keep the thread alive until then. Thank you.

>> No.23939570


Will do!

>> No.23939723


Worked on this to practice my drawing/sketching. Hope it isn't too horribad for your tastes.

>> No.23939750

A bit bulkier and more, well...aggressive than my mental image of the character, but rather nice. I'll pass it on to the player, and thanks!

>> No.23940178

player appreciates the sketch, says it's a bit too "hardcore"

>> No.23940568

Stop calling random people on the internet "sir" and I might do it.

>> No.23940589

Can someone draw a World War I soldier, let's assume a British or Canuck one, bayonet charging a snarling werewolf?

>> No.23940595

Very well, my lord.

Not that guy, so don't punish him for my audacity.

>> No.23940617

Ok I wont call you sir then. I would still appreciate it if you colored the picture.

>> No.23940619

"my lord" is fine, there's no way you can say it unironically. "sir" just makes him sound like a tool.

>> No.23940625

Oh, hey, head's too small and arms are too short.
Gotta fix that first.

>> No.23940643

Anyone have the one with the dwarf and the Lich?

>> No.23940683

Another drawfag reporting. Could do with some more practice on quick character sketches. So, preferably DnD or other roleplaying character portraits. Fantasy and Sci-fi alike will do. I'll be checking in the thread every now and then.

>> No.23940707

How about a bikini-clad blueberry?

>> No.23940725

Could I get my STALKER? He's a 6'6 strongman, with a cloak, barbed gauntlets, and an SCHms *Pic*
Pretty please?

>> No.23940728

That's pretty awesome. Can I get a Gnoll Fighter based off this?

>> No.23940756

Will be done.

I'll concider, although I already have done an armored gnoll request once (pic related). We'll see.

>> No.23940784

In the light of current events (>>23936885), I'd like to request a woman in a suit of living biological armor, hefting a heavy bolter.
The suit should have the rough dimensions of a power armor with a somewhat beastly-looking helmet currently opened and revealing her face and hair which would be sticky wet from the liquid medium inside the armor.

>> No.23940785

Could he be holding a PKM?

>> No.23940790



>> No.23940795

In that case, instead of a Gnoll Knight, how about this guy?

>> No.23940907

How many of these do you have out of curiosity?
There have been quite a few in this thread.

>> No.23940925

Don't know. I am the original requester of all of them, but I have not asked for anymore. I am just waiting on >>23935201 to be finished.

From all of the seconds I have got I think there are quite a few people who are after them.

>> No.23940942

They're fun (if hard) to draw/paint I have to say.

>> No.23941012

I am glad you had some fun with it. I have always liked /tg/ style Tau, it's derp, but it's not grim derp.

>> No.23941020

Here you go. Didn't succeed as well as I wanted it to, but oh well.

Concidering this, but

I'll be trying this one next.

>> No.23941089

Would you be interested in trying requests already done?

>> No.23941105

I imagined the armor as something hereteks of the Magos Biologis would cook up to prove they can do the cog polishers one better.

I'm not sure this is any help as there is no canonical reference to something like that in 40k.
Meaning you would likely be the first to do it.
Go wild, there is no wrong way in a first!

>> No.23941111

Thank you! Glorious.

>> No.23941115

Would prefer doing new material, but sure thing, if the idea is appealing enough to me. There is no such thing as an original idea, afterall.

>> No.23941175

Could I get a late-teen girl, kneading dough on a table?
Just a quick desc: Short, medium length hair, winter'y jacket.
Could there be a sign saying something along the lines of ''Fresh bread for sale''?

>> No.23941291

If either >>23935652 or >>23939274 appeal to you, could I see them in your style? If they don't or if it comes off as being greedy, I don't mind if you ignore them, I'd just be interested in seeing what your take on either of them would be.

>> No.23941560

Here you go.
Not really on a good roll today. I'll take a break, and return later today to continue on a few requests. Planning to get at least five in total done today.

>> No.23941577

I'm terrible at drawing kids, so unless there's nothing more intresting here once I get back, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.23941583


Ok cool here's this one if you didn't get it the thread died kind of quick.

>> No.23941626


not the requester but you have very nice work.

>> No.23941642

Are those boob windows?
Sorry, but I think those detract from the picture.
Also the exhausts (Those things protruding from behind her back )don't make sense for an organic armor design.

Otherwise, great work.

>> No.23941672

Thanks man. It's just the kind of thing I was looking for.

>> No.23941680


Do you have a tumbler or DA account I really like your work.

>> No.23941695


No problem I didn't want to be annoying but I think that a bunch of people from that thread didn't get stuff cause I did them early morning.

>> No.23941704

Fair pointers. Here, have a quick fix. Couldn't help but make the boob windows, haha. I managed to accidentally have those in the initial sketch, and the idea amused me.

>> No.23941718

dA: turisas
tumblr: ikuturso

Now I'll be off for a few hours or so.

>> No.23941724


Cool thanks!

>> No.23941763


Haha a fan of Turisas, I assume?

Battle Metal is awesome as all hell.

>> No.23941803

Thank you. The exhausts made it look a lot like CSM armor but this way it looks much more like a discrete design.
It's awesome. In the sense of wonderful as much as awe-inspiring.

Now to hassling my GM to include it somewhere.

Saw them live at Wacken 2008.
That fucking tent almost collapsed. At least that's what it felt like, cramped in there.

>> No.23942130

>Sure is heretek in here

>> No.23942174


>> No.23942672

Thanks, I shall be coloring that!

>> No.23943426

I am alive and well, and working on this.

>> No.23943900

Obligatory bump.

>> No.23944099

Bump. Or has the thread reached bump limit?

>> No.23944191

I'm very much looking forward to the result.

>> No.23944210

30 past it.

>> No.23944456


New thread up.

>> No.23945962

Kero, this thread is about to die.. I'll be monitoring the new thread, if you're still around.

I'm the changeling telepath fellow.

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